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Freddy Krueger comes out today on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Check your respective marketplaces, you can find him for $5 or 400 Microsoft Points today, here’s his vignette:

His finishers are listed below:

Xbox 360

Tell Em’ Freddy Sent Ya (anywhere)
Welcome to my Nightmare (sweep)
Stage Fatality
Babality (jump)

PlayStation 3

Tell Em’ Freddy Sent Ya (anywhere)
Welcome to my Nightmare (sweep)
Stage Fatality
Babality (jump)

This update brings a FREE compatibility pack with the Unmasked Sub-Zero and Retro Cyber Sub-Zero costumes:

Once again, thanks to interloko we have cut out pictures for this nightmare in his character page:


Stay tuned for the movelist, it should be available later today.
Also I’m aware there’s problems with some versus cut out pictures (full versions) I’ll try to fix them if the site FTP lets me.

EDIT: Movelist added, vs cut out pictures fixed.
EDIT2: For PS3 the compatibility pack is a mandatory update (version 1.04), so don’t look for it in the PSN store.

5 responses to “4th DLC Character released”

  1. interloko says:

    the text “his character page:” redirects to rain’s page :P

  2. Murdoink says:

    whoops, my bad

  3. Yourmommy says:

    Freddy is a cool character, but they fucked it up when they gave him a bio in the game…
    It would have been cooler if it he was just an extra fighter, nothing more…

  4. ????? ??? ???????? ???????, ??????? ? ????

  5. can be added Fujino, devil and mit

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