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One of the most voted requests in the poll was for more content for non-main MK games, so I’ve started by (finally!) getting content for the other MK games, starting by Shaolin Monks:

This section includes:

The cutout pictures, menu backgrounds and arena pictures are ripped directly from the game, so let me know if you think there’s something missing that can be extracted from the game.

For your information, here are the poll results, it had 73 responses:

  • More content for other games (MKM, MKT, etc): 13%
  • Sounds: 13%
  • More background props: 11%
  • Missing sprites: 11%
  • Complete missing stuff (ending pictures, etc): 11%
  • Spritesheets (all sprites in one .png file): 9%
  • More gifs animations: 7%
  • Killer Instinct stuff: 7%
  • More fatality videos/youtube channel: 6%
  • Guides/walkthroughs: 6%
  • Trivia section: 6%

The poll will remain open if you want to leave some feedback, you can also do so in the comments of this newspost. I’ll address some of the feedback I’ve recieved so far:

  • Sorry I took away the themes selector, didn’t realize that many people used it. The main reason I changed the layout was to optimize the backend functions of the site and it was a lot of work! Mainly because I wanted the site to look great no matter the browser or device it was displayed in (in my opinion it looks great on a tablet!)
    I’ll probably make more themes similar to the older ones if I have the time, but content is the priority for now, let me know what theme you used in the previous version of the site so I get an idea of which ones were more popular.
  • 3D games don’t have sprites, guys! The MK4 and MKD animations were done a long time ago and I don’t know how to remove the background for those games to make more of those.
  • MKT exclusive sprites (Johnny Cage) are smaller in size because they were ripped from the PC version, which is the version with the biggest sprites (90% sure about this), sadly they aren’t the same size as the arcade sprites.
  • I’ll definitely make a sounds section for each game, I currently have a bunch of MKT ones (that should count for MK3 and UMK3) if you have ipped any sounds from other games you can drop me an email.
  • No plans to cover unofficial hacks/fan games at the moment, they’re cool though.

As always, thank you all for your comments in the poll, your feedback keeps the site growing!

2 responses to “About time: Shaolin Monks section & poll feedback responses”

  1. chameleon says:

    I really liked the Zaterra theme, so I’m hoping you can bring it back or update it. thank you

  2. Dibol says:

    Murdoink linked me to this update when I had a question about the theme selector. I completely forgot the name of it, but it’s the red and white scheme. It helped in making me look at the sprites a lot better (i.e. Certain characters in blue costumes like MKII Kitana really made it hard for me to view the entire body).

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