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Welcome to Mortal Kombat Warehouse, the most complete Mortal Kombat source in the web.
Browse the site choosing a game from the menu, here you'll find Story, Screenshots, Arenas, Props and Fighters of the game, each fighter page includes: A complete Spritesheet, Biography, Animations, Props, Movelist, Fatality Videos, Ending, Renders, Cut-Out Pictures, Wallpapers and more!

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Today’s a really special day, because today we celebrate this site’s 4th birthday!
That’s right, it has been 4 years since I started with this page, back there it was hosted on a free domain service, with a very basic layout and with no more than 200 sprites in total.
Today, 4 years later, MKW holds thousands of sprites, backgrounds, props and images from all the MK games released to date, not to mention the popular Fatality Theater, with more than 250 videos spread all over the site, all of this combined have made of MKW the best MK database and picture vault you can find in the entire web.
And of course, a site’s success is not only because of his webmaster, but also because of its visitors and contributors. That’s why I want to thank all of those who have visited the site, all the sprite rippers who take a lot of their time to extract the content that makes this site possible. Of course I’d also like to thank the staff, namely ]{0MBAT and Maggo, both of them have contributed with most of this site’s content. And I cannot forget our mother site, Mortal Kombat Online, which has us hosted as part as their network.
The list goes on and on, I’d also take this chance to add AceKombat to our little Credits and Special Thanks section, if it wasn’t because of him and his cheats, most of the spritesheets we’ve uploaded lately wouldn’t be complete, he’s a strong part of all the people that work behind the scenes.

And now, as a gift to the site itself, I’ve finally finished the section I’ve been talking about in the recent updates, it’s an idea I’ve had for a lot of time, which consists in having a full index of the site’s context, because along the years the site has become really big and maybe a little rough for users to browse, that’s why I’ve made a complete Sitemap of the site, currently showing the most important contents we have about each game, and indicates clearly the characters that have a complete spritesheet in its correspondent page, within the time, this Sitemap shall contain more detailed information about each one of all the pages of the site.
Note that this Sitemap is accesible by clickng “Choose Your Destiny” on the navigation menu.
Also, today I took some time to fix some bugs and add some minor content, like Noob Saibot’s secret UMK3 Ending and the New Select Screen for MKArmageddon.

That’s it for now, enjoy our new section and stay alert, because this anniversary month will be filled with great updates, like Spritesheets for MKT Johnny Cage and Noob Saibot, the completion of MKII’s spritesheets (finally) and more!

42 responses to “Happy Birthday MKWarehouse!”

  1. Jesse says:

    Happy Birthday (sweet i’m the first one to post lol)

  2. Tj says:

    Happy Birthday!!! And Great job with select screen


    “the completion of MKII’s spritesheets (finally)”
    It doesn’t look like SubZero, Scorpion, Kitana, and Milleenas spritesheets are finished, or if they are they’re not uploaded.

  3. -A-nubis says:

    4 years already man…Damn I remember visiting back in 2003 :o Old times.

  4. eddieisadouche says:

    cool, i have only been here for 2 years. Nice work keep it up!

  5. JediTommy8 says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  6. AceKombat says:

    Happy Birthday MKWarehouse !

  7. Sweet I can’t wait till MKT Johnny Cage is set.

  8. Darkness_Boy says:

    Happy Birthday MKW, I visit this wesite everyday and I enjoy making sprite comics and it’s great that MKII sprites are going to be finished, because I haved waited for Kitana and Mileena sprites for a very long time. Happy Birthday again MKW and keep up the great work!

  9. DECEPTION says:

    Happy Birthday MKW :-)

  10. Mortal doom says:

    Happy b-day mk warehouse… mkt johnny… maybe will work in my flash…

  11. Daleon says:

    Happy Birthday MKW!

  12. jay jay says:

    happy birthday mkw cant wait till the spritesheets are up

  13. LitoJ says:

    Happy B-day MKW =)

  14. Arctic says:


  15. somedude says:

    w00tness! awsomeful! outrageing! lol wtf?

  16. Zach says:

    Happy Belated B-Day MKW!!!

    I also cant wait for the MKT Johnny Cage, he is my favorite character!

  17. Ultimate Ryu says:

    Incredible work fellas. It’s amazing how far this place has come along. Here’s to another 4 years! (Cant wait for those MKT noob sprites!)

  18. Ninja_Mime says:

    Happy Birthday MKW!

    I’m glad you’ll finally be putting up MKT Johnny Cage. He looks the best in that game.

  19. scorpiozerrotile says:

    YEA HAPPY BIRTHDAY. man ive visited mkw since the first day at fiirst i didnt know what it was but it always sent me to mk pavillion

  20. scorpiozerrotile says:

    ok i got one question for eddieisadouche is your name andy

  21. Reiko709 says:

    hey in mortal kombat Deception how do i swich my Costume?

  22. jay jay says:

    i think ermac compleet sprite sheet should be next

  23. somedude says:

    whos that 1 guy that looks like sub in that MKA char select?

  24. Arctic says:

    You have to unlock them in the Krypt. Press start to switch.

  25. scorpiozerrotile says:

    well duh press start jeez man o yeah first you should try UNLOCKING the costumes

  26. Reiko709 says:

    shutup i did unlock the costumes so shutup and thx Arctic

  27. Reiko709 says:

    and the 1 u said who look like sub-zero that frost

  28. Mortal doom says:

    I thought Chameleon looked like sub…

  29. Reiko709 says:

    wait that came out wrong nvm

  30. eddieisadouche says:

    (eddie u suck.) maybe. happy birthday

  31. Tetra_Vega says:

    Happy Birthday MKW!
    Our children are our most precious resource?
    MK Warehouse is our most precious resource!

  32. Tetra_Vega says:

    Oh, I got a question.
    What do you think about adding the characters’ pallettes to thier sprite section?
    It’d sure make swapping in Paint a lot easier. Just a suggestion.

  33. Pain of lost says:

    on mortal kombat 2 on noobsaibot it should be easy for u to get him all u have to do is paint him black

  34. Mortal doom says:

    … you’ve got me confused tetra… do you mean the color that their second player color will use?… or the colrs you can use to pallette swap them…

  35. scorpiozerrotile says:

    ok reiko i said press start and (andy sucks)

  36. MortalKombatgirl77 says:

    Happy BDAY! MORTAL KOMBAT ROX! have any costumes??

  37. Ramirosky says:

    happy birthday and friendship day to every one who loves MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! =3

  38. Raquel says:

    hola mk warehous happy bitrday
    who love mortal kombat mileena

  39. mileenakitanafanatic says:

    Ummmmmm I have a question how do you select any chaeracters 2nd color in MKD but playing with only one player?

  40. alexis says:

    this mortal kombat is great!

  41. Happy Birthday!!!! i forgot this mortal kombat kollection

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