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With other power-house MK sites in the kommunity, MKW had to be different and hold kontent that no other MK site had at the time. As most MK sites updated with MK news MKW updated with kontent that was added to the site. MKW had/has no leads with news info so it was imperative that it find some other souce of MK media to attract it's viewers. Thus sprites came into the picture.

At a time when news was limited, residents of the MK Kommunity found various activities to occupy thier time while waiting for another news update. Users created fan fictions, fan art, and fake MK images. That's where MKW came in. With the introduction of fake images being widely made, MKW found it's niche in the MK Kommunity.

In order to make fake MK images you need, sprites, props, a background, blood effects, ect. MKW started producing these for users to download whenever. As MKW gained more and more popularity, MKW started producing more kontent from the games. Endings, Bios, Game Credits, MK Midis, Fonts, ect, can be found on MKW. The majority of the users that come to MKW still come for it's sprites. MKW thanks it's viewers for making it one of the most richest sites for MK kontent on the net. There is more to come still.

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Credits and Special Thanks

If you excuse me, I have to use a cliche over here, because if it wasn't for all the people that has helped the site in some way or another throughout the time that's been online, the Mortal Kombat Warehouse wouldn't be what it is today.
If I had to make a list I'd thank: Cham, CAMK, |NS|, Potent_Seed, Maggo, justycist, the_shirt_ninja, MaxDam, Agilo, SAIRUS, VenoMark, NovaStarr, Sub-Zedox, MKJohn, Dark-Scorpion, Reptile329, GuiltyByDesign, Twisted, Hydro, AceKombat, ]{0MBAT, ACJ, DArqueBishop, CCShadow, Scott-Howell, everybody who has emailed me with congratulations, kontent and ideas, all the visitors, including the artist who make fake pics, comics and flash animations and games.
Sincerely, thank you all for your support. :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot this:


I'd also like to add to that picture all the developers of post-UMK3 games, including the MKDA and MKD dev teams, they're great people who are keeping this awesome saga alive for the fans and all gamers across the world.

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