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Back in September I received some MK Mythologies sprites and now that MK11 updates have winded down I’ve started to upload them:

Thanks to C.J. Fisher for providing these, I’ll upload this post when more characters sprites get uploaded.

MK Mythologies sprites in 2020, who would’ve thought?

I’ve also started to occasionally stream on Twitch at
I plan to play Konquest mode for all 3D Era games in order to get more context for the site, so drop a follow if you’re interested in that.

I also made a separate Twitter account only for updates and requests: @MKWarehouse. If you have a question or a request you should contact me there.

3 responses to “MK Mythologies sprites”

  1. sckalez says:

    ah very nice, mythologies sprites are so cool

    i did notice that quan chi is missing his final Neutral Jump Kick sprite.. and also, unrelated, that subzero mk2 is missing his first sweeping sprite

  2. sckalez says:

    yup the last 6 are there, just not the first one. compare with the other mk2 ninjas on this very site

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