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When MKW6 opened I got a lot of emails and messages asking for Rain sprites, and I was like “wtf, Rain sucks”, but AceKombat ripped his spritesheet thanks to his Rain color cheat for UMK3, so here they are:

New Complete Spritesheet

That will do for now, I formatted my computer so I still have to configure Thunderbird to get the messages from my inbox, so I apologize if I haven’t replied to any e-mails you’ve sent.

40 responses to “New Complete Spritesheet”

  1. big mcveigh says:

    i agree when u say “RAIN SUCKS” i mean what kinda ninja wears purple if u can reply

  2. WillyWonka says:

    Murdoink, thanks for posting more sprites. Thanks to this website, I made a funny MKII/WormsArmageddon mashup map ( ) thanks to this website. I’m working on a video about the map and that led me to try to figuring out how to rip sprites from ROMs. Do you think AceKombat could share how he does it? Or point me in the right direction? Is there some MAME tool for it? Thanks for any help.

  3. AMB says:

    Ok, maybe Rain sucks but it´s better to have your page complete because many people may need those sprites for animations, or maybe sprites comics. Big mcveigh says something true. In MKD, in conquest, when you tell Rain about a place to hide (you are suppouse to tell him the location where Jade is waiting for him), after Jade beats him, she starts talking about how strange is his costume.


  4. Pepsi440 says:


    Rain does NOT suck! FACT
    How can you say that?, his roundhouse kick was ace and his lightening strike was cool too you could get a well good combo using these 2 moves alone…

    Lightening strike then roundhouse before he hits the floor then roundhouse him again before he hits the floor – what more could you want?

    He is very much under rated and i reckon he will be in future games (he deserves to be), like you said he has a huge fan base and has great potential.

    Thanks for the sprites, there cool and now i can finally make pivots of Rain kicking a$$.

    :D A very happy MK fan.

    P.S theres nothing wrong with the colour purple either!

  5. sub-zero says:

    i agree with Deadly_Dragon purple is gay.

  6. Dromar says:

    Did the site get reset? Because those aren’t very many sprites… I thought I remember there being alot of them. Hm. Meh, I never played MK:III (right…?) and cannot comment whether or not he’s good.

  7. sub-zero says:

    I know you have been doing a good job but i was wondering if you could make some of the sprites faceing the opposite way they are faceing now.So i could make two sprites faceing each other.

  8. sub-zero says:

    Ok nvm about my last reply i figured out how to flip them

  9. Jegsta_man says:

    I think Rain is cool and all, I use him heaps on MK trilogy, I just have 2 complaints: 1 His fatalities on this website don’t work and most of those sprites are of other ninjas like scorpions jack in the box friendship wish you’d clear this up, I know it’s a hard job but get rain other than a Mardi Gras scorpion.

  10. fedegita says:

    Yay rain is up. Good job dude, especially since he’s not actually in UMK3, you did well in using cheats to change his colours around.

  11. jj says:

    i think you should get scorpien coler and make a sprite sheet with alot of alternt sprites

  12. AceKombat says:

    Your welcome :D Btw it is Perfect sprite colors , the cheat I made traced the rain pallete . So its Perfect sprites yall are seeing .

  13. AceKombat says:

    Great update Murdoink ! Keep up the great work :D !

  14. jj says:

    ya murdoink good work

  15. 3d0 says:

    You don’t remember when I beat you with Rain… don’t you? :D

  16. Gijoker says:

    Acekombat PLEASE post a Spritesheets of the UMK3 Ninjas and an MK2 Kung Lao spritesheet.BTW you still need the rest of the sprites of a fatality being performed on him.

  17. Noob Brazil says:

    Murdoink,when do we will have the sprites of Noob Saibot that are not totally dark?I need these sprites…

  18. mortal warrior says:

    rain doesnt suck infact RAIN

  19. Pepsi440 says:

    How is purple a gay colour?
    Rain is the best ninja :)
    Purple is the best colour

  20. AMB says:

    Purple is not exactly gay, but it is a strange colour for a ninja(if he is really a ninja).

  21. Kazama says:

    Frankly, all colors except for black are stupid for a ninja to wear if you wanna get technical.

    Pretty much anyone that says Rain sucks is only saying so because they are closed minded idiots that think that purple is gay so rain is a fag lolrzz!!111. Any guide will tell you that if you know how to use him he is one of if not the best fighters in Mortal Kombat, period.

  22. Murdoink says:

    At least he looks awesome in MKArmageddon

  23. AMB says:

    Well, you are right, all the except black are stupid for a ninja. But there are many colors, the point is, why purple (of the many colours in the world). The only thing left is that they invent a Ninja using a pink costume, AND MALE.
    Anyone can say Rain sucks, but not becuase they are idiots, because THEY SIMPLY DON´T LIKE HIM. You must respect others opinions.

    Well, but I won´t tell anything. I never used well Rain anytime I played UMK3 (hehe :P)

  24. Kazama says:

    They chose purple because the whole joke was a reference to Purple Rain. I was only calling people idiots when they dislike Rain simply because of the color. That’s a very childish reason.

    Doesn’t Chameleon switch between all the different colored ninjas? Couldn’t he be considered more of a rainbow ninja? If you ask me, a rainbow is gayer than purple, am I right? I think I’m taking it too far with this one…

  25. AMB says:

    I won´t tell anything. I never used well Rain anytime I played UMK3. I was too young when that game was released. I downloaded the version for MAME (just for a while) of UMK3, but even there, I never used him well (playing in a computer is a more difficult than playing witha nintendo or in an Arcade)

    “if you know how to use him he is one of if not the best fighters in Mortal Kombat”
    I you ask me, every character can be good if you know how to use it well.

  26. korbo says:

    The Phantom wears purple, is he gay, he could whoop your homophobic ass. i mean come on, id pay a dollar to see you try and beat Rain or the Phantom, hell even those gay guys could propably smash you homophobes

  27. RiP says:

    if u havent seen how he’s going to look in MK Armageddon you should start to search for a pic asap because in MKA he’s the best looking (style wise, not color wise) out of all the ninjas if you havent seen it ill like it here i guess his outfit owns even if its hardly visible

  28. -doesn't want 2 say- says:

    Ok, Rain does not $uck, ok, his color is not cool, but better than pink, lets see, ‘checks paper of fatalities for rain.’
    lhis 1st Fatality in MKT is Up-Side-down-uppercut & his 2nd one is Multiple Lightning attacks, his moves are based on his fatality, his moves combo is: Lightning, Moving Ball, Special Roundhouse, Rain Results: 5/10
    moves are powerfully cheap…
    only one with different roundhouse

    Most people chart Rain: either purple is a g@y color or
    rain plainly sucks, literraly
    ..He is no fun to play as
    always made fun of
    2nd in rank to Stryker

    I’ll be back…

  29. How about UMK3 Scorpion complete followed by MKII Scorp ‘n’ Sub?

  30. I hate to have to find out sprites’re missin’. WTF is doesn’t want to say tryin’ to say

  31. -doesn't want 2 say- says:

    … i dont know Kung, all i know is that RAYNE does not suck, even if he has a KICK-ASS look in MK:A, i think it’s going 2 be the Next Shaolin Monks in Konquest mode, anyway, i hope that Nitrous is still calm, lemme check em, u have a message, post it. Seriously

  32. NitrousNintendo64 says:

    i’m kinda thinking Shredder would be pissed at Rain in MKA because he kinda looks like the Shreeder he is(lol), Sub-Zero is more of Frozen Shreeder

  33. NitrousNintendo64 says:

    i’m kinda thinking Shredder would be pissed at Rain in MKA because he kinda looks like the Shreeder he is(lol), Sub-Zero is more of Frozen Shreeder…

  34. AMB says:

    LOL, that made me remind about a comic ]{ombat has on his webpage(I don´t know if it´s from him or from another guy that sends comics)

  35. NitrousNintendo64 says:

    seriously, take a look at rain in MKA, you’ll find out the difference…

  36. AMB says:

    Yes, I already saw it, he looks preety cool, but anybody can look good, but, will he be a god character??? Only in MKA we will know.

  37. Gabriel Linares says:

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  38. Gabriel Linares says:

    Hola I am Gabriel it(he,she) wanted that please they were spending(passing) a mail to me to my MSN ( to be able to send messages, presentations, comics. Thank you.

  39. sub-zero913 says:

    I don’t agree with Deadly Dragon, purple is NOT gay. He’s so cool and did you know that, his father was killed by Shao Kahn (his father had ruled Edenia many years ago but he wasn’t evil.)

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