Mortal Kombat: Deception


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Death Traps Theater

Sky Temple

The Sky Temple is located in Earthrealm. This structure is a place of meditation for Lord Raiden. His mighty War Hammer lies on the roof and acts as a lighting rod. The Sky Temple is 1,666 ft or 508 m tall.

Nethership Interior

Stepping onto the deck of Shang Tsung's Nethership is equivalent to death. The ship's main duty is to carry captives back to Tsung's Palace. Prisoners serve the remainder of their lives in slavery, only to surrender their souls to Shang Tsung when they die. In the past, the ship carried invited guests to his mysterious island in the Lost Sea for the bloodiest of all Martial Arts tournaments, Mortal kombat.

Dark Prison

The Dark Prison is located deep below Shang Tsung's Palace Grounds. The prisoners were not criminals, but merely the next victims. The lucky ones had a quick death in the spiked human compactor for the amusement of the guards. Other pointlessly struggled for their lives out in the Courtyard, serving as fodder for the skilled fighters during Mortal Kombat tournaments. The unlucky ones still died, but if Shang Tsung claimed the energy of their souls, they served him for eternety.

Beetle Lair

The Beetle Lair is located in the realm of Outworld. This tomb-like structure is located high in the Lei Chen Mountains. It is said that it was a place of worship for a warrior demi-god as seen in the carvings on the wall. Blood Beetles roam freely and a powerful weapon known as the Thor Axe is said to be here.

Hell's Foundry

Onaga's army is busy at work forging weapons and armor for tomorrow's battles. Hundreds of factories work without rest. In Hell's Foundry, giant steel smashers pound out newly cast slabs of metal. THey will be used to make the instruments of war needed to defend the Dragon King's reign as the Ruler of Outworld.


The Slaughterhouse is located in the Netherrealm in the City of Nekros. Grinders are located throughout this grim complex. Men and animals are thrown into the grinders as a sacrifice. The remains fall into a river of blood and flesh that is consumed by the dwellers of this dark realm.

Lower Mines

This mining complex, used to gather ore for the making of weapons, is located in Outworld. A giant mechanical beast's head crushes rocks with its iron jaws. On the lower level a huge grinding wheel spins away, crushing stone. The stone is thrown over the side into an incinerator.

Golden Desert

This cliff side arena lies on the outer edge of the Golden Desert. Centuries ago, giant caverns were dug in the mountainside where statues were placed. A new community came here after a deep water well sprung, creating an oasis.

Falling Cliffs

The Falling Cliffs is a hostile area of Outworld. Plagued with constant tremors and earthquakes, this volcanic region is very dangerous. Sulfur pours out of cracks and holes. Mountains billow smoke like giant chimeneys.

Yin Yang Island

This island is stuck in-between two realms, Earthrealm and Outworld. Sailors have said they have seen an island in a bed of fog, then it would vanish. They said trees would become snakes then turn back into trees again. No one would believe them and blamed the delusions on the rum.

Quan Chi's Fortress

Quan Chi's Fortress is located in Outworld. THe glowing egg in the background is where Quan Chi recharges his power. The center ring rests above a network of lasers. The lasers make a spiderweb pattern which is fitting for this evil sorcerer.

Kuatan Palace

The Shokan Race, half man and half dragon, was commanded by its leaders from the throne room of the Kuatan Palace. Goro, the Shokan Prince, had died after many centuries of rule. An elaborate funeral procession led his casket to the Circle of Judgement. Statues of his ancestors looked on while the casket was lowered into the eternal river of lava. Princess Kitana, representing the Royal Family of Edenia, attended and bid farewell to her old friend.

Dragon King's Temple

This ancient structure is located in Outworld. The temple is part of a huge complex that is connected to an inner pyramid called The Lost Tomb.

Chamber of Artifacts

The Red Dragon clan built the Chamber Of Artifacts to house the numerous tablets and treasures they have stolen. The most mysterious item is a large sword embedded in a giant green gem. They are trying to unlock its mysteries by constructing a large time piece with pressure sensitive chambers. It holds the same inscriptions that Quan Chi discovered in the ancient ruins.

Dragon Mountain

Dragon Mountain is located in Outworld. This mountain is nearly hollow on the inside with a maze of caverns and tunnels running throughout. A temple was constructed here for worship of the dragon.

The Pit

On Shang Tsung's Island fortress lies The Pit. COmbatants unlucky enough to fall into the depths are impaled by razor sharp spikes.

Living Forest

The Living Forest is located in Outworld. These woods of mystery have haunted inhabitants for centuries. When the trees reach a certain age a face will begin to form on the trunk. The faces sometimes move a lot or sometimes they lie dormant for years.


This timeless void is a hub to the realms. Strange creatures are said to appear here from all the different realms. It is said that the mystics, makes of the "Celestial Portal" created this structure.

Liu Kang's Tomb

After Liu Kang was killed by the Deadly Alliance, the masters of the Wu Shi Academy had his body carefully preserved and hidden deep in the nearby forest, away from the forces of evil. Acedemy students come to Liu Kang's Tomb periodically for retreats and meditations on their lessons. Medallions showing his 4 Mortal Kombat victories are displayed above the eternal flame of his memory.

Shang Tsung's Courtyard

This is the courtyard of Shang Tsung's Island Fortress in the Lost Sea. Great tournaments have been held here for centuries. Guards patrol and students watch warriors engage in Mortal Kombat.


The Dead Pool is a place for punishment and sacrifice. Captives would be bound with chains, then lowered into the acid below, Shang Tsung favored this method of punishment and built the Acid bath.


This arena lies in the Highlands of Outworld. The portal spins like a hurricane on its side with lightning striking in the center. This gateway is very unstable and unpredictable. Druids stand guard as watchers.

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