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It sure took a while but I’m finally processing and uploading a lot of MKX Mobile kontent:

I’ll be updating this post in the coming days with more stuff.
Thanks to @Judgment_Fist on Twitter for helping me with the game files.

April 2019 Update: MKX Mobile got rebranded as Mortal Kombat Mobile so it got its own separate game section, the new characters from MK11 are Jade, Raiden and Scorpion.


New Characters:

headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot

9 responses to “Mortal Kombat Mobile Kontent”

  1. M7mmad_S3eed says:

    Astounding work!

    Keep it up!

  2. imarazm says:

    Hi! Great job!
    I wonder how did you find out the correct proportions for cards? ‘Cause when you export them they’re 512*512.

    • Murdoink says:

      I took a screenshot ingame and resized them manually, they don’t look distorted so I put them up, couldn’t figure out how to export them in the right size either

  3. JacquIreBriggs says:

    Awesome! You’re finally updating with MKX Mobile Kontent! I’ll be needing the renders from there.

  4. M7mmad_S3eed says:

    Interesting, silver Johnny Cage render does not have sunglasses. Klassic Kitana has two renders. Were they cancelled and forgotten to be removed?

  5. WeaponTheory says:

    lol Freddy looking like he smelled something foul

  6. imarazm says:

    How did you get 1920*1080 Quest Mode Backgrounds when actual size of pictures is 1024*768?

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