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It’s official, the next installment of the Mortal Kombat series (previously known as Mortal Kombat 8) is now Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The first next-gen MK game will be a crossover with the DC Universe.
As of now, Mortal Kombat Online has made available the first promotional image of the game, which features Sub-Zero and Batman face-to-face.

I’ve made a new section for the game which will be filled with information as it’s made available, keep checking this site and Mortal Kombat Online for more news related to this new announcement.

58 responses to “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe revealed!”

  1. AcId says:

    Yay what garbage…………….

  2. Rodd says:

    Woah! I don’t believe!!!

  3. AlvMar0122 says:

    Wow Awesome!! BTw, do you know what story will it involve?? Since i just can´t think of a story related to both MK and DC :P

  4. liukang says:

    It’s the worst news about MK universe.(((

  5. Trevor Cutler says:

    first trailer online.

  6. Sm0keH says:

    This is gonna be awesome to me. I’ve been waiting for a crossover. Woot!

  7. WeaponTheory says:

    I wish this was a late April Fools joke, but it’s not -_- So much for a dark and serious MK game.

  8. jose says:

    is true o not

  9. TheAfrokidAnimator says:

    wow, how disapointing. Very depressing news of MK. This is a stupid point for mortal kombat, Armageddon WAS the end of MK


    Mortal Kombat Series

  10. LTDangerous says:

    You know what’d be fun? If people would wait until we have more than one trailer on this game before criticising it. That’s just a crazy idea though, huh?

  11. Timothy says:

    Sub-Zero vs. Batman
    Scorpion vs. Superman

    But in MK8 have a character Rain!!!

  12. vwkiller1412 says:

    i think this has potential….cant wait to see dc heroes fatalities

  13. Jago2999 says:

    this doesn’t look so bad
    i mean, there has never been an MK crossover, so yeah
    it’ll be good cuz if its “Teen” rated, then more kids will buy it cuz their parents only said “Teen or lower”

    but anywho, Subby’s in it, so ill buy it

  14. kotsios says:

    i have mixed feelings about this i am very dissapointed that the mk series will destroyed with this but i hope the game will be good…….but still i am very sad and dissapointed together………….

  15. Bury says:

    AceKombat, interloko, Murdoink and other site members. Will you rip Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero sprites? Thanks a lot.

  16. kung lao says:

    it would be better if was mk vs. marvel universe

  17. interloko says:

    sorry but not me Bury. i’m too busy and those will be useless for mugen (due to “bad” quality)
    but there are ppl riping mkm sprites ;)

  18. Godzilla says:

    Show some love rip some mkm quan chi sprites we need them

  19. Jago2999 says:

    interloko Says:
    April 26th, 2008 at 9:23 pm
    sorry but not me Bury. i’m too busy and those will be useless for mugen (due to “bad” quality)
    but there are ppl riping mkm sprites ;)

    But not for animations….

  20. FuntikX says:

    WOW.. Mortal Clownbat..

  21. stro8888 says:

    i cat belive you fags are gonna do this to all the MK fans NO FATALTIES FUCK YOU

  22. stro8888 says:


  23. joe says:

    They should have done Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter, not this DC CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. interloko says:

    yes but dc characters haven’t been in fighting games, so then it’s easy to make them in mk style, if you mix mk and sf then you must put in super moves and that kind of stuff to make them in a single style.
    anyways… i miss killer instinct ;)

  25. haz says:

    joe i completely agree with you, mortal kombat vs street fighter would be a much better concept!

  26. Feancisco says:

    Not only has to be Sub-Zero vs Batman or Scorpion vs SuperMan, there must also be Sonya vs WonderWoman, Jax vs Hulk Shao Kahn vs Onslaught, Goro vs Thanos and Shang Tsung vs Magneto.

    Hallé una página donde sale MK3 Fire Props and MK3 Blood Props.

  27. BingD says:

    Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter would have been better. Seeing Sub-Zero & Ryu face-to-face would have made me go O.O, but, Sub-Zero and Batman made me go -.-

  28. FREEZE says:


  29. FREEZE says:


  30. FREEZE says:

    put up some MKSM SPIRITS do them like mk1,mk2&mk3 but with DECEPTION ERMAC,NOOB,
    SMOKE,JADE,MILEENA&KITANA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH&MKM CHARACTERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. broncoburst says:

    it is going to be awesome better than any other game since tekken.

  32. FREEZE says:

    do an MKSM section on more games

  33. Mouse555 says:

    Awesome, it looks like this game will be sweet. Better make sure the DC characters are good enough to be a Mortal Kombat 8, like Spwan, he cool and burtal enough. Mortal Kombat better have old Liu Kang back the way he use to be….Sub-zero and batman are awesome and now i’m waiting 4 scropin and superman….

  34. BingD says:

    I’ve spotted an error in mk3’s screenshots

    “Sektos versus Shao Kahn”

  35. zebron says:

    i think this game couldnt be good..

  36. joe says:

    I still can’t believe that Ed Boon is doing this. C’mon, like what fatality is batman going to have. Out of darkness he summons all sorts of bats to go bite the opponent up and give them rabies and then
    the opponent chokes on the foam that comes out of their mouth. That would be SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. joe says:


  38. FREEZE says:

    beat’s me

  39. Error Macro says:

    We could use more MKA versus poses like Frost and Li Mei.

  40. Cipher44 says:

    Wow! This is the coolest idea for a fighting game since Shaq-Fu!!!!

    Here’s what I’ve heard: there will be no fatalities, or at least no gory fatalities – it’s possible some kind of finishers will be in there, but nothing crazy-brutal-extreme, mostly due to the licensing issues and the way it would look if, say, Sub-Zero ripped out Batman’s spine or Scorpion torched Superman with a Toasty. I could possibly see the Joker squirting acid in somebody’s face, but they likely wouldn’t even do that.

    Overall the idea’s misguided at best, downright stupid at worst; an MK vs. SF would have made more sense if they had to do a crossover, but really they should have just overhauled the fighting system and gave us a nice shiny new stand-alone MK. This is a bad direction to be going in. Just my two cents.

  41. Howard Jones says:

    Hey guys im Howard Jones,I heard recently that

    there maybe a possible mortal kombat 4 and if its a movie can

    i be like one of the music composers of the soundtrack coming up

    i have a catalogne of little over a 1,000 just in one year of 2007,my stuff has been in

    games,films i just thought since i been a huge respectable fan of your guys legancy of mortal kombat that maybe i could help or somehow be part of it also

  42. FREEZE says:


  43. AceKombat says:

    This is the end of Mortal Kombat as we know it . Thanks for selling out Ed Boon ! ! !

  44. i know your gane mortal kombat vs dc is going to be popular but you should have made mortal kombat redemption after armgeddon was made based on liu kang after he defeted the the evil raden and the other evil demon.

  45. evil_emporer says:

    *sigh* I hate MK fighting DC. As long as it’s non-canon I guess. I would like to see MK Vs. Marvel too though. There are a lot more similarities between the two. Marvel also has more similarities with MK. Think about it!

    Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion (Do I have to say anything?)
    Captain America Vs. Kung Lao (Hat and Shield throw)
    Wolverine VS. Baraka (Claws and Blades)
    Elektra VS. Mileena (Sais as weapons)
    Hulk VS. Goro (Both very powerful beings that can be destructive)
    Raiden VS. Thor (Gods that use lightning)
    Iron Man vs. Sektor (Use technology and can fly)

    They can relate to them more. I still hate to think that Liu Kang could walk into Batman at any time though.

  46. ryan says:

    you can not denie anything till you’ve tryed it, give the game a chance it is possible it cud be the best but myself just hopes its better than armageddon and i also wished it was mk vs somthing else than dc but never no it mite be the next best game…lol

  47. gariann says:

    quit change people on and off they took a lot of characters because they done it they put johnny cage, raiden, kung lao, ermac, reptile, rain, nightwolf, jade.

  48. ??????? says:


  49. ??????? says:

    Very much it would be desirable to see such persons as Motaro for MK3, the Poisonous ivy, Kano, the UGLY PENGUIN, Lex Luter, Dark Side, Two-face, the Riddler, KINTARO, goro, SIN TZU, RASH ALGU, Kabal, Smok, BANE, Lava Man, Gigant BAT, frightened
    ARENAS:?????? A joker, a room shan tsung, the water drain of the penguin, base speceal force, a temple of light, a den goro, place Kano, den Motaro.

  50. ??????? says:

    ABOUT TO GAME:??????? she will not be such stupid and children’s as SHAOLIN MONKS or armageddon? At GAME necessarily there should be a CENSORSHIP, CRUELTY AND AGE RESTRICTION is not MORE YOUNGER 24???!… OR is MORE SENIOR!

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