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Have you seen the kickass Mortal Kombat Armageddon wallpaper? Judging by how Rain looks I retract from my previous “Rain sucks” statement.
Anyway, this isn’t about Rain, it’s about:

New Animations and Sprites!

Thanks to Daniel Wandin for those Raiden Animations, MKII props, MKII Cage sprites and Shao Kahn spritesheet were ripped by Maggo, MK1 Cage’s shadow kick sprite was ripped by ]{0MBAT and finally, that weird secret prop from The Portal was ripped by the cheat master AceKombat.
Upcoming updates will contain Goro sprites from MKT, MKII Smoke and UMK3 Scorpion sprites, I will now try to focus on finishing up uncomplete sections, (like MKM) and also update MKO’s Games Section.

PS: I’ll have this space to answer some questions I’ve seen in previous comments:
Q: When are the projectiles being posted?
A: Projectiles are temporary in each game props’ page, when I’ve got the spritesheet for a character I include his/her projectiles in the spritesheet, although I’ve forgot to do this in recent spritesheet, it will get fixed.

Q: Are you gonna have MKMythologies sprites? Are you gonna have sounds in your site?
A: I don’t know if the site will feature MKM sprites, same thing with Sounds.

Q: Where do you get all these awesome sprites?
A: We take screenshots from MAME while playing the game, pro sprite rippers use cheats to remove the background layer and get a clean sprite that they after put in a png/gif file with transparent background (alpha layer).

Q: Why do sprites show up with a white/pink background?
A: That’s because you’re browsing the site with Internet Explorer, which actually sucks because it doesn’t understand the transparent layer for PNGs, you can either switch to Firefox or wait for IE7 to be released.

Q: Did you have a good vacation?
A: Hell yeah, I even went to the Infernet :P

Q: Hey, can you get -insert character name here- sprites now?
A: No. I mean, yeah, but not now, sprite rippers rip sprites in their own order, obviously the most popular character get ripped first. In case of the site we’ve tried to go along with this schedule: MK1, Bosses, MK2, MK3, and so on.

That would be all for now, see you in a next update.

56 responses to “Spritesheets and Animations day”

  1. -doesn't want 2 say- says:

    YES MURDOINK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL OMFG YES’HALLUELA’
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111
    JOY 2 DA WERLD!!! LANDdddddd offfff hope anddddd GLorrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee

  2. sub-zero says:

    Thanx AMB i will try your suggestion intell i find a other way & if I do i will let you know.

  3. sub-zero says:

    ohhhh my bad i forgot about the new sprites thanx man.

  4. Gijoker says:

    Will an MKT’s Cage spritesheet be posted? Rain has more sprites to be ripped, he still needs his head inflation and quite a few others. Do you think someone can try ripping sprites from mk4? I know the idea sounds ridiculous but I think it could work. Finally, can you post up MK4 Strip and allow users to post mk4 skins?

  5. Gjoker I’ve got MK4 on PC but I don’t know how to rip sprites offa CD-Roms! Ya mind tellin’ me!

  6. Not just Gjoker please anyone who knows. I’ll just check at the Kombat pavillion for now

  7. massacre says:

    thanks dude. Been waiting for of Kahn’s sprites!

  8. -doesn't want 2 say- says:

    hmmm…Yeah, Good Job Murdoink…HOWEVEr…you are missing a few sprites from shao kahn, NOT A LOT THOUGH, all u r missing is shao kahn pointing down 2 his opponent, no hard fellings, just post dem whenever you can ok, bye. P.S. thxs for the MKT prop, now i can use that for the AceKombatRulez Komic.

  9. AMB says:

    Wow, this truly a Huge update. Those sprites were really needed. The animations are really cool, plus, there are really a lot. Cool update man.

    P.S: Sub-zero, if you find a better way, please tell me, the paint method works but to paint each white part of the sprite needs a lot of patience.

  10. Murdoink says:

    I wish I had MKStrip.
    Kahn pointing down is here

  11. sub-zero says:

    Murdoink i think you are missing some mk2 johnney cage throw sprites.

  12. sub-zero says:

    oh & it almost let me slip my mind i think your also missing 1 friendship sprite for mk2 johnny cage the one where he hands the autograph to the screen

  13. Tetra_Vega says:

    You’re missing Kahn’s shadow effect too.

    Here’s a solution I do, for the sprites that become transparent with the white. I use Print screen, then paste them into my art program(I’m stuck with Paint) then cut out the sprites I want. That way they’re not clashing with the white bg. Just remember to make the bg 1 solid color, but never a color the sprite uses.

  14. WeaponX says:

    O.o omg teh Cage Friendship isnt complete! :'(
    The only thing missing is when the paper falls down the screen. (based on the video)
    I mean, I dunno if you really wanna go full detail on the performing sprites.

  15. -doesn't want 2 say- says:

    I also realized, My Buddy, NitrousNintendo64 is komin 4 a visit from 1up, he’s really buzy making sum comics, Now here’s the Pun of the review, Reptile!

    Reptile Says:
    ‘Math’ is the problem.
    ‘sum’ numbers are stupid.
    wow look at the ‘add.’

    thats it.
    P.S. Anyone love pranks, type the users name & then say wut u want, IT CAN GET U A HUGE AMOUNT OF TROUBLE, give it a try, Prank Masters.

    remember: * = Prank person, plz due this for Prank masters & begginers, you’ll find out soon enough.

    Ex: *Murdoink* that means a fake Murdoink

  16. Gijoker says:

    ahem Murdoink here you go MK4 strip. Now hopefully we see a section to post skins and stuff. Credit goes to Mortalman.

  17. Can someone answer my question? Murdoink? Someone, please tell me!! Kombat Pavillion got nuthin’ ’bout rippin’!

  18. sub-zero says:

    sub-zero confused? wtf does that mean kung lao not kung pow!

  19. AMB says:

    Tha only thing I discover about it is that is has to be with the spritesheet of a character from mortal kombat deadly alliance.
    Pretty funny and hard

  20. NitrousNintendo64 says:

    Hey Murdoink, Since you’re Workin in MKII After all, i Request the following:
    Blue Portal Stage
    Kahn’s Arena W/o Kahn Sitting in chair(4 sum reasin, i cant connect it w/ the prop w/ kahn in chair)
    Clouds Prop from the Tower & Animated Tower stage
    Whatever you can throw in.
    P.S. That Shao Kahn sitting prop you have (on chair) it doesn’t have the horns on the stick(At first when i saw the Kahn’s Arena, i didnt notice the Side-Horns at first)
    I might have the opporitunity to send you the SNES Version Cloud Prop, I Might have ZSNES
    so i’ll see what i can doo. Also plz send me a way 2 contact you Ex.
    other wise i can’t send you it :'(
    Have Ace-Kombat 2 help you, since he’s the KING OF RIPPING
    & ]{ombat 2 help anyway ya can
    (sorry 4 long speech, Good Guess, AMB)

  21. Arctic says:

    uh…where are the fonts?

  22. German MK Fan says:

    very excellent job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Murdoink, you should tell how to unlock people in Deception. I go to a website it ain’t even right!

  24. AMB says:

    Mmm… Maybe he´s right Murd. BTW “Kung lao not Kung pao”, take it easy,calm yourself.

    Now that I remeber, Murdoink, you used to have cheats, secrets, codes, etc, for almost all the games from MK (in you last version of MKW). Maybe you can use the same cheats and put the ones from MKD. Until then, “Kun lao not kung pow”,You can search for the game faqs or, I think there is a part for MKD in MK online, there you can find moves, walktrough(for Konquest), and the kript with all the things that can be unlock, and how to unlock them.

  25. AMB says:

    OK OK OK¡¡¡¡, NOW CALM YOURSELF, THERE IS NO NEED TO SAY ALL THAT. Don´t start a fight in other guy´s website.

  26. AMB says:

    ÁND DON´T SAY YOU DON´T HAVE FRIENDS. The guy that has the nickname “doesn´t want 2 say” seem to support you very much.

  27. -doesn't want 2 say- says:


  28. AMB says:


    And I care about Nintendo, I don´t really like the PS, so just calm down, it´s not that nobody want to hang out with you, the thing is that “Kung Lao not Kung Pow” is pissed of for no reason, just for a comment you said.

  29. massacre says:

    Murdoink, I WAS THINKING, Do you think maybe you rip some background form the pit 2 Where they where following and hit the ground, do you think you can get that background!

  30. AMB says:

    How you support Nitrous??? Well, you introduced him to this eeehh.. forum we can say. You seem to know him well.

    ” I also realized, MY BUDDY, NitrousNintendo64 is komin 4 a visit from 1up, he’s really buzy making sum comics” This was what you said 2 days ago.

    and BTw means By the Way, just to let you know ;)

  31. AMB says:

    “it’s supposed 2 be a tomb dragon” “it may become bumpy once i submit it”

    Yes, you are right, looks pretty cool. Could be used for a gamefaq(of course, of mortal kombat).

  32. AMB says:

    BTW, I have been reading some of you other comments. You are asking to help Nitrous to create a web site. Mmm… I remember that at school they taught me to create web sites using tripod, I couldn´t do it because all the computers were fucked up, so I Can´t help you with that.
    Now, about installing MK2 un Zsnes… it´s easy, all what you have to do, is to put the rom in the same file were the emulator is. If you want to rip sprites using Zsnes, you can press the numbers on your keyboard to make the background dissappear(only from 1 to 5, 6 is to take out the sprite)
    When you have the sprite you want you can press F1 to make the snapshots option appear, and there you decide what to do.

  33. jj says:

    ya thanx murdoink for the sprties

  34. Gijoker says:

    Dont bother with MK4 strip guys my friend is fixing it up since its commands arent working

  35. Murdoink says:


  36. AMB says:

    Have you just erased most comments from NitrousNintendo 64 crying???

  37. AMB says:

    But if he erases the fight, he will erase half of this comments. Well, but no one needs to know about this fight last night, becuase in first place, it has nothing to do with the update he made.

  38. somedude says:

    please get umk3 sub zero sprites here

  39. AMB says:

    Can I ask you kung… what song???

  40. AMB says:

    Hey Murdoink, I´ve been noticing something, in most of the fatalities from MKII and MK3, you don´t put the distance were you have to perform the fatality.

  41. AMB says:

    Wow, Murdoink really hates flood. (yesterday 55 coments, today 41)

  42. massacre says:

    Murdoink, I didn’t know you were in Pavilion. I just saw your animation.

  43. Vash_15 says:

    How do I get in touch with ]{0mbat

  44. sub-zero738 says:

    Murdoink i think your missing a spites from mk1 kano.doesnt he have sprites were he gets his balls hit.

  45. Talksick says:

    Thanks Murdoink for the update, I will be looking foward to making movies. Just try to get full sprite sheets from Sorpion and Sub zero in UMK3. Thanks so much, I’ll see you guys later.


  46. Charlie says:

    Yo dude, check out the new update… kinda slow but acceptable…

  47. Hayabusa says:

    Yo man, I don´t see a new update

  48. AMB says:

    What new update? I don´t see nothing… and what do you mean with kinda slow?

  49. jj says:

    :D mister angry face

  50. nobrainer says:

    Will you ever update the blood and body parts page? I like the work you’re putting in to gathering the player sprites, but do you ever plan to order the blood properly, so that it’s easier animate using the sprites? Right now, it’s pretty jumbled up and there’s some blood sprites missing.

    Nice work on these updates, as I said before, but there is one more thing you might want to sort out: Kahn’s hammer swing sprites are missing part of the hammer. I don’t why this is the case or if it’s supposed to be like that in game, but I just thought I’d tell you.

    BTW, I’m really glad you got the Cage sprites finished!

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