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The wait is over and hell has frozen over, I’m now officially launching MKW’s Fatality Theater for Mortal Kombat Deception!
This section includes every Fatality (48 in total) and every Hara-Kiri (25 in total), plus 14 Death Traps Videos from the game, which makes 78 videos in total!
Each video is in WMV format, resolution of 640—480 pixels with a high quality and with a size no bigger than 2 MBs!
Check out each character’s finishers by clicking in its image:

Death Traps Theater

I don’t have to give any credit or thank anyone because I ripped all these videos myself! However, I should apologize for not having the section earlier, but you all now I’m kinda lazy. :P
The launch of this Fatality Theater not only means a victory over procastination, but it also means that MKW now holds videos for almost every Mortal Kombat finisher! Only UMK3, MK3 Smoke, MK:D Shao Kahn and Goro remain, and they should be up really soon.
Let me know by commenting in this update if you find any errors or some file missing.

47 responses to “MK:Deception Fatality Theater Launches!”

  1. NitrousNintendo64 says:


  2. MotaroG0d says:

    yay! good job.

  3. Jegsta_man says:

    Do you think you could record a video of yourself winning a round of Max difficulty with each character? Without using breakers? Nice job but i’d much rather see you do that.

  4. ill try coming up with the UMK3 videos if thats cool

  5. scorpiozerrotile says:

    yes fatalitys of mkd

  6. scorpiozerrotile says:

    how do you send in videos becasuse i can do shao khan’s and goro’s fatalitys by heartso like can you tell me i can also do thier hara-kiris by heart

  7. jay jay says:

    nice job man!!!!!awsem!!!!!!!!!11

  8. somedude says:

    oh yes this awsomeness of Murdoink deserves to own ALL MK charecters.even scorpion, Sub-Zero, and all of the ninjaz too

  9. AMB says:

    Well done man, this fatalities are soooo cool…and brutal

  10. DarkRyder80 says:

    Yin Yang Island dont work. It says page has been removed. Death Trap theter of corse,

  11. bomber4 says:

    For some reason,The deadly alliance and deception videos dont seem to work for me,I can hear sound,but the video doesn’t work,can anyone help?

  12. Murdoink says:

    Yin Yang Island works fine here, you should try reloading.
    bomber4, you need new codecs, try updating your favourite video player with the lastest ones.
    scorpiozerrotile, don’t worry, I already got a person who’s gonna get them for me, thanks anyway. :)
    Uhh, what else, oh yeah: I’m not a great MKD player so I find kinda hard that I come with a video of a match on Max dificulty without using a breaker :P

  13. Jegsta_man says:

    That’s alright, how exactly do you record matches anyway? If you tell me I could record some matches or something.

  14. Murdoink says:

    Well, it can be done in many ways
    One of them (and the one I use) is having this video converter, that way I can plug my PS2’s video out and then into the computer with a firewire cable.
    In software terms, I use Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere to convert the videos to WMV or whatever format I want.
    Hope that helps.

  15. Linkdude says:

    I was going to submit my fatalities, it’s just that I completely had to do a lot of editing. And Jegsta_man, I just used a VHS tape.

  16. Kung Lao says:

    Do you video record these from your TV?

  17. AMB says:

    yeah, Kung Lao,I think he uses a TV card or something like that. The same thing ]{ombat uses for his KOTK movies.

  18. Jegsta_man says:

    Well thanks for the help on recording, looking forward to seeing Rains fatalities when the UMK3 or trilogy theater comes out, i’ve never seen them.

  19. eddieisaloserhahaha says:

    yaaaaaaa awsome, cool, wow, sweet, yaaaa,

  20. Vash_15 says:

    You forgot to list me as an affiliate again :'(

  21. subzerotehl33t says:

    This update is teh l33t for now….UMK3 videos WILL BE TEH L33TEST

  22. somedude says:

    Jegsta_Man Says:
    June 21st,2006 at 5:03 am

    Well thanks for the help on recording, looking forward to seeing Rains fatalities when the UMK3 or trilogy theater comes out,i’ve never seen them.

    I say:Well if u have a PS2 get MKT. fatalities would useally work. serch other sites for fatalities

  23. sheldon says:

    ive wondered why kids my age (im 12) dont like mortalkombat.I started playing mortal kombat when i was five,since them MK is like a drug its addictive but loads of fun.thx murdoink for making mkw online . everyone that likes mortalkombat I like.hope you can get goro and shaokahn fatalitys soon.

  24. sheldon says:

    please get more info on mk armegaden

  25. scorpion_S2 says:

    YES!!! FINALLY! hey how about doing the music files for the arenas that would be sweet! I hope you do that PLEASE!!!!! nice job no errors :P

  26. somedude says:

    Sheldon, im the same age and ID FUCK to play MK:Armmaggedon. id change religon

  27. somedude says:

    Murdoink, for UMK3, Noobs sprites should be in his brighter skin tone.cuz say u have a dark arena,you should be able to see him.

  28. G-Ninja says:

    Cool! Now I finally see all the fatalities/hara-kiris/deathtraps without playing the game!

  29. Kid Thunder says:

    4 words: best thats ever happened

  30. Im2wise4u says:

    Ha ha, now I see where they got the idea for the Shaolin Soccer fatality in MK:SM.And I’m a bit lazy myself when it comes to my sprite comics. keep up the good work. \,,/ >.

  31. Im2wise4u says:

    Oh jeez, that last part didn’t come out right….

  32. somedude says:

    U Gotz the point there……Just Reread comments before posting…….. ;-)

  33. mynameispatrik says:

    Thanks a lot man… the death traps are so cool and almost all fatalites are cool.

  34. sheldon says:

    somedude, i like the way you think

  35. sheldon says:

    every one that has power point on there computer guess what you can make movies with it!get backgrounds and sprites then click play and hold the right arrow key to see your animation

  36. Fr@nC!$c0 says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the MK:Deception Fatality Theater, but can i send you guys some Kintaro Body Parts ? and if i do , who do i send it to ?

  37. Gijoker says:

    No not everyone dude, it doesn’t always come standard. Its a bitch searching like 20 minutes in the local wal-mart for the bitch!

  38. sheldon says:

    girls just dont like mk

  39. LitoJ says:

    That was just awesome, reminds me of the good old days of Mortal Kombat

  40. LitoJ says:

    My firends laught at me for liking Mortal Kombat, but in a good way since I use them as my victims for fatalities, we play around a lot

  41. Playa96 says:

    Murdoink, i could record a match on Max difficulty w/out using breaker… …it’s just that I don’t know how to record anything. Can you tell me how? Also, I could do puzzle kombat. in both modes, I’m undefeated by ANYBODY.

  42. Playa96 says:

    I forgot. Thanks for the MK1,MK2,MK3,MK4,MK Gold,MKDA and MKD Fatality theaters. I can’t wait for the other ones to come out!

  43. Reiko709 says:

    hey how do i swich Costumes?

  44. tax help says:

    very imformative thanks

  45. I like this blog…btw, which themes did you select from to decide on your format?

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