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SheevaYeah, I know it’s been a LONG time since the last update, and even more since the last spritesheet was updated, but it’s just that I haven’t got a spritesheet to update with in the first time, Maggo is still ripping MKT Noob Saibot, and MKR is still cropping down some old spritesheets for MKII.
Anyway I found something among the old and unfinished updates archive and uploaded it:

Kontent submitted by WeaponX

Although the spritesheet is like 85% completed it still works for now, and if you’re wondering why it took me so long to update with it it’s cause (the spritesheet) was on BMP format.
Finally, we’ve got a new affiliatte, Fuzzd0rk’s Mortal Kombat:

Fuzzd0rk's Mortal Kombat
For the next update we’ll have another spritesheet, this one will be within this week, but if anyone knows where to get an automatic sprite cropper the update would come up like right now.

[Update 1: Nightmaric has submitted Sheeva’s normal punching and kicking sprites, they’re now available on the sprites page.]

24 responses to “New Spritesheet!”

  1. scorpiozerrotile says:


  2. Mortal Doom says:

    YEAH!… okay, not the best, but hey it’s a spritesheet… *everyone now saying “praise the king!”*… a choir is singing “Long live the king”… we’re giving praise to you an for getting us something new… although it’s a little disappointing seeing how we had to wait so long… but I’m not complaining too hard…

  3. AMB says:

    It´s a good update. I think I´ve been waiting for a complete spritesheet of Sheeva since the last version of MKW.

  4. Murdoink says:

    Well MD, I think there’s not much new stuff to add to the site, at least not til MKA is released.

  5. BingDat says:

    In the words of Kung Lao, MKSM before the fight with Shao Kahn “It’s about time.”

  6. Daleon says:

    Hu, Sheeva! But she is wife or daughter of Goro? Or, even, she’s only a random shokan warrior? Only armageddon will answer…

  7. DeadlyDragon says:

    What about my MK2 sprite sheets? :o

  8. Weaponlord says:

    O_o BMP? Oops, I’m sorry. :(

    – Rippers note: Well, the difficult time I had ripping her FriendShip, alot of sprites cause the plates move and don’t repeat like some people animations would. I had fun ripping the animality, it was cool doing that.

    Hey Murdoink, anyone ripping MK3 Kano? I wanna give that a go.

  9. Mortal Doom says:

    I guess you’re right… so when MKA comes how many updates a week should we be expecting?… or a month?… but thanks for this update….

  10. jshadow06 says:

    This is excellent. You see, I’m working on a Mortal Kombat game, it’s going to be very unique. Kinda a revision of MK Trilogy. But anyways, my biggest problem with your sprites are the dearth of body part sprites. And so because of this, I’m having a bit of trouble working out everyone’s fatalities. But I do appreciate all of the sprites, it really makes it a lot easier on me, since now I don’t have to go in a get all of them myself ya know, I just have to fill in a few gaps. I think when I get through with this game, I’m going to design a freeware program that will go directly into the binary code of the game and retrieve all the sprites, backgrounds, and sound files. It’ll really make it easier on a lot of people. Anyways, later everyone!

  11. jshadow06 says:

    And I’d hate to post twice, but I really need a complete sprite sheet for Sub-Zero from either MK II or Ultimate MK 3. Ya know, the original one, not his younger brother.

  12. Nightmaric says:

    I’ve actualy ripped the punching and kick sprites if you want it. I’m not sure if I have all of them.

  13. Nick_Scryer says:

    “BingDat Says:
    September 18th, 2006 at 11:12 pm
    In the words of Kung Lao, MKSM before the fight with Shao Kahn “It’s about time.” ”

    In the words of Shao Kahn,
    “That was pathetic”

    lol, thanks.

  14. Murdoink says:

    @ DeadlyDragon: Those are the spritesheets that MKR is making into separate files.
    @ Weaponlord: Sure, go ahead, no one is ripping MK3 Kano that I know of.
    @ MortalDoom: Yeah, I know I’ve taken a lot of time to put up sections for recently released games (i.e.: MKDA and MKD) but this time it should be quicker, I’ll be getting the game just as it releases and I’ll probably have a week off of college to work on that section.
    @ Nightmaric: I love you.

    In the words of Shao Kahn: “ROFLCAKE”.

  15. small idea to keep the updates high, for MK,MKII, and MK3. Finisher theater in the Genesis and SNES styles. just a suggestion.

    btw i like the sheeva spirits.

  16. Lord V says:

    great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you now get mk3 shang tsungs and liu kangs complete sprite sheet?

  17. Tetra_Vega says:

    Nice. Now I can add Sheeva to the cast of Feudal Realms.

    “Nightmaric Says:
    September 19th, 2006 at 11:25 am
    I’ve actualy ripped the punching and kick sprites if you want it. I’m not sure if I have all of them.

    In the words of Smoke: “Yoink!”

  18. Kung-dao says:

    Sheeva puching attack wont show is it complete or are u working on it?

  19. jay jay says:

    how about ermac

  20. somedude says:

    YYYYAAAAYYY!!! w00terzness, this r t3h l33333333333333333333t!!! but u havent fulfilled my life yet…

  21. scorpiozerrotile says:

    o and for anyone who plays mksm i got a couple words to say Sheeva Sheeva SHEEVA!!!

  22. Nightmaric says:

    Where are mah sprites man? :( Are you setting them up?

  23. sub-zero913 says:

    Can you complete the MK3 Jax spritesheet? I also wanted the UMK3 Reptile spritesheet, too. Oh please, can you also complete the MK3 Kabal and the MK3 Nightwolf spritesheets? The MK2 Sub-Zero or the MK2 Kitana or the MK3 Liu Kang spritesheets if you can complete them? Please?

  24. FrozenWorm says:

    I wanted to talk to you for so long! now this are my questions:
    – Will be implemented edited spritesheet? for instance from MKP (
    – If you want I have edited a good number of animations like MK3 Kung Lao’s Whirldwind Kicks (from MKDA), and all kind of stuff.
    – Are you gonna publish MKMythologies sprites? I would love to have them.
    – What about MKDA and MKTE (gba)?
    – Will you rip more of MK4 (like every single char and special and basic move)
    – I’ve ripped Meat from MK4… it’s a full character; do you want it?
    – Can you rip Onaga from MKA? if you can, we could add this char to the MKP…
    – I would like to talk with the owner of this site by mail (if possible)

    Well that would be all; keep on the good work!

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