[23:01:33] <@DArqueBishop> Good evening, and welcome to Mortal Kombat Online's FIGHT NIGHT chat with the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe development team!
[23:01:46] <@DArqueBishop>
[23:01:47] <+Jon_Greenberg> BOON
[23:01:48] <@DArqueBishop> A transcript of tonight's event will be made available immediately following the chat at http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/
[23:01:58] <@DArqueBishop> .::Mortal Kombat Online - The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience::.
[23:01:59] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Myea!
[23:02:11] <@DArqueBishop> We're here at Midway Games at Chicago, IL. We'd like to extend our deepest thanks to "MK_Sarah" and the MKvsDCU team for giving us this privilege tonight!
[23:02:23] <@DArqueBishop> Now we will begin our interview with the team based on pre-submissions sent in...
[23:02:39] <@DArqueBishop> mastermalone asks, "Hey MK Team, Though no one esle seems to notice or even ask questions concerning the new gameplay, I will be the first to as the technical questions. Is the combo system an actual "free" chain combo system in which you can link any basic attack into another basic ...
[23:02:48] <@DArqueBishop> attack to form short chains? Or is there an order of progression more akin to DarkStalkers in which you chain attacks from weakes to strongest?"
[23:03:03] <@DArqueBishop> mastermalone had a second question...
[23:03:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:03:07] <+Ed_Boon> Paulo can answer that one
[23:03:15] <@DArqueBishop> mastermalone asks, "I noticed that there is a standard throw in the game. Is it purely for positioning characters for Test your Might and Free Fall Kombat, and can it be escaped?"
[23:04:03] <+Paulo_Garcia> To answer the first question
[23:04:07] <+Paulo_Garcia> There are still small set combos for each character. However you can 2in1 chain combo almost all of any of these hits into almost any special move. This allows for players alot of freedom to develop their own combos.
[23:04:47] <@DArqueBishop> sycosis asks, "Is is true that the UK version has uncut/uncensored fatalities? If so, what went behind that decision and how will it work when playing matches from across the pond? Will one person see the censored fatality and the other will see the uncensored? Thanks."
[23:04:48] <+Ed_Boon> BOTH throws can be escaped. One throw initials Klose-Komat and the second one is used to throw your opponents through transition zones and at breakables
[23:05:53] <@DArqueBishop> Hold on, they're discussing the answer here.
[23:05:55] <+MK_Hec> you can totally use throws to position as well by using the d-pad to aim your throw
[23:06:54] <+Ed_Boon> There are 2 fatalities that are different from the US and PAL versions of the game. The difference is a subtle change in the camera. The proper fatality will play based on where you are located
[23:07:26] <@DArqueBishop> Chris O'Brien asks, "Hey Ed, I've been a huge MK fan almost all my life, your games are always awesome. Other than the Joker gun Fatality, were there any other Fatalities that were too violent for a T-rating?"
[23:08:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:08:34] <@DArqueBishop> all right, they're discussing testicalities here. I'm getting nervous.
[23:08:46] <@]{0MBAT> I assume you meant technicalities?
[23:08:54] <+Jon_Greenberg> nope
[23:08:55] <@CCShadow> one would hope
[23:08:59] <@DArqueBishop> No.
[23:09:02] <@]{0MBAT> Alright! Having a BALL with the MK team!
[23:09:04] <@DArqueBishop> One would hope, but no.
[23:09:05] <+Ed_Boon> Both fatalities in question involve shooting the opponent in the face. The ESRB wasn't comfortable with guns being used that way. Deathstroke & Joker.
[23:09:11] <+MK_Hec> FACE
[23:09:12] <+Carlos_Pesina-> hail babylon!
[23:09:15] <@DArqueBishop> Ninjakata asks, "Greetings Ed. My question for you is for online in MK vs DCU. Will we be able to fight people worldwide, or will we be restricted to fighting people within our own regions?"
[23:09:32] <+Ed_Boon> Hector can take that question
[23:10:21] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Hector
[23:10:28] <+Jon_Greenberg> hector's stalling
[23:10:29] <+Carlos_Pesina-> is this thing on?
[23:10:38] <@DArqueBishop> It's on.
[23:10:41] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> Toasty
[23:10:47] <+MK_Hec> PS3 PAL and NTSC will not be able to play against each other
[23:10:48] <@DArqueBishop> 3D!
[23:11:01] <+MK_Hec> I believe XBox LIVE allows for region free kombat
[23:11:14] <@DArqueBishop>
[23:11:15] <@DArqueBishop> fraysol asks, "Will your team based DLC off what the fans want or will it be considered and be up to DC to determine it?"
[23:11:15] <@]{0MBAT> Alright! Looks like there's going to be international play for the Xbox 360!
[23:11:21] <+Paulo_Garcia> Getting alittle deeper into the question about throws. There is more gameplay with the throws this time around. You have 2 different throw options (klose kombat and the 3d directional throw) they are escaped in different ways.
[23:11:28] <+Paulo_Garcia> You can also grab a ducking opponent with a low reaching klose kombat grab. Once someone has been caught in klose kombat they have a chance of countering one of your attacks and escaping out of it. When some is caught in the 3d directional throw they can time a "tech" slide to reduce some of the damage.
[23:11:40] <+Paulo_Garcia> Klose kombat has the ability to do more damage if all the hits land and the 3d direction throw can "bounce" someone into a breakable for a juggle opportunity.
[23:11:54] <@DArqueBishop> (For those not familiar, DLC = downloadable content.)
[23:11:55] <+Paulo_Garcia> You will have to think more about which way to grab your opponents in different situations.
[23:11:55] <+Jon_Greenberg> we're discussing a lot of the DLC stuff at the moment, actually...
[23:12:32] <@DArqueBishop> Let me follow that up with another DLC question...
[23:12:36] <@DArqueBishop> DJ_DEATH_TRAP asks, "To the Midway staff: What things might we, the fans, expect to see in general as downloadable content (or shall I say "kontent") for MK vs DCU? A general idea will allow us to speculate and have talks with each other while we wait for said content to be released."
[23:13:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:13:27] <@DArqueBishop> FYI, if you do not PM your question to MKBot, it will not get answered. :-)
[23:13:39] <+Carlos_Pesina> dc'ed
[23:13:47] <+Ed_Boon> We haven't made any final decisions for DLC....other than the obvious....Aquaman !!
[23:13:55] <+Carlos_Pesina> Aquaman lives!
[23:13:59] <@]{0MBAT> Let me fololw up with another question...
[23:13:59] <+Ed_Boon> just kidding...we dont know yet
[23:14:03] <+Jon_Greenberg> oh, that wasn't controversial!
[23:14:05] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> Aquaman forever!
[23:14:07] <+Tony_Goskie> or r we
[23:14:21] <+Paulo_Garcia> killer shark !
[23:14:21] <@]{0MBAT> Even though the game's getting a T-rating, would it be possible to get M-rated downloadable kontent?
[23:14:50] <@CCShadow> or perhaps even enable the M-rated content with an additional download for those of us older enough? :-)
[23:14:58] <@CCShadow> old*
[23:15:00] <+Ed_Boon> We are toying with the idea of....how main characters? how much would they be?
[23:15:09] <@DArqueBishop> Julio asks, "Hello, the first to congratulete you for the work done, my question is whether the content that can be downloaded, characters, settings and others will be expensive? Or draw some sort of pack, like two characters for the price of one? That's all. Thank you so much, and continue the god work."
[23:15:12] <+Jon_Greenberg> ^ how many
[23:16:09] <+Jon_Greenberg> no idea about pricing or how (if) they're grouped together yet....
[23:16:12] <+Carlos_Pesina> Rain!
[23:16:21] <+MK_Hec> Mokap
[23:16:27] <+Carlos_Pesina> Jinko!
[23:16:49] <+Jon_Greenberg> A tsuhou and aquaman doublepack
[23:16:56] <+Tony_Goskie> Apep
[23:16:56] <+Ed_Boon> Did you guys like Carlos Pesina's Aquaman (Summon the SHARK!!) fatality on noob.com?
[23:17:16] <@Scott-Howell> That was ammusing, yes..
[23:17:21] <@DArqueBishop> Bloodfang asks, "Dear Ed Boon, Why was Johnny Cage omitted from the cast when every other main MK1 character was in? He's one of the original main heroes of MK. While I love Reptile, Mileena, Goro etc. as much as everyone else it's his (and Goro's) omission that has me the most confused. Will there be anything in story mode to explain this?"
[23:17:30] <+Carlos_Pesina-> dc'ed
[23:18:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:18:24] <+Jon_Greenberg> basically we were limited to 10 per side....
[23:18:58] <+Jon_Greenberg> focused on MK1/2 characters.... repite and cage didn't make the list... doesn't mean they won't show up eventually tho
[23:19:11] <+Michael_Taran> johhny cage does make an appearance in the graveyard arena...
[23:19:18] <@]{0MBAT> So is their absence explained somehow?
[23:19:21] <+Jon_Greenberg> WHY they aren't in the game is explained in the collectors comic
[23:19:22] <@]{0MBAT> Either through story mode, ro the comic?
[23:19:24] <@]{0MBAT> Ah
[23:19:40] <+Jon_Greenberg> and it's implied why in story mode
[23:19:48] <@DArqueBishop> Ninjakata asks, "To anyone on the MK team: What inspired you to take the gameplay back to its 2D roots, and are there any program advantages to this as opposed to making a fully 3D fighting game? Thank you."
[23:19:55] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Aquaman! Shark!
[23:20:11] <@DArqueBishop> You're obsessed with Aquaman, Carlos.
[23:20:20] <@DArqueBishop> Something you want to tell us?
[23:20:23] <+Carlos_Pesina-> maybe...
[23:20:44] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Blind Kenshi!
[23:21:01] <@CCShadow> as opposed to Night-Vision Kenshi?
[23:21:09] <+Jon_Greenberg> it saves us a whole D. and we only get so many "D"'s to make the game
[23:21:25] <+Ed_Boon> We leaned back to 2d fighting because we wanted to get back to basics. We knew quite a few Comic-fans wouldbe playing the game and might not appreciate all the 3D strategies.
[23:21:42] <@DArqueBishop> We've reached the end of the pre-submission questions. Give us a moment, and Crow will be asking the questions submitted here.
[23:21:42] <+MK_Hec> 2D is awesome
[23:21:48] <+Tony_Goskie> True That
[23:21:59] <+Carlos_Pesina-> more 2D
[23:22:00] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> 2D is king!
[23:22:02] <+MK_Hec> up should be jump.
[23:22:04] <+Jon_Greenberg> hector threatened to quit unless we made it 2D. true story
[23:22:07] <@Scott-Howell> That was quick..
[23:22:30] <@]{0MBAT> I'll throw another one out there...real quick
[23:22:32] <@DArqueBishop> Again, remember, if you don't ask MKBot, it doesn't get asked. :-)
[23:22:34] <@]{0MBAT> EgaleFlaw4:
[23:22:41] <@]{0MBAT> "Hello Ed. What will the practice mode be like? Will it be robust like other fighting games available today? For example, will there be tutorials on what to do when you're fighting and are in a specific situation? Or a mode where commands for moves are displayed and then you have to try it out?"
[23:22:46] <+Carlos_Pesina-> beat superman 8 times without using block in Fortress background
[23:22:55] <+Ed_Boon> dont listen to carlos.
[23:22:57] <+Ed_Boon> ;)
[23:23:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:23:05] <+Paulo_Garcia> the practice mode is very robust in mkvdc
[23:23:21] <+MK_Hec> practice mode offers many options!
[23:23:38] <+Ed_Boon> This Game's practice mode and Kombo Challenge mode are easily the most complete and elaborate practice modes in any MK game.
[23:23:51] <@_Crow_> Redsaleen asks: how customizeable will the controls be for stick users, will the analog imputs be able to be set to the triggers
[23:23:56] <+Paulo_Garcia> there are several cpu control command modes, free stand, always block, block after first hit. always jump, always duck for some examples
[23:24:01] <+Jon_Greenberg> yep. people should be pretty happy with practice this time
[23:24:22] <+MK_Hec> greenberg is really good at practice mode
[23:24:26] <@_Crow_> Rufus85 asks: 'Will Dark Kahn be a playable Charakter?
[23:24:29] <+MK_Hec> real mode, not so much
[23:24:43] <+Carlos_Pesina-> practice mode is killer in this...
[23:24:54] <+Jon_Greenberg> no, not poncho!
[23:24:58] <+Tony_Goskie> Dark Khan will notbe a playable charater
[23:25:12] <+Carlos_Pesina-> beat superman 8 times
[23:25:12] <+Paulo_Garcia> Dark Kahn is not playable and feels like a true boss as he brings the pain
[23:25:39] <@_Crow_> Redsaleen asks: how customizeable will the controls be for stick users, will the analog imputs be able to be set to the triggers
[23:25:48] <@_Crow_> *repost*
[23:25:50] <+Carlos_Pesina-> and get exalted with Ironforge
[23:25:55] <+Paulo_Garcia> the game is fully playable on arcade sticks
[23:26:13] <@DArqueBishop> Carlos is the Bitch King.
[23:26:20] <+Carlos_Pesina-> usually
[23:26:24] <+Carlos_Pesina-> maybe
[23:26:25] <+Jon_Greenberg> oooh called out!
[23:26:34] <+Carlos_Pesina-> hold i have a can of something for u
[23:26:39] <@_Crow_> Terminator101 asks: 'Can you ask if all the character's are going to be unlocked from the get go or not'
[23:26:40] <@]{0MBAT> Whoop Ass?
[23:26:41] <+Paulo_Garcia> the shoulder moves (klose kombat / 3d throw) can also be performed by hitting the x+a button or Y+b buttons
[23:26:42] <@DArqueBishop> RAGE?
[23:26:49] <+Carlos_Pesina-> the Rage!
[23:27:11] <+Carlos_Pesina-> 8 times
[23:27:18] <+Jon_Greenberg> term: everyone except the subbosses
[23:27:22] <@DArqueBishop> No we haven't been drinking.
[23:27:26] <@]{0MBAT> Rage against the machine.
[23:27:31] <@DArqueBishop> We should be, though.
[23:27:56] <@]{0MBAT> No drinking, until Bo' Rai Cho makes his return.
[23:28:04] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:28:07] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> you can also 3d throw people out of the air if they are airborne and you are on the ground.
[23:28:20] <@]{0MBAT> Are we still on the throw question?
[23:28:20] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> gotcha!
[23:28:34] <@_Crow_> Guts1992 asks: 'Will there be a versus mode for 1P vs COM, where you can choose your opponent for a single match?'
[23:28:36] <+MK_Hec> eddie takes long to type
[23:28:40] <@DArqueBishop> It was a good question1
[23:28:40] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> lawl
[23:29:03] <+Carlos_Pesina-> 8X
[23:29:27] <+Ed_Boon> No 1P vs mode....but that is a good idea for MK9.
[23:29:34] <@_Crow_> Total-MK asks: 'How many MK arenas are in the final build?'
[23:29:36] <@Scott-Howell> MK9!!
[23:29:42] <+Jon_Greenberg> 14
[23:29:44] <@Scott-Howell> You heard it here first..
[23:29:46] <@]{0MBAT> For that matter... how many arenas TOTAL?
[23:29:48] <+Carlos_Pesina-> 14 but
[23:29:49] <+Paulo_Garcia> There isn't a 1pl vs com, but you can turn on the cpu and set it's ai in practice mode
[23:30:05] <@DArqueBishop> Don't you dare say that we need to beat Superman eight times to unlock arenas.
[23:30:12] <+MK_Hec> 14 times
[23:30:18] <@]{0MBAT> In the Fortress of Solitude, no less.
[23:30:20] <+Jon_Greenberg> in all 14 arenas
[23:30:22] <+Carlos_Pesina-> but no blocky
[23:30:44] <+Paulo_Garcia> the single player arcade ladder will randomly select opponents for you (depending on what side you pick) this will allow you to see every possible matchups
[23:30:44] <@]{0MBAT> So are there 14 arenas total, and about half of them are MK, or 14 just arenas from the MK side?
[23:30:44] <@_Crow_> Firegrip asks: 'on the MK team, who usually owns everyone else? who is the king of MK vs DC
[23:31:02] <+Ed_Boon> Ham? I LOVE Ham !!
[23:31:11] <+Tony_Goskie> I eat some bad kimchee and I do not feel good
[23:31:12] <+MK_Hec> obviously that would be MK_Sarah
[23:31:12] <@Scott-Howell> Half hour left folks..
[23:31:18] <+Jon_Greenberg> 14, some of which are DC specific, some are MK specific, some are both combined/blended
[23:31:23] <@]{0MBAT> I think she changes in front of the window... on PURPOSE.
[23:31:36] <+Carlos_Pesina-> 8x
[23:31:51] <+MK_Hec> seriously though, Eddie wins a lot
[23:31:56] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> the single player acrade ladder lets you choose mk only fights, mixed dc and mk opponenets or DC only fights
[23:32:21] <+MK_Hec> i feel accomplished when i can win a round
[23:32:27] <+MK_Hec> paulo is pretty good too
[23:32:30] <@DArqueBishop> Steve, you alive over there?
[23:32:31] <+Carlos_Pesina-> best match up peeps
[23:32:33] <+Ed_Boon> Eddie and Paulo are prolly the best on the team.
[23:32:36] <@]{0MBAT> Would Dark Kahn appear in all three ladders?
[23:32:38] <+Steve_Beran> yes sir
[23:32:40] <+Jon_Greenberg> hec's talking he's proud to win the 1st round of the ladder, btw
[23:32:53] <+MK_Hec> on very easy with the blood turned off
[23:32:57] <+MK_Hec> i am squemish
[23:33:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:33:19] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Blaze!
[23:33:30] <+Michael_Taran> dark kahn apears on all 3 ladders - he is always the final boss, boss.
[23:33:51] <@_Crow_> Ice_Hearted asks: 'Who are each of your favorite characters in the game?'
[23:34:02] <+Carlos_Pesina-> SHAZAM!
[23:34:13] <@Scott-Howell> Are you guys going to release a render of Dark Kahn?
[23:34:17] <+Paulo_Garcia> Kano (kanoball owns!)
[23:34:24] <+Steve_Beran> Sonya,Scorpion, and Deathstroke are my favorites
[23:34:32] <+MK_Hec> Scorpion rulz
[23:34:44] <+Tony_Goskie> I like Flash
[23:34:47] <@DArqueBishop> Scorpion rolls?
[23:34:52] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Shazam, deathstroke Batsy Subby
[23:34:53] <+Steve_Beran> Yeah. We will release a Dark Kahn render
[23:34:59] <@DArqueBishop> Is that a spicy sushi?
[23:35:06] <@Scott-Howell> Awesome, thanks Steve.
[23:35:08] <+Carlos_Pesina-> maki'
[23:35:08] <+Jon_Greenberg> sub, scorp, and sonya
[23:35:14] <+Michael_Taran> my fave characters are catwoman meow and baraka arrr
[23:35:42] <+Ed_Boon> My favorite hidden character is Aquaman.
[23:35:46] <@]{0MBAT> Wow, the Dark Kahn render! Can't wait for that.
[23:35:46] <+Carlos_Pesina-> kitty kitty
[23:35:58] <+Jon_Greenberg> joker's pretty kickass too
[23:35:58] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> Sonya, Raiden and Kano are leet sauce@
[23:36:03] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Shark!
[23:36:06] <+Tony_Goskie> MEOW-SA
[23:36:06] <+MK_Hec> lol @ed_boon
[23:36:26] <@Scott-Howell> I wonder if we'll see the Dark Kahn render before or after release.. probably after.
[23:36:39] <+Jon_Greenberg> it's all on Steve
[23:36:39] <+Carlos_Pesina-> If u beat....
[23:36:42] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> Kitty Suprise
[23:36:44] <@_Crow_> Liquid_In_Revolver asks: 'Besides activating Rage and using breakers, is there anything else we'll be able to do with the "rage gauge"?'
[23:37:31] <+Steve_Beran> We will show the render after the release of the game
[23:37:50] <+Jon_Greenberg> don't want to spoil DK for people...
[23:38:01] <@Scott-Howell> Too late Steve, I already hacked your CPU, it's on MKO now.
[23:38:03] <@DArqueBishop> Now that someone has a ful-size keyboard, can he answer?
[23:38:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:38:05] <+Carlos_Pesina-> OMEGA bEAM!
[23:38:12] <+Steve_Beran> oh man!
[23:38:14] <+Paulo_Garcia> There has been some confusion/speculation about how rage mode works
[23:38:14] <+Paulo_Garcia> .
[23:38:14] <+Jon_Greenberg> full sized kb ftw
[23:38:17] <+Ed_Boon> Aquaman VS Rain....who would win?
[23:38:23] <+Jon_Greenberg> buncha drips
[23:38:24] <@DArqueBishop> We'd all lose.
[23:38:24] <+MK_Hec> the fans
[23:38:26] * @]{0MBAT gives Darkseid the Anti-Life Equation.
[23:38:28] <+Paulo_Garcia> Your rage meter builds up in several ways. Slowly by taking damage. Alittle faster by having some block your attacks (anit-turtling), doing special moves also adds a small amount as does pro-moves. Some characters have other ways to build rage, such as Jokers taunt, or Batman's cape block on a projectile.
[23:38:38] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Ninja Reptile!
[23:38:39] <@]{0MBAT> See everything else you can do, on our new "Rage Gauge Page"!
[23:38:49] <+Michael_Taran> alfred, billy batson, firestorm, green arrow are definitely going to <<CLIENT has disconnected from server>>>
[23:38:55] <+Paulo_Garcia> When you have half a bar built up you can use the half a bar to break a combo/attack. If you have a full bar built up you have 2 breakers at your disposil. You can go into ragemode at almost anytime you are on the ground. You can combo into it from several attacks or even do it as you are in most reactions.
[23:39:07] <+Jon_Greenberg> unlock super secret batmite!
[23:39:13] <+Paulo_Garcia> When you are in rage mode you have several advantages. You don't go into any reactions when you get hit (you still take the damage), you crush through someone block in the 2nd hit of a combo, you do an extra +50% of any damage you inflict. Rage mode last for 6 seconds.
[23:39:31] <+MK_Hec> also, you look really cool
[23:39:35] <+Carlos_Pesina-> dc'ed
[23:39:39] <+Ed_Boon> << has not disconnected >>
[23:39:41] <@_Crow_> Angelkay311: 'Where their any characters from DC that you wanted in the game that never made it into the game because of either DC not letting you or you guys not having any more room for more characters?'
[23:39:48] <+Paulo_Garcia> you will have to think ahead on whether to use your rage on breakers or save it up to gamble on getting a big raged combo on someone
[23:39:50] <@]{0MBAT> Carlos_Pesina-: Would you say you were... MK vs dc'ed?
[23:39:53] <+MK_Hec> LOBO
[23:40:03] <+Ed_Boon> FTW !
[23:40:04] <@DArqueBishop> Carlos wanted Aquaman.
[23:40:05] <+Carlos_Pesina-> lol
[23:40:08] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Hulk
[23:40:08] <+Jon_Greenberg> mostly not room/time. lots of chars we wanted to add in
[23:40:16] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> if an opponent is beating on you and you happen to be on the ground use the rage as kind of a combo breaker and then put the heat on the
[23:40:17] <@DArqueBishop> Spawn?
[23:40:25] <+Jon_Greenberg> not DC.... yet
[23:41:01] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Capt. Cold
[23:41:01] <+Jon_Greenberg> the original character list of DC chars before we broke it down was about 30 chars
[23:41:15] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Baron Zemo
[23:41:25] <+Jon_Greenberg> marvel! wrong license!
[23:41:34] <@]{0MBAT> Spider-Ham.
[23:41:35] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Mar'Vel
[23:41:46] <@]{0MBAT> The only Marvel in this game is CAPTAIN Marvel.
[23:41:58] <@_Crow_> hAngry asks: 'who has the coolest freefall special?'
[23:42:00] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Shazam!
[23:42:12] <@DArqueBishop> Whatever you say, Gomer Pyle.
[23:42:17] <+Steve_Beran> Deathstroke
[23:42:25] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> Lui Kang's freefall special is great
[23:42:29] <+Jon_Greenberg> supahmahn
[23:42:34] <+MK_Hec> Deathstroke
[23:42:43] <+Ed_Boon> I like FLASH's free-fall the best. Aquaman 2nd
[23:42:45] <+Tony_Goskie> Catwomen
[23:42:49] <+Jon_Greenberg> the internet hates carlos
[23:42:58] <+Michael_Taran> we wanted to offer the best mix of 10 DC characters - what made sense was the most recognizable ones with a few suprises like Deathstroke. We also considered how cool they would be to play.
[23:42:58] * Michael_Taran was kicked by MKBot (flood)
[23:43:02] <@Scott-Howell> Haha
[23:43:02] <+Carlos_Pesina-> and so does the team
[23:43:03] <+MK_Hec> Goro's is pretty awesome too
[23:43:04] <@]{0MBAT> what?
[23:43:04] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:43:38] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Sheeva
[23:43:45] <+MK_Hec> oops, can we strike my last comment?
[23:43:47] <@_Crow_> Danny_Wins asks: 'Earlier it was said only Scorpion or Batman will have the legthrow, so i would like to know who will get it in the final version and if only one character gets it, what move does the other get?'
[23:43:49] <+Tony_Goskie> Let's not forget Moloch
[23:43:55] <+Jon_Greenberg> yeah. lots of arguing and fighting about which DC chars would make it into the game... which is a good thing
[23:44:24] <+Ed_Boon> Batman got the double-leg-slam. Scorpio got a new move.
[23:44:25] <@]{0MBAT> Hmm....Which one ended up getting it...my money's on...
[23:44:35] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> both characters have 2 different versions of a low leg grab special
[23:44:38] * Scott-Howell sets mode: +v Brian_Lebaron_
[23:44:48] <+Carlos_Pesina-> dc'ed
[23:44:49] <+MK_Hec> yeah but batman got the double leg slam
[23:44:51] <@]{0MBAT> Is Scorpion's more like it was in MKII?
[23:45:10] <+Jon_Greenberg> yes, entirely digitized
[23:45:11] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> scorpion got a sliding leg trip attack
[23:45:12] <+MK_Hec> scorpion has a new low leg throw that is pretty quick, very ninja/hell spectre-ish
[23:45:16] <+Ed_Boon> No. Scorpio's move in MKvsDC is more like a trip than a slam
[23:45:40] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> NITRO SLIDE
[23:45:48] <+Ed_Boon> nitro !
[23:45:51] <+Brian_Lebaron_> Aquaman!!
[23:46:00] <+Carlos_Pesina-> 8x's
[23:46:01] <+Jon_Greenberg> brian just woke up
[23:46:03] <+Tony_Goskie> WaterSlide!!
[23:46:03] * Tony_Goskie was kicked by MKBot (flood)
[23:46:17] <+Jon_Greenberg> good job mkbot!
[23:46:18] <@Scott-Howell> Fatality!
[23:46:21] <+Carlos_Pesina-> wth!
[23:46:26] <@_Crow_> T-rex62462 asks: 'What about the high/low throws seen in the second Mash Up vid?'
[23:46:33] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Brutality
[23:46:41] * Scott-Howell sets mode: +v Tony_Goskie
[23:46:42] <@]{0MBAT> I think I discovered a glitch with MKBot that we can fix for the next Fight Night.
[23:46:47] <@Scott-Howell> MERCY!
[23:47:08] <+MK_Hec> you can low throw as well as high throw, yes
[23:47:16] <+Ed_Boon> YES!
[23:47:17] <@MKBot> Fuck you ]{0MBAT.
[23:47:23] <@]{0MBAT> Gasp!
[23:47:26] <@Scott-Howell> ...
[23:47:28] <+Jon_Greenberg> So much for the T rating
[23:47:33] <@]{0MBAT> My my, I did not know you were programmed for such language.
[23:47:40] <+Tony_Goskie> WTF
[23:47:41] <+Ed_Boon> This chat is rated T for TEEN !!!
[23:47:42] * DArqueBish0p was kicked by DArqueBishop (DArqueBishop)
[23:47:55] <+MK_Hec> if your opponent is ducking you can aim your throw low to initiate klose kombat or a directional throw
[23:47:58] <@Scott-Howell> Oh goodness.
[23:47:59] <@DArqueBishop> I'm punishing myself for my bot's language.
[23:48:00] <+Jon_Greenberg> T for Turets
[23:48:00] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> you can close kombat grab someone if they are ducking with a different throw command, this is also escapable
[23:48:04] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:48:05] <@DArqueBishop> We'll redact it in the transcript.
[23:48:11] <@Scott-Howell> It never happened..
[23:48:22] <@Scott-Howell> Ok, about 11 minutes..
[23:48:26] <@_Crow_> mkublaze asks: 'Will the online play feature a spectator mode and/or a ladder system?'
[23:48:28] <+Carlos_Pesina-> what happened?
[23:48:32] <@]{0MBAT> The Europeans still get to read the chat as it was originally written, though...
[23:48:43] <@Scott-Howell> Exactly.
[23:48:53] <@DArqueBishop> [/window 26
[23:49:01] <+Carlos_Pesina-> If you beat...
[23:49:11] <+MK_Hec> no spectator mode
[23:49:32] <+MK_Hec> you will be updated with match results in the chat room thought
[23:49:35] <+MK_Hec> that is pretty cool
[23:49:37] <@]{0MBAT> Here's a question from deja_vu411: "I forgot what I was going to ask. Has that ever happened to you, where you were going to say somethign important, then you forgot?"
[23:49:42] <+MK_Hec> though*
[23:49:53] <@_Crow_> CeeKay asks: 'Question: Is there any possibility of an Adam West-esque Batman alt?'
[23:49:59] <+Jon_Greenberg> ICK!
[23:49:59] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Pick Superman on the screen select, hit up up up arrow
[23:50:37] <@]{0MBAT> Well, gee, it's almost NINE where the Midway team is....
[23:50:40] <@]{0MBAT> Oh, speaking of 9.
[23:50:48] <+MK_Hec> if by ladder system, you mean ranked matches, then yes. there will be ranked matches available
[23:50:53] <+Michael_Taran> no but there is an adam sandler batman
[23:51:00] <+Jon_Greenberg> burt ward robin DLC = definately
[23:51:16] <@_Crow_> Sub-ZerosNephew asks: 'What role will Quan Chi play in story mode'
[23:51:20] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Val Kilmir Batsy
[23:51:26] <+MK_Hec> quan chi will be playing alfred
[23:51:30] <+MK_Hec> he looks good in a tux
[23:52:00] <+Jon_Greenberg> Quan Chi plays a pretty prominant role actually
[23:52:04] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Zombie Lui Kang!
[23:52:12] <+Paulo_Garcia> there are rankings online (both ranked and player/friend/chatroom matches) for ranked matches it uses a random match making scheme to pick your opponents for you.
[23:52:21] <+Jon_Greenberg> he sort of gets everyone organized on the MK side
[23:52:45] <+Ed_Boon> Zombie Aquaman = definitely.
[23:53:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:53:29] <@DArqueBishop> Nic-V asks, "What do you think about IGN's report that many characters play the same way?"
[23:54:04] <@_Crow_> busyfan on private: 'Dear Ed Boon and MK Team: Sonya Blade was brought back to her amazing glory by giving her back all her loved trademark specia moves (among many other things, thank you so much for listening to the fans!!). So, can we expect characters to keep their trademark moves for the future and not loose them again? And what inspired you to make Sonya so perfect for this game?'
[23:54:04] <+Tony_Goskie> goodbye kbzon
[23:54:48] <+Paulo_Garcia> I dont really see that unless they didn't have alot of time to devote to it. There are several advantages that characters have over others
[23:54:49] <+Jon_Greenberg> after many arguements, we decided not to make her subpar, but instead perfect
[23:54:56] <+Ed_Boon> There are certain common moves the characters share...uppercut, jump kick....but other than that they play very different. Different special moves, different feel.
[23:55:25] <+Paulo_Garcia> As a crazed umk3 sonya-fan I'm very happy with how she turned out this game and I think other sonya players will be also. She even has a nitrofast sweep!
[23:55:32] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Paulo not to mention their combos and specials
[23:55:42] <+Ed_Boon> We did make a decision to bring back the signature moves for the returning characters
[23:55:42] <+MK_Hec> sonya is iconic, she wouldn't be sonya if she didn't have her leg grab, her kiss, etc
[23:56:13] <+Steve_Beran> Cy Mandua designed and created the Sonya model. She is one of the best looking models in the game.
[23:56:25] <+MK_Hec> yeah Cy!!!!!
[23:56:31] <@DArqueBishop> Gillbob asks, "Why are we seeing so much of Quan Chi in preliminary screenshots? He seems to be getting alot of exposure for a character who's not in the game."
[23:56:34] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Cobra Cy!
[23:56:36] <+Jon_Greenberg> and out of the game!
[23:56:37] <+Tony_Goskie> Cyo'
[23:56:45] <+Paulo_Garcia> he's not int he game?!?
[23:56:53] <+Jon_Greenberg> he's in the game
[23:57:03] <+Jon_Greenberg> just not playable... or is he?
[23:57:06] <+Carlos_Pesina-> 8x
[23:57:08] <@Scott-Howell> He is?
[23:57:08] <+Brian_Lebaron_> Aquaman!!
[23:57:19] <+Ed_Boon> Quan Chi is not playable. Perhaps a DLC someday?
[23:57:20] <+Carlos_Pesina-> In the select mode
[23:57:30] <@Scott-Howell> I think that might get some votes, Ed.
[23:57:31] <+Carlos_Pesina-> hit up up A
[23:57:36] <@]{0MBAT> He appears to be big part of story mode, though.
[23:57:38] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> sonya is hot
[23:58:02] <@Scott-Howell> Are there secret characters in the game? Or is DLC the only form of new or unlocked fighters?
[23:58:04] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[23:58:07] <+Jon_Greenberg> as said before, he's actually really important to the story. so he's in a lot of cutscenes.
[23:58:26] <@]{0MBAT> Ooh...good question...
[23:58:28] <+Jon_Greenberg> sonya has tan lines
[23:58:41] <+Michael_Taran> there are a few other characters that appear in the story: Guardians of the Universe - of which Ganthet is one. There is also a Space Station guard...
[23:59:07] <+Carlos_Pesina-> New Gods
[23:59:07] <+Jon_Greenberg> various amazons and tarkatans
[23:59:09] <+Ed_Boon> Finishing the MK story mode unlocks Shao Kahn. Finishing DC story mode unlocks Darkseid.
[23:59:10] <+Paulo_Garcia> the headless thug is my favorite story mode npc
[23:59:22] <@Scott-Howell> Oh, ok.
[23:59:22] <+Tony_Goskie> and the gotham thug
[23:59:24] <+Ed_Boon> Finishing Kombat challenge unlocks Zombie Aquaman
[23:59:27] <@Scott-Howell> Great.
[23:59:34] <+Jon_Greenberg> the coolest character is the joker doll
[23:59:36] <@DArqueBishop> Lee82393 asks, "Do Darkseid and Shao Kahn play like normal characters? or is there power boosted?"
[23:59:46] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Zombie Shark!
[00:00:04] <+MK_Hec> Darkseid and Shao Kahn are definitely powerful characters
[00:00:14] <+Ed_Boon> Darkseid and Shao Kahn are really powerful playable characters. watcher back !
[00:00:14] <+Paulo_Garcia> they play like normal characters. Dark Kahn however is boss power boosted
[00:00:17] <+Jon_Greenberg> OMEGA BEAM
[00:00:24] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> Shao Khan and Darkseid are both very strong but they are beatable by all the mkdc cast
[00:00:35] <@Scott-Howell> So they are balanced then, a lot of people where concerned about that.
[00:00:41] <+Ed_Boon> you tell em Eddie !
[00:01:05] <+Carlos_Pesina-> Onaga
[00:01:13] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> Darkseid is a very strong though =P
[00:01:21] <+MK_Hec> yeah he is
[00:01:22] <+Ed_Boon> you tell em Eddie
[00:01:24] <+Paulo_Garcia> they dont have typical boss advanges not different reactions or have different juggle rules. they can be thrown, put into freefall/klose kombat.
[00:01:44] <@]{0MBAT> Wow...this is good stuff.
[00:01:58] <@Scott-Howell> Cool, what about replay value guys? ZidaneFF was asking.
[00:02:11] <@]{0MBAT> Almost hard to imagine fighting Shao Kahn with a bit of... NORMALITY.
[00:02:16] <@DArqueBishop> Jah asks, "Many hardcore competitive Mortal Kombat fans see Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 as the most competitive, balanced, and pound-for-pound best MK game. What is your, Ed Boon and the MK team, opinion on that?"
[00:02:20] <@Scott-Howell> In MKDA, MKDA, MKA there was Konquest, etc.
[00:02:20] <+Paulo_Garcia> when you hit someone with Shao Kahn's hammer stun you wanna scream "FACE" at them!
[00:02:22] <+Jon_Greenberg> the game can only be played once, after which it will melt your ps3/360
[00:02:29] <+MK_Hec> FACE
[00:02:50] <+Ed_Boon> Some people like MK2 best. Some UMK3...all depends on your style of play I suppose.
[00:02:52] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> alot of people will be spending hours and days trying to master the pro-moves for each of their favorite character.
[00:03:01] <+Ed_Boon> and failing
[00:03:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[00:03:08] <+Jon_Greenberg> paulo screams FACE an awful lot, actually
[00:03:09] <+MK_Hec> replay value will be in both sides of story mode, kombo challenge (i think it will take people a long time to finish all of those) and of course, getting served online by me
[00:03:10] <+Carlos_Pesina-> UMK3 run=aggressive
[00:03:11] <+Tony_Goskie> I like MK2
[00:03:11] * Tony_Goskie was kicked by MKBot (flood)
[00:03:16] <+Paulo_Garcia> I think this will replace umk3 in the majority of those hardcores players mind (being one of those people myself)
[00:03:24] <+Carlos_Pesina-> knuckle sammich
[00:03:29] <+Jon_Greenberg> served dinner, maybe
[00:03:56] <+Ed_Boon> Yea, I agree with Pablo....this game will appeal to a lot of those 2D game players.
[00:04:24] <+Jon_Greenberg> gotta say, this game's story mode kicks the ass of any other fighter's to date
[00:04:29] <+MK_Hec> shout out to Rijo
[00:04:43] <+Paulo_Garcia> the kombo challenge mode is a treat to the hardcore fighting game crowd. and a very hard challege for casual players, it's something to strive to complete and doable when you have fully mastered a character.
[00:05:18] <+Ed_Boon> When Paulo says its a challenge....he isn't kidding. Good Luck !
[00:05:43] <@]{0MBAT> Looking forward to it.
[00:05:55] <@]{0MBAT> After all, the challenges in MKD and MKA's Konquests were... ALL TOO EASY.
[00:05:56] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> People will be very happy with the Kombo challenge mode
[00:05:56] <+Jon_Greenberg> yeah. kombo challenge is brutal
[00:06:17] <+Carlos_Pesina-> the specials are awesome look and effecgts
[00:06:23] <+Carlos_Pesina-> effects
[00:06:29] <+MK_Hec> fierce, i will give my gamertag (or greenbergs) to the first person who completes all of them
[00:06:34] <@Scott-Howell> Can you guys give any hints to some secrets in the game, wheter it be hidden fights or challenges? Where should our viewers be looking?
[00:06:34] <@]{0MBAT> Genku has a followup question...
[00:06:36] <@DArqueBishop> dillinger asks, "does the story mode play like previous konquest games ? .. or is it stricky just 1 on 1 matches ?"
[00:06:37] <+Ed_Boon> Yea effecgts are awesome.
[00:07:01] <+Jon_Greenberg> story mode is 1v1 matches, yes.
[00:07:22] <+Carlos_Pesina-> dc'ed
[00:07:26] <@]{0MBAT> Genku: "Will the practice mode enable you to unlock some of the achievements(like all of the "Complete all of ...'s expert combos"??"
[00:07:35] <+MK_Hec> yes
[00:07:40] <+Carlos_Pesina-> yes
[00:07:41] <+Ed_Boon> yeppers
[00:07:43] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> yes
[00:07:44] <+Paulo_Garcia> the story mode is very cinematic. I think more cinemtic than anything we've done previously. You can really get into the story,
[00:07:45] <+MK_Hec> oops i mean no
[00:07:45] <+Ed_Boon> yilch
[00:07:56] <@]{0MBAT> One last question...
[00:08:05] <@MKBot>Just a reminder: This is a moderated chat. To ask a question not submitted to the pre-submission queue, please send it to MKBot.
[00:08:06] <@]{0MBAT> Fraysol: "Is there a way I and other mk kollecting fans can get a copy of the press kit that other users got?"
[00:08:08] <+Tony_Goskie> Raise high the Kamidogu
[00:08:17] <+Michael_Taran> there are a couple of cool street names in metropolis, a cool loading dock name in Gotham, a red stapler in metropolis,
[00:08:21] <+MK_Hec> damashi
[00:08:25] <+Carlos_Pesina-> send checks to
[00:08:31] <+Brian_Lebaron_> ability to freeze!
[00:08:40] <+Jon_Greenberg> if you're a big fan of DC comics or the justice league cartoon.... story mode is really like 2 long episodes. I think people will really be surprised
[00:08:47] <+Steve_Beran> Our cinematics team did a great job with the cut scenes in story mode. It really feels like you are watching a movie
[00:09:00] <@]{0MBAT> Story mode sounds like one of the most exciting things about the game to me. :D
[00:09:12] <+MK_Hec> except that you have to worry about geting your ass kicked between each scene
[00:09:29] <+Jon_Greenberg> hec worries about that when watching normal cartoons too
[00:09:43] <@DArqueBishop> All right, that will wrap it up for this edition of FIGHT NIGHT! We'd like to thank the members of the MK vs DC development team for joining us tonight!
[00:10:00] <+Carlos_Pesina-> ty
[00:10:02] <@DArqueBishop> On behalf of all of us at Mortal Kombat Online, thank you and good night!
[00:10:04] <+Michael_Taran> happy veterans day - thanks everybody
[00:10:07] <+Steve_Beran> Cool. Thanks all!
[00:10:10] <+Eddie_Ferrier-> peace out!
[00:10:10] <@]{0MBAT> Thank you very much, MK team.
[00:10:17] <+Ed_Boon> peace & love to all who attended
[00:10:18] <+Jon_Greenberg> cya
[00:10:20] <+Tony_Goskie> Thanks verybody
[00:10:25] <@]{0MBAT> It is appreciated by the rest of the staff members as well as our members.
[00:10:30] <@CCShadow> Thanks everyone :-)
[00:10:34] <@Scott-Howell> Thanks very much everyone.
[00:10:49] <+Paulo_Garcia> "Two of earths best warriors have already been taken, Kabal and Stryker."