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It’s been confirmed that the previously retailer-exclusive classic costumes will become available June 7th on PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace for $4.99 and 400 Microsoft Points respectively, here’s the trailer with some gameplay footage:

This pack includes 7 klassic kostumes and 3 fatalities, you can check how to perform these fatalities in the Finishers page, look for the 3rd fatalities for Scorpion, Reptile and Sub-Zero.

5 responses to “Klassic Skins Pack DLC Announced!”

  1. Chameleon says:

    this is really cool, and $5 doesn’t sound too bad!

  2. Samuel Day says:

    At 1:20 it’s Klassic Smoke!

  3. Detective says:

    Cool! I like burning skull..

  4. Mike says:

    Awesome~! =D Now make Smoke & Noob’s Klassic accessable – OH~! and Rains, after he gets added ofcourse lol

  5. MSNadais says:

    chameleon!! i whant chameleon!!

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