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boxartUltimate Mortal Kombat came out yesterday for the Nintendo DS and I got it. Here are some notes about it for the people who are looking for some info about the game:

  • The game lists the movelist for your chosen fighter on the second screen, however combos and stage fatalities are not displayed, you can get those on our UMK3 Fighters section.
  • As always, to perform a Friendship or Babality you can’t press R (block) during the last round, and to perform an Animality you must be on the third round and perform a Mercy: Hold L (run), press down three times and release L.
  • If you transform into Human Smoke (choose Cyborg Smoke and press and hold Back + L + R + X + Y) the movelist screen will not change to display his moves, you can get those here.
  • There’s an “Extra” option that lets you see the bios, unlocked characters and every Kahn Treasure you’ve previously unlocked, which is pretty cool.
  • The Ultimate Kombat Kodes are as follows:
    Mileena UKK Mileena (2-2-2-6-4)
    Ermac UKK Ermac (1-2-3-4-4)
    Unmasked Sub-Zero UKK Ninja Sub-Zero (8-1-8-3-5)
    Once you beat the game and after the credits (you can skip the credits by pressing start) you must touch the screen as many times as indicated to unlock each character.

That must be all the info you should need for the game, see ya in the next update.

57 responses to “Ultimate Mortal Kombat”

  1. Noobsaibot444 says:


  2. CannonBolt says:

    I personally congratulate you man for your adquisition, and your sprites rocks!

  3. aaa says:


  4. mk fan says:

    Thanks for the updates dude!

    Mysterious MK Fan

  5. Burak says:


  6. metalheadsyco says:

    what do u guys use to make animations?

  7. ssub-zzero says:

    Happy Birthday Murdoink !

    Nice Update ;)



  8. Tetra_Vega says:

    Cool, but it’s Classic Sub-Zero, not Unmasked Sub-Zero that you have to unlock.

  9. Billie Jean jr says:

    The way to select human smoke is press and hold Back+L+R+X+Y , not Back+L+R+B+A. ;)

  10. Murdoink says:

    Whoops, it’s fixed now.

  11. Ferna_22 says:

    Very good update, I love that game…

    And congrats for the website ;)…


  12. mk fan says:

    Happy Birthday Murdoink!

    Mysterious MK Fan

  13. TheAfrokidDirecor says:

    Man I fel so sad now that it seems the site is so close to being over…
    There’s still some stuff I would like to see on the site though.

    Like animations for every character’s moves in addition to all the sprites…maybe I’m just lazy like that. :-p

    btw how did u guys get the MK4 stance sprites? i hope guys would be able to get spritesheets for at least MK4 >_

  14. Murdoink says:

    Huh? The site’s not gonna be over, I’ve just been really busy with college and all.
    And the MK4 stance animations were obtained with MK4Strip.

  15. noob_saibot says:

    hell yeah!i’m back motha fuckaz!

    wud i miss?……oh shit dass alot!

    mkda backgrounds?

  16. Superawesomeness says:

    Update is cool. I’m planning on buying this game today. Finally a good portal MK for a nintendo system, and finally a reason for me to whip out my DS.

    So any new sprite news??? Maggo has ripped a lot of animations over at MKO.

  17. TheAfrokidDirector says:

    o…ok awesome, well anyways i think theres some missing sprites with Scorpion’s UMK3 firey hand fatality.

  18. noob_saibot says:

    mortal kombat mythologies sprites!!!!!!!

  19. Error Macro says:

    MK2 Scorpion and sub-zero have a missing sweep sprite. first and last sprite

  20. Legend_armlet says:

    When will you add the MKA death traps? It’s been a while I posted the links in the overall mortal kombat discussion thread.

  21. Murdoink says:

    I’ll work on the site starting next week, I’ve been really busy with my finals on college.

  22. kungloaallupinyour..... says:

    W00T!!!!!!!!=D finnally a portable MK game…………(ive caught on too late haven’t i) lol :P

  23. Strip Tease says:

    So when are we getting MK4 sprites and animations? We know it can be done, but why no initiative for it?

  24. AceKombat says:

    Let me handle Sub-Zero MKM sprites , I will rip them soon after my exams :( .

  25. Francisco says:

    Lack effects Blood, explosions, but animated, spritesheets Jhonny Cage (MKT) and 2 Chameleons

  26. Jago2999 says:

    yo doinky!
    you doin frozen sprites or sometin?
    what will our next update be.
    like ice clone sprites for subby…. what ever we need to do.
    i think edited sprites would be cool here on the site because lots of fatality’s and friendships ‘n stuff are usually made with edited sprites.
    like subby shooting ice diagonally upward or something

  27. Brah Green says:

    mortal kombat mythologies sprites?

  28. LTDangerous says:

    Francisco, as has been said plenty of times, Chameleon and Khameleon are un-rippable.

  29. Ermac2222 says:

    Maybey now would be a good time too consider alowing custom sprites?

  30. nsomega says:

    murdoink i have a question, they are special finisher sprites in that mortal kombat advance game that i hear is so bad. will there be sprites for those odd finishers like ermacs computer in a box(bad pun)

  31. Jago2999 says:

    sry to double comment, but theres a MUCH easier way to gain access to the screen where you enter the code to get the character.
    all you do is lose, then when it goes to the continue screen, tap A 9 times to get to the screen
    when you start to enter the code, the clock goes faster to take the screen away from you quickly

  32. Error Macro says:

    what is sub-zero’s ice spike fatality? i don’t see it anywhere…

  33. BingD says:

    Are there gonna be anymore updates? Happy 2008, btw.

  34. Mr_Smoke says:

    When’s the next update gonna be?

  35. Tetra_Vega says:

    Come on man, you haven’t updated the site since last year… ^_^

  36. Anonymous says:

    Murdoink. are you dead?

  37. n8 says:

    wow hard work but really usefull thankz alot we all owe yu

  38. ermac2222 says:

    well I think that you should update

  39. blake says:

    were are you man i need an update init everyone

  40. big sub fan says:

    but do you guys have any idea when mk8 will come out

    and what will it be like

  41. Aaron Saeteurn says:

    When you do fatalities, how do you do them if there’s up arrows which causes you to jump and takes most of the time to do them? Is there a way? Please, I need to know

  42. blake says:

    who can do all the fatalities because i bloody cant
    its well hard

  43. alan says:

    hola!! como estan?? bueno yo quiro saber como poder jugar a mortal kombat trilogy 3 aca en la compu… si pueden me mandan la pagina noce si existe por q yo intente descargarlo pero no se puede juegar bueno respondanme bye

  44. alien1248 says:

    aww man. how do u do stage fatalities and fatalitites with up arrows in them. also animalitites look simple 2 do but there pretty much impossible. plzzzzzzzz help me……….

  45. jose says:

    hi help me in mortal kombat armageddon in kreate a fighter y imagination no is very good
    help me in kreate my fighter

  46. zebron says:

    you are great! can i help you murdoink? if somebody will help you this site will be very good how you rip sprites from mk123?

  47. ???????? says:

    the animality stuff dont work
    and it wont let me do the mercy

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