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As you may probably know, today’s my birthday (technically it was yesterday but who cares anyway) and to celebrate I’ve updated with the bios, movelists and endings for the ‘new’ characters in the recently released Mortal Kombat: Unchained for the PSP:


That’s it for now, I’ll put up more screenshots tomorrow, because you know, I have to party today.

32 responses to “MK: Unchained Bios & Endings!”

  1. TC says:

    Woot thanks..this is awesome…Where do i go to place in a request for something?

  2. Murdoink says:

    If you wanna make a request just post it as a comment to this update

  3. Okoa says:

    Sweet update! Happy birthday, Murdoink!

  4. AMB says:

    Too bad I don´t have a PSP…LOL
    Happy Birthday Murdoink!!

  5. kid thunder says:


  6. Hetfield says:

    Sweet bios and endings. Glad to see the continuity between these and MKA. Thanks for putting these up.

    BTW, happy b-day, dude.

  7. He says:

    Happy birthday to you !

  8. TCRaven says:

    Ohhh Ok…I was going to Request the full Sprites Sheet for Kitana Mileena and Jade..When you have free time..i dont want it to happen if there is other things to be done

  9. AceKombat says:

    Happy Birthday , and nice job with the Unchain Bios ! TCR I don’t think he will doing the sprites but other people may , people like Maggo and sometimes me and other people will do the sprites job . I don’t think I am going to take that rips though , pretty busy . I may be doing stuff that is secret , that people can’t really do in the arcade MK , such as , prop cheats so I can start ripping props . ( If you don’t know about me about what I do in these MK1 trough UMK3 [ Include MKT ] , I am a person who used to make really good Mame32 cheats that deals with ripping stuff , I still have the knowledge to do it , but I didn’t make much in a while , since I didn’t need to make cheats right now ) So yeah , don’t think I am going to take this part TCR . LaTeR .

  10. liquid-zero5 says:

    happy birthday dude

  11. Daleon says:

    Damn! Too late! Anyway, Happy birthday Murdoink! Great update!

  12. WilHiteWarrior says:

    Awesome! Happy birthday man!

  13. Kung Lao says:

    Cool! Happy B’day bro!!!!!!!

  14. Kung Lao says:

    Wow, Blaze looks weaker in Unchained compared to Armageddon. I just read his bio and it sounds like he’s the reason for Armageddon.

  15. Kung Lao says:

    Am I right?

  16. TCRaven says:

    Is there anyone who can do the full Sprites for Kitana Mileena and Jade for UMK3/Trilogy ???

  17. JediTommy8 says:

    Wow,is Blaze’s second ending pic for real?

    He looks so cartooney and fake! XD

  18. scorpinnok says:

    happy birthday 2 you

  19. Kung Lao says:

    Blaze REALLY looks weaker

  20. shadow_fire says:

    Happy Birthday Murdoink!! :)

  21. scorp says:

    realy after seeing jax in movies and playing with him in games i dont think he is good enough to beet onaga lol and blaze looks so old in mka he looks sik as!!!!!!!!!!

  22. liquid-zero5 says:

    Now you need the fatalities of them =) plz get them soon, i can’t wait to use those fatalities

  23. liquid-zero5 says:

    oyeah, i forgot to inform, blaze has NO FATALITY in unchained, i found out he didn’t used a fatality in chess kombat and Frost’s fatality is the same in MKDA. i think jax and kitana has the same as MKDA

  24. scorp says:

    yer i think ur right

  25. scorp says:

    ive been playin mk scince i was 5 and i haved loved the game i cant belive ppl bad moth it so hard

  26. scorpion212 says:

    does anyone no where to get the new characters costumes

  27. SKULLMONKEY says:

    OK blaze has no fatality but jax kitana and frost do



  28. dude says:

    happy birthaday!!!!!!!!!!

  29. FATAL MIND says:

    you already got there 2nd custom

  30. I wondered if anyone has a cheat code url i can get for star wars games. I have been looking online for them and since I just got this psp for christmas I am still new at it. I am a avid gamer and I have to admit, this psp is killer! I love it. I also found a site that was emailed to me that offers free psp downloasas. I wont link it but here is the address

    anyway. let me know if there is a site I can go ot. I will save the page and check back after we get back from the dog park. i promised my parents I would walk my greyhouds…


  31. Ryan says:

    Probaly late as hell lol but bettr late then never, happy birthday hope it was good one for you, love the site, love da sprites :p

  32. jose miller says:

    do u fight the dragon king

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