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Welcome to Mortal Kombat Warehouse, the most complete Mortal Kombat source in the web.
Browse the site choosing a game from the menu, here you'll find Story, Screenshots, Arenas, Props and Fighters of the game, each fighter page includes: A complete Spritesheet, Biography, Animations, Props, Movelist, Fatality Videos, Ending, Renders, Cut-Out Pictures, Wallpapers and more!

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Well it looks like the site got a rollback for a few days, it wasn’t an april’s fool joke because it’s not april’s fools, duh, it had to do with some crashing on the site server.
At least the newsposts have been recovered thanks to DArqueBishop, and I just had to upload the site backup I have on my HDD.
Anyway, since this problem got us stuck for a while, there might be a little delay with the next update because, you know, these are busy times, I expect to have something up before new year’s eve, though.
Stay tuned.

Once again, thanks to ]{0MBAT and AceKombat‘s cheats, we’ve got new content:

Test Your Might Sprites

Also, fireballs props are now available for Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate MK3, thanks for those who noticed the lack of these important props.
Next on the update list are: Rain sprites, other games sections (MK:SM and MKM:SZ), adding more affiliates and a couple of spritesheets for MKII.

Here it’s the first update on this new version of the site, I can say I’ve experienced how fast and easy is to update with the new system, this is one of the big differences between this and the previous version, since before it tooked me more time to update and that became a reason for me to stop making updates.
Anyway, here’s a list of the upgraded stuff:

New Complete Spritesheets

Thanks to ]{0MBAT for those sprites, along with more sprites that I updated for MK1, some of the fireballs props are back where they’re supossed to be (Scorpion, Raiden, Sonya props) and there are 3 new sprites in each character’s being hit section, I also fixed Scorpion’s fatality mistake and added some sprites from the old version until I get/rip new ones.
Animations for UMK3 are up in their temporary section until they get added to their respective pages.
That would be all updates for now, I’ll start working in bringing back the rest of the props which were left out tomorrow.

I would also like to thank you all for the feedback, I see that WordPress works pretty well so I can get all your comments way faster than email (which I hate checking because of spam) and comments are public so everything can see how popular the site is (haha), so thanks to all who posted and pointed errors because it was for them that I could fix them, I’ll get to the rest soon (like updating MKDA sprites)
Someone asked about affiliates and I can tell you that they’re available, Link To Us is there, too, for all our affiliates who want to update our buttons on their respective sites.
See you in a next update, don’t forget there’s always more to come still!

Latest Updates

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