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mugshotYet another great spritesheet submission by Maggo:

Also, sorry to tell you but I’m currently really busy with university-related stuff so I think I won’t be able to update ’til next weekend, we’ll continue our schedule of updates, which is: MK1 & MKII Animations and MK3 & MKT Spritesheets.

58 responses to “UMK3 Human Smoke Spritesheet”

  1. Murdoink says:

    I also added those spear props to UMK3 Scorpion’s page for those who were asking for it.

  2. OS Ninja says:

    Cool. I didn’t know he had animalities or friendships in this game.

  3. Murdoink says:

    I should note that those sprites are from MKT

  4. chameleon says:

    Finally it’s here! Not to be a party pooper, but your missing his ghost running sprites. He also has a bluish dizzy sprite and triple separation sprite. What’s up w/that?

  5. insert name here says:

    I also see that a Smoke sprite for the dizzy stance is not correct. plz fix it…

  6. Tetra_Vega says:

    Awesome, thank you! I can now add Smoke to my Lin Kuei edits.

    You keep forgetting about adding the Yellow pic frames on the “Choose your Destiny” page.
    Remember UMK3, and MKT

  7. BingD says:

    Thank you soooooo much for them Human Smoke sprites!!!

  8. chameleon says:

    Do you plan to put the alternate reptile finisher sprites on the other ninja spritesheets? Since you did UMK3 just now, could you finish up Rain’s spritesheet? His missing sprites are his ghost running, turning around while ducking, a punching sprite (2nd to last for regular punching), some high kick sprites, some combo sprites, one being thrown, some spear and telepunch sprites, body parts (triple separation, burned, shocked [3], blown away, head blown up, sucked in, no bones [1]), some finsher sprites, and the “other” sprites. PLZ GET THEM!

  9. reptile_master says:

    oh goody good! theres been a rush of spites since you got rid of those problems!

  10. ZettaFett says:

    Woo! Thanks, been waiting for these for a long time!

  11. Murdoink says:

    Come on guys, you’ve never played UMK3 and done a fatality to Human Smoke? His pallete gets screwed up when he’s fatalitied

  12. chameleon says:

    Yeah, but they’re extra since you already have them in his correct pallete. You don’t have to keep them.

  13. AceKombat says:

    Oh I guess Ill post that Rain thing , I posted that months ago , but wasnt fixed , here is the sprites of Rain turning while ducking , but I dont think anything is wrong with the punching sprites . Also the ghost sprites in umk3 arcade shows scorpions ghost , to every ninja , same with the females , but not the cyborgs . Here is that duck turn sprites . Enjoy .

  14. chameleon says:

    Oops… hehe. It’s the 7th punching sprite that’s missing from Rain’s spritesheet. Just compare it to the Scorpion/Noob Saibot spritesheet.

  15. Superawesomeness says:

    Awesome, been waiting for this. When you guys start ripping stuff could you try to finish UMK3 Sub-Zero please?

  16. mike says:

    why can’t you people just be happy that this sprite sheet was posted….no-one should really care if a yellow border is around the picture to show that the sprite sheet is fully finished, and stop pestering and complaining about all the sprite sheets that aren’t uploaded…Murdoink and the rest of the staff are doing their best to upload all the sprite sheets….so basically we should all be happy with all of the sprite sheets that we can use.

  17. Murdoink says:

    Meh, the whole complaining/noticing missing sprites actually helps the site, you know

  18. chameleon says:

    The MK1/MKII characters do have MKT body part sprites like the ones when the person’s head get inflated.

  19. Murdoink says:

    Ok, added those two Rain sprites, also two sprites for Kung Lao’s friendship and yeah I’m keeping the screwed pallete sprites for Smoke.
    *These were the last uploads until the next update.

  20. chameleon says:

    I just noticed that there isn’t any “blown away” sprites for UMK3 Human Smoke. Can u plz update them?

  21. Tetra_Vega says:

    Helping out is one thing, nitpicking is another.

  22. The S says:

    Smashing! I’ve needed those Animality sprites for quite some time now. Thank you very much!

  23. Superawesomeness says:

    Also here are some MKI things you guys need:

    Lui Kang Fire ball
    Raiden Winning Lightening

  24. AceKombat says:

    UMK3 Rain Missing Punch Sprite*

    Also good job Murdoink for fixing some sprites .

  25. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    Kick A$$ update! some Umk3 Sub-zero sprites and animator link would be….

    (Shao kahn voice here) Excellent!

  26. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    Also, when u do the UMK3 Sub sprites, note that in mkt n64 he has the upward ice thing, so be sure to add that. and ice clone so make a flipping iced sub and standing still one

  27. chameleon says:

    Murdoink doesn’t put up frozen sprites. When he jumps back after using ice clone, he uses the same sprites as jumping back regular, which he puts up. Sub-zero’s upward ice throw sprites are the same as one of his alternate victory pose, which Murdoink also puts up.

  28. Legend_armlet says:

    Nice but could you add Noob Saibot’s missing sprites? It’s his animality and friendship.

  29. Francisco says:

    I need to know when it will arrive the last sprites from Jax(mk3), Jhonny Cage(mkt), and from Sub-Zero(umk3)

  30. chameleon says:

    Man, everyone wants UMK3 Sub-zero!

  31. chameleon says:

    Besides Kintaro’s fireball, you’re also missing some of MK1 Raiden’s special move lightning sprites. Plz update them…

  32. Superawesomeness says:

    Oh nevermind whoops, he doesn’t have a fireball in MKI, but still yeah, Raiden lightening from fatality and winning, and UMK3 sub would be kool.

  33. chameleon says:

    Here’s a list of missing sprites I noticed:

    MK1: Liu Kang’s fireball, Johnny Cage’s 2 shadow kick sprites, Sonya’s laying down sprite, and her leg grab special move [how does she get there w/only one sprite???]

    MK1 Kano : roundhouse, victory pose, special move [w/mk3 knives], body parts, other
    MK1 Raiden : body parts, other
    MK2 Raiden : body parts, other, sprites turning into animal? (don’t have access to PSX MKT)
    MK2 Baraka : body parts, other, sprites turning into animal? (don’t have access to PSX MKT)
    MK2 Kung Lao: body parts, other
    MK2 Jax : body parts, other

    That’s all I noticed so far. The fatalities that have special sprites are triple separation, shocked, inflated head, super skinny, burned, sucked, blown away, and no bones. Try these on classic MKT characters and you’re bound to get the exclusive sprites not here yet.

  34. chameleon says:

    Some MK1 Kano sprites won’t show up. Is there some kind of error?? Maybe it’s my computer? Dunno. Plz double check anyway…

  35. chameleon says:

    The ones that didn’t show up includes his last jump kick sprite and his getting up spriteS.

  36. Legend_armlet says:

    You also forgot the following missing sprites: Thre aren’t any sprites of the MK3, UMK3 and MKT characters when they are victim of Baraka’s blade lift fatality.

  37. Tetra_Vega says:

    IIRC, the U/MK3 characters use a falling or dizzy sprite when Baraka blade lifts them.

  38. chameleon says:

    Mortal Kombat uses the first sprite for being thrown I believe.

  39. Maggo says:

    Chameleon said:Finally it’s here! Not to be a party pooper, but your missing his ghost running sprites. He also has a bluish dizzy sprite and triple separation sprite. What’s up w/that?

    That is a result of Kung Lao’s Hat Boomerang fatality.

  40. Maggo says:

    Chameleon said:I just noticed that there isn’t any “blown away” sprites for UMK3 Human Smoke. Can u plz update them?

    Some reason, when Sindel performs her Death Shriek fatality on the male ninjas, they all have Scorpion’s costume. This was fixed in MKT.

  41. weaponlord says:

    Legend_armlet Says:
    June 3rd, 2007 at 3:06 am
    “You also forgot the following missing sprites: Thre aren’t any sprites of the MK3, UMK3 and MKT characters when they are victim of Baraka’s blade lift fatality.”

    I seen a few videos, MK 2 characters were replaced by them getting thrown sprites. Most likely it happens with the U/MK3 characters too.

  42. reptile_master says:

    erm…when is it the wekknd in the U.S.A cos its monday in the U.K and erm…i want some sprites

  43. Murdoink says:

    Uh, some comments were deleted by mistake
    Anyway as some of you noticed, I couldn’t update this weekend, I’ll do it during this week

  44. chameleon says:

    Yes Maggo, I know what the fatality is and what the name is. Thanks for telling me that UMK3 Smoke uses Scorpion “blown away” sprites. Well, it was fixed in MKT? Didn’t notice. Murdoink, when you start getting more missing MKT sprites, could you post them? It might be only one sprite cause I used it on the others and saw only one sprite. Well, I used it on the classic characters and saw only one sprite for it. It might be different for the later characters, but I’m not sure because I don’t have MKT within my reach… yet.

  45. mike says:

    why is there sound on the site and where did you find them?

  46. chameleon says:

    Where are Reptile’s invisiblity fire sprites???

  47. AceKombat says:

    I think the blown away MKT sprites will come soon , as I gave them to Maggo and probably Murdoink , same goes to the electricution sprites I hope . This site is almost done of having every sprite from mk1 – umk3 :D ! Well , probably after ripping sprites we then need more prop and projectile sprites .

  48. brandon says:

    how do u make the sprites match with the backgrounds?

  49. Someone says:

    @how do u make the sprites match with the backgrounds?

    u must visit, check the comic tutorial there and u will learn how to do that ;)

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