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Just watch the video:

Update: The compatibility pack for this character will have unmasked Sub-Zero from MK3 as a free costume.

Rain comes out today on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Check your respective marketplaces, you can find him for $5 or 400 Microsoft Points, here’s his vignette:

Now here’s the finishers list for this fan-favorite character:

Xbox 360

Bubble Burst (sweep)
Does It Sting?
Stage Fatality
Babality (jump)

PlayStation 3

Bubble Burst (sweep)
Does It Sting?
Stage Fatality
Babality (jump)

Once again, the update brings a FREE compatibility pack (for those who hate water and don’t want to buy Rain), it includes classic MKII costumes for Kitana and Jade:

Also, thanks to interloko we have Rain’s cut out pictures in his character page:


Stay tuned for more, as the fourth DLC character will be revealed at Comic-Con!

Thanks to a submission by interloko I’ve been able to add cut-out pictures to each of the pages of the kombatants of MK (2011)!
These cut-out picture include the versus pose (alpha layer PNG), 2 pictures from the ladder (or more in some cases), the head you see next to the lifebar during a fight and the render from Nekropolis, and a hires mugshot from the select screen, check each character’s page to see them:

ScorpionLiu KangKung LaoSub-ZeroSindelErmacReptileKitana
Johnny CageJadeMileenaNightwolfCyraxNoobSmokeSektor
SonyaJaxKanoStrykerShang TsungBarakaKabalRaiden
Cyber Sub-ZeroSheevaQuan ChiKratosSkarletKenshiRainfreddy

Edit: Fixed some mistakes.
Edit 2: Added Rain.
Edit 3: Added Kratos Nekropolis PNG image, thanks to Matthew.
Edit 4: Added that guy from the movies.

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