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mugshotHey there, we’ve got a new spritesheet for you thanks to AceKombat! Check it out:

That’ll do for now, I still got more stuff to upload including one spritesheet, the next update should be up really soon.

29 responses to “Jade Spritesheet”

  1. Kintaro3 says:

    First!Nice update ya got there.

  2. TCRaven says:

    LOL It looks like she is busting at the seems with Chocolate Milk..Am i the only one seeing this? Her Blood is brown?

  3. I.R. Rendevous W/ Anonymous says:

    It is probally because of that the fact that Jade is a hidden character, and cannot be normally fataliti3d, so therfore, her blood color is brown with the sprite

  4. TCRaven says:

    Thanks That makes sense :) i thought maybe it was only me lol..thanks for the Updates as well

  5. mikesaibot says:

    I may sound like a total n00b when I say this but, how do you get rid of the box around the sprites so I can use them with Flash MX? Jade has them, Rain has them and I think Jax has some also. Good update thought!

  6. AceKombat says:

    Jades here ! :) ! Yeah her being fatalitied is not the best , she wasn’t suppose to be fatalitied . I’m thinking that since Midway tought they were unplayable ( Until cheating came ) , they decided not to add the fatality pallete for the secret characters . When you try doing fatality to Jade at Mame , it looks very glitchy , same goes with the baby Jade , so I had to get the fighting standard pallete from Jade and move that over to the being fatalitied pallete side , and thats how it turned out to look like . So it ain’t that good unless Murdoink opens up a re fix area of being fatalitied and hue artists can try to get Kitana or Mileena being fatality sprites and hue swap them to look like Jade and the sprites will go there . Besides that , he rest should all be at perfect condition .

  7. scorpiozerotile says:

    looks like there was trouble getting the body parts with ’em going all glitched like it was like this old pokemon game I used to have my game always glitched and jade’s body parts look like that

  8. Tetra_Vega says:

    lol, some of the sprites look like her clothes’ve been ripped. Her pallette gets more messed than Smoke’s for the fatality sprites, damn. Chocolate milk!

  9. Malenko says:

    if edited sprites are allowed, I could go through and make these look more normal.
    Ive seen jade in game and I know she has parts of her outfit swapped to brown, great job btw!

  10. Daleon says:

    Another good chick! Thank you! Who will be the next?

  11. Timothy says:

    Else one sprite, when Jade in Living Forest?

  12. Arctic says:

    Wow. Thanks for Jade.

    I only have ONE problem. I know that Ace ripped these directly from the game, but that doesn’t mean you leave the weird brown paint spots that are on her.

    I played the game and yeah, she does look like that, though you could have used the magic of color swapping.

  13. TylerXtreme says:

    Kool update but some of the sprites it looks like Jades clothes are ripped. Are you planning on doing Sub-Zero and Scorpion in MKII anytime soon?

  14. if I remembered correctly, Jade is playable in the 32x verson. Those sprites look just like the arcade ones. Those could possibly be used to replace the glitchy ones. anyhow great update otherwise.

  15. AceKombat says:

    Oh yeah , that and the air sais move I was missing sry about that people . Here I will upload it up , Murdoink can you please try to add these in with Jades Sprites ?

  16. Darkness_Boy says:

    Great spritesheet, we finally have Jade =D The sheet just needs to be edited, I’de do it myself if I knew how to pallette swap the blood and so on

  17. TylerXtreme says:

    Please can you try to get MKII Sub-Zero complete please? I would do it myself but I dont know how.

  18. banevsbat says:

    is it me or jade babality is weird

  19. ScorpionMKSM says:

    Please finish MK2!

  20. Great!I’ve “yoinked” this spritesheet
    and it’s super but the colours are swapping
    from green to brown.I should correct this spritesheet
    because then it’s perfect. ;)

  21. Yo says:

    Please, finish MKA vs poses!

  22. Suffication? says:

    banevsbat Says:
    February 2nd, 2007 at 4:59 pm
    is it me or jade babality is weird

    AceKombat said he was playing around in mame and was fatalitying jade with cheats.

    The colors were never finished because they thought they would never be able to fatality or babaility, etc, Jade, or any of the secret people.

  23. Noob Saibot says:

    This Sprites does not possess deep transparent. :S

  24. Darkness_Boy says:

    I’ve edited a few of these sprites (mainly the missing parts of her outfit) on paint, they look perfect, how exactly do I submit these?

  25. Murdoink says:

    *points to the bottom of the page*

  26. Darkness_Boy says:

    Thanks Murdoink, I never saw those there before, I’ll have to submit them in a few days, I have a lot of work to do at the moment.

  27. subzero913 says:

    SubMasterMoloch Says:
    February 4th, 2007 at 10:34 am
    Great!I’ve “yoinked” this spritesheet
    and it’s super but the colours are swapping
    from green to brown.I should correct this spritesheet
    because then it’s perfect. ;)

    Reply from subzero913:

    Come on, it doesn’t have to be perfect with the MK2 Jade spritesheet.

  28. salvador says:

    me gusta jade !!!!!!!

  29. jason bates says:

    how cum she has a mid air fan sprite? she doesnt use this move

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