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FeedToday I’m proud to present to you the un-official Mortal Kombat Armageddon font! It has been a while since I worked on a font, but this one came up pretty quick, most of the letters were extracted from the official site for MKA, except for the J, Q, W, X and Z. The rest of the fonts I’ve made (and some others I haven’t) are available in the Fonts section. As a note: the letters used in the official logo are a little bit wider than this one, but it’s barely noticeable. Anyway, without further ado, here it is!

MK font
Right click the image and select save target as… to download it

And in other news, the site’s RSS feed has got an upgrade, now you can subscribe easier by clicking the feed icon on the right of this news update, there you’ll have to choose your favourite feed-reader and you’ll be done to stay in touch with the latest updates of the site.
Also, the new pictures released on the official MKA site are up in the Arenas section of the gamepage.

16 responses to “MKA Font Released!”

  1. Fr@nC!$c0 says:


  2. Mortal Doom says:

    Sweet… a good update… yay… new font… new/old backgrounds… this is great…

  3. Ess says:

    Wow. Hey, I’m impressed. Looks quite good. Despite the fact that you made some of them, they all look like they belong in the same font. I see no real awkward letters. Good job.

  4. frostfire says:

    u did not make much of an update, you should try to update more often, put more sprites please. (maybe sheeva, cyrax, or sektor?)

  5. Murdoink says:

    Well I didn’t have sprites to make an update with, so I decided I’d make a font and announce the change of the feed. The availability of the sprites depends on the rest of the staff, but the frequence of the updates depends on me, and as I try to update at least once every 15 days I decided I’d update with what you see.
    And if you need Sektor/Cyrax sprites you can pallete swap some Smoke sprites.
    Hope that helps.

  6. Daleon says:

    MK:A will be realy the best Mortal Kombat chapter!

  7. Mortal Doom says:

    No it won’t… mk2 was… unless they put in armageddon some kind of way to play it like the old games… but that would take too long… mk2 and mk3 had the greatest guys… even stryker… he was the only real mortal… the others all had powers… he had a gun and grenades… but enough about him… Mk: Armagedon won’t be the best, but it will be one of the best… it will sure beat oher fighting games… except tekken…

  8. Daleon says:

    Except tekken? Mortal Kombat is the best! If Jin Kazama find on his way Scorpion, well that will be a realy bad day for Jin, even if he morp into EvilJin. And the other idem! Mayby only Hwoarange can make some trouble, but even him will go down! Btw, that’s true… Stryker is the only one without some special power… And how Kung Lao say “A gun are useless in the outworld”…

  9. somedude says:

    Jin kazama verses a chair the chair wins… rolf rolf rolf… tekken can kiss a donkey’s hairy, shit infested, ass, with coarse hair on there 2! u no… coarse… that curly type hair… thats infested with chappelle’s “dookie twinkle”.
    the maker of tekken should break the tekken ps2 disk in half and slit his wrist’s with the pieces.
    sorry tat i made the pill popping fans of tekken sad,u prolly have a pill for saddness 2.
    lol case settled


  10. Mortaldoom says:

    How about being a bit more subtle when you are dissing Tekken?… I like Tekken more cause the graphics are not choppy at all, while the 3-d mortal kombat games are choppy at parts, the backgrounds are cool and the wussy fighters can’t instantly kill you if they are about to lose, you get to beat up your foe after the fight instead of getting one hit or a failed fatality, it shows your win in slow motion, most of the mk characters are overrated: Liu kang, Scorpion, and sub-zero… some kind of sub-zero named character is in each game, along with frost in DA, he needs to stop in being so many games… Scorpion first is trying to kill sub-zero, then the younger guy, but can’t once he remembers he swore an oath to protect him, but he still tries to kill him in mk4, then in DA he is trying to kill Quan Chi, fails, totally disregards avenging his family in Deception, and goes after Onaga instead, and he’ll probably have a more twisted storyine in mk: armageddon, or Midway and Boon can change back to his old story and find out Noob is the one he needs to kill… Liu Kang is always the champion of Mortal kombat, he was cool in mk1,but his story stayed the same, and got boring, but at leasy midway and Boon didn’t mess it up like scorpion… when I say except Tekken, I meant MY opinion, not yours… of course you guys are going to like Mortal kombat more… I like tekken more, I grew up Tekken in my family… my two brothers played it when I was a baby, and as I grew up they kept playing it, so I liked it more than other fighting games… I know mortal kombat would kick tekken’s ass, but I just like tekken more… so you guys should next time be more respectful of how I feel, even if you barely know me… please, to have Tekken be torn down so harshly almost made me snivel… I like tekken more than mk… my opinion… not yours…

    When I say how I feel, I mean how a person whio likes tekken would feel…

  11. somedude says:

    subtlety is not my talent… check this out!!

  12. Mortal Doom says:

    THAT WAS HILARIOUS!… Subtlety is not my talent either, but i can be subtle when I want to.

  13. Noob-Saibot says:




  14. Noob-Saibot says:

    Good Font, anyway :)

  15. MK dude says:


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