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At last! MKW becomes the first site on the net to have all special moves and endings for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon! Make no mistake, I’m not rubbing it in the face of fellow MK fansites’ webmasters, but it’s just that every time a new MK game came out I took like weeks and even months to start updating with content about the game. But this time is different, only 5 days after I got the game the section of it is full of information, this is certainly a direct attack to procrastination’s weak point for massive damage.
Within each character pages you’ll find: a cut out images, special moves movelist, an alternate costume picture* and the text & video of the character’s ending (video ripped by ]{0MBAT, text done by me).
Without further ado, select your fighter!


I’m still kinda dissapointed at the fact that the game has no bios, but as you probably know there is a slight probability that the MK Team will release bios online, I’m looking forward to that, I bet it will happen.

Also, yesterday Sub-Zero posted a full finisher list on his MySpace page, and I’ve copied it here separated in two pages: Normal Character Finisher List and Boss Finisher list.

But that’s not all! There’s more to come still, including 34 arena renders and the Death Trap Theater, stay tuned!
(*) The characters without an alternate costume are: Mokap, Chameleon, Daegon, Onaga, Moloch, Meat, and Blaze.

75 responses to “MKA: All 62 Endings Uploaded and More!”

  1. Reiko709 says:

    awsome i can now watch all the ending’s i want but is Chameleon good or evil?

  2. Timoty says:

    Reiko709! Chameleon be evil!!!

  3. Koopa says:

    Dose any1 know when MKA come out in England cos its not out yet where i live ='[

  4. Nightmaric says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I just read *****o’s ending and I literally laughed.

  5. Daleon says:

    WOW! That’s realy great… but… that mean of someone have complete the game with all character, and I have never play one time! Uff… We want that game!

  6. AMB says:

    Amazing. All endings¡¡¡
    Man…even if many ppl said this game dissapoint them, I still want it…so bad…

  7. Lin Kuel709 says:

    dang i was hoping for some movie ending’s not show kata but it well do

  8. Mortal Doom says:

    Murdoink… I like your little crossed “mistake” on Motaro’s ending, lol…

  9. Mortal Doom says:

    Add this to my last comment, sorry for double posting here… can you out the videos on youtube?… I can’t see a wmv file… it just won’t work with a mac…

  10. Okoa says:

    Why do some characters (namely Shinnok, Taven, and Sareena) have alternate costumes that look exactly like their primary costumes? Kinda weird is all.

  11. Kung dao says:

    Taven alternate costume has armor so hes alternate costume is not the same

  12. Kohr-Ah says:

    Please! Post PRIMARY costumes!!

  13. AMB says:

    Okoa, according to Murdoink, some characters have their alt. costume in the renders and trailers. He says that the default costume is another one.

  14. Murdoink says:

    Most of the characters have primary costumes pictures (like 95% of them), check their cutout images
    By the way, there aren’t pics of the default costumes in the game’s krypt, if there were they would be up but there aren’t any

  15. sub-zero738 says:

    OK ive gotten all 60 relics and unlocked everything in the krypt ive got 1 question does anyone know about the password protected item in the krypt its the only one i dont have?

  16. Murdoink says:

    Entering a correct password in the question mark item will only unlock stuff you’ve already unlocked

  17. scorpinnok says:

    in ermac ending you made an error you spelled warriors warrirs

  18. scorpiozerrotile says:

    i was hopeing that the endings would be like mortal kombat four and gold it would be funny looking at Jareks ending and man no pictures that sucks instead they’re doing some weird stuff while raiden is reading thier endings

  19. Hybrid-Of-Souls says:

    Nice to know the Armageddon page is coming along just fine.
    Except, who are the two guys made out of all the puzzle pieces?

  20. BingDat says:

    Nice update, dude.

  21. scorpinnok says:

    dude we can create kombatants in mk armageddon you didnt know dat? this answers to Hybrid-Of-Souls question

  22. Tommy says:

    I think it stinks that MKA Doesn’t have bios, but if you think about it, A lot is already known about the characters. What could be done is a summary of each character’s life in MK. Just some thoughts.

  23. Mortal Doom says:

    # Hybrid-Of-Souls Says:
    October 17th, 2006 at 9:54 pm

    Nice to know the Armageddon page is coming along just fine.
    Except, who are the two guys made out of all the puzzle pieces?

    Those are the Kreate a Kharacter boxes…

  24. somedude says:

    If u were to be a (pre-made) charecter from MKA, who would it be? murdoink nice progress…and u no wat i want murdoinky…

  25. Liquid-Zero5 says:

    nice, now i just want to see the fatalities, deathtraps, fighting stance and the bio. but still… i’m wondering why Motaro got 2 legs instead of 4, he looks like a faun instead of a Centaurian, but MKA is still cool… and please make more pictures of that MK mini game it looks kinda funny.
    BTW, some of those fighting dance(pomsee for tae kwon do lovers) are the same, like goro does the same as kintaro and sheeva, onaga does the same as blaze etc. it makes me wonder, why arent like 62 diffrent:P or maybe less for characters with the same fighting stance. To bad that raiden’s second outfit is still evil raiden instead of the MKDA costum:(.

  26. NitrousNintendo64 says:

    Murdoink: 2 things:
    About people typing more than once, just put a feature that you can only respond once.
    And are you going to make sprites for Motaro with just 2 legs? Most sprites cannot be completed, but at least try to seperate them: Like a title, like Armageddon Edition

  27. Perhaps We could make 32-bit sprites for characters that appears in MKA but it’s kinda hard… we don’t got the right stuff to do it, perhaps somebody could do it

  28. mortal kombaaaaaaaaaaat says:

    my pants are wet from laughing at *****o’s ending, good work murdoink!

  29. AMB says:

    NitrousNintendo64, why don´t you just edit the sprites yourself?(I´m not mad or shouting)
    I mean, it´s easy(with the right program and stuff)

    And about the ppl that reply more than once (including myself… and Murdoink), that´s a something that Murdoink must decide. And if I remember…you were the one that in the comments started…”crying” becuase someone…ehh..insulted you, and you put in about 20 comments things like .”crying in his room”, “still crying”, etc.

  30. Reptile Jr says:

    Weres the reptile vs pose

  31. mortal kombaaaaaaaaaaat says:

    I bet he covered it in acid and ate it

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm reptiley

  32. Kung dao says:

    crap this game is not as good as i thought its to easy i was hoping for a better challnge and they dont even have a movie of the warriors ending they show there kata mid way is lazzy

  33. LordScorpion says:

    scorpiozerrotile Says:
    October 17th, 2006 at 8:40 pm
    i was hopeing that the endings would be like mortal kombat four and gold it would be funny looking at Jareks ending and man no pictures that sucks instead they’re doing some weird stuff while raiden is reading thier endings
    Argus narrates them,not Raiden.

  34. Jesse Meikle says:

    Lmfao! I just read the mk team thing, ha ha.

  35. must ash says:

    whenayougunna upadate the website ?and can y0u give motor kombat its own section?lmao seriously

  36. how bot doing the MK1, MK2 finishers genesis and SNES styles.

  37. somedude says:

    can u post the “names” of each kind of fatality? i know that:
    2 = deadly fatality
    3 = bloody fatality
    6 = brutal fatality
    9 = savage fatality

    … by the way i rented the game for the X-box and i did a savage fatality O_o

  38. AMB says:

    Hey I´ve noticed that in the Armageddon page of this site, in the part of Arenas, there is the pit II. As far as I´ve unlocked, there is no Pit II.

  39. Kung Lao says:

    NOTE: TAKE THIS IN A ‘IT’S BEEN TOO LONG WAY) Hey, why don’t you update something ASAP!!! I’m dying ’cause there aren’t any MKII sprites! I have to use the stinkin’ MKI Sub! It’s not cool!

  40. Kung Lao says:

    Kung Dao? In that case,
    ONE OF US!!
    ONE OF US!!

  41. Kung Lao says:

    Dude, Doesn’t Shinnok shipsafte? How come the shapeshifting powers aren’t on the movelist?
    Why the heck isn’t it there?

  42. Kung Lao says:

    It’s Nov.6! NOV.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: Wow, 4 comments in a row!

  43. jordan hakim says:

    update mortal kombat 3 jax

  44. must ash says:

    The ending from mortal kombat armageddon are boring !Even the ending from tekken tag are better than the ones in mk armageddon the endings sucks ! Like a lollipop!Wait lollipops are good ! well i oughta say even in Jax ending they say that he is cyborg and we see him dancing looking as a humain not a cyborg even for motaro and others.Now sorryz for posting 2 did i do that

  45. Kung Lao says:

    I wonder if there really will be a MK V.S Street Fighter game.

  46. Mortal Doom says:

    Kung Lao… why do you post like crazY?…

  47. frootloops says:

    NO Khameleon!!Even Fat Guy* gets to be in mk armageddon ! What the Heck is wrong with Ed boon ? even Meat gets to be in the new mkarmageddon i am so why ?and the mk team gave motaro 2 legs they am stupid why why why well there is kuztamizable karakterz i forgot im not angry against those motaro rapers anymore

    *Bo Rai Cho

  48. Kung Lao says:

    Well, Mortal Doom, it’s just I haven’t posted anything for a while.
    PS: Somebody, please answer comment #42. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Kung Lao says:

    Plus, must ash made a BIG comment. Dude, Jax lost his arms, WTH were u reading?

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