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Welcome to Mortal Kombat Warehouse, the most complete Mortal Kombat source in the web.
Browse the site choosing a game from the menu, here you'll find Story, Screenshots, Arenas, Props and Fighters of the game, each fighter page includes: A complete Spritesheet, Biography, Animations, Props, Movelist, Fatality Videos, Ending, Renders, Cut-Out Pictures, Wallpapers and more!

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These sprites were submitted via e-mail, remember if you’ve noticed we’re missing something and you want to colaborate with the site, just follow the link at the bottom of the page. Credits goes to trynax for the UMK3 sprites and my friend interloko from MKProject for the missing MKII sprites and the animation.

66 responses to “Some Missing Sprites”

  1. BingD says:

    It’s nice to see that the MKW isn’t finished. Thanks for this update.

  2. interloko says:

    thanx for posting the sprites i sent to you, but you should change the sprite of the baraka’s fatality (must be the one with red clothe ;))
    i sent you both red and blue and the other you have are red :P
    nice update, the site is almost complete.
    we have more stuff to share like some animated text (like mercy, etc)

  3. ssub-zzero says:

    is it possible that u put all sprites from one game in a zip file ?

  4. Legend_armlet says:

    Nice Murdoink.

    I made several finishing moves videos in this thread

    Could u upload them?

    Many thanks.

  5. Cobra! says:

    I like that the fact the 2D MK sprites are not finished

  6. Maggo says:

    Those ghost running sprites are just palette swaps for people who are wondering.

  7. superawesomeness says:

    Ummm…little problem. On Barakas new sprite, his clothes are blue instead of red.

  8. Noobsaibot64 says:


  9. Murdoink says:

    Whoops, looks like I uploaded the wrong pallete for Baraka, it’s fixed now.
    Noob Saibot will be up soon enough, please be patient.
    And no, we’re not 100% complete, moaning about it’s getting kinda annoying.

  10. Murdoink says:

    Ah, about the videos on the site, we’ll get to that maybe in two months or so, I think we’ll start from square one and do all the videos again so they have even better quality and smaller file size than the ones currently up.

  11. Noobsaibot64 says:

    Hey murdoink i make mk2 Noob Saibot!

  12. Bloody man says:

    If I remember, I saw Sonya Blade had a 3rd costume on Mortal Kombat 4. It was a purple costume. Anyway, nice to see MKW is still here.

  13. superawesomeness says:

    Hey my e-mail doesn’t work, is there anyway I could send you a sprite not over e-mail???

  14. classic sub-zero [2.0] says:

    yay![re-attaches head and spine to shoulders]

  15. sibunad says:

    well this is kinda nice cuz then we know that the whole thing isn’t done yet

  16. ermac2222 says:

    I’m glad you updated my sprite sheet. lol

  17. classic sub-zero [RESSURRECTED] says:


  18. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    What do we do when we’re done? Rip MK:D 3D imaging? (lol that’s probably not even possible)

  19. Bloody man says:

    I also noticed a lot of mistakes on the MKG section. Here they are:

    All of the added characetrs on MKG dont have any renders of their battling stance. All of the characters on MK4 do though.

    The page on Meat leads to Sektors page.

    Sonya has a 3rd costume.

    hope this helped.

  20. WeaponTheory says:

    not to sound mean, but what the fuck is with that sprite in Baraka’s Fatality…the one with the funny looking pose? After the blade lift fatality and before the Friendship.

  21. classic sub-zero [RESSURRECTED] says:


  22. Murdoink says:

    Nothing wrong with the MKG section:
    -The reason why there aren’t fighting stance animations for MKG characters it’s because MKG is for the Dreamcast, ergo, there is no such thing as MKGold Strip, therefore we can’t rip animations from the game (and I don’t have a Dreamcast).
    -There is no page for Meat, Sektor doesn’t have a mugshot so that’s why there is a ‘?’ symbol as a mugshot for Sektor.
    -And Sonya has a 3rd costume, there’s nothing wrong with that, lol.

  23. Noobsaibot64 says:

    Murdoink, Why you don’t have DreamCast?

  24. classic sub-zero [RESSURRECTED] says:

    wut duz “HTH” mean?

  25. Murdoink says:

    HTH == Hope That Helps

  26. classic sub-zero [RESSURRECTED] says:

    i dwnloded mkp 4.1,and it wuz awesum!but,no hablo espanol,so try 2 translate the page if u can,mkproject rox,but not nearly as good as mk warehouse!

    mkda arenas??????

  27. trynax says:

    Thanks for posting the sprites I sent you. I am still working on the Khameleon one for ya if you still would like to have it. Keep up the cool work and I’ll send ya Khameleon.

  28. WeaponTheory says:

    what the fuck is that sprite in Baraka’s Fatality…the one with the funny looking pose? After the blade lift fatality and before the Friendship.

    P.s Please make a note telling people to stop requesting stupid damn near impossible shit.
    It’s pissing me off and I’m pretty sure your annoyed by this too.

  29. ilovehalo3andmk says:

    I’m not being ilovegearsofwarandmk any more. anyhow, i think MKM:SZ sprites would be some nice shiz.

  30. noob_saibot says:

    ime not being classic sub-zero [ressurrected] n e more,i learned that noobsaibot is the original sub-0,but n e way,mortal kombat deadly alliance arenas???????

  31. Noobsaibot444 says:

    i’m not being Noobsaibot64 anymore because i always want mk2 noob sprites and cut-out

  32. Good work
    They do it well be still this way I meanwhile stop creating games of Mortal Kombat and I put to create of my own imagination BUT I CONTINUE BEING AN ADMIRER OF MORTAL KOMBAT
    Your best admirer

  33. ilovehalo3andmk says:

    MK2 nob sprites are comin…
    quit whining.

  34. Maggo says:

    I just sent the final 2 missing spritesheets (MK2 & MK3 Nob Saibot) to Mur’s email. (10/3/07)

  35. chameleon says:

    Rain still has missing sprites.

  36. noob_saibot says:

    hey,murdoink,can i use some mkwarehouse material on my myspace?


  37. Murdoink says:

    Sure, just don’t hotlink anything.

  38. noob_saibot says:

    i dunno how to hot link,anyway,

    wen i try 2 post vidz on my myspace,it sez error on page.
    can n e 1 tell me how 2 fix this problem.

  39. Noobsaibot444 says:

    no new comments?!? WHY?

  40. jason bates says:

    any chance of mk mythologies sprites?

  41. The King says:

    Hey nice job with the sprites. I’m just curious as to if you will be posting any Quan Chi sprites from MKM: SZ. I will be sure to give credit where it is due if I make any movies/games.

  42. Shang says:

    Hey everybody…
    I´m new in here.
    I`ve searched for sprites and this site is supreme.
    U got everything I need,only one thing I was missing:
    MK3-Shangs moves…as sprites they re complete,but I search for the animated gifs…
    and u got only “walk” etc.,but I search the others…victory, fatality…
    could someone post them in?
    Thx a lot Shang

  43. Ninja says:

    Hey dude your missing the VS Screen codes for Mortal Kombat 4 and Gold

    Plz post it up

  44. your missing sprites from

    MK4, Gold, Armaggedon, Deadly Alliance, Deception, Mk VS DC…

    i can’t find them sprites, i only found one sprite for Armaggedon (that blind guy) on Google. but can’t find the rest of the sprites for all the characters.

  45. Murdoink says:


  46. liu kang says:

    The sprites for rain are suposed to move. Right?

  47. MKII battle Arena, it’s missing the sprite for the chained Sonya.

  48. Eddy Wang says:

    Before i start, i would like to thank for all the job you guys have been done, i actually can find everything about Mk here.

    So then i have a request since i didn’t find the sprites in the website.

    Its is possible to Upload the Sprites of Mk Mhythologies: Sub-zero? they are pretty good also, and i would love to have it.

    Thanks in advance.

  49. sue says:

    I read your website every week, its great and got lots of information to take in and lots of interesting articles.

  50. Rigel says:

    Hey I really want to thank you for all this work you guys have put in to this website! Everything is awesome!
    Anyways I was wondering if you are able to put any sprites up of Mk Mythologies? It was my favorite game and plus it would be awesome to have some sprites of it!
    But anyways thank you for everything!!

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