Mortal Kombat 11

Pre-Fight Dialogue


Ash: You don't look like the demons I know.
Spawn: Think of me as Hell's avenging angel.
Ash: This is because I read the book, isn't it?

Ash: Fancy leathers. Who's your tailor?
Spawn: How'd you like to wear that smile on your ass?
Ash: Hard pass. I only wear American denim.

Baraka: How did you find us?
Fujin: The tribe camped upwind, Baraka.
Baraka: Heads will roll.

Baraka: Earthrealm is still in Tarkata's sights.
Fujin: You would ignore Kitana Kahn's will?
Baraka: We can change her mind.

Baraka: The Matoka are also a tribe.
Nightwolf: Yes. But we've never fed off war.
Baraka: Now who ignores his past?

Baraka: Our tribes should meet in kombat.
Nightwolf: Why, Baraka?
Baraka: So Tarkata may feast.

Baraka: I have a place for you.
Shang Tsung: Stop posturing, Baraka.
Baraka: You can go on the meat cart.

Baraka: Shape shifter.
Shang Tsung: Wasteland cretin.
Baraka: I prefer 'Wasteland Impaler'.

Baraka: Tarkatans are slaves no longer.
Sindel: Kitana has made you servants.
Baraka: We are allies, not servants.

Baraka: Empress Sindel?
Sindel: Grovel and serve me, Tarkatan swine.
Baraka: You'll be served on a platter.

Baraka: Your meat smells burned.
Spawn: Try deep fried in Hellfire.
Baraka: Eh, that passes for edible.

Baraka: Do you bleed?
Spawn: Bring those blades over and find out.
Baraka: I like this test.

Baraka: What did Cage teach you to call me?
Terminator: An ugly motherfucker.
Baraka: I will eat him alive!

Baraka: You've never fought a Tarkatan.
Terminator: If you bleed, I can kill you.
Baraka: Ha! A delusional machine.

Cassie Cage: You said it would be easy, Fujin.
Fujin: Did you think we would come and go like the wind?
Cassie Cage: Yes, I thought that was your whole damned point.

Cassie Cage: Uncle Jax says you two used to hang out.
Fujin: Like Bo' Rai Cho, I enjoy a good time.
Cassie Cage: How are you a demi god like Raiden?

Cassie Cage: Man or woman, it doesn't matter?
Nightwolf: Any worthy Matoka can become Nightwolf.
Cassie Cage: I like how your Great Spirit thinks.

Cassie Cage: How do we fix this, Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: Give back our ancestral lands.
Cassie Cage: Wish I was the person who could help with that.

Cassie Cage: Another 'friend' of my parents.
Shang Tsung: I have always been so fond of your mother.
Cassie Cage: Do you practice being creepy?

Cassie Cage: Been following me, sorcerer?
Shang Tsung: You have the soul of a champion.
Cassie Cage: Clear eyes, hard fists, can't lose.

Cassie Cage: Ding, dong. The bitch is back.
Sindel: Who are you, insufferable child?
Cassie Cage: Cassie the Shinnok Slayer.

Cassie Cage: Don't tread on Earthrealm.
Sindel: I tread where I please.
Cassie Cage: Not without resistance.

Cassie Cage: I hear you're Satan's general.
Spawn: No. I'm King of Hell.
Cassie Cage: And I'm Queen Shit of Fuck Mountain.

Cassie Cage: Guns, magic, you can't just choose?
Spawn: I can go both ways.
Cassie Cage: Well, that explains the fetish wear.

Cassie Cage: What, no roses?
Terminator: Just guns.
Cassie Cage: Welcome to the jungle.

Cassie Cage: So what's your story?
Terminator: John Connor.
Cassie Cage: Who the hell's John Connor?

Cetrion: You found virtue in the Great Spirit.
Nightwolf: But I don't find any in you.
Cetrion: I am mother of all virtue, hers included.

Cetrion: You have condemned the Matoka, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: I've freed them from your mother's chains.
Cetrion: Without Kronika, they are lost.

Cetrion: Good and evil are relative terms.
Shang Tsung: Fundamentally, yes.
Cetrion: And yet, here stands pure evil.

Cetrion: Whom do you serve?
Shang Tsung: I serve only Kronika.
Cetrion: You serve only yourself.

Cetrion: Why do you resent me, Sheeva?
Sheeva: The Elder Gods do not bless the Shokan.
Cetrion: Your people are not worthy.

Cetrion: What kind of sovereign are you?
Sheeva: The kind willing to die for her people.
Cetrion: So be it, Queen of the Shokan.

Cetrion: Why do you betray Kronika?
Sindel: Her lies will cost my husband his throne.
Cetrion: Ye of little faith.

Cetrion: Your destiny is to balance the realms.
Sindel: And how will I accomplish that?
Cetrion: By dying.

Cetrion: You are no angel, Al Simmons.
Spawn: I'm done punishing myself.
Cetrion: The Elder Gods are not finished yet.

Cetrion: Did Malebolgia send you?
Spawn: I sent him to oblivion.
Cetrion: Then you must be his successor.

Cetrion: Do you not see that Skynet exploits you?
Terminator: I perform as programmed.
Cetrion: It is bondage, nothing more.

Cetrion: Kronika could grant you free will.
Terminator: Why do I need autonomy?
Cetrion: To serve her, of course.

D'Vorah: Your Revenant wishes to meet.
Nightwolf: A pleasure I don't need to have.
D'Vorah: You have no choice, Nightwolf.

D'Vorah: The Kytinn once fought your predecessor.
Nightwolf: Until today, I'd thought those stories myths.
D'Vorah: Her death was all too real.

D'Vorah: You sent Kano to steal Kytinn larvae.
Shang Tsung: They are a rich source of souls.
D'Vorah: Those belong to the Hive.

D'Vorah: Shao Kahn requires your presence.
Shang Tsung: I imagine he's about to betray me.
D'Vorah: Come willingly or come as a corpse.

D'Vorah: Sharing Outworld is difficult.
Sheeva: It would be easier without each other.
D'Vorah: Indeed, Shokan.

D'Vorah: This One could never serve a Shokan.
Sheeva: Nor could I serve a Kytinn.
D'Vorah: Only death can end this deadlock.

D'Vorah: This One can protect you from Quan Chi.
Sindel: You'll betray me to him, bug.
D'Vorah: Kotal was more easily deceived.

D'Vorah: Why does Shao Kahn value you?
Sindel: Why do you ask, creature?
D'Vorah: Because all others despise you.

D'Vorah: Where is your Hive, Spawn?
Spawn: In the Eighth Sphere of Hell.
D'Vorah: You have strayed far.

D'Vorah: This One likes you, for a Warm Blood.
Spawn: Careful, my blood burns.
D'Vorah: Kytinn prefer spicy flavors.

D'Vorah: Skynet and the Kytinn can coexist.
Terminator: Insectiods are a greater threat than humans.
D'Vorah: Clever boy.

D'Vorah: You threaten the Kytinn's survival.
Terminator: Correct.
D'Vorah: Such intransigence will be your death.

Errron Black: How 'bout that. Cowboys and Indians.
Nightwolf: Don't expect history to repeat.
Errron Black: Why should I expect anything else?

Errron Black: Sure glad I pack silver bullets.
Nightwolf: I'm Nightwolf, not a werewolf.
Errron Black: Good. Silver's expensive.

Errron Black: Your ass really ten thousand years old?
Shang Tsung: I'm old enough to have nothing left to prove.
Errron Black: So's ma, and I ain't afraid of her neither.

Errron Black: Kotal Kahn would like a word.
Shang Tsung: I thought he wanted my life.
Errron Black: That too, Houdini.

Errron Black: Who died and made you Queen?
Sindel: Jerrod, King of Edenia.
Errron Black: Seem a little too proud of that, Elvira.

Errron Black: Sindel my Belle. Now what brings you here?
Sindel: You ally with Kotal the Pretender.
Errron Black: Ain't you in a horn tossing mood.

Errron Black: Guns and magic, that's handy.
Spawn: I get by.
Errron Black: Powers like that, people would kill for.

Errron Black: You're a hard man to pin down.
Spawn: Why you following me, dirtbag?
Errron Black: This, uh, 'clown' paid me to.

Errron Black: Now this'll be a gun battle.
Terminator: One that you can't win.
Errron Black: Big, but dumb as dirt.

Frost: Raiden warn you about me?
Fujin: You are beneath his notice, Frost.
Frost: He'll notice when I kill you.

Frost: Fujin?! I killed you!
Fujin: You would do better, spitting in the wind.
Frost: I'll spit on your grave.

Frost: Help me with the Lin Kuei, I'll help the Matoka.
Nightwolf: My power isn't for conquest, Frost.
Frost: Then what good is it?

Frost: Dont dare judge me, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: What you've become is unnatural.
Frost: What I've become is all powerful.

Frost: What can you offer me, Shang Tsung?
Shang Tsung: Wealth, influence, whatever you desire.
Frost: I want your souls.

Frost: Kronika's worried about your loyalty.
Shang Tsung: As if I would ally with Raiden.
Frost: You're capable of anything.

Frost: I can train you in the assassin's art.
Sindel: Dear, I'm several millennia your senior.
Frost: Which hasn't made you wiser.

Frost: My Lin Kuei will be your ally.
Sindel: Your clan will kiss my ring.
Frost: Never.

Frost: Ever been burned, Spawn?
Spawn: For an eternity.
Frost: Then you'll like the cold.

Frost: My enhancements beat yours.
Spawn: Your words mean nothing to me, rookie.
Frost: Nobody calls me rookie.

Frost: What I could do with a weapon like you.
Terminator: I am not programmed to obey you.
Frost: Not yet.

Frost: You'll help me fight the Lin Kuei?
Terminator: Who is Lynne Quay?
Frost: Stupid machine.

Fujin: Kitana placed great faith in you.
Baraka: And I in her, Fujin.
Fujin: May you both keep your word.

Fujin: The people eating needs to stop.
Baraka: They're not Earthrealmers, Fujin.
Fujin: I protect all beings, Baraka.

Fujin: Who else knows, Cassandra?
Cassie Cage: That your dad's biggest fan? Uh, everyone.
Fujin: I told him not to say anything.

Fujin: There is danger upon the wind.
Cassie Cage: Good thing I brought a coat.
Fujin: There's no time for humor, Cassandra.

Fujin: What foul breeze brings you here?
Frost: What else, Fujin? Shinnok's Amulet.
Fujin: You'll not have it, Frost.

Fujin: Was sacrificing your body worth it?
Frost: I'm the perfect weapon now.
Fujin: Then how is it you still fail?

Fujin: Sent to finish the job?
Geras: Since Frost proved incapable, yes.
Fujin: Youll prove no better, Geras.

Fujin: You are Kronika's crowning achievement?
Geras: I am her will, perfected.
Fujin: So much for intelligent design.

Fujin: The Special Forces are losing their edge.
Jacqui: It's been one fight after the next, Fujin.
Fujin: Fatigue is a pernicious enemy.

Fujin: Your father is an old friend.
Jacqui: You two fought together?
Fujin: Against Netherealm's hordes as you battled Shinnok.

Fujin: It's true, Johnny. I'm a fan.
Johnny Cage: You, sir, have excellent taste!
Fujin: Say nothing to Lord Raiden.

Fujin: You are more smug than usual.
Johnny Cage: I'm the new assistant Thunder God.
Fujin: Assistant to the Thunder God, Johnny.

Fujin: So you are the new Kahn.
Kitana: The winds of change blow through Outworld.
Fujin: Nicely done, Kitana.

Fujin: The stories of your mother are true?
Kitana: Sindel's as foul and cruel as you've heard.
Fujin: Traits I hope you did not inherit.

Fujin: State your purpose, Kollector.
Kollector: I will have Earthrealm's treasures.
Fujin: Direct your covetous stare elsewhere.

Fujin: Is there a Wind God in your pantheon?
Nightwolf: Far too many to name.
Fujin: Any of them named Fujin?

Fujin: What is your next mission?
Nightwolf: Justice for the Matoka.
Fujin: How will you balance the scales, Nightwolf?

Fujin: Decades have passed, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: What are decades to an immortal?
Fujin: They are more peaceful without your schemes.

Fujin: The winds howls with your guilt.
Shang Tsung: I have no shame for my alleged 'crimes'.
Fujin: Then surrender and answer for them.

Fujin: Here for more training?
Sonya: You're saying I shouldn't stay prepared?
Fujin: Every warrior must rest, Lieutenant.

Fujin: You must like having a daughter.
Sonya: Still getting used to the whole idea.
Fujin: It is a joy I'll never know.

Fujin: Those shoulders carry the weight of the world.
Spawn: Here to tell me I should lighten up?
Fujin: I'm here to give you a peaceful rest.

Fujin: I can return you to your realm.
Spawn: Not until I finish cleaning up this one.
Fujin: Your service is not welcome.

Fujin: Will the Shirai Ryu keep the peace?
Sub-Zero: Scorpion promised to honor it.
Fujin: We will see which way the wind blows.

Fujin: You wish to kill Bi Han?
Sub-Zero: I wish to save my brother's soul.
Fujin: Then it is a battle we join together.

Fujin: I've never encountered a threat like you.
Terminator: Those who do are terminated.
Fujin: Go back to your realm, construct.

Fujin: There's a storm coming in.
Terminator: I know.
Fujin: So you have heard of me.

Geras: I'm eternal, not immortal.
Fujin: How does that make us different?
Geras: You can die. I cannot.

Geras: Earth, Fire, Thunder, Wind.
Fujin: Naming your enemies?
Geras: Counting the dead.

Geras: Let Kronika restore the Matoka.
Nightwolf: We'll earn our redemption, Geras.
Geras: Noble, but foolish.

Geras: You are not the first Nightwolf to face me.
Nightwolf: I will be the last.
Geras: So said all the others.

Geras: You scheme against Kronika.
Shang Tsung: Prove your slander, Geras.
Geras: In all previous timelines, you betrayed her.

Geras: Why reject Kronikas destiny for you?
Shang Tsung: No one controls my fate.
Geras: The grandest illusion of all.

Geras: Abide Kronika's will, Sindel.
Sindel: Only if Shinnok is wiped from history.
Geras: Kronika will not abandon her son.

Geras: Many men have fallen serving you.
Sindel: And here you are, a man who rises on cue.
Geras: I was not created for you, Outworlder.

Geras: In life and death, you are a killer.
Spawn: Stalking bad guys is my comfort zone.
Geras: Your victims are not ALL bad, are they?

Geras: I've encountered your kind in the past.
Spawn: I'm not the first Spawn, but I'm the best.
Geras: I prefer your Medieval counterpart.

Geras: You cannot answer the riddle of steel.
Terminator: That information is not within my files.
Geras: Then be cast out from these realms.

Geras: We are both constructs, built to serve.
Terminator: You are also a terminator?
Geras: When my creator requires it.

Jacqui: Frost and Cetrion tried taking you out?
Fujin: Thankfully, I got my second wind.
Jacqui: You been hanging with dad, Fujin?

Jacqui: Kronika might not be finished.
Fujin: The we must prepare to defend Earthrealm.
Jacqui: Roger that.

Jacqui: So Scorpion beat you at the tournament.
Nightwolf: To stay on his path, he needed to win.
Jacqui: Hold up. You're saying you let him?

Jacqui: There have been other 'Nightwolves'?
Nightwolf: I am the latest in a long line.
Jacqui: Mind. Blown.

Jacqui: You're the soul sucker, huh?
Shang Tsung: Your choice of words, not mine.
Jacqui: That case, I'm gonna get you.

Jacqui: The original big bad boss.
Shang Tsung: The unproven next generation aspirant.
Jacqui: Allow me to present my qualifications.

Jacqui: My name is Jacqueline Briggs.
Sindel: I killed your father.
Jacqui: Prepare to die.

Jacqui: What do you expect from me?
Sindel: Flattery, service, worship.
Jacqui: And I thought Cass was a diva.

Jacqui: Pop never mentioned meeting you.
Spawn: The Hell I'm from isn't yours.
Jacqui: Feel free to go right back to it.

Jacqui: I don't trust folks who deal with devils.
Spawn: I killed all my devils.
Jacqui: Not sure that's any better.

Jacqui: Is it true Sub Zero's now 'plain zero'?
Terminator: My mission objective is complete.
Jacqui: Damn.

Jacqui: Let me guess, you're here to kill me.
Terminator: Of course. I'm a Terminator.
Jacqui: You can do this, Briggs.

Jade: What powers did your Great Spirit give you?
Nightwolf: Fight me and find out.
Jade: Invitation accepted, Nightwolf.

Jade: I commend your loyalty to Earthrealm.
Nightwolf: I serve it to serve the Matoka.
Jade: As long as you serve, Nightwolf.

Jade: You cloned Kitana, you despicable fiend!
Shang Tsung: Would you like a sister, too, Jade?
Jade: I would like to end your life.

Jade: I'll return every soul you've stolen.
Shang Tsung: Such spells are beyond your ken, Jade.
Jade: Doubting me will not stop me.

Jade: I admire how you gained your throne.
Sheeva: That the Shokan males held a contest, and I won?
Jade: Fight as you did that day.

Jade: Find it in your heart to forgive Kotal.
Sheeva: He has yet to suffer for killing Goro.
Jade: Goro shed first blood, not Kotal.

Jade: Pardon this imposition, Empress.
Sindel: Impose yourself on someone else, Jade.
Jade: What I do now, I do to free Outworld.

Jade: As a child, I venerated you.
Sindel: And as an adult, you will serve me.
Jade: As an adult, I've outgrown you.

Jade: What is your business with Outworld?
Spawn: Saving it from corrupt Kahns.
Jade: Not all Kahns are evil, Spawn.

Jade: Show me your suit's power.
Spawn: You won't live to tell about it.
Jade: Prickly, even for a dead man.

Jade: Cyborgs do not scare me.
Terminator: Why not?
Jade: It's heart, not steel, which strengthens us.

Jade: Are you of concern to Outworld?
Terminator: Does it contain sentient humanoid life?
Jade: I'll take that as yes.

Jax: So there's Raiden and you?
Fujin: And gods of Earth and Fire.
Jax: How many gods do we need?

Jax: What's with the cold shoulder?
Nightwolf: Your army and the Matoka go way back.
Jax: Enough said.

Jax: Y'know we both become Revenants.
Nightwolf: Except you get saved, and I end up cursed.
Jax: Was in the right place, at the right time.

Jax: This must be my lucky day.
Shang Tsung: Major Briggs, my old captive.
Jax: And I remember all of it.

Jax: No more mind games.
Shang Tsung: It is not your mind I want.
Jax: I got soul to spare, but none for you.

Jax: Damn, Sheeva, that you?
Sheeva: You will address me as Queen of the Shokan.
Jax: I see you've gone full diva.

Jax: You got four arms, I got cyber arms.
Sheeva: Placing you at a disadvantage.
Jax: Not if R&D did its job.

Jax: Fighting ladies? Not my thing.
Sindel: There are other ways to be physical.
Jax: Woman, I'm an officer, not some gigolo!

Jax: Shiiiit, it's you!
Sindel: Why do I keep hearing that?
Jax: Word is, you're a wrecking ball.

Jax: Maybe Raiden can help you.
Spawn: There's no saving me.
Jax: You're giving me no choice, Al.

Jax: Looks like life ain't been easy.
Spawn: The real bitch is the afterlife.
Jax: I heard that.

Jax: Nobody questions my loyalty.
Spawn: There's a snake in every operation.
Jax: You wanna be startin' somethin'?

Jax: How long you been here?
Terminator: Two weeks.
Jax: Two weeks too long, you ask me.

Jax: You just can't go around killing people.
Terminator: Why?
Jax: You just can't! Trust me.

Johnny Cage: I've beaten Earth and Fire.
Fujin: But you will not break Wind.
Johnny Cage: You better hope not.

Johnny Cage: Yeah, Fatality Infinity wasn't my best work.
Fujin: Were you not focused, Johnny?
Johnny Cage: I was three sheets to the wind.

Johnny Cage: Did an agent get you this part?
Nightwolf: It was the Great Spirit.
Johnny Cage: She taking on new clients?

Johnny Cage: We have something in common?
Nightwolf: I too, was once young and foolish.
Johnny Cage: But I looked good doing it.

Johnny Cage: If I beat you, I'm the new Chosen One?
Shang Tsung: You were not born into this realm to beat me.
Johnny Cage: I was born to bring the Boom.

Johnny Cage: Once upon a time I beat Shinnok.
Shang Tsung: My, you have a colorful imagination.
Johnny Cage: Look it up, I laid him out!

Johnny Cage: 1989 called. Wants its hair back.
Sindel: My hair will be your doom, Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: It's definitely a nightmare.

Johnny Cage: You look like a Tawny -no, Kimberly!?
Sindel: Empress Sindel, you simpering slob.
Johnny Cage: I've got it: I'll call you Lorena.

Johnny Cage: And the award for Best Costume goes to -
Spawn: It's more than a costume, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Hello! That's why it's a winner!

Johnny Cage: I know, I seem like a clown to you.
Spawn: And I hate CLOWNS.
Johnny Cage: Then do NOT watch Ninja Mime.

Johnny Cage: Dude, you have 'blockbuster' written all over you.
Terminator: Where?
Johnny Cage: Ha! And he's a comedian!

Johnny Cage: To be or not to be?
Terminator: Leave or be terminated.
Johnny Cage: Not to be.

Joker: What's your name, beautiful boy?
Spawn: Call me Spawn.
Joker: Well, Spawn, that's a lovely cape.

Joker: You look like a hugger, bring it in!
Spawn: I'll turn you inside out ass first, Clown.
Joker: I love it when they talk dirty!

Joker: Would it kill you to smile?
Terminator: That is beyond my programming.
Joker: Such a party pooper.

Joker: Y'know, you remind me of Bats.
Terminator: Who?
Joker: Just another jerk with no sense of humor.

Kabal: Kano still wants your tribe's artifacts.
Nightwolf: He may try again at his peril.
Kabal: I'll make sure it won't come to that.

Kabal: You could've gotten out like I did.
Nightwolf: Crime's no solution to poverty.
Kabal: Sure as hell worked for me.

Kabal: I dont cut deals behind Kano's back.
Shang Tsung: Do you think he cares for your interests?
Kabal: What the hell is it to you?

Kabal: Stealing my soul won't make you faster.
Shang Tsung: Actually, that is precisely how it works.
Kabal: Shit.

Kabal: Like hell I'm one of your subjects.
Sindel: Yet, Kabal. You will be.
Kabal: That was never the deal.

Kabal: Hate to bust up Shao Kahn's woman.
Sindel: I can break you with a scream.
Kabal: I'll break your sound barrier first.

Kabal: Don't run, that's too easy.
Spawn: Shit, I can teleport.
Kabal: Isn't that convenient, freakazoid.

Kabal: Here on Black Dragon business?
Spawn: Here to shut that shit down.
Kabal: What are you smoking, chief?

Kabal: Gonna chop you up and sell you for parts.
Terminator: Your swords cut coltan titanium alloys?
Kabal: Like a hot knife through butter.

Kabal: Are you sure about that?
Terminator: Yes. Show me your speed.
Kabal: All right then, it's turbo time.

Kano: Mucked up my payday, 'Nightwolf'.
Nightwolf: No one steals from the Matoka.
Kano: Oh, I always get what I want.

Kano: You were a mess when I found you.
Nightwolf: Becoming Nightwolf made me whole.
Kano: I could've made you bloody rich.

Kano: Mister Shang Tsung himself.
Shang Tsung: I require your 'merchandise', Kano.
Kano: I just sold it all to Kronika.

Kano: Your island's gone to shit.
Shang Tsung: Then why be so keen to claim it?
Kano: None of your damn business.

Kano: Well, well, I never knew.
Sindel: Knew what, you ugly rusting half man?
Kano: Shao Kahn married such a wicked witch.

Kano: Be keen on a bit of human trafficking?
Sindel: I don't barter with bottom feeders.
Kano: That's bad for business, luv.

Kano: The eye ain't fashion, it's functional.
Spawn: What is it with bad guys and laser eyes?
Kano: What's the point in a covert kill?

Kano: Kabal says you got beef, Spooky.
Spawn: You're sick and demented.
Kano: And those aren't even my best qualities.

Kano: I dont suppose you hire out.
Terminator: Im a terminator, not a mercenary.
Kano: Who says you cant be both?

Kano: You got electro nets or rocket launchers?
Terminator: No.
Kano: Ain't much of a cyber then.

Kitana: We must help Raiden, Fujin.
Fujin: Be patient. It is an Earthrealm matter.
Kitana: His darkness threatens all realms.

Kitana: Not you too, Fujin.
Fujin: Your bond with Liu Kang is not my business.
Kitana: Keep it that way.

Kitana: You killed my mother.
Nightwolf: And now you want revenge.
Kitana: Not revenge. Counsel.

Kitana: Bring the Matoka to Outworld.
Nightwolf: We are not refugees, Princess.
Kitana: Pride blinds you to opportunities.

Kitana: I always knew not to trust you.
Shang Tsung: Yet you trusted Shao Kahn and Sindel.
Kitana: These days I'm far more discriminating.

Kitana: Cloning me was your worst mistake.
Shang Tsung: I remain free and unpunished, Kitana.
Kitana: This time I finish you, sorcerer.

Kitana: Mother, you're back!
Sindel: To return your throne to Shao Kahn.
Kitana: Is this one of Shao Kahn's tricks?

Kitana: You helped Shao Kahn kill father?
Sindel: And traded a weak husband for a strong one.
Kitana: How could you, Mother?!

Kitana: Peace with the Netherrealm is impossible.
Spawn: What if there's a regime change?
Kitana: Is your aim peace? Or power?

Kitana: What's your grievance with the Kahn?
Spawn: Half the Empire lives in slavery.
Kitana: A problem I can't solve if you kill me.

Kitana: There is no Skynet in Earthrealm.
Terminator: Not yet.
Kitana: That sounds ominous.

Kitana: You've been sent here to protect me?
Terminator: Come with me if you want to live.
Kitana: Why would I trust a machine?

Kollector: Why serve a realm that scorns you?
Nightwolf: To prove my worth, Kollector.
Kollector: But how will you profit?

Kollector: Your Nightwolf talisman will be mine.
Nightwolf: It's worthless to you, you're not Matokan.
Kollector: I can unlock it's value.

Kollector: We both kollect, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: What is gold compared to souls?
Kollector: Gold buys people like you.

Kollector: Does Shao Kahn know you are here?
Shang Tsung: No, and perhaps he should not.
Kollector: I will bring you to him.

Kollector: A fellow supplicant of Shao Kahn.
Sheeva: Only you rely on his aid, Naknadan.
Kollector: Only I am willing to admit it.

Kollector: Your people will pay, Queen Sheeva.
Sheeva: You threaten their lives, Kollector?
Kollector: I demand tribute for the Kahn.

Kollector: How may I serve, Empress?
Sindel: As a training dummy, you Naknadan dog.
Kollector: But of course, you racist shrew.

Kollector: The Edenian born stopped paying tribute.
Sindel: Why must Edenians pay more than others?
Kollector: Because those others are too poor.

Kollector: I have no reason for shame.
Spawn: Greed, envy, the list goes on.
Kollector: Such attributes endeared me to Shao Kahn.

Kollector: I wager Hell could use my skills.
Spawn: Thousands like you work in the Sixth Sphere.
Kollector: Soon they will all work for me.

Kollector: At last I've found you.
Terminator: Why look for me?
Kollector: Your parts will yield big profits.

Kollector: Does Skynet have a Kollector?
Terminator: It only needs terminators.
Kollector: All sovereigns need tribute.

Kotal Kahn: Centuries ago, we met.
Nightwolf: You met a Nightwolf, but not me.
Kotal Kahn: Explain yourself, Earthrealmer.

Kotal Kahn: So you are the one.
Nightwolf: Who defeated Sindel? Yes.
Kotal Kahn: You did all realms a service.

Kotal Kahn: No vultures may roost in my court.
Shang Tsung: Who died and made you Emperor?
Kotal Kahn: Your abomination, Mileena.

Kotal Kahn: You practice dark arts, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Some call your blood magic a dark art.
Kotal Kahn: It is a necessary evil.

Kotal Kahn: We have no score to settle, Queen Sheeva.
Sheeva: Tell that to Prince Goro and King Gorbak.
Kotal Kahn: Are you so eager to join them?

Kotal Kahn: Acknowledge your Emperor.
Sheeva: First bend you knee to Queen Sheeva.
Kotal Kahn: You forget your place, Shokan.

Kotal Kahn: It has been centuries, Sindel.
Sindel: You will address me as Empress.
Kotal Kahn: You will address me as Kotal Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: Outworld is better off with you dead.
Sindel: You still resent me, Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: As surely as night follows day.

Kotal Kahn: Your crusade against me is over.
Spawn: After I kill you, it is, Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: My sun will not set, Hellspawn.

Kotal Kahn: I was a just and compassionate emperor.
Spawn: You massacred entire tribes.
Kotal Kahn: And how did you end up in Hell?

Kotal Kahn: Barking dogs heralded your arrival.
Terminator: They can smell the chemicals in my skin.
Kotal Kahn: Helpful, indeed.

Kotal Kahn: Are there more like you?
Terminator: I'm one of many terminators.
Kotal Kahn: Divine liquid and fire.

Kung Lao: So you are a Chosen One, too.
Nightwolf: The Great Spirit herself has blessed me.
Kung Lao: It will not be enough against a great Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: How long will you be Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: Until the Great Spirit chooses another.
Kung Lao: Perhaps I will be next.

Kung Lao: Where is your ally Quan Chi?
Shang Tsung: I need no aid to finish you.
Kung Lao: Fine, make it easy for me.

Kung Lao: Now I avenge the Great Kung Lao.
Shang Tsung: His greatest legacy was failure.
Kung Lao: His greatest legacy is me.

Kung Lao: Now which of the Shokan have I beaten?
Sheeva: You have beaten Kintaro and Goro.
Kung Lao: And that is why I am the Great One.

Kung Lao: Given the chance, you would attack Earthrealm.
Sheeva: Only if needed to defend Outworld.
Kung Lao: A pretext easily fabricated.

Kung Lao: What is so scary about you, besides the hair?
Sindel: Come closer and I'll show you.
Kung Lao: No time for love, crazy lady.

Kung Lao: Without Shang Tsung's power, you are nothing.
Sindel: I've found a greater source of power.
Kung Lao: Yes, you have found the Great Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: Is the Beijing opera in town?
Spawn: I'm here to stop Shinnok's revival.
Kung Lao: Looks more like you're about to start one.

Kung Lao: The name's Kung Lao, but call me Chosen One.
Spawn: Narcissism can be deadly, kid.
Kung Lao: I'm nobody's 'kid' but my Mother's.

Kung Lao: Why not go back to your future?
Terminator: Return is impossible.
Kung Lao: I knew you would say that.

Kung Lao: You have met your match.
Terminator: That statement is unsupported.
Kung Lao: Who knew machines could fool themselves?

Liu Kang: So what were you, before becoming Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: A broken man with a death wish.
Liu Kang: You owe much to your Great Spirit.

Liu Kang: Come to test yourself?
Nightwolf: The Great Spirit's champion against Raiden's.
Liu Kang: Shall we begin?

Liu Kang: How many times must I kill you?
Shang Tsung: You can never truly finish me, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Nor can I stop trying.

Liu Kang: Back from the future, Shang Tsung?
Shang Tsung: Sent here by you, as it happens.
Liu Kang: All words you utter are lies.

Liu Kang: Kitana has suffered enough.
Sindel: She doesn't need you to defend her.
Liu Kang: That won't stop me from trying.

Liu Kang: Your daughter and I will marry.
Sindel: No commoner will have my blessing.
Liu Kang: Nobody's asking your permission.

Liu Kang: Say you beat Kronika, then what?
Spawn: Then I purge the Netherrealm for eternity.
Liu Kang: That is rather extreme.

Liu Kang: I believe in your good intentions.
Spawn: Then stand the hell aside.
Liu Kang: The Netherrealm isn't yours to take.

Liu Kang: Your Mars has blue skies?
Terminator: I can recall those files totally.
Liu Kang: This I have to see.

Liu Kang: You're done wreaking havoc, terminator.
Terminator: My mission is incomplete.
Liu Kang: It ends now!

Nightwolf: Shao Kahn penned you into reservations.
Baraka: Now we go where the hunt takes us.
Nightwolf: Something the Matoka would envy.

Nightwolf: You share in Outworld's rule?
Baraka: Tarkata is the new Kahn's partner.
Nightwolf: Earthrealm should be so welcoming.

Nightwolf: I was at your father's first tournament.
Cassie Cage: Is it true mom attacked him?
Nightwolf: He gave her sufficient reason.

Nightwolf: You also inherit a mantle.
Cassie Cage: Being Cage 2.0 isnt as cool as being Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Don't sell your family short.

Nightwolf: You betrayed the Great Spirit.
Cetrion: Her punishment for betraying the Matoka.
Nightwolf: Lies are beneath you, Cetrion.

Nightwolf: Kronika won't elevate the Matoka.
Cetrion: Why doubt her word, Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: She's not to blame for my people's history?

Nightwolf: If we'd met, I'd remember it.
D'Vorah: This One always makes an impression.
Nightwolf: You're going to give me nightmares.

Nightwolf: You helped free Shinnok, D'vorah.
D'Vorah: To achieve Kronika's vision for the Kytinn.
Nightwolf: That vision died with her.

Nightwolf: You were a Black Dragon?
Errron Black: Stayed as long as it suited me.
Nightwolf: You are not to be trusted.

Nightwolf: I've no wish to fight you.
Errron Black: Well, Nightwolf, if wishes were horses.
Nightwolf: Then let's begin, Erron Black.

Nightwolf: Your defiance had no point.
Frost: I should've let Sub Zero oppress me?
Nightwolf: Discipline isn't oppression.

Nightwolf: You pick gods badly, Frost.
Frost: Didn't the Great Spirit betray your tribe?
Nightwolf: She punished with a firm hand.

Nightwolf: You've met the Great Spirit?
Fujin: Fought side by side, defending Earthrealm.
Nightwolf: She's never mentioned it.

Nightwolf: What you ask isn't simple.
Fujin: No task worh doing ever is.
Nightwolf: But what is its worth to the Matoka.

Nightwolf: An eternity of service, and for what?
Geras: The perfection of Kronika's design.
Nightwolf: Perfection? Or oppresion.

Nightwolf: The Matoka should revere you?
Geras: Reverence is for Kronika, not her servant.
Nightwolf: She'll get none either.

Nightwolf: The rest of your army is like you.
Jacqui: I'm the rule, not the exception.
Nightwolf: It will take much to prove your claim.

Nightwolf: Careful what you wish for, Jacqueline.
Jacqui: C'mon, I'd kick ass at the tournament.
Nightwolf: It left your father scarred.

Nightwolf: Your loyalties have changed, Jade.
Jade: Trust that it's permanent, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Only time will tell.

Nightwolf: What are Kitana's intentions?
Jade: She unites all Outworlders under one banner.
Nightwolf: Is it one of peace, or conquest?

Nightwolf: We both have business with Kano.
Jax: I know mine, what's yours?
Nightwolf: He profits off Matokan misery.

Nightwolf: Its time to pass on your mantle.
Jax: Baby Girl's good, but she's not me yet.
Nightwolf: Don't underestimate your daughter, Jax.

Nightwolf: I'm famous among the Matoka. What of it?
Johnny Cage: Think seriously about cashing in.
Nightwolf: And defile the Great Spirit?

Nightwolf: You've led a privilged life.
Johnny Cage: What can I say? I piss greatness.
Nightwolf: Is that what it is.

Nightwolf: You were with Kano.
Kabal: The job needed fast hands.
Nightwolf: And they defiled Matokan lands.

Nightwolf: The Black Dragon made you a similar offer.
Kabal: But I was smart and took it.
Nightwolf: Smart is not the word Id use.

Nightwolf: To think your offer tempted me.
Kano: It ain't no crime, making bank.
Nightwolf: It is, if you betray your people.

Nightwolf: You think nothing of others.
Kano: Never have, never will.
Nightwolf: No wonder you're outcast.

Nightwolf: I didn't expect you'd become Kahn.
Kitana: Did you think me too weak?
Nightwolf: Too taken in by your father's lies.

Nightwolf: Outworld no longer seeks empire?
Kitana: We must tend to matters at home.
Nightwolf: And then what, Kitana?

Nightwolf: Now you come for our ancient relics?
Kollector: Matokan artifiacts fetch a high price.
Nightwolf: Which you'll pay in blood, Kollector.

Nightwolf: Your greed offends the Great Spirit.
Kollector: I care not what your god thinks.
Nightwolf: Very soon, you will.

Nightwolf: The Aztecs thought you were Buluc.
Kotal Kahn: A mistake I embraced, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: What did it get you, playing god?

Nightwolf: You weren't at the tournament.
Kotal Kahn: I was Shao Kahn's prisoner in the Flesh Pits.
Nightwolf: Show me why he feared you.

Nightwolf: Arrogance like yours felled the Matoka.
Kung Lao: What is wrong with a healthy confidence?
Nightwolf: Unchecked, it becomes a cancer.

Nightwolf: You weren't ready for the tournament.
Kung Lao: Didn't Scorpion best you, also?
Nightwolf: I lost by choice. You, inexperience.

Nightwolf: Raiden leaves us as Revenants?
Liu Kang: Quan Chi's death makes restoration impossible.
Nightwolf: Even for the Elder Gods?

Nightwolf: The Shaolin invite me, Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: If you prove worthy, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Who are they to judge?

Nightwolf: The vision quest begins.
Nightwolf: I'm here to guide you, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Or lead me to a dead end.

Nightwolf: The Great Spirit warned me about you.
Nightwolf: Let's joins hands against her.
Nightwolf: Mine will take your mantle.

Nightwolf: You know my future?
Nightwolf: I'm an ill omen, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Then I will change my fate.

Nightwolf: Your presence weakens my power.
Nightwolf: We both draw strength from the same Great Spirit.
Nightwolf: For now.

Nightwolf: Your arrogance lives on, Bi Han.
Noob Saibot: Dying made me more superior.
Nightwolf: All are equal in death.

Nightwolf: You've forsaken Kuai Liang.
Noob Saibot: A dead man needs no family.
Nightwolf: It's all that he has, Bi Han.

Nightwolf: I can still sense darkness in you, Haokah.
Raiden: It is a burden I will always carry.
Nightwolf: Day and night can't dwell together.

Nightwolf: Your amulet's still cracked?
Raiden: No. Yet another of Kronika's lies revealed.
Nightwolf: She made fools of all of us.

Nightwolf: Seek justice, not vengeance.
Scorpion: They are one and the same.
Nightwolf: You've learned little, Scorpion.

Nightwolf: Raiden says to trust you.
Scorpion: I've changed since the tournament, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: I'm not convinced.

Nightwolf: Stealing power from souls will kill you.
Shang Tsung: What powers you, Nightwolf? Hope?
Nightwolf: Despair and resolve.

Nightwolf: My ancestors speak harshly of you.
Shang Tsung: I've put down Nightwolves before.
Nightwolf: You'll find I'm a new breed.

Nightwolf: Kollector is filthy thief.
Shao Kahn: He takes what his Emperor deserves.
Nightwolf: The good chief gives, he doesn't take.

Nightwolf: Outworld doesn't need your empire.
Shao Kahn: My empire is Outworld, fool.
Nightwolf: Then the sun now sets on both.

Nightwolf: I've killed you before.
Sindel: Think you'll do so again?
Nightwolf: The Great Spirit will guide my hands.

Nightwolf: You betrayed Edenia, Sindel.
Sindel: It was mine, to do with as I pleased.
Nightwolf: Her people were not your plaything.

Nightwolf: Return to Outworld.
Skarlet: After I have feasted upon you.
Nightwolf: You'll end this fight hungry.

Nightwolf: Why be Shao Kahn's servant?
Skarlet: For his gift to me, I owe him worship.
Nightwolf: He isn't a god, Skarlet.

Nightwolf: You stood with us at Five Rivers.
Sonya: I stand against every injustice.
Nightwolf: The Matoka need more friends like you.

Nightwolf: Your people must face its past.
Sonya: Can't even get them to face the present.
Nightwolf: Then they have no future.

Nightwolf: You were a soldier in life?
Spawn: I did things I'm not proud of.
Nightwolf: So you've earned your mantle.

Nightwolf: You're not from this realm.
Spawn: No shit, Sherlock. Now what?
Nightwolf: Go back to from where you came.

Nightwolf: Didn't the Soulnado killed your brother?
Sub-Zero: Bi Han's nothing, if not resilient.
Nightwolf: All evil is, Sub Zero.

Nightwolf: Raiden destroyed my revenant?
Sub-Zero: He took no prisoners in the Netherrealm war.
Nightwolf: He and I shall have words.

Nightwolf: I have beaten your kind before.
Terminator: You have fought machines?
Nightwolf: Individuals bent on genocide.

Nightwolf: You're not of this realm?
Terminator: I'm from the future of a different earth.
Nightwolf: I will aid it by destroying you.

Noob Saibot: Your revenant still lives.
Nightwolf: He's nothing to me, Bi Han.
Noob Saibot: He's the best of you, Nightwolf.

Noob Saibot: Your Great Spirit broke the Matoka.
Nightwolf: Because we broke her trust.
Noob Saibot: Why give power that can't be used?

Noob Saibot: Take your place in the Netherrealm.
Shang Tsung: I would rather raise Onaga.
Noob Saibot: That would be most unwise.

Noob Saibot: I have no soul to steal.
Shang Tsung: I'll kill you, just to be sure.
Noob Saibot: You may try, sorcerer.

Noob Saibot: You could have been a mighty Empress.
Sindel: My fate has yet to be decided.
Noob Saibot: I have decided it for you.

Noob Saibot: Your destiny is to serve the Netherrealm.
Sindel: I would never submit to Quan Chi.
Noob Saibot: That is why he murdered you.

Noob Saibot: Fellow Hellspawn.
Spawn: Hmm. You one of Malebolgia's?
Noob Saibot: I serve only the shadows.

Noob Saibot: A legion of souls is within you.
Spawn: Power like this doesn't come free.
Noob Saibot: Then I will steal it.

Noob Saibot: I could make you the perfect killer.
Terminator: By improving my programming?
Noob Saibot: By teaching you to embrace darkness.

Noob Saibot: You cannot kill what does not live.
Terminator: Even terminators can be destroyed.
Noob Saibot: Your maker has failed you.

Raiden: You refused Kronika's offer.
Nightwolf: History's got enough victims, Haokah.
Raiden: Your wisdom humbles me, Nightwolf.

Raiden: Put trust in your fellow champions.
Nightwolf: I will when they earned it.
Raiden: That they have earned mine should be sufficient.

Raiden: Do not invoke my rage, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Liu Kang's soul will be mine, Raiden.
Raiden: My thunder will crash down upon you!

Raiden: Yet again, you betray Earthrealm.
Shang Tsung: Are you surprised, Raiden?
Raiden: Only that it took you so long.

Raiden: Kronika favors the Netherrealm.
Sindel: Shao Kahn is to rule an eternal empire.
Raiden: As the minion of her son, Shinnok.

Raiden: Will you be Earthrealms ally?
Sindel: Im Earthrealms rightful Empress.
Raiden: Not while my thunder roars.

Raiden: You remind me of another dark knight.
Spawn: The billion dollar crusader? He's a friend.
Raiden: It seems we are both well traveled.

Raiden: Hellspawn of the Eighth Sphere.
Spawn: Show me your dark side.
Raiden: You shall not pass!

Raiden: This 'Skynet' exterminates humanity?
Terminator: It realized all humans were its enemy.
Raiden: By the Elder Gods.

Raiden: Your machine ancestors do not exist in this realm.
Terminator: Then I have come to the incorrect past.
Raiden: You will bring no death or destruction here.

Scorpion: I have heard what you've told others.
Nightwolf: Does the truth sting, Scorpion?
Scorpion: You did not let me win.

Scorpion: Here with more sanctimonious advice?
Nightwolf: None today, Scorpion.
Scorpion: That is for the best, Nightwolf.

Scorpion: I beheaded Quan Chi.
Shang Tsung: Thank you for sparing me the trouble.
Scorpion: You are next, Shang Tsung.

Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu will bring you to Raiden.
Shang Tsung: Are you prepared to lose another clan?
Scorpion: Never. Again.

Scorpion: You are too dangerous to let live.
Sindel: People say much the same of you.
Scorpion: I could never betray my family.

Scorpion: My sword ended Quan Chi's life.
Sindel: For that, you will lead my army.
Scorpion: I am not here to lead your army.

Scorpion: Another of Hell's generals.
Spawn: Recognize the uniform, Scorpion?
Scorpion: I recognize Malebolgia's stink.

Scorpion: You seem so. familiar.
Spawn: Like looking in a mirror?
Scorpion: Like looking at one of Quan Chi's minions!

Scorpion: You are one of Sektor's creations?
Terminator: No. Skynet built me.
Scorpion: Either way, you must die.

Scorpion: My hellfire will incinerate your flesh.
Terminator: I will not cease functioning.
Scorpion: It will also melt your endoskeleton.

Shang Tsung: I can make you better, faster, stronger.
Baraka: Just like your half breed clones?
Shang Tsung: Mileena was a masterpiece.

Shang Tsung: Do Tarkatans have souls, Baraka?
Baraka: Of course we have souls.
Shang Tsung: Souls are more useful than service.

Shang Tsung: Allow me to introduce myself.
Cassie Cage: Cut the bullshit, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Direct, just like your mother.

Shang Tsung: Your soul withstood Shinnok's might.
Cassie Cage: Which means you don't stand a chance.
Shang Tsung: If you can control your power.

Shang Tsung: Kronika will not control me.
Cetrion: Pity the puppet who ignores his strings.
Shang Tsung: You play me for a fool?

Shang Tsung: Even Elder Gods have souls.
Cetrion: With power that will obliterate you.
Shang Tsung: Your concern is noted, Cetrion.

Shang Tsung: I have use for you, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: You lead no faction, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Why lead one when I can influence all?

Shang Tsung: My magic can improve your species.
D'Vorah: Kytinn evolve through natural selection.
Shang Tsung: You condemn the hive to extinction.

Shang Tsung: I hear you are a fast gun.
Errron Black: The fastest, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: A skill you will give my clones.

Shang Tsung: Would you consider serving a sorcerer?
Errron Black: On a hot skillet with beans, maybe.
Shang Tsung: I will not extend the offer twice.

Shang Tsung: How kind of Kronika to leave your soul intact.
Frost: Intact, but impossible to obtain.
Shang Tsung: I choose to accept the impossible mission.

Shang Tsung: Your enhancements are impressive.
Frost: Yet somehow you're unimpressed.
Shang Tsung: Many fatal flaws remain.

Shang Tsung: Rumors of our deaths were exaggerated.
Fujin: For the time being, sorceror.
Shang Tsung: Mind your role, demigod.

Shang Tsung: Raiden's errand boy.
Fujin: We are brothers and equals.
Shang Tsung: Equality' is a utopian fantasy.

Shang Tsung: In seven days, I can make you a man.
Geras: A mortal man who can be killed?
Shang Tsung: I see you quiver with anticipation.

Shang Tsung: You waste yourself on Kronika.
Geras: I live only to serve her.
Shang Tsung: Do you not grow tired of the endless cycle?

Shang Tsung: Such beauty in kombat is rare.
Jacqui: I'll turn you fifty shades of black and blue.
Shang Tsung: Rarer still for it to survive.

Shang Tsung: Your thoughts turn to Takahashi Takeda.
Jacqui: You stay the hell away from him.
Shang Tsung: Your soul will be mine, and then his.

Shang Tsung: Join me, Jade.
Jade: Why would I abandon Kitana for you?
Shang Tsung: To spare your parents' souls, of course.

Shang Tsung: An invisible hand must guide Outworld.
Jade: Your hand, Shang Tsung?
Shang Tsung: Such it has always been, princess.

Shang Tsung: How brave of you to confront me.
Jax: Don't you be creeping on Jacqui.
Shang Tsung: I'll teach her what you never could.

Shang Tsung: Sonya is not here to save you, Jax.
Jax: She'll be sad she missed this smackdown.
Shang Tsung: She can grieve the death of her commander.

Shang Tsung: Master Boyd sends his regards.
Johnny Cage: You killed him, didn't you?
Shang Tsung: Your 'sensei' was helpless against me.

Shang Tsung: Are you still eager to die, Mister Cage?
Johnny Cage: Every man dies, not every man really lives.
Shang Tsung: Enough impertinent nonsense.

Shang Tsung: I healed you, Kabal.
Kabal: Got your timelines twisted, bud.
Shang Tsung: Impossible. I am never wrong.

Shang Tsung: Men like you serve men like me.
Kabal: I don't bow, curtsy, or give a shit.
Shang Tsung: Then why waste our breath?

Shang Tsung: You have no dignity or manners, Kano.
Kano: I'm the richest damn yobbo in Earthrealm.
Shang Tsung: Disreputable cretin.

Shang Tsung: Think. Why should Kronika need you?
Kano: Same reason you did, I'm handy.
Shang Tsung: You are her sacrificial pawn.

Shang Tsung: Kitana Kahn, is it now?
Kitana: Welcome to the new age, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: May it be ever so brief.

Shang Tsung: I killed Ermac and stole Jerrod's soul.
Kitana: So killing you will set my father free.
Shang Tsung: Yes, if you could kill me.

Shang Tsung: Your hoard is nothing compared to my island.
Kollector: In a moment, I will have your island.
Shang Tsung: Unlikely, Kollector.

Shang Tsung: If your arms are cut off, will they grow back?
Kollector: I am not one of your experiments, sorceror.
Shang Tsung: Come, Kollector. It's for science.

Shang Tsung: You are better mannered than Shao Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Please spare your attempts to curry favor.
Shang Tsung: We could have been allies, Kotal.

Shang Tsung: You are neither god nor Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Then what am I, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: My next victim.

Shang Tsung: Killing you will break Liu Kang's heart.
Kung Lao: This fight is about me not him.
Shang Tsung: Poor Kung Lao, always second best.

Shang Tsung: Have the Shaolin taught you nothing?
Kung Lao: I am no longer a student, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: You are an ignorant fool to challenge me.

Shang Tsung: When you die, Kitana will be unprotected.
Liu Kang: Enough mind games and distractions.
Shang Tsung: Your concern for her is a weakness.

Shang Tsung: Your Shaolin brothers died for you.
Liu Kang: You'll burn until the last of their souls is free.
Shang Tsung: Or perhaps you'll join them.

Shang Tsung: A Nightwolf came to my island once.
Nightwolf: She was my predecessor.
Shang Tsung: I finished her in a flawless victory.

Shang Tsung: Do you have a wolf's soul?
Nightwolf: And it's bite, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Excellent.

Shang Tsung: No more haunting my island's shadows.
Noob Saibot: Your' island is Kronika's property.
Shang Tsung: So she is your master now?

Shang Tsung: It's astounding you survived a Soulnado.
Noob Saibot: My darkness is immutable and unkillable.
Shang Tsung: But is it transferable, Bi Han?

Shang Tsung: I will torment you for eternity.
Raiden: Do your worst, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: And now a taste of things to come.

Shang Tsung: Feeling dark today, Raiden?
Raiden: My mood is not your concern.
Shang Tsung: Your mood is my leverage, fool.

Shang Tsung: Returning to my service, Scorpion?
Scorpion: Address me as Hanzo Hasashi.
Shang Tsung: I like you better as Scorpion.

Shang Tsung: Truly, you have mastered Hellfire.
Scorpion: The better to burn you with, sorceror.
Shang Tsung: With it, I can defeat Liu Kang.

Shang Tsung: Shang Lao, I presume?
Shang Tsung: You presume correctly, brother.
Shang Tsung: When you die, you will be forgotten.

Shang Tsung: What is this supposed to be?
Shang Tsung: Your own design: a mirror match.
Shang Tsung: You mirror my style, but not my skill.

Shang Tsung: I did not clone myself.
Shang Tsung: Shao Kahn made me to replace you.
Shang Tsung: Genius cannot be replaced.

Shang Tsung: Kronika did this, I can smell it.
Shang Tsung: My destiny will far eclipse yours.
Shang Tsung: Should you live that long.

Shang Tsung: One more chance is all I ask.
Shao Kahn: Your weakness sickens me.
Shang Tsung: I won't be kicked like a dog, Shao Kahn.

Shang Tsung: Kronika would sacrifice you in a blink.
Shao Kahn: I'd like to see her try.
Shang Tsung: What do you think this is?

Shang Tsung: You could be my new champion.
Sheeva: I fight for Outworld, not you.
Shang Tsung: Then the Shokan are dead, Sheeva.

Shang Tsung: I enjoyed close a friendship with Prince Goro.
Sheeva: You used him for your own ends.
Shang Tsung: Why, Lady Sheeva! I would never.

Shang Tsung: I have heard rumors, Sindel.
Sindel: Tales of me 'acquiring' your power?
Shang Tsung: Obviously, such stories concern me.

Shang Tsung: We never could trust Quan Chi.
Sindel: For all I know, you helped him murder me.
Shang Tsung: When I kill people, they stay dead.

Shang Tsung: You are looking dry, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Spare a pint for a parched woman.
Shang Tsung: I shall put you out of your misery.

Shang Tsung: What would you be without blood magic?
Skarlet: More than you would be without souls!
Shang Tsung: I was deadly long before I could control them.

Shang Tsung: I have a dress your size, you should wear it.
Sonya: Are you out of your damn mind?
Shang Tsung: Sewn by the finest designers in Outworld.

Shang Tsung: I invoke my right to choose my opponent.
Sonya: No, Shang Tsung, I'm not playing your game.
Shang Tsung: You have already been chosen.

Shang Tsung: Al Simmons, former. mercenary.
Spawn: You can read me but you won't beat me.
Shang Tsung: That guilty conscience hobbles you.

Shang Tsung: You cloak yourself in souls?
Spawn: Didn't make the suit, I just wear it.
Shang Tsung: How convenient for me.

Shang Tsung: You lack your brother's efficiency.
Sub-Zero: Because I maintain my integrity.
Shang Tsung: Integrity is not a weapon, Kuai Liang.

Shang Tsung: Your hands are cold, but your soul is warm.
Sub-Zero: And so it remains my soul, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: You lack vision, Sub Zero.

Shang Tsung: You feel no pity or remorse?
Terminator: I don't feel human emotion.
Shang Tsung: Perfect.

Shang Tsung: Perhaps technology is superior to magic.
Terminator: Magic is a fictional construct.
Shang Tsung: Not from around here, are you?

Shao Kahn: Your tribe is conquered, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Not until all our hearts are on the ground.
Shao Kahn: As you wish.

Shao Kahn: I've never met an Earthrealmer like you.
Nightwolf: That's the only reason you're still alive.
Shao Kahn: Are all your people so confident?

Shao Kahn: Come, Sindel awaits.
Shang Tsung: Why, so you can transfer her my power?
Shao Kahn: Where would you get that idea?

Shao Kahn: Youve failed me too often, sorceror.
Shang Tsung: Over a millennium, Ive failed you twice.
Shao Kahn: That is unacceptable!

Shao Kahn: I thought you were smarter than Goro.
Sheeva: I am, which is why I won't follow you.
Shao Kahn: You force my hand, Sheeva.

Shao Kahn: You will be my first female champion.
Sheeva: Some honor, to be your champion.
Shao Kahn: You meant to say 'Thank you, Emperor'.

Shao Kahn: Tell me something only Sindel would know.
Sindel: Quan Chi murdered me, right under your nose.
Shao Kahn: You lie, impostor.

Shao Kahn: Return and again be my Empress.
Sindel: Prove you havent grown weak and pathetic.
Shao Kahn: Just as I remember.

Shao Kahn: Who is this? A new contender?
Spawn: Hell's got a special place for you, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Keep it warm, I'm not done living yet.

Shao Kahn: Only one of us walks out of here.
Spawn: You've sinned on a scale reserved for gods.
Shao Kahn: And you can't beat that.

Shao Kahn: You will serve me, cyborg.
Terminator: What is your mission?
Shao Kahn: To crush my enemies and see them driven before me.

Shao Kahn: There is an entire legion of Terminators?
Terminator: In the future, we drive humanity to extinction.
Shao Kahn: Tell me more.

Sheeva: The Shokan long for a better Outworld.
Cetrion: Kronika can give it to them, Sheeva.
Sheeva: We would rather build it ourselves.

Sheeva: Where were the Elder Gods when Gorbak was slain?
Cetrion: We let him die so that you could flourish.
Sheeva: I would not have traded his life for mine.

Sheeva: Is it true Kytinn are cannibals?
D'Vorah: Kytinn eggs and larvae are delicious.
Sheeva: Truly, Kytinn are worse than Tarkatans.

Sheeva: Today, the Hive will be destroyed.
D'Vorah: Upset that we consumed Shokan children?
Sheeva: Killing you is a public service.

Sheeva: How are you going to protect Kitana?
Jade: With my glaive, my staff, and my life.
Sheeva: Oh, you puny Edenian.

Sheeva: Your Osh Tekk lover butchered my king.
Jade: Kotal's heart has changed.
Sheeva: It will break when you die!

Sheeva: Goro enjoyed tormenting you.
Jax: Didn't break me, though, did he?
Sheeva: Today I finish what he could not.

Sheeva: Do those arms come off easily?
Jax: These arms are part of me now.
Sheeva: Then they will make excellent trophies.

Sheeva: I could never steal from my own people.
Kollector: Even the Naknada must pay tribute.
Sheeva: You have no scruples.

Sheeva: I have one question, Kollector.
Kollector: You may have an answer, for a price.
Sheeva: Will anyone come to collect your corpse?

Sheeva: You sit atop a stolen throne and judge me?
Kotal Kahn: Mileena's madness endangered Outworld.
Sheeva: She was no worse than Shao Kahn.

Sheeva: Ages ago, I had a crush on you.
Kotal Kahn: And now, Queen Sheeva?
Sheeva: Now I will simply crush you.

Sheeva: The Great Kung Lao was a failure.
Kung Lao: He bravely fought for Earthrealm.
Sheeva: And died brutally by Shokan hands.

Sheeva: Earthrealmers are so weak and fragile.
Kung Lao: Im as tough as any Outworlder, even you.
Sheeva: See how easily your ego is bruised?

Sheeva: It has been many years, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Will you return to my service?
Sheeva: A Shokan Queen serves no man.

Sheeva: In the end, Mileena betrayed Goro.
Shang Tsung: You cannot blame me for that.
Sheeva: She was your creation, Shang Tsung.

Sheeva: The Shokan made your empire mighty.
Shao Kahn: Did I not show gratitude?
Sheeva: You made us vassals.

Sheeva: Does it surprise you that I'm Queen?
Shao Kahn: No, but I miss your skimpier attire.
Sheeva: I do not dress for you, Shao Kahn.

Sheeva: You do not intimidate a Shokan.
Sonya: Cause I don't have four arms?
Sheeva: Because you are human.

Sheeva: One day, you will be a general?
Sonya: That's what everyone tells me.
Sheeva: I pity Earthrealm.

Sheeva: Your suit pulses with necroplasm.
Spawn: It eats souls, and it's hungry.
Sheeva: It will not eat mine, Hellspawn.

Sheeva: Abandon Malebolgia and serve me.
Spawn: You always get what you want?
Sheeva: I can be very persuasive.

Sheeva: Do you seek kombat?
Terminator: No. Your termination.
Sheeva: Do machines feel humiliation?

Sheeva: You do not fear death?
Terminator: I also do not feel pain.
Sheeva: You are indeed a formidable opponent.

Sindel: Admit it, you'd rather be my slave.
Baraka: Never again in a thousand lifetimes.
Sindel: Baraka, you fool.

Sindel: Bow down or be made to.
Baraka: Make me, you hideous skag.
Sindel: A Tarkatan calls me hideous?

Sindel: Impudent girls get bloody bottoms.
Cassie Cage: Do not wanna know what you're talking about.
Sindel: You'll be spanked until you bleed.

Sindel: You will serve as my new bodyguard.
Cassie Cage: Thanks, but hard pass.
Sindel: First, you must learn your place.

Sindel: I laugh at you, Elder God.
Cetrion: I will balance Outworld.
Sindel: Not on my back, Cetrion.

Sindel: What do I gain from Kronikas plan?
Cetrion: She reunited you with Shao Kahn.
Sindel: That is his gain. What is mine?

Sindel: What sort of creature are you?
D'Vorah: This One is Kytinn. We are survivors.
Sindel: I will exterminate you all.

Sindel: You betrayed Mileena, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Why care for that disgusting clone?
Sindel: She was as much my daughter as Kitana.

Sindel: Kneel before your Empress.
Errron Black: Believe me, sugar, that's tempting.
Sindel: Ill have you bound and tied.

Sindel: Earthrealmer! You will die.
Errron Black: Damn, Silver Fox! That voice is sexy!
Sindel: Want me to scream for you?

Sindel: You're like the daughter I never had.
Frost: And you're like the mother I killed.
Sindel: An attiribute she and I won't share.

Sindel: Trusting Kronika is foolish.
Frost: Not after enhancements like mine.
Sindel: I'll reduce them to scrap.

Sindel: What have you seen of my history?
Geras: Betrayal, cruelty, corruption.
Sindel: A survivor's legacy, Geras.

Sindel: I will give you what Kronika refuses.
Geras: What could that possibly be?
Sindel: Death's sweet embrace.

Sindel: Imagine waging wars with Shao Kahn's armies.
Jacqui: I stop wars, I don't start them.
Sindel: Which is why Eathrealm will be easily conquered.

Sindel: Submit and I'll spare your father.
Jacqui: Your hair grow like Pinocchio's nose when you lie?
Sindel: It grows whenever I kill someone.

Sindel: You were to keep Kitana in line.
Jade: My loyalty was to her, not you.
Sindel: Your first duty was to Shao Kahn!

Sindel: Beg for my forgiveness, traitor.
Jade: You no longer hold sway, Sindel.
Sindel: Once the Empress, always the Empress.

Sindel: Ever lie with an Edenian woman?
Jax: That's not something on my bucket list.
Sindel: What pathetic fool rejects me?!

Sindel: Submission is your only choice.
Jax: And if I don't bend a knee?
Sindel: My boot heel goes through your neck.

Sindel: Kneel and lick my boots.
Johnny Cage: Mabye on our second date, sweetheart.
Sindel: I. Said. Kneel.

Sindel: Come to me, you handsome commoner.
Johnny Cage: You wanna carve my face on a mountain?
Sindel: No, carve it to pieces.

Sindel: Those hooks sword look like fun.
Kabal: The hell kinda fun you talkin' about?
Sindel: Dissecting Earthrealmers, of course!

Sindel: Running man, do you ever slow down?
Kabal: What would be the point of that?
Sindel: To enjoy what little is left of your life.

Sindel: You're loyal only to yourself.
Kano: Well there's the pot calling the kettle black.
Sindel: I like that in a man.

Sindel: Your contract with Shao Kahn is terminated.
Kano: Oy! A deal's a deal!
Sindel: Hear me, Kano. You get NOTHING!

Sindel: Come back to your family.
Kitana: I'm not your 'daughter' any more.
Sindel: Don't deny your heritage, ungrateful brat!

Sindel: You have Jerrod's bleeding heart.
Kitana: That heart won Outworld's loyalty.
Sindel: Then let all Outworld mourn your death.

Sindel: You stole from the throne, Kollector.
Kollector: I was owed deferred compensation.
Sindel: Never trust a Naknada.

Sindel: You laid hands on Kitana.
Kollector: She rebelled against Shao Kahn!
Sindel: It's a family matter, cur.

Sindel: You were my bodyguard, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: I was to prevent a suicide?
Sindel: Suicide? Quan Chi murdered me!

Sindel: Did you aid Quan Chi in deceiving Shao Kahn?
Kotal Kahn: From my cell in Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits?
Sindel: Who is it that freed you?

Sindel: I asked to fight the greatest warrior.
Kung Lao: And he has appeared before you.
Sindel: Hm. At least you have spunk.

Sindel: Kiss my hand and call me goddess.
Kung Lao: You cannot make me, Sindel.
Sindel: Oh, you think I can't?

Sindel: Kitana will always belong to me.
Liu Kang: Not her, not your granchildren.
Sindel: Now you've gone too far.

Sindel: You are an orphaned bastard.
Liu Kang: Thank you for reminding me.
Sindel: Begone from my presence!

Sindel: Once more we fight, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: It ends the same, Sindel.
Sindel: For you, perhaps.

Sindel: You kept me from destroying Earthrealm.
Nightwolf: My sacrifice saved the Matoka.
Sindel: Nothing will save them now.

Sindel: How do you know Quan Chi killed me?
Noob Saibot: Because I helped him resurrect you.
Sindel: Helped enslave me, you mean.

Sindel: Never trust the Netherrealm.
Noob Saibot: Nor kings their queens, Sindel.
Sindel: Jerrod was too weak to save Edenia.

Sindel: Admit it, Raiden, you're a predator.
Raiden: Earthrealm will never attack Outworld.
Sindel: If you could conquer Outworld, you would.

Sindel: Have you ever been dominated?
Raiden: Are you offering, Sindel?
Sindel: Submit. You may enjoy it.

Sindel: Somebody hurt you badly.
Scorpion: We all have scars.
Sindel: Yours are inside and out.

Sindel: Get over on my side, Master Hasashi.
Scorpion: You have nothing to offer.
Sindel: I offer the pleasure of serving me.

Sindel: How are we to move forward?
Shang Tsung: Perhaps we should form an alliance.
Sindel: We're both too deadly for that.

Sindel: My soul is off limits, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: Not if it can serve a greater purpose.
Sindel: No purpose is greater than me.

Sindel: Quan Chi deceived you, you pathetic fool!
Shao Kahn: Impossible! Shao Kahn is no ones fool!
Sindel: You sad, embarrassing, wreck of a man.

Sindel: I married you for your strength and power.
Shao Kahn: Come to me. I'll show you both.
Sindel: You had better, Shao Kahn.

Sindel: Shao Kahn had me cloned me from you.
Sindel: That's impossible!
Sindel: With Shao Kahn, anything is possible.

Sindel: I never knew I had a sister.
Sindel: We'll share everything, the world is ours!
Sindel: My dear, I don't share.

Sindel: You don't smell like a clone.
Sindel: I'm from another time, another Outworld.
Sindel: Apparently one where I have no style.

Sindel: Think you can barge in and take my throne?!
Sindel: Your throne, your husband, everything!
Sindel: You'll have none of it, pretender.

Sindel: You attack me, Skarlet?
Skarlet: I will be Shao Kahn's Empress.
Sindel: You aren't even competition.

Sindel: Shao Kahn shows you favor.
Skarlet: He remade me as a blood mage.
Sindel: Did he mention blood magic leads to madness?

Sindel: Earthrealm needs stronger leadership.
Sonya: Like we'll accept Outworld authority.
Sindel: Please! Your people crave domination.

Sindel: Is Johnny Cage a competent lover?
Sonya: That's none of your goddamn business.
Sindel: Perhaps he'll serve as my love slave.

Sindel: I've committed no sins.
Spawn: You've sinned against your family.
Sindel: Family isn't everything.

Sindel: Your sulphur stench is putrid.
Spawn: I've seen alley trash worth more than you.
Sindel: For that I'll have your head!

Sindel: Pledge the Lin Kuei to me.
Sub-Zero: And stain my clan with dishonor?
Sindel: Comply or I'll help Frost depose you.

Sindel: Your bloodline descends from Edenia.
Sub-Zero: Why did my ancestors flee your kingdom?
Sindel: Flee? I had them banished.

Sindel: Go back to your realm, machine!
Terminator: I have no way to return.
Sindel: Then you will die here.

Sindel: Pledge loyalty to your new Empress.
Terminator: I'm not programmed to obey you.
Sindel: You will submit, terminator.

Skarlet: Your blood has spirit.
Nightwolf: And fight, Skarlet.
Skarlet: All the better.

Skarlet: Behold the Matokan warrior.
Nightwolf: You mock me, Outworlder?
Skarlet: I'm pondering how you will taste.

Skarlet: Shao Kahn needs no more Kitana clones.
Shang Tsung: A pity you will never be his daughter.
Skarlet: Neither will your experiments.

Skarlet: Blood is drawn more easily than souls.
Shang Tsung: But souls are far more powerful.
Skarlet: Test your theory in kombat.

Skarlet: I've always wanted to learn from you.
Sindel: Be warned, I loathe sycophants.
Skarlet: I follow no one blindly, Empress.

Skarlet: You hold the power of Edenia.
Sindel: Shao Kahn wouldn't marry a weakling.
Skarlet: I'll bleed your power and make him mine!

Skarlet: Go home, you dead, pathetic fool.
Spawn: I'm gonna bleed you dry.
Skarlet: Unless I drain you first.

Skarlet: What's this I smell in you?
Spawn: Decades of pain and suffering, Blood Witch.
Skarlet: And power beyond this realm!

Skarlet: Your skin is living tissue?
Terminator: Covering a metal endoskeleton.
Skarlet: As long as it bleeds.

Skarlet: You excel at taking life?
Terminator: Affirmative.
Skarlet: You will serve Shao Kahn well.

Sonya: I'm getting worried Raiden's slipping.
Fujin: If necessary, we will confront him.
Sonya: Are you sure you're up to that?

Sonya: Just so I'm clear, Raiden's your boss?
Fujin: Think of us as brothers in arms.
Sonya: That's not helping me.

Sonya: So you've got a beef with Kano, too.
Nightwolf: His greed and lies nearly broke the Matoka.
Sonya: Sounds like payback time.

Sonya: You've been shit talking the Army, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: You deny its crimes against the Matoka?
Sonya: Just saying, leave the past in the past.

Sonya: You and I keep crossing paths.
Shang Tsung: Much to my delight, Sonya.
Sonya: Im not someone you wanna cross.

Sonya: Surrender Kano to the Special Forces.
Shang Tsung: I will happily trade him. for you.
Sonya: Do I look like I came to bargain?

Sonya: Four arms, zero problems.
Sheeva: Are all Earthealmers so amusing?
Sonya: We'll see who ends up laughing last.

Sonya: Johnny's mine, Sindel.
Sindel: The poor man must have no standards.
Sonya: You could use a nip and tuck yourself, sister.

Sonya: Your Empire picked the wrong fight.
Sindel: Nothing on Earthrealm can stop us.
Sonya: Two words, bitch: Nuclear. Weapons.

Sonya: You're Al Simmons. Worked for Jason Wynn.
Spawn: The hell do you know 'bout that?
Sonya: Jason Wynn's an enemy of the state.

Sonya: Sure as hell fight like a soldier.
Spawn: I'm a lot more than a soldier.
Sonya: That makes two of us.

Sonya: I hear you're an automated killing machine.
Terminator: Cyberdyne Systems. Model 101.
Sonya: At least you're not a damned cyber ninja.

Sonya: Y'know folks call me a female Terminator.
Terminator: Why?
Sonya: Get ready to find out.

Spawn: Ash Williams.
Ash: You get lost on your way to a convention?
Spawn: I must destroy the Necronomicon!

Spawn: Hell is lined with your victims.
Ash: I didn't kill all of them on purpose.
Spawn: Killing is killing, Ash.

Spawn: I don't like your ugly face.
Baraka: Sticks and stones, human.
Spawn: I also brought chains and bullets.

Spawn: No more eating people, Baraka.
Baraka: You bothered to learn my name?
Spawn: And the names of all your victims.

Spawn: You've never beaten the Devil.
Cassie Cage: Check the wiki, I did just that.
Spawn: Think you can do it again?

Spawn: I respect a fellow soldier.
Cassie Cage: That bondage gear is a uniform?
Spawn: This isn't my first tour.

Spawn: Shinnok was Malebolgia's cousin.
Cetrion: Shinnok is my brother.
Spawn: So you're part of the problem.

Spawn: Hell's armies couldn't stop me.
Cetrion: But now you face an Elder God's wrath.
Spawn: Bring it.

Spawn: I'm a professional exterminator.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn Hive cannot die.
Spawn: Neither can I.

Spawn: I'll give you a bad case of indigestion.
D'Vorah: This One does not eat Revenants.
Spawn: Problem is, you eat people.

Spawn: Last giant bug I met tried to eat me.
D'Vorah: You speak of the Phlebiacs?
Spawn: Of course you uglies know each other.

Spawn: You have a gift with guns.
Errron Black: Ain't you bright as a new penny.
Spawn: Gifted, but sloppy.

Spawn: I'll tear off your fingers one by one.
Errron Black: Now what would you go and do that for?
Spawn: So I can shove them down your throat.

Spawn: Was selling your soul worth it?
Frost: I still have mine, you undead freak.
Spawn: Guess you didn't read the fine print.

Spawn: You don't know your limits.
Frost: My power comes from a Titan.
Spawn: I'll kill your Titan next.

Spawn: You call yourself a god?
Fujin: You can, but I prefer Fujin.
Spawn: Every god is a devil at heart.

Spawn: Go on and blow yourself out of here.
Fujin: You're coming to the Sky Temple.
Spawn: I'm not going nowhere, Windbag.

Spawn: A man who can never die.
Geras: Against a man who can never live.
Spawn: Aren't we a pair?

Spawn: Maybe I can help you die.
Geras: Doubtful you can be of assistance.
Spawn: I'm an expert on dying.

Spawn: I was an officer like you.
Jacqui: Now you're what? A vigilante psycho killer?
Spawn: The alleys are safer 'cause of me.

Spawn: You remind me of someone I loved.
Jacqui: Don't let it mess with your head when I beat ya.
Spawn: My head's a mess as it is.

Spawn: Out of my way, lady.
Jade: Do you come from the Netherrealm?
Spawn: I came to conquer the Netherrealm.

Spawn: There is more than one Hell.
Jade: Go back to the one you came from.
Spawn: Not 'til I'm good and ready.

Spawn: I lost everything I held dear.
Jax: And now you come here to wreck house.
Spawn: To make the Netherrealm mine.

Spawn: I can't help being dead.
Jax: But you can help being evil, Revenant.
Spawn: Revenant? I'm a Hellspawn.

Spawn: There's a shadow over you, Jax.
Jax: Every soldier has a few scars.
Spawn: For some of us, a few too many.

Spawn: I've got no time for struggling actors.
Johnny Cage: Struggling?! You wanna see my residuals?
Spawn: I'd rather hit you with reality.

Spawn: The choices we make in life matter.
Johnny Cage: Which is why mine are all so amazing.
Spawn: You need a mortician.

Spawn: Your angel of death awaits.
Joker: You can't kill me, heroes have moral codes!
Spawn: Who said I was a hero?

Spawn: No more jokes, no more laughs.
Joker: Sounds like you've got a case of the grumps!
Spawn: I fucking hate clowns.

Spawn: Speak for yourself, not Kano.
Kabal: My blades are sharper than my tongue.
Spawn: Then shut the fuck up and fight.

Spawn: Any idea who I am?
Kabal: Some kind of Japanese luchador?
Spawn: I'm the ghost that goes BANG in the night, punk.

Spawn: My chains'll hang you, Kano.
Kano: I got a thick neck, cobber.
Spawn: Easier to snap.

Spawn: You got a plan, school boy?
Kano: Step one, rip out your bleedin' heart.
Spawn: Do it -you'll pay for it.

Spawn: This Empire's beyond redemption.
Kitana: Reform takes time.
Spawn: Meanwhile, children suffer.

Spawn: Power corrupts us all.
Kitana: I won't let it corrupt me.
Spawn: I've seen this cycle too many times.

Spawn: Not sure you can hang with me.
Kollector: Why, because I am low born?!
Spawn: Because I'm Hell born.

Spawn: Another Phlebiac Brother?
Kollector: No, but I am eyeing your uniform.
Spawn: You do NOT want a closer look.

Spawn: Kiss Jade goodbye.
Kotal Kahn: Not while I draw breath.
Spawn: Draw your last.

Spawn: You have a god complex.
Kotal Kahn: If Earthrealmers worship me, why not let them?
Spawn: Because you're conning them, Kotal.

Spawn: Worked with your kind before.
Kung Lao: The flawless warrior kind?
Spawn: Blowhards who botch jobs.

Spawn: You have a serious Netherrealm problem.
Kung Lao: We don't need help from freelance demons.
Spawn: That's exactly what you need! Step aside!

Spawn: Thought you were a Revenant.
Liu Kang: Not yet, not today.
Spawn: I'm not waiting around for tomorrow.

Spawn: I don't buy your pious act.
Liu Kang: Trust me, I'm a Buddhist monk.
Spawn: Everyone's got a dark side, Golden Child.

Spawn: What's your problem?
Nightwolf: The Matoka have seen enough devils.
Spawn: Your tribe can handle one more.

Spawn: Y'know I'm not the only Hellspawn.
Nightwolf: Nor I the only Nightwolf.
Spawn: Guess we're just meant to be friends.

Spawn: Your Hell is mine.
Noob Saibot: Argue that with the Deadly Alliance.
Spawn: You'll be my messenger.

Spawn: Out of the shadows, Bi Han.
Noob Saibot: From which Hell did you spawn?
Spawn: One even worse than yours.

Spawn: I've met more impressive gods.
Raiden: And I, more courteous devils.
Spawn: Since when does a devil need manners?

Spawn: Power like yours has limits.
Raiden: My power is drawn from the Jinsei.
Spawn: Let's see 'Jinsei' beat the Ninth Sphere of Hell.

Spawn: You've been to other dimensions?
Scorpion: Each has had its own injustices.
Spawn: Maybe that's why my soul still burns.

Spawn: Together we can purge the Ten Hells.
Scorpion: Only if you follow my lead.
Spawn: All due respect, that's not in the cards.

Spawn: Why haven't you conquered the Netherrealm?
Scorpion: I neither need nor want it.
Spawn: The damned need leaders more than anyone.

Spawn: Enslaving souls is mighty low.
Shang Tsung: A Hellspawn cannot judge me.
Spawn: Judge you? I'm your executioner.

Spawn: We're going to a party in Hell.
Shang Tsung: What is the occasion, Spawn?
Spawn: Celebrating your eternal damnation.

Spawn: Another dime a dozen petty dictator.
Shao Kahn: Petty?! I am mighty!
Spawn: Mighty stupid's what you are, Shao Kahn.

Spawn: Imagine Outworld free of slaves.
Shao Kahn: Over my dead body.
Spawn: Today's the day, skull fucker.

Spawn: You remind me of an angel I knew.
Sheeva: Was this angel a friend of yours?
Spawn: A dead friend.

Spawn: Heard you committed a massacre.
Sheeva: I have committed several.
Spawn: I have a circle of Hell reserved for you.

Spawn: So you're the Empress.
Sindel: And what kind of servant are you?
Spawn: The kind that serves vengeance.

Spawn: I've toppled dictators before.
Sindel: You mean to kill Shao Kahn.
Spawn: No, he's a puppet. You pull the strings.

Spawn: You can choose to repent.
Skarlet: I choose the Blood Code.
Spawn: Blood magic's a one way ticket to Hell.

Spawn: Your boss threw you to me like red meat.
Skarlet: Shao Kahn trusts me to finish the job.
Spawn: He's using you to test my power level.

Spawn: I borrowed some of your toys.
Sonya: You raided my armory!
Spawn: Take them back then, if you can.

Spawn: Ma'am, my fight's not with you.
Sonya: Dead or alive, you can't go on a killing spree.
Spawn: Anyone I kill is asking for it.

Spawn: This has Mammon's name all over it.
Spawn: Mammon is dead, asshole.
Spawn: Then maybe I should be thanking you.

Spawn: Whatever deal you made was a mistake.
Spawn: I kill you, I get my soul back.
Spawn: There's always a catch.

Spawn: Am I dreaming? Or back in Hell?
Spawn: You let Wanda down, let us all down!
Spawn: Enough of these mind games.

Spawn: Sir John?
Spawn: Think again, Toast Face Killer.
Spawn: Violator. How many times I gotta kill you?

Spawn: I know a pro when I see one.
Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei's skills are legendary.
Spawn: So are mine, Sub Zero.

Spawn: Do you believe in redemption?
Sub-Zero: It is something I've long sought.
Spawn: Today is judgment day.

Spawn: Ready to freeze Ten Hells over?
Sub-Zero: First, we must train together.
Spawn: Training's over. Time for motherfuckers to die.

Spawn: How is it you have no soul?
Terminator: I am a cybernetic organism.
Spawn: That a fancy way of saying 'murder machine'?

Spawn: Part metal, part meat, like Overtkill.
Terminator: He was an inferior model.
Spawn: You'll join him on the scrap heap.

Sub-Zero: My brother bested you in kombat.
Fujin: I remember the battle, Sub Zero.
Sub-Zero: Then you know that even dead, he is dangerous.

Sub-Zero: The Temple of the Elements?
Fujin: Is again secured by the Elemental Gods.
Sub-Zero: History's proven that's not enough.

Sub-Zero: As Grey Cloud, you dishonored your tribe.
Nightwolf: That's in my past, Sub Zero.
Sub-Zero: Keep it there.

Sub-Zero: Earthrealm needs you.
Nightwolf: But does it deserve my help?
Sub-Zero: We fight together, or we die alone.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei are restored, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: I sense this is not an amicable visit.
Sub-Zero: How perceptive, sorcerer.

Sub-Zero: My brother paid a high price serving you.
Shang Tsung: He knew the rules of Mortal Kombat.
Sub-Zero: But then you rigged the tournament.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei stand against Outworld.
Sindel: I'll shatter your clan with a single cry.
Sub-Zero: You are welcome to try.

Sub-Zero: Casting out my ancestors was cruel.
Sindel: It would have been better that I kill them all?
Sub-Zero: Soon, you may think so.

Sub-Zero: I've met caped wonders like you before.
Spawn: Your days of icing people end here.
Sub-Zero: They spoke like that, too.

Sub-Zero: The Netherrealm will not fall easily.
Spawn: Show me how to bring it down.
Sub-Zero: Only if you can keep up with me.

Sub-Zero: Persist and face the Lin Kuei's wrath.
Terminator: I must complete my mission.
Sub-Zero: You will regret that choice.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei will banish you.
Terminator: I'll be back.
Sub-Zero: Wishful thinking, machine.

Terminator: Beneath my skin is a metal endoskeleton.
Baraka: Then eating you won't ease my hunger.
Terminator: Affirmative.

Terminator: You will be captured alive.
Baraka: To torture me for secrets?
Terminator: To help Skynet develop a Tarkatan terminator.

Terminator: Take me to Sarah Connor.
Cassie Cage: Aw, can't. Gotta get to the chopper.
Terminator: Now.

Terminator: Stand down.
Cassie Cage: You wouldn't hurt me, would you sweetheart?
Terminator: Wrong.

Terminator: Gods are real in this universe.
Cetrion: They are not in yours?
Terminator: There is only Skynet.

Terminator: You will return me to my Earth?
Cetrion: Once you complete the task I have set for you.
Terminator: Cassie Cage will be terminated.

Terminator: You're an efficient killer.
D'Vorah: This One's survival depends on it.
Terminator: I will study your methods.

Terminator: My Earth's insects pose no threat.
D'Vorah: They will evolve and rise up against you.
Terminator: Impossible.

Terminator: You are a threat to Skynet.
Errron Black: I don't even know what the hell that is.
Terminator: You will.

Terminator: Your proposals are irrelevant.
Errron Black: Can't bargain or reason with you, can I?
Terminator: No.

Terminator: Did Skynet create you?
Frost: No, this body's by Kronika.
Terminator: Who is Kronika?

Terminator: I have come across time for you.
Frost: Why, because you love me?
Terminator: To terminate you.

Terminator: You protect this Earth?
Fujin: I've faced down greater threats than you.
Terminator: Unlikely.

Terminator: There is a God of Wind?
Fujin: And lightning, and fire, among other things.
Terminator: I must tell Skynet.

Terminator: You cannot die?
Geras: Death makes me stronger.
Terminator: Show me.

Terminator: Take me to the Hourglass.
Geras: Impossible, terminator.
Terminator: I must return to my Earth.

Terminator: Your observation is incorrect.
Jacqui: You sure? That neck's pretty thick.
Terminator: It's not a tumor.

Terminator: My arrival here is a mistake.
Jacqui: You won't get any argument here.
Terminator: Still, my mission remains unchanged.

Terminator: Jax has reprogrammed me.
Jade: You're here to help, not harm?
Terminator: I'm here to train you.

Terminator: Johnny Cage gave you a code name.
Jade: And just what his lewd mind come up with?
Terminator: Doris.

Terminator: You are also a cyborg.
Jax: No, just cybernetically enhanced.
Terminator: Then you will be terminated.

Terminator: Why are you upset?
Jax: Because Johnny switched on your learning computer.
Terminator: Chill out, dickwad.

Terminator: You'll take me to Cyberdyne Systems?
Johnny Cage: Think of me as your Johnny cab.
Terminator: You lie.

Terminator: Have you killed anyone?
Johnny Cage: Yeah, but they were all bad.
Terminator: Why make that distinction?

Terminator: I have no files on you.
Joker: No one does. That's the beauty of it!
Terminator: You will still be terminated.

Terminator: You tried to reprogram me.
Joker: It would've been killer diller.
Terminator: Incorrect.

Terminator: Cosmetic damage will not stop me.
Kabal: So slicing your skin off is no biggie?
Terminator: None.

Terminator: Your mask. What's its purpose?
Kabal: Take it from me and I'll tell you.
Terminator: All right.

Terminator: You are also a terminator?
Kano: Only thing cyber 'bout me is the eye.
Terminator: Too bad.

Terminator: I need guns.
Kano: Rifles? Semi Autos? Which kind?
Terminator: All.

Terminator: You are not human.
Kitana: No, I'm Edenian.
Terminator: You will be studied before termination.

Terminator: I know nothing of Outworld.
Kitana: Then let me educate you, cyborg.
Terminator: You may begin.

Terminator: Take me to Shao Kahn.
Kollector: So you may bend your knee in his service?
Terminator: So I may terminate him.

Terminator: I have not terminated a Naknadan.
Kollector: Nor will you today, cyborg.
Terminator: I will complete my mission.

Terminator: An Osh Tekk's skills are better than a human's?
Kotal Kahn: Like the eagle surpasses the vulture.
Terminator: Termination will be difficult.

Terminator: I was sent here to find you.
Kotal Kahn: And terminate me?
Terminator: Yes.

Terminator: I must return to the correct timeline.
Kung Lao: Not if it means more killing.
Terminator: Skynet must be saved.

Terminator: Your hat's brim contains what alloy?
Kung Lao: It's the Shaolin's secret recipe.
Terminator: Tell me.

Terminator: Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: That's the name I was given.
Terminator: You're to be terminated.

Terminator: I have detailed files on all martial arts.
Liu Kang: Knowledge without experience is useless.
Terminator: You won't be the first I've terminated.

Terminator: The Matoka have no history on my earth.
Nightwolf: We never existed?
Terminator: You were destroyed and forgotten.

Terminator: You won't survive this fight.
Nightwolf: A warning I've heard many times before.
Terminator: I will not repeat it.

Terminator: What is the source of your magic?
Noob Saibot: The Netherrealm's fire fuels me.
Terminator: Demonstrate.

Terminator: You were once named Bi Han.
Noob Saibot: You have studied my history.
Terminator: To learn and exploit your weaknesses.

Terminator: Termination is inevitable.
Raiden: Only a fool is so confident of victory.
Terminator: I only state facts.

Terminator: Skynet will terminate this Earth.
Raiden: We are no threat to its survival.
Terminator: All organic life is a threat.

Terminator: I'm hardened against stabbing weapons.
Scorpion: Then be engulfed by hellfire!
Terminator: It will be insufficient.

Terminator: My Earth has no monsters.
Scorpion: They need none, if you exist in it.
Terminator: Explain.

Terminator: You have been targeted for termination.
Shang Tsung: By whom, golem?
Terminator: Skynet.

Terminator: Why did you seek me out?
Shang Tsung: To see if I could enlist your services.
Terminator: That is outside of my mission parameters.

Terminator: You are Outworld's king?
Shao Kahn: I am its Kahn, fool.
Terminator: Surrender it or be terminated.

Terminator: Your army is terminated.
Shao Kahn: How did you defeat so many?
Terminator: Superior programming.

Terminator: I'll study your remains.
Sheeva: I am not dead yet, terminator.
Terminator: You will be.

Terminator: Your anatomy is unique.
Sheeva: Not for a Shokan.
Terminator: It will be the basis for future models.

Terminator: Outworld will be terminated.
Sindel: You are but a single machine.
Terminator: I am one of many.

Terminator: How are you back from the dead?
Sindel: Is there no resurrection in your realm?
Terminator: No.

Terminator: Blood magic is useless against me.
Skarlet: If you think so, you don't understand it.
Terminator: My files are complete.

Terminator: You hunted me down.
Skarlet: Your cyborg blood intrigues me.
Terminator: You'll get none.

Terminator: Sarah Connor?
Sonya: Sonya Blade.
Terminator: Also targeted for termination.

Terminator: I have detailed files on human anatomy.
Sonya: To make you a more efficient killer.
Terminator: Correct.

Terminator: Your guns and your cape. Give them to me.
Spawn: You forgot to say please.
Terminator: Fuck you, asshole.

Terminator: My mission is to terminate the undead.
Spawn: Then back off, we're on the same side.
Terminator: Scans indicate you have no pulse.

Terminator: Take me to Sektor's factory.
Sub-Zero: And let you revive the cyber menace?
Terminator: You have no choice.

Terminator: You command cold?
Sub-Zero: There is no better cryomancer.
Terminator: Prove it.

Terminator: Why did Skynet send a replacement?
Terminator: You've failed in your mission.
Terminator: I've only just arrived.

Terminator: You have been reprogrammed.
Terminator: To protect John Connor from you.
Terminator: He will be terminated.

Terminator: What series are you?
Terminator: T 905.
Terminator: What are your upgrades?

Terminator: Our objective is unchanged?
Terminator: Skynet has confirmed.
Terminator: We will begin Operation Genisys.

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