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boxartUltimate Mortal Kombat came out yesterday for the Nintendo DS and I got it. Here are some notes about it for the people who are looking for some info about the game:

  • The game lists the movelist for your chosen fighter on the second screen, however combos and stage fatalities are not displayed, you can get those on our UMK3 Fighters section.
  • As always, to perform a Friendship or Babality you can’t press R (block) during the last round, and to perform an Animality you must be on the third round and perform a Mercy: Hold L (run), press down three times and release L.
  • If you transform into Human Smoke (choose Cyborg Smoke and press and hold Back + L + R + X + Y) the movelist screen will not change to display his moves, you can get those here.
  • There’s an “Extra” option that lets you see the bios, unlocked characters and every Kahn Treasure you’ve previously unlocked, which is pretty cool.
  • The Ultimate Kombat Kodes are as follows:
    Mileena UKK Mileena (2-2-2-6-4)
    Ermac UKK Ermac (1-2-3-4-4)
    Unmasked Sub-Zero UKK Ninja Sub-Zero (8-1-8-3-5)
    Once you beat the game and after the credits (you can skip the credits by pressing start) you must touch the screen as many times as indicated to unlock each character.

That must be all the info you should need for the game, see ya in the next update.

Latest Updates

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