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Ed Boon was at the end of GameSpot’s coverage of the annual convention demoing the game with Paulo Garcia and John Edwards playing 3 fights (one of them in tag team mode) with fatalities at the end of each, just watch the video, anything I say won’t be enough to describe it:

I’ll update this post with more facts and some screenshots for the section of the game.

Mortal Kombat Online has a lot of facts about the game summed up in this article, be sure to read it and check the hi-res screenshots.

11 responses to “Mortal Kombat at E3 2010”

  1. Arctic says:

    This is nice! They really delivered a great sneak peak into MK9. The FATALITIES are more gruesome than ever and the engine looks really well constructed. The overall design well thought out and it looks exquisite. This game looks promising and won’t let us down!

    I can’t wait for more content and video! :D

  2. Vash_15 says:

    Murdoink! You’re alive!

  3. Murdoink says:

    Yes, I am. :)

  4. Rafael says:

    Crazy! should be very good this game pity that not got ps3: (

  5. areuben95 says:

    Can`t wait to finally cut Johnny Cage`s nut off.

  6. Antibryst says:

    Holy shit man, this is my first time seeing actual gameplay footage! 2011 isn’t coming quick enough for me, what a game!

  7. Henry V says:

    Hells Yeah!!! They Should Add Two Costumes Each Character. Sektor Should Have The Alternate Costume As He Appeared In MK 3.

  8. Henry V says:

    Hopefully They Make Reptiles Second Costume As The Human Form. :)

  9. Henry V says:

    His First Costumes Bad Ass Though. :)

  10. sudharshan says:

    It is excellent.

  11. lil j says:

    this game will B awsome i think all da charecters are aswome Ive watched da trailers like 20 times.

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