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mugshotWell it’s been a while since the last update, but that’s just cause I’ve been dead busy with tons of stuff, anyway here’s a little something:

As you can see, it’s not 100% complete, but still, thanks to WeaponLord for yet another great addition to the site. Shang Tsung fans should be happy by now since MKW now holds the spritesheets of his three appearences in the arcade MK games. [See MK1, MKII]
Also I got some good news for ya, my summer vacation starts in two weeks, so I’ll have plenty of time to update the site then.

60 responses to “MK3 Shang Tsung Spritesheet”

  1. Weaponlord says:

    Oy god, I can stop worrying now. :D

  2. Nick_Scryer says:

    I Love his sprites in this game.

    All that’s missing is his UMK3 morphs and a few body parts right?

  3. JediTommy8 says:

    Summer Vacation?
    It’s winter man XD

  4. Reiko says:

    Oh man i thought it was a spider monkeyT_T

  5. Murdoink says:

    It’s summer where I am

  6. Scorpiozerotile says:

    wow so the creator of this website is not in America AHA i told my sister that smart ppls live in other contries she owes me 90 bucks

  7. mikesaibot says:

    Nice job, I’ve been waiting for this spritesheet.
    Summer? Where are you?
    Anyway, nice job!

  8. scorpinnok says:


  9. Arctic says:

    Well, people have summer at different depending where they live. Anyway, Thnks to Murdoink and WeaponLord, I can finish my komics so I can start my new series after! YAY!

    Love ya guys! ♂ ♥


  10. vic_zero says:

    where do u live then??????

  11. Daleon says:

    Hey! Shang you for the spriteset! lol

  12. jay jay says:

    you should do ermac next

  13. I want to be grateful or to have finished the movements and Shang Tsung’s assaults in MK3 continue this way and do not forget to finish the movements of Reptile and Sub-Zero in Finalize Your Mortal Kombat 3

  14. the spritesheet looks awesome, now THAT’S a flawless victory. :D

  15. chameleon says:

    You shoul do khameleon and chameleon neither though you don’

  16. jay jay says:

    chameleon Says:
    December 5th, 2006 at 8:55 pm
    You shoul do khameleon and chameleon neither though you don’

    i say:
    dude you cant rip those sprites due to transparenty

  17. Sub-Zero says:

    Please man, put all the UMK3 Sub-Zero’s Sprites. I don’t know how i can take it.

  18. Scorpion says:

    Man, Shang Tsung is a pity. Scorpion is the best of the world and Sub-Zero can to suck my punish… Bye fuckers…

  19. Sub-Zero says:

    I have a question, whit what program i can get the sprites?
    Who knows sends me a mail with the answer.

    Thank you…

  20. jay jay says:

    you can get those with mame

  21. somedude says:

    Scorpion Says:
    December 7th, 2006 at 2:08 pm
    Man, Shang Tsung is a pity. Scorpion is the best of the world and Sub-Zero can to suck my punish… Bye fuckers…

    I say: Sub-Zero is 1337 to Scorpion. And is there any 1 that plays World of Warcraft here?

  22. Lord V says:

    been waiting for a long time for this sprite sheet!

  23. Nick_Scryer says:

    Where has Maggo gone? I havent seen anything new from him in a while, Maybe he’s just busy.
    But i enjoy his work a lot….Hope he comes back soon with a new spritesheet lol.

  24. Lord V says:

    hope you guys get the liu kang mk3 sprite sheet!

  25. AMB says:

    Cool spritesheet. It´s not so incomplete you know.
    But, will you finish with MK2 sprites? There are still some characters with no complete spritesheet.
    It´s also summer were I live, so…Murdoink must live….maybe on South America. I think I saw the flag of Chile when he posts on MK online.

  26. Sub-Zero says:

    Thank you jayjay, you are great…

  27. Thedogpound says:

    Can you please make all of the complete sprite sheets for mk2.

  28. Tetra_Vega says:

    Awesome, another great sprite update! Still dreaming of Mythologies sprites.

    Summer eh? Obviously the Southern Hemisphere, so I’m assuming Murdoink lives in either Australia or Rand McNally…

  29. Murdoink says:

    I live in Chile

  30. Mortal Doom says:

    Good news here… the paper boy better bring me some more good news…

  31. Darkness_Boy says:

    Yet another step towards finishing these sprites, I still wish that there could be a Kustom section, so us users could submit our own Kustom sprites, backgrounds and stuff. But oh well

  32. Kung Lao says:

    Why does the morphs section have weird looking sprites?

  33. Lord V says:

    how can I make a game online?

  34. vic_zero says:

    holy shit murdoink im from chile i live in iqueque mi amigo hey im sorta happy pinochet died murdoink but yo voy i hope i see u in chile and colo colo is tied 1-1 in the suda americana finals

  35. vic_zero says:

    lord v u use flash mx 2004 but its really hard at the beginning and kung lao the morph section has weird sprites because the character he morphs to,u get the stance at their sprite sheet

  36. jay jay says:

    Sub-Zero Says:
    December 9th, 2006 at 2:25 pm
    Thank you jayjay, you are great…

    i say:

  37. Nave_Ninja says:

    Sweet! I love this site!

  38. Lord V says:

    thanks vic_zero!

  39. Scorpiozerotile says:

    My sister still says noone smart lives anywhere else in the earth except North America now she owes me $150 man my sister sucks and she thinks Jax sucks so just for this who here thinks my sister sucks I know Murdoink must hate my sister for saying people not in the united states arent smart cause man you have to be smart to rip video game sprites cause Im not that smart so my websites sucks and Murdoink can you tell me why any Sprites with alot of black in them just wont work like they’ll be in a black box or can anyone (smart enough to talk dumb for me to understand) tell me plz it’ll mean alot so I can finally put my stuff on ]{ombat (man I hope I did the k right)

  40. BingDat says:

    Can you guys get a spritesheet of Ermac? That’d be great! Thanks. I love this site, I don’t know what I’d do without it =p

  41. Kung Lao says:

    Cool! THX for Shang but could you get MK:DA sprites on GBA?

  42. Kung Lao says:

    thx vic_zero

  43. scorpinnok says:

    could someone could make a mk mythologies sub zero sprites ?

  44. Lord V says:

    how can I take sprites from the mk games?

  45. Kidosheen says:

    Nice job on the sheet. If i had to make a request it would be Johny Cage from Tirlogy or Rain from UMK3 because neither of them have transparent sprites. Nice job with the rest of the sheets as well…. (yes im a noob here)

  46. Great sprite sheet. But please, Some one have the mk2 scorpion’s sprites?? i can’t use the mame it was infected.

  47. vic_zero says:

    lord v u need MAME but it might take a long time

  48. emil4 says:

    yes i love scorpion sektor is a bad man NO mk2 Scorpion spritesheets and UMK3 sub-zero spritesheets get over here

  49. scorpinnok says:

    since mka came out im impatient for all updates those anybody else has tha problem?

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