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Gotta be quick, this comes as an update to the section that was launched about 2 weeks ago, thanks to ]{0MBAT the Mortal Kombat: Deception Fatality Theater is now complete, with Shao Kahn’s and Goro‘s Finishers in .MPG format ready for you to download, check them out:

Enjoy and stay tuned for an MK3 spritesheet update during this weekend!

23 responses to “Shao Kahn and Goro’s Finishers”

  1. Arctic says:

    Wow. Awesome dude, But Shao Kahn’s first two fatalities links don’t work. Still, nice update. Can’t wait for those MK3 sprites.

  2. scorpiozerrotile says:

    YAY i love thier fatalities man its like pow and katow and shao khan and goro and like them speaking gibberish

  3. xplayermk says:

    what happened to Shao Khans whole
    Hara-Kiri? It doesnt finish!

  4. jay jay says:

    this is awsem man great work

  5. Murdoink says:

    Did you try right-clicking the links and saving the video files on your desktop or something?

  6. scorpiozerrotile says:

    Shao khan throws a hammer in the air and his head gets crushed like the pea sized vagina it is

  7. Linkdude says:

    I tried that too, Murdoink. Somehow, it couldn’t recognize the file.

  8. Arctic says:


  9. Daleon says:

    COOL! After that I can’t wait anymore to MK Armageddon! I must make fatality! Hey, BTW, someone know how many fatality have the character in Armageddon? 2 and an hara-kiri? Or only 1 Fatality?

  10. subzerotehl33t says:

    dis update is teh L33t

  11. Nick_Scryer says:

    hey murdoink did you get my stuff?

  12. NitrousNintendo64 says:

    Wow, Brilliant
    But i thought yos gonna work on those MKII Spritesheets

  13. JediTommy8 says:

    Meh,i own a Cube so this isnt interesting.

  14. Hooksword says:

    Please let it be Kabal… :D

  15. somedude says:

    we kinda are…….any1 got sub MK2 full spritesheet?I need it!

  16. Gijoker says:

    Hey Murdoink would you consider taking puzzle kombat sprites? If you record gameplay and pause you can do the frame by frame and take the sprites.

  17. i noticed a misteak on MK3 Kano. the high cannonball isn’t just in MKT

  18. Hybrid-Of-Souls says:

    (Star Trek 2 moment)
    Anyway, I liked how these finished up. But I had the same problem Arctic had (not being able to see Shao Kahn’s fatalities).

  19. A Person says:

    Come on, Sheeva! We have
    Kintaro and Goro.. That’s why
    i’m hoping it’s Sheeva, so we
    can complete the shokan trilogy.

  20. AMB says:

    Hey Murdoink, don´t tell me you also have a gamecube. Awesome¡¡¡

  21. good call A Person make it Sheeva

  22. Gijoker says:

    Its sunday…wtf so much for the update over the weekend…

  23. somedude says:

    Who the f–k cares! long as its an update

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