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It’s official, the next installment of the Mortal Kombat series (previously known as Mortal Kombat 8) is now Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The first next-gen MK game will be a crossover with the DC Universe.
As of now, Mortal Kombat Online has made available the first promotional image of the game, which features Sub-Zero and Batman face-to-face.

I’ve made a new section for the game which will be filled with information as it’s made available, keep checking this site and Mortal Kombat Online for more news related to this new announcement.

58 responses to “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe revealed!”

  1. saicho says:

    oi the game is really hot !!! and I can feel it!!!

  2. Karl says:

    everyone first thought this game was gonna be a disaster……………but as time increased…..more fans began to love it…….i can’t wait until it’s out………..

  3. Akate Hobeni says:

    Hey give eddy a break, ya know, I saw on youtube that superman is actually weak agoinst magic and, that since mk is full of sorcery superman will be at a lower lvl. besides, if my bio were accepted by mk makers, this whole thing would make sense, the end of armageddon and the whole vs dc would have a connection. about halfa yu guys are dolts, maby more dan half, isnt it understandable that dc and mk were pulled together? raiden and shazam have similiar abilities too. and any way, the good and bad are on both sides are actually buddies for once. one more thing, LAY OFF THE GUY! HE’S DOING HIS BEST TO MAKE A NEW HIT! personally i look forward to the new game, i think ill ask my sister to get it for me for xmas since shes in the states.

  4. Akate Hobeni says:

    ya know it sucks that i cant play yet, but my buddies Korizan and Chiga and i have come up with characters that make a lot of sense, me im a harakiri, Korizan is frozen on the inside to preserve his internal structure, and Chiga is a vampire so the 3 of us are immortal!

  5. Akate Hobeni says:

    Hey wait aminute doesnt death whatshisface look kinda like slade and deadpool?

  6. RULY says:



    MK vs DCU

    al principio yo crey que el juego hera una locura al combinar PERSONAJES DE (dU) pense que hera una idea absurda que quedaria mejor con
    killer instict o con tekken
    pense tambien que

    estaria el cotorreo SUPER MAN vs Sub-zero= no manches que locura

    pero me dije ami mismo seria la misma locura

    COMO EN MARVEL VS CAPCOM ver a Mega-Man peliando contra HULK

    pero despues de todo
    ESTE JUEGO ES una base de algo increible para los fans
    ya que es una idea magnifica y muy buena
    es algo nuebo que me llamo mucho la atencion es algo sensillamente chilo

    y apesar que es el primer CrossOver de MIDWAY mk) ES DE LO MEJOR Y SABEN

    suena fantastico el juego
    nuebas espectatibas de combate y porfin mi sueño patearle el trasero a SUPER-MAN


    este juego lo comprare resien salga sin duda lo comprare
    ya que creo que sera uno de los mejores juegos de la temporada ..

  7. Akate Hobeni says:

    mi no hablar espanol.

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