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Welcome to Mortal Kombat Warehouse, the most complete Mortal Kombat source in the web.
Browse the site choosing a game from the menu, here you'll find Story, Screenshots, Arenas, Props and Fighters of the game, each fighter page includes: A complete Spritesheet, Biography, Animations, Props, Movelist, Fatality Videos, Ending, Renders, Cut-Out Pictures, Wallpapers and more!

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So this is the last update for january, I’m leaving tomorrow until February for some sweet vacations so I’ll leave you with this:

Huge Update

Credits go to my good friend MKRocket for MKII Jax sprites, ]{0MBAT for those alternative fatalities sprites, the Motaro complete spritesheet is courtesy of Maggo, and of course credits to myself (haha) for ripping Johnny Cage’s shadow kick, I wish I could rip only the shadow but I don’t know how.
Also thanks to the people who posts comments asking for stuff, also those who report missing content, I really appreciate your feedback and thanks to that I uploaded those MKDA spritesheets and MKT Endings.
Expect a big update when I return, I’ll put up a bunch of new MKII sprites and (finally) finish the extra games sections, see ya!

Looks like all the hype about Mortal Kombat Armageddon gave me enough willpower to update the site, haha, I mean like, woah, when the game comes out it will take me a lot of time to get the content for it. :p
Anyway, here’s the list of new stuff I uploaded:

New Stuff

Thanks to ]{0MBAT for Scorpion’s Fatality sprites, now his spritesheet is finally complete. Maggo submitted those Shang Tsung sprites, ripped directly from the arenas when Shang is on the background. 4 missing Arenas were added and AMB gave me idea to add the story behind the arenas to the site, this info is displayed when you go to Kontent and select and Arena and choose “More Info” but now it’s available here so I’m kinda saving you the trouble, I’ll get to the MK:DA info soon as well.

I’ve recieved some emails about ripping sprites with MAME, so I’ll leave this link here for more info: AceKombat’s MAME cheats thread, with those cheats you can desactivate the background and rip the sprites taking screenshots, remember to go to the last page of the thread to get the lastest cheats, if you need further help check ]{0MBAT’s Sprite Comic Tutorial.
I’ll update once again during this week, before I leave to the beach for a two week vacations. ;D

When MKW6 opened I got a lot of emails and messages asking for Rain sprites, and I was like “wtf, Rain sucks”, but AceKombat ripped his spritesheet thanks to his Rain color cheat for UMK3, so here they are:

New Complete Spritesheet

That will do for now, I formatted my computer so I still have to configure Thunderbird to get the messages from my inbox, so I apologize if I haven’t replied to any e-mails you’ve sent.

Latest Updates

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