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Credits time: Thanks to Maggo for the MKII animated text props and MKT Goro sprites, all props from this update are thanks to Paul from Portable MK and the awesome no text bios are courtesy of Veljo from the also awesome site
Well, since I got a new video card and a video media converter I can get stuff from my PS2, so…expect MKD videos soon enough.
Also, check out the little update I made (that also kept me busy for a while) on the MKD page on MKO‘s Games Section.

Well guys and girls, we’ve just got:

A New Spritesheet

I know it’s not 100% complete, but that will get fixed soon, thanks to Magg for ripping these (sorry I didn’t credit you before)
I’m kinda in a rush right now, so that would be all for now, I’ll update again next week, I promise.

PS: If you’re going to comment this news post, please do it just ONCE and using only ONE nickname, thanks.

Edit: An answer to those who were wondering: I’ve been kind of busy upgrading my machine, so that’s why I haven’t been able to update.

Have you seen the kickass Mortal Kombat Armageddon wallpaper? Judging by how Rain looks I retract from my previous “Rain sucks” statement.
Anyway, this isn’t about Rain, it’s about:

New Animations and Sprites!

Thanks to Daniel Wandin for those Raiden Animations, MKII props, MKII Cage sprites and Shao Kahn spritesheet were ripped by Maggo, MK1 Cage’s shadow kick sprite was ripped by ]{0MBAT and finally, that weird secret prop from The Portal was ripped by the cheat master AceKombat.
Upcoming updates will contain Goro sprites from MKT, MKII Smoke and UMK3 Scorpion sprites, I will now try to focus on finishing up uncomplete sections, (like MKM) and also update MKO’s Games Section.

PS: I’ll have this space to answer some questions I’ve seen in previous comments:
Q: When are the projectiles being posted?
A: Projectiles are temporary in each game props’ page, when I’ve got the spritesheet for a character I include his/her projectiles in the spritesheet, although I’ve forgot to do this in recent spritesheet, it will get fixed.

Q: Are you gonna have MKMythologies sprites? Are you gonna have sounds in your site?
A: I don’t know if the site will feature MKM sprites, same thing with Sounds.

Q: Where do you get all these awesome sprites?
A: We take screenshots from MAME while playing the game, pro sprite rippers use cheats to remove the background layer and get a clean sprite that they after put in a png/gif file with transparent background (alpha layer).

Q: Why do sprites show up with a white/pink background?
A: That’s because you’re browsing the site with Internet Explorer, which actually sucks because it doesn’t understand the transparent layer for PNGs, you can either switch to Firefox or wait for IE7 to be released.

Q: Did you have a good vacation?
A: Hell yeah, I even went to the Infernet :P

Q: Hey, can you get -insert character name here- sprites now?
A: No. I mean, yeah, but not now, sprite rippers rip sprites in their own order, obviously the most popular character get ripped first. In case of the site we’ve tried to go along with this schedule: MK1, Bosses, MK2, MK3, and so on.

That would be all for now, see you in a next update.

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