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You guys asked for it in the poll, so I started ripping and extracting the sounds directly from the game (I’ve been using the Arcade Kollection version of the games to do it), I tried to put the sounds into categories but I left a lot of them in the “unused” section, let me know if I made a mistake with any of those.
I’ll update this post when the rest of the sections are ready:

7 responses to “Sounds!”

  1. Nick_Scryer says:

    Awesome! MKW is just awesome. Which of the games do you plan on ripping sounds from? Besides Mk1-MKt of course…

    I’d love to have the sounds from MKSM but I don’t know if it’s possible.

  2. Murdoink says:

    when I finish MK1-MKT I’ll look into how to rip sounds from MKDA/MKD/MKA and MK9, depending which one is easier to rip sounds from

  3. mrbrunaco says:


  4. Zero says:

    looking for sound effects, specifically the voice effects from deadly allaince, i cant find them anywhere!

  5. absolutezero says:

    Can you pleez start ripping sounds from mk2? I will be very happy! :)

  6. absolutezero says:

    I need the pitch bending, (aka, the fatality “moan”)

  7. TheDarkerTheLighter says:

    I need to get the Mortal Kombat II sounds for my videos, please add them.

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