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It’s finally here, the compilation of the 3 original klassics is now available on PSN and XBL for 800 MSPoints / $10.
I got caught up playing the game so much (got it on both consoles) and I couldn’t get a special section for the game in time, I will however put something up soon, in the meantime check the games’ information in MKO’s sections for now:

Be sure to check the requirements to perform animalities/babalities/friendships, as those are often forgotten, also check the ultimate kombat kodes in UMK3’s section to unlock Ermac, Classic Sub-Zero and Mileena (they’re not available from the start in local play, they are in online though).

If you enjoyed the classics back in the day or if you’re new to the series I highly recommend getting this release in the console of your choice (PC version incoming too!), there may be a few hiccups here and there but the fidelity of the original games is there, it’s the perfect arcade experience from the past.

13 responses to “MK Arcade Kollection Now Available!”

  1. richard says:

    mortal kombat 2 has been out on the psn (not sure about the xbox 360 version) for the past say 2 years or more now

  2. MKfan36 says:

    Yeah i have MK II when it came out, so if i want MK 1 or Ult Mk3, i would have 2 MK IIs. That doesn’t make any sense. Anyways the online play for them is going to be interesting and kool.

  3. CenterMK says:

    Any new posts coming up?

  4. richard says:

    ultimate mk3 has been out by itself on the xbox 360 for the past say 2years or more and if you want the mk collection you will have two umk3 games

  5. Zmoke says:

    This is rad!

  6. TheToastyman says:

    You DO know the Arcade Kollection is out on Steam, now, right? You can buy it right now!

  7. Nightwolf99 says:

    should do mortal kombat trilogy ps1 version but none of that loading crap and slow music. :D

  8. ?????????????? says:

    Where the fuck can I get it without the damn joystick for Xbox

  9. Soster says:

    is there any chance of this great game in ps4?

  10. A Human says:

    It is Nice But…
    It Has Some Problems IN PC
    1-Does not Works Currectly With Joystick
    2-I Cant Change Controls Of Directions
    3-Not So High Quality Sen in Traiers
    4-UMK3 Loosing Fighters
    But Goods
    1-Screen Filter & Style Change
    3-Art Style Texture
    4-Nice HD Sounds!

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