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Ghostin' Us (Close)
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Certain Death (Mid)
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The Predator is not here to rule us. He does not wish to destroy the realms. He and others of his alien race merely fight--and kill--for sport and honor. There is much kombat in Earthrealm. Shao Kahn and then Shinnok thought themselves konquerers. They were defeated. The Predator will not be. The humans, Outworlders and Netherrealm demons will fall to his superior weapons, tactics and strength. Their skins will make fine trophies.


This world called Earth produced many worthy opponents--which made for excellent sport. Some possessed a power previously unknown to the Predator's race: sorcery.
The Predator sought to harness this new power for use in his konquests. He analyzed a trophy from a recent battle and eventually discovered its secrets.
With the power of sorcery, the predator was unstoppable and decimated whole worlds single-handedly. He had become the Apex Predator.

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