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Latest Updates

Long time no see, as promised updates are finally back, and this might be just a taste of things to come.

As always, credit goes to Maggo.
More updates like these should keep coming up in the future, unless you want another kind of updates, as always you can comment below with opinions and ideas.

33 responses to “MK1 Kano Sprites from MKT”

  1. Me says:

    yay updates again

    heres a crazy rquest:
    on to street fighter…
    nah just joking (unless u want to – in which case it was my idea)
    but great to see an update again

  2. Maggo says:

    I notice you didn’t me credit Murdoink. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t been in the MKO chat room as of late, it’s because I got banned until May 19th for calling Crow “emo”.

  3. Murdoink says:

    Uh, we still have a chatroom if you wanna come.

  4. ssub-zzero says:

    yeah updates ;)

    thx Murdoink.

  5. xplayermk says:

    Nice update. Theyre smaller though.

  6. interloko says:

    murdoink: do you recieve the mk 2 scorpion’s fatality blood

  7. Maggo says:

    How come you don’t have your chat mentioned anywhere on the site Mur?? And what’s the name of the chat, #MKW????

  8. BingD says:

    Holy crap! An update!

  9. Murdoink says:

    Got those sprites, interloko, they’ll be up soon enough.
    And the room is #mkwarehouse

  10. Timothy says:

    Maggo! When props and arenas?

  11. Jago2999 says:

    ooooo wats next up?

  12. AceKombat says:

    Finally MKW gets another update . Heh , updated the same day on my birthday also :) . I was wondering , did I ripped any of the sprites ? I think I remember doing the eletricuted sprites , kano doing heart rip fatality

  13. MastaFoo69 says:

    I think it would be wonderful if there were more GBA MK:TE and MK:DA (also the GBA version) sprite sheets avaliable. Somewhere online there are ones of Frost…

  14. BingD says:

    Can you get someone to rip that Sonya sprite from Shao Kahn’s arena in MK2? The one where she was chained up, I see you have the Kano one, but, I don’t see the Sonya one.

  15. Maggo says:

    BingD, those sprites are here. They’re on MK1 Sonya’s page.

  16. Ben says:

    Hi, … I only want to say that the following Fatalaty Movies dont´t work: Mortal kombat 2 JAX-Fatality 1: Head Clap, JOHNNY CAGE-Fatality 1: Torso Rip, KITANA-Fatality 2: Fan Decapitation, Mortal Kombat 3 CYRAX-Fatality 2: Self-destruction, SONYA-Fatality 1: Purple Haze !!! Maybe you can fix them. And an idea … what about Fatality Movies from MK Armageddon and Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks? That would be great! Best Regards from Germany, BEN!!!

  17. Francisco says:

    I need a fatality blood

  18. Legend_armlet says:

    To Ben:

    I already contacted Murdoink about that problem. But I never got any reply from him. I already even made new vids to fix that problem and posted them on an other side but I still wonder why he never downloaded them.

  19. Murdoink says:

    Hmm, I think I replied back, anyway I don’t check that email that often so when I did the download had expired.

  20. QueenSindel(TheBitch) says:

    I have a MAJOR request:

    Murdoink, why haven’t you posted all of the MKA versus pictures yet? Some of the characters are missing theirs still, like Sindel.

    Can you please post those soon?

  21. Murdoink says:

    Are we still missing some?
    I guess I should check that topic with cutouts on MKO.

  22. QueenSindel(TheBitch) says:

    Yes, thank you so much. Some characters still don’t have their MKA versus cut-outs, such as Sindel and Frost. I hope you get those soon. It would be great.

  23. swampcrash_unknown says:

    I have a meat sprite on my profile. so you can take it and put on this site if you want. will be really appreaciated!

  24. Bio says:

    plz start ripping sprites from the gba games i need them badly

  25. Pietro says:

    Thanx for this MKT kano sprites! :3

  26. deo1234 says:

    hwo can make recepies for MKA Kreate A Fighter???????

  27. james cross says:

    can you put ruby in the mk vs dc game

  28. ermac says:

    I hope ermac goes on this game.

  29. ermac says:

    ermac is the best

  30. ScorpionRocks says:

    Can you get johnny cage’s animated mortal kombat trilogy sprite?

  31. ADHAM says:

    look guys if u want to make a successful mortal kombat u have to make it a 2D game not 3D like street fighter its an good game,and u got to bring back the old characters with good fatalities like kano and kitana,jax but with a bette look like in mk3,noob siabot like in mk deception sonya,sindel,reptile but dont make him a lizird!make him a ninga or like in mk shaolin monks,ermac is great like in deception.look plz just try it i love mortal kombat soo much i just want to help u plz listen to me tell ed boon. if u dont want to try it plz inform me at my email or here.u know my email.( U.

  32. Proof says:

    are they gonna make a arcade stick for the ps3… for this epic fuckin game please make 1…..

  33. Proof says:


    K A B A L

    BETTER BE IN THIS GAME OR IMMMAAAAAAAA fuckin shoot my leg i swear.

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