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At last! MKW becomes the first site on the net to have all special moves and endings for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon! Make no mistake, I’m not rubbing it in the face of fellow MK fansites’ webmasters, but it’s just that every time a new MK game came out I took like weeks and even months to start updating with content about the game. But this time is different, only 5 days after I got the game the section of it is full of information, this is certainly a direct attack to procrastination’s weak point for massive damage.
Within each character pages you’ll find: a cut out images, special moves movelist, an alternate costume picture* and the text & video of the character’s ending (video ripped by ]{0MBAT, text done by me).
Without further ado, select your fighter!


I’m still kinda dissapointed at the fact that the game has no bios, but as you probably know there is a slight probability that the MK Team will release bios online, I’m looking forward to that, I bet it will happen.

Also, yesterday Sub-Zero posted a full finisher list on his MySpace page, and I’ve copied it here separated in two pages: Normal Character Finisher List and Boss Finisher list.

But that’s not all! There’s more to come still, including 34 arena renders and the Death Trap Theater, stay tuned!
(*) The characters without an alternate costume are: Mokap, Chameleon, Daegon, Onaga, Moloch, Meat, and Blaze.

75 responses to “MKA: All 62 Endings Uploaded and More!”

  1. Kung Lao says:

    BTW, Motaro rapers? What kind of gaylord would rape MOTARO??????????

  2. Kung dao says:

    scorpion noob sub-zero reptile and rain has the best ending

  3. L T Dangerous says:

    Alright, to cover as much ground as possible:

    -Motaro has two legs so that he’s actually playable in this game. Giving him four legs would screw up collision detection, turning circles and jumping (ie, you’d have to jump a mile to get over him). It would look stupid. Furthermore, they’d need to do specific fatality and death trap animations just for Motaro. It simply isn’t worth the hassle and I’m glad they did what they did and included him.
    -Frootloops, of course Bo’ Rai Cho is in the game, he’s been an important character for the past two. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be in- same goes for people who can’t see how hilarious and awesome Mokap is (I mean, come on, he can shoot fire but people hate him because of his occupation?). Yes, adding Meat over Khameleon is an odd move but Meat was probably easy for them to put in quickly- he’s a slightly remodelled Drahmin. Not gonna deny the lack of Khameleon is a shame but I’ll live.
    -MK versus SF is highly unlikely. Even though it’d bring in major bucks, Capcom wouldn’t do it for a combination of reasons, likely including the fact they’re perhaps more lazy than Midway, a company who are infamous for acts of what fans term laziness. Here we are in 2006 and the only Street Fighter games we get are old 2D remakes, generally of SFII.
    -I’ve heard the bios are, indeed, going to be posted online, following the format of that Ermac bio in the Krypt. While this is great in a way (the Ermac bio was directed really well) it does worry me- the Ermac bio was just his MKD one. 62 of those with nothing new would just leave us where we are right now.

  4. what other close hit combos can UMK3 Mileena do? Besides HP,HP,HK,HK,U+HK,U+LK

  5. Kung Lao says:

    L T Dangerous, what about that Shinnok issue? About shapeshifting?

  6. osrenan says:

    someone update this website!!!A how to kreate famous people section* would be great!!!!

    *like: color:h3 Pants:karate Belt:sah and this stuff

  7. He says:

    I cant stop laughing from what must ash said !

  8. must ash says:

    I think there will be a sequel to mortal kombat armageddon what do you think? well especialy after i saw scorpions nding i think there will be a sequel

  9. Kung dao says:

    they might make a scorpion game when i just saw scorpion ending

  10. Nightmaric says:

    L T Dangerous, Capcom vs Sammy (Guilty Gear) Is currently in progress. Capcom is making about 50 completely hi-rez characters in Guilty Gear stlye. And Capcom won’t team up with midway beacause they’re rivals in this buisness, ant their gameplay is too different today.
    There was pictures made before though :P

    (Murdionk will hate me for prasing Capcom)

  11. Mortal Doom says:

    Shinnok doesn’t have those powers ’cause Midway is Lazy and the game wouldn’t balance it out well… and it’s Shang Tsung that has those powers… and there is gonna be a sequel, but it won’t be from MKA… and none of these endings are canon except Blaze’s…

  12. frootloops says:

    October 15 was the last update for mk warehouse im still waiting an it is november 10 th !

  13. osrenan says:

    i think the canon ending is Taven’s one

  14. L T Dangerous says:

    Shinnok and Shang Tsung don’t have shapeshifting powers because it would take forever to load during a match and disrupt gameplay to the Nth degree. Plus, could you really remember 61 different codes just to morph?

  15. Guyanaman says:

    i have the game mka and i think that the konquest mode is way to short i played and then like 3-4 hours later beat he game, i think that it shold have been longer :( but i still think mortal kombat rules, i love the mk universe so much to learn about a fictional thing……

  16. Demonlaw says:

    me personally da game is great but they gotta be out of there mind puttin 2 legs on motaro when in mk3 he was scarry lookin and more of a challenge and 2nd of all why 1 game of motor kombat they should of keept chess kombat and motor kombat and the best yet make a mortal kombat baseball game now that would be really cool 4 fun or a basketball game but konquest is good better then shujinko and action iz great but cmon u gotta admit the ones that died in mkda why bring them back itz stupid and not making n e sence n e more in the mortal kombat world and kreate a fighter 100% good i enjoy that but that game should be remake again i dout it cuz midmay iz lazy and make everything making sence just like mk1 mk2 mk3 mk4 umk3 mkda mkd but this 1 mka gots 2 go it waz release 2 fast

  17. Demonlaw says:

    1 more thing da game haz no bios it suks

  18. gasty202 says:

    i just want to know how to use the alternate costumes (for ps2) , i had already unlock them all but i don’t know how to use them..

  19. Murdoink says:

    Just press start at the select screen

  20. Kintaro3 says:

    Hey,now that you have entered all this,this place will be my ultimate mk place!Thanks murdoink!

  21. Shang Tsung's Morph.... says:

    I just got the game, and I have no idea where to unlock stuffs, can you just post these?

    My comment on the games? hmm, it is nice enough to have all MK together to compete. Too bad there is no-bios and no movie ending, or at least a few pictures to be ending. The chess kombat, the best mini game was also taken out. Also, a few minor problems: Shang Tsung can’t even morph, Mavado, Quan Chi has not enough combos and alot of player shares the same fighting style.

  22. Shin Samurai says:

    MKA armageddon will be cool at first then as you sit there and check out the endings and konquest mode youll find out MKT was alot better……..

  23. Vince says:

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