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mugshot MugshotOnce more, a long awaited update:

Yet again, thanks to staff member Maggo for the spritesheet, and sorry for taking so long to make a profile for Khameleon. I also fixed the MKA part of the sitemap, it should now display the way it should be.

And remember we’re now 2 spritesheets away from completing UMK3 and all spritesheets from MK1 to MKT, the next spritesheet to be uploaded will be UMK3 Jade, so stay tuned.

66 responses to “Khameleon Profile and Mileena’s Spritesheet”

  1. MK4Man says:

    Cmon let’s get that MK4 Strip program and start ripping from that game!

  2. Someone says:

    that’s my friend’s and my new board, u can find there my MK comics and animations, maybe some sprites i modified… and talk about svr7/08, and PES6…..

    please check it out, check one of my newest comics and comment:D

  3. Murdoink says:

    I’ll update this friday, sorry for the delays.

  4. 4rm4gedd0n says:

    What about Jade?

  5. FrozenWorm says:

    Hello Murdoink, I ripped all Meat’s sprites from MK4 by screen capturing it, it’s a process but it can be done, are you planning to rip MK4 animations? if you, Maggo or anyone can rip 3D sprites I believe it would be great to have Earth God (from MKMythologies) or next generation characters like Onaga or Moloch from MKArmageddon… still I know this is not the goal of this site, so I have a couple of questions for you:

    – Are you going to create a MKM sprite zone?
    – Are you going to continue with MKDA/MKTE (GBA) sprite ripping?

    I’m particularly interested on Fire God from MKM… also I would like to know if anyone can help me find spritesheets from Street Fighter the Movie, Tattoo Assassins, Killer Instinct or any other game with similar graphics.

  6. someguy590 says:

    i knew it. my friend sayed something about theres no such thing as Khameleon but now i can prove him wrong

  7. The S says:

    Not a problem, Murdoink. People have lives outside of Mortal Kombat.

  8. Murdoink says:

    To FrozenWorm:
    We already have MK4’s animations.
    We might do a MKTE or MKM sprite sections but as of right now I don’t know, we’ll first finish completing some small missing sprites.

  9. 4rm4gedd0n says:

    Cool, MK:DA Sprites :rock you: and then My Bro (Trilogyrules76) can make Fakes with Quan Chi though

  10. Felipe says:


  11. ryan adams says:

    i dont think thats khameleon well not from armageddon tho i have that game and khameleon does not look like that

  12. Noobsaibot64 says:

    Yo! It is cool to possibly rip Hydro Sprites and email me!

  13. Noobsaibot64 says:

    ignore the comment 48

  14. jason bates says:

    i hope you realise that by saying “ignore coment 48” you will incite interest in it. speaking of running sprites have you seen a recent mugen mk called “mk bloodstorm”, it involves a lot of mk2 chars and they have pretty convincing run animations. Any idea how?

  15. ?? says:

    Keep the faith, my Internet friend. You are a first-class writer and deserve to be heard.

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