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Unlock in The Krypt or beating the Klassic Tower with Kano
Kold War DLC Pack
Klassic Pack #1 DLC (Included in the Kombat Pack)


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Knife to Meet You (Far)
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Kano is a member of the Black Dragon, a group of international arms dealers. Sonya, Jax and the Special Forces have been trying to shut them down for decades. Though he's from Earthrealm (Australia), Kano usually sides with his home realm's enemies. In the past he provided high tech weapons for Shao Kahn's Outworld armies, and later to Shinnok and Quan Chi of the Netherrealm. After Shinok's defeat, Kano returned to Outworld, keeping a low profile but making a tidy profit running guns from Earth to fuel local Outworld skirmishes. When Mileena was removed as Outworld's emperor and retaliated with civil war, Kano seized the opportunity. He now serves Kotal Kahn as technical advisor and weapons supplier-- while secretly aiding Mileena's rebels in the same capacity.


Kano had always been a survivor. But even he would one day succumb to fate. His ideals of ruthless terror would die with him --unless he could pass on his methods to a new generation…
Kombat, weapons, high tech sabotage, torture… All would be part of the curriculum.
But before his students could learn his techniques, Kano would beat the weakness out of them.
They would understand... or die trying.
Kano's first pupil? His own son.
Class was now in session.

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