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mugshotmugshotThe following sprites were ripped by Maggo:

Happy Birthday MKW! Today marks the fifth anniversary of something that started as a hobby and has turned out to be one the things I’ve done that I’m most proud of. It’s also time to thank all fellow MK fans and loyal visitors to the site, even if it sounds cliché at this point.

And now the formality, today’s addition of Sektor’s sprites has completed all of the sprites from MK3! And we’re only 3 spritesheets away from completing every spritesheet from MK1 to MKT! Which is really exciting, as doing this has been the main goal of the site’s since its conception 5 years ago.

As of now, there are no concrete future plans for the site after that goal is achieved, besides obviously further perfecting the site, since I know we’re missing some Fatality movies, and a couple of sprites here and there, so I’ll be sure to take care of that before doing any major changes to the site, after all, that’s what makes this site one of the top-notch MK sites of the net!

Stay tuned, as there’s more to come still!

67 responses to “MKW’s 5th Birthday”

  1. Tetra_Vega says:

    Happy 5th Birthday MKW! This site has continued to be the #1 sprite resource for the MK spriting community, which is largely ignored by most spriting sites. Total dedication to a unique community. Here’s to another 5, and a hell of a lot more.

    Awesome, now I can make more Grandmaster, and Human Sektor sprites!

  2. Tetra_Vega says:

    Some of his finisher sprites aren’t showing. (red x syndrome)

  3. Someone says:

    exellent update!!! thanks. happy birthday MKW :)

  4. Ghost5 says:

    happy birthday :)

  5. I love you Murdoink! Great work! then should be Reptile’s Complete Sprite Sheet

  6. Murdoink says:

    I’ll fix those missing sprites tomorrow in the morning

  7. rko_jko says:

    god bless u guys at mkw, ive been waiting so long for ermac, thanx!!!!

  8. WeaponLord says:

    Happy 5th Birthday! ^_^

  9. nick_scryer says:


  10. devil_egg says:

    happy birthday!!!!

  11. subzero913 says:

    Can you complete MK3 Shang Tsung’s Spritesheet? He’s missing his ghost sprites, the rest of his body part sprites, and more of his sprites.

  12. ssub-zzero says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY mkw !!!!!!

  13. classik sub zero says:

    ok,so in umk3,ermac is mexican,but in mkt,he is a white guy,wtf is up with that???

  14. DH_Ninja says:

    Happy 5th birthday!! Very nice update btw.

  15. Malenko says:

    Happy 5th, nice update!

  16. Nick_scryer says:

    Oh yeah forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  17. Sm0keH says:


    Haha. Nice update. I love ermac!

    Happy birthday, MKW!

  18. MKRocket says:

    Can’t believe MKWarehouse has been around for 5 damn years… insane. This makes me feel so old :/ Also,

  19. Ermac17 says:

    happy Birthday!!! what day was it, as i just had a birthday as well

  20. Arctic says:

    Happy Birthday MKW.

    5 years is a long time. After those spritesheets are done… “Mission Complete,” you know what I mean. Maybe you guys can start with music and sounds and become the ultimate MK resource.

  21. Someone says:

    can anyone of u guys do to me some standing and fighting fujin sprites? i need some for my comic;)

  22. classik sub zero says:

    can u get more mortal kombat 4 animations?like,punching,and kicking,and special moves.

  23. Arctic says:

    MK4 is impossible to rip without the MK4 strip, you idiots. Stop asking for them.

  24. Legend_armlet says:

    Once again, once step closer to mission complete but why couldn’t you add the MK4 and Gold sprites?

  25. devil_egg says:

    awwesome! now all we need is sound effects!

    there should be more sprite sites like this. if only there was a site like this but instead of mk it would focus on primal rage. i doubt it’ll ever happen:(

  26. Murdoink says:

    Some people still don’t know that 3D models aren’t sprites, heh.

  27. Someone says:

    i meant to modify some MK1/MK2/MK3/ sprites to create some fujin sprites not to rip sprites from MK4

  28. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    I think, that once the site has done sounds, and can’t think of anything to do, we start editing sprites to make ’em look cooler, and do a couple frozen sprites, since i can’t get frozen sprites :-(

  29. Tetra_Vega says:

    MKW doesn’t deal with custom sprites.

  30. Darkness_Boy says:

    Happy 5th Birthday MKW!

    Great update btw!

  31. Tetra_Vega is Right, Everybody knows 3D Games don’t have Sprites, Where’s GBA MK:DA Quan Chi Sprite?

  32. reptile_master says:

    I think I missed MKW’s Birthdsy so happy birthday!Great update to Ermac n Sektor.
    May I ask who you are doing next?

  33. SanjiSasuke says:

    Yeah you could rip from emulators of the 3D games.

  34. nsomega says:

    hey murdoink, would it be possible to capture polygon animations somehow, if you could animations in 4-7 would be possible

  35. The S says:

    Nice job with this update. But why is Ermac’s Rabbit Friendship listed as an Alternate Finisher? o.O

  36. Make Riptille and All ninjas are done

  37. Scorpion sub-zero Noob Saibot Riptille Rain Ermac and Smoke are done if Riptille are ready

  38. Thank you Murdoink, But our Ninja is in Another Castle! Just Kidding

  39. A Huge Fan says:

    Let’s get that MK4 Strip program that Arctic mentioned and start ripping those MK4 characters.

  40. Someone says:

    can anyone of u (i mean not MKW) teach me how to put a preloader in a flash animation? plz help!!!

  41. Darkness_Boy says:

    Shame there is no Street Fighter Warehouse, perhaps then there could be more Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter comics.

  42. ermac2222 says:

    what will happen once mkw is finnished?

  43. Someone says:

    plz anyone help me, i really need to figure out how to put a NG preloader into my animation :'(

  44. Note:

    MK1 Raiden with MK Trilogy Sprites
    MK1 Kano with MK Trilogy Sprites
    MK2 Kung Lao with MK Trilogy Sprites
    MK2 Jax with MK Trilogy Sprites
    MK2 N00B Saibot Sprites
    Brown Blood Props
    MK3 Smoke Videos
    UMK3 Plus Character Videos
    MK Gold Character Animation
    MKDA Quan Chi GBA Sprites and Shang Tsung
    Also, …Sareena Tournament Edition Sprites

  45. Murdoink says:

    MKII Kung Lao sprites from MKT are already up.
    Other classics characters’ sprites from MKT will be uploaded soon.
    MKII Noob, unlike UMK3/MKT Noob is a totally black ninja, I doubt it will be uploaded soon.
    Brown blood? That’s not from the games, you can just pallete swap to get it.
    MKGold animations can’t be ripped, for the last time the only tool to rip images from MK4 is MK FOUR strip.
    GBA sprites are on hold and there are currently no plans in ripping those.

  46. Murdoink, Can you plz make UMK3 Jade?

  47. classic_sub_zero says:

    you all probaly dont care,but i’ve made custom sprites of mk:d armored sub-zero!

  48. I congratulate them for having finished the movements of a personage mas of the game. This commentary goes on behalf of all the year round, be still this way that occasionally will visit them if I can and try(get) to finish as soon as possible Reptile in UMK3.OK
    Your best fan
    Gabriel Linares

  49. Hey, Murdoink i made a Concept Art and Flector was Clone of Sektor, Pretty Confuse heh?

  50. DH_Ninja says:

    i just thought of something, when are the rest of the props going to be finished. like explosions,blood, ect.

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