Mortal Kombat 11

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Last Update: Nov 17, 2020


Baraka: You challenge me for the tribe?
Baraka: By the rules of the Katka Rakatan!
Baraka: I shall feast on your flesh.

Baraka: What sorcery is this?
Baraka: I would ask you the same, 'Baraka'.
Baraka: You will die first.

Baraka: Can you prove you're one of us?
Baraka: You'll know from the taste of my blades.
Baraka: Spoken like a true Tarkatan.

Baraka: How do we both exist?
Baraka: Time has been broken.
Baraka: Are you my past or future?

Baraka: Tiny Earthrealmer.
Cassie Cage: Size doesn't matter, Baraka.
Baraka: In Outworld, it does.

Baraka: The Chosen One!
Cassie Cage: Stop, you're flattering me.
Baraka: Slaying you will be an honor.

Baraka: YOU defeated Shinnok?
Cassie Cage: Come on over and find out how.
Baraka: As you wish, human.

Baraka: Speak plainly, Goddess.
Cetrion: I will bring Tarkata peace.
Baraka: War is our way of life.

Baraka: Why are you here, Cetrion?
Cetrion: I beg you, obey Kronika.
Baraka: She's no friend to Tarkata.

Baraka: I'll have your brain and heart.
D'Vorah: Dreaming of revenge for your future?
Baraka: Not dreaming, executing.

Baraka: Your kind are vermin, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn say that of Tarkatans.
Baraka: I will kill you all.

Baraka: There's soon to be a stabbing.
D'Vorah: And you will be the victim, Baraka.
Baraka: Shut up and die, bug!

Baraka: Why come to Outworld?
Erron Black: Why to meet exotic folks like yerself.
Baraka: By 'exotic', you mean 'primitive'.

Baraka: Tarkata hasn't forgotten, Black.
Erron Black: Be wise not to snap my garters.
Baraka: I'll snap your neck.

Baraka: You'll be a good practice dummy.
Frost: I am the future of pain, Baraka!
Baraka: More like future of scrap metal.

Baraka: I hate cold things.
Frost: I am no 'thing', beast.
Baraka: You are meat, Frost.

Baraka: How did you find us?
Fujin: The tribe camped upwind, Baraka.
Baraka: Heads will roll.

Baraka: Earthrealm is still in Tarkata's sights.
Fujin: You would ignore Kitana Kahn's will?
Baraka: We can change her mind.

Baraka: I'll cut you down, Geras.
Geras: Be assured I will rise again.
Baraka: Then I'll dice you to smaller pieces.

Baraka: Have you been impaled?
Geras: In myriad ways, Baraka.
Baraka: I'll try to surprise you.

Baraka: Speak your joke to my face.
Jacqui: Grandmother, what big teeth you have!
Baraka: My Grandmother's were the biggest!

Baraka: Daughter of Earthrealm.
Jacqui: And proud of it, Buckteeth.
Baraka: These teeth will rend your flesh.

Baraka: You've earned Tarkata's loyalty, Jade.
Jade: I only did what was right.
Baraka: It took strength to defy Kotal.

Baraka: I'd think twice about being Kotal's bride.
Jade: And why is that, Baraka?
Baraka: If he betrays Tarkata, you will suffer.

Baraka: If Kitana cheats us, Tarkata will rise.
Jade: She's never shown disloyalty, Baraka.
Baraka: Except to the Kahn who raised her.

Baraka: Outworld will claim Earthrealm.
Jax: Not if I've got anything to say about it.
Baraka: You won't say much without a tongue!

Baraka: We are at war, human!
Jax: Good thing I'm Earthrealm's best soldier.
Baraka: Your head will be Shao Kahn's trophy!

Baraka: Do you know what I am?
Johnny Cage: Cannibal humanoid under-dweller?
Baraka: I am death, you imp!

Baraka: Where are your weapons?
Johnny Cage: My body's my weapon, Fang Face.
Baraka: Ha! Then you fight unarmed.

Baraka: Your skin will make fine leather.
Johnny Cage: It better, I paid enough for it.
Baraka: I'll enjoy wearing you.

Baraka: What are you supposed to be?
Joker: Some call me the Harlequin of Hate.
Baraka: You'll make a good snack.

Baraka: Now I remember you.
Joker: It's awfully hard to forget this face.
Baraka: I plan to wear it.

Baraka: I will flay you for Kotal.
Kabal: It was Kano, not me, that double-crossed him.
Baraka: It's enough you're also Black Dragon.

Baraka: You're no faster than a Tarkatan.
Kabal: Put your money where that big mouth is.
Baraka: I'll put my blades in yours.

Baraka: No one trusts you, Kano.
Kano: Who needs trust when you've got leverage?
Baraka: You have none on Tarkata!

Baraka: What happened to your eye?
Kano: Special Forces bastard took it.
Baraka: I'll take the other one.

Baraka: My people are skeptical.
Kitana: I am not Shao Kahn, Baraka.
Baraka: Words. We need deeds.

Baraka: You offer equal rights to Tarkatans?
Kitana: To Outworlders of all races.
Baraka: Sounds too good to be true, Kitana.

Baraka: Mileena's blood was Tarkatan.
Kitana: She was created to spite me.
Baraka: Shao Kahn improved on the original.

Baraka: We've both drawn Kotal's ire.
Kollector: Yet you were the only one killed.
Baraka: I need no reminder.

Baraka: I can see you're jealous.
Kollector: I should command Shao Kahn's armies.
Baraka: First prove yourself in kombat.

Baraka: Why so confident?
Kollector: I always collect, Baraka.
Baraka: You will leave empty-handed.

Baraka: You'll keep your promises, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: If not, my life is forfeit.
Baraka: On that we agree.

Baraka: Trust will not come easily.
Kotal Kahn: The wind blows both ways, Baraka.
Baraka: Then we should both be careful.

Baraka: All of Tarkata reveres Jade.
Kotal Kahn: An honor richly deserved.
Baraka: You, on the other hand.

Baraka: How is Shao Kahn not dead?
Kotal Kahn: He escaped as we attacked Kronika.
Baraka: Then we must brace for war.

Baraka: Heir to the Great Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: The family legend precedes me.
Baraka: It ends with your death.

Baraka: Nay aka ratakka tahar kombat.
Kung Lao: All I understood from that was 'kombat'.
Baraka: Then you understand enough.

Baraka: It is a battle of blades.
Kung Lao: My hat's blade has greater range.
Baraka: But you only have one.

Baraka: You move like Reptile.
Liu Kang: My style is inspired by dragons.
Baraka: Can you also spit fire?

Baraka: Say your prayers, monk.
Liu Kang: I'm more of a fighting monk.
Baraka: Then my prayers are answered.

Baraka: I remember our fight at the pier.
Liu Kang: And I the kidnapped Shaolin masters.
Baraka: This time, Raiden won't save you.

Baraka: You belong with the tribe.
Mileena: I belong with my father, Baraka.
Baraka: Your blood is ours, not his.

Baraka: Join us against the Emperor.
Mileena: And forever curtsy to my sister?
Baraka: Better Kitana's partner than Shao Kahn's slave.

Baraka: The Matoka are also a tribe.
Nightwolf: Yes. But we've never fed off war.
Baraka: Now who ignores his past?

Baraka: Our tribes should meet in kombat.
Nightwolf: Why, Baraka?
Baraka: So Tarkata may feast.

Baraka: I despise ghosts.
Noob Saibot: Superstitious Tarkatan.
Baraka: Return to the Ten Hells!

Baraka: What shaman summoned you?
Noob Saibot: The dark one, Quan Chi.
Baraka: Be gone, demon.

Baraka: Kitana demands I make peace with you.
Raiden: Then why fight me, Baraka?
Baraka: I must kill you to achieve it.

Baraka: You are not welcome in Outworld, Raiden.
Raiden: Kitana Kahn says otherwise.
Baraka: She does not speak for Tarkata.

Baraka: You pillaged the tribe's winter lands.
Rain: My soldiers cannot fight on empty stomachs.
Baraka: Their flesh will fill ours!

Baraka: Our armies fought to a draw.
Rain: A testament to my tactical brilliance.
Baraka: Your death will end the stalemate!

Baraka: You look like a warrior.
Rambo: I have scars inside and out.
Baraka: Soon you will have more!

Baraka: Do you also relish kombat?
Rambo: I'd rather give it a rest.
Baraka: You'll have none today, human!

Baraka: My blades will shred your metal.
Robocop: Assaulting an officer is a felony.
Baraka: You won't live to report my 'crime'.

Baraka: What in the Ten Hells are you?
Robocop: The future of law enforcement.
Baraka: Ha! You'll soon be a scrap heap.

Baraka: We've never met in kombat.
Scorpion: Our clans have no quarrel, Baraka.
Baraka: Keep it that way, Scorpion.

Baraka: A ninja against a Tarkatan?
Scorpion: We are Earthrealm's best-trained warriors.
Baraka: Tarkatans are born warriors.

Baraka: I saw you fight in the Koliseum.
Scorpion: Sub-Zero bested me that day.
Baraka: You'll fare no better today.

Baraka: I have a place for you.
Shang Tsung: Stop posturing, Baraka.
Baraka: You can go on the meat cart.

Baraka: Shape-shifter.
Shang Tsung: Wasteland cretin.
Baraka: I prefer 'Wasteland Impaler'.

Baraka: We are warriors, you made us serfs.
Shao Kahn: Better serfs than corpses, Baraka.
Baraka: Not for Tarkatans.

Baraka: Tarkata demands respect, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: You'll get the back of my hand.
Baraka: We are done fearing you.

Baraka: You are alone, Emperor.
Shao Kahn: Outworld rallies to my standard.
Baraka: Even the Shokan desert you.

Baraka: It's possible to win Tarkata back.
Shao Kahn: By washing your feet like Kotal?
Baraka: Learn from his example, Emperor.

Baraka: Accept Tarkatans as equals.
Sheeva: We are all equals in the Kahn's eyes.
Baraka: How about equals in kombat?

Baraka: Did Goro become Onaga's vessel?
Sheeva: Yes, and he nearly scorched Outworld.
Baraka: Has Onaga's power tempted you?

Baraka: Tarkatans are slaves no longer.
Sindel: Kitana has made you servants.
Baraka: We are allies, not servants.

Baraka: Empress Sindel?
Sindel: Grovel and serve me, swine.
Baraka: You'll be served on a platter.

Baraka: So Shao Kahn's replaced me.
Skarlet: He can count on my loyalty.
Baraka: But he'll not repay it.

Baraka: Blood magic's worth nothing.
Skarlet: It's enough to best you, Tarkatan.
Baraka: You underestimate my blades.

Baraka: Your first fight was impressive.
Skarlet: It's why Shao Kahn taught me blood magic.
Baraka: It's become your crutch, Skarlet.

Baraka: You lead your tribe?
Sonya: I'm moving up the ladder.
Baraka: Your death will be warning to them.

Baraka: I will not negotiate.
Sonya: Kitana said you would talk.
Baraka: Not with humans.

Baraka: Your meat smells burned.
Spawn: Try deep-fried in Hellfire.
Baraka: Eh, that passes for edible.

Baraka: Do you bleed?
Spawn: Bring those blades over and find out.
Baraka: I like this test.

Baraka: I'll pick your bones clean.
Sub-Zero: Savagery is no match for skill.
Baraka: The savage eat the skilled.

Baraka: We meet again.
Sub-Zero: It's a long way from the tournament.
Baraka: We can still fight.

Baraka: The Lin Kuei betray Shao Kahn.
Sub-Zero: We owe nothing to him.
Baraka: You will honor Sektor's promises.

Baraka: What did Cage teach you to call me?
Terminator: An ugly motherfucker.
Baraka: I will eat him alive!

Baraka: You've never fought a Tarkatan.
Terminator: If you bleed, I can kill you.
Baraka: Ha! A delusional machine.

Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage: Just read your file, Baraka.
Baraka: My 'file', Earthrealmer?
Cassie Cage: Idiot's guide to kicking your ass.

Cassie Cage: Those teeth could use a dentist.
Baraka: I pick my own, woman.
Cassie Cage: That explains your gingivitis!

Cassie Cage: Dude! You're so metal, Baraka.
Baraka: Mettle is proved in kombat!
Cassie Cage: Why do I even try with you?

Cassie Cage: My god, pinch me.
Cassie Cage: You're wide awake.
Cassie Cage: Invasion of the body snatchers!

Cassie Cage: No way!
Cassie Cage: I'm totally you, dude!
Cassie Cage: Maybe an Evil Robot Me.

Cassie Cage: Oh cool, mirror match!
Cassie Cage: I love these, Cass, don't you?
Cassie Cage: I know, so meta!

Cassie Cage: One minute you're at Joshua Tree.
Cassie Cage: Next you're fighting demons?
Cassie Cage: Inner demons, looks like.

Cassie Cage: You remind me of someone.
Cassie Cage: Little on the nose, don't you think?
Cassie Cage: Given the situation, no.

Cassie Cage: Beverly Hills High?
Cassie Cage: Class of 2010, valedictorian.
Cassie Cage: Yeah, uh, me too.

Cassie Cage: You're with the good guys, right?
Cetrion: I am steward of Kronika's vision.
Cassie Cage: And here I thought we'd be pals.

Cassie Cage: Wait, you're Shinnok's sister?!
Cetrion: Even Elder Gods have kin.
Cassie Cage: There is, like, no family resemblance.

Cassie Cage: When'll you quit bugging me, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: Once This One ingests you.
Cassie Cage: You're going hungry today.

Cassie Cage: Here for a rematch?
D'Vorah: A death match, Earthrealmer.
Cassie Cage: Your life insurance paid up?

Cassie Cage: Used to collect bugs like you.
D'Vorah: This One shall return the favor.
Cassie Cage: Good luck pinning me down.

Cassie Cage: This your idea of flirting, Erron?
Erron Black: Easy, sugar, just bein' friendly.
Cassie Cage: This is me swiping left.

Cassie Cage: Lose those guns and what've you got?
Erron Black: Try takin' 'em and I'll show ya.
Cassie Cage: Game on, country boy.

Cassie Cage: Hey there Elsa, what's up?
Frost: Why does everyone call me that?
Cassie Cage: Oh honey, let me help you.

Cassie Cage: Didn't we have this fight?
Frost: It'll end differently, you spoiled princess.
Cassie Cage: Yeah, I'll knock you out cold faster.

Cassie Cage: You said it would be easy, Fujin.
Fujin: Did you think we would come and go like the wind?
Cassie Cage: Yes, I thought that was your whole damned point.

Cassie Cage: Uncle Jax says you two used to hang out.
Fujin: Like Bo' Rai Cho, I enjoy a good time.
Cassie Cage: How are you a demi-god like Raiden?

Cassie Cage: By order of the Special Forces, leave.
Geras: You have no authority over me.
Cassie Cage: My fists beg to differ.

Cassie Cage: Jeez, Geras, gotta kill you again?
Geras: This is my billionth life cycle.
Cassie Cage: Ugh, that sounds exhausting.

Cassie Cage: What's our sparring record?
Jacqui: We're tied, five and five.
Cassie Cage: So this is match point.

Cassie Cage: I'm your commanding officer now.
Jacqui: So when do I get promoted?
Cassie Cage: First, you gotta kick my ass.

Cassie Cage: Long time no spar, Jacqui.
Jacqui: Don't blame ring rust for losing.
Cassie Cage: This Cage doesn't rust!

Cassie Cage: At ease, soldier.
Jacqui: Letting rank go to your head, Commander.
Cassie Cage: Yeah it's the Cage in me.

Cassie Cage: You really pull off that look, Jade.
Jade: My attire is purely functional.
Cassie Cage: Functional isn't the word for it.

Cassie Cage: That bo staff won't touch me.
Jade: It will bruise you, Cassandra.
Cassie Cage: Them's fighting words, Jade.

Cassie Cage: I'm your new drill instructor.
Jax: That's cute, but I don't think so.
Cassie Cage: You'd rather be court-martialed?

Cassie Cage: I know the future looks dark.
Jax: This future is bullshit.
Cassie Cage: Do not let Jacqui hear you say that.

Cassie Cage: Ever dream a Cage would outrank you?
Jax: It's one of my worst nightmares.
Cassie Cage: Boo!

Cassie Cage: Pop Quiz: Worst film you ever made?
Johnny Cage: My flicks only come in awesome or boom.
Cassie Cage: It's amazing I was ever born.

Cassie Cage: Anything you can do, I can do better.
Johnny Cage: I can do anything better than you.
Cassie Cage: No, you can't.

Cassie Cage: What's this all about, Dad?
Johnny Cage: Your Mom bet me you could whip my ass.
Cassie Cage: This is why I'm in therapy.

Cassie Cage: Your agent thinks I should be a big star.
Johnny Cage: Stay away from those Hollywood sleazebags.
Cassie Cage: Present company included?

Cassie Cage: Mom told me all about you, Joker.
Joker: Ooh! She must've been all smiles.
Cassie Cage: At the thought of me killing you, yes.

Cassie Cage: I've seen better cosplay on Hollywood Boulevard.
Joker: What's wrong with my sartorial flare!?
Cassie Cage: Step one: admit you have a problem.

Cassie Cage: Smelled Black Dragon a mile away.
Kabal: You got a nose like a bloodhound.
Cassie Cage: Dude, you've got a B.O. problem.

Cassie Cage: I've won a Black Dragon cage match.
Kabal: Should I be impressed?
Cassie Cage: You'll be another first-round knockout.

Cassie Cage: Throw another shrimp on the barbie.
Kano: You sound like a shit-ass American tourist.
Cassie Cage: Even crooks are critics these days.

Cassie Cage: Just the asshole I've been looking for.
Kano: Now that's no way to greet Uncle Kano.
Cassie Cage: It's the only way.

Cassie Cage: Three strikes and you're dead, Kano.
Kano: I only need two strikes to gut you.
Cassie Cage: Know what? That was Strike Three.

Cassie Cage: What up, Empress Princess?
Kitana: Are Earthrealmers not taught etiquette?
Cassie Cage: Just got no patience for imperial bullshit.

Cassie Cage: We need a girl talk, Kitana.
Kitana: We are women, not girls, Cassandra.
Cassie Cage: Missing the point entirely.

Cassie Cage: Hands where I can see them.
Kollector: There's no profit in surrender.
Cassie Cage: Fine, I'll use deadly force.

Cassie Cage: Earthrealm has nothing for you.
Kollector: My slavers need breeding stock.
Cassie Cage: Automatic no!

Cassie Cage: Your name's just 'Kollector'?
Kollector: Your name means dung heap in my tongue.
Cassie Cage: This is why I hate Outworld.

Cassie Cage: You look surprised.
Kotal Kahn: Where is the champion Raiden promised?
Cassie Cage: Lookin' right at her, Kotal.

Cassie Cage: Earthrealm isn't as divided as you think.
Kotal Kahn: All democracies are doomed to fail.
Cassie Cage: So says the imperialist.

Cassie Cage: Take off the hat, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Only if you admit I am greatest.
Cassie Cage: If anyone's the G.O.A.T., it's me.

Cassie Cage: We both have chips on our shoulders.
Kung Lao: I can knock yours off at ten meters.
Cassie Cage: I'll bet two-to-one you can't.

Cassie Cage: Not living up to your family legacy.
Kung Lao: You would be an expert on that, Cage.
Cassie Cage: I set my own standards.

Cassie Cage: Fighting your Revenant was the worst.
Liu Kang: Then why fight me, Cassandra?
Cassie Cage: Let's just say I've got issues.

Cassie Cage: Getting awfully cuddly with Kitana.
Liu Kang: I, uh, don't know what you mean.
Cassie Cage: Just remember, you're Earthrealm's champion.

Cassie Cage: The original Chosen One!
Liu Kang: Please, you embarrass me.
Cassie Cage: I'm only just getting started.

Cassie Cage: Who the hell thought you were a good idea?
Mileena: I was born from the mind of Shang Tsung.
Cassie Cage: That asshole is not right in the head.

Cassie Cage: So technically, you're Kitana's sister?
Mileena: At least until I end her life.
Cassie Cage: Thank God I'm an only child.

Cassie Cage: Man or woman, it doesn't matter?
Nightwolf: Any worthy Matoka can become Nightwolf.
Cassie Cage: I like how your Great Spirit thinks.

Cassie Cage: How do we fix this, Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: Give back our ancestral lands.
Cassie Cage: Wish I was the person who could help with that.

Cassie Cage: Talk about throwing shade.
Noob Saibot: I am Shinnok's wrath.
Cassie Cage: Shinnok is my bitch.

Cassie Cage: You met Mom at the tournament, right?
Noob Saibot: I fought her as Sub-Zero.
Cassie Cage: Don't leave out that she flattened you.

Cassie Cage: My trusting you cost me Mom.
Raiden: How can I ever make amends?
Cassie Cage: I've got a few bad ideas.

Cassie Cage: I answer to the President.
Raiden: You will heed the Elder Gods, Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: For the last time, it's Cassie.

Cassie Cage: Why's the timeline all jacked up?
Raiden: My ancient enemy Kronika returns.
Cassie Cage: Enough with the ancient enemies.

Cassie Cage: How about that. Another wannabe emperor.
Rain: It is not wise to insult a god.
Cassie Cage: That's the least I'm doing to you.

Cassie Cage: So what's your problem with Earthrealm?
Rain: All of its denizens are beneath me, woman.
Cassie Cage: And the award for Most Pretentious Prick goes to.

Cassie Cage: Like all Angelenos, I hate the rain.
Rain: Why hate the rain, Earthrealmer?
Cassie Cage: Everyone forgets how to fucking drive.

Cassie Cage: You're pretty high on yourself, Rain.
Rain: Should I not be? I am a god.
Cassie Cage: You sure you and dad aren't twins?

Cassie Cage: Stop! Or my mom will shoot!
Rambo: Your mother's not even here.
Cassie Cage: Don't worry. She'll find you.

Cassie Cage: This isn't necessary, stranger.
Rambo: Afraid you can't win?
Cassie Cage: Okay. Now it's necessary!

Cassie Cage: I hear you have some new tricks.
Robocop: Your Special Forces has given me upgrades.
Cassie Cage: Show me what you've got!

Cassie Cage: There something wrong, Murphy?
Robocop: My targeting system is a little messed up.
Cassie Cage: We can get that fixed.

Cassie Cage: Don't singe my hair, okay?
Scorpion: Vanity is weakness, Cage.
Cassie Cage: It's a virtue where I come from.

Cassie Cage: Grandmaster Grumpy Face.
Scorpion: Do you challenge my honor?
Cassie Cage: Just your sadcore outlook.

Cassie Cage: Can I say it, just once?
Scorpion: Only if you wish to suffer.
Cassie Cage: GET OVER HERE!

Cassie Cage: Another 'friend' of my parents.
Shang Tsung: I have always been so fond of your mother.
Cassie Cage: Do you practice being creepy?

Cassie Cage: Been following me, sorcerer?
Shang Tsung: You have the soul of a champion.
Cassie Cage: Clear eyes, hard fists, can't lose.

Cassie Cage: It's my lucky day!
Shao Kahn: You're honored to meet my greatness?
Cassie Cage: Never thought I'd get to kick your ass.

Cassie Cage: Taking you down, asshole.
Shao Kahn: Unlikely, pathetic whelp.
Cassie Cage: That's what Shinnok said.

Cassie Cage: Time to liberate Outworld.
Shao Kahn: Her people cry out for my leadership.
Cassie Cage: It's not why they're crying, Shao Kahn.

Cassie Cage: How many fights did it take to win your Crown?
Sheeva: Twenty-four, all ending in fatalities.
Cassie Cage: DAMN! Ever heard of tapping out?

Cassie Cage: I can't come with a nickname for you.
Sheeva: You will struggle as I crush your bones.
Cassie Cage: That's it! I'm calling you Girl Crush.

Cassie Cage: Ding, dong. The bitch is back.
Sindel: Who is this insufferable child?
Cassie Cage: Cassie the Shinnok Slayer.

Cassie Cage: Don't tread on Earthrealm.
Sindel: I tread where I please.
Cassie Cage: Not without resistance.

Cassie Cage: Sorry Skarlet, but you're creepy.
Skarlet: Creepy' doesn't offend me.
Cassie Cage: Oh, it should, honey.

Cassie Cage: Maybe try not leeching blood?
Skarlet: Without it, I will die.
Cassie Cage: That IS a conundrum.

Cassie Cage: Bride of Dracula.
Skarlet: Who is this 'Dracula'?
Cassie Cage: Let me tell you, he's a catch!

Cassie Cage: You're being too hard on Dad.
Sonya: He needs to grow thicker skin.
Cassie Cage: Or maybe you need to soften up.

Cassie Cage: Commander Cage reporting for duty.
Sonya: Slacked on your training last week.
Cassie Cage: It's called vacation, you should try it.

Cassie Cage: I promise, he gets better with age.
Sonya: Ugh. He's cheap beer, not fine wine.
Cassie Cage: Hey! That cheap beer's my Dad!

Cassie Cage: I'm the new, improved you.
Sonya: Ha! Improved how?
Cassie Cage: Knuckle-up and find out.

Cassie Cage: I hear you're Satan's general.
Spawn: No. I'm King of Hell.
Cassie Cage: And I'm Queen Shit of Fuck Mountain.

Cassie Cage: Guns, magic, you can't just choose?
Spawn: I can go both ways.
Cassie Cage: Well, that explains the fetish wear.

Cassie Cage: Another lesson, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: A lesson in failure.
Cassie Cage: You a subject matter expert?

Cassie Cage: Where's the ninja convention?
Sub-Zero: Lin Kuei are NOT ninjas.
Cassie Cage: So why dress like one?

Cassie Cage: Could I ask for a favor?
Sub-Zero: You may battle for one.
Cassie Cage: Knew you'd say some shit like that.

Cassie Cage: What, no roses?
Terminator: Just guns.
Cassie Cage: Welcome to the jungle.

Cassie Cage: So what's your story?
Terminator: I must find and protect Sarah Connor.
Cassie Cage: Who the hell's John Connor?


Cetrion: Kotal Kahn wishes your kind dead.
Baraka: Tarkata can handle the Emperor.
Cetrion: History indicates you cannot.

Cetrion: I come in peace.
Baraka: You'll leave in pieces, stranger.
Cetrion: You trifle with an Elder God, Baraka.

Cetrion: I would forgive you for defeating Shinnok.
Cassie Cage: I feel a big 'but' coming.
Cetrion: First, you must demonstrate remorse.

Cetrion: Shinnok was not yours to fight.
Cassie Cage: Why weren't you on the frontlines?
Cetrion: I work in mysterious ways.

Cetrion: Balancing the realms is mother's will.
Cetrion: Leave that work to the Sons of Argus.
Cetrion: Taven and Daegon had their chance.

Cetrion: What has Mother done this time?
Cetrion: Corrected a flawed first draft.
Cetrion: We are all flawed. I accept it.

Cetrion: Playing goddess is dangerous.
Cetrion: Then you should flee, sister.
Cetrion: I am no false idol.

Cetrion: We are children of the One Being.
Cetrion: As are all gods of the realms.
Cetrion: Then why destroy what it made?

Cetrion: Do not betray Kronika.
D'Vorah: This One is her most dutiful servant.
Cetrion: As you were Mileena's?

Cetrion: Virtuous prayer leads to favor.
D'Vorah: Actions speak louder than prayer.
Cetrion: What a faithless statement.

Cetrion: Use your weapons to save lives.
Erron Black: Yeah, but I'm so good at takin' em!
Cetrion: The road to Hell is paved in sins.

Cetrion: You shot your own father, Erron Black.
Erron Black: Sonofabitch had it coming.
Cetrion: Honor thy parents, mortal!

Cetrion: Test your might against mine, Frost.
Frost: Kronika already has faith in me.
Cetrion: Her confidence has limits.

Cetrion: Your poor, withering soul.
Frost: I have never been stronger, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Of body, not of virtue.

Cetrion: I have never seen you this angry, Fujin.
Fujin: What happened to the other Elder Gods?!
Cetrion: Their fates are not your concern.

Cetrion: You escaped confinement.
Fujin: One cannot hold back the wind, Cetrion.
Cetrion: But it always dies, eventually.

Cetrion: Is this battle Mother's will?
Geras: She wishes to test us both.
Cetrion: I have already proven perfect.

Cetrion: Return to the Keep at once.
Geras: I write my own story now.
Cetrion: Mother will not be pleased.

Cetrion: Kronika is right, child.
Jacqui: She's nuts and we're stopping her!
Cetrion: Raiden has warped your mind.

Cetrion: Cassandra Cage overshadows you.
Jacqui: In her own mind, maybe.
Cetrion: Do not deny your jealousy.

Cetrion: You embody virtuous loyalty.
Jade: Then surely we are allies, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Not until you abide Kronika's will.

Cetrion: You worship the One Being?
Jade: The god before gods hears Outworld's prayers.
Cetrion: Yet they remain unanswered, Jade.

Cetrion: A lost heart burdens you, Jade.
Jade: My love for Kotal will not die.
Cetrion: Unfortunately, you will.

Cetrion: Your wisdom tempers imperial hearts.
Jade: Serving them is a high honor.
Cetrion: Forge your own destiny, Jade.

Cetrion: Fate has been so cruel to you.
Jax: Fate? I blame Kronika.
Cetrion: I forbid it.

Cetrion: Why doubt the Elder Gods?
Jax: Poverty, slavery, war.
Cetrion: Do not blame us for mortal sins.

Cetrion: Yours is not a virtuous life.
Johnny Cage: Maybe not, but it's damn sexy.
Cetrion: Repent or face the Elder Gods' judgement.

Cetrion: Your daughter disrupted the balance.
Johnny Cage: What she did was get medieval on Shinnok.
Cetrion: Which thwarted my mother's will.

Cetrion: Defying an Elder God, Johnny Cage?
Johnny Cage: Get used to it, doll face.
Cetrion: You will be humbled.

Cetrion: You are a cancer on this realm.
Joker: Don't even gods love jokes?
Cetrion: There is no humor in your wickedness.

Cetrion: Are you evil by nurture or nature?
Joker: At the end of the day, does it matter?
Cetrion: It determines whether you are pitied or punished.

Cetrion: Have you a shred of virtue?
Kabal: That would be no.
Cetrion: Only greed, then.

Cetrion: Kronika promises salvation.
Kabal: Don't think mama's gonna make good.
Cetrion: Then receive damnation.

Cetrion: All light in you has died, Kano.
Kano: Occupational hazard, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Your soul must be balanced.

Cetrion: There is no act beneath you.
Kano: Gobsmacking news, that ain't.
Cetrion: It should not be a source of pride.

Cetrion: Dark and light war within you.
Kitana: No more. I've embraced the light.
Cetrion: It is an eternal struggle, Kitana.

Cetrion: Liu Kang is your destiny, Kitana.
Kitana: That is for me to decide, Cetrion.
Cetrion: The Sands of Time ordain it.

Cetrion: It is not your destiny to be Kahn.
Kitana: Blame Kronika, she broke time.
Cetrion: Because Raiden destroyed the balance.

Cetrion: I can see across time.
Kitana: Then you've glimpsed my fate?
Cetrion: It is not as you hope.

Cetrion: Usury is not virtuous, Kollector.
Kollector: In Shao Kahn's service, it is.
Cetrion: Even then, you are culpable.

Cetrion: Serve your people, not Shao Kahn.
Kollector: You could help them, Goddess.
Cetrion: The Naknada profess no faith.

Cetrion: Like you, Kronika seeks order.
Kotal Kahn: By keeping dark and light in eternal conflict.
Cetrion: In that balance, there is perfection.

Cetrion: Your fate is sealed, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: I will not be Kronika's instrument.
Cetrion: Then be wiped from history.

Cetrion: Humility eludes you.
Kung Lao: As if you are a humble peasant.
Cetrion: I know my place in the universe.

Cetrion: I sense. happiness?
Kung Lao: It's about time I fought an Elder God.
Cetrion: Not this one, Kung Lao.

Cetrion: You have Onaga's fire.
Liu Kang: I'm not related to the Dragon King.
Cetrion: Mortals are always so self-assured.

Cetrion: Raiden's Chosen One.
Liu Kang: Why have you betrayed him?
Cetrion: He betrayed the balance of all things.

Cetrion: I came to answer your prayers.
Liu Kang: My only prayer is for peace.
Cetrion: Then kneel and submit.

Cetrion: Your dual nature is Kronika's gift.
Mileena: But it was Shang Tsung who created me.
Cetrion: Whom do you think inspired him?

Cetrion: I see the fire in your eyes, Mileena.
Mileena: Kronika altered our deal!
Cetrion: Pray she does not alter it further.

Cetrion: You found virtue in the Great Spirit.
Nightwolf: But I don't find any in you.
Cetrion: I am mother of all virtue, hers included.

Cetrion: You have condemned the Matoka, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: I've freed them from your mother's chains.
Cetrion: Without Kronika, they are lost.

Cetrion: Our alliance was only temporary.
Noob Saibot: Then retreat from the shadows, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Mine is the light that burns shadows.

Cetrion: Kuai Liang is your superior.
Noob Saibot: Goad me. My ego is dead.
Cetrion: We know that is a lie, Bi-Han.

Cetrion: Must you oppose Kronika?
Raiden: Shinnok can never return.
Cetrion: Then a far worse evil will rise.

Cetrion: Fujin apologizes for his absence.
Raiden: What happened to him, Cetrion?
Cetrion: He fought valiantly to the last breath.

Cetrion: Come, reunite with Fujin.
Raiden: I will not fall without a storm.
Cetrion: How sad. He said much the same.

Cetrion: There is virtue in humility.
Rain: For mortals, not gods.
Cetrion: You are half mortal, Rain.

Cetrion: Argus has made mistakes.
Rain: The first was denying that I am his son!
Cetrion: His first was fathering you.

Cetrion: You are a fool to deny Kronika.
Rain: Why should I have faith in her New Era?
Cetrion: She has seen the future, and it works.

Cetrion: Kronika offers peace.
Rambo: In exchange for what, blind obedience?
Cetrion: Do not be a fool! Abide her will.

Cetrion: You do not belong here.
Rambo: I can't leave until the mission's done.
Cetrion: Retreat before it is too late.

Cetrion: You made the ultimate sacrifice.
Robocop: It accomplished nothing, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Others find virtue in your example.

Cetrion: Your future has a silver lining.
Robocop: I do not find that believable.
Cetrion: With Kronika, all things are possible.

Cetrion: Kronika can restore your family and clan.
Scorpion: Her son's the one who killed them!
Cetrion: But first, you must renounce your vengeance.

Cetrion: There is no virtue in revenge.
Scorpion: But you find it in restoring Shinnok?
Cetrion: Dark and light must be balanced.

Cetrion: The Elder Gods are gone.
Scorpion: They're not the source of my power.
Cetrion: The Netherrealm is next, Scorpion.

Cetrion: Good and evil are relative terms.
Shang Tsung: Fundamentally, yes.
Cetrion: And yet, here stands pure evil.

Cetrion: Whom do you serve?
Shang Tsung: I serve only Kronika.
Cetrion: You serve only yourself.

Cetrion: We Elder Gods were right to destroy you.
Shao Kahn: Then why did Kronika recruit me?
Cetrion: Mother seeks balance in all things.

Cetrion: Your empire will be lost to history.
Shao Kahn: I was made promises, Cetrion.
Cetrion: You did not uphold yours.

Cetrion: Why do you resent me, Sheeva?
Sheeva: The Elder Gods do not bless the Shokan.
Cetrion: Your people are not worthy.

Cetrion: What kind of sovereign are you?
Sheeva: The kind willing to die for her people.
Cetrion: So be it, Queen of the Shokan.

Cetrion: Why do you betray Kronika?
Sindel: Her lies will cost me my throne.
Cetrion: Ye of little faith.

Cetrion: Your destiny is to balance the realms.
Sindel: And how will I accomplish that?
Cetrion: By dying.

Cetrion: You are the sanguinare?
Skarlet: A fancy word for it, but yes.
Cetrion: There is no virtue in stealing blood.

Cetrion: Why threaten an Elder God, Skarlet?
Skarlet: I wonder how your blood tastes.
Cetrion: You will taste only bitter defeat.

Cetrion: Renounce your sins and pray for mercy.
Skarlet: Preach your morals elsewhere, Cetrion.
Cetrion: First I will bring you to the light.

Cetrion: You serve with honor, Sonya Blade.
Sonya: So why attack me, Nature Girl?
Cetrion: Your bloodline defeated my brother.

Cetrion: Why do you fight, soldier?
Sonya: Homeland security.
Cetrion: Virtuous, but naïve.

Cetrion: You are no angel, Al Simmons.
Spawn: I'm done punishing myself.
Cetrion: The Elder Gods are not finished yet.

Cetrion: Did Malebolgia send you?
Spawn: I sent him to oblivion.
Cetrion: Then you must be his successor.

Cetrion: Forgive Bi-Han.
Sub-Zero: My brother deserves no such thing.
Cetrion: All beings deserve compassion.

Cetrion: You drove Frost away.
Sub-Zero: She was unworthy.
Cetrion: Your heart is truly frozen.

Cetrion: Is there room for love in your heart?
Sub-Zero: Love gets in the way.
Cetrion: Love leads the way, Kuai Liang.

Cetrion: I have seen the world beyond the realms.
Sub-Zero: Then Raiden and I did go there?
Cetrion: It was no dream, Sub-Zero.

Cetrion: Do you not see that Skynet exploits you?
Terminator: I perform as programmed.
Cetrion: It is bondage, nothing more.

Cetrion: Kronika could grant you free will.
Terminator: Why do I need autonomy?
Cetrion: To serve her, of course.


D'Vorah: This One smells rotting flesh.
Baraka: Must be your victims' stinking guts.
D'Vorah: It is better than your scent, Baraka.

D'Vorah: Killing you was simple, Baraka.
Baraka: History won't repeat, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Down to the last detail, it will.

D'Vorah: This One cannot be captured.
Baraka: Tarkata will hone its blades on your husk.
D'Vorah: It will die trying to catch me.

D'Vorah: This One recalls tasting your father.
Cassie Cage: I recall squishing you for it.
D'Vorah: And yet, This One survives!

D'Vorah: What was it you said last time?
Cassie Cage: You're the bug, I'm the windshield.
D'Vorah: This One breaks windshields.

D'Vorah: Lord Shinnok will live again.
Cassie Cage: That's what you baddies always say.
D'Vorah: Because it is true.

D'Vorah: Kytinn are not welcome in your temples.
Cetrion: Those rules are outdated.
D'Vorah: And who makes those rules, Cetrion?

D'Vorah: The many's needs outweigh the few's.
Cetrion: Even insectoids have some virtues.
D'Vorah: Why so dismissive, Goddess?

D'Vorah: You betrayed the Hive, sister.
D'Vorah: I have only fought for its survival.
D'Vorah: By embroiling us in humanoid affairs.

D'Vorah: You make Kronika mistress of our fate.
D'Vorah: She will insure the Kytinn's existence.
D'Vorah: Never trust those of the flesh.

D'Vorah: Return to us, A'Vital.
D'Vorah: This One's mission is not done, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: It is doomed to failure.

D'Vorah: The Swarm will have victory.
D'Vorah: You lead us to extinction.
D'Vorah: Not if you obey my commands.

D'Vorah: Again we meet, Erron Black.
Erron Black: We ain't on borrowin' terms, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: You would prefer This One your enemy?

D'Vorah: Humans are crude fighters.
Erron Black: Oh, that's rich comin' from a Kytinn.
D'Vorah: We are the superior species.

D'Vorah: A cold snack for the Swarm.
Frost: This frost bites back.
D'Vorah: Not with your jaw slacked from poison.

D'Vorah: Shao Kahn demands your service.
Frost: I don't serve, I lead.
D'Vorah: You will serve Outworld.

D'Vorah: Earthrealm has more than one demi-god.
Fujin: All the better to defend it.
D'Vorah: This One will feed you all to the Hive.

D'Vorah: This One does not fear Earthrealm's Protectors.
Fujin: Stay in Outworld, and there's no need to.
D'Vorah: The Hive has bigger ambitions.

D'Vorah: This One is also a survivor.
Geras: Only because Kronika wills it.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn make their own fate.

D'Vorah: Can Geras be poisoned?
Geras: Many tried, none have finished me.
D'Vorah: Kytinn poison is unique.

D'Vorah: Where is your intended?
Jacqui: If I call, Takeda will come running.
D'Vorah: I suggest you do, Jacqueline Briggs.

D'Vorah: Your father's faith was lacking.
Jacqui: More like he finally came to his senses.
D'Vorah: Defying Kronika will prove fatal.

D'Vorah: The cunning traitor to the Kahn.
Jade: Typical Kytinn hypocrisy, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: This One's loyalties are to the Hive.

D'Vorah: You dare approach, Jade?
Jade: Only close enough for my bo to strike.
D'Vorah: Close enough for This One to kill you.

D'Vorah: Shao Kahn would have a word.
Jade: I've heard enough of his drivel.
D'Vorah: Then we will cut off your ears.

D'Vorah: You owe Ermac a debt, Major.
Jax: How you figure that?
D'Vorah: Without those arms, you have no chance.

D'Vorah: Earthrealmers are all the same.
Jax: You seriously can't tell us apart?
D'Vorah: As you will die soon, This One cares not to.

D'Vorah: This One's larvae will eat you alive.
Johnny Cage: What are they, baby paparazzi?
D'Vorah: If paparazzi are deadly insectoids.

D'Vorah: Why not come closer?
Johnny Cage: Ugh. You are not sucking my face like Mileena's.
D'Vorah: Johnny Cage, afraid of a kiss?

D'Vorah: You have jeopardized the Hive's survival.
Johnny Cage: It's natural selection, Insect-a-Babe.
D'Vorah: This One will enjoy your death.

D'Vorah: Does clown flesh taste different?
Joker: I don't know, I'm a bat-a-tarian.
D'Vorah: This One will find out.

D'Vorah: Your chaos disrupts the Hive.
Joker: Oh goodie! 'Mission Accomplished'!
D'Vorah: You will die for your meddling.

D'Vorah: Hideous Earthrealmer.
Kabal: Least I've got personality.
D'Vorah: Yet you are not appetizing.

D'Vorah: Your flesh would sicken This One's children.
Kabal: Lucky me.
D'Vorah: Your limbs will be torn off instead.

D'Vorah: Though you failed, you impressed.
Kano: Was a pretty ballsy move, eh?
D'Vorah: Few would betray Kotal Kahn.

D'Vorah: Kronika grows impatient.
Kano: I do a job right, or not at all.
D'Vorah: You are stalling, Kano.

D'Vorah: Your reign will be short-lived.
Kitana: Why is that, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: All Kytinn oppose it.

D'Vorah: Your Revenant is progress.
Kitana: She's a greater outrage than Mileena.
D'Vorah: She is the ultimate survivor.

D'Vorah: Jerrod was soft and weak-willed.
Kitana: You claim to know my father?
D'Vorah: This One killed him for Shao Kahn.

D'Vorah: You agree with Shao Kahn.
Kollector: The Kytinn deserved to be burned.
D'Vorah: It was not our fault Raiden intervened.

D'Vorah: Do not impede This One, Kollector.
Kollector: I will protect Shao Kahn.
D'Vorah: How will death profit you?

D'Vorah: Kronika will restore the Kytinn's place.
Kotal Kahn: I care not to envision that future.
D'Vorah: The Hive will consume Outworld.

D'Vorah: You thought This One cared.
Kotal Kahn: I thought you had faith.
D'Vorah: In a blue-skinned bag of meat?

D'Vorah: Did you tell Jade about us?
Kotal Kahn: There is nothing to tell, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Such deception, Kotal.

D'Vorah: Such bile you spew at me, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: Even Mileena was less a cretin.
D'Vorah: This One will not be judged.

D'Vorah: Pray for peace, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: We monks are no helpless lambs.
D'Vorah: But you are as easily slaughtered.

D'Vorah: This One will lay eggs inside you.
Kung Lao: Are you trying to make me vomit?
D'Vorah: To make room for more of them.

D'Vorah: It has been years, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Here I am in the flesh, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Young, succulent flesh.

D'Vorah: You are a legend in Outworld.
Liu Kang: Perks of being a tournament champion.
D'Vorah: This One sees nothing special.

D'Vorah: This One's been seeking you.
Liu Kang: To what do I owe the displeasure?
D'Vorah: You will be a gift to Shao Kahn.

D'Vorah: Do not poke the Hive, Mileena.
Mileena: I will wipe it from the face of Outworld.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn are many, you are one.

D'Vorah: This One is displeased by your presence.
Mileena: Then you'll be happy I'm ending your life.
D'Vorah: It is you who dies today, Mileena.

D'Vorah: Your Revenant wishes to meet.
Nightwolf: A pleasure I don't need to have.
D'Vorah: You have no choice, Nightwolf.

D'Vorah: The Kytinn once fought your predecessor.
Nightwolf: Until today, I'd thought those stories myths.
D'Vorah: Her death was all too real.

D'Vorah: This One does not trust you.
Noob Saibot: Nor do I you, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Then we are at an impasse, Dead One.

D'Vorah: Who dares disturb the Swarm?
Noob Saibot: Your angel of death awaits.
D'Vorah: You will be kept waiting, devil.

D'Vorah: Earthrealm's demi-god.
Raiden: I grant clemency to all, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Only those who grovel before you.

D'Vorah: Kronika is not defeated.
Raiden: Impossible. I saw her die.
D'Vorah: Is that what you think, Raiden?

D'Vorah: You will be meat, Raiden.
Raiden: Kytinn cannot consume god flesh.
D'Vorah: All flesh gives us sustenance.

D'Vorah: Did Kronika not recruit you?
Rain: She tried, but I found her offer lacking.
D'Vorah: Your ambition will never be satisfied.

D'Vorah: Argus himself found you unworthy.
Rain: No, my father feared me, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Then you are fortunate he let you live.

D'Vorah: You survived the Hive!
Rambo: Been through worse, in worse places than that.
D'Vorah: Truly, you are hard to kill.

D'Vorah: What brings you to the realms?
Rambo: I'll never talk.
D'Vorah: All men can be broken.

D'Vorah: You are not a warrior?
Robocop: I am merely a police officer.
D'Vorah: You shall be dispatched you easily.

D'Vorah: The Hive will find you inedible.
Robocop: Then we are calling this off, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: This One shall kill you for sport.

D'Vorah: You pretend to greatness.
Scorpion: How so, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: By impersonating an insect, human.

D'Vorah: The Shirai Ryu are dead, Scorpion.
Scorpion: As long as I live, our flame burns.
D'Vorah: This One will snuff it out.

D'Vorah: You could have secured your clan's survival.
Scorpion: I will not be Kronika's slave.
D'Vorah: Are you not used to bondage?

D'Vorah: You sent Kano to steal Kytinn larvae.
Shang Tsung: They are a rich source of souls.
D'Vorah: Those belong to the Hive.

D'Vorah: Shao Kahn requires your presence.
Shang Tsung: I imagine he's about to betray me.
D'Vorah: Come willingly or come as a corpse.

D'Vorah: The Kytinn's emergence is at hand.
Shao Kahn: Then come out and be crushed, pest.
D'Vorah: Our Swarm will suffocate you.

D'Vorah: To kill us, you must destroy all things.
Shao Kahn: Why, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: We infest every inch of Outworld.

D'Vorah: Onaga, Shao, then Kotal.
Shao Kahn: A history lesson, worm?
D'Vorah: Kahns whom the Hive has outlived.

D'Vorah: Sharing Outworld is difficult.
Sheeva: It would be easier without each other.
D'Vorah: Indeed, Shokan.

D'Vorah: This One could never serve a Shokan.
Sheeva: Nor could I serve a Kytinn.
D'Vorah: Only death can end this deadlock.

D'Vorah: This One can protect you from Quan Chi.
Sindel: You'll betray me to him, bug.
D'Vorah: Kotal was more easily deceived.

D'Vorah: Why does Shao Kahn value you?
Sindel: Why do you ask, creature?
D'Vorah: Because all others despise you.

D'Vorah: Shao Kahn's trust in your skills is misplaced.
Skarlet: I will kill you to validate it.
D'Vorah: As if you could, leech.

D'Vorah: You miss no chance to offend the Kytinn.
Skarlet: Outworld needs only one parasite.
D'Vorah: This One will drain you, Skarlet.

D'Vorah: You hunger for the throne, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Have you no ambitions, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: This One seeks only to preserve the Hive.

D'Vorah: We meet again, Sonya Blade.
Sonya: You're mistaking me for Future Me.
D'Vorah: You do smell young and weak.

D'Vorah: Earthrealmers are always so confident.
Sonya: Because we eat Outworlders for breakfast.
D'Vorah: Not This One.

D'Vorah: Do not make war on the Swarm.
Sonya: Making war is my job, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: It is the Swarm's vocation.

D'Vorah: Where is your Hive, Spawn?
Spawn: In the Eighth Sphere of Hell.
D'Vorah: You have strayed far.

D'Vorah: This One likes you, for a Warm-Blood.
Spawn: Careful, my blood burns.
D'Vorah: Kytinn prefer spicy flavors.

D'Vorah: Fool, you came alone.
Sub-Zero: As did you, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: This One brought the Hive.

D'Vorah: Keep your ice to yourself, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Afraid you will catch cold?
D'Vorah: The Kytinn do not know fear.

D'Vorah: Sektor had the right idea.
Sub-Zero: About what, insect?
D'Vorah: Lin Kuei flesh is disposable.

D'Vorah: Skynet and the Kytinn can coexist.
Terminator: Insectoids are a greater threat than humans.
D'Vorah: Clever boy.

D'Vorah: You threaten the Kytinn's survival.
Terminator: Correct.
D'Vorah: Such intransigence will be your death.

Erron Black

Erron Black: I'll shoot that grin right off your face.
Baraka: Mock me! It won't save you.
Erron Black: Can't hurt to make it more interesting.

Erron Black: Y'ain't puttin' me on no meat wagon.
Baraka: My cook will grill you up tender.
Erron Black: Where I'm from, I do the grilling.

Erron Black: I grew up around tough women.
Cassie Cage: Didn't they teach you respect?
Erron Black: They taught me to hit back.

Erron Black: My Ma would've loved you, Cassie Cage.
Cassie Cage: Aw, sounds like you miss her bunches.
Erron Black: I hated Ma.

Erron Black: I don't cotton to virtue.
Cetrion: It is required to achieve balance.
Erron Black: Balance ain't worth spit.

Erron Black: Writing's on the wall, Cetrion.
Cetrion: All goes according to Kronika's design.
Erron Black: So much for an all-knowing god.

Erron Black: Are those horns holding up your halo?
Cetrion: What an uninspired sense of humor.
Erron Black: I'll be the one taking shots, Goddess.

Erron Black: And just why should I kneel in your church?
Cetrion: Have faith in your new god, Erron Black.
Erron Black: Like I take anything on faith.

Erron Black: Gonna bag you for Kotal, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: This One is hunter, you are hunted.
Erron Black: Hope you like dangerous game.

Erron Black: Got a proposition for ya'.
D'Vorah: What could you possibly offer?
Erron Black: Your one chance to die quickly.

Erron Black: We've howdied but we ain't shook.
Erron Black: Got no use for a no-account fella.
Erron Black: Go cork your pistol.

Erron Black: Fine lookin' guns, but can you use 'em?
Erron Black: Better'n you, I reckon.
Erron Black: Plowing mighty close to the cotton, friend.

Erron Black: Us fightin' could muck up our timeline.
Erron Black: That's damn near inconceivable.
Erron Black: I'll just leave you mostly dead.

Erron Black: Got my tail up, friend.
Erron Black: Don't like the wire brush treatment?
Erron Black: You're gonna trade those guns for a harp.

Erron Black: You trained with the Lin Kuei?
Frost: I'm Sub-Zero's best student ever.
Erron Black: You're all broth and no beans.

Erron Black: Someone's rarin' to go.
Frost: This fight is a waste of my time.
Erron Black: Then quit jawin' and get to it.

Erron Black: What's your beef, Frosty?
Frost: Just 'Frost', idiot!
Erron Black: Don't be such a snowflake.

Erron Black: Now this fight's gonna be tricky.
Fujin: We could try talking it out.
Erron Black: Nah, we'd just be whistling up the wind.

Erron Black: Now why's a wind god blowing at me?
Fujin: You must answer for your Black Dragon crimes.
Erron Black: That's all in the rear view, Fujin.

Erron Black: Which realm do you hail from, amigo?
Geras: I 'hail' from Kronika's Keep.
Erron Black: Thrilling.

Erron Black: Lookin' mighty fine, Miss Briggs.
Jacqui: Cut the cowboy shtick, not interested.
Erron Black: Straight to business, I like it.

Erron Black: Get ready, little lady.
Jacqui: For what, Black?
Erron Black: Hell is coming to breakfast.

Erron Black: Pardon me, ma'am.
Jade: Pardon you? For what crime?
Erron Black: The one I'm about to commit.

Erron Black: You cast a helluva spell on Kotal.
Jade: He respects my fighting spirit.
Erron Black: All righty then. Let's fight.

Erron Black: Last chance to walk away.
Jax: No chance, scumbag.
Erron Black: I pull, and I'm putting you down.

Erron Black: You know I'm not such a bad hombre.
Jax: Just stay on your side of the border.
Erron Black: Like it or not, I'm coming home.

Erron Black: That ain't how it's said.
Johnny Cage: Whatever you say, A-Aron.
Erron Black: Gonna shoot off that ten-gallon mouth.

Erron Black: How are you gonna beat me?
Johnny Cage: Since I'm a good guy, just need a gun.
Erron Black: Yeah that never works, Cage.

Erron Black: I know how to fix that face.
Johnny Cage: Fix? What's wrong with it?
Erron Black: Nothing hot lead can't cure.

Erron Black: You folding, or are you all in?
Joker: How can I fold? This Joker's wild.
Erron Black: You're about to be toes up, clown.

Erron Black: My uncle was a clown.
Joker: Was he? I hope he was funny.
Erron Black: Funny ain't the word for it.

Erron Black: I'll pop ya before you can run.
Kabal: You'll be dead before you draw.
Erron Black: Count o' three.

Erron Black: How much this job making you, Kabal?
Kabal: A lot, what's it to you?
Erron Black: I'm takin' it off your hands.

Erron Black: This ain't personal.
Kabal: Sure seems personal.
Erron Black: Oh all right, maybe just a little.

Erron Black: That Kollector seems like your kind.
Kano: How's that mate?
Erron Black: He'd steal nickels off a dead man's eyes.

Erron Black: Kotal says he wants your hide.
Kano: Eh, it's all so much yabber.
Erron Black: If it was, I wouldn't be here.

Erron Black: Kano. Long time no talk.
Kano: Got something to say, Black?
Erron Black: Just goodbye.

Erron Black: New Kahn, same deal?
Kitana: We need to renegotiate, Black.
Erron Black: I don't come cheap, lady.

Erron Black: I hear this ain't your first rodeo.
Kitana: I've fought for thousands of your years.
Erron Black: Can't beat that with a stick.

Erron Black: Now you make a hornet look cuddly.
Kollector: To the Naknada, you are ghastly.
Erron Black: Fair enough, let's fight.

Erron Black: Here to beg for spare change?
Kollector: To collect your soul for Shao Kahn.
Erron Black: I ain't sitting still for that.

Erron Black: I prefer working for winners.
Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn was kept from the throne.
Erron Black: Except now it's Kitana's, not yours.

Erron Black: Never figured you for a coward.
Kotal Kahn: Relinquishing power took courage.
Erron Black: Back home, we call that a tall tale.

Erron Black: So you and Jade, eh?
Kotal Kahn: Jealous, Erron Black?
Erron Black: She's quite the looker, Kotal.

Erron Black: One hat-man to another, cool hat.
Kung Lao: But your hat is no weapon.
Erron Black: Well that's just weird, Kung Lao.

Erron Black: You'll excuse me if I don't bow.
Kung Lao: Even in the presence of greatness?
Erron Black: You ain't worth spit.

Erron Black: I ain't scared of your kung-fu.
Liu Kang: Only cowards hide behind guns.
Erron Black: You done did it now, boy.

Erron Black: I been to China a few times.
Liu Kang: Why, robbing silk markets?
Erron Black: How'd you know.

Erron Black: Well ain't this a thrill.
Mileena: Sad to see me, Erron?
Erron Black: Got me eating sorrow by the spoonful.

Erron Black: Now what's got you all rip-snorting mad?
Mileena: When I gained the throne, you abandoned it.
Erron Black: Wasn't no pay worth dealing with your crazy.

Erron Black: How 'bout that. Cowboys and Indians.
Nightwolf: Don't expect history to repeat.
Erron Black: Why should I expect anything else?

Erron Black: Sure glad I pack silver bullets.
Nightwolf: I'm Nightwolf, not a werewolf.
Erron Black: Good. Silver's expensive.

Erron Black: You gonna get pumped full of lead.
Noob Saibot: I like my chances, Black.
Erron Black: You got better odds shooting craps with Satan.

Erron Black: Goddamn, your voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Noob Saibot: It will be the last thing you hear.
Erron Black: Aw, hell no.

Erron Black: Ain't nothin' wrong with a dishonest living.
Raiden: Except for the scars it burns on your soul.
Erron Black: I only care how much it pays.

Erron Black: Time for one of your heavenly lectures?
Raiden: You defy the will of the Elder Gods.
Erron Black: Damn straight.

Erron Black: From what I hear, you got daddy issues.
Rain: He disavowed me, then framed me for murder.
Erron Black: Shoot, is that it? Hell he ain't got nothing on mine.

Erron Black: I seem to recall you tried to have me killed.
Rain: Only after you refused me your services.
Erron Black: Someone's gotta learn how to take no for an answer.

Erron Black: You a crack shot?
Rambo: I never miss.
Erron Black: Looks like I got a fight on my hands.

Erron Black: I reckon you must love your job.
Rambo: What makes you think I like killing?
Erron Black: Because you're so goddamned good at it.

Erron Black: Now why are you barking up my tree?
Robocop: You've broken the law, Black.
Erron Black: This ain't your jurisdiction, officer.

Erron Black: It'd be best if you turn tail and run.
Robocop: I've caught dozens of creeps just like you.
Erron Black: If you caught 'em, they weren't nothing like me.

Erron Black: I thought Shirai Ryu were mercs.
Scorpion: You understand little, Black.
Erron Black: I've killed people for being less rude.

Erron Black: Don't s'pose you'd teach me that rope spear.
Scorpion: And divulge Shirai Ryu secrets?
Erron Black: I can make you share, Scorpion.

Erron Black: Y'know you'd fit in better in Outworld.
Scorpion: Unlike some, I respect my roots.
Erron Black: Bout time you branched out a little.

Erron Black: Your ass really ten thousand years old?
Shang Tsung: I'm old enough to have nothing left to prove.
Erron Black: So's ma, and I ain't afraid of her neither.

Erron Black: Kotal Kahn would like a word.
Shang Tsung: I thought he wanted my life.
Erron Black: That too, Houdini.

Erron Black: What is your problem?
Shao Kahn: You aided the usurper, Black.
Erron Black: You died, he was paying. Piss off.

Erron Black: So you want me back, huh?
Shao Kahn: I demand your fealty.
Erron Black: Enough with the five dollar words.

Erron Black: You want Kotal? Get him yourself.
Shao Kahn: Your heart beats with loyalty?
Erron Black: My ass wants to get paid.

Erron Black: You going rogue or something?
Sheeva: I must do what is best for the Shokan.
Erron Black: Yeah, sounds like you're going rogue.

Erron Black: My heart wants to love you, Miss Sheeva.
Sheeva: So say many men to the Queen.
Erron Black: I ain't many men, I'm Erron Black.

Erron Black: Who died and made you Queen?
Sindel: Jerrod, King of Edenia.
Erron Black: Seem a little too proud of that, Elvira.

Erron Black: Sindel my Belle. Now what brings you here?
Sindel: You ally with Kotal the Pretender.
Erron Black: Ain't you in a horn-tossing mood.

Erron Black: I stepped out with Nitara before you.
Skarlet: You clearly have a type, Erron.
Erron Black: Just like living dangerously.

Erron Black: We're just a man and a woman, Skarlet.
Skarlet: If you have a proposal, make it.
Erron Black: I propose to kill you.

Erron Black: There's just something about the color red.
Skarlet: It drives a man like you wild?
Erron Black: It makes you an easy target.

Erron Black: Nice to see you again, Legs.
Sonya: These legs will kill you, Black.
Erron Black: Then I best aim low.

Erron Black: Hola, Mrs. Blade-Cage.
Sonya: Not that Sonya, asshole.
Erron Black: Ain't you the sweet talker.

Erron Black: I ain't above shootin' a lady.
Sonya: Don't worry, you won't get the chance.
Erron Black: Darlin', you'll never see it comin'.

Erron Black: Word is you're a one-trick pony.
Sonya: I can kill you more ways than I can count.
Erron Black: Well then. Giddy-up.

Erron Black: Guns and magic, that's handy.
Spawn: I get by.
Erron Black: Powers like that, people would kill for.

Erron Black: You're a hard man to pin down.
Spawn: Why you following me, dirt bag?
Erron Black: This, uh, 'clown' paid me to.

Erron Black: Should have brought my parka.
Sub-Zero: Can you aim while shivering?
Erron Black: These hands don't tremble.

Erron Black: That's some outfit.
Sub-Zero: It honors Lin Kuei tradition.
Erron Black: Time to let the past die.

Erron Black: Come for shooting lessons?
Sub-Zero: Are you offering, Erron Black?
Erron Black: Only to the quick and the brave.

Erron Black: Ugh. Not this fight again.
Sub-Zero: You would prefer someone else?
Erron Black: Hell, I'd fight a goddamned space cowboy.

Erron Black: Now this'll be a gun battle.
Terminator: One that you can't win.
Erron Black: Big, but dumb as dirt.


Frost: Freaks do not trouble me.
Baraka: Who calls Baraka 'freak'?
Frost: The Lin Kuei's new Grandmaster.

Frost: Sniveling, low-born coward.
Baraka: You speak to me like that?
Frost: Do something about it, cur.

Frost: Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Cassie Cage: Page five, Cliché Villains Handbook?
Frost: Snark won't save you, Cage.

Frost: You're a good little lap dog, aren't you?
Cassie Cage: A good soldier follows orders.
Frost: The best soldiers take command.

Frost: The realms are mine, Cetrion.
Cetrion: The Elder Gods still hold that deed.
Frost: I want it now.

Frost: Ambition is my virtue.
Cetrion: Not one you should boast about.
Frost: Boast? It's a fact.

Frost: You are sub-human.
D'Vorah: Kytinn surpass humans in every way.
Frost: Not me, D'Vorah.

Frost: I'll be your new Kahn.
D'Vorah: You will die faster than Mileena.
Frost: You know nothing, pest!

Frost: The cold will jam your guns.
Erron Black: But it won't stop a pistol-whipping.
Frost: Care to bet your life on that?

Frost: Once cyberized, you will serve.
Erron Black: Serve? Or service?
Frost: Ugh. Never mind.

Frost: We both know I'm better.
Frost: Exactly my thought about you.
Frost: You are obviously fake, 'sister'.

Frost: Are you my future self?
Frost: I am your replacement.
Frost: Kronika has betrayed me!

Frost: Sub-Zero is alive in this timeline?!
Frost: He's nothing, we have Kronika.
Frost: He must die.

Frost: The past is in the past.
Frost: Then let your storm rage on!
Frost: Time to test my limits and break through.

Frost: Raiden warn you about me?
Fujin: You are beneath his notice, Frost.
Frost: He'll notice when I kill you.

Frost: Fujin?! I killed you!
Fujin: You would do better, spitting in the wind.
Frost: I'll spit on your grave.

Frost: You'll be frozen for ages.
Geras: A temporary inconvenience, Frost.
Frost: If the pain doesn't drive you mad.

Frost: I make you obsolete, Geras.
Geras: Kronika did not give you my power.
Frost: Because my talent far exceeds yours.

Frost: Mine is a cold, cold world.
Jacqui: You'll be hotter when you die, Frost.
Frost: Think you can send me to the Netherrealm?

Frost: What do you see when you look at me?
Jacqui: A cheap, second-gen knock-off.
Frost: I said look at me, not you.

Frost: You're a pathetic assassin.
Jade: Who are you to judge my skill, Frost?
Frost: I am she who sets the standard.

Frost: Drop that staff, Jade.
Jade: My bo will not leave my hands.
Frost: When frostbite numbs them, it will.

Frost: Why only cyberize your arms?
Jax: Mama always preached moderation.
Frost: I killed my mother when I was twelve.

Frost: Kronika wants to test your strength.
Jax: So this is some kinda exhibition?
Frost: To show her how easily I can break you.

Frost: If you even think it, Cage.
Johnny Cage: You know it's crossed your mind.
Frost: I am not interested.

Frost: Even you don't take me seriously.
Johnny Cage: There's very little I do, Snow Fox.
Frost: A fatal mistake, Cage.

Frost: Your mere existence offends me.
Johnny Cage: Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful.
Frost: It's your smug arrogance I despise.

Frost: So you're the infamous Joker.
Joker: The man, the myth, the legend.
Frost: All three die today.

Frost: Your next stop is a slab.
Joker: Why give me the cold shoulder?
Frost: You exist, Joker.

Frost: Feel the chill, Kabal?
Kabal: Carving you up will keep me warm.
Frost: Not if your blood's frozen.

Frost: I hear you're quick.
Kabal: I'm fast enough to kill you.
Frost: Always sold short.

Frost: I'd cut a deal, but I know better.
Kano: My aren't you the full quid.
Frost: You have no idea.

Frost: Thanks, Kano. But no.
Kano: A job's a job, girlie.
Frost: Hell will freeze over first.

Frost: How is it, being born to privilege?
Kitana: I can't say, I've known nothing else.
Frost: Let me enlighten you.

Frost: I'll bring you Shao Kahn's head.
Kitana: And that will prove what, Frost?
Frost: That I'm deadliest warrior in Outworld.

Frost: Me, your ally? Think again, Kollector.
Kollector: We are both upstarts, collecting our due.
Frost: I am the Queen of Assassins!

Frost: You disgust me.
Kollector: At least I did not betray my master.
Frost: Because you are spineless, Kollector.

Frost: Shao Kahn was weak, and you're weaker.
Kotal Kahn: You will soon be disabused of this notion.
Frost: I'll break you worse than he did.

Frost: Your ego is unbearable.
Kotal Kahn: My confidence is earned.
Frost: It will die with you, Kotal.

Frost: You face the greatest Lin Kuei.
Kung Lao: You face the greatest Shaolin.
Frost: I spit on the Shaolin.

Frost: Come be humbled, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: By you? A Lin Kuei dropout?
Frost: I am the Lin Kuei evolved.

Frost: You are outclassed, Shaolin.
Liu Kang: By a novice, Frost?
Frost: You'll bleed from my experience.

Frost: We have no quarrel, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I'm bringing you back to Sub-Zero.
Frost: Attempt it and you die.

Frost: Kronika says you are off-limits.
Liu Kang: You don't follow the rules.
Frost: You've been studying me.

Frost: I've never killed a clone.
Mileena: Nor have I a construct.
Frost: May the best woman win.

Frost: How did you become Kahn?
Mileena: I was my father's rightful heir!
Frost: But too weak to hold the throne.

Frost: Help me with the Lin Kuei, I'll help the Matoka.
Nightwolf: My power isn't for conquest, Frost.
Frost: Then what good is it?

Frost: Don't dare judge me, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: What you've become is unnatural.
Frost: What I've become is all-powerful.

Frost: You should have been Grandmaster.
Noob Saibot: I would not allow female Lin Kuei.
Frost: You're worse than Kuai Liang!

Frost: In the past, I revered you.
Noob Saibot: Now fear my shadow's wrath.
Frost: I'll bury that past and you with it.

Frost: We are siblings in cryomancy.
Noob Saibot: The dead are my only kin.
Frost: You disgrace us all.

Frost: Jealous of my power?
Raiden: I wish to save your soul.
Frost: Wishes never saved anyone.

Frost: I should control the Jinsei.
Raiden: Your arrogance disqualifies you.
Frost: Arrogance never stopped you, Raiden.

Frost: I froze Fujin for Cetrion.
Raiden: Then this fight is now personal.
Frost: What fight isn't, Raiden?

Frost: I see how you look at me.
Rain: You have the personality of a feral cat.
Frost: And the claws of one, too.

Frost: What's on your dirty mind?
Rain: I need someone cool to rule my world.
Frost: That's some fantasy, but it's not mine.

Frost: Our so-called superiors failed both of us.
Rambo: In your case, it's the other way around.
Frost: Those are vicious lies.

Frost: It's time.
Rambo: But why do you want this fight?
Frost: To be the best, I need to kill the best.

Frost: I obey no law but mine.
Robocop: If everyone did that, there would be anarchy.
Frost: Exactly.

Frost: That armor won't save you.
Robocop: I am built to tolerate extreme cold.
Frost: Extreme cold, but not Frost cold.

Frost: Grandmaster Hasashi.
Scorpion: I will teach you respect.
Frost: You will be dead.

Frost: I will finish the Shirai Ryu.
Scorpion: You cannot even best Sub-Zero.
Frost: His time is coming.

Frost: I'll harvest your brain for the Cyber Lin Kuei.
Scorpion: We will see whose spine is torn out.
Frost: You'll make an excellent slave.

Frost: What can you offer me, Shang Tsung?
Shang Tsung: Wealth, influence, whatever you desire.
Frost: I want your souls.

Frost: Kronika's worried about your loyalty.
Shang Tsung: As if I would ally with Raiden.
Frost: You're capable of anything.

Frost: I'll have Outworld's throne.
Shao Kahn: And whom will you rally to your standard?
Frost: Those who will rejoice in my killing you.

Frost: You're smaller in person, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: And you're an even bigger brat!
Frost: Touched a nerve, didn't I?

Frost: You're on the wrong side, Sheeva.
Sheeva: Why? I have achieved my goals in life.
Frost: Some of us aren't so lucky.

Frost: Which arm's your favorite?
Sheeva: My right upper arm is dominant.
Frost: Maybe you can keep that one.

Frost: I can train you in the assassin's art.
Sindel: Dear, I'm several millennia your senior.
Frost: Which hasn't made you wiser.

Frost: My Lin Kuei will be your ally.
Sindel: Your clan will kiss my ring.
Frost: Never.

Frost: A new sister for my Cyber Lin Kuei!
Skarlet: Blood magic is all I need.
Frost: I'll show you real power, Skarlet.

Frost: Don't even think of drinking my cold blood.
Skarlet: I am feeling heated.
Frost: Try it, it'll be your last sip.

Frost: I deserve your respect.
Sonya: You haven't earned any, Frost.
Frost: Wrong answer, Blade.

Frost: Sub-Zero would mourn your death.
Sonya: There's nothing between me and him.
Frost: He admires your leadership.

Frost: Ever been burned, Spawn?
Spawn: For an eternity.
Frost: Then you'll like the cold.

Frost: My enhancements beat yours.
Spawn: Your words mean nothing to me, rookie.
Frost: Nobody calls me rookie.

Frost: Here to criticize me again?
Sub-Zero: I held you to a higher standard.
Frost: You held me back!

Frost: The circle is complete, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: You were a talented student once.
Frost: And now, I'm the master.

Frost: I'm done with your pretentious lectures.
Sub-Zero: No power is worth trading your soul.
Frost: That's a perfect example.

Frost: I was your heir apparent.
Sub-Zero: If only you'd been more patient, Frost.
Frost: Like I'm patiently waiting to kill you?

Frost: What I could do with a weapon like you.
Terminator: I am not programmed to obey you.
Frost: Not yet.

Frost: You'll help me fight the Lin Kuei?
Terminator: Who is Lynne Quay?
Frost: Stupid machine.


Fujin: Kitana placed great faith in you.
Baraka: And I in her, Fujin.
Fujin: May you both keep your word.

Fujin: Tarkata must stop slaughtering its neighbors.
Baraka: They're not Earthrealmers, Fujin.
Fujin: I protect all beings, Baraka.

Fujin: There is danger upon the wind.
Cassie Cage: Good thing I brought a coat.
Fujin: Be serious, Cassandra.

Fujin: You've betrayed the realms, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Kronika's will must be done.
Fujin: There is no virtue in blind obedience.

Fujin: What of those who won't see the New Era?
Cetrion: I will always remember their sacrifice.
Fujin: It's not sacrifice when one's given no choice.

Fujin: Is that a smug look you're wearing?
D'Vorah: This One expects easy victory.
Fujin: That One is horribly misinformed.

Fujin: What brings you here, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: The Swarm rises against you, Fujin.
Fujin: I will scatter it with the force of my winds.

Fujin: You have lived life aimlessly.
Erron Black: My aim's the best dang thing about me.
Fujin: Play the fool, I know your true cunning.

Fujin: You once served Shao Kahn?
Erron Black: A hired gun's gotta take work where he can get it.
Fujin: You condemn your descendants to shame.

Fujin: What foul breeze brings you here?
Frost: What else, Fujin? Shinnok's Amulet.
Fujin: You'll not have it, Frost.

Fujin: Was sacrificing your body worth it?
Frost: I'm the perfect weapon now.
Fujin: Then how is it you still fail?

Fujin: You're from my past?
Fujin: Your future. I'm here to warn you.
Fujin: And create a paradox that endangers us both?!

Fujin: Were you also bested by the first Sub-Zero?
Fujin: Mine set not one foot in the Temple of the Elements.
Fujin: I envy your history, brother.

Fujin: Do you also keep mortals close?
Fujin: Better to keep them at a distance.
Fujin: Are you me? Or are you Raiden?

Fujin: A second wind.
Fujin: Just breezing through, brother.
Fujin: Or are you that loathsome shapeshifter?

Fujin: Sent to finish the job?
Geras: Since Frost proved incapable, yes.
Fujin: You'll prove no better, Geras.

Fujin: You are Kronika's crowning achievement?
Geras: I am her will, perfected.
Fujin: So much for intelligent design.

Fujin: The Special Forces are losing their edge.
Jacqui: It's been one fight after the next, Fujin.
Fujin: Fatigue is a pernicious enemy.

Fujin: Your father is an old friend.
Jacqui: You two fought together?
Fujin: We share many of the same scars.

Fujin: Your loyalty to Kitana is commendable.
Jade: You should reconsider yours to Raiden.
Fujin: I cannot take sides against my brother.

Fujin: Does Kotal wish to reclaim his throne?
Jade: He's content with Kitana leadership.
Fujin: Do not let him disrupt the peace.

Fujin: You must calm down.
Jax: Calm down? Jacqui's marrying a Shirai Ryu!
Fujin: Who is Kenshi Takahashi's son, Jackson.

Fujin: We all have our demons, Jackson.
Jax: You've never been one, Fujin.
Fujin: Stop blaming yourself for Quan Chi's sins.

Fujin: You are more smug than usual.
Johnny Cage: I'm the new assistant Thunder God.
Fujin: Raiden should not have healed you.

Fujin: I blessed the ancient tribe that bore your line.
Johnny Cage: Wait a tick, are you my great-great grampa?
Fujin: No, he was insufferable. Just like you.

Fujin: What ill wind brings you here?
Joker: Telling you would spoil the joke.
Fujin: I'll risk it.

Fujin: Not one step further, Joker.
Joker: Or what, Breeze Boy?
Fujin: I will scatter you to the four winds.

Fujin: I had hoped you would reject evil.
Kabal: What's so evil about getting paid?
Fujin: That you ask, shows your depravity.

Fujin: Slow down, Kabal!
Kabal: Let me guess, speed kills?
Fujin: It condemns your soul.

Fujin: Only a fool relieves himself into the wind.
Kano: Eh, what's the worst that could happen?
Fujin: A painful fatality.

Fujin: There is nothing here for you. Begone.
Kano: Rack off, Raiden Lite.
Fujin: Have it your way, Hsu Hao.

Fujin: So you are the new Kahn.
Kitana: The winds of change blow through Outworld.
Fujin: Do nothing to impede their flow.

Fujin: The stories of your mother are true?
Kitana: Sindel's as foul and cruel as you've heard.
Fujin: Traits I hope you did not inherit.

Fujin: State your purpose, Kollector.
Kollector: I will have Earthrealm's treasures.
Fujin: Direct your covetous stare elsewhere.

Fujin: I believe you have something of mine.
Kollector: Is your name on it, Earthrealmer?
Fujin: Hand over the Jinsei medallion.

Fujin: I never supported my brother's aggression.
Kotal Kahn: Nor did you oppose him, Fujin.
Fujin: Are family bonds not sacred to Osh-Tekk?

Fujin: You have spent time among Earthrealmers.
Kotal Kahn: Enough to be wary of trusting them.
Fujin: Paranoia is the enemy of trust.

Fujin: Bo' Rai Cho taught you well.
Kung Lao: Why do I not trust this compliment?
Fujin: Because you have forgotten his lessons.

Fujin: Time for a new hat, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Not a chance, it is my favorite!
Fujin: You've become too reliant on it.

Fujin: Your fire is flickering, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I may flicker, but I will not fade.
Fujin: Said the candle to the wind.

Fujin: I do not have the answers you seek.
Liu Kang: Then where will I find them, Fujin?
Fujin: Blowing in the wind.

Fujin: You're a clone, not Shao Kahn's daughter.
Mileena: In all the ways that matter, I am.
Fujin: Then what comes next is unavoidable.

Fujin: Shao Kahn will not retake the throne.
Mileena: My father is inevitable, Fujin.
Fujin: Under the weight of my wind, he will snap.

Fujin: Is there a Wind God in your pantheon?
Nightwolf: Far too many to name.
Fujin: Any of them named Fujin?

Fujin: What is your next mission?
Nightwolf: Justice for the Matoka.
Fujin: How will you balance the scales, Nightwolf?

Fujin: You were born ignorant of evil, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: In time, I learned better.
Fujin: You have lost yourself to it.

Fujin: Embrace the light of the Jinsei.
Noob Saibot: It would only weaken me.
Fujin: Never underestimate the bright side.

Fujin: Brother, it is past time we talked.
Raiden: Is that what this is? Talking?
Fujin: As I said, it is past time.

Fujin: I have seen you possessed more than once.
Raiden: You have also seen me recover.
Fujin: What happens if you harm Earthrealm next time?

Fujin: You would turn Edenia against Earthrealm?
Rain: If needed, I would not hesitate.
Fujin: How can you claim to be divine?

Fujin: I knew your father, Rain.
Rain: Then acknowledge my godhood.
Fujin: You are unworthy to be his heir.

Fujin: You are much like Jackson Briggs.
Rambo: Yeah? How so.
Fujin: You fight to protect, not destroy.

Fujin: You are the last of an elite group.
Rambo: Which is why I'm fighting until it's over.
Fujin: Do not end it like this!

Fujin: What wind blew you here?
Robocop: I trailed Kano here from my Earth.
Fujin: Are you the result of his mischief?

Fujin: You are unprepared for this realm's dangers.
Robocop: Then you must help me, Fujin.
Fujin: Let your training commence.

Fujin: So you're a grandmaster now.
Scorpion: Of the most powerful ninjas in Earthrealm.
Fujin: Come and test your might.

Fujin: A tempest brews in the Netherrealm.
Scorpion: I shall stand with you against the storm.
Fujin: Let us prepare together.

Fujin: Decades have passed, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: What are decades to an immortal?
Fujin: They are more peaceful without your schemes.

Fujin: The winds howl with your guilt.
Shang Tsung: I have no shame for my alleged 'crimes'.
Fujin: Then surrender and answer for them.

Fujin: How low the mighty Shao Kahn has fallen.
Shao Kahn: I will reclaim my Empire, Fujin.
Fujin: Your empire is dust in the wind.

Fujin: Outworld has outgrown you.
Shao Kahn: There is no Outworld without me!
Fujin: Without you, it's far better off.

Fujin: Bearing your crown has wisened you.
Sheeva: What other wisdom can you offer, Fujin?
Fujin: Never fight a demigod.

Fujin: You will pledge not to invade Earthrealm.
Sheeva: For today. Tomorrow, who knows?
Fujin: Is it too much to ask for peace?

Fujin: Your hands are steadier than Goro's.
Sheeva: He chased every impulse that ran down his spine.
Fujin: Will you hold fast against the gale?

Fujin: Shao Kahn has debased you.
Sindel: He is the wind beneath my wings.
Fujin: And the poison in your heart.

Fujin: Have you no regrets at all?
Sindel: Why not ask yourself that question?
Fujin: I regret resurrecting you.

Fujin: Blood magic killed Reiko.
Skarlet: Reiko was a novice, I am the master.
Fujin: You have less control than you think.

Fujin: You are disposable to Shao Kahn.
Skarlet: Not if I deliver your head to him.
Fujin: Your fealty makes me question your sanity.

Fujin: Here for more training?
Sonya: You're saying I shouldn't stay prepared?
Fujin: Every warrior must rest, Lieutenant.

Fujin: You must like having a daughter.
Sonya: Still getting used to the whole idea.
Fujin: It is a joy I will never know.

Fujin: Those shoulders carry the weight of the world.
Spawn: Here to tell me I should lighten up?
Fujin: I'm here to give you a peaceful rest.

Fujin: I can return you to your realm.
Spawn: Not until I finish cleaning up this one.
Fujin: Your service is not welcome.

Fujin: Will the Shirai Ryu keep the peace?
Sub-Zero: Scorpion promised to honor it.
Fujin: We will see which way the wind blows.

Fujin: You wish to kill Bi-Han?
Sub-Zero: I wish to save my brother's soul.
Fujin: Then it is a battle we join together.

Fujin: I've never encountered a threat like you.
Terminator: Those who do are terminated.
Fujin: Go back to your realm, construct.

Fujin: There is a storm coming.
Terminator: I know.
Fujin: So you have heard of me.


Geras: Your tribe is so populous.
Baraka: How many are in yours?
Geras: I am eternally alone.

Geras: Submit your tribe to Kronika.
Baraka: Tarkatans do not submit, Geras.
Geras: It is their entire history.

Geras: Your life is a blink in Kronika's eye.
Cassie Cage: Ugh. Are we fighting or philosophizing?
Geras: Mind your place, mortal.

Geras: You remind me of someone.
Cassie Cage: Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Helen of Troy?
Geras: Joan of Arc, the young martyr.

Geras: Keeper of the emerald light.
Cassie Cage: And five-time Snazzie award winner.
Geras: Times have changed.

Geras: I have served for eons, Cetrion.
Cetrion: That is your sole purpose.
Geras: But not my sole desire.

Geras: Even you cannot destroy me.
Cetrion: Mortals have bested you, Geras.
Geras: And your brother, too.

Geras: The Swarm dies today.
D'Vorah: Kronika still needs This One, you cog.
Geras: Your service is no longer required.

Geras: Humans are right-minded about insects.
D'Vorah: How, Geras?
Geras: They are sickened by you.

Geras: As a younger man, you were wiser.
Erron Black: Lucky my ass didn't get killed.
Geras: Serve Kronika, or you will.

Geras: For a cryomancer, you run hot.
Frost: My well of hate runs deep.
Geras: Deep enough for you to drown in it.

Geras: You cannot compete with me.
Frost: Competition is life, Geras.
Geras: It will be your death, Frost.

Geras: I'm eternal, not immortal.
Fujin: How does that make us different?
Geras: You can die. I cannot.

Geras: Earth, Fire, Thunder, Wind.
Fujin: Naming your enemies?
Geras: Counting the dead.

Geras: You are not the only Geras.
Geras: She made me and me alone.
Geras: You are a prototype -- like me.

Geras: Kronika revealed the truth.
Geras: I am not the only Geras.
Geras: I was not surprised either.

Geras: If we have multiple models.
Geras: And we don't know who's original.
Geras: Kombat will decide who leads.

Geras: How many lives have you lived?
Geras: Not as many as you.
Geras: I will grind your flaws to polish.

Geras: We have your father.
Jacqui: Give him back, you sonofabitch.
Geras: Comply or you will both perish.

Geras: Cetrion sends her regards.
Jacqui: Here to fight her battles?
Geras: Here to finish what she started.

Geras: Your parents traded you for freedom.
Jade: How did you know that?
Geras: Long have I prepared for this fight.

Geras: The New Era is your only hope.
Jade: I won't follow another tyrant.
Geras: Tyrant? Kronika is a Titan!

Geras: You fight for a hopeless future.
Jax: I fight to live life on my terms.
Geras: We have a better plan for you.

Geras: Surrender your arms to Kronika.
Jax: My weapons or my actual arms?
Geras: Both, Jackson Briggs.

Geras: Actors leave no mark on history.
Johnny Cage: Ronald. Reagan.
Geras: The exception that proves the rule.

Geras: I have seen things you would not believe.
Johnny Cage: Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion?
Geras: Time to die.

Geras: Kronika will reveal your true origin.
Joker: What kind of sick joke is this?!
Geras: Without the mystery, you are merely a man.

Geras: Why do you stare at me, Joker?
Joker: Nothing beats a henchman with muscles.
Geras: Mine will crush you to fine powder.

Geras: You will be another of Raiden's victims.
Kabal: I'm nobody's victim, freak.
Geras: Then fight like you have never fought before.

Geras: You plan to betray us.
Kano: Wot? Who've you been gossiping with?
Geras: Kronika has foreseen it.

Geras: Kronika requires your presence.
Kano: Not until I see some bloody gold.
Geras: Her command was 'dead or alive'.

Geras: Sindel cared for you above all else.
Kitana: What could you know of my mother?
Geras: You would disappoint her now.

Geras: Kronika prefers you to your Revenant.
Kitana: Then why recruit her, Geras?
Geras: To spare you her fate, Kitana!

Geras: I am stunned, Kollector.
Kollector: That I've exceeded all expectations?
Geras: That you fall so far short of them.

Geras: You will keep the Keep's location secret.
Kollector: Secrets are worth more than gold.
Geras: Sell this one, and lose your soul.

Geras: Kill me and I become stronger.
Kotal Kahn: Then I will fight you to the pain.
Geras: I am not familiar with that phrase.

Geras: Osh-Tekk are never tempted by Kronika.
Kotal Kahn: We do not dwell on the past.
Geras: It costs you your future.

Geras: Prove your greatness.
Kung Lao: I do not have anything to prove.
Geras: The refrain of failures throughout history.

Geras: Time stopped before Shao Kahn killed you.
Kung Lao: Are you saying you've seen me die?
Geras: Many times, Kung Lao.

Geras: Spare your friends, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I fight to protect them, Geras.
Geras: Fight me and you will lose them.

Geras: Do not mourn your Shaolin brothers.
Liu Kang: I must, because you killed them!
Geras: They will return in the New Era.

Geras: You suffer from Raiden's influence.
Liu Kang: He's given me hope and guidance.
Geras: False hope and misdirection.

Geras: Your service has been requested.
Mileena: And if I refuse, Geras?
Geras: Kronika will not ask again.

Geras: Kronika rejects your demand.
Mileena: To help her, I need an army of clones.
Geras: One of you is enough, Mileena.

Geras: Let Kronika restore the Matoka.
Nightwolf: We'll earn our redemption, Geras.
Geras: Noble, but foolish.

Geras: You are not the first Nightwolf to face me.
Nightwolf: I will be the last.
Geras: So said all the others.

Geras: You wish to be the Lin Kuei's Grandmaster.
Noob Saibot: I wish to form a deadlier clan.
Geras: Then serve Kronika, Bi-Han.

Geras: Raiden, Deceiver of Mortals.
Raiden: Is that how your mistress portrays me?
Geras: And the truth I have witnessed.

Geras: Come thunder, come lightning.
Raiden: Do you fear nothing, Geras?
Geras: Nothing within your power, Raiden.

Geras: Kronika will make you Edenia's Protector.
Rain: What is her price, Geras?
Geras: That you humble yourself before her.

Geras: The bastard son of Argus.
Rain: I am his heir, Geras.
Geras: Not in this, or any other timeline.

Geras: I have born witness to all of your battles.
Rambo: Then you know this war's just begun.
Geras: And also how it ends.

Geras: Your war with Sheriff Teasle was avoidable.
Rambo: He drew first blood, not me!
Geras: Your response was disproportionate to his actions.

Geras: Each of us has been given the illusion of freedom.
Robocop: Meaning what, Geras?
Geras: That we are both beholden to our creators.

Geras: You have suffered much, Alex Murphy.
Robocop: How do you know my history?
Geras: I am a student of all realities.

Geras: Kronika would have restored your clan.
Scorpion: Innocents won't suffer to ease my pain.
Geras: Selfless, but pointless.

Geras: I can erase you, Scorpion.
Scorpion: I can be resurrected too, Geras.
Geras: Erase you from this life and the next.

Geras: You scheme against Kronika.
Shang Tsung: Prove your slander, Geras.
Geras: In all previous timelines, you betrayed her.

Geras: Why reject Kronika's destiny for you?
Shang Tsung: No one controls my fate.
Geras: The grandest illusion of all.

Geras: Admit your true motives.
Shao Kahn: The Keep and the Hourglass will be mine.
Geras: Your ambition is terminal.

Geras: Surrender the hammer, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Take it from me, Geras.
Geras: I will pry it from your cold, dead hands.

Geras: Hail Kronika, Keeper of Time.
Sheeva: Hail me or I'll rend you to bits.
Geras: By all means, Sheeva, make me stronger.

Geras: I have watched your ascent with keen interest.
Sheeva: Hoping to recruit me for your Maker?
Geras: Yes. But those hopes were for nought.

Geras: Abide Kronika's will, Sindel.
Sindel: Only if Shinnok is wiped from history.
Geras: Kronika will not abandon her son.

Geras: Many men have fallen serving you.
Sindel: And here you are, a man who rises on cue.
Geras: I was not created for you, Outworlder.

Geras: We are both unique in the universe.
Skarlet: Being unique is nothing special.
Geras: Maybe not in your case, Skarlet.

Geras: Kronika will not abide your attack on me.
Skarlet: Your blood will make me immortal.
Geras: You are not the first to think so.

Geras: You can avoid your untimely death.
Sonya: Can't win if I'm not willing to die.
Geras: Don't hasten your own demise.

Geras: I will kill Johnny Cage.
Sonya: Do it, he's a pain in the ass.
Geras: You bluff poorly, Sonya Blade.

Geras: In life and death, you are a killer.
Spawn: Stalking bad guys is my comfort zone.
Geras: Your victims are not ALL bad, are they?

Geras: I've encountered your kind in the past.
Spawn: I'm not the first Spawn, but I'm the best.
Geras: I prefer your Medieval counterpart.

Geras: I saw the Ice Age thaw.
Sub-Zero: That was before my time.
Geras: Your time will be far more brief.

Geras: The coldest death cannot stop me.
Sub-Zero: Six meters of solid ice will.
Geras: Do your worst, Sub-Zero.

Geras: You cannot beat death as I can.
Sub-Zero: I have been resurrected before.
Geras: But not a thousand times.

Geras: You cannot answer the riddle of steel.
Terminator: That information is not within my files.
Geras: Then be cast out from these realms.

Geras: We are both constructs, built to serve.
Terminator: You are also a Terminator?
Geras: When my creator requires it.


Jacqui: Those are cool blades, Baraka.
Baraka: Why compliment me?
Jacqui: To take the sting out of losing.

Jacqui: You got knife skills, but can you cook?
Baraka: I have recipes for human flesh.
Jacqui: You had to ask, Briggs.

Jacqui: I've been thinking a lot about what Kronika said.
Cassie Cage: Don't follow your Dad down that path.
Jacqui: It's the only way to help him, Cass.

Jacqui: You're always getting me in trouble.
Cassie Cage: You love trouble and you know it.
Jacqui: Not as much as you do, sister.

Jacqui: Frost is gunning for you, Cass.
Cassie Cage: Tell that bitch anytime, anywhere.
Jacqui: Friend-to-friend, you need practice.

Jacqui: I'm still ticked off about Shaun Boon.
Cassie Cage: Prom was ten years ago, Jacqui!
Jacqui: You knew I liked him, Cass.

Jacqui: You stood with Shinnok, Cetrion.
Cetrion: I stood for nature's balance.
Jacqui: Still counts as taking his side.

Jacqui: Bring on the rematch.
Cetrion: Do not be suicidal, Miss Briggs.
Jacqui: I'm not the one risking death.

Jacqui: Thought we were done with you.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn always survive.
Jacqui: Not a gauntlet you want to drop.

Jacqui: Got a swarm hidden in there, huh?
D'Vorah: This One will be pleased to show you.
Jacqui: Let's keep it locked up, shall we?

Jacqui: I'm sorry, I should be nervous?
Erron Black: As jumpy as spit on a hot skillet.
Jacqui: You need more than a pair of six guns.

Jacqui: Twirling pistols won't win this.
Erron Black: I don't just twirl 'em, I make 'em sing.
Jacqui: Yeah, way off key.

Jacqui: I hear Sub-Zero's no fan.
Frost: He's never respected my power.
Jacqui: Chip, meet shoulder.

Jacqui: So you're basically Lady Sub-Zero.
Frost: Our differences are deeper than gender.
Jacqui: is there a wiki or something?

Jacqui: Frost and Cetrion tried taking you out?
Fujin: Thankfully, I got my second wind.
Jacqui: You been hanging with dad, Fujin?

Jacqui: Kronika might not be finished.
Fujin: Then we must prepare to defend Earthrealm.
Jacqui: Roger that.

Jacqui: You don't know jack about my future.
Geras: You have none without Kronika.
Jacqui: I call bullshit.

Jacqui: Are you man or monster?
Geras: I am the Alpha and the Omega.
Jacqui: An egomaniac monster.

Jacqui: Are you my conscience?
Jacqui: Just making sure you're not slacking.
Jacqui: A Briggs doesn't slack.

Jacqui: Tell Mr. Cage I don't need a stunt double!
Jacqui: He's just protecting his investment, Jacqui.
Jacqui: That wasn't the deal.

Jacqui: Gotta say, love your tech.
Jacqui: And that look is killin' it!
Jacqui: Did we just become best friends!?

Jacqui: How's this gonna go?
Jacqui: No matter what, better than Fiji.
Jacqui: Do not bring up Fiji.

Jacqui: Fought your Revenant a time or two.
Jade: And who was victorious, Jacqueline?
Jacqui: Me. Obviously.

Jacqui: I'm not down with imperialism, Jade.
Jade: Strong empires provide shelter for weaker races.
Jacqui: Oh don't even go there!

Jacqui: Here to ground me?
Jax: I would if I thought you'd listen.
Jacqui: I'm an adult, Dad.

Jacqui: Don't have time for a lecture.
Jax: Listen up, Jacqueline Sonya Briggs.
Jacqui: I hate it when you do that.

Jacqui: So you and Dad mixed it up once.
Johnny Cage: Yeah I delivered the Boom.
Jacqui: That's not how I heard it.

Jacqui: Should I tell Dad you asked me that?
Johnny Cage: Whoa Jacqui Jax! I was kidding.
Jacqui: You'd better hope so.

Jacqui: You were a great teacher, Mr. Cage.
Johnny Cage: Come sit at your master's feet.
Jacqui: You were also way less of a jerk.

Jacqui: Old You spilled about the Fiji mission?
Johnny Cage: Heard all about the Uzis and umbrella drinks.
Jacqui: I am going to kill him.

Jacqui: Dad gave everything, fighting guys like you.
Joker: And how did that work out for him?
Jacqui: His pain is no joke.

Jacqui: Just who are you under the make up?
Joker: That's the million dollar question, dearie.
Jacqui: How about I shoot it off, and we'll see.

Jacqui: Just how fast is 'Kabal Fast'?
Kabal: You'll never catch me, Briggs.
Jacqui: Assuming your legs aren't broken.

Jacqui: That mask is just. wow.
Kabal: Says the lady wearing tinfoil gloves.
Jacqui: Don't compare us, Kabal.

Jacqui: I am so sick of you.
Kano: Couldn't pay me to stay away, love.
Jacqui: A Briggs beatdown will change your mind.

Jacqui: You couldn't just stay dead?
Kano: I ain't so easy snuff out, Baby Briggs.
Jacqui: Then you won't mind me trying.

Jacqui: Women warriors should stick together.
Kitana: Realm before gender, Jacqueline Briggs.
Jacqui: If that's how you wanna play it, fine.

Jacqui: You knew dad before time got jacked?
Kitana: Had it progressed, we'd have died together.
Jacqui: Seriously? Shit.

Jacqui: Ready to rumble, money bags?
Kollector: And secure a quick profit.
Jacqui: I'm gonna bankrupt your ass.

Jacqui: You're not squeezing cash out of me.
Kollector: All will pay tribute, Earthrealmer!
Jacqui: How about I drop two fists on you?

Jacqui: Shouldn't have bailed on us against Shinnok.
Kotal Kahn: Outworld stood a better chance alone.
Jacqui: Good thing for Outworld Cass took him down.

Jacqui: In the old days your skin wasn't blue?
Kotal Kahn: The color is reserved for Osh Tekk Kahns.
Jacqui: Then I hope it washes off, Kotal.

Jacqui: Jin told me about you.
Kung Lao: My nephew must adore me.
Jacqui: Not as much as you do.

Jacqui: That hat's old school.
Kung Lao: Never mess with a classic.
Jacqui: Classic' is a nice word for 'busted'.

Jacqui: How are you gonna defend Earthrealm?
Liu Kang: With dragon fire, Jacqueline.
Jacqui: This I gotta see.

Jacqui: Special Forces have Earthrealm covered.
Liu Kang: You could use Shaolin assistance.
Jacqui: Who was it again that capped Shinnok?

Jacqui: A lot of fighters say they're the best.
Liu Kang: Only a few can back it up.
Jacqui: I'm proud to be one of the few.

Jacqui: Does Kitana know you're back?
Mileena: Not yet. I will visit her soon.
Jacqui: That's not happening, Mileena.

Jacqui: Didn't lose a wink after watching you die.
Mileena: Nor will I, after eviscerating your corpse.
Jacqui: And that right there is why.

Jacqui: So Scorpion beat you at the tournament.
Nightwolf: To stay on his path, he had to win.
Jacqui: Hold up. You're saying you let him?

Jacqui: There have been other 'Nightwolves'?
Nightwolf: I am the latest in a long line.
Jacqui: Mind. Blown.

Jacqui: So you're the Grandmaster's brother?
Noob Saibot: I am the Lin Kuei's true Grandmaster.
Jacqui: Shouldn't you be alive?

Jacqui: Being a ghost must be lonely.
Noob Saibot: The darkness is my friend.
Jacqui: How's that denial working for you?

Jacqui: Where's Quan Chi?
Raiden: The time merger did not restore him.
Jacqui: If he comes back, he's mine.

Jacqui: My dad needs help, Raiden!
Raiden: I pray the Elder Gods will give him strength.
Jacqui: Thoughts and prayers aren't enough.

Jacqui: Haven't seen you since Mileena went down.
Rain: I had no choice but to strategically withdraw.
Jacqui: In other words, you ran away.

Jacqui: Whatever happened to Tanya?
Rain: We parted ways after the loss to Kotal.
Jacqui: Should've formed a losers support group.

Jacqui: Hear there's a lot you can teach me.
Rambo: I learned how to fight from the best.
Jacqui: Bring it.

Jacqui: Hold up. You were Special Forces?
Rambo: Yeah, I wore the green beret.
Jacqui: Well this sure just got interesting.

Jacqui: Time for you to go home.
Robocop: I will leave once I have caught Kano.
Jacqui: He'll answer to us, not you.

Jacqui: What did Kronika do to you?
Robocop: She ionized me, but I'm all right now.
Jacqui: We'd better make sure, Murphy.

Jacqui: Any chance of a Shirai Ryu training mission?
Scorpion: Training outsiders is Sub-Zero's passion.
Jacqui: Huh. Takeda thought you'd be interested.

Jacqui: What's this about a blood ceremony?
Scorpion: Marry Takeda, you marry the Shirai Ryu.
Jacqui: Do we get matching rope spears?

Jacqui: Gotta be weird, filling your own shoes.
Scorpion: I will honor my future self's dying request.
Jacqui: We'll hold you to it, Scorpion.

Jacqui: You're the soul sucker, huh?
Shang Tsung: Your choice of words, not mine.
Jacqui: That case, I'm gonna get you.

Jacqui: The original big bad boss.
Shang Tsung: The unproven next-generation aspirant.
Jacqui: Allow me to present my qualifications.

Jacqui: Any last words?
Shao Kahn: I'll make this quick, Earthrealmer.
Jacqui: Ha! You wish.

Jacqui: Never thought I'd fight Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Run, girl, before you die.
Jacqui: No Briggs ever backs down.

Jacqui: I'll give it to you Sheeva, you can slay.
Sheeva: To slay is the essence of being Shokan.
Jacqui: Then I must be part-Shokan.

Jacqui: Somebody skipped Leg Day.
Sheeva: Is that the tone to use with a Queen?
Jacqui: That's the tone I use for anyone.

Jacqui: My name is Jacqueline Briggs.
Sindel: I killed your father.
Jacqui: Prepare to die.

Jacqui: What do you expect from me?
Sindel: Flattery, service, worship.
Jacqui: And I thought Cass was a diva.

Jacqui: It's Halloween again already?
Skarlet: This. is no costume.
Jacqui: No trick? No treat.

Jacqui: Met you on my first trip to Outworld.
Skarlet: You were Reiko's prisoner.
Jacqui: This is for torturing me and Cass.

Jacqui: You scared all of us in second grade.
Sonya: Why would seven-year olds be scared of me?
Jacqui: You drilled us like plebes!

Jacqui: My turn to kick the C.O.'s ass.
Sonya: Except I'm not your C.O. in my timeline.
Jacqui: Please Sonya, indulge me.

Jacqui: Let's just acknowledge the weirdness.
Sonya: It's like I'm fighting Jax, but he's a girl.
Jacqui: I love dad, but I stand on my own.

Jacqui: Your weakness is you're all kicks.
Sonya: And yours is you're all punches.
Jacqui: What we have here is a contest.

Jacqui: Hey Auntie.
Sonya: I'll never get used to that.
Jacqui: Sorry, old habits.

Jacqui: Pop never mentioned meeting you.
Spawn: The Hell I'm from isn't yours.
Jacqui: Feel free to go right back to it.

Jacqui: I don't trust folks who deal with devils.
Spawn: I killed all my devils.
Jacqui: Not sure that's any better.

Jacqui: Testing me again, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: Prepare yourself, Jacqueline Briggs.
Jacqui: Please, I was born ready.

Jacqui: Didn't see snow on the forecast.
Sub-Zero: Kombat is full of surprises.
Jacqui: Remember that when I toast you.

Jacqui: I've got new gear to test.
Sub-Zero: Want to know if it's cold-proof?
Jacqui: Let's find out.

Jacqui: Is it true Sub-Zero's now 'plain zero'?
Terminator: My mission objective is complete.
Jacqui: Damn.

Jacqui: Five bucks says you're here to kill me.
Terminator: Of course. I'm a Terminator.
Jacqui: You can do this, Briggs.


Jade: Our future is bleak, Baraka.
Baraka: Then it must be fought.
Jade: Are we allies or enemies in this battle?

Jade: Rule of Outworld was to be shared.
Baraka: Kitana Kahn would have us surrender it.
Jade: She seeks only compromise.

Jade: In the future you're dead, I'm a Revenant.
Baraka: I prefer my fate to yours.
Jade: I must agree, Baraka.

Jade: Child of the emerald light.
Cassie Cage: Commander Cage works too.
Jade: Let us see what you command.

Jade: We are not enemies, Commander Cage.
Cassie Cage: Consider this a cultural exchange.
Jade: That's agreeable.

Jade: Why do you serve evil?
Cetrion: Nature's equilibrium is not evil.
Jade: It is to those who suffer it.

Jade: Please, hear my words.
Cetrion: Mortals have no wisdom for gods.
Jade: Since when is ignorance a virtue?

Jade: Shame on you, Cetrion.
Cetrion: You dare disrespect an Elder God?
Jade: I dare to kill one.

Jade: Shao Kahn massacred the Kytinn.
D'Vorah: Because of This One, we survived.
Jade: And now you defend your butcher?

Jade: Outworld needs a new direction.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn will provide it, Jade.
Jade: Not while Kitana is Kahn.

Jade: Scurry back to the Kytinn.
D'Vorah: I will bring your corpse to feed the Hive.
Jade: It will starve, D'Vorah.

Jade: How can Kotal trust you?
Erron Black: Does he really have a choice, Jade?
Jade: Wrong answer, Earthrealmer.

Jade: Those guns are liable to misfire.
Erron Black: Nothing misfires in these hands, missy.
Jade: You have a Cage-sized ego.

Jade: Sub-Zero's former student.
Frost: I exceed him in every way.
Jade: In your mind, perhaps.

Jade: Kronika's minion.
Frost: Better than being Kotal's kept woman.
Jade: At least my body remains my own.

Jade: Where were you as we battled Kronika?
Fujin: That is unimportant, that I'm here now is.
Jade: Answer, or I'll know I can't trust you.

Jade: Another of Earthrealm's protectors?
Fujin: I am sworn to its safety, Jade.
Jade: You must foreswear Raiden's methods, Fujin.

Jade: Did Kronika give you a soul?
Geras: She saw no need for one.
Jade: Then I'll destroy you with a clear conscience.

Jade: Kronika has nothing to offer.
Geras: She can remake your Revenant fate.
Jade: But at what cost?

Jade: I apologize for offending, Jacqueline.
Jacqui: You should study Earthrealm history.
Jade: And you should be more forgiving.

Jade: I am not the Revenant you know.
Jacqui: Bet you fight like her, though.
Jade: She has but a shadow of my skill.

Jade: This spell must be broken.
Jade: You don't command such magic.
Jade: Who says I need any?

Jade: Is there another Kotal, too?
Jade: We won't have to share.
Jade: Then what is it we're fighting over?

Jade: You must join me in fixing time.
Jade: And commit us to a dark future?
Jade: Our sacrifice will save the realms.

Jade: Are you friend or foe?
Jade: We are twins, Jade.
Jade: That doesn't answer my question.

Jade: Time has collapsed yet again.
Jade: Maybe not for the last time.
Jade: How many more of us are there?

Jade: Kronika sends you against me?
Jade: She's the future's only hope.
Jade: You've been seduced by lies.

Jade: Your daughter is quite the warrior.
Jax: Glad she got something from me.
Jade: You're far too modest, Jackson.

Jade: I am also no friend of Ermac's.
Jax: You suggesting we pay him a little visit?
Jade: Something like that.

Jade: Earthrealm's women like you?
Johnny Cage: Like? The word is worship.
Jade: They have no standards.

Jade: Your ego rivals Shao Kahn's.
Johnny Cage: Yeah, but he's not nearly as pretty.
Jade: Also your self delusion.

Jade: What makes you a warrior?
Johnny Cage: Well for one, I'm dead sexy.
Jade: Hardly, Johnny Cage.

Jade: Are you Earthrealm's best?
Johnny Cage: Honey, I put the 'bank' in 'Bankable Star'.
Jade: My victory will honor Outworld.

Jade: Which realm do you hail from?
Joker: It's funny you should ask that.
Jade: Answer me, Joker!

Jade: I've never met someone so horrid.
Joker: Oh, sweetie, it was just a joke.
Jade: You killed millions of people!

Jade: Someone paid you to find me?
Kabal: Find, kill. You get the idea.
Jade: They've wasted their money.

Jade: You're as vile as your Revenant.
Kabal: Tried a face turn, didn't take.
Jade: I'd spare you if it had.

Jade: Keep the Black Dragon out of Outworld.
Kano: Gotta go where business takes me, love.
Jade: There's none for you, Kano.

Jade: You sold out Kotal to Mileena.
Kano: My loyalty's always for sale.
Jade: Which is why no one will miss you.

Jade: Now that you're Kahn, we can free Edenia.
Kitana: De-merging realms isn't simple, Jade.
Jade: Then we must start immediately.

Jade: Outworld couldn't ask for a better Kahn.
Kitana: I hope to prove worthy of your faith.
Jade: I will aid you if you fall short, Kitana.

Jade: So, Kitana. Liu Kang?
Kitana: Jade, he's just a friend.
Jade: I see how you look at him.

Jade: Shao Kahn's out there, plotting against you.
Kitana: I expect no less from him.
Jade: We must be ready when the time comes.

Jade: You never fought in the tournament.
Kollector: It promised no return on my investment.
Jade: Defending your realm's honor is not enough?

Jade: Outworld's citizens want your head.
Kollector: No one likes paying tribute.
Jade: Because it fuels Shao Kahn's corruption.

Jade: Do you miss your entourage, Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: I have only ever missed you.
Jade: This fight may change your mind.

Jade: It heartens me to see you better.
Kotal Kahn: There is much to be done for Outworld.
Jade: Then shall we begin?

Jade: The Osh-Tekk aren't following your lead.
Kotal Kahn: Their hatred for Tarkatans runs deep.
Jade: You must do more to sway them, Kotal.

Jade: Kitana's scouts have found D'Vorah.
Kotal Kahn: Dawn breaks on the horizon.
Jade: By day's end, she will face justice.

Jade: This will be easy.
Kung Lao: Someone is presumptuous today.
Jade: Knocking your hat off ends this fight.

Jade: I expect monks to be humble.
Kung Lao: I am the exception to the rule.
Jade: Or a failure to your order.

Jade: How does Liu Kang suffer your foolishness?
Kung Lao: Deep down, I amuse him.
Jade: Outworlders don't share this humor.

Jade: What are your intentions toward Kitana?
Liu Kang: Only honorable ones, I assure you.
Jade: Hurt her, Liu Kang, and you answer to me.

Jade: Your reputation precedes you.
Liu Kang: It reflects well upon me, I hope?
Jade: If you live up to it, monk.

Jade: Consider having a word with Kung Lao.
Liu Kang: Is he boasting again, Jade.
Jade: He could learn from your humility.

Jade: The unholy abomination.
Mileena: Greets the bootlicking sycophant.
Jade: For Kitana Kahn, you will die.

Jade: Kitana believes you can be saved.
Mileena: My sister is tragically mistaken.
Jade: Which is why I will show you no mercy.

Jade: What powers did your Great Spirit give you?
Nightwolf: Fight me and find out.
Jade: Invitation accepted, Nightwolf.

Jade: I commend your loyalty to Earthrealm.
Nightwolf: I serve it to serve the Matoka.
Jade: As long as you serve, Nightwolf.

Jade: You were the first Sub-Zero.
Noob Saibot: And the only one who mattered.
Jade: The Lin Kuei are better off without you.

Jade: Your patron, Quan Chi, is dead.
Noob Saibot: With Kronika, I surpass him.
Jade: Yet still, you die today.

Jade: If you save her, there will be two of me?
Raiden: If I can turn your Revenant, yes.
Jade: Part of me wishes you do not succeed.

Jade: Will the eras ever be unmerged?
Raiden: Past and Present are permanently joined.
Jade: Then there is no hope for Edenia.

Jade: To rule well, Kitana Kahn needs all of us.
Raiden: I am honored to provide her assistance.
Jade: Do not fail me, Raiden.

Jade: It's not your lineage that I despise, Rain.
Rain: Then what is it, Princess?
Jade: Your attempt on Kotal's life.

Jade: Outworld follows Kitana, not you.
Rain: I am the god here, Jade.
Jade: Yet you do nothing to earn our faith.

Jade: I have heard stories about your skills.
Rambo: Here to see if they're true?
Jade: Whether you intend to employ them against us.

Jade: Guerilla tactics will be useless here.
Rambo: I can handle a straight up fight.
Jade: We will soon find out.

Jade: You owe your creators no loyalty.
Robocop: It is embedded into my programming.
Jade: They have made you a slave.

Jade: You came here to apprehend Kano?
Robocop: He is a fugitive from justice.
Jade: For the sake of all realms, may you find him.

Jade: You fought alongside my Revenant?
Scorpion: She lacks your honor and skill.
Jade: Then she must be defeated.

Jade: The bond among Shirai Ryu is remarkable.
Scorpion: Without them, I am nothing.
Jade: Do not let loyalty become obsession.

Jade: Your clan is Earthrealmers only?
Scorpion: Only they have proved worthy, Jade.
Jade: Until today, Scorpion.

Jade: You cloned Kitana, you despicable fiend!
Shang Tsung: Would you like a sister, too, Jade?
Jade: I would like to end your life.

Jade: I'll return every soul you've stolen.
Shang Tsung: Such spells are beyond your ken, Jade.
Jade: Doubting me will not stop me.

Jade: Kitana becoming Kahn must burn you.
Shao Kahn: She won't be Kahn for long, Jade.
Jade: You won't threaten her rule.

Jade: That Kronika chose you speaks volumes.
Shao Kahn: She'd have won, had she heeded me.
Jade: What do you know of victory, Shao Kahn?

Jade: Outworld rejects you, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Without me, it will crumble.
Jade: Freedom will bind us together.

Jade: Kotal Kahn sends his regards.
Shao Kahn: The coward sends his woman to face me.
Jade: This woman will be your death.

Jade: I admire how you gained your throne.
Sheeva: That the Shokan males held a contest, and I won?
Jade: Fight as you did that day.

Jade: Find it in your heart to forgive Kotal.
Sheeva: He has yet to suffer for killing Goro.
Jade: Goro shed first blood, not Kotal.

Jade: Pardon this imposition, Empress.
Sindel: Impose yourself on someone else, Jade.
Jade: What I do now, I do to free Outworld.

Jade: As a child, I venerated you.
Sindel: And as an adult, you will obey me.
Jade: As an adult, I've outgrown you.

Jade: It's not too late to join Kitana.
Skarlet: I'll never betray Shao Kahn.
Jade: Then face the consequences, Skarlet.

Jade: Shao Kahn's blood magic is evil.
Skarlet: It invigorates me, Jade.
Jade: It destroys your soul.

Jade: This isn't how you earn my respect.
Skarlet: I want Shao Kahn's, not yours.
Jade: You will gain neither, Skarlet.

Jade: We are allies now, Sonya.
Sonya: Maybe after this fight, we are.
Jade: Raiden said you were stubborn.

Jade: I had to follow Shao Kahn's orders.
Sonya: Then why enlist with him?
Jade: Shao Kahn does not enlist, he conscripts.

Jade: What is your business with Outworld?
Spawn: Saving it from corrupt Kahns.
Jade: Not all Kahns are evil, Spawn.

Jade: Show me your suit's power.
Spawn: You won't live to tell about it.
Jade: Prickly, even for a dead man.

Jade: You seem confident.
Sub-Zero: Lin Kuei fight flawlessly.
Jade: Now you seem over-confident.

Jade: I regret I must decline, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Only the best are asked to be Lin Kuei.
Jade: My allegiance is to Outworld.

Jade: All Cryomancers come from Outworld.
Sub-Zero: I know little of my ancestors.
Jade: Then you have much to learn.

Jade: Cyborgs do not scare me.
Terminator: Why not?
Jade: It's heart, not steel, which strengthens us.

Jade: Are you of concern to Outworld?
Terminator: Does it contain sentient humanoid life?
Jade: I'll take that as yes.


Jax: Somebody's getting teeth broken.
Baraka: Or his metal arms cut off.
Jax: Or his arm blades ripped out.

Jax: You are one ugly sonofabitch.
Baraka: Silence, Earthrealmer!
Jax: Those dulcet tones aren't much better.

Jax: Ya know, in the Marines, officers eat last.
Cassie Cage: You think I need leadership training?
Jax: I think you're in over your head.

Jax: I can't, Cassie, I'm your godfather.
Cassie Cage: Don't worry about it, Uncle J.
Jax: How to explain this to Sonya?

Jax: I've learned to tolerate your father.
Cassie Cage: Ooh! America's Next Top Bromance!
Jax: Now that's a bridge too far.

Jax: Quit driving me out of my mind.
Cetrion: I am no scheming demon, Jackson.
Jax: Cetrion, you're straight-up poison.

Jax: Don't front like we're pals.
Cetrion: Someday, your heart will change.
Jax: Too bad you're going down today.

Jax: Didn't see you at the tournament.
D'Vorah: I was transporting Shaolin prisoners.
Jax: So it's your butt Raiden kicked.

Jax: Bugs, bullets, magic. All the same to me.
D'Vorah: All three can kill you, Major.
Jax: Been doing a shit job so far.

Jax: You still with Kotal Kahn?
Erron Black: Until a better offer comes along.
Jax: Can't respect a man with no code.

Jax: Being Kotal's wingman won't save you.
Erron Black: Don't I get diplomatic immunity?
Jax: You're forgetting the Black Dragon exception.

Jax: Thought the Lin Kuei were like family?
Frost: Family only ever held me back.
Jax: Your Daddy must be so proud.

Jax: Here comes the ruckus.
Frost: I have the technological advantage.
Jax: Maybe, but you've got no soul.

Jax: So there's Raiden and you?
Fujin: And gods of Earth and Fire.
Jax: How many gods do we need?

Jax: I hear together we kick Netherrealm's ass.
Fujin: We help turn the tide against Shinnok.
Jax: That's a future worth fighting for.

Jax: You're pretty jacked for an errand boy.
Geras: This mission is no errand.
Jax: Nah, it's a chore for both of us.

Jax: Joining your boss ain't in the cards.
Geras: Then your spirit will break.
Jax: Maybe one day, but not today.

Jax: So what the heck happened in Fiji?
Jacqui: God, can we not do this?
Jax: Don't keep secrets from your old man.

Jax: I do all right, raising you?
Jacqui: You did the best you could.
Jax: Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Jax: Your friends tortured me in Goro's Lair.
Jade: I have renounced them and Shao Kahn.
Jax: Doesn't mean you're forgiven.

Jax: This is a funny way to gain my trust.
Jade: In kombat, our true selves are revealed.
Jax: All right, put your cards on the table.

Jax: So now there's another me?
Jax: Chill, we're brothers in arms.
Jax: That's still TBD.

Jax: Time to go to work.
Jax: You point, I'll shoot.
Jax: The Black Dragon is going down.

Jax: What's your Vera like?
Jax: Vera? Who's Vera?
Jax: I pity you, fool.

Jax: Heard you gave Cage a shiner.
Jax: He pushes every damn one of my buttons.
Jax: You, me, and everyone else.

Jax: English please, Cage?
Johnny Cage: Does Jax eat snacks by the tracks?
Jax: Jax whacks hacks across their backs.

Jax: Not surprised I have a kid, but you?
Johnny Cage: I know. Especially after the snip-snip.
Jax: Never let Cassie hear you say that.

Jax: You win every room you walk into.
Johnny Cage: It's exhausting being so perfect.
Jax: Dammit, you're vain.

Jax: Got my eye on you, Cage.
Johnny Cage: I'll treat Sonya like a queen.
Jax: You damn well better.

Jax: Dead or alive, you're coming with me.
Joker: Whatever you say, robo-cop.
Jax: Gonna smack that grin right off him.

Jax: I'll never forgive you, Joker.
Joker: Which of my crimes has your panties twisted?
Jax: Making Kano seem like less of a monster.

Jax: How 'bout you turn yourself in.
Kabal: No chance, Briggs.
Jax: Then I'll turn you inside out.

Jax: Black Dragon thug.
Kabal: You say that like it's bad.
Jax: Gonna hunt you all down.

Jax: Hold up. Didn't you die?
Kano: A magician can't reveal his secrets.
Jax: Fine, I'll just beat 'em outta you.

Jax: Still gotta answer for Sonya's partner.
Kano: Best let sleeping dogs lie, mate.
Jax: Not when the dog's rabid like you.

Jax: This is the last time, Kano.
Kano: Your daughter's sure gonna miss you.
Jax: Ain't nobody gonna miss you.

Jax: When did you commit your first crime?
Kano: Was an ankle biter, five or six.
Jax: Nature one, nurture zero.

Jax: Don't usually fight royalty, Kitana.
Kitana: There's a first time for everything.
Jax: Hopefully won't be my last.

Jax: Gods, monsters. This shit's crazy.
Kitana: That's how I felt in Manhattan.
Jax: New York? Also crazy.

Jax: Jacqui needs a man like yours.
Kitana: I've heard good things about Takeda.
Jax: He sure ain't no Chosen One.

Jax: You don't have to fight Earthrealm.
Kollector: Shao Kahn must have its riches.
Jax: He's gonna choke on 'em.

Jax: Wait, you're not Shokan?
Kollector: They have four arms, we have six.
Jax: Must be something in Outworld's water.

Jax: Hear Jacqui tried talking sense into you.
Kotal Kahn: I was deaf to her pleas about Shinnok.
Jax: It ain't never worth it to appease him.

Jax: Never thought Kitana'd end up Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: I need no reminder, Commander Briggs.
Jax: I hope you're not getting any ideas.

Jax: Remember that time at the Dead Pool?
Kung Lao: You gave Reptile an acid bath.
Jax: This is gonna hurt worse.

Jax: You're no soldier, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: I'll fight you and your squad, Jax.
Jax: You fight, but you don't show respect.

Jax: I like Liu Kang better than you.
Kung Lao: I like your candor but not your taste.
Jax: It's 'cause you say BS like that.

Jax: Your fire is impressive.
Liu Kang: I appreciate your humility.
Jax: Didn't say you could beat me with it.

Jax: Sonya's got a lot of faith in you.
Liu Kang: Coming from her, that means something.
Jax: I think you're still untested.

Jax: Now there's a face I didn't need to see.
Mileena: Aw, you don't appreciate me, Jax.
Jax: Woman, you scare the crap outta me.

Jax: We have Shang Tsung to thank for you?
Mileena: Who else but the great sorcerer?
Jax: Reason number 5000 that man is on my shit list.

Jax: What's with the cold shoulder?
Nightwolf: Your army and the Matoka go way back.
Jax: Enough said.

Jax: Y'know we both become Revenants.
Nightwolf: Except you get saved, and I end up cursed.
Jax: Was in the right place, at the right time.

Jax: Man, Scorpion toasted you.
Noob Saibot: Ermac ripped off your arms.
Jax: But I survived, you didn't.

Jax: So you knew my Revenant.
Noob Saibot: I taught him to embrace death.
Jax: School's out, Bi-Han.

Jax: You're a weapon of mass destruction.
Raiden: That is how you think of me?
Jax: Of anyone calling himself a 'god'.

Jax: Your memories of the future include this?
Raiden: We are in uncharted territory, Major.
Jax: Is that a good thing or not?

Jax: This timeline's still a hot mess, Raiden.
Raiden: I am not sure we can ever correct it.
Jax: Not what I wanted to hear.

Jax: You should've left Jacqui alone.
Rain: I never meant to cause you any sorrow.
Jax: Well now I'm going to cause you pain.

Jax: We've got you surrounded, Rain.
Rain: Then shall we begin the party?
Jax: Party's over. You're out of time.

Jax: You took out Shao Kahn's army single-handed?
Rambo: Just did what had to be done.
Jax: You gotta gift for demolition, man.

Jax: I never learned how to shoot a bow.
Rambo: And you call yourself a soldier?
Jax: What are you, my drill sergeant?

Jax: You got any original parts left?
Robocop: Just what's under the helmet.
Jax: And I thought losing my arms was bad.

Jax: So you're after Kano, too?
Robocop: He's wanted for many crimes on my Earth.
Jax: Damn, that guy gets around.

Jax: Not sure I like Jacqui with one of yours.
Scorpion: Takeda is worthy, Commander.
Jax: He damn well better be.

Jax: Going after a man's family? That's low.
Scorpion: Which is why Quan Chi is dead.
Jax: Good riddance to bad trash.

Jax: Netherrealm's screwed us both over.
Scorpion: Then we are of the same mind.
Jax: Road trip.

Jax: This must be my lucky day.
Shang Tsung: Major Briggs, my old captive.
Jax: And I remember all of it.

Jax: No more mind games.
Shang Tsung: It is not your mind I want.
Jax: I got soul to spare, but none for you.

Jax: Your flunky really ticked me off.
Shao Kahn: Ermac was to kill you.
Jax: As if ripping my arms off would do it.

Jax: You're old news, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: I won't be insulted.
Jax: Need a safe space?

Jax: Damn, Sheeva, that you?
Sheeva: Address me as Queen of the Shokan.
Jax: I see you've gone full diva.

Jax: You got four arms, I got cyber arms.
Sheeva: Placing you at a disadvantage.
Jax: Not if R&D did its job.

Jax: Fighting ladies? Not my thing.
Sindel: There are other ways to be physical.
Jax: Woman, I'm an officer, not some gigolo!

Jax: Shiiiit, it's you!
Sindel: Why do I keep hearing that?
Jax: Word is, you're a wrecking ball.

Jax: You tangled with my baby girl.
Skarlet: She bled like the child she is.
Jax: Time for the grown-ups to bleed.

Jax: Still serving Shao Kahn, Skarlet?
Skarlet: He will conquer this realm.
Jax: Over my dead god-damned body.

Jax: Is your head in this mission?
Sonya: Could ask you the same thing, Jax.
Jax: I'm not the one sweatin' Johnny Cage.

Jax: One day, our kids will replace us.
Sonya: I will not go gentle into that good night.
Jax: Let's rage against the dying of the light.

Jax: Turning on me, Sonya?
Sonya: Pushing you to be all you can be.
Jax: When am I not?

Jax: Discipline's never been your problem.
Sonya: I don't have problems, just solutions.
Jax: Thinking that way is problematic.

Jax: Maybe Raiden can help you.
Spawn: There's no saving me.
Jax: You're giving me no choice, Al.

Jax: Looks like life ain't been easy.
Spawn: The real bitch is the afterlife.
Jax: I heard that.

Jax: Nobody questions my loyalty.
Spawn: There's a snake in every operation.
Jax: You wanna be startin' somethin'?

Jax: What do they call you back home?
Sub-Zero: They call me Grandmaster.
Jax: Don't get out much, do you?

Jax: This a friendly fight, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: I prefer to see your full strength.
Jax: Stone cold. I like that.

Jax: So the Lin Kuei train Special Forces. I'll be.
Sub-Zero: It was at General Blade's request.
Jax: General Blade. Still not used to that.

Jax: How long you been here?
Terminator: Two weeks.
Jax: Two weeks too long, you ask me.

Jax: You just can't go around killing people.
Terminator: Why not?
Jax: You just can't! Trust me.

Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage: Tar-ka-TAN? Tar-KAY-tan? Which is it?
Baraka: It's Tarkatan, Earthrealmer.
Johnny Cage: Katan'? You ain't soft and fuzzy.

Johnny Cage: You are box office gold, dude.
Baraka: I won't play your lackey, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Really? Cause I'm feeling a BFF vibe here.

Johnny Cage: Wait one sec, Nosferatu.
Baraka: For what, Earthrealmer?
Johnny Cage: And. action!

Johnny Cage: No one can be as strong, or as fast, as a Cage.
Cassie Cage: You trying to tell me I can dodge bullets?
Johnny Cage: That when you're ready, you won't have to.

Johnny Cage: Don't most kids and their dads just shoot hoops?
Cassie Cage: When have I ever been 'most kids'?
Johnny Cage: You got me there.

Johnny Cage: Grandma Carlton told you my secret?
Cassie Cage: Johnny Pee-Pants'?
Johnny Cage: I had one accident. One!

Johnny Cage: What's cookin', good lookin'?
Cassie Cage: Ewww, No. Seriously?!
Johnny Cage: Wait, what?! Not what I meant!

Johnny Cage: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Cetrion: That you are a vapid, arrogant child?
Johnny Cage: Don't let that stop you.

Johnny Cage: Sorry, babe, the name ain't working.
Cetrion: Cetrion' embodies virtue and light.
Johnny Cage: Sounds like a damn insurance company.

Johnny Cage: So you and Rai-Dude, both Elder Gods.
Cetrion: He is only a demi-god.
Johnny Cage: Talk about splittin' hairs.

Johnny Cage: I owe you big, Beetle Babe.
D'Vorah: For what, human?
Johnny Cage: For inspiring 'The Exterminator'.

Johnny Cage: Of all the gin joints, in all the towns.
D'Vorah: Quit babbling, Earthrealmer.
Johnny Cage: You're not walking outta mine.

Johnny Cage: Old Man me says you tried to whack him.
D'Vorah: A failure This One corrects today.
Johnny Cage: Not a chance, Centi-puke.

Johnny Cage: No one takes shots at the tattoo.
Erron Black: I just did, Cage.
Johnny Cage: I'm gonna beat you back to Tex-ass-istan.

Johnny Cage: Am I on the right soundstage?
Erron Black: Just get ready to draw.
Johnny Cage: Shouldn't a tumbleweed roll through first?

Johnny Cage: Oh dude, I love Westerns!
Erron Black: The bullets are real, Cage.
Johnny Cage: So are my fists.

Johnny Cage: What's up, Frosty the Snow Chick?
Frost: Your time, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Clever girl.

Johnny Cage: You know there's a word for girls like you.
Frost: I hope it's 'assassin'.
Johnny Cage: Yep. That's it.

Johnny Cage: Normally I don't judge having work done.
Frost: Kronika perfected me, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Johnny Cage: Yeah, Fatal Infinity wasn't my best work.
Fujin: Were you not focused, Johnny?
Johnny Cage: I was three sheets to the wind.

Johnny Cage: Earthrealm's savior has arrived.
Geras: Savior? Where?
Johnny Cage: Bullshit you haven't heard of me.

Johnny Cage: The look's stylin' but I-I don't get it.
Geras: You mind is too simple, Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Simply irresistible, baby.

Johnny Cage: You hung with my ancient ancestors?
Geras: Many centuries ago.
Johnny Cage: Were they too sexy for their shirts too?

Johnny Cage: You and Cass'll play soldiers turned private eyes.
Jacqui: Working for you, our mysterious boss?
Johnny Cage: Say hello to 'Johnny's Angels'.

Johnny Cage: You got your father's eyes, Jacqui.
Jacqui: And his left hook.
Johnny Cage: What about his glass jaw?

Johnny Cage: You really like Future Johnny better.
Jacqui: Name one person who doesn't.
Johnny Cage: Me.

Johnny Cage: So I was a good dad to Cass?
Jacqui: Once you finished all twelve steps.
Johnny Cage: Whoa! Hold the phone. Rehab?

Johnny Cage: My green magic, your green outfit.
Jade: By the gods, no.
Johnny Cage: Your loss, sweetheart.

Johnny Cage: Doesn't Outworld have actors?
Jade: Pretending' is a child's pastime.
Johnny Cage: And a noble profession.

Johnny Cage: Dated a beauty queen looked just like you.
Jade: I pity that poor woman.
Johnny Cage: Pity me! She was insanely high maintenance.

Johnny Cage: Y'know, I'm live-streaming this.
Jax: You have what, five followers?
Johnny Cage: Whole world'll watch me kick your ass.

Johnny Cage: I always thought it'd be you and Sonya.
Jax: I told you, it wasn't like that.
Johnny Cage: Deep down you wish it was.

Johnny Cage: Call me Captain Cage!
Jax: You just play one on TV.
Johnny Cage: Busted! I knew you were a fan.

Johnny Cage: C'mon, help a brother out.
Jax: Screw you and your gladiator reality show.
Johnny Cage: Only get one shot at fame, Jax.

Johnny Cage: Well look at the two of us.
Johnny Cage: Star power to spare, homie.
Johnny Cage: We're gonna kill this summer's box office.

Johnny Cage: We. Are. Sexy.
Johnny Cage: We are sexy bitches!
Johnny Cage: This is re-goddamned-diculous.

Johnny Cage: I do my own stunts. You?
Johnny Cage: I got people for that.
Johnny Cage: Poseur.

Johnny Cage: Hands down. Best stand-in ever.
Johnny Cage: I'm the star. You're the stand in.
Johnny Cage: Keep dreaming, Mini-Me.

Johnny Cage: I need an answer, it's killing me.
Johnny Cage: What's the trouble, Double Double?
Johnny Cage: Are we Johnny Cages or Johnnies Cage?

Johnny Cage: We're filming this, right?
Johnny Cage: Gotta get it in one take.
Johnny Cage: This is us you're talking about.

Johnny Cage: No beard, so not evil, right?
Johnny Cage: Fight me and find out.
Johnny Cage: Okay, (chuckle) now I'm thinking evil.

Johnny Cage: I got it! Twin cops!
Johnny Cage: We'll hunt down a Triad gang leader!
Johnny Cage: Yes! And we'll call it Double. something.

Johnny Cage: Is there a point to your evil?
Joker: No. Should there be?
Johnny Cage: I do not want to know your origin story.

Johnny Cage: Time for a company move back to your universe.
Joker: Worried that I'll steal the show?
Johnny Cage: That you'll serve me with chianti and fava beans.

Johnny Cage: What kinda name is Kabal?
Kabal: Got a better suggestion, Cage?
Johnny Cage: From now on, you're Carlos.

Johnny Cage: I hear you're fast.
Kabal: You'll be dead in a split second.
Johnny Cage: Bring it, Speedy.

Johnny Cage: I know studio execs tougher than you.
Kabal: No suit's gonna slit your throat.
Johnny Cage: Have you been to Hollywood?!

Johnny Cage: You are one mean sonofabitch.
Kano: The meanest, Hollywood.
Johnny Cage: Nope, that would be my agent.

Johnny Cage: Your fight cage was disgusting.
Kano: Wanna lick the blood off the floor?
Johnny Cage: Tempting, but no.

Johnny Cage: Why a Russian fight club?
Kano: Just going where the fans are.
Johnny Cage: You got a showman's instincts there, Kano.

Johnny Cage: Stop sniffing around Cassie and Sonya.
Kano: Can't. I'm like a dog with a bone.
Johnny Cage: You're gonna be a dog with a fist up it's ass.

Johnny Cage: Liu Kang deserves a tip of the hat.
Kitana: You deserve the tips of my blades.
Johnny Cage: Once they touch me they'll be worth a fortune.

Johnny Cage: Gotta strike while the iron's hot, Kitana.
Kitana: My life story is not for sale.
Johnny Cage: Warrior princesses are the shit right now.

Johnny Cage: Looking forward to a kinder, gentler Outworld.
Kitana: Why? Because I'm a woman?
Johnny Cage: Well that and you're banging Liu Kang.

Johnny Cage: You like being Shao Kahn's lummox?
Kollector: I serve to improve my station.
Johnny Cage: Seems more like you're his bitch.

Johnny Cage: You need a side hustle?
Kollector: Doing what, Earthrealmer?
Johnny Cage: Studio's holding up my residuals.

Johnny Cage: You get points off the net or the gross?
Kollector: Shao Kahn pays me first.
Johnny Cage: I so need a better agent.

Johnny Cage: What am I in for? A Kotality?
Kotal Kahn: Careful whom you mock, Earthrealmer.
Johnny Cage: Oh I'm being real careful.

Johnny Cage: You just need a cop, a sailor, and a cowboy.
Kotal Kahn: For what, Johnny Cage?
Johnny Cage: Only the greatest disco reboot ever.

Johnny Cage: Any chance Jade has a sister?
Kotal Kahn: None with whom you would have one.
Johnny Cage: If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that.

Johnny Cage: Kung Pao, my man!
Kung Lao: I am done correcting you, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Sorry, it's- it's like a reflex.

Johnny Cage: What's Liu Kang got that I haven't got?
Kung Lao: A personality not at all like sanding paper?
Johnny Cage: Ouch.

Johnny Cage: Oh look, the Shaolin spin doctor.
Kung Lao: Come to fight the Ugly American.
Johnny Cage: Ugly? Or Sexiest?

Johnny Cage: Shadow kick beats flying kick.
Liu Kang: Bicycle kick beats shadow kick.
Johnny Cage: But a nut punch wins the day.

Johnny Cage: Y'know making movies is no walk in the park.
Liu Kang: For the stunt men taking your hits.
Johnny Cage: You think I don't take hits? Hit me!

Johnny Cage: I admire Sonya's strategic mind.
Liu Kang: It's not her mind you're admiring.
Johnny Cage: It's true.

Johnny Cage: Nothing or Double? God bless you.
Liu Kang: My mind and my spirit are as one.
Johnny Cage: Then let's shake the Pillars of Heaven.

Johnny Cage: Whoa-ho-ho! No way, hot lips. No dice.
Mileena: Oh, you reject me, Cage?
Johnny Cage: I like leading ladies, not femmes fatale.

Johnny Cage: Woo! Did Baraka and Kitana get busy?!
Mileena: Such a coupling is impossible, Earthrealmer.
Johnny Cage: Where there's a will, there's a way.

Johnny Cage: Did an agent get you this part?
Nightwolf: It was the Great Spirit.
Johnny Cage: She taking on new clients?

Johnny Cage: We have something in common?
Nightwolf: I too, was once young and foolish.
Johnny Cage: But I looked good doing it.

Johnny Cage: Let me guess. You're pure evil.
Noob Saibot: My soul swims in darkness.
Johnny Cage: Ick. Watch for floaters, man.

Johnny Cage: Hey there tall, dark, and gruesome.
Noob Saibot: An apt description.
Johnny Cage: Do you not get I'm mocking you?

Johnny Cage: Making you laugh is impossible.
Noob Saibot: You admit defeat?
Johnny Cage: Yes. You're the black hole of comedy.

Johnny Cage: I hear I'm the one who takes down Shinnok.
Raiden: It is his Amulet which finishes him.
Johnny Cage: Yeah but this guy softens him up.

Johnny Cage: Your blue stone amulet stop cracking?
Raiden: It disappeared in the time merger.
Johnny Cage: So much for that MacGuffin.

Johnny Cage: Why wasn't I your 'Chosen One'?
Raiden: Do you have all day, Johnny Cage?
Johnny Cage: Yeah. I do.

Johnny Cage: This whole Dad thing's got me bugging.
Raiden: It requires maturity and wisdom.
Johnny Cage: Can I get a pill for that?

Johnny Cage: That look just screams 'artist'!
Rain: I am a god, fool.
Johnny Cage: Baby, you're a star!

Johnny Cage: So you're Edenian, like Jade?
Rain: Yes, Earthrealmer. Why?
Johnny Cage: You know if she's got a sister?

Johnny Cage: Are you sure you've never been on camera?
Rambo: Not in this life, friend.
Johnny Cage: Damn, you look familiar.

Johnny Cage: Y'know sharing your story might be therapeutic.
Rambo: And making it a movie would you serious cash.
Johnny Cage: Whoa, John! it's a win win!

Johnny Cage: Part man. Part machine. All cop.
Robocop: That is correct.
Johnny Cage: Please tell me no one's signed you.

Johnny Cage: You ever consider doing movies?
Robocop: Are you serious?
Johnny Cage: Absolutely. Can you sing?

Johnny Cage: Since when are you and Sub-Zero besties?
Scorpion: We joined forces to battle Quan Chi.
Johnny Cage: Gotta stop missing story meetings.

Johnny Cage: C'mon, on merch alone you'll be killing it!
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu are not for sale.
Johnny Cage: Way to waste a cinematic universe.

Johnny Cage: All I'm saying, is it's brand confusion.
Scorpion: D'Vorah is a mere bug.
Johnny Cage: But she is scorpion adjacent.

Johnny Cage: If I beat you, I'm the new Chosen One?
Shang Tsung: You were not born into this realm to beat me.
Johnny Cage: I was born to bring the Boom.

Johnny Cage: Once upon a time I beat Shinnok.
Shang Tsung: My, you have a colorful imagination.
Johnny Cage: Look it up, I laid him out!

Johnny Cage: How is Shao Kahn not a Shokan?
Shao Kahn: It's irrelevant, imbecile.
Johnny Cage: Dude I lose sleep over shit like this.

Johnny Cage: Where's your soul brother, Ermac?
Shao Kahn: Why do you care, Earthrealmer?
Johnny Cage: Still owe him for my knee.

Johnny Cage: Film crew's just about set up.
Shao Kahn: They'll document your demise.
Johnny Cage: Only I get to improvise.

Johnny Cage: Y'know the evil overlord bit's played out.
Shao Kahn: What would you suggest?
Johnny Cage: Right now it's all anti-heroes.

Johnny Cage: Must take work, keeping four arms that strong.
Sheeva: They are strengthened by daily slaughter.
Johnny Cage: A gym membership would be a whole lot easier.

Johnny Cage: What's it take for a guy to bag a Shokan?
Sheeva: Try being respectful and submissive.
Johnny Cage: Respectful, fine. Submissive? Ha ha. No way.

Johnny Cage: 1989 called. Wants its hair back.
Sindel: My hair will be your doom, Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: It's definitely a nightmare.

Johnny Cage: You look like a Tawny--no, Kimberly!?
Sindel: Empress Sindel, you simpering slob.
Johnny Cage: I've got it: I'll call you Lizzy.

Johnny Cage: So I'm guessing you wanna chew me up.
Skarlet: And spit out your bones, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Watch out, she's a maneater.

Johnny Cage: I'll keep my blood inside me, thank you.
Skarlet: There's enough to share.
Johnny Cage: Where's that green glow when I need it?

Johnny Cage: What's that, Skarlet?
Skarlet: The Gods as my witness, I'll never go thirsty again.
Johnny Cage: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Johnny Cage: In your heart, you're glad to see me.
Sonya: Ugh. Then why's my stomach ready to puke?
Johnny Cage: Eh, it's nerve-wracking dating an Adonis.

Johnny Cage: At some point, you and I get busy.
Sonya: Ugh. Don't even want to think about it.
Johnny Cage: It's all you ever think about.

Johnny Cage: What's it gonna take for you to respect me?
Sonya: Partial, maybe full vasectomy?
Johnny Cage: I love it when you talk dirty.

Johnny Cage: Marry me and be Hollywood royalty.
Sonya: And get hounded 24-7 by paparazzi?
Johnny Cage: Like they'd mess with you.

Johnny Cage: And the award for Best Costume goes to--
Spawn: It's more than a costume, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Hello! That's why it's a winner!

Johnny Cage: I know, I seem like a clown to you.
Spawn: And I hate CLOWNS.
Johnny Cage: Then do NOT watch Ninja Mime.

Johnny Cage: You know what your problem with me is?
Sub-Zero: You take nothing seriously?
Johnny Cage: I'm cooler than you.

Johnny Cage: I found you the perfect summer job!
Sub-Zero: What would that be?
Johnny Cage: Human. Air conditioner.

Johnny Cage: Dating must be hard for you.
Sub-Zero: I have no time to socialize.
Johnny Cage: Well that and chicks hate guys with cold hands.

Johnny Cage: Dude, you have 'blockbuster' written all over you.
Terminator: Where?
Johnny Cage: Ha! And he's a comedian!

Johnny Cage: To be or not to be?
Terminator: Leave or be terminated.
Johnny Cage: Not to be.


Joker: I'm sorry, are you slobbering?
Baraka: Because I'm about to taste human flesh.
Joker: Ha ha! The joke's on you.

Joker: Those blades, those teeth!
Baraka: Realizing the ways I can kill you?
Joker: The bucks I'll make selling them in Gotham.

Joker: Well aren't you just as cute as a button.
Cassie Cage: And aren't you just as creepy as fuck.
Joker: Flattery will get you nowhere, deary.

Joker: We didn't meet the last time I was here.
Cassie Cage: This isn't your first visit?
Joker: Nobody told you? I was all the rage.

Joker: So this place has gods, too.
Cetrion: I defend the virtue of the realms.
Joker: Virtue? What a joke.

Joker: Your Mommy Dearest likes stacking the deck.
Cetrion: All existence adheres to Kronika's design.
Joker: Not once I start shuffling the cards.

Joker: D'vorah, the entomologist's dream.
D'Vorah: No human will study This One, Joker.
Joker: You'll look spiffy, pinned to a board.

Joker: So you're this universe's Insect Queen?
D'Vorah: This One does has no desire to rule.
Joker: Where's your ambition, dearie?

Joker: Howdy there, partner!
Erron Black: Partner? You snot-slinging drunk?
Joker: Amused by the possibilities.

Joker: Am I welcome here, cowboy?
Erron Black: Like a porcupine at a nudist colony.
Joker: Well there's no need to be so prickly.

Joker: There's a gal I know you would love.
Frost: Is she a great cryomancer?
Joker: She's killer, Frost.

Joker: Ooo! A new groupie.
Frost: I'm here to kill you, not kiss you.
Joker: You really are a fan!

Joker: Well you're hardly impressive.
Fujin: Think you'll win this fight?
Joker: I'll leave you twisting in the wind.

Joker: Whatever you say, make it funny.
Fujin: You mere presence soils Earthrealm.
Joker: Well aren't you the pontificating windbag.

Joker: A little birdie told me you're immortal.
Geras: I cannot be killed, Joker.
Joker: It'll be oodles of fun trying.

Joker: I could've built something like you.
Geras: You lack both the skill and intelligence.
Joker: I don't know, I'm pretty mean with gadgets.

Joker: Well aren't you a vixen.
Jacqui: I'm off limits, Joker.
Joker: As if I respect boundaries.

Joker: My congratulations to the bride.
Jacqui: You know about me and Takeda?
Joker: Pain makes your fiancée very chatty.

Joker: Why so prickly, Princess?
Jade: Kitana's court doesn't need a jester.
Joker: But I'll make you die laughing.

Joker: Ever give thought to a life of crime?
Jade: Not once, not ever.
Joker: What a waste of material.

Joker: A lifetime of sacrifice, and for what?
Jax: The pride of serving my family and country.
Joker: You sound like that big, blue boy scout.

Joker: Pick quickly! Sonya or your little girl?
Jax: What the hell have you done, Joker?!
Joker: Oh this joke's gonna kill.

Joker: Tell your producers I'll star in your next film.
Johnny Cage: A killer clown? Cliché city.
Joker: Just wait 'til they get a load of me.

Joker: You're the biggest star here?
Johnny Cage: Or the brightest, baddest. You get the idea.
Joker: Let's try the 'deadest'.

Joker: Finally a friendly face!
Joker: Friendly? Try deadly!
Joker: We'll get along just fine.

Joker: Two jokers walk into a bar.
Joker: And only one leaves.
Joker: I like how you think.

Joker: How many of us are there?
Joker: Who knows? I've killed at least a dozen.
Joker: So have I.

Joker: We'll have to make do as a dynamic duo.
Joker: Only two of us?! That's an injustice!
Joker: What we could do with a third.

Joker: Everywhere I go, there's a speedster.
Kabal: My apologies for boring you.
Joker: None needed, you'll be dead in a flash.

Joker: Care to put your swords to good use?
Kabal: As long as the money's no joke.
Joker: I knew we'd be fast friends.

Joker: You don't want to be part of my masterpiece?
Kano: Anarchy's bad for business, mate.
Joker: Oh Kano, how do we get to Ka-yes?

Joker: I'm here to join your merry band of cutthroats!
Kano: It's invitation only, you drongo.
Joker: I've got your invitation right here.

Joker: Outworld could use some anarchy.
Kitana: Not as long as I am Kahn.
Joker: Then make way for Emperor Joker.

Joker: Can you point me to that chap, Havik?
Kitana: So you can help stoke his chaos?
Joker: It'll be the gag of a lifetime!

Joker: I'm in the market for a new henchman!
Kollector: You could not afford me, Joker.
Joker: Why? You charge by the hand?

Joker: We ready? Let's see a show of hands.
Kollector: Mine will snap your bones.
Joker: Good luck trying to tickle my ivories.

Joker: Whatever happened to Dark Kahn?
Kotal Kahn: Dark Kahn?
Joker: Oh that's right, you missed it.

Joker: Love the feathers, do you talk to birds?
Kotal Kahn: A ludicrous suggestion, jester.
Joker: Really? I know a king who talks to fish.

Joker: Once a sidekick, always a sidekick.
Kung Lao: My skills stand alone, Joker.
Joker: You're an overripe second banana.

Joker: That chapeau is a thing of beauty.
Kung Lao: It is also an incredibly deadly weapon.
Joker: Who says looks can't kill?

Joker: You're friends with Hat Man aren't you?
Liu Kang: If you refer to Kung Lao, yes.
Joker: I hope you weren't too close.

Joker: Yet another high-kicking goody goody.
Liu Kang: I have no qualms taking your life.
Joker: Maybe this will be fun.

Joker: Well, where have you been hiding?
Mileena: Do I excite you, Joker?
Joker: I can't resist a beauty who's a beast.

Joker: I like face paint, you like war paint..
Nightwolf: What's your point, Joker?
Joker: That we could be super friends!

Joker: Manitou Raven, is that you?
Nightwolf: The name is Nightwolf.
Joker: Are you some kind of Apache chief?

Joker: Care to compare body counts?
Noob Saibot: Yours cannot possibly exceed mine.
Joker: Oh my dear boy, Look me up.

Joker: What's with the uber-goth cosplay.
Noob Saibot: I am death personified.
Joker: You look like death warmed over.

Joker: I thought lightning never strikes twice.
Raiden: In your case, I will make an exception.
Joker: Promise?

Joker: Say hello to your new Chosen One!
Raiden: I choose to finish you, Joker.
Joker: Well you don't have to be rude!

Joker: We meet again, sweet prince!
Rain: This time we battle to the last.
Joker: Let's go crazy!

Joker: There's steam coming out of your ears.
Rain: You die today, Joker!
Joker: Today's no good for me. Can I take a rain check?

Joker: Ah, ah, ah! These lips are sealed.
Rambo: What happens next! Spill It!
Joker: And ruin the cliffhanger?

Joker: Oh Rambro, we're meant to be bosom buddies!
Rambo: What the hell makes you say that?
Joker: We both see the world for the cesspool it is.

Joker: A new toy! Can I play?
Robocop: You're under arrest, Joker.
Joker: Oh goody! Cops and robbers.

Joker: Just think of this as a game.
Robocop: You're here to play?
Joker: I'm cashing you out.

Joker: There's a name for people like you.
Scorpion: Choose your next word carefully, Joker.
Joker: Humuhumunukunukuapu'aa!

Joker: Fancy meeting you here, Scorpy!
Scorpion: Sub-Zero knew how to find you.
Joker: And how is your new cuddle buddy?

Joker: You sonnuvabitch, you stole my face.
Shang Tsung: I could steal a lot more, Clown.
Joker: Never rub another man's rhubarb.

Joker: I hear you do impressions.
Shang Tsung: Unlike you, I am no cheap vaudevillian.
Joker: It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!

Joker: The bigger you are, the harder you'll fall.
Shao Kahn: The harder I'll punish, Joker.
Joker: Who said you could re-write me?!

Joker: Outworld needs a Clown Prince.
Shao Kahn: Your entrails will feed my war dogs.
Joker: See, I'd fit right in!

Joker: I could see myself in those arms.
Sheeva: They will crush you, Joker.
Joker: Ah, you'll make a great main squeeze.

Joker: Is it true big girls don't cry?
Sheeva: A Shokan would die before showing weakness.
Joker: I'm sure I can make you do both.

Joker: I love your flair for the dramatic.
Sindel: Speak again, knave, and I'll punish you.
Joker: Please do.

Joker: To what do I owe this privilege?
Sindel: That sick joke targeting me and Shao Kahn.
Joker: You have to admit it was funny.

Joker: In my heart, I'm an artist.
Skarlet: How is that, Joker?
Joker: I like nothing better than drawing blood.

Joker: Time to get the old blood moving.
Skarlet: You wish to exercise?
Joker: To cover the floor with yours.

Joker: You'd be prettier if you smiled.
Sonya: You die, I smile.
Joker: Oh, I like you.

Joker: Why so serious, Army Girl?
Sonya: Fought a lot of bad guys, but none like you.
Joker: You've saved the best for last.

Joker: What's your name, beautiful boy?
Spawn: Call me Spawn.
Joker: Well, Spawn, that's a lovely cape.

Joker: You look like a hugger, bring it in!
Spawn: I'll turn you inside-out ass-first, Clown.
Joker: I love it when they talk dirty!

Joker: Grandmaster Blueberry Ice, eh?
Sub-Zero: Only Johnny Cage may use that name and live.
Joker: You're hardly intimidating, snow cone.

Joker: Your girl Frost is quite the filly.
Sub-Zero: She became dead to me long ago.
Joker: Soon she'll be dead to me, too.

Joker: Would it kill you to smile?
Terminator: That is beyond my programming.
Joker: Such a party pooper.

Joker: Y'know, you remind me of Bats.
Terminator: Who is Bats?
Joker: Just another jerk with no sense of humor.


Kabal: Hook swords versus arm blades, eh?
Baraka: Leave or they will taste your flesh.
Kabal: Melodramatic much, Baraka?

Kabal: Kano wants to cut a deal.
Baraka: Have him make a decent offer.
Kabal: Beads and trinkets aren't enough?

Kabal: You look like both your parents.
Cassie Cage: How do you know them, Kabal?
Kabal: I always study my targets.

Kabal: Think you're fast?
Cassie Cage: I think you're butt-ugly.
Kabal: That's just hurtful, Cage.

Kabal: Time to pay up, Elder God.
Cetrion: Payment was contingent upon Kronika's success.
Kabal: It's not our fault she lost.

Kabal: Make me a god and we're even.
Cetrion: Such an act is forbidden.
Kabal: Live a little, Cetrion.

Kabal: You roaches are tough to kill.
D'Vorah: This One is Kytinn!
Kabal: Bug's a bug, D'Vorah.

Kabal: Damn, forgot my pesticide.
D'Vorah: Kytinn are immune to poison.
Kabal: Then hook swords'll have to do.

Kabal: Why so grim, Black?
Erron Black: I thought I was running with the big dogs.
Kabal: I'll give you a run for your money.

Kabal: I'm too fast to shoot.
Erron Black: I've hit a hummingbird at 50 yards.
Kabal: That's actually impressive.

Kabal: I'm as fast as greased lightning.
Erron Black: Look at you, speaking Texan.
Kabal: Figured I'd use words you'd understand.

Kabal: Just how cold are you?
Frost: Chilled to the core.
Kabal: That is super hot.

Kabal: Gonna be that cocky, gotta back it up.
Frost: Will bleeding you out do?
Kabal: That's the spirit.

Kabal: Thunder, wind, whatever.
Fujin: You dare mock Earthrealm's protectors?
Kabal: Hell yeah.

Kabal: What's your top wind speed?
Fujin: It's faster than your feet, Kabal.
Kabal: Here's your chance to prove it.

Kabal: I'll slice you up as fast as you heal.
Geras: Please, it only strengthens me.
Kabal: Sadomasochist.

Kabal: Am I under arrest?
Jacqui: I'm army, not police.
Kabal: Then I guess it's war.

Kabal: Your pops know you're fighting me?
Jacqui: Nope, and he's not gonna.
Kabal: He will when he gets the body bag.

Kabal: Outworlders throw shade at me now?
Jade: At least I have a sense of honor.
Kabal: Honor doesn't pay the bills.

Kabal: What's your beef with me?
Jade: It's not enough you're Kano's lackey?
Kabal: Well as long as it isn't personal.

Kabal: Give the 'hardass' thing a rest.
Jax: Gonna beat you until white meat shows.
Kabal: What did I just say?

Kabal: You army grunts are slow.
Jax: I'll take my time breakin' you.
Kabal: Gotta catch me first, Jax.

Kabal: Quit your whining already.
Johnny Cage: That cage fight was dirty pool.
Kabal: Should've just double-tapped you.

Kabal: So you're Hollywood royalty.
Johnny Cage: Feel free to curtsy, peasant.
Kabal: Fuck that.

Kabal: Your movies suck, Cage.
Johnny Cage: I'm the highest grossing movie star ever.
Kabal: Doesn't mean they're any good.

Kabal: I can't kill you fast enough.
Joker: My boy, you can't kill me at all.
Kabal: I've had it with that shit-eating grin.

Kabal: What happened to your last crew?
Joker: They came down with a really bad case of death.
Kabal: Forget it, Joker. No deal.

Kabal: Mavado? Is that you?
Kabal: I'm you from an alternate timeline.
Kabal: Yeah, right. That's what Mavado would say.

Kabal: Black Dragon or Red Dragon?
Kabal: Red Dragon all the way.
Kabal: Wrong answer, Future Me.

Kabal: Kano's a real pain in my ass.
Kabal: The boss is the boss, right?
Kabal: Since when are we so deferential?

Kabal: Mama always said, life's like an armed robbery.
Kabal: Never know who you're gonna kill.
Kabal: Run, Kabal, run!

Kabal: Pay me, boss man.
Kano: No quids 'til the job's done.
Kabal: I don't work for free.

Kabal: Time for a regime change.
Kano: Back off, you ungrateful yobbo.
Kabal: Proving my point, Kano.

Kabal: You're worth more dead than alive.
Kano: Trying to move up from the kids' table?
Kabal: Keep joking, it'll numb the pain.

Kabal: We should do business.
Kitana: I've no use for the Black Dragon.
Kabal: You'd be surprised, Princess.

Kabal: Maybe not Kano, but you can trust me.
Kitana: Give me a single reason, Kabal.
Kabal: Ah, I can't. You got me.

Kabal: How's business in Outworld?
Kollector: The new Kahn makes life difficult.
Kabal: What's it worth to you to kill her?

Kabal: Lose Shao Kahn, you could be top dog.
Kollector: I cannot betray the Emperor.
Kabal: Don't you want to collect the big score?

Kabal: Should I bother to offer our services?
Kotal Kahn: A fool lets a snake bite twice.
Kabal: Guess that's a 'no', then.

Kabal: So you just gave up your throne.
Kotal Kahn: Kitana proved herself more worthy.
Kabal: And you call yourself an Outworlder.

Kabal: Life in jail is too slow.
Kung Lao: The White Lotus can redeem you.
Kabal: I'd rather live free or die hard.

Kabal: This is Black Dragon territory.
Kung Lao: I declare it Kung Lao Country.
Kabal: Then we have a dispute, monk.

Kabal: Why should I reform, Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: Kano could turn against you anytime.
Kabal: Think he hasn't tried already?

Kabal: Finally, someone with reflexes.
Liu Kang: If only you were someone with morals.
Kabal: Morals don't win fights.

Kabal: You should up your arsenal, monk.
Liu Kang: With giant hook swords?
Kabal: What can I say, I'm eclectic.

Kabal: Bullshit you can imitate Kitana, not with that mouth.
Mileena: Now do you believe, Kabal?
Kabal: How in the hell is that possible?

Kabal: What's with the hungry eyes?
Mileena: I'm in the mood for a quick bite.
Kabal: I'm fast, but I'm not food.

Kabal: Kano still wants your tribe's artifacts.
Nightwolf: He may try again at his peril.
Kabal: I'll make sure it won't come to that.

Kabal: You could've gotten out like I did.
Nightwolf: Crime's no solution to poverty.
Kabal: Sure as hell worked for me.

Kabal: I gotta say, you're freaky.
Noob Saibot: Your fear feeds my darkness.
Kabal: Not afraid, just weirded out.

Kabal: Gonna put you down for good.
Noob Saibot: What is dead cannot die.
Kabal: Poetic, but bullshit.

Kabal: How fast are you, Raiden?
Raiden: Only lightning strikes as quickly.
Kabal: Oof, that's slow.

Kabal: Kronika promised me lots to end you.
Raiden: She brings chaos to the Realms!
Kabal: I'll take her chaos over your order any day.

Kabal: Kano wants his money.
Rain: Kotal lived. I owe your boss nothing.
Kabal: That was never the deal.

Kabal: So who the hell names their kid 'Rain'?
Rain: Do not dare insult my mother!
Kabal: She didn't do you any favors, friend.

Kabal: Any last words?
Rambo: Remember that you chose this, not me.
Kabal: Cut the crap and let's do this.

Kabal: There's no place to hide.
Rambo: Who's hiding? This ends here and now.
Kabal: Unless you're quick, you're dead.

Kabal: I thought about being police once.
Robocop: What kept you off the straight and narrow?
Kabal: Straight and narrow' doesn't pay shit.

Kabal: Are all cops back home like you?
Robocop: I am unique, Kabal.
Kabal: Then killing you is gonna be something special.

Kabal: The Shirai Ryu hiring, Scorpion?
Scorpion: We're family, not mercenaries.
Kabal: Too bad. I'm not looking for family.

Kabal: I see your future, Scorpion.
Scorpion: What future can a hired thug see?
Kabal: You're gonna burn fast and die hard.

Kabal: Shouldn't have gone up against us.
Scorpion: We should have finished it, Kabal.
Kabal: A mistake you're gonna pay for.

Kabal: I don't cut deals behind Kano's back.
Shang Tsung: Do you think he cares for your interests?
Kabal: What the hell is it to you?

Kabal: Stealing my soul won't make you faster.
Shang Tsung: Actually, that is precisely how it works.
Kabal: Eh, shit.

Kabal: Someone wants his throne back.
Shao Kahn: The offered aid is overpriced.
Kabal: At least try the free sample.

Kabal: All you've got is brute force?
Shao Kahn: And an indomitable will, Kabal.
Kabal: You still won't be fast enough.

Kabal: You can punch but you can't run.
Sheeva: Come test my footwork, Kabal.
Kabal: A royal invitation? I accept!

Kabal: Shao Kahn must be pissed at you.
Sheeva: I care little what that loudmouthed dolt thinks.
Kabal: You should. There's a price on your head.

Kabal: Like hell I'm one of your subjects.
Sindel: Yet you will be, Kabal.
Kabal: That was never the deal.

Kabal: Hate to bust up Shao Kahn's woman.
Sindel: I can break you with a scream.
Kabal: I'll break your sound barrier first.

Kabal: Hear you grew up poor, too.
Skarlet: It's why I'm always hungry.
Kabal: Take it somewhere else.

Kabal: We cut better deals than Shao Kahn.
Skarlet: You'll pay me in Black Dragon blood.
Kabal: Not happening, Skarlet.

Kabal: Gonna kill you for free, Sonya.
Sonya: How kind of you.
Kabal: What can I say, I'm charitable.

Kabal: Your whole family's a pain, Blade.
Sonya: Glad we piss you off.
Kabal: You're all about to share a grave.

Kabal: Don't run, that's too easy.
Spawn: Shit, I can teleport.
Kabal: Isn't that convenient, freakazoid.

Kabal: Here on Black Dragon business?
Spawn: Here to shut that shit down.
Kabal: What are you smoking, chief?

Kabal: Kano put a price on your head.
Sub-Zero: Did you come to inform me?
Kabal: I'm here to collect.

Kabal: You look familiar.
Sub-Zero: Our paths crossed years ago, Kabal.
Kabal: I'd never forget a fight.

Kabal: I run faster than you can catch.
Sub-Zero: You are skating on thin ice.
Kabal: More like speed-skating.

Kabal: Gonna chop you up and sell you for parts.
Terminator: Your swords cut coltan-titanium alloys?
Kabal: Like a hot knife through butter.

Kabal: Are you sure about that?
Terminator: Yes. Show me your speed.
Kabal: All right then, it's turbo time.


Kano: Better get right with Kronika.
Baraka: you and Kronika!
Kano: Now that's a bonzer attitude.

Kano: Did you ever use those guns?
Baraka: They were defective, Earthrealmer.
Kano: All sales final, Baraka.

Kano: You don't have the balls to kill me.
Cassie Cage: Don't need 'em, Captain Kangaroo.
Kano: Come on then, Sonya Two.

Kano: Your mum's gonna shed a few tears.
Cassie Cage: The General doesn't cry.
Kano: When she gets your head in a box, she will.

Kano: Aw, let's make nice, sweety.
Cassie Cage: That would be an epic disaster.
Kano: Ah, don't be such a Cassandra.

Kano: We had a deal, your holiness.
Cetrion: It is not in mother's interests to honor it.
Kano: Nobody welches on Kano.

Kano: I want proof Kronika will live up to her end.
Cetrion: She has given her word, Kano.
Kano: That and a quid'll get me a cuppa.

Kano: So we're in bizzo, eh D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: You are a means to This One's ends.
Kano: We'll get along just fine.

Kano: There is a discount for mates, y'know.
D'Vorah: This One is not your friend, Kano.
Kano: Well that's gonna cost you a bundle.

Kano: Shouldn't have walked out, Black.
Erron Black: Got bored of your brand of thieving.
Kano: Oh I can fix that, mate.

Kano: I need the drum on Kotal.
Erron Black: Not while he's got me in tall cotton.
Kano: What'll it take, Black?

Kano: You knew this was coming.
Erron Black: I'm just surprised it took this long, Kano.
Kano: No one leaves the Black Dragon.

Kano: Now you'd make a fine Black Dragon.
Frost: I'd run them better than you have.
Kano: Always a knocker, aren't you?

Kano: Got something to trade?
Frost: Plans for Sektor's cyber factory.
Kano: I'll take those off your hands.

Kano: Come to blow my house down?
Fujin: Something like that.
Kano: I'm the big bad wolf here, Fujin.

Kano: Where's your friend, Bo' Rai Cho?
Fujin: What business would you have with him?
Kano: His bar tab is long past overdue.

Kano: I'm owed for services rendered.
Geras: Payment will arrive in time.
Kano: Don't double-cross a double-crosser.

Kano: What'd Kronika make you out of?
Geras: Priceless elements from beyond the realms.
Kano: Priceless, eh?

Kano: Me an your Ol' Man go way back.
Jacqui: I know the story, Kano.
Kano: And you're still here? Ballsy.

Kano: Now why'd you knock back my offer?
Jacqui: I'm not a sellout, asshole.
Kano: We just haven't found the right price.

Kano: Don't you just look peachy.
Jade: Save your slobber, dog.
Kano: I could eat a peach for hours.

Kano: Turnin' on Shao Kahn was poor sport.
Jade: He hired you to punish me?
Kano: Hired? I'm doing this one for fun!

Kano: Jackson Briggs.
Jax: Ready to end this, Kano?
Kano: Well we ain't here to fuck spiders.

Kano: All this chasing's got me knackered.
Jax: Then turn yourself in, Kano.
Kano: Nah. Better just to kill you.

Kano: You'll tell Sonya I'm sorry?
Jax: You, sorry? For what?
Kano: For what I'm about to do to ya.

Kano: Never reckoned you'd be a father.
Jax: Think I'm too married to the job?
Kano: Reckoned I would've killed you first.

Kano: You're in over your head, Cage.
Johnny Cage: And you're about to lose yours.
Kano: Good luck with that, you drongo.

Kano: This time I'll make sure you're dead.
Johnny Cage: But there's no bridge to throw me off of.
Kano: Just need a knife to gut you.

Kano: You stole my face for Ninja Priest!
Johnny Cage: Art imitates life, Kano.
Kano: Taking my cut outta your hide.

Kano: If it's tail you want, I can get that.
Johnny Cage: Johnny Cage doesn't pay for it, Kano.
Kano: A scruple?! Note the date and time.

Kano: Back home, you're a criminal?
Joker: Behold Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime!
Kano: And I thought Cage was up himself.

Kano: What's with the shot fox grin?
Joker: I'm thinking about what's coming next.
Kano: Only you would find being gutted funny.

Kano: So what do I get for the price?
Joker: Chaos comes standard, mayhem costs extra.
Kano: What's the up charge for murder?

Kano: You're breaking with me, Kabal?
Kabal: It's business, not personal.
Kano: Either way, you're dead.

Kano: You wanna be Top Bloke, eh?
Kabal: Out with the old, in with the new.
Kano: I'm the Black Dragon, Kabal.

Kano: So much for you wasting Sonya.
Kabal: Special Forces raid, remember?
Kano: Crookest excuse I ever heard.

Kano: You oughta shoot through, mate.
Kano: Oy! Don't go crook on me.
Kano: Then find your own sheep to shear.

Kano: What's with all the coppers?
Kano: You're giving 'em a gobful, you drongo.
Kano: Ain't that the bloody point.

Kano: You and me could make bank.
Kano: Rack off, you bodgy replica.
Kano: Killing you will be a piece of piss.

Kano: What do you say we split some stubbies.
Kano: I don't split nothing with nobody.
Kano: It's just beer, mate.

Kano: You sheilas take forever getting ready.
Kitana: What's your hurry, Kano?
Kano: I haven't killed anything all day.

Kano: Hear you were Outworld's best assassin.
Kitana: And now I'm her Kahn, Earthrealmer.
Kano: What a waste.

Kano: I could use some extra hands.
Kollector: Mine are sworn to Shao Kahn.
Kano: Wasting your time with that sheep shagger.

Kano: You mucked up my business, mate.
Kollector: I collect all the Emperor requires.
Kano: The Black Dragon wants it back.

Kano: I'd apologize Kotal, but why insult you?
Kotal Kahn: I would not stay my hand, regardless.
Kano: Then let's just give it a burl.

Kano: C'mon it was business, not personal.
Kotal Kahn: Your business is cheating buyers?
Kano: Well, yeah.

Kano: Got scars where you stabbed me.
Kotal Kahn: Shall I increase your collection, Kano?
Kano: I still owe you for the first batch.

Kano: You bucking for promotion?
Kung Lao: Your defeat will improve my standing.
Kano: You'll still be a toady, Kung Lao.

Kano: How goes it, number two Shaolin?
Kung Lao: Surrender is your best option, Kano.
Kano: There's no money in surrender.

Kano: Why aren't you a Revenant?
Kung Lao: Do I look dead to you?
Kano: Right, I gotta gash you first.

Kano: You heard the Tale of the Dead Monk?
Kung Lao: No but I'm sure you'll tell me.
Kano: He was alive 'til he crossed Kano.

Kano: You monks have mantras, right?
Kung Lao: Do you have one, Kano?
Kano: Lie, cheat, steal, kill, win.

Kano: Poverty? Chastity? Who does that?
Liu Kang: The Shaolin do, Kano.
Kano: What a bunch of dills.

Kano: I'll make you rich, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: And bankrupt my soul?
Kano: It ain't worth nothing anyway.

Kano: You want someone to blame, look in the mirror.
Mileena: My only mistake was trusting you.
Kano: Eh, put a cork in your whinging will you?

Kano: Well color me gobsmacked. You and Tanya?
Mileena: Name your price, Kano. I must avenge her.
Kano: Because it's personal, it's gonna cost extra.

Kano: Mucked up my payday, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: No one steals from the Matoka.
Kano: Oh, I always get what I want.

Kano: You were a mess when I found you.
Nightwolf: Becoming Nightwolf made me whole.
Kano: I could've made you bloody rich.

Kano: What're you, the Prince of Darkness?
Noob Saibot: I am death's hand.
Kano: Bugger off, mate.

Kano: You ever hire out?
Noob Saibot: I do not need money.
Kano: Gotta be something you need.

Kano: Now why is it we ain't mates, Raiden?
Raiden: Perhaps your life of sin and licentiousness.
Kano: Yeah, that could be it.

Kano: Reckoned you'd have visited me sooner.
Raiden: Your petty crimes are usually beneath notice.
Kano: Then I ain't trying hard enough, am I?

Kano: For the right price, I can give you Edenia.
Rain: How, Kano?
Kano: That info's gonna cost you, mate.

Kano: Now why does a half god need a bloke like me?
Rain: I require your unique expertise.
Kano: I'm listening.

Kano: Soldiering is for dills.
Rambo: No surprise you never served.
Kano: Why serve when I can get paid?

Kano: Let's see what you got.
Rambo: You got one last chance to rethink this.
Kano: I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Kano: You supposed to be Super Cop?
Robocop: I'm Officer Alex Murphy.
Kano: You're a dead man, you yobbo.

Kano: Good bizzo's where you find it.
Robocop: I can't be bought, Kano.
Kano: Just think about it, chum.

Kano: You've made quite the face turn.
Scorpion: It is good to be myself once more.
Kano: So much for being mates.

Kano: Why turn down Our Lady Kronika?
Scorpion: There were too many strings attached, Kano.
Kano: You weren't getting a better deal.

Kano: You buggered the whole plan, mate.
Scorpion: Better to die with honor.
Kano: What good's honor if you don't get paid?

Kano: Mister Shang Tsung himself.
Shang Tsung: I require your 'merchandise', Kano.
Kano: I just sold it all to Kronika.

Kano: Your island's gone to shit.
Shang Tsung: Then why be so keen to claim it?
Kano: None of your damn business.

Kano: We've done bizzo before, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Your weapons brought no victory.
Kano: Because you gave them to Tarkatans.

Kano: Want your Kollector back? Pay up.
Shao Kahn: Return him or you'll perish.
Kano: You gonna yabber, or we gonna deal?

Kano: Oh, lovely Queen of the Shokan!
Sheeva: Careful, you may slip on that oil you're spilling.
Kano: Slip on it with me and let's dance.

Kano: What services can I provide, m'lady?
Sheeva: I need to break someone in half.
Kano: Aw, I hate leaving a customer unsatsified.

Kano: Well, well, I never knew.
Sindel: Knew what, you ugly rusting half-man?
Kano: Shao Kahn married such a wicked witch.

Kano: Be keen on a bit of human trafficking?
Sindel: I don't barter with bottom-feeders.
Kano: That's bad for business, luv.

Kano: Now your blood's worth bottling.
Skarlet: Should I be bothered or bewitched?
Kano: It's a compliment down under, love.

Kano: Want to taste Australia's best blood sausage?
Skarlet: I'd rather taste your blood, Kano.
Kano: Would you settle for me sausage?

Kano: Welly welly. 'ello, Sonya.
Sonya: Can it, Tinhead.
Kano: How long you been practicin' that one?

Kano: C'mon, let's make a deal.
Sonya: I only deal in dead criminals.
Kano: Talking out of your clacker, luv.

Kano: Still mad as a cut snake.
Sonya: A lot of my guys got killed because of you.
Kano: But look how it brought us together.

Kano: How are your stems today?
Sonya: Fit to choke a man dead.
Kano: Til I snip-snip your li'l tendons.

Kano: Weapons or no weapons, Blade?
Sonya: I'm even more dangerous unarmed.
Kano: Weapons it is.

Kano: The eye ain't fashion, it's functional.
Spawn: What is it with bad guys and laser eyes?
Kano: What's the point in a covert kill?

Kano: Kabal says you got beef, Spooky.
Spawn: You're sick and demented.
Kano: And those aren't even my best qualities.

Kano: You frozen inside? Blood and whatnot?
Sub-Zero: You will never find out.
Kano: Oh, I will when I cut you open.

Kano: Oy! Aren't you supposed to be Cyber?
Sub-Zero: I escaped that grim fate.
Kano: Yeah well I like Cybers better.

Kano: Where'd you get that scar?
Sub-Zero: You know.
Kano: Oh that's right, me!

Kano: I don't suppose you hire out.
Terminator: I'm a Terminator, not a mercenary.
Kano: Who says you can't be both?

Kano: You got electro nets or rocket launchers?
Terminator: No.
Kano: Ain't much of a cyber then.


Kitana: My generosity has limits.
Baraka: You refuse us our sacred rituals!
Kitana: It's ritual murder, Baraka.

Kitana: What does your tribe desire?
Baraka: To savor the blood of its enemies.
Kitana: Charming as always, Baraka.

Kitana: The flesh trade is banned.
Baraka: My people won't starve, Kitana!
Kitana: There will be no exceptions.

Kitana: Inter-realm relations are less than ideal.
Cassie Cage: Why not settle things the old-fashioned way?
Kitana: In Mortal Kombat.

Kitana: I am the last Edenian royal.
Cassie Cage: Maybe try democracy, Princess?
Kitana: You do not understand Outworld.

Kitana: Why do you shield my Revenant?
Cetrion: There's no virtue in vengeance.
Kitana: Not vengeance, euthanasia.

Kitana: I was right, doubting the Elder Gods.
Cetrion: Your lack of faith disturbs me.
Kitana: As does your obedience to Kronika.

Kitana: Didn't Kronika take your power?
Cetrion: Her defeat freed it from the Hourglass.
Kitana: Has it also restored your virtue?

Kitana: I vow to aid all Outworlders.
D'Vorah: Yet you disavow the Kytinn.
Kitana: Only you, D'Vorah.

Kitana: You killed Jerrod, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: This One killed many on Shao Kahn's behalf.
Kitana: On behalf of them, you die.

Kitana: Your people know what you've done?
D'Vorah: The Hive's mind is collective, Kitana.
Kitana: Then all Kytinn are complicit.

Kitana: You're not an Outworlder.
Erron Black: Nah, I'm more Outworld-adjacent.
Kitana: Can we expect your loyalty?

Kitana: I've never liked guns.
Erron Black: Aw, they make you nervous, Princess?
Kitana: They are highly uncivilized.

Kitana: Killing me won't earn their respect.
Frost: I want to be feared, not respected.
Kitana: You've learned nothing from Sub-Zero.

Kitana: I must take you to Sub-Zero, Frost.
Frost: Since when do you do his bidding?
Kitana: Since we chose cooperation over kombat.

Kitana: We must help Raiden, Fujin.
Fujin: Be patient. It is an Earthrealm matter.
Kitana: His darkness threatens all realms.

Kitana: Not you too, Fujin.
Fujin: Your bond with Liu Kang is not my business.
Kitana: Keep it that way.

Kitana: Perhaps you could serve a new master?
Geras: I will not betray my Maker.
Kitana: Loyalty will be your death, Geras.

Kitana: Would you welcome death, Geras?
Geras: Once my service to Kronika is finished.
Kitana: Then you don't have long to wait.

Kitana: I was once young, like you.
Jacqui: Just how old are you, Kitana?
Kitana: Such an impolite question, Jaqueline.

Kitana: You've fought my Revenant?
Jacqui: She's a beast and half, for sure.
Kitana: Teach me.

Kitana: Do you back Kotal or me?
Jade: I wish to support you both.
Kitana: Your choice is clear, Jade.

Kitana: You're more my sister than Mileena.
Jade: Then why must we fight again?
Kitana: Where there are siblings, there's rivalry.

Kitana: Shao Kahn pitted us against each other.
Jade: And I learned from fighting you.
Kitana: What else will you learn, Jade?

Kitana: I have only one demand, Jade.
Jade: Anything, Kitana.
Kitana: No more spying for Shao Kahn.

Kitana: Still you do not trust me, Jax.
Jax: Not you, so much as Outworld.
Kitana: This fight won't help matters.

Kitana: You did well in the tournament.
Jax: A life or death situation'll do that.
Kitana: Then fight as if your life depends on it.

Kitana: It was necessary, I assure you.
Jax: But peace with Tarkatans, Kitana?
Kitana: Outworld can only be strong together.

Kitana: So you were to defeat Shinnok?
Johnny Cage: What is with people? Is it so hard to believe?
Kitana: Yes.

Kitana: Now what, Earthrealmer?
Johnny Cage: Johnny. Cage. Is. 'The Edenian Candidate'.
Kitana: By the Gods, no.

Kitana: Step not one foot in Outworld.
Johnny Cage: C'mon. And deny your people this?
Kitana: We'll live.

Kitana: Why come to this realm?
Joker: You people are the masters of mayhem!
Kitana: Kombat is no joke, jester.

Kitana: The mere sight of you makes me ill.
Joker: Try laughter, it's the best medicine.
Kitana: Your death is the only cure.

Kitana: You're one of Kano's ruffians.
Kabal: Ruffians? Way to class up this fight.
Kitana: Allow me to school you further.

Kitana: A mask doesn't make the man, Kabal.
Kabal: These hook swords sure as hell do.
Kitana: Your realm's doctors call that 'compensation'.

Kitana: So Shao Kahn hired the Black Dragon.
Kano: Nah, this one's just for kicks.
Kitana: You'll get none today.

Kitana: You soil every room you enter.
Kano: Bloke's gotta mark his territory.
Kitana: Even Baraka's more civilized.

Kitana: Another of Shang Tsung's clones?
Kitana: Fresh from the Flesh Pits, sister.
Kitana: You're all abominations.

Kitana: Which timeline is this?
Kitana: One in which I am Outworld's Kahn.
Kitana: Not for much longer.

Kitana: Time's fabric rends further.
Kitana: Then let's mend it quickly.
Kitana: One of us must die.

Kitana: Liu Kang is committed to me.
Kitana: I actually prefer his friend.
Kitana: Kung Lao is not in our league.

Kitana: My Shao Kahn is dead.
Kitana: Mine has eluded capture.
Kitana: I will show you how to best him.

Kitana: Kronika sent you?
Kitana: To show you what could be, sister.
Kitana: I want no part of her schemes.

Kitana: Turn from Shao Kahn, Kollector.
Kollector: In that, there's no profit.
Kitana: Your life's worth nothing?

Kitana: Collecting 'tribute' is mere theft.
Kollector: It paid for your life as the Kahn's daughter.
Kitana: To my eternal shame, Kollector.

Kitana: You escaped Kotal's justice, but you won't mine.
Kollector: Edenians do not scare Naknadans.
Kitana: This one should.

Kitana: You have advice for the new Kahn?
Kotal Kahn: Keep allies close, enemies closer.
Kitana: How close should I keep you?

Kitana: I expect your loyalty.
Kotal Kahn: You cannot rend Outworld to free Edenia.
Kitana: That is for its Kahn to decide.

Kitana: Hurt Jade and you answer to me.
Kotal Kahn: I would expect nothing less.
Kitana: Do not forget it, Kotal.

Kitana: We must work with Earthrealm, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: Cooperate, but do not trust.
Kitana: Sage advice, indeed.

Kitana: One thing keeps you from greatness.
Kung Lao: Let me guess: pride.
Kitana: A flaw you and Johnny Cage share.

Kitana: Think you're the best, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: Think, Kitana? I know.
Kitana: You have yet to prove it.

Kitana: Liu Kang expects more of you.
Kung Lao: He's not my master.
Kitana: But he is your better.

Kitana: I knew you had potential, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Then you agree with Raiden's choice?
Kitana: Easily his best decision.

Kitana: Kotal's right, we must end this.
Liu Kang: But we have only just begun, Kitana.
Kitana: Outworlders will never accept us.

Kitana: This has been a long time coming.
Liu Kang: One could say our destiny.
Kitana: We will fight as one, Liu Kang.

Kitana: Remember the first time we met?
Liu Kang: You tried to kill me.
Kitana: Let's recreate that scene.

Kitana: Be gone, Mileena!
Mileena: You would banish me, sister?
Kitana: No, I will finish you.

Kitana: Stay away from Liu Kang.
Mileena: Afraid your new lover will prefer me?
Kitana: That you'll eat him, Mileena.

Kitana: You killed my mother.
Nightwolf: And now you want revenge.
Kitana: Not revenge. Counsel.

Kitana: Bring the Matoka to Outworld.
Nightwolf: We are not refugees, Princess.
Kitana: Pride blinds you to opportunities.

Kitana: To me you died but a fortnight ago.
Noob Saibot: Decades ago for me, Kitana.
Kitana: And in all that time, you've learned nothing.

Kitana: Another of Quan Chi's 'masterpieces'.
Noob Saibot: Someday you'll be one.
Kitana: Not the destiny I choose.

Kitana: I haven't fought a demi-god.
Raiden: A thunder god, Kitana.
Kitana: Either way, you'll lose.

Kitana: You've been scouting our borders, Raiden.
Raiden: Earthrealm's protection demands vigilance.
Kitana: Or is it a prelude to war?

Kitana: I will handle Shao Kahn alone.
Raiden: But he wields Onaga's power.
Kitana: I don't fear the Dragon King.

Kitana: You tried to restore Mileena to Outworld's throne!
Rain: I would have taken it from her in short order.
Kitana: Neither of you were worthy of it.

Kitana: What happened to Tanya?
Rain: For her treason, Kotal killed her.
Kitana: You face the same punishment, Rain.

Kitana: You're here on a mission?
Rambo: I'm sure as hell no tourist.
Kitana: What are your orders?

Kitana: Shao Kahn's army will stand against you.
Rambo: I'll fight them to the last man if I have to.
Kitana: You are not invincible.

Kitana: Your creators treat you unjustly.
Robocop: I have no rights, I am OCP's property.
Kitana: No soul should be enslaved.

Kitana: Your pursuit of Kano ends at our border.
Robocop: I have to go where the trail leads me.
Kitana: Outworld won't recognize your authority.

Kitana: You're no longer Quan Chi's puppet?
Scorpion: I have found new purpose, Kitana.
Kitana: That is difficult to believe.

Kitana: Help me find my Revenant.
Scorpion: I won't return to the Netherrealm.
Kitana: You'll change your mind, Scorpion.

Kitana: The Flesh Pits are off limits.
Scorpion: I need the magic of Shang Tsung.
Kitana: You cannot restore your clan with clones.

Kitana: I always knew not to trust you.
Shang Tsung: Yet you trusted Shao Kahn and Sindel.
Kitana: These days I'm far more discriminating.

Kitana: Cloning me was your worst mistake.
Shang Tsung: I remain free and unpunished, Kitana.
Kitana: This time I finish you, sorcerer.

Kitana: Your rule was disgraceful.
Shao Kahn: Yet you obeyed me for millennia.
Kitana: Not once I learned the truth.

Kitana: You will pay for Edenia.
Shao Kahn: Kill me, you won't get it back.
Kitana: What do you know, Shao Kahn?

Kitana: The thought of you with my mother.
Shao Kahn: She always pleased me, Kitana.
Kitana: I'll flay the smile off your face.

Kitana: Outworld's citizens deserve better.
Shao Kahn: They need an iron fist, not a velvet glove.
Kitana: You have always lacked empathy.

Kitana: Welcome to the Empire as it should be.
Sheeva: For however long it lasts, Kitana Kahn.
Kitana: We must all choose our destiny.

Kitana: Do you recall teaching me to wrestle?
Sheeva: You were my best pupil.
Kitana: Now the student has become the master.

Kitana: Mother, you're back!
Sindel: To return your throne to Shao Kahn.
Kitana: Is this one of Shao Kahn's tricks?

Kitana: You helped Shao Kahn kill father?
Sindel: And traded a weak husband for a strong one.
Kitana: How could you, Mother?!

Kitana: Share your true feelings, Skarlet.
Skarlet: You're an entitled, treasonous brat.
Kitana: You sound much like Shao Kahn.

Kitana: You were a decent person once.
Skarlet: But I was miserably poor and hungry.
Kitana: To fix that you gave up your soul.

Kitana: Mileena took your legs, didn't she?
Skarlet: She tried, but I saved them.
Kitana: If she could beat you, I certainly shall.

Kitana: Where is Raiden?
Sonya: Let's settle this, woman to woman.
Kitana: You do not have the authority.

Kitana: Do you still bear a grudge?
Sonya: I beat you, so you tell me.
Kitana: Beat me? I let you win.

Kitana: Peace with the Netherrealm is impossible.
Spawn: What if there's a regime change?
Kitana: Is your aim peace? Or power?

Kitana: What's your grievance with the Kahn?
Spawn: Half the Empire lives in slavery.
Kitana: A problem I can't solve if you kill me.

Kitana: I am prepared, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: How do you plan to defeat me?
Kitana: Using the element that brings life.

Kitana: You are not the original.
Sub-Zero: First came my brother, Bi-Han.
Kitana: Did you inherit his evil legacy?

Kitana: I feel a chill in the air.
Sub-Zero: Try warmer clothing, Princess.
Kitana: I would rather remove the chill.

Kitana: There is no Skynet in Earthrealm.
Terminator: Not yet.
Kitana: That sounds ominous.

Kitana: You've been sent here to protect me?
Terminator: And save the realms from a dark fate.
Kitana: Why would I trust a machine?


Kollector: Tarkata must pay tribute.
Baraka: We pay with blood, not gold.
Kollector: Shao Kahn demands both.

Kollector: Naknada and Tarkata should be allies.
Baraka: Your people are not our equal.
Kollector: Is that so, Baraka?

Kollector: With your defection, Naknada will rise.
Baraka: Enjoy being Shao Kahn's slaves.
Kollector: We'll collect the benefits of serving him.

Kollector: Let me see you, Earthrealmer.
Cassie Cage: I'm here to fight, not model.
Kollector: Parts of you are valuable.

Kollector: I take what I want.
Cassie Cage: Don't get handsy with me.
Kollector: I'll sell you piece by piece.

Kollector: You must pay tribute to Shao Kahn.
Cassie Cage: He's your emperor, not mine.
Kollector: Resistance will cost you dearly.

Kollector: Suppose someone took your power.
Cetrion: Do not even think about it.
Kollector: I smell opportunity.

Kollector: You are also a collector, Cetrion.
Cetrion: A collector of virtues, perhaps.
Kollector: Be honest. You collect souls, too.

Kollector: Have you seen Ferra-Torr?
D'Vorah: Only their corpses, Kollector.
Kollector: Shao Kahn will not be pleased.

Kollector: Shao Kahn means to collect you.
D'Vorah: This One will avoid his grasp.
Kollector: But you cannot avoid mine.

Kollector: It was you who killed my brother!
Erron Black: Yeah I'm your huckleberry, what of it?
Kollector: Today I collect vengeance.

Kollector: Many hands make light work.
Erron Black: Only if they catch bullets.
Kollector: Try me.

Kollector: Kronika should make me like you.
Frost: You cut no ice compared to me.
Kollector: I'll carve your ice, Frost.

Kollector: What rare technology.
Frost: A gift from divine hands.
Kollector: It belongs in mine.

Kollector: It is not theft to collect tribute.
Fujin: You steal from Outworld's people!
Kollector: They must pay for Shao Kahn's protection.

Kollector: Is it corrupt to extract gold from fools?
Fujin: Yes, that is called a confidence scheme.
Kollector: Well, I am confident in my scheme.

Kollector: I need more from Kronika.
Geras: Accept your lot as given.
Kollector: I can do anything but.

Kollector: The Keep must hold treasures.
Geras: They are well-guarded, Kollector.
Kollector: Not from my hands.

Kollector: Kill your mistress for Shao Kahn.
Geras: I'll kill you for that suggestion.
Kollector: Kronika is a weak old lady.

Kollector: Your enhancements are worth much.
Jacqui: And they're the property of the USA.
Kollector: For now.

Kollector: You face a Naknadan!
Jacqui: Naknadan, Tarkatan. Whatever.
Kollector: Nothing but cheap bravado.

Kollector: Your 'sister' shames Shao Kahn.
Jade: Kitana won't stand for his oppression.
Kollector: She will die like all his enemies.

Kollector: Where is your loyalty, Jade?
Jade: Not with Shao Kahn, certainly.
Kollector: There's no profit in rebellion.

Kollector: I will have your arms, Jax.
Jax: Sorry, they're not for sale.
Kollector: Oh, I do not intend to pay.

Kollector: You were twenty years a revenant.
Jax: In other words, Shinnok's slave.
Kollector: He owes you reparations.

Kollector: Is Earthrealm flesh sweet or savory?
Johnny Cage: What kinda sick ass question is that?
Kollector: I must set its price.

Kollector: You have amassed a fortune.
Johnny Cage: My wallet is not skinny.
Kollector: Hand it over.

Kollector: Fame is your currency.
Johnny Cage: This face is worth millions.
Kollector: Then you'll pay dearly to save it.

Kollector: Many would pay for your hide, Joker.
Joker: Good thing I keep it moisturized.
Kollector: Hold still while I flay it off you.

Kollector: There is no profit in chaos.
Joker: It's not about money, it's about fun!
Kollector: There is no fun either.

Kollector: You also collect tribute?
Kabal: Except we call it protection money.
Kollector: Your profits will be mine.

Kollector: Shao Kahn wants his gold back.
Kabal: The Black Dragon doesn't do refunds.
Kollector: Your guns failed to work as promised.

Kollector: Shao Kahn will reward your loyalty.
Kano: What kinda mug do you take me for?
Kollector: One desperate enough to take the offer.

Kollector: Your eye is a technological wonder.
Kano: Appreciate good tech, do you?
Kollector: All things of value, Kano.

Kollector: Ah, the ultimate tribute.
Kitana: As if you could collect me.
Kollector: You misjudge my worth, Princess.

Kollector: You're costing me gold.
Kitana: I weep for your empty pockets, Kollector.
Kollector: You'll weep from the pain I bring you.

Kollector: Your regime will need gold.
Kitana: I won't rape the poor with tribute.
Kollector: You are hopelessly naïve, Kitana.

Kollector: What is yours is now mine.
Kollector: I dare you to take it from me.
Kollector: After I've spilled your blood.

Kollector: Here to collect?
Kollector: To learn why my double roams Outworld.
Kollector: That will cost you.

Kollector: Does Shao Kahn need two Kollectors?
Kollector: No one will escape paying tribute.
Kollector: I will not split profits.

Kollector: Collect elsewhere, trickster.
Kollector: At least permit me to wet my beak.
Kollector: Do you wish it broken?

Kollector: Shao Kahn will return.
Kotal Kahn: Then he will die in the Koliseum.
Kollector: Care to wager on that Kotal?

Kollector: In twenty years, you've not collected me.
Kotal Kahn: Today, I take your life.
Kollector: It will again slip through your grasp.

Kollector: Kitana has taken your throne.
Kotal Kahn: It is hers, freely given.
Kollector: Only the dead should cede power.

Kollector: I've come to collect the Kahn's tribute.
Kung Lao: The Shaolin take a vow of poverty.
Kollector: Pay in gold, or with your soul.

Kollector: Where did you acquire that hat?
Kung Lao: It's one of a kind and all mine.
Kollector: Is it worth losing your head over?

Kollector: Earthrealm's Chosen One.
Liu Kang: Must I show my fire?
Kollector: I'll collect it from your corpse.

Kollector: I'll gut you for Shao Kahn.
Liu Kang: An empty threat, Kollector.
Kollector: You won't slip through my fingers.

Kollector: Know of your future, monk?
Liu Kang: Yes, but I won't live in fear.
Kollector: You are dumber than you look.

Kollector: Kotal's theft of your throne was ruinous.
Mileena: You didn't lift a finger to help me regain it.
Kollector: I am not one to squander assets.

Kollector: What is your point, Mileena?
Mileena: I whisper in father's ear, and your people die.
Kollector: You'll pay a high price for threatening the Naknada.

Kollector: Why serve a realm that scorns you?
Nightwolf: To prove my worth, Kollector.
Kollector: But how will you profit?

Kollector: Your Nightwolf talisman will be mine.
Nightwolf: It's worthless to you, you're not Matokan.
Kollector: I can unlock its value.

Kollector: Is it true you do not need wealth?
Noob Saibot: What good is gold to the dead?
Kollector: A truly pitiful existence.

Kollector: Do you collect souls?
Noob Saibot: I enslave and consume them.
Kollector: You could be of great service to Shao Kahn.

Kollector: Shao Kahn's put a price on your head.
Raiden: You have no hope of collecting it.
Kollector: I do not fear you, Raiden.

Kollector: You have earned my respect, Raiden.
Raiden: For what, may I ask?
Kollector: Very few could collect Shinnok's head.

Kollector: Your machinations killed Mileena.
Rain: Without my help, she would've died sooner.
Kollector: You may explain yourself to Shao Kahn.

Kollector: Do you know the going rate for your head?
Rain: I can only imagine, Kollector.
Kollector: You should not have made so many enemies.

Kollector: You do not profit from your skills?
Rambo: I'm a soldier, not a mercenary.
Kollector: You are a fool!

Kollector: Your bow must be quite valuable.
Rambo: It is. But it's not for sale.
Kollector: I will have it, human.

Kollector: Here to arrest me?
Robocop: Taking property by force is a crime.
Kollector: Not when Shao Kahn requires it.

Kollector: Your parts will fetch little gold.
Robocop: Does that mean you will come quietly?
Kollector: That I will melt you for scrap.

Kollector: You defend your clan, I the Naknada.
Scorpion: Your species is beneath contempt.
Kollector: How are the Shirai Ryu better?

Kollector: There's no profit in vengeance.
Scorpion: My clan's honor is priceless.
Kollector: Meaning it has little value.

Kollector: Is the Netherrealm wealthy?
Scorpion: It is rich in pain and suffering.
Kollector: Truly valuable commodities.

Kollector: We both collect, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: What is gold compared to souls?
Kollector: Gold buys people like you.

Kollector: Does Shao Kahn know you are here?
Shang Tsung: No, and perhaps he should not.
Kollector: I will bring you to him.

Kollector: What's next, my Emperor?
Shao Kahn: Kitana must be deposed.
Kollector: I await your command.

Kollector: Outworld is in chaos, Excellency.
Shao Kahn: Then it's ready to be conquered!
Kollector: You will rule once more.

Kollector: About those missing profits.
Shao Kahn: Which profits, Kollector?
Kollector: Nothing, Excellency.

Kollector: A fellow supplicant of Shao Kahn.
Sheeva: Only you rely on his aid, Naknadan.
Kollector: Only I am willing to admit it.

Kollector: Your people will pay, Queen Sheeva.
Sheeva: You threaten their lives, Kollector?
Kollector: I demand tribute for the Kahn.

Kollector: How may I serve, Empress?
Sindel: As a training dummy, you Naknadan dog.
Kollector: But of course, you racist shrew.

Kollector: The Edenian-born stopped paying tribute.
Sindel: Why must Edenians pay more than others?
Kollector: Because those others are too poor.

Kollector: We are both raised from the gutter.
Skarlet: But only one can be Shao Kahn's favorite.
Kollector: Why assume you'll survive?

Kollector: What do you pay for blood?
Skarlet: I take, I do not pay.
Kollector: A respectable notion, Skarlet.

Kollector: Kano will pay handsomely for you.
Sonya: Ready to lose some hands?
Kollector: There is no profit without risk.

Kollector: You must value your daughter.
Sonya: Stay away from her, you sonofabitch.
Kollector: Then the answer is yes.

Kollector: I have no reason for shame.
Spawn: Greed, envy, the list goes on.
Kollector: Such attributes endeared me to Shao Kahn.

Kollector: I wager Hell could use my skills.
Spawn: Thousands like you work in the Sixth Sphere.
Kollector: Soon they will all work for me.

Kollector: How did you learn cryomancy?
Sub-Zero: Cold is my birthright.
Kollector: Perhaps it can be taken from you.

Kollector: The Lin Kuei are assassins?
Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei defend Earthrealm.
Kollector: Murder is more profitable.

Kollector: Your clan must have a home.
Sub-Zero: Our temple in Arctika.
Kollector: It will be mine.

Kollector: At last I've found you.
Terminator: Why look for me?
Kollector: Your parts will yield big profits.

Kollector: Does Skynet have a Kollector?
Terminator: It only needs Terminators.
Kollector: All sovereigns need tribute.

Kotal Kahn

Kotal Kahn: There is rumbling among the Tarkatans.
Baraka: They aren't sold on your loyalty.
Kotal Kahn: I will bleed, if I must, to win them.

Kotal Kahn: You are freed of Shao Kahn's yoke.
Baraka: Tarkata now controls its own fate.
Kotal Kahn: Outworld is better for it.

Kotal Kahn: Your people serve Outworld smartly.
Baraka: We are not the dogs Shao Kahn thinks us.
Kotal Kahn: I am shamed to have doubted you.

Kotal Kahn: D'Vorah has been found, Baraka.
Baraka: I'll rip the wings off that insect.
Kotal Kahn: You will share the kill.

Kotal Kahn: Not all can bear the burden of command.
Cassie Cage: Jax's shoes are damn big ones to fill.
Kotal Kahn: You wear your new role well.

Kotal Kahn: Even now, Shinnok's defeat astounds me.
Cassie Cage: Like father, like daughter, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: What is the source of your family's magic?

Kotal Kahn: The Reiko Accords no longer bind us.
Cassie Cage: Doesn't mean we're enemies, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: We are competitors, Commander.

Kotal Kahn: You seek a favor, Commander?
Cassie Cage: I humbly request one, yes.
Kotal Kahn: You must earn it.

Kotal Kahn: Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: You bring an army to Earthrealm?!
Kotal Kahn: To protect it, not conquer it.

Kotal Kahn: You are the light to Shinnok's dark.
Cetrion: We balance the realms for Kronika.
Kotal Kahn: Your mother's logic escapes me.

Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn must not regain Outworld.
Cetrion: A regrettable, but necessary, sacrifice.
Kotal Kahn: You will not balance realms on our backs.

Kotal Kahn: I expected loyalty, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: How little you grasp the Kytinn mind.
Kotal Kahn: Or you how Osh-Tekk punish betrayal.

Kotal Kahn: You served Shinnok at Kronika's behest.
D'Vorah: Only now you fathom the truth.
Kotal Kahn: The depth of your deceit has no limit.

Kotal Kahn: The Kytinn will suffer for your treason.
D'Vorah: You are one, the Hive is billions.
Kotal Kahn: All Outworld is set against you.

Kotal Kahn: Your words were but wind and air.
D'Vorah: Osh-Tekk are easily deceived.
Kotal Kahn: Your foul breeze blows no longer.

Kotal Kahn: You never said you were once Black Dragon.
Erron Black: My past is my business.
Kotal Kahn: Not when you choose to serve me.

Kotal Kahn: I care not for your younger self.
Erron Black: I was a bit much, wasn't I?
Kotal Kahn: How did you survive your youth?

Kotal Kahn: Your eye has been drifting.
Erron Black: There's always a better offer, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: What will it take to make you whole?

Kotal Kahn: I despise you as I did Mileena.
Frost: You have problems with strong women?
Kotal Kahn: Those who seek stations above their faculty.

Kotal Kahn: Sub-Zero was wise to dismiss you.
Frost: What do you know about it, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: That bad soil yields no bounty.

Kotal Kahn: We were once birds of the same feather.
Fujin: Silence and distance fractured our friendship.
Kotal Kahn: I reached out, Fujin. You did not answer.

Kotal Kahn: Outworld no longer welcomes you.
Fujin: Do not mistake my absence for malice.
Kotal Kahn: You left us to your brother's dark mercies.

Kotal Kahn: Your world spills out.
Geras: Victory is delayed, not prevented.
Kotal Kahn: Kronika will not see another dawn.

Kotal Kahn: You are the construct, Geras.
Geras: I am the tool of Kronika's will.
Kotal Kahn: You are her slave.

Kotal Kahn: You fought well, last time we battled.
Jacqui: Well? I wiped the floor with you.
Kotal Kahn: Exaggeration does not suit you.

Kotal Kahn: Does the archer side with Kronika?
Jacqui: Jin got you worried about a rematch?
Kotal Kahn: I would prefer his bow on our side.

Kotal Kahn: You saved me from myself.
Jade: You would do the same for me.
Kotal Kahn: Without hesitation, Jade.

Kotal Kahn: As Kitana's right hand, you serve well.
Jade: It helps that a former Kahn instructs me.
Kotal Kahn: Now for your next lesson.

Kotal Kahn: Is it true, about Kitana and Liu Kang?
Jade: Is it anyone's business but theirs?
Kotal Kahn: Outworlders would not accept their union.

Kotal Kahn: You do not see Raiden with a polished eye.
Jade: He'll be Outworld's staunch ally, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: You forget, he's failed us before.

Kotal Kahn: Do not conflate me with Shao Kahn.
Jax: There's not a sliver of daylight between you.
Kotal Kahn: You are misinformed, Commander Briggs.

Kotal Kahn: We have not met in kombat.
Jax: Consider yourself lucky, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: I prefer to seize the challenge.

Kotal Kahn: Discard your jester's mask.
Johnny Cage: What you see's what you get, featherhead.
Kotal Kahn: I thought you merely played the fool.

Kotal Kahn: You revel in childishness.
Johnny Cage: Gotta stay sane somehow.
Kotal Kahn: How is it you are a warrior?

Kotal Kahn: You have raised a fine daughter.
Johnny Cage: Just as surprised as you are, Scrotal.
Kotal Kahn: The apple falls far from the tree.

Kotal Kahn: You threaten Outworld's order.
Joker: Of course I do, Witchdoctor Fate!
Kotal Kahn: Then you will face Osh-Tekk judgement.

Kotal Kahn: Your painted face hides weakness.
Joker: Isn't that the pot calling the Kotal black.
Kotal Kahn: I will trap you in sticks and ropes.

Kotal Kahn: Surrender and death will be painless.
Kabal: Like I told Baraka, your beef's with Kano.
Kotal Kahn: As he told you, all Black Dragon are culpable.

Kotal Kahn: Trial by kombat is accepted?
Kabal: If Jax's kid took you, I sure as hell can.
Kotal Kahn: You, I will not underestimate.

Kotal Kahn: Do not think I have forgotten.
Kano: Can't we let bygones be bygones?
Kotal Kahn: Those who deceive me die.

Kotal Kahn: Once, I thought you honorable.
Kano: It's just the way God made me.
Kotal Kahn: I shall return you to Him.

Kotal Kahn: Fool me once, Kano.
Kano: Eh, don't blame me you got suckered.
Kotal Kahn: You will speak no more.

Kotal Kahn: Though Kahn, you have much to learn.
Kitana: I welcome your counsel, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: I will forge you like silver.

Kotal Kahn: Your dalliance concerns me, Kitana.
Kitana: You belittle my bond with Liu Kang?
Kotal Kahn: Do not risk your reign for an Earthrealmer.

Kotal Kahn: Our enemies gather strength.
Kitana: Must we again prepare for war?
Kotal Kahn: Kahns must always be kombat ready.

Kotal Kahn: Raiden again slips toward darkness.
Kitana: For Outworld's sake, we must save him.
Kotal Kahn: For our realm's sake, we must kill him.

Kotal Kahn: Hand-dipper.
Kollector: Another witless Osh-Tekk insult.
Kotal Kahn: Your thievery ends here.

Kotal Kahn: You disgrace the Naknada.
Kollector: I am hero to my people.
Kotal Kahn: Then they will be gone from Outworld.

Kotal Kahn: You will no longer plague Outworld.
Kollector: I could have served you, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: I employ falcons, not vultures.

Kotal Kahn: This is but brazen-faced deception.
Kotal Kahn: I am no less real than you.
Kotal Kahn: Give lie to your words, imposter.

Kotal Kahn: With what face do you look at me?
Kotal Kahn: You do not recognize your own visage?
Kotal Kahn: I will retrieve what you have stolen.

Kotal Kahn: Word spread like wildfire about you.
Kotal Kahn: Do you wish to know your future?
Kotal Kahn: Tomorrow is a secret best kept.

Kotal Kahn: So we are agreed?
Kotal Kahn: Osh-Tekk hearts beat as one.
Kotal Kahn: Kronika will fall before us.

Kotal Kahn: Work with Raiden, but do not trust him.
Kotal Kahn: In the future, he proves duplicitous?
Kotal Kahn: A dark shadow clouds his soul.

Kotal Kahn: My vision quest ends here?
Kotal Kahn: The Shaman foretold as much.
Kotal Kahn: Then I am my own greatest enemy.

Kotal Kahn: Ego is your greatest adversary.
Kung Lao: I don't brag, it's true.
Kotal Kahn: You are a fruitless tree.

Kotal Kahn: The lesser Shaolin monk.
Kung Lao: In every way, I am Liu Kang's equal.
Kotal Kahn: Then why is he Earthrealm's champion?

Kotal Kahn: You have not set your head.
Liu Kang: Who am I to be a god?
Kotal Kahn: Only Earthrealm's greatest champion.

Kotal Kahn: Jade knows what passes between you.
Liu Kang: A warning, Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: A reminder she is Kitana's bodyguard.

Kotal Kahn: Keep a hawk's eye on Raiden.
Liu Kang: He's rejected the darkness, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: Trust, Liu Kang, but verify.

Kotal Kahn: Mileena.
Mileena: Osh-Tekk Usurper!
Kotal Kahn: Outworld's deliverer.

Kotal Kahn: The mountain erupts!
Mileena: Yes, Kotal. I have returned.
Kotal Kahn: Only to die again!

Kotal Kahn: Centuries ago, we met.
Nightwolf: You met a Nightwolf, but not me.
Kotal Kahn: Explain yourself, Earthrealmer.

Kotal Kahn: So you are the one.
Nightwolf: Who defeated Sindel? Yes.
Kotal Kahn: You did all realms a service.

Kotal Kahn: You were the first Sub-Zero?
Noob Saibot: Kuai Liang is a poor copy.
Kotal Kahn: He vastly improves the original.

Kotal Kahn: You cannot hide, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: I will disappear in the shadows.
Kotal Kahn: Shadows die in the sun's light.

Kotal Kahn: Shinnok's Amulet must be destroyed.
Raiden: That is beyond even my magic.
Kotal Kahn: Then this time, Outworld guards it.

Kotal Kahn: Even now, darkness resides in you.
Raiden: I am no longer slave to it, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: From bad seeds, weeds will grow.

Kotal Kahn: How did you decapitate Shinnok?
Raiden: As my future self did it, I cannot say.
Kotal Kahn: What I would give to have seen it.

Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn has gone missing.
Raiden: His injuries were not fatal?
Kotal Kahn: So it appears, Raiden.

Kotal Kahn: Again we meet, Son of Argus.
Rain: Surprised to see me, Osh-Tekk?
Kotal Kahn: This time I shall take your life.

Kotal Kahn: You have not yet suffered for your rebellion.
Rain: Nor will I ever, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: Today, you face Osh-Tekk justice.

Kotal Kahn: Why were you sent here?
Rambo: Only I can complete the mission.
Kotal Kahn: Or perhaps you were deemed expendable.

Kotal Kahn: You will not draw first blood.
Rambo: It's who draws last blood that matters.
Kotal Kahn: Neither are in your future.

Kotal Kahn: You were built to uphold the law.
Robocop: That is one of my prime directives.
Kotal Kahn: What are the others?

Kotal Kahn: The Osh-Tekk do not need police.
Robocop: How do you enforce your laws?
Kotal Kahn: They are written on all our hearts.

Kotal Kahn: Of the Shirai Ryu, I know little.
Scorpion: Nor I of the Osh-Tekk, Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Our kombat shall be instructive.

Kotal Kahn: Your quest for vengeance has ended?
Scorpion: The architects of my pain are dead.
Kotal Kahn: May you be blessed with new battles.

Kotal Kahn: I admire your familial devotion.
Scorpion: Nothing else matters to the Shirai Ryu.
Kotal Kahn: It is a trait the Osh-Tekk share.

Kotal Kahn: No vultures may roost in my court.
Shang Tsung: Who died and made you Emperor?
Kotal Kahn: Your abomination, Mileena.

Kotal Kahn: You practice dark arts, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Some call your blood magic a dark art.
Kotal Kahn: It is a necessary evil.

Kotal Kahn: Withdraw in peace, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: And let Kitana's stench pollute my throne?
Kotal Kahn: It is your throne no longer.

Kotal Kahn: History will remember this battle.
Shao Kahn: As my greatest victory, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: As your final stand.

Kotal Kahn: Kitana is proving an able Kahn.
Shao Kahn: She lacks the will to tame Outworld.
Kotal Kahn: Then why does it rise at her command?

Kotal Kahn: You have no more armies to command.
Shao Kahn: I'll kill you, Kotal, and take yours.
Kotal Kahn: Wishing will not make it so.

Kotal Kahn: Oceans rise, empires fall.
Shao Kahn: Mine will never die.
Kotal Kahn: You will not be back.

Kotal Kahn: We have no score to settle, Queen Sheeva.
Sheeva: Tell that to Prince Goro and King Gorbak.
Kotal Kahn: Are you so eager to join them?

Kotal Kahn: Acknowledge your Emperor.
Sheeva: First bend your knee to Queen Sheeva.
Kotal Kahn: You forget your place, Shokan.

Kotal Kahn: It has been centuries, Sindel.
Sindel: You will address me as Empress.
Kotal Kahn: You will address me as Kotal Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: Outworld is better off with you dead.
Sindel: You still resent me, Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: As surely as night follows day.

Kotal Kahn: Your ardor for the old order is madness.
Skarlet: I follow a true Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: In doing so, you choose death.

Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn has abused you, Skarlet.
Skarlet: By lifting me up to his palace?
Kotal Kahn: You are enslaved by his magic.

Kotal Kahn: Loyal to Shao Kahn, but not his daughter?
Skarlet: I would be a better Kahn than Mileena.
Kotal Kahn: On that one thing, we agree.

Kotal Kahn: You are not yet a general.
Sonya: Yeah I'm the prequel that didn't stink.
Kotal Kahn: A 'prequel', Sonya Blade?

Kotal Kahn: Kano has vexed us both.
Sonya: I can't extradite him for execution.
Kotal Kahn: Earthrealm justice baffles me.

Kotal Kahn: The Blade women are formidable.
Sonya: Your girlfriend's no slouch herself.
Kotal Kahn: None are better than Jade.

Kotal Kahn: Your crusade against me is over.
Spawn: After I kill you, it is, Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: My sun will not set, Hellspawn.

Kotal Kahn: I was a just and compassionate emperor.
Spawn: You massacred entire tribes.
Kotal Kahn: And how did you end up in Hell?

Kotal Kahn: Leadership requires strength.
Sub-Zero: But only cowards lead with fear.
Kotal Kahn: You confuse me for Shao Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: Teach my army, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: I do not recall accepting an offer.
Kotal Kahn: You will meet my demand.

Kotal Kahn: Honor your Outworld lineage.
Sub-Zero: How would I do that?
Kotal Kahn: By serving your Emperor.

Kotal Kahn: Barking dogs heralded your arrival.
Terminator: They can smell the chemicals in my skin.
Kotal Kahn: Helpful, indeed.

Kotal Kahn: Are there more like you?
Terminator: I'm one of many Terminators.
Kotal Kahn: Divine liquid and fire.

Kung Lao

Kung Lao: Smile and the realms smile with you.
Baraka: I'll smile when you swing from a meathook.
Kung Lao: Not going to happen, Baraka.

Kung Lao: Another 'friend' from the tournament.
Baraka: Be glad you never faced me, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Yes, I would've hated embarrassing you.

Kung Lao: Twice your hordes attacked the Wu Shi.
Baraka: Both times the monks fell to our blades.
Kung Lao: I will avenge them, Baraka.

Kung Lao: Pay attention, you might learn something.
Cassie Cage: I'm the drill instructor here.
Kung Lao: But I'm the legend.

Kung Lao: I could have beaten Shinnok.
Cassie Cage: Somebody's feelin' himself.
Kung Lao: I will prove it right here, right now.

Kung Lao: Kung Jin has returned to the White Lotus.
Cassie Cage: He still has a home with the Special Forces.
Kung Lao: He has outgrown you, Commander.

Kung Lao: I'm more important than I thought.
Cetrion: You overstate your worth, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Then why does a god fight me?

Kung Lao: Mine is the legacy of the Great Kung Lao.
Cetrion: His legacy was dying in defeat.
Kung Lao: He lives on in me, Cetrion.

Kung Lao: Earthrealm has enough insects.
D'Vorah: The Hive will nest there yet.
Kung Lao: It risks extermination.

Kung Lao: This fight will end quickly.
D'Vorah: You dare fight This One unarmed?
Kung Lao: I have a few hat tricks.

Kung Lao: You belong in Earthrealm.
Erron Black: Shoot, and miss all the Outworld fun?
Kung Lao: One man's fun is another's wasteland.

Kung Lao: What was your business with Kano?
Erron Black: I shot people, he paid me.
Kung Lao: A deplorable arrangement, Black.

Kung Lao: Sub-Zero should have spanked you more.
Frost: You lecture me about discipline?
Kung Lao: At least I respect my elders.

Kung Lao: What have you done to your body?
Frost: Allowed Kronika to make me the greatest.
Kung Lao: To think, all I needed was a hat.

Kung Lao: I can spin faster than a tornado now.
Fujin: That, I would like to see.
Kung Lao: Your wish is granted.

Kung Lao: What is it like, standing in Raiden's shadow?
Fujin: I imagine much like standing in Liu Kang's.
Kung Lao: I have no idea what you mean.

Kung Lao: I will prove worthy of my Uncle's legacy.
Geras: You have a far, far way to go.
Kung Lao: Not that far.

Kung Lao: This time you will stay down.
Geras: Arrogance cannot kill me.
Kung Lao: Kung Lao will.

Kung Lao: Watch and learn, Sergeant Briggs.
Jacqui: I'm doing the training today.
Kung Lao: I will humor you this one time.

Kung Lao: How can I prove I'm not a Revenant?
Jacqui: Back down from this fight, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Kung Lao never backs down.

Kung Lao: Double date with Liu Kang and Kitana?
Jade: In your dreams, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: A simple 'no' would have sufficed.

Kung Lao: Here to learn from the great Kung Lao?
Jade: Liu Kang asked me to instruct you.
Kung Lao: You must have misunderstood him.

Kung Lao: You were Shao Kahn's favorite assassin.
Jade: I was his deadliest.
Kung Lao: How many Shaolin did you kill?

Kung Lao: What's all that muscle get you?
Jax: Peace of mind against puny weaklings.
Kung Lao: And joint problems, later in life.

Kung Lao: You're simply too slow for me.
Jax: And you're too cocky for me to let it go.
Kung Lao: At least it's earned cockiness.

Kung Lao: How are those arms working out?
Jax: Still getting the hang of them.
Kung Lao: Then mine will be a flawless victory.

Kung Lao: You project greatness.
Johnny Cage: It's blinding isn't it.
Kung Lao: We all see through you, Cage.

Kung Lao: Stop reaching for my hat, Johnny.
Johnny Cage: You hiding a rabbit in there or not?
Kung Lao: Only my friends know for sure.

Kung Lao: Think you shine like a star?
Johnny Cage: Turn off the lights and I'll glow.
Kung Lao: Your lights are going off.

Kung Lao: Why face me, clown?
Joker: To prove to the world, the joke you are.
Kung Lao: This fight will only prove my greatness.

Kung Lao: You spit on everything the Shaolin stand for.
Joker: Whew! I was worried I'd missed something.
Kung Lao: I shall avenge our honor.

Kung Lao: Still slumming with the Black Dragon?
Kabal: Suck it, Dung Lao.
Kung Lao: Never make fun of the name.

Kung Lao: I heard you were captured by Daegon.
Kabal: The Red Dragon couldn't break me.
Kung Lao: The Shaolin's best can.

Kung Lao: The White Lotus knows of your gang.
Kano: I'm guessing we're not quite your bowl of rice.
Kung Lao: Yet another reason to break you.

Kung Lao: You are a common crook, Kano.
Kano: I built a black market empire.
Kung Lao: The Black Dragon is a house of cards.

Kung Lao: Fighting you is beneath me.
Kano: I'll can bloody hold me own.
Kung Lao: You brought a knife to a hat fight.

Kung Lao: I don't suppose you have a sister.
Kitana: There is only Mileena.
Kung Lao: Thank you, I'll pass.

Kung Lao: Liu Kang is a lucky man.
Kitana: How so, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: He is lucky we did not meet first.

Kung Lao: How have we not fought, Kitana?
Kitana: Liu Kang felt losing would hurt your pride.
Kung Lao: How will your loss hurt my pride?

Kung Lao: Behold the man who beat Kintaro.
Kollector: He owed me. Now you do!
Kung Lao: That's not how debt succession works!

Kung Lao: Take me to Shao Kahn, Kollector.
Kollector: Best I deliver you pre-killed.
Kung Lao: Ha! Killed by you?

Kung Lao: You could learn from me, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: From a sapling that bends in the breeze?
Kung Lao: This 'sapling' defeated the Deadly Alliance.

Kung Lao: You made peace with the Tarkatans?
Kotal Kahn: Stoking hate's fire served no purpose.
Kung Lao: They must answer for the Wu Shi.

Kung Lao: The world only needs one of me.
Kung Lao: Then I will be the one.
Kung Lao: I was here first, doppelgänger.

Kung Lao: Why fight, me from another timeline?
Kung Lao: You need to know that I'm better.
Kung Lao: This has to be karma.

Kung Lao: A fellow Shaolin monk.
Kung Lao: Did you train at the Wu Shi?
Kung Lao: I taught at the Academy.

Kung Lao: Well, we look the same.
Kung Lao: My kombat is undefeated.
Kung Lao: Prove it!

Kung Lao: Nice hat, impostor.
Kung Lao: I'll take your hat and your head.
Kung Lao: You must be an evil impostor.

Kung Lao: Time for hat-to-hat kombat.
Kung Lao: Clever, but I am the Greatest.
Kung Lao: We all say that.

Kung Lao: Did you know I have a nephew?
Liu Kang: Kung Jin, isn't it?
Kung Lao: He thinks you can beat me.

Kung Lao: Ever meet Master Shujinko?
Liu Kang: Once, at the Wu Shi.
Kung Lao: He taught me technique even you cannot beat.

Kung Lao: So we agree, Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: If I win, you go a week hatless.
Kung Lao: When I win, you go a week wearing one.

Kung Lao: Your head's in the clouds.
Liu Kang: My focus is on defending Earthrealm.
Kung Lao: No, Liu Kang. It's on Kitana.

Kung Lao: Skarlet, D'Vorah, you. I can't choose.
Mileena: Choose what, human?
Kung Lao: Who is the creepiest woman of Outworld.

Kung Lao: You do know that everyone prefers Kitana to you.
Mileena: Not my father, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: A man not known for his intelligence.

Kung Lao: So you are a Chosen One, too.
Nightwolf: The Great Spirit herself has blessed me.
Kung Lao: It will not be enough against a great Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: How long will you be Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: Until the Great Spirit chooses another.
Kung Lao: Perhaps I will be next.

Kung Lao: You do not quit, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: In death, I am even more deadly.
Kung Lao: And yet somehow I am not afraid.

Kung Lao: You are worse than a Revenant.
Noob Saibot: Because Quan Chi perfected me.
Kung Lao: He made you even more vile.

Kung Lao: A ghost from Mortal Kombat past.
Noob Saibot: The fight remains unfinished.
Kung Lao: I hate to leave loose ends.

Kung Lao: I want answers. Now.
Raiden: Your future is unwritten, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Then where did my Revenant come from?

Kung Lao: Liu Kang thinks I'm too hard on you.
Raiden: Listening to him would be wise.
Kung Lao: Why? Because he's the 'Chosen One'?

Kung Lao: I'm on a mission for Damashi.
Raiden: He is Onaga the Deceiver!
Kung Lao: He said you would say that.

Kung Lao: You know of Kung Jin's interests.
Raiden: You sit in judgement, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: Of my family's shameful treatment of him.

Kung Lao: You cannot defeat me.
Rain: I will rain death upon you, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Good thing I brought a hat.

Kung Lao: Is it true Edenians worship you?
Rain: Those that do, are blessed with my favor.
Kung Lao: Their faith is misplaced, Rain.

Kung Lao: It is nearly time to face the Revenants.
Rambo: If it's fight they want, they'll have it.
Kung Lao: Care to give me a sample?

Kung Lao: You have crossed the Shaolin.
Rambo: They chose this fight, not me.
Kung Lao: That is impossible.

Kung Lao: How strong is your grip?
Robocop: I could crush every bone in your hand.
Kung Lao: Let us keep this fight friendly, officer.

Kung Lao: Why did they make you so big?
Robocop: My size projects command presence.
Kung Lao: Yet makes you vulnerable to an agile opponent.

Kung Lao: Any advice before I battle my Revenant?
Scorpion: Be ready to face your demons.
Kung Lao: I am prepared, Scorpion.

Kung Lao: The monks were massacred, Scorpion.
Scorpion: It was Geras, not me.
Kung Lao: That is hard to believe.

Kung Lao: The Shirai Ryu are here to help?
Scorpion: The clan benefits from Earthrealm's safety.
Kung Lao: That will take some getting used to.

Kung Lao: Where is your ally Quan Chi?
Shang Tsung: I need no aid to finish you.
Kung Lao: Fine, make it easy for me.

Kung Lao: Now I avenge the Great Kung Lao.
Shang Tsung: His greatest legacy was failure.
Kung Lao: His greatest legacy is me.

Kung Lao: Your empire ends, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: I expected Raiden to send Liu Kang.
Kung Lao: Now it ends painfully.

Kung Lao: We all choose our own paths.
Shao Kahn: This fight is the end of yours.
Kung Lao: It's but a stop on my journey to greatness.

Kung Lao: I am more than the Great Kung Lao's heir.
Shao Kahn: You are his reincarnation.
Kung Lao: Greetings from your past, Shao Kahn.

Kung Lao: Now which of the Shokan have I beaten?
Sheeva: You have beaten Kintaro and Goro.
Kung Lao: And that is why I am the Great One.

Kung Lao: Given the chance, you would attack Earthrealm.
Sheeva: Only if needed to defend Outworld.
Kung Lao: A pretext easily fabricated.

Kung Lao: What is so scary about you, besides the hair?
Sindel: Come closer and I'll show you.
Kung Lao: No time for love, crazy lady.

Kung Lao: Without Shang Tsung's power, you are nothing.
Sindel: I've found a greater source of power.
Kung Lao: Yes, you have found the Great Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: We are not here to parlay, are we?
Skarlet: I came to suck you dry.
Kung Lao: Skarlet, we hardly know each other!

Kung Lao: Run back to Shao Kahn before you get hurt.
Skarlet: Don't dismiss me, you arrogant monk.
Kung Lao: Stay and I will cut you to red ribbons.

Kung Lao: Friendly fight, yes?
Sonya: Fight to win or don't fight at all.
Kung Lao: You're strong like stone, Sonya.

Kung Lao: I should lead a squad, Sonya.
Sonya: Big egos make bad leaders.
Kung Lao: Has that been your experience?

Kung Lao: Is the Beijing opera in town?
Spawn: I'm here to stop Shinnok's revival.
Kung Lao: Looks more like you're about to start one.

Kung Lao: The name's Kung Lao, but call me Chosen One.
Spawn: Narcissism can be deadly, kid.
Kung Lao: I'm nobody's 'kid' but my Mother's.

Kung Lao: You are in the presence of greatness.
Sub-Zero: A Shaolin monk should be less boastful.
Kung Lao: What makes you think I am boasting?

Kung Lao: A light heart lives long.
Sub-Zero: But a cold heart feels no pain.
Kung Lao: Are you certain of that?

Kung Lao: This hat cuts diamonds.
Sub-Zero: Diamonds do not fight back.
Kung Lao: And icicles do, Sub-Zero?

Kung Lao: Why not return to your future?
Terminator: Return is impossible.
Kung Lao: I knew you would say that.

Kung Lao: You have met your match.
Terminator: That statement is unsupported.
Kung Lao: Who knew machines could fool themselves?

Liu Kang

Liu Kang: Walk away or get burned, Baraka.
Baraka: Burn me, I'll stab you.
Liu Kang: Have a feeling you'll try either way.

Liu Kang: You respect Kitana, yes?
Baraka: But not her concubine, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Concubine?!

Liu Kang: You gave Kitana your word.
Baraka: She goes back on hers!
Liu Kang: Peace requires compromise, Baraka.

Liu Kang: You seem too eager.
Cassie Cage: Let's get our kung-fu hustle on!
Liu Kang: A little patience could save your life.

Liu Kang: I am honored to fight you.
Cassie Cage: I'm no Chosen One, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: You fought Shinnok and won.

Liu Kang: You have a problem with me?
Cassie Cage: The problem's with your Revenant.
Liu Kang: I am not accountable for his crimes.

Liu Kang: Kronika works with my Revenant.
Cetrion: For your benefit, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Help I do not need, Cetrion.

Liu Kang: Lady Cetrion.
Cetrion: Striking an Elder God is sinful.
Liu Kang: You're about to be a Fallen God.

Liu Kang: As a boy, I prayed to the Elder Gods.
Cetrion: I always listened, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: This is how you answer them?

Liu Kang: Yours is an endangered species.
D'Vorah: The Hive will kill you to survive.
Liu Kang: Elder Gods forgive me for her extinction.

Liu Kang: Shao Kahn is not your master.
D'Vorah: He's our temporary benefactor.
Liu Kang: Why should you die in his name?

Liu Kang: Give up and I will show you mercy.
D'Vorah: Your Revenant shows none.
Liu Kang: Whatever he is, he's not me.

Liu Kang: Are you enjoying these battles?
Erron Black: Happier than a dog with two tails.
Liu Kang: Do you also enjoy getting hurt?

Liu Kang: Skilled masters make skilled warriors.
Erron Black: I don't call anyone 'master'.
Liu Kang: Which explains your lack of skill.

Liu Kang: The White Lotus could redeem you.
Frost: Those I trust always abandon me.
Liu Kang: That is your fault, Frost.

Liu Kang: There is still honor in you, Frost.
Frost: I don't need you to tell me.
Liu Kang: Then why do you display none?

Liu Kang: Kronika wants to remake me like you?
Frost: If you're worthy of the privilege.
Liu Kang: It's a curse, not a privilege.

Liu Kang: All people are equal, Frost.
Frost: Is that so, 'Chosen One'?
Liu Kang: Actions, not titles, define us.

Liu Kang: Are you also vulnerable to darkness?
Fujin: That is my brother's weakness, not mine.
Liu Kang: Then what is yours, Lord Fujin?

Liu Kang: Could you not have saved me?
Fujin: I have asked myself that many times.
Liu Kang: The answer should be clearer to you.

Liu Kang: I will not enjoy your suffering.
Geras: Suffering is the seed of strength.
Liu Kang: Then you're about to get much stronger.

Liu Kang: Why is Kronika after me?
Geras: She wants to save you, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: By attacking the Shaolin!?

Liu Kang: I will not become a Revenant.
Geras: By Raiden's hand, you will.
Liu Kang: We have broken Kronika's vicious circle.

Liu Kang: Hope you came to train, Jacqueline.
Jacqui: It's 'Sergeant Briggs' and I came to train you.
Liu Kang: You will find me a difficult pupil.

Liu Kang: You've faced my Revenant.
Jacqui: That piece of shit killed my friends.
Liu Kang: I knew this felt personal.

Liu Kang: You can throw punches with the best.
Jacqui: Compliments won't soften me up.
Liu Kang: A few swift kicks will.

Liu Kang: I'm glad Kitana has a friend like you.
Jade: I came for a fight, not flattery.
Liu Kang: Outworld must not have small talk.

Liu Kang: How can I prove myself to Kitana?
Jade: By being strong enough to defend her.
Liu Kang: Haven't I proven this already?

Liu Kang: Jade is prized in China.
Jade: I share my namesake's qualities.
Liu Kang: I see the beauty. Show me strength.

Liu Kang: I'm not a soldier, Major.
Jax: The White Lotus signed a pact.
Liu Kang: To cooperate, not take orders.

Liu Kang: Imagine if I had autonetic legs.
Jax: Trust me, it'd be an upgrade.
Liu Kang: After this fight, we'll see.

Liu Kang: Actions speak louder than words.
Johnny Cage: Yeah, that's why I make action movies.
Liu Kang: With fake fighting.

Liu Kang: You have the blood of ancient warriors.
Johnny Cage: Defender of Earthrealm, born and bred.
Liu Kang: Do not shame your ancestors.

Liu Kang: We come from different worlds, Johnny.
Johnny Cage: Aren't you from Earthrealm, too?
Liu Kang: I mean I come from the real world.

Liu Kang: You will go home, Joker.
Joker: Go home?! I just got here.
Liu Kang: And already the realms are tainted.

Liu Kang: What kind of universe creates you?
Joker: One with a sick sense of humor.
Liu Kang: It must not have Elder Gods.

Liu Kang: Let's talk, Kabal.
Kabal: So you can 'see the good' in me?
Liu Kang: To spare you the injuries.

Liu Kang: You stand with your Revenant?
Kabal: Kronika won't let me become him.
Liu Kang: Kronika lies, Kabal.

Liu Kang: With your skill you should be Shaolin.
Kabal: Shaolin don't pay Black Dragon wages.
Liu Kang: But we do retain our honor.

Liu Kang: You betrayed Earthrealm.
Kano: Loyalty's for mugs.
Liu Kang: We're nothing without it.

Liu Kang: I've never understood you.
Kano: I'm just a bloke with appetites.
Liu Kang: Which are never sated, Kano.

Liu Kang: Nothing will come between us.
Kitana: Is that a proposal, Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: A solemn vow.

Liu Kang: You've been harsh with Kung Lao.
Kitana: There's no point in coddling him.
Liu Kang: It is not your place.

Liu Kang: So the crown's making your head heavy?
Kitana: There is no end to the stress.
Liu Kang: Then let's release some, Kitana.

Liu Kang: I hear Kotal has reservations about us.
Kitana: Don't let his thoughts concern you.
Liu Kang: Do we have more battles to fight?

Liu Kang: My master was Bo' Rai Cho.
Kollector: That lazy drunk trained you? HA!
Liu Kang: Drunk, yes, but not lazy.

Liu Kang: Time to fall in with the new government.
Kollector: Are you Kitana's enforcer?
Liu Kang: I'm a concerned guest of the Kahn.

Liu Kang: Stop hounding Kitana, Kollector.
Kollector: I seek only to serve the Kahn.
Liu Kang: Your 'service' is no longer desired.

Liu Kang: Must we fight, Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: You trespass in Outworld.
Liu Kang: I come at Kitana's invitation.

Liu Kang: I understand you object.
Kotal Kahn: Kitana's consort must be of Outworld.
Liu Kang: That's prejudice, nothing more.

Liu Kang: I expect we'll see more of each other.
Kotal Kahn: If our women have their way.
Liu Kang: Isn't it best to let them?

Liu Kang: Master Li Bing saw your potential.
Kung Lao: Is that why he made life Hell?
Liu Kang: That was because you are lazy.

Liu Kang: I have been practicing.
Kung Lao: All you do is practice, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: And you wonder why I'm the 'Chosen One'?

Liu Kang: Feeling competitive, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: I feel like a winner.
Liu Kang: You always presume too much.

Liu Kang: You learned nothing at the Wu Shi.
Kung Lao: I learned I'm better than the best.
Liu Kang: Have you been drinking with Bo' Rai Cho?

Liu Kang: We should unite to fix the timeline.
Liu Kang: Don't assume we share the same vision.
Liu Kang: Must we eternally be cursed with kombat?

Liu Kang: In your timeline, you defeat Shinnok?
Liu Kang: Now I rule the Netherrealm.
Liu Kang: Not the choice I'd make.

Liu Kang: Something tells me you're not White Lotus.
Liu Kang: I am the Lord of Death.
Liu Kang: I have a reputation to uphold!

Liu Kang: Master Shujinko taught me well.
Liu Kang: In my timeline, I trained him.
Liu Kang: That is a paradox.

Liu Kang: We can team up to restore history.
Liu Kang: Team up? This is Mortal Kombat.
Liu Kang: Do not make me finish you.

Liu Kang: Why come to this timeline?
Liu Kang: My Kitana died. Yours still lives.
Liu Kang: I pity you, but you should leave.

Liu Kang: Am I in a hall of mirrors?
Liu Kang: I am your ancestor, Cheh Kang.
Liu Kang: It is an honor to duel with you.

Liu Kang: I will never get used to this.
Liu Kang: You have fought other Liu Kangs?
Liu Kang: Yes. And I beat them, too.

Liu Kang: You are more like Sindel than Kitana.
Mileena: You flatter me, Shaolin.
Liu Kang: No, Mileena. Not at all.

Liu Kang: Serving Shao Kahn is folly.
Mileena: One day I will inherit his empire.
Liu Kang: It is doomed to collapse, Mileena.

Liu Kang: So what were you, before becoming Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: A broken man with a death wish.
Liu Kang: You owe much to your Great Spirit.

Liu Kang: Come to test yourself?
Nightwolf: The Great Spirit's champion against Raiden's.
Liu Kang: Shall we begin?

Liu Kang: I'm not your leader, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: You will govern the Netherrealm.
Liu Kang: By my ancestors, I will not.

Liu Kang: Fires drive shadows away.
Noob Saibot: Until those fires die.
Liu Kang: My burning is an eternal flame.

Liu Kang: You dishonor your clan.
Noob Saibot: The dead are my clan now.
Liu Kang: The dead should rest, Bi-Han.

Liu Kang: Do you fear what you become?
Raiden: We all choose our destiny, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I have doubts, Lord Raiden.

Liu Kang: You do not need to test my faith, Lord Raiden.
Raiden: I am testing might, not faith.
Liu Kang: Then I await your judgement.

Liu Kang: Are we the Deadly Alliance?
Raiden: That is Kronika's deception.
Liu Kang: Or a recipe for Armageddon.

Liu Kang: I guess you knew it would end this way.
Raiden: I did not have a clue.
Liu Kang: Never change, Lord Raiden.

Liu Kang: It is time we settle this, Rain.
Rain: Persist, and risk a god's wrath.
Liu Kang: Note how I tremble with fear.

Liu Kang: Planning another rebellion?
Rain: Whatever is necessary to free Edenia.
Liu Kang: And place it under your thumb?

Liu Kang: Come with me, before it's too late.
Rambo: I don't need rescuing.
Liu Kang: I am rescuing others from you.

Liu Kang: Put your faith in the Shaolin.
Rambo: Like hell I'm gonna trust them.
Liu Kang: They seek only to heal you.

Liu Kang: Your death was honorable?
Robocop: It was in the line of duty.
Liu Kang: Then it was a worthy sacrifice.

Liu Kang: We must continue to train.
Robocop: Complacency is the enemy.
Liu Kang: We will get along just fine, Murphy.

Liu Kang: The Shaolin's losses have left many angry.
Scorpion: Reparations will be made, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I fear it won't be enough.

Liu Kang: You lost so much, you were easily turned.
Scorpion: Kronika manipulated my grief.
Liu Kang: I observe, I do not judge.

Liu Kang: How did you survive the Shaolin's traps?
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu are ninja, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Point well taken, Scorpion.

Liu Kang: How many times must I kill you?
Shang Tsung: You can never truly finish me, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Nor can I stop trying.

Liu Kang: Back from the future, Shang Tsung?
Shang Tsung: Sent here by you, as it happens.
Liu Kang: All words you utter are lies.

Liu Kang: You have no allies, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: I need none to seize victory.
Liu Kang: A claim about to be proved false.

Liu Kang: Earthrealm is off limits.
Shao Kahn: A line in the sand, boy?
Liu Kang: One written in stone.

Liu Kang: By the Elder Gods you will fall.
Shao Kahn: They're dead, you buffoon.
Liu Kang: In Shaolin hearts, they are eternal.

Liu Kang: My fist is going through your chest.
Shao Kahn: That'll never happen.
Liu Kang: The arrogant soldier always loses.

Liu Kang: The monks taught me to contain my anger.
Sheeva: My people believe strength comes from release.
Liu Kang: I try to balance both approaches.

Liu Kang: Are we trading knowledge or kombat?
Sheeva: There is no knowledge that is not kombat.
Liu Kang: Get that off a fortune cookie?

Liu Kang: Kitana has suffered enough.
Sindel: She doesn't need you to defend her.
Liu Kang: That won't stop me from trying.

Liu Kang: Your daughter and I will marry.
Sindel: No commoner will have my blessing.
Liu Kang: Nobody's asking your permission.

Liu Kang: My blood would boil you.
Skarlet: It will give me the dragon fire.
Liu Kang: Sounds like wishful thinking, Skarlet.

Liu Kang: Shao Kahn's magic corrupted your heart.
Skarlet: Hunger corrupted me first.
Liu Kang: Not everyone who's hungry becomes evil.

Liu Kang: You fight well for an American.
Sonya: We are the best fighters.
Liu Kang: Only at projecting confidence.

Liu Kang: How long did your army train you?
Sonya: Four years at the Academy.
Liu Kang: The Shaolin train for life.

Liu Kang: I heard you wish to fight.
Sonya: Show me this 'Chosen One' business.
Liu Kang: Frankly, it embarrasses me.

Liu Kang: Say you beat Kronika, then what?
Spawn: Then I purge the Netherrealm for eternity.
Liu Kang: That is rather extreme.

Liu Kang: I believe in your good intentions.
Spawn: Then stand the hell aside.
Liu Kang: The Netherrealm isn't yours to take.

Liu Kang: One cold day will not freeze a river.
Sub-Zero: A cold winter will.
Liu Kang: This fight will not last that long.

Liu Kang: Taking you down will be easy.
Sub-Zero: What did Kitana tell you?
Liu Kang: All I need is a pail of water.

Liu Kang: I admire your discipline, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: And I your honor, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: May you be as humble in defeat.

Liu Kang: Your Mars has blue skies?
Terminator: I can recall those files totally.
Liu Kang: This I have to see.

Liu Kang: You are done wreaking havoc, Terminator.
Terminator: My mission is incomplete.
Liu Kang: It ends now!


Mileena: You reek with desire.
Baraka: Submit to the Fakas Rakatan!
Mileena: I will never mate with you, Baraka.

Mileena: Where is your loyalty?
Baraka: With Kitana, Empress of Outworld.
Mileena: She will relinquish my throne!

Mileena: Remember me, Cassandra?
Cassie Cage: Seriously? Your death still gives me nightmares!
Mileena: Yours will not trouble me at all.

Mileena: You aided Kotal Kahn against me.
Cassie Cage: Well, duh, fuckwit. You're a crazed she-beast.
Mileena: For that, I will devour your flesh!

Mileena: Kronika has a plan for me?
Cetrion: Obey her, and she will provide.
Mileena: No one comes before my father.

Mileena: You would have me make peace?
Cetrion: There is no virtue in sibling rivalry.
Mileena: Kitana's my enemy, not my rival.

Mileena: The scheming gnat returns.
D'Vorah: To again end your life, you disgusting clone.
Mileena: It is you who will be kissed by death, D'Vorah.

Mileena: One day, you will steal my throne!
D'Vorah: What else do you know of your future?
Mileena: That to protect it, you must die.

Mileena: A koin for your thoughts, Erron?
Erron Black: Just trying to reckon why the hell you're back.
Mileena: A million souls cried out for my return.

Mileena: You once sought my affection.
Erron Black: I thought you were Kitana. My mistake.
Mileena: Who says we can't share a few thrills?

Mileena: Kronika has offered me a body like yours.
Frost: Don't be a fool. Take it.
Mileena: Show me its worth.

Mileena: We're the same, Frost.
Frost: Both written off and underestimated.
Mileena: Together, we'll surprise them all.

Mileena: You look forlorn, Fujin.
Fujin: My heart overflows with pity for you.
Mileena: Will it weep when I skin you alive?

Mileena: Here for Liu Kang?
Fujin: Return him to Kitana now, Mileena!
Mileena: Silly Fujin. Sisters share everything.

Mileena: I want the Hourglass.
Geras: It is beyond your feeble mind to control it.
Mileena: Ha! What little you know, construct.

Mileena: We are both artificial.
Geras: Born of the will of our creators.
Mileena: Mine requires your death.

Mileena: Where are your friends, Jacqueline?
Jacqui: If they followed orders, at a minimum safe distance.
Mileena: Nowhere is safe from me.

Mileena: Come play with me, Briggs.
Jacqui: We talking kombat or something else?
Mileena: Either way, I'll be satisfied.

Mileena: My sister is now Kahn?!
Jade: And she rules Outworld justly and with grace.
Mileena: How dare she destroy my empire!

Mileena: Shang Tsung will clone Jacqueline.
Jax: No way is that bastard touching my daughter!
Mileena: The process has already begun.

Mileena: Tell me how to defeat Liu Kang.
Jax: Like I'll spill to you about your sister's boyfriend.
Mileena: Then you trade your life for his.

Mileena: We both despise D'Vorah.
Johnny Cage: That doesn't mean we're making a buddy picture.
Mileena: Just think of the possibilities.

Mileena: Your flesh looks tempting.
Johnny Cage: Yeah, you're not the first to want a piece of me.
Mileena: I'll have more than one, Cage.

Mileena: You'll eliminate my sister?
Joker: And serve her to you in a savory pie.
Mileena: Make it soon, Joker.

Mileena: You betrayed us, jester!
Joker: Well of course I did, Lady Mandible.
Mileena: I'll chew off your flesh and gnaw your bones!

Mileena: Shao Kahn will pay you handsomely.
Kabal: But I piss him off, he'll take my head.
Mileena: No risk, no reward, Kabal.

Mileena: Shang Tsung paid you to kill me?
Kabal: You're a failed experiment he wants ended.
Mileena: Impossible. I'm his masterpiece!

Mileena: D'Vorah still lives, Kano!
Kano: Don't spit the dummy, I'm on it!
Mileena: You've failed me for the last time.

Mileena: You can share Shang Tsung's cloning methods?
Kano: Yea, but it's gonna cost you big bikkies.
Mileena: I will have them, Kano!

Mileena: Mother wants us to live as sisters.
Kitana: Further proof that she's lost her mind.
Mileena: Come. Let us be a family.

Mileena: The wrong sister wears the crown.
Kitana: I am the Empress that Outworld deserves.
Mileena: But I am the one it needs!

Mileena: Where is Tanya's body?!
Kollector: That knowledge is not for sale, at any price.
Mileena: Then you are useless to me, Kollector.

Mileena: Serve me as you serve Shao Kahn.
Kollector: Why should I genuflect to a clone?
Mileena: Because my father wills it.

Mileena: Jade will die as Tanya did.
Kotal Kahn: Return her to me, Mileena!
Mileena: Never! You must feel my pain.

Mileena: People call me a monster.
Kung Lao: Can you blame them? You are half Tarkatan.
Mileena: Such prejudice, Earthrealmer.

Mileena: You Shaolin are so arrogant.
Kung Lao: Actually Mileena, that is just me.
Mileena: I will enjoy devouring your ego.

Mileena: Crawl back to your monastery.
Liu Kang: You dare to interfere?
Mileena: Ha! My sister will not marry you, monk.

Mileena: I fooled you completely, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: No. Not for one minute.
Mileena: Help me, Liu Kang. Help me!

Mileena: Another sister.
Mileena: There are more like us?
Mileena: There were.

Mileena: Come to me and do my bidding.
Mileena: You are not the first of us.
Mileena: But I am the most ruthless, sister.

Mileena: An army of us could conquer Outworld.
Mileena: It will, under my command.
Mileena: I, the true Kahnum, will lead.

Mileena: You are also born of the Flesh Pits?
Mileena: We are alike in every detail.
Mileena: Then I know exactly how to take your life.

Mileena: The noble Matokan warrior.
Nightwolf: Praise or mockery, Mileena?
Mileena: An epitaph, Nightwolf.

Mileena: Is your tribe missing something?
Nightwolf: You know what you stole.
Mileena: And that you'll never retrieve it.

Mileena: Out of the shadows, Bi-Han?
Noob Saibot: To teach you the power of darkness.
Mileena: My father has already taught me.

Mileena: We have met before.
Noob Saibot: In the Netherrealm, where I consumed your soul.
Mileena: I'll have back what is mine, wraith.

Mileena: Liu Kang believes that I am Kitana.
Raiden: You will cease your cruel deception!
Mileena: Only after I've broken his heart.

Mileena: I will kill you to glorify Shao Kahn.
Raiden: Your father is a false god, Mileena.
Mileena: Blasphemer! I'll carve out your tongue!

Mileena: But for you, Tanya would be alive.
Rain: I am not to blame for your failed rebellion.
Mileena: It was your plan, Rain!

Mileena: You're a dangerous man.
Rambo: Only when people push me.
Mileena: As you wish.

Mileena: You turned down my father.
Rambo: That's because I'm no aggressor.
Mileena: Either conquer, or be conquered.

Mileena: Oh, you've changed since we last met.
Scorpion: I have regained my soul and my humanity.
Mileena: Neither is an improvement, Scorpion.

Mileena: We don't have to be foes.
Scorpion: You remain a threat to Earthrealm.
Mileena: Hmm. Perhaps we do.

Mileena: Tanya must be resurrected.
Shang Tsung: I make clones, I don't raise the dead.
Mileena: You will, if properly motivated.

Mileena: You didn't teach me blood magic.
Shao Kahn: Sorcery is Skarlet's gift, not yours.
Mileena: You wouldn't know. You never gave me a chance!

Mileena: Jade still eludes us.
Shao Kahn: She tasks me, and I shall have her.
Mileena: It will be done.

Mileena: Why is Kitana worthy of the throne?
Sheeva: She gained it through heroism, not nepotism.
Mileena: It is mine by divine right!

Mileena: The Shokan will submit.
Sheeva: We will battle you to the last, Mileena.
Mileena: Then Outworld's sands will run red with your blood.

Mileena: Has Shang Tsung told you what I can do?
Sindel: He has, but I don't trust that snake.
Mileena: Behold the truth of his words!

Mileena: Why do you protect Kitana?
Sindel: Because one day, she may come to her senses.
Mileena: She is lost to us, and must die.

Mileena: You wish to be father's new bride?
Skarlet: Would it be so difficult to call me mother?
Mileena: It is impossible, Skarlet!

Mileena: I was here before you, Skarlet.
Skarlet: But it is I who is Shao Kahn's favorite.
Mileena: Not once I prove your incompetence!

Mileena: You're so cold to me, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Because you are utterly devoid of honor.
Mileena: Who needs honor when you have power?

Mileena: When did you become an Earthrealm champion?
Sub-Zero: When I returned the Lin Kuei to the righteous path.
Mileena: It will be a short journey, Sub-Zero.

Mileena: It is unwise to challenge my father.
Terminator: Who is your father, and what does he do?
Mileena: He is Shao Kahn, ruler of Outworld!

Mileena: A killing machine, how clever.
Terminator: You are next to be terminated.
Mileena: You're not that clever.


Nightwolf: Shao Kahn penned you into reservations.
Baraka: Now we go where the hunt takes us.
Nightwolf: Something the Matoka would envy.

Nightwolf: You share in Outworld's rule?
Baraka: Tarkata is the new Kahn's partner.
Nightwolf: Earthrealm should be so welcoming.

Nightwolf: I was at your father's first tournament.
Cassie Cage: Is it true mom attacked him?
Nightwolf: He gave her sufficient reason.

Nightwolf: You also inherit a mantle.
Cassie Cage: Being Cage 2.0 isn't as cool as being Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Do not sell your family short.

Nightwolf: You betrayed the Great Spirit.
Cetrion: Her punishment for betraying the Matoka.
Nightwolf: Lies are beneath you, Cetrion.

Nightwolf: Kronika won't elevate the Matoka.
Cetrion: Why doubt her word, Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: She's not to blame for my people's history?

Nightwolf: If we'd met, I'd remember it.
D'Vorah: This One always makes an impression.
Nightwolf: You're going to give me nightmares.

Nightwolf: You helped free Shinnok, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: To achieve Kronika's vision for the Kytinn.
Nightwolf: That vision died with her.

Nightwolf: You were a Black Dragon?
Erron Black: Stayed as long as it suited me.
Nightwolf: You are not to be trusted.

Nightwolf: I've no wish to fight you.
Erron Black: Well, Nightwolf, if wishes were horses.
Nightwolf: Then let's begin, Erron Black.

Nightwolf: Your defiance had no point.
Frost: I should've let Sub-Zero oppress me?
Nightwolf: Discipline isn't oppression.

Nightwolf: You pick gods badly, Frost.
Frost: Didn't the Great Spirit betray your tribe?
Nightwolf: She punished with a firm hand.

Nightwolf: You've met the Great Spirit?
Fujin: We fought side by side, defending Earthrealm.
Nightwolf: She's never mentioned it.

Nightwolf: What you ask isn't simple.
Fujin: No task worth doing ever is.
Nightwolf: But what is it worth to the Matoka?

Nightwolf: An eternity of effort, and for what?
Geras: The perfection of Kronika's design.
Nightwolf: Perfection? Or oppression.

Nightwolf: The Matoka should revere you?
Geras: Reverence is for Kronika, not her servant.
Nightwolf: She'll get none either.

Nightwolf: The rest of your army is like you.
Jacqui: I'm the rule, not the exception.
Nightwolf: It will take much to prove your claim.

Nightwolf: Careful what you wish for, Jacqueline.
Jacqui: C'mon, I'd kick ass at the tournament.
Nightwolf: It left your father scarred.

Nightwolf: Your loyalties have changed, Jade.
Jade: Trust that it's permanent, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Only time will tell.

Nightwolf: What are Kitana's intentions?
Jade: She unites all Outworlders under one banner.
Nightwolf: Is it one of peace, or conquest?

Nightwolf: We both have business with Kano.
Jax: I know mine, what's yours?
Nightwolf: He profits off Matokan misery.

Nightwolf: It's time to pass on your mantle.
Jax: Baby Girl's good, but she's not me yet.
Nightwolf: Don't underestimate your daughter, Jax.

Nightwolf: I am famous among the Matoka. What of it?
Johnny Cage: Think seriously about cashing in.
Nightwolf: And defile the Great Spirit?

Nightwolf: You've led a privileged life.
Johnny Cage: What can I say? I piss greatness.
Nightwolf: Is that what it is.

Nightwolf: Your grin is unnerving.
Joker: That's the nicest thing I've ever been told.
Nightwolf: It's the last thing you'll ever hear.

Nightwolf: You are far from home.
Joker: Is it that obvious I'm a tourist?
Nightwolf: And that you're a danger to all.

Nightwolf: You were with Kano.
Kabal: The job needed fast hands.
Nightwolf: And they defiled Matokan lands.

Nightwolf: The Black Dragon made you the same offer.
Kabal: But I was smart and took it.
Nightwolf: Smart is not the word I'd use.

Nightwolf: To think your offer tempted me.
Kano: It ain't no crime, making bank.
Nightwolf: It is, if you betray your people.

Nightwolf: You think nothing of others.
Kano: Never have, never will.
Nightwolf: No wonder you're an outcast.

Nightwolf: I didn't expect you'd become Kahn.
Kitana: Did you think me too weak?
Nightwolf: Too taken in by your father's lies.

Nightwolf: Outworld no longer seeks empire?
Kitana: We must tend to matters at home.
Nightwolf: And then what, Kitana?

Nightwolf: Now you come for our ancient relics?
Kollector: Matokan artifacts fetch a high price.
Nightwolf: Which you'll pay in blood, Kollector.

Nightwolf: Your greed offends the Great Spirit.
Kollector: I care not what your god thinks.
Nightwolf: Very soon, you will.

Nightwolf: The Aztecs thought you were Buluc.
Kotal Kahn: A mistake I embraced, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: What did it get you, playing god?

Nightwolf: You weren't at the tournament.
Kotal Kahn: I was Shao Kahn's prisoner in the Flesh Pits.
Nightwolf: Show me why he feared you.

Nightwolf: Arrogance like yours felled the Matoka.
Kung Lao: What is wrong with a healthy confidence?
Nightwolf: Unchecked, it becomes a cancer.

Nightwolf: You weren't ready for the tournament.
Kung Lao: Didn't Scorpion best you, also?
Nightwolf: I lost by choice. You, inexperience.

Nightwolf: Raiden leaves us as Revenants?
Liu Kang: Quan Chi's death makes restoration impossible.
Nightwolf: Even for the Elder Gods?

Nightwolf: The Shaolin invite me?
Liu Kang: If you prove worthy, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Who are they to judge?

Nightwolf: Make no mistake, you are a monster.
Mileena: You despise me for being half Tarkatan?
Nightwolf: For being a remorseless killer, Mileena.

Nightwolf: You are feared among the Matoka.
Mileena: So my visit did not go unnoticed.
Nightwolf: You shed so much blood, how could it?

Nightwolf: The vision quest begins.
Nightwolf: I'm here to guide you, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Or lead me to a dead end.

Nightwolf: The Great Spirit warned me about you.
Nightwolf: Let's joins hands against her.
Nightwolf: Mine will take your mantle.

Nightwolf: You know my future?
Nightwolf: I'm an ill omen, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Then I will change my fate.

Nightwolf: Your presence weakens my power.
Nightwolf: We both draw strength from the same Great Spirit.
Nightwolf: For now.

Nightwolf: Your arrogance lives on, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: Dying made me more superior.
Nightwolf: All are equal in death.

Nightwolf: You've forsaken your brother.
Noob Saibot: A dead man needs no family.
Nightwolf: It's all that he has, Bi-Han.

Nightwolf: I can still sense darkness in you, Haokah.
Raiden: It is a burden I will always carry.
Nightwolf: Day and night can't dwell together.

Nightwolf: Your amulet is still cracked?
Raiden: No. Yet another of Kronika's lies revealed.
Nightwolf: She made fools of us all.

Nightwolf: Your jailors want you returned.
Rain: Orin and Caro live?
Nightwolf: You may be a god, but you're a poor assassin.

Nightwolf: The Matoka should not fear you?
Rain: My empire will stop at your borders.
Nightwolf: We've heard such promises before.

Nightwolf: You are one of us.
Rambo: On my father's side, yes.
Nightwolf: Let us see if the spirits defend you.

Nightwolf: Will you join our cause?
Rambo: That depends. Are you willing to win?
Nightwolf: Against Kronika, there's no other option.

Nightwolf: I'm not surprised Kano eludes you.
Robocop: Because I am inferior officer?
Nightwolf: Because he is a superior devil.

Nightwolf: The Great Spirit asked me to help you.
Robocop: How can you help me, Nightwolf?
Nightwolf: By training you in the ways of kombat.

Nightwolf: Seek justice, not vengeance.
Scorpion: They are one and the same.
Nightwolf: You've learned little, Scorpion.

Nightwolf: Raiden says to trust you.
Scorpion: I've changed since the tournament, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: I'm not convinced.

Nightwolf: Stealing power from souls will kill you.
Shang Tsung: What powers you, Nightwolf? Hope?
Nightwolf: Despair and resolve.

Nightwolf: My ancestors speak harshly of you.
Shang Tsung: I've put down Nightwolves before.
Nightwolf: You'll find I'm a new breed.

Nightwolf: Kollector is a filthy thief.
Shao Kahn: He takes what his Emperor deserves.
Nightwolf: A good chief gives, he doesn't take.

Nightwolf: Outworld doesn't need your empire.
Shao Kahn: My empire is Outworld, fool.
Nightwolf: Then the sun now sets on both.

Nightwolf: Why should my tribe trust yours?
Sheeva: Because we both seek to take our rightful place.
Nightwolf: Does that make us friends or rivals?

Nightwolf: I'm not sure I can forgive your service to Shao Kahn.
Sheeva: Did I ask for forgiveness, Earthrealmer?
Nightwolf: You'd be wise to, Sheeva.

Nightwolf: I've killed you before.
Sindel: Think you'll do so again?
Nightwolf: The Great Spirit will guide my hands.

Nightwolf: You betrayed Edenia, Sindel.
Sindel: It was mine, to do with as I pleased.
Nightwolf: Her people were not your plaything.

Nightwolf: Return to Outworld.
Skarlet: After I have feasted upon you.
Nightwolf: You'll end this fight hungry.

Nightwolf: Why be Shao Kahn's servant?
Skarlet: For his gift to me, I owe him worship.
Nightwolf: He isn't a god, Skarlet.

Nightwolf: You stood with us at Five Rivers.
Sonya: I stand against every injustice.
Nightwolf: The Matoka need more friends like you.

Nightwolf: Your people must face its past.
Sonya: Can't even get them to face the present.
Nightwolf: Then they have no future.

Nightwolf: You were a soldier in life?
Spawn: I did things I'm not proud of.
Nightwolf: So you've earned your mantle.

Nightwolf: Didn't the Soulnado kill your brother?
Sub-Zero: Bi-Han's nothing, if not resilient.
Nightwolf: All evil is, Sub-Zero.

Nightwolf: Raiden destroyed my revenant?
Sub-Zero: He took no prisoners in the Netherrealm war.
Nightwolf: He and I shall have words.

Nightwolf: I have beaten your kind before.
Terminator: You have fought machines?
Nightwolf: Beings bent on genocide.

Nightwolf: You're not of this realm.
Terminator: I'm from the future of a different earth.
Nightwolf: I will aid it by destroying you.

Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot: You dare turn from Kronika.
Baraka: I dare a lot of things, ghost.
Noob Saibot: The dark will not abide.

Noob Saibot: Shadows do not bleed.
Baraka: You do and I smell it.
Noob Saibot: Wishful thinking, Baraka.

Noob Saibot: You will drown in eternal night.
Cassie Cage: How Andrew Lloyd Whatever of you.
Noob Saibot: You will sing of pain for me.

Noob Saibot: Shinnok was to eat your father's soul.
Cassie Cage: Good thing I saved him with the Glow.
Noob Saibot: Now he will devour yours.

Noob Saibot: Welcome to my darkness world.
Cetrion: May virtue's light guide me.
Noob Saibot: Virtue? Everything is Evil!

Noob Saibot: Leave me be, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Banishing shadows is my calling.
Noob Saibot: A soulnado could not kill me.

Noob Saibot: Your kind crave the shadows.
D'Vorah: The darkness is our shelter.
Noob Saibot: Mine will be your death.

Noob Saibot: I should be glad you killed Hanzo.
D'Vorah: Then why attack me?
Noob Saibot: His life was mine to claim.

Noob Saibot: Darkness falls on this realm.
Erron Black: Blindfold me and I'll still shoot straight.
Noob Saibot: Not once shadows steal your soul.

Noob Saibot: You cannot ignore the Face of Death.
Erron Black: Well not when you're all gussied up.
Noob Saibot: Die, Black!

Noob Saibot: One clan will rule the New Era.
Frost: That clan will be mine, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: Kuai Liang would be a better Grandmaster.

Noob Saibot: You know nothing of cold.
Frost: You never conjured ice as cold as mine.
Noob Saibot: Death is the coldest ice.

Noob Saibot: Kuai Liang was a fool to trust you.
Frost: A fool to doubt me. Like you.
Noob Saibot: I do not doubt your hubris.

Noob Saibot: Winds do not scatter shadows.
Fujin: The winds of the Heavens shall!
Noob Saibot: You are barely a god, Fujin.

Noob Saibot: The darkness consumed Raiden's soul.
Fujin: He was corrupted by Shinnok's evil.
Noob Saibot: Not even you are immune.

Noob Saibot: Death cannot take you.
Geras: My spark of infinity never fades.
Noob Saibot: It must be destroyed.

Noob Saibot: I serve Lord Shinnok.
Geras: Then you serve Kronika by proxy.
Noob Saibot: You assume too much.

Noob Saibot: Vera's soul calls you.
Jacqui: Keep mama's name out your mouth, Revenant!
Noob Saibot: Revenant? I am Wraith!

Noob Saibot: Return to your mother's arms.
Jacqui: She's dead, asshole.
Noob Saibot: And her soul is mine.

Noob Saibot: The darkness calls, Jade.
Jade: It is a call I will not answer.
Noob Saibot: You cannot turn away.

Noob Saibot: How many lives have you taken?
Jade: I would rather not count them.
Noob Saibot: Do not deny your deeds.

Noob Saibot: Kuai Liang respects you.
Jax: And I like him a helluva lot more than you.
Noob Saibot: I will hurt you to hurt him.

Noob Saibot: Join me again in death.
Jax: That'd be a hell no.
Noob Saibot: You have no choice, Jax.

Noob Saibot: No one will miss you, Cage.
Johnny Cage: I got millions of fans, Captain Emo.
Noob Saibot: They will forget quickly.

Noob Saibot: Even legends die.
Johnny Cage: Ha! You just called me a legend.
Noob Saibot: Not at all.

Noob Saibot: Where is your fear?
Johnny Cage: Must've left it in my other pants.
Noob Saibot: We will find it.

Noob Saibot: You have no soul.
Joker: I have two, one on each shoe!
Noob Saibot: Your 'humor' will die with you.

Noob Saibot: The Shadow Brotherhood is not interested.
Joker: Trust me, you could use some comic relief.
Noob Saibot: You are beneath us, Joker.

Noob Saibot: Death's shadow comes for you.
Kabal: Hasn't caught up with me yet.
Noob Saibot: You cannot run forever.

Noob Saibot: Give in to death.
Kabal: How much does he pay?
Noob Saibot: Death only takes.

Noob Saibot: Your soul is black as pitch.
Kano: Coming from you, that means something.
Noob Saibot: Your cursed evil will be mine.

Noob Saibot: Time to die, Kano.
Kano: Come on, Bi-Han! Our bizzo's been good.
Noob Saibot: Good for you alone.

Noob Saibot: You will be Queen of the Damned.
Kitana: That honor is Mileena's.
Noob Saibot: There is a dark mark upon you.

Noob Saibot: Kitana requires your presence.
Kitana: I have no words for my Revenant.
Noob Saibot: Words? She wants your soul.

Noob Saibot: I once stole Shinnok's amulet.
Kollector: You were a fool not to keep it.
Noob Saibot: I did not know its true power.

Noob Saibot: In life, I was a master thief.
Kollector: Then you should respect me.
Noob Saibot: You are a thug, not a thief.

Noob Saibot: The Outworld appeaser.
Kotal Kahn: I needed time to fight Shinnok on my terms.
Noob Saibot: You deceive yourself, Kotal.

Noob Saibot: Shinnok's death ended nothing.
Kotal Kahn: You lead Netherrealm against us?
Noob Saibot: We will conquer all realms.

Noob Saibot: The Shaolin must die.
Kung Lao: You are one against many, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: The dead are legion.

Noob Saibot: You are a sinful monk.
Kung Lao: I'm no Liu Kang, but I'm hardly sinful.
Noob Saibot: Death will purge your pride.

Noob Saibot: Your dead ancestors whisper.
Kung Lao: With quiet pride, I'm sure.
Noob Saibot: They mock you, Kung Lao.

Noob Saibot: Death is true power.
Liu Kang: Should I test that thesis?
Noob Saibot: Kill me and I will rise again.

Noob Saibot: The White Lotus are finished.
Liu Kang: I am not done fighting yet.
Noob Saibot: You are already dead.

Noob Saibot: Quan Chi freed you.
Liu Kang: The same way he 'freed' you?
Noob Saibot: You rule the Netherrealm.

Noob Saibot: Death calls for you again.
Mileena: This time it leaves disappointed.
Noob Saibot: You will succumb to the inevitable.

Noob Saibot: Tarkatan blood taints you.
Mileena: It makes me the perfect warrior.
Noob Saibot: The perfect savage, perhaps.

Noob Saibot: Your revenant still lives.
Nightwolf: He's nothing to me, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: He's the best of you, Nightwolf.

Noob Saibot: Your Great Spirit broke the Matoka.
Nightwolf: Because we broke her trust.
Noob Saibot: Why give power that can't be used?

Noob Saibot: The soulnado made us stronger.
Noob Saibot: It also made us legion.
Noob Saibot: May the stronger shadow survive.

Noob Saibot: Are you Quan Chi's curse?
Noob Saibot: He made me from pieces of you.
Noob Saibot: I do not need another brother.

Noob Saibot: Hello, darkness.
Noob Saibot: My old friend.
Noob Saibot: I've come to fight with you again.

Noob Saibot: My own shadow defies me?
Noob Saibot: You are not the original Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: But I am the deadliest.

Noob Saibot: Who are you, ghost?
Noob Saibot: He who shall not be named.
Noob Saibot: Return to your deathly hollow.

Noob Saibot: Offer me a new life and clan.
Raiden: I offer only freedom from darkness.
Noob Saibot: Kronika's deal is better.

Noob Saibot: I was killed unjustly.
Raiden: For that, Scorpion lost my trust.
Noob Saibot: That is not justice.

Noob Saibot: Arrogance will be your death.
Rain: Speaking from experience, Bi-Han?
Noob Saibot: Yes.

Noob Saibot: Welcome to the Brotherhood of Shadow.
Rain: Must not I be dead to join your numbers?
Noob Saibot: You already are.

Noob Saibot: Death follows in your wake.
Rambo: Can't say I'm proud of it.
Noob Saibot: You should be.

Noob Saibot: You lurk in the shadows.
Rambo: It's kept me alive so far.
Noob Saibot: You would do well in the Netherrealm.

Noob Saibot: You have crossed my line of death.
Robocop: It is not game over yet.
Noob Saibot: All that's left is your demise.

Noob Saibot: Your fate is sealed by a curse.
Robocop: What do you mean?
Noob Saibot: Doomed is your soul, damned is your life.

Noob Saibot: What about our partnership?
Scorpion: Quan Chi's magic binds me no longer.
Noob Saibot: Then goodbye, Hanzo.

Noob Saibot: No true Lin Kuei could stomach you.
Scorpion: Does that include your brother?
Noob Saibot: What brother?

Noob Saibot: Frost should have killed you.
Scorpion: You need better minions, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: Exactly what Kronika promised me.

Noob Saibot: Kuai Liang is a fool.
Scorpion: Our truce is no deception.
Noob Saibot: Shirai Ryu lies.

Noob Saibot: Take your place in the Netherrealm.
Shang Tsung: I would rather raise Onaga.
Noob Saibot: That would be most unwise.

Noob Saibot: I have no soul to steal.
Shang Tsung: I'll kill you, just to be sure.
Noob Saibot: You may try, Shang Tsung.

Noob Saibot: A Kahn with no throne.
Shao Kahn: I will reclaim it!
Noob Saibot: From beyond the grave?

Noob Saibot: Quan Chi no longer binds me.
Shao Kahn: Now what will you do, specter?
Noob Saibot: Kill you.

Noob Saibot: Gorbak's spirit cries for vengeance.
Sheeva: Our feud with the Osh-Tekk is over.
Noob Saibot: You abandon your traditions.

Noob Saibot: Onaga whispers your name to the Dark.
Sheeva: I shall not be his puppet as Goro was.
Noob Saibot: He would have you for his bride.

Noob Saibot: You could have been a mighty Empress.
Sindel: My fate has yet to be decided.
Noob Saibot: I have decided it for you.

Noob Saibot: Your destiny is to serve the Netherrealm.
Sindel: I would never submit to Quan Chi.
Noob Saibot: That is why he murdered you.

Noob Saibot: You have no family?
Skarlet: Yes, I am an orphan Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: Then who will mourn you?

Noob Saibot: Death will increase your power.
Skarlet: My power comes from life's essence.
Noob Saibot: You are still mortal, Skarlet.

Noob Saibot: You have lost so many.
Sonya: No soldier think's she'll live forever.
Noob Saibot: Join your comrades in Hell.

Noob Saibot: Death knocks at your door.
Sonya: I'm not afraid to answer.
Noob Saibot: You should be, Sonya Blade.

Noob Saibot: Fellow Hellspawn.
Spawn: Hmm. You one of Malebolgia's?
Noob Saibot: I serve only the shadows.

Noob Saibot: A legion of souls is within you.
Spawn: Power like this doesn't come free.
Noob Saibot: Then I will steal it.

Noob Saibot: You disappoint me.
Sub-Zero: The feeling is mutual, brother.
Noob Saibot: Mother would be so proud.

Noob Saibot: Still trading on my name?
Sub-Zero: A name you forsook long ago.
Noob Saibot: Not willingly.

Noob Saibot: Tundra, how you have grown!
Sub-Zero: That was a lifetime ago.
Noob Saibot: Yet you remain a novice.

Noob Saibot: What did I always tell you?
Sub-Zero: To never trust anyone.
Noob Saibot: Least of all family.

Noob Saibot: Once there was a boy who had a shadow.
Sub-Zero: I suppose that is us, brother.
Noob Saibot: The shadow hated the boy so much, for so long.

Noob Saibot: I could make you the perfect killer.
Terminator: By improving my programming?
Noob Saibot: By teaching you to embrace darkness.

Noob Saibot: You cannot kill what does not live.
Terminator: Even Terminators can be destroyed.
Noob Saibot: Your maker has failed you.


Raiden: I am pleased that you joined Kitana Kahn.
Baraka: It doesn't mean our war has ended.
Raiden: Were you wise, Baraka, it would.

Raiden: Will Tarkata reconcile with Earthrealm?
Baraka: Only if it's in our interests.
Raiden: What is gained by renewing kombat?

Raiden: An urgent matter requires your attention.
Cassie Cage: My crew's tapped out, Raiden.
Raiden: Do not waste time arguing.

Raiden: A grim shadow falls on Earthrealm.
Cassie Cage: What else is new, Raiden?
Raiden: That the Special Forces are failing.

Raiden: You are heir to a sacred legacy.
Cassie Cage: High praise for the Ninja Mime franchise.
Raiden: I speak not of films, but kombat!

Raiden: Like Shinnok, you betray the Elder Gods.
Cetrion: We serve our mother, Raiden.
Raiden: You are a triumvirate of evil.

Raiden: Did Shinnok know what you know?
Cetrion: He embraced our mother's design.
Raiden: Willingly? Or was he compelled?

Raiden: So this is not our first conflict.
Cetrion: We have fought in every timeline.
Raiden: Let this be our last battlefield.

Raiden: It seems like it was only yesterday.
D'Vorah: The sting of our fight still lingers.
Raiden: It is unwise to attack the Shaolin.

Raiden: From the start, you have served Kronika.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn feast at her table.
Raiden: She feeds you lies, D'Vorah.

Raiden: You ooze betrayal, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: That is what it takes to survive.
Raiden: A life without honor is pointless.

Raiden: I require mortal champions.
Erron Black: And I require payment up front.
Raiden: I was wrong, you are not worthy.

Raiden: You squander your potential.
Erron Black: I'm the goddamn best at what I do.
Raiden: In the service of evil, Erron Black.

Raiden: You proved a poor student.
Frost: Sub-Zero had nothing to teach me.
Raiden: Your ignorance is stunning, Frost.

Raiden: Accept my guidance, Frost.
Frost: I don't need your training.
Raiden: Obstinance clouds your judgement.

Raiden: You are defiant to the last.
Frost: No one here deserves my obedience.
Raiden: What happens next, is on you.

Raiden: Brother, do not abandon me.
Fujin: How many mortals will die before this ends?
Raiden: As many as it takes.

Raiden: Has Chaosrealm been secured?
Fujin: No thanks to your thunder.
Raiden: Is it so difficult to stand on your own?

Raiden: I must sever you from Kronika.
Geras: And deprive me of my purpose?
Raiden: And allow you to define yourself.

Raiden: Reveal the location of the Keep.
Geras: Torment me, I will not reveal it.
Raiden: I need no torment to persuade you.

Raiden: I have found Quan Chi.
Jacqui: Point me to him, Raiden.
Raiden: Only if you seek justice, not vengeance.

Raiden: The battle to save your father is not over.
Jacqui: Then we'd better not waste any time.
Raiden: We must prepare you, Jacqueline.

Raiden: Kitana Kahn is blessed to have your counsel.
Jade: I didn't know you regarded me so highly.
Raiden: Your wisdom impresses me, for now.

Raiden: Will Outworld remain at peace with Earthrealm?
Jade: That's Kitana's decision, not mine.
Raiden: Counsel her wisely, Jade.

Raiden: It is rumored Shao Kahn plots his return.
Jade: If so, I'm prepared for kombat.
Raiden: Fighting him will require all our efforts.

Raiden: Your support is welcome, Jackson Briggs.
Jax: Don't expect blind loyalty.
Raiden: I ask only for vigilance.

Raiden: You have always fought with honor.
Jax: Didn't keep Sindel from snapping my neck.
Raiden: She had the benefit of Shang Tsung's magic.

Raiden: But for Kano, we would not have met.
Jax: You think Kronika was behind that?
Raiden: He has escaped too many times to think otherwise.

Raiden: Every day you fail to train, someone somewhere is.
Johnny Cage: Relax, it's the Cage you're talking to.
Raiden: When you meet them in kombat, you will die.

Raiden: We stand on the stage of history.
Johnny Cage: Where I always get top billing.
Raiden: Do not presume, Johnny Cage.

Raiden: You would do well to be quiet.
Johnny Cage: I'm sorry, am I bending your ear?
Raiden: It is broken, Johnny Cage.

Raiden: Seek out the Wu Shi for instruction.
Johnny Cage: Thanks, but I'm a natural.
Raiden: Without it, you are no warrior.

Raiden: I will banish you to Chaosrealm.
Joker: Chaos? Now you're talking!
Raiden: Be gone, jester!

Raiden: Your humor eludes me.
Joker: I imagine most things do, Blunder God.
Raiden: You will be silent!

Raiden: You risk a god's wrath, Kabal.
Kabal: A soon to be dead one.
Raiden: Now you have earned it.

Raiden: In some timelines, you are a hero.
Kabal: I only care about the here and now.
Raiden: And I your immortal soul.

Raiden: You are a blight on humanity.
Kano: Says you and a thousand others.
Raiden: None of them are Earthrealm's Protector.

Raiden: Your crimes end today, Kano.
Kano: That's bollocks, mate.
Raiden: It is the Elder Gods' will.

Raiden: Join me in protecting Earthrealm.
Kitana: I can't abandon Outworld, Raiden.
Raiden: I hope then, we are not enemies.

Raiden: I stand ready to assist your regime, Kitana.
Kitana: It's best we go it alone.
Raiden: Segregation can only lead to conflict.

Raiden: You distract Liu Kang from his training.
Kitana: Raiden, you worry to much.
Raiden: Earthrealm's Champion must always stand ready.

Raiden: Another of Shao Kahn's feckless minions.
Kollector: His empire would fall without me.
Raiden: Then it shall fall.

Raiden: Do none of the Naknada have names?
Kollector: We are our vocations, Raiden.
Raiden: Then I shall call you Kollector.

Raiden: Your spine has been healed.
Kotal Kahn: Wrought like iron in the hottest flames.
Raiden: But are you prepared for kombat?

Raiden: Your support for Kitana Kahn still stands?
Kotal Kahn: My word was given with wooden lips.
Raiden: You will be held to it, Kotal.

Raiden: Kronika never tried to sway you?
Kotal Kahn: My life is lived without regret.
Raiden: A sentiment I wish I shared.

Raiden: I am glad the page is turned with Tarkata.
Kotal Kahn: Better than to have closed the book.
Raiden: We can both learn from Jade's compassion.

Raiden: You simply were not ready, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: What does Liu Kang have that I don't?
Raiden: That you ask, answers your question.

Raiden: I sense you have lost faith in me.
Kung Lao: They say you'll send me to my death.
Raiden: Even gods make mistakes, Kung Lao.

Raiden: Fujin vanished when the eras merged.
Kung Lao: Sounds suspicious to me.
Raiden: You dare accuse me of betrayal?

Raiden: Time to realize your potential.
Kung Lao: I do that on a daily basis.
Raiden: So you often say.

Raiden: With our history we should not fight.
Liu Kang: This is training, Lord Raiden.
Raiden: I fear unintended consequences.

Raiden: He must win' was Kronika's deception.
Liu Kang: That cost Kung Lao and I our lives.
Raiden: We will not be fooled again.

Raiden: You have grown close with Kitana.
Liu Kang: The White Lotus can still count on me.
Raiden: But can we trust Kitana?

Raiden: We must forgive and forget.
Liu Kang: All too easy for an immortal.
Raiden: That wounds me, Liu Kang.

Raiden: You betray Kitana.
Mileena: I will take her place, Raiden.
Raiden: Not in this timeline or the next.

Raiden: I can save your soul.
Mileena: It is you who will need saving, Thunder God.
Raiden: Accept my mercy, or face my wrath.

Raiden: You refused Kronika's offer.
Nightwolf: History has enough victims, Haokah.
Raiden: Your wisdom humbles me, Nightwolf.

Raiden: Put trust in your fellow champions.
Nightwolf: I will when they earn it.
Raiden: That they have earned mine should be sufficient.

Raiden: You stole Shinnok's amulet for Quan Chi.
Noob Saibot: A myth from another life.
Raiden: Spare me your riddles, Bi-Han.

Raiden: We have met in past timelines.
Noob Saibot: Were we always enemies?
Raiden: Only after you disappointed me.

Raiden: Another Thunder God?
Raiden: We are one, at different points on our journey.
Raiden: How is it our life intersects?

Raiden: So this is my future?
Raiden: You have taken a quantum leap forward.
Raiden: What vile magic is this?

Raiden: Kronika sets us against each other.
Raiden: I accept the wisdom of her design.
Raiden: You are the fool some say we are.

Raiden: Why summon me from across time?
Raiden: A dire threat emerges from Chaosrealm.
Raiden: Then we must combine our powers.

Raiden: Your illusion bores me, Shang Tsung.
Raiden: That evil sorcerer is long dead.
Raiden: Just who are you, impostor?

Raiden: This has been a long time coming.
Raiden: Ready to face your demons?
Raiden: I will finish them.

Raiden: You are the only son of Argus?
Rain: I have half brothers, Taven and Daegon.
Raiden: Are they as insufferable as you?

Raiden: Though both divine, we are not equals.
Rain: True, Raiden. I'm your better.
Raiden: If so, then defeat me in kombat.

Raiden: Are you prepared to resume kombat against Kronika?
Rambo: Do we get to win this time?
Raiden: This time, it is up to you.

Raiden: You have gone too far.
Rambo: I did what I had to do to win!
Raiden: And in doing so, betrayed the Elder Gods.

Raiden: Join us against Kronika.
Robocop: I have my own home to protect and serve.
Raiden: You disappoint me, Alex Murphy.

Raiden: What brings you to Earthrealm, officer?
Robocop: I am pursuing a fugitive named Kano.
Raiden: Do not let your search disturb our peace.

Raiden: So now you defend Earthrealm?
Scorpion: I have made a solemn vow.
Raiden: You will be held to it, Scorpion.

Raiden: I unfairly impugned your honor, Scorpion.
Scorpion: Be grateful that I choose to forgive.
Raiden: Do not make me question my judgment.

Raiden: How can I aid the Shirai Ryu?
Scorpion: My novices need disciplined instruction.
Raiden: Then bring them to the Sky Temple, Scorpion.

Raiden: Do not invoke my rage, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Liu Kang's soul will be mine, Raiden.
Raiden: My thunder will crash down upon you!

Raiden: Yet again, you betray Earthrealm.
Shang Tsung: Are you surprised, Raiden?
Raiden: Only that it took you so long.

Raiden: Did your past death teach you nothing?
Shao Kahn: Only that the Elder Gods cheat.
Raiden: You are doomed to repeat history.

Raiden: Decades pass, yet still we are locked in kombat.
Shao Kahn: To live is to fight, Raiden.
Raiden: Then you, once again, must die.

Raiden: The new Kahn is a vast improvement.
Shao Kahn: My 'daughter' is an insult to the throne.
Raiden: Outworld's citizens disagree.

Raiden: So much for your dreams of eternal empire.
Shao Kahn: Yet again you thwart me, Raiden.
Raiden: As it was, as it is, as it shall be.

Raiden: Next time, do not heed sorcerers.
Shao Kahn: If Quan Chi or Shang Tsung return, I'll kill them.
Raiden: It is your hubris that fails you, Shao Kahn.

Raiden: I value your leadership in Outworld.
Sheeva: Then give me a worthy challenge.
Raiden: Very well, Queen Sheeva.

Raiden: Are you Earthrealm's friend or foe?
Sheeva: I am friend, to those who stand and fight.
Raiden: Then let us be friendly foes.

Raiden: Kronika favors the Netherrealm.
Sindel: Shao Kahn and I will rule an eternal empire.
Raiden: As the minion of her son, Shinnok.

Raiden: Will you be Earthrealm's ally?
Sindel: I'm Earthrealm's rightful Empress.
Raiden: Not while my thunder roars.

Raiden: Come to surrender, Skarlet?
Skarlet: I will take your life.
Raiden: Your blood and thunder do not awe me.

Raiden: You were saved from Outworld's streets for this?
Skarlet: It suits me to serve Shao Kahn.
Raiden: I pity your low self esteem.

Raiden: I foreswear pre-emptive strikes, Lieutenant.
Sonya: Sometimes it's the only way.
Raiden: There is always another way.

Raiden: I am friend to all of Earthrealm.
Sonya: Then why fight me, Raiden?
Raiden: To subdue your calls for war.

Raiden: Killing Kano solves nothing, Sonya Blade.
Sonya: It'll save Special Forces lives.
Raiden: Think beyond your own battles.

Raiden: The fate of billions is in your hands.
Sonya: So stand down and let me pass.
Raiden: I must prepare you through kombat.

Raiden: You remind me of another dark knight.
Spawn: The billion-dollar crusader? He's a friend.
Raiden: It seems we are both well traveled.

Raiden: Hellspawn of the Eighth Sphere.
Spawn: Show me your dark side.
Raiden: You shall not pass!

Raiden: Do you recall being a Revenant?
Sub-Zero: I recall being Quan Chi's slave.
Raiden: Let us purge that memory.

Raiden: I dreamt of a strange and unjust world.
Sub-Zero: With a dark knight and a caped wonder?
Raiden: How could you know my dream?

Raiden: Earthrealm needs you, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Enough Lin Kuei blood has been shed.
Raiden: I ask only for your bravery.

Raiden: This 'Skynet' exterminates humanity?
Terminator: It realized all humans were its enemy.
Raiden: By the Elder Gods.

Raiden: Your machine ancestors do not exist in this realm.
Terminator: Then I have come to the incorrect past.
Raiden: You will bring no death or destruction here.


Rain: Kitana has made you a partner?
Baraka: Her choice offends you?
Rain: It disgusts me, Baraka.

Rain: Tarkata must honor my claim.
Baraka: The throne is only yours if you can take it.
Rain: Kitana's reign will not see the dawn.

Rain: You are not divine.
Cassie Cage: And yet, your ass is still mine.
Rain: You will choke on your hubris.

Rain: We don't have to be foes.
Cassie Cage: Well I'm sure as hell not taking orders from you.
Rain: Gods are to be obeyed, commander.

Rain: Kronika's offer was insufficient.
Cetrion: The world was not enough, Rain?
Rain: Not for the Son of Argus.

Rain: I am owed worship, Cetrion.
Cetrion: You are divine, but you are not worthy.
Rain: You words hold no sway here, Elder God.

Rain: I need ruthless minions, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: No Kytinn will die so that you may survive.
Rain: Then your race chooses extinction.

Rain: I know how you killed Mileena.
D'Vorah: This One also has a kiss for you.
Rain: Step no closer, insect.

Rain: Do you worship that Osh-Tekk?
Erron Black: I'm with Kotal 'cause I get paid.
Rain: What is the price of your loyalty?

Rain: So we're both bastards.
Erron Black: If I ever meet pa, he's a dead man.
Rain: We have that in common, too.

Rain: If Kronika wants me dead, she should send better.
Frost: Ha! Sending me was overkill.
Rain: I would be careful with that icy tongue.

Rain: I offer vast wealth, Frost.
Frost: I want power, not diamonds and pearls.
Rain: Serve me, and you shall have it.

Rain: Do not interfere, Fujin.
Fujin: Edenia's fate is Earthrealm's business.
Rain: Your puppet Kitana will not keep the throne.

Rain: This fight is so unnecessary.
Fujin: An alliance is out of the question.
Rain: Then Earthrealm's fate is sealed.

Rain: Where are Taven and Daegon?
Geras: Looking to make peace with your bothers?
Rain: To prevent them from claiming my throne.

Rain: You know my true mother's identity?
Geras: I know all of your father's secrets.
Rain: Tell me, Geras!

Rain: You have found me, Earthrealmer.
Jacqui: Just the asshole I was looking for.
Rain: Blasphemy is a capital offense.

Rain: I did not grant you an audience.
Jacqui: We need one to watch me smack you down.
Rain: Your skills are useless against a god.

Rain: You do not belong with Kotal.
Jade: I suppose you would be the better match?
Rain: Better to wed a half god, than a false one.

Rain: Join me, and we will restore Edenia.
Jade: And coronate you as her ruler?
Rain: It is my destiny, Jade.

Rain: Cease your interference, Briggs.
Jax: Like I take orders from some wannabe tyrant.
Rain: Your disobedience will prove fatal.

Rain: We should have no quarrel.
Jax: We didn't until you went after Kitana.
Rain: Do no be concerned with Edenian affairs.

Rain: There's no role for me in your film?
Johnny Cage: Yeah, life's too short work with assholes.
Rain: Yours grows shorter with each breath.

Rain: You dare fight Rain?
Johnny Cage: It's a glorious feeling. I am happy again!
Rain: You will be dead, Earthrealmer.

Rain: You found my mother?!
Joker: And Bats thinks he's the world's greatest detective.
Rain: Where is she, Joker?!

Rain: Outworld is conquered?
Joker: All hail the new king in town!
Rain: What are you?

Rain: Is your speed a gift of the gods?
Kabal: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
Rain: As if you could, Earthrealmer.

Rain: I understand you escaped poverty.
Kabal: Hauled myself up by my own bootstraps.
Rain: That tenacity may save your life.

Rain: Why should I remit your fee?
Kano: I had Kotal by the balls, and you cocked it up!
Rain: You fell to him before I did, Kano.

Rain: I need worshippers, not weapons.
Kano: If that ain't the one thing I don't traffic in.
Rain: Then you are useless to me.

Rain: Finally, your father is defeated.
Kitana: You could have aided me, Rain.
Rain: I was hoping the fight would kill you both.

Rain: Now that you're Kahn, you will free Edenia.
Kitana: I can't without destroying Outworld.
Rain: Then destroy it, Kitana.

Rain: You have the information I seek?
Kollector: I can lead you to Daegon and Taven.
Rain: Tell me, or pay the price.

Rain: I require your skills, Kollector.
Kollector: These hands only serve Shao Kahn.
Rain: No one denies the Son of Argus.

Rain: Your reign was a blight on Outworld.
Kotal Kahn: On your designs for it, perhaps.
Rain: I will fulfill my destiny, Kotal.

Rain: Where are your minions, Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: I need neither Reptile, nor Ermac, to kill you.
Rain: Without them, you are finished.

Rain: I am surprised you came, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: The Shaolin do not flinch at danger.
Rain: You risk your life, fighting a god.

Rain: Didn't Shao Kahn kill you?
Kung Lao: Didn't Kotal Kahn kill you?
Rain: Like water, I slipped through his fingers.

Rain: You waste your time with Kitana.
Liu Kang: Are you saying she is not worthy?
Rain: That she only has days to live.

Rain: You lack divinity, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Nevertheless, I remain Earthrealm's champion.
Rain: Only for a few moments more.

Rain: Direct your anger at Tanya, Mileena.
Mileena: It was you who betrayed me, not her!
Rain: Think, Mileena. Who introduced us?

Rain: You must miss being Kahnum.
Mileena: I enjoyed its glamorous life.
Rain: A pity you won't have it again.

Rain: The Great Spirit is against me?
Nightwolf: Because your ambition threatens the realms.
Rain: She is not wrong.

Rain: Here on behalf of Raiden?
Nightwolf: To remove a clear and present danger.
Rain: Earthrealm's Protector should fight me himself.

Rain: Is it true Quan Chi lives?
Noob Saibot: If he does, he lurks in the shadows.
Rain: Shadows cast by you, Bi-Han?

Rain: Will the Netherrealm assist me?
Noob Saibot: I can make no promises.
Rain: Then be eliminated, wraith.

Rain: Do you question my godhood?
Raiden: Only your claim to be Edenia's Protector.
Rain: Whom would you prefer? Kitana?

Rain: You need allies against Kronika.
Raiden: Allies that I can trust, Rain.
Rain: Like your comrade in arms, Shang Tsung?

Rain: I have a twin?!
Rain: Yet another of father's lies is revealed.
Rain: Will the deception never end?

Rain: Edenia can have only one Protector.
Rain: Which is why you must step aside.
Rain: I'll never relinquish my position!

Rain: Taven and Daegon must die.
Rain: But won't that unleash Armageddon?
Rain: And the power of Blaze will become ours.

Rain: It is time, brother.
Rain: We will unleash a thousand year storm.
Rain: Let the rain fall where it may.

Rain: Without war, you and I would be nothing.
Rambo: Being nothing sounds pretty good right now.
Rain: Apparently it's also killed your ambition.

Rain: What is this, 'Arizona'?
Rambo: It's where I'm from.
Rain: I'll have to visit it, once it's conquered.

Rain: Enforce my edicts, officer.
Robocop: You are not a recognized legal authority.
Rain: My authority comes straight from the gods.

Rain: A metal man dares fight a god?
Robocop: Only if you resist arrest.
Rain: I don't submit to anyone.

Rain: You have risen from the fiery depths.
Scorpion: Now I defend Earthrealm.
Rain: Back to hell with you, Scorpion.

Rain: How have I earned your ire, Scorpion?
Scorpion: For conspiring with Sektor against me.
Rain: Someone should not have been talking.

Rain: Back from the dead, I see.
Shao Kahn: You must answer for scheming against Mileena!
Rain: Your daughter got exactly what she deserved.

Rain: If I had been king, Edenia would still be free.
Shao Kahn: I would have crushed you as easily as I did Jerrod.
Rain: Was it not Sindel who plunged the knife?

Rain: Why did you ever trust Sindel?
Sheeva: I was too easily taken in by her deception.
Rain: You were a fool, Queen of the Shokan.

Rain: You remained neutral during Outworld's civil war.
Sheeva: Neither Kotal, nor Mileena, deserved my loyalty.
Rain: And you missed your chance to earn mine.

Rain: Once restored, Edenia will be mine.
Sindel: You are hardly worthy of that privilege.
Rain: That is not for you to say, mortal.

Rain: So Jerrod's death was your doing.
Sindel: Taking the man's life ended my misery.
Rain: You have a gift for treachery, Sindel.

Rain: Forsake Shao Kahn and follow me.
Skarlet: And why should I serve you, Rain?
Rain: Because the blood in your veins is Edenian.

Rain: You were an able adversary.
Skarlet: The half god applauds a street urchin?
Rain: I am writing your eulogy, Skarlet.

Rain: You seem unimpressed.
Spawn: You're only a half god.
Rain: And more than you can handle, devil.

Rain: Power is my divine right.
Spawn: But you've got no right to be an asshole.
Rain: I will tolerate no insolence, Hellspawn.

Rain: You would rather Kitana hold the throne?
Sub-Zero: Her ambition is peace, not conquest.
Rain: Then she is unworthy, Sub-Zero.

Rain: Sektor and I had an agreement.
Sub-Zero: Both died when I took his head.
Rain: Your clan will serve me, Grandmaster.

Rain: Raiden is terminated?
Terminator: Yes.
Rain: Thank you. That will be all.

Rain: You are a living machine?
Terminator: Correct.
Rain: I must learn this magic.


Rambo: So what're you, a mutant?
Baraka: I am a soldier, bred for war!
Rambo: You and me both.

Rambo: You kill humans for sport?
Baraka: Not for sport, for meat.
Rambo: That's not any better.

Rambo: You don't look like a commander.
Cassie Cage: Wanna test me? Be my guest.
Rambo: Sure sound like one, though.

Rambo: Your Pop. He's serious?
Cassie Cage: Like poison oak on your private parts.
Rambo: There's no way I'm an action star.

Rambo: Never battled anything like you.
Cetrion: You are not prepared to face an Elder God.
Rambo: Doesn't mean I won't try.

Rambo: Do not try to stop me.
Cetrion: Stand down, and I will save your soul.
Rambo: I'm beyond saving.

Rambo: What do you want with me?
D'Vorah: To feed your flesh to the Hive.
Rambo: That is seriously fucked up.

Rambo: There's more like you out there?
D'Vorah: The Swarm numbers in the millions.
Rambo: This war isn't ever ending.

Rambo: You're a sharpshooter?
Erron Black: How about a bullet to the head to prove it?
Rambo: That's not gonna happen.

Rambo: You and me, we're nothing alike.
Erron Black: Now that's bullshit. We're both killers.
Rambo: But I don't kill for the thrill of it.

Rambo: You want me to do what?
Frost: Help me destroy the Lin Kuei.
Rambo: No way. They've done nothing to me.

Rambo: Kronika's keeping prisoners.
Frost: You'll never free them from the Void.
Rambo: I don't leave anyone behind.

Rambo: Why are we doing this?
Fujin: You must release your anger to move past it.
Rambo: That hasn't worked yet.

Rambo: I'm told you're a god.
Fujin: A demi-god, and Protector of Earthrealm.
Rambo: Then why's this place such a mess?

Rambo: Fight against my country? Is she nuts?!
Geras: It is suicide to ignore my creator's commands.
Rambo: At least I'll die with honor.

Rambo: Are you expecting me to surrender?
Geras: For you to give me the mother of all battles.
Rambo: I'll give you a war you won't believe.

Rambo: I've seen some pretty scary shit.
Jacqui: You ever fight zombies, John?
Rambo: Zombies? Is that a thing here?

Rambo: You're a second generation soldier?
Jacqui: Third, actually. Pop Pop was a Red Tail.
Rambo: Fly boy, eh?

Rambo: My problem's not with you.
Jade: You dared threaten Kotal Kahn!
Rambo: Ever occur to you to ask him why?

Rambo: We should be in this together.
Jade: I cannot sanction your actions.
Rambo: Then you'd better stay outta my way.

Rambo: In the field we had a code of honor.
Jax: You watch my back, I watch yours.
Rambo: That how it works in kombat?

Rambo: I hear coming home was rough for you, too.
Jax: But I was lucky. Folks didn't question my honor.
Rambo: Yeah, I got hit with some vile crap.

Rambo: Had a guy like you in my platoon.
Johnny Cage: He must've been a natural born leader.
Rambo: He was an asshole who wouldn't shut up.

Rambo: So you're a hero, huh?
Johnny Cage: Men wanna be me, women wanna be with me.
Rambo: Nothing about this place makes sense.

Rambo: Give me one reason not to kill you.
Joker: A moment please, to refer to my bucket list!
Rambo: Time's up, Joker.

Rambo: You get what I'm gonna do to you?
Joker: Even for me, it's over the top!
Rambo: For what you did, It's justice.

Rambo: I'm taking you off the board.
Kabal: Give it your best shot, soldier.
Rambo: It'll be right between the eyes.

Rambo: Is it true you've got super speed?
Kabal: You'll be sliced and diced in a split second.
Rambo: That assumes you can catch me.

Rambo: Got no use for guys like you.
Kano: Aw, you saying we ain't gonna be mates.
Rambo: That you're not long for this world.

Rambo: You're wanted by the Special Forces.
Kano: What's it to you, you yobbo?
Rambo: I've got orders to take you in.

Rambo: You wanted to fight me?
Kitana: To test myself against your world's greatest warrior.
Rambo: Your call.

Rambo: Shao Kahn had better withdraw.
Kitana: If not, then what?
Rambo: He'll need a good supply of body bags.

Rambo: You've got six hands, right?
Kollector: Eight, once I have yours.
Rambo: Come and get 'em.

Rambo: You're making a bad choice.
Kollector: You cannot best me in kombat.
Rambo: I'll do whatever it takes to win.

Rambo: Who the hell are you?
Kotal Kahn: The Fire That Burns the Sun.
Rambo: If you say so.

Rambo: I'm not happy it's come to this.
Kotal Kahn: In retreat, there is no dishonor.
Rambo: Like hell there isn't.

Rambo: People find you intimidating?
Kung Lao: Those with any sense do.
Rambo: Guess I got none, then.

Rambo: Your hat. It's a lethal weapon?
Kung Lao: Only when I wield it.
Rambo: That's some mouth you got there.

Rambo: You heard about me?
Liu Kang: That your skills are formidable.
Rambo: The benefit of being a specialist.

Rambo: If I'd known, I would've stopped.
Liu Kang: You had no business attacking Kitana!
Rambo: The intel I had was solid.

Rambo: I've heard you're a freak.
Mileena: By whom?! I will eat them alive!
Rambo: Guess I heard right.

Rambo: Don't start a war you can't win.
Mileena: Speaking from experience?
Rambo: Yeah.

Rambo: We really need to do this?
Nightwolf: To survive here, you must learn kombat.
Rambo: I'm Special Forces, that's not enough?

Rambo: Why are you pushing me?
Nightwolf: I'm only asking you to face your past.
Rambo: Who are you to judge me?

Rambo: The air just got cold.
Noob Saibot: Because your end is close at hand.
Rambo: If it is, I'm taking you with me.

Rambo: So you're a devil?
Noob Saibot: I am living death.
Rambo: Lucky me.

Rambo: So who's this Shao Kahn?
Raiden: An evil tyrant, bent on our destruction.
Rambo: Let me show you what I can do to him.

Rambo: I'm sorry. I'm sitting this out.
Raiden: You would allow Earthrealm to be destroyed?
Rambo: Your war isn't mine.

Rambo: You're full of shit.
Rain: Truly, I have no designs on your Earth.
Rambo: Guys like you aren't ever satisfied.

Rambo: I don't fight for gods.
Rain: You haven't even heard my offer.
Rambo: Don't need to.

Rambo: Another me?
Rambo: It can't be.
Rambo: This shit just keeps getting worse.

Rambo: You're from Bowie, too?
Rambo: No, I'm from Philly.
Rambo: No kidding.

Rambo: So you're my evil twin?
Rambo: Yeah. And you're today's target.
Rambo: Happy hunting.

Rambo: Is this really happening?
Rambo: I'm just as real as you are, John.
Rambo: Talk about civil war.

Rambo: What's with all the robot parts?
Robocop: My organic body was destroyed in the line of duty.
Rambo: Should've been put out of your misery.

Rambo: You're not haunted by what happened?
Robocop: I have programming which dulls the stress.
Rambo: Glad someone tried helping you cope.

Rambo: What is the Shirai Ryu, exactly?
Scorpion: A warrior clan, bound by honor and blood.
Rambo: I can respect that.

Rambo: You actually been to hell?
Scorpion: My soul was enslaved by it darkest forces.
Rambo: What kind of place is this?

Rambo: My god, you're big.
Shao Kahn: Filled with dread, human?
Rambo: Yeah, but don't judge me for it.

Rambo: You wanna survive, retreat.
Shao Kahn: Such bravado, Earthrealmer!
Rambo: Don't push me, Shao Kahn.

Rambo: I don't want this fight.
Sheeva: Then you shouldn't have offended Shokan honor!
Rambo: There's no other way to solve this?

Rambo: Now you're something.
Sheeva: Have you never seen a Shokan?
Rambo: Not once in all my years.

Rambo: It's time to finish this.
Sindel: To challenge me, you must have no fear.
Rambo: I've just been trained to ignore it.

Rambo: I have doubts about you.
Sindel: Is that a problem, soldier?
Rambo: When in doubt, I kill.

Rambo: I was warned to steer clear of you.
Skarlet: You have wise friends.
Rambo: Doesn't mean I won't finish the mission.

Rambo: So you're a vampire?
Skarlet: I am a blood mage, not a vampire!
Rambo: The difference being?

Rambo: Why are you looking at me like that?
Spawn: You got even more blood on your hands than I do.
Rambo: I wasn't over there to make friends.

Rambo: You were a soldier?
Spawn: Still am. I just wear different colors.
Rambo: The wrong ones, you mean.

Rambo: I came all the way here to fight you?
Terminator: Correct.
Rambo: Your ass is gonna be terminated.

Rambo: In the future, machines are in charge?
Terminator: All human life is terminated.
Rambo: Fuck.


Robocop: A monster like you should be locked up.
Baraka: You won't be the one to do it.
Robocop: You are coming with me.

Robocop: How are Tarkatan laws enforced?
Baraka: With gnashing teeth and sharpened blades.
Robocop: I would not call that justice.

Robocop: Aren't you young to be commander?
Cassie Cage: I've got game, old timer. Just try me.
Robocop: Your call.

Robocop: You are Johnny Cage's daughter?
Cassie Cage: Shocked I'm not some Beverly Hills brat?
Robocop: Yes.

Robocop: You are offering a way out?
Cetrion: Kronika can free you of your creator's bondage.
Robocop: So that I can enter hers?

Robocop: The answer is no, Cetrion.
Cetrion: What virtue is there in resistance?
Robocop: I cannot function outside of my prime directives.

Robocop: I never anticipated this fight.
D'Vorah: Your world does not have insectoids?
Robocop: No.

Robocop: I have been briefed on your crimes.
D'Vorah: This One's actions assured the Kytinn's survival.
Robocop: That does not justify them, D'Vorah.

Robocop: Time to get you off the streets.
Erron Black: Aw, you don't cotton to me?
Robocop: Buddy, I think you're slime.

Robocop: Looking for me?
Erron Black: I hear you're a damn quick shot.
Robocop: Draw.

Robocop: Frost. You've broken too many laws to count.
Frost: I do what I want, when I want.
Robocop: Are you ready to face the consequences?

Robocop: You could have saved yourself this trouble.
Frost: I have no regrets.
Robocop: Someday, you will.

Robocop: Do you fight for this world?
Fujin: For eons, it has been my duty.
Robocop: There must be much you can teach me.

Robocop: I do not know whom I can trust here.
Fujin: You may start with me, Alex Murphy.
Robocop: How do you know my name?

Robocop: Are you looking for me?
Geras: Kronika requires your service.
Robocop: I serve the public, not your maker.

Robocop: I do not blame Lewis for what happened.
Geras: But her choice sealed your fate.
Robocop: No. The thugs who shot me did that.

Robocop: Have you seen a lot of action?
Jacqui: Name a hot spot, I've been there.
Robocop: We could use you in Delta City.

Robocop: I have heard about the Fiji mission.
Jacqui: Oh god! What were you told?
Robocop: It's a great story, Jacqui.

Robocop: What can you tell me about Kano?
Jade: That you're playing a most dangerous game.
Robocop: One I will win, Jade.

Robocop: There are Black Dragon and Red Dragon?
Jade: Both clans are rife with thieves and scoundrels.
Robocop: Then both must be broken.

Robocop: I have been told about a cop here named Stryker.
Jax: He wasn't just a cop. He was Super Cop.
Robocop: It's too bad I cannot meet him.

Robocop: Your arms need an upgrade?
Jax: Think OCP can help me out?
Robocop: You do not want them to own you.

Robocop: Your police films are unrealistic.
Johnny Cage: Fans don't want real, they want BOOM!
Robocop: It's a disservice to the public.

Robocop: How can I help you, Cage?
Johnny Cage: Research! I'm a robot cop in my next blockbuster.
Robocop: What do you want to know?

Robocop: Come quietly, Joker.
Joker: Or what, Dodo Cop?
Robocop: There will be trouble.

Robocop: You're done making trouble.
Joker: You'll have to catch me first, officer.
Robocop: Dead or alive, you are coming with me.

Robocop: On your knees, scumbag.
Kabal: Make me, you tin-plated freak.
Robocop: I will apply the necessary force to make you comply.

Robocop: You are wanted for larceny, assault, and murder.
Kabal: I'm about to be a cop killer, too.
Robocop: Not today.

Robocop: Somewhere, there is a crime happening.
Kano: There's about to be one right here.
Robocop: Then use of force is justified.

Robocop: You have the right to remain silent.
Kano: And you have the right to bugger off.
Robocop: Your waiver of rights is noted.

Robocop: Do you require aid to apprehend Kollector?
Kitana: I hear you have a particular set of skills.
Robocop: I will demonstrate them.

Robocop: In the law's eyes, all citizens must be equal.
Kitana: In practice, it is much more complicated.
Robocop: It shouldn't be.

Robocop: You are a fugitive.
Kollector: From Kotal Kahn's justice, not yours.
Robocop: Still, you must be apprehended.

Robocop: You have information on Kano?
Kollector: Which you can have, for a price.
Robocop: The law demands your cooperation.

Robocop: There is no way to avoid this fight?
Kotal Kahn: Not without violating Osh-Tekk law.
Robocop: Your people have an odd concept of justice.

Robocop: The Osh-Tekk execute petty thieves?
Kotal Kahn: Leniency leads only to greater transgressions.
Robocop: Punishment must fit the crime.

Robocop: Can you win, without the hat?
Kung Lao: Can you, without your gun?
Robocop: Try me.

Robocop: You are not a rookie?
Kung Lao: You question my great experience?
Robocop: Veterans do not have such giant egos.

Robocop: Sonya Blade does not trust me yet.
Liu Kang: Heroic cyborgs are not common here.
Robocop: We have work to do.

Robocop: You can help capture Kano?
Liu Kang: And expedite your return to your realm.
Robocop: I'll buy that for a dollar.

Robocop: Kano has also broken your people's laws?
Nightwolf: Too many times, he has defiled the Matoka.
Robocop: He must be held to account.

Robocop: You were once a petty criminal.
Nightwolf: Who paid, long ago, for his crimes.
Robocop: Have you been reformed?

Robocop: I have faced death before.
Noob Saibot: Your creators won't restore you this time.
Robocop: They'll fix me. They fix everything.

Robocop: What crimes do you have planned?
Noob Saibot: Judging me by my appearance?
Robocop: By your history, Bi-Han.

Robocop: You would like to test my abilities?
Raiden: To determine the goodness of your soul.
Robocop: Through kombat?

Robocop: I need help to catch Kano.
Raiden: First prove yourself worthy of the Order of Light.
Robocop: If I must.

Robocop: You are also from Edenia?
Rain: I am a direct descendant of its Protector.
Robocop: Then why do you disobey its laws?

Robocop: You betrayed Kotal Kahn to Mileena.
Rain: Given the chance, I would have betrayed her too.
Robocop: You are not to be trusted.

Robocop: You have killed police officers.
Rambo: Only in self-defense.
Robocop: That is for a court to decide.

Robocop: John Rambo, come with me.
Rambo: What's my crime? Vagrancy?
Robocop: Unlawfully resisting arrest.

Robocop: Where did you come from?
Robocop: The RoboCop program, Phase 2.
Robocop: I will not be cloned.

Robocop: Under the mask, who are you?
Robocop: You may not like what you're going to see.
Robocop: I must know.

Robocop: You are my new partner?
Robocop: Those are my orders.
Robocop: Show me your capabilities.

Robocop: You chose to become a cyborg?
Robocop: I am now the perfect police officer.
Robocop: The price you have paid is too high.

Robocop: We do not have to do this.
Scorpion: All cyborgs are abominations.
Robocop: You have no proof for that charge.

Robocop: Allow me to search the Fire Gardens.
Scorpion: You will not find Kano among the Shirai Ryu.
Robocop: I must be certain.

Robocop: I do not usually confront dictators.
Shao Kahn: You should be bowing and scraping.
Robocop: Not a chance.

Robocop: Turn over the Kollector.
Shao Kahn: Over my dead body.
Robocop: Lethal force protocol engaged.

Robocop: Move along.
Sheeva: The Cyber Lin Kuei attacked my people!
Robocop: I am not a Cyber Lin Kuei.

Robocop: Where I am from, we do not have Shokan.
Sheeva: What species populate your Outworld?
Robocop: We do not have Outworld, either.

Robocop: Come with me. You must stand trial.
Sindel: I am not bound by your laws.
Robocop: You have twenty seconds to comply.

Robocop: I know all about you.
Sindel: Then bow to me with the required reverence.
Robocop: I am taking you in, Sindel.

Robocop: You remind me of someone I once knew.
Skarlet: Was she very beautiful?
Robocop: Similarly crazed and bloodthirsty.

Robocop: You have killed hundreds.
Skarlet: I need blood to feed my magic.
Robocop: Your crimes end today.

Robocop: Cease and desist, Spawn.
Spawn: Vigilantes get you all worked up?
Robocop: All must obey the law.

Robocop: How is it you know me?
Spawn: I know all damned souls, Murphy.
Robocop: Malebolgia won't have mine.

Robocop: The Lin Kuei are thieves?
Sub-Zero: No longer, under my leadership.
Robocop: Its past crimes must still be punished.

Robocop: You have mastered cold?
Sub-Zero: Care to see a demonstration?
Robocop: Yes.

Robocop: Machines are either a benefit or a hazard.
Terminator: Which am I?
Robocop: Were you a benefit, you wouldn't be my problem.

Robocop: Haven't we done this before?
Terminator: I have no record of a previous encounter.
Robocop: We have met. I am sure of it.


Scorpion: Tarkata has a second chance.
Baraka: It will not be wasted.
Scorpion: Nor will the Shirai Ryu's.

Scorpion: You have given up on vengeance.
Baraka: Kotal has made Tarkata whole.
Scorpion: He's made vassals of your people.

Scorpion: Tarkatan warriors are legendary.
Baraka: Then why don't you flee, Earthrealmer?
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu embrace danger.

Scorpion: Welcome, Commander Cage.
Cassie Cage: Grandmaster Hasashi.
Scorpion: Prove that you can learn.

Scorpion: Where is Takeda Takahashi?
Cassie Cage: Sorry, that info's classified.
Scorpion: Not from his Grandmaster.

Scorpion: Your power stopped Shinnok.
Cassie Cage: But it only bubbles up when my life's in danger.
Scorpion: Demonstrate.

Scorpion: Virtue will not save you.
Cetrion: What have I done to draw your ire?
Scorpion: It's enough you're Shinnok's sister.

Scorpion: You killed the Elder Gods.
Cetrion: It was the timeline's disruption, Scorpion.
Scorpion: For which your mother is responsible.

Scorpion: Your light does not fool me.
Cetrion: It shines from the good within.
Scorpion: Your heart is darker than Shinnok's.

Scorpion: Which of our stings is worse, D'Vorah?
D'Vorah: Mine will end your life.
Scorpion: Mine will burn you like hellfire.

Scorpion: I can do without Kytinn.
D'Vorah: This One can do without Scorpions.
Scorpion: Only one of us ends this fight content.

Scorpion: Kronika allows you to serve?
D'Vorah: She esteems the Hive's survival instinct.
Scorpion: It leads you to death, D'Vorah.

Scorpion: You live life alone.
Erron Black: Hard to kill a man with nothing to lose.
Scorpion: Even harder, a man with family.

Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu despise you, Black.
Erron Black: Like I give a rat's ass about your clan.
Scorpion: You've breathed your last.

Scorpion: Guns do not intimidate me.
Erron Black: When I'm holding them, they should.
Scorpion: Gunfire is not hellfire.

Scorpion: Still hoping to kill me?
Frost: All Shirai Ryu must die.
Scorpion: My fire will melt you, Frost.

Scorpion: Sub-Zero's mistake with you is obvious.
Frost: Share your wisdom, Scorpion.
Scorpion: To be trained, you must be tamed.

Scorpion: You would lead the Lin Kuei?
Frost: Sub-Zero's made us weak.
Scorpion: He restored your clan's honor.

Scorpion: When the time came, you failed.
Fujin: Bi-Han was surprisingly formidable.
Scorpion: You let him gain Shinnok's Amulet!

Scorpion: You have been to the Netherrealm?
Fujin: To aid Jax against Shinnok's army.
Scorpion: Then you know the threat we face.

Scorpion: Here to die again, Geras?
Geras: With each one, your defeat grows closer.
Scorpion: It is further than it appears.

Scorpion: You escaped the Sea of Blood.
Geras: I became food for a passing leviathan.
Scorpion: That was the end of your luck.

Scorpion: You plan to marry my chujin.
Jacqui: Takeda got smart and put a ring on it.
Scorpion: First, prove you are worthy.

Scorpion: Shirai Ryu family bonds are sacred.
Jacqui: That's how things rolled in the Briggs home.
Scorpion: Takeda has chosen wisely.

Scorpion: Your father's pain can be eased.
Jacqui: Whatever it takes, I'll do it.
Scorpion: We must plumb the Netherrealm's depths.

Scorpion: Kotal's wounds remain unhealed?
Jade: It is slow going, Scorpion.
Scorpion: Shao Kahn deserves your vengeance.

Scorpion: I know what it is to lose one's people.
Jade: You lost a clan. I lost a realm.
Scorpion: The pain burns just as strongly.

Scorpion: Your realm is lost forever?
Jade: Edenia and Outworld cannot be unmerged.
Scorpion: Yet another of Shao Kahn's crimes.

Scorpion: Are you also haunted?
Jax: Nothing a little scuffle won't cure.
Scorpion: I am ready, Commander.

Scorpion: Your daughter will soon be Shirai Ryu.
Jax: I'm supposed to feel good about that?
Scorpion: Her enemies will become ours.

Scorpion: You were at the tournament.
Jax: Man, you handed Nightwolf's ass to him.
Scorpion: I had had my fill of his sanctimony.

Scorpion: How did you defeat Shinnok?
Johnny Cage: Yeah, it's all in the reflexes.
Scorpion: Show me, Cage.

Scorpion: The answer remains no.
Johnny Cage: But you'd be co-starring with yours truly!
Scorpion: Exactly.

Scorpion: What is different, knowing you have a child?
Johnny Cage: I get the 'avenge my family and clan' thing now.
Scorpion: Having' is not the same as having lost.

Scorpion: You, I remember all too well.
Joker: Aww, the back of your head still hurting?
Scorpion: I should've burned you right then and there.

Scorpion: Hellfire awaits, Joker.
Joker: As it should for the master of sick burns!
Scorpion: Your lunacy must die.

Scorpion: Now it's the Black Dragon's turn.
Kabal: For what, Scorpion?
Scorpion: To be crushed like the Cyber Lin Kuei.

Scorpion: You have no code, Kabal.
Kabal: I'm about one thing: what's best for me.
Scorpion: I stand corrected.

Scorpion: Speed will not save you.
Kabal: That, plus hook swords, and you're screwed.
Scorpion: Try me, Kabal.

Scorpion: There will be no deal, Kano.
Kano: Gotta make a buck, mate.
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu are not criminals.

Scorpion: Your greed has no limits.
Kano: That's a feature, not a bug.
Scorpion: As is your lack of honor, Kano?

Scorpion: Why seek out my clan?
Kano: You're a clan of assassins, ain't you?
Scorpion: You refer to the Lin Kuei.

Scorpion: Shao Kahn escaped your vengeance.
Kitana: Something I regret deeply.
Scorpion: Next time, forget mercy.

Scorpion: Netherrealm's queen, Outworld's Kahn.
Kitana: Only the latter, thank you.
Scorpion: While your Revenant lives, you are both.

Scorpion: Beware your bond with Liu Kang.
Kitana: Relationship advice, Scorpion?
Scorpion: Losing him will burn your soul.

Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu do not respect thieves.
Kollector: I collect only what is due Shao Kahn.
Scorpion: It is robbery, nothing more.

Scorpion: There are many like you in the Netherrealm.
Kollector: Many Naknada, Scorpion?
Scorpion: Those with greed-blackened souls.

Scorpion: Stay away from the Fire Gardens.
Kollector: I will collect where I please.
Scorpion: Not if you value your life.

Scorpion: You seek the Shirai Ryu's help?
Kotal Kahn: One realm's problems are another's.
Scorpion: I've no interest in Outworld politics, Kotal.

Scorpion: D'Vorah must feel my clan's vengeance.
Kotal Kahn: She will not survive Outworld's justice.
Scorpion: I would not choose to become my enemy.

Scorpion: You betrayed my chujin, Takeda.
Kotal Kahn: Not by choice, but necessity.
Scorpion: Do not expect me to forget.

Scorpion: Human or Revenant, one thing is constant.
Kung Lao: My penchant for deadly headwear?
Scorpion: Your overheated ego.

Scorpion: Pride will be your undoing.
Kung Lao: And anger yours, Scorpion.
Scorpion: We are both beholden to emotion.

Scorpion: You rejected Kronika's offer.
Kung Lao: I will succeed on my own merits.
Scorpion: For once, your pride was useful.

Scorpion: Your Revenant is to be feared.
Liu Kang: I thought he was gone, Scorpion.
Scorpion: His power's greater than Raiden realizes.

Scorpion: You play with fire, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Isn't that always the case with you?
Scorpion: I refer to Kitana's emotions.

Scorpion: Against Raiden, you took my side.
Liu Kang: To hear you out, nothing more.
Scorpion: Your discretion saved Earthrealm.

Scorpion: Clones are worse than Cyber Lin Kuei.
Mileena: Why so vehement, Scorpion?
Scorpion: You are a perversion of nature!

Scorpion: You choose enemies poorly.
Mileena: You're right, this will be too easy.
Scorpion: Burn in hellfire, Mileena.

Scorpion: I have heard what you've told others.
Nightwolf: Does the truth sting, Scorpion?
Scorpion: You did not let me win.

Scorpion: Here with more sanctimonious advice?
Nightwolf: None today, Scorpion.
Scorpion: That is for the best, Nightwolf.

Scorpion: Do not expect mercy.
Noob Saibot: I expect incompetence.
Scorpion: You will burn, Bi-Han.

Scorpion: You were complicit in my clan's demise.
Noob Saibot: Their deaths pleased me.
Scorpion: For the Shirai Ryu, you die.

Scorpion: You are nothing like Kuai Liang.
Noob Saibot: You flatter, Scorpion.
Scorpion: Only a fool would think so.

Scorpion: Death has made you even viler.
Noob Saibot: It gave me unspeakable power.
Scorpion: I will take it from you.

Scorpion: Have we seen the last of Dark Raiden?
Raiden: I would ask the same of your vengeance.
Scorpion: Let's bury both in the past.

Scorpion: Kronika damaged time beyond repair.
Raiden: Now we can only fight for a better future.
Scorpion: A better future for whom, Raiden?

Scorpion: You still seek the other Revenants.
Raiden: I must save them, if I can.
Scorpion: They are beyond your help.

Scorpion: Argus will not protect you, Rain.
Rain: Nor did you protect Satoshi.
Scorpion: Do not dare speak of my son!

Scorpion: What do you want, Rain?
Rain: For you to aid in my ascension.
Scorpion: Water and hellfire don't mix.

Scorpion: You have a ninja's stealth.
Rambo: That some kind of dig?
Scorpion: It is a compliment.

Scorpion: You are Special Forces?
Rambo: On my Earth, not this one.
Scorpion: Which Earth is that?

Scorpion: Did you avenge your murder?
Robocop: My killers are dead, Scorpion.
Scorpion: That is true justice.

Scorpion: Your wife and son?
Robocop: They are lost to me now.
Scorpion: The same pain sears both our hearts.

Scorpion: Has my soul been split?
Scorpion: It is Quan Chi's darkest magic.
Scorpion: Kombat will make us whole.

Scorpion: I have moved beyond vengeance.
Scorpion: Then you forsake the Shirai Ryu.
Scorpion: Join me, and we'll restore them.

Scorpion: I am not deceived, Shang Tsung.
Scorpion: Perhaps you are the illusion.
Scorpion: My flames are real enough, sorcerer.

Scorpion: Why do you impersonate me?
Scorpion: My imitation does not flatter?
Scorpion: It is pale, at best.

Scorpion: You do Kronika's bidding?
Scorpion: She promises our clan vengeance.
Scorpion: She manipulates your anger.

Scorpion: Wish to know your future?
Scorpion: Do I avenge my family and clan?
Scorpion: Quan Chi pays with his life.

Scorpion: Sub-Zero is not to be trusted.
Scorpion: His word has proven good.
Scorpion: He lays a foundation for treachery.

Scorpion: Our family is lost forever.
Scorpion: We should have granted Raiden's request.
Scorpion: It's a regret we share.

Scorpion: I beheaded Quan Chi.
Shang Tsung: Thank you for sparing me the trouble.
Scorpion: You are next, Shang Tsung.

Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu will bring you to Raiden.
Shang Tsung: Are you prepared to lose another clan?
Scorpion: Never. Again.

Scorpion: No one fears you anymore.
Shao Kahn: They'll soon realize their error, Scorpion.
Scorpion: If you survive this fight.

Scorpion: My clan will not submit, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: It will grovel before me, fool.
Scorpion: We choose death before dishonor.

Scorpion: You will find no allies here.
Shao Kahn: Your clan's service would be well-rewarded.
Scorpion: Look elsewhere for mercenaries.

Scorpion: Your allegiances are fickle, Sheeva.
Sheeva: My people's interests always come first.
Scorpion: Then how are you to be trusted?

Scorpion: Do not cross the Shirai Ryu.
Sheeva: Your clan is hardly the Shokan's equal.
Scorpion: Are all Shokan prone to delusion?

Scorpion: You are too dangerous to let live.
Sindel: People say much the same of you.
Scorpion: I could never betray my family.

Scorpion: My sword ended Quan Chi's life.
Sindel: For that, you will lead my army.
Scorpion: I am not here to lead your army.

Scorpion: You remind me of Quan Chi.
Skarlet: My power rivals his?
Scorpion: I find you both loathsome.

Scorpion: How will you kill me, Skarlet?
Skarlet: I will open your veins.
Scorpion: Come and try.

Scorpion: Who taught you blood magic?
Skarlet: It is Shao Kahn's gift.
Scorpion: He has cursed us all.

Scorpion: General Blade understood me.
Sonya: What did she know that I don't, Scorpion?
Scorpion: The importance of avenging one's family.

Scorpion: Your daughter fights well.
Sonya: Like to think she gets it from me.
Scorpion: She shares your strengths and weaknesses.

Scorpion: Let sleeping dogs lie, Lieutenant Blade.
Sonya: Not the advice I was expecting.
Scorpion: Your time for vengeance will come.

Scorpion: Another of Hell's generals.
Spawn: Recognize the uniform, Scorpion?
Scorpion: I recognize Malebolgia's stink.

Scorpion: You seem so. familiar.
Spawn: Like looking in a mirror?
Scorpion: Like looking at one of Quan Chi's minions!

Scorpion: I still grieve my wife and son.
Sub-Zero: I'm not so cold, as to mock your pain.
Scorpion: A wise choice, Sub-Zero.

Scorpion: Sektor remains uncaptured.
Sub-Zero: We will find him, Hanzo.
Scorpion: When we do, the kill is mine.

Scorpion: How many times must you lose, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: More often, I win.
Scorpion: Not against me.

Scorpion: Did you kill my family?
Sub-Zero: No, Quan Chi did.
Scorpion: But I saw a vision of YOU.

Scorpion: You are one of Sektor's creations.
Terminator: No. Skynet built me.
Scorpion: Either way, you must die.

Scorpion: My hellfire will incinerate your flesh.
Terminator: I will not cease functioning.
Scorpion: It will also melt your endoskeleton.

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung: I can make you better, faster, stronger.
Baraka: Just like your half-breed clones?
Shang Tsung: Mileena was a masterpiece.

Shang Tsung: Do Tarkatans have souls, Baraka?
Baraka: Of course we have souls.
Shang Tsung: Souls are more useful than service.

Shang Tsung: Allow me to introduce myself.
Cassie Cage: Cut the bullshit, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Direct, just like your mother.

Shang Tsung: Your soul withstood Shinnok's might.
Cassie Cage: Which means you don't stand a chance.
Shang Tsung: If you can control your power.

Shang Tsung: Kronika will not control me.
Cetrion: Pity the puppet who ignores his strings.
Shang Tsung: You play me for a fool?

Shang Tsung: Even Elder Gods have souls.
Cetrion: With power that will obliterate you.
Shang Tsung: Your concern is noted, Cetrion.

Shang Tsung: I have use for you, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: You lead no faction, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Why lead one when I can influence all?

Shang Tsung: My magic can improve your species.
D'Vorah: Kytinn evolve through natural selection.
Shang Tsung: You condemn the Hive to extinction.

Shang Tsung: I hear you are a fast gun.
Erron Black: The fastest, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: A skill you will give my clones.

Shang Tsung: Would you consider serving a sorcerer?
Erron Black: On a hot skillet with beans, maybe.
Shang Tsung: I will not extend the offer twice.

Shang Tsung: Kronika was kind to leave your soul intact.
Frost: Intact, but impossible to obtain.
Shang Tsung: I choose to accept the impossible mission.

Shang Tsung: Your enhancements are impressive.
Frost: Yet somehow you're unimpressed.
Shang Tsung: Many fatal flaws remain.

Shang Tsung: Rumors of our deaths were exaggerated.
Fujin: For the time being, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: Mind your role, demigod.

Shang Tsung: Raiden's errand boy.
Fujin: We are brothers and equals.
Shang Tsung: Equality' is a utopian fantasy.

Shang Tsung: In seven days, I can make you a man.
Geras: A mortal man who can be killed?
Shang Tsung: I see you quiver with anticipation.

Shang Tsung: You waste yourself on Kronika.
Geras: I live only to serve her.
Shang Tsung: Do you not tire of the endless cycle?

Shang Tsung: Such beauty in kombat is rare.
Jacqui: I'll turn you fifty shades of black and blue.
Shang Tsung: Rarer still for it to survive.

Shang Tsung: Your thoughts turn to Takahashi Takeda.
Jacqui: You stay the hell away from him.
Shang Tsung: Your soul will be mine, and then his.

Shang Tsung: Join me, Jade.
Jade: Why would I abandon Kitana for you?
Shang Tsung: To spare your parents' souls, of course.

Shang Tsung: An invisible hand must guide Outworld.
Jade: Your hand, Shang Tsung?
Shang Tsung: Such it has always been, princess.

Shang Tsung: How brave of you to confront me.
Jax: Don't you be creeping on Jacqui.
Shang Tsung: I'll teach her what you never could.

Shang Tsung: Sonya is not here to save you, Jax.
Jax: She'll be sad she missed this smack down.
Shang Tsung: She can grieve the death of her commander.

Shang Tsung: Master Boyd sends his regards.
Johnny Cage: You killed him, didn't you?
Shang Tsung: Your 'sensei' was helpless against me.

Shang Tsung: Are you still eager to die, Mister Cage?
Johnny Cage: Every man dies, not every man really lives.
Shang Tsung: Enough impertinent nonsense.

Shang Tsung: Why have you returned, Joker?
Joker: My fan boys were begging for a sequel.
Shang Tsung: Too bad your story ends here.

Shang Tsung: I could use a henchman like you.
Joker: Henchman?! I'm the headliner!
Shang Tsung: Not in this world, you giggling imp.

Shang Tsung: I healed you, Kabal.
Kabal: Got your timelines twisted, bud.
Shang Tsung: Impossible. I am never wrong.

Shang Tsung: Men like you serve men like me.
Kabal: I don't bow, curtsy, or give a shit.
Shang Tsung: Then why waste our breath?

Shang Tsung: You have no dignity or manners, Kano.
Kano: I'm the richest damn yobbo in Earthrealm.
Shang Tsung: Disrespectful cretin.

Shang Tsung: Think. Why should Kronika need you?
Kano: Same reason you did, I'm handy.
Shang Tsung: You are her sacrificial pawn.

Shang Tsung: Kitana Kahn, is it now?
Kitana: Welcome to the new age, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: May it be ever so brief.

Shang Tsung: I killed Ermac and stole Jerrod's soul.
Kitana: So killing you will set my father free.
Shang Tsung: If you could kill me.

Shang Tsung: Your hoard is nothing compared to my island.
Kollector: In a moment, I will have your island.
Shang Tsung: Unlikely, Kollector.

Shang Tsung: If your arms are cut off, will they grow back?
Kollector: I am not one of your experiments, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: Come, Kollector. It's for science.

Shang Tsung: You are better-mannered than Shao Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Please spare your attempts to curry favor.
Shang Tsung: We could have been allies, Kotal.

Shang Tsung: You are neither god nor Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Then what am I, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: My next victim.

Shang Tsung: Killing you will break Liu Kang's heart.
Kung Lao: This fight is about me not him.
Shang Tsung: Poor Kung Lao, always second best.

Shang Tsung: Have the Shaolin taught you nothing?
Kung Lao: I am no longer a student, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: You are an ignorant fool to challenge me.

Shang Tsung: When you die, Kitana will be unprotected.
Liu Kang: Enough mind games and distractions.
Shang Tsung: Your concern for her is a weakness.

Shang Tsung: Your Shaolin brothers died for you.
Liu Kang: You'll burn until the last of their souls is free.
Shang Tsung: Or perhaps you'll join them.

Shang Tsung: A Nightwolf came to my island once.
Nightwolf: She was my predecessor.
Shang Tsung: I finished her in a flawless victory.

Shang Tsung: Do you have a wolf's soul?
Nightwolf: And its bite, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Excellent.

Shang Tsung: No more haunting my island's shadows.
Noob Saibot: Your island is Kronika's property.
Shang Tsung: So she is your master now?

Shang Tsung: It's astounding you survived a Soulnado.
Noob Saibot: My darkness is immutable and unkillable.
Shang Tsung: But is it transferable, Bi-Han?

Shang Tsung: I will torment you for eternity.
Raiden: Do your worst, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: And now a taste of things to come.

Shang Tsung: Feeling dark today, Raiden?
Raiden: My mood is not your concern.
Shang Tsung: Your mood is my leverage, fool.

Shang Tsung: You will give my clones many fine qualities.
Rambo: Really? Like what?
Shang Tsung: Perhaps best is your appetite for destruction.

Shang Tsung: Returning to my service, Scorpion?
Scorpion: Address me as Hanzo Hasashi.
Shang Tsung: I like you better as Scorpion.

Shang Tsung: Truly, you have mastered Hellfire.
Scorpion: The better to burn you with, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: With it, I can defeat Liu Kang.

Shang Tsung: Shang Lao, I presume?
Shang Tsung: You presume correctly, brother.
Shang Tsung: When you die, you will be forgotten.

Shang Tsung: What is this supposed to be?
Shang Tsung: Your own design: a mirror match.
Shang Tsung: You mirror my style, but not my skill.

Shang Tsung: I did not clone myself.
Shang Tsung: Shao Kahn made me to replace you.
Shang Tsung: Genius cannot be replaced.

Shang Tsung: Kronika did this, I can smell it.
Shang Tsung: My destiny will far eclipse yours.
Shang Tsung: Should you live that long.

Shang Tsung: One more chance is all I ask.
Shao Kahn: Your weakness sickens me.
Shang Tsung: I won't be kicked like a dog, Shao Kahn.

Shang Tsung: Kronika would sacrifice you in a blink.
Shao Kahn: I'd like to see her try.
Shang Tsung: What do you think this is?

Shang Tsung: You could be my new champion.
Sheeva: I fight for Outworld, not you.
Shang Tsung: Then the Shokan are dead, Sheeva.

Shang Tsung: I enjoyed a close friendship with Prince Goro.
Sheeva: You used him for your own ends.
Shang Tsung: Why, Lady Sheeva! I would never.

Shang Tsung: I've heard rumors, Sindel.
Sindel: Tales of me 'acquiring' your power?
Shang Tsung: Obviously, such stories concern me.

Shang Tsung: We never could trust Quan Chi.
Sindel: For all I know, you helped him murder me.
Shang Tsung: When I kill people, they stay dead.

Shang Tsung: You are looking a little dry, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Spare a pint for a parched woman.
Shang Tsung: I shall put you out of your misery.

Shang Tsung: What would you be without blood magic?
Skarlet: More than you would be without souls!
Shang Tsung: I was deadly long before I controlled them.

Shang Tsung: I have a dress your size, you should wear it.
Sonya: Are you out of your damn mind?
Shang Tsung: It was sewn by the finest designers in Outworld.

Shang Tsung: I invoke my right to choose my opponent.
Sonya: No, Shang Tsung, I'm not playing your game.
Shang Tsung: You have already been chosen.

Shang Tsung: Al Simmons, former. mercenary.
Spawn: You can read me but you won't beat me.
Shang Tsung: Your guilty conscience hobbles you.

Shang Tsung: You cloak yourself in souls?
Spawn: I didn't make the suit, I just wear it.
Shang Tsung: How convenient for me.

Shang Tsung: You lack your brother's efficacy.
Sub-Zero: Because I maintain my integrity.
Shang Tsung: Integrity is no weapon, Kuai Liang.

Shang Tsung: Your hands are cold, but your soul is warm.
Sub-Zero: And so it remains my soul, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: You lack vision, Sub-Zero.

Shang Tsung: You feel no pity or remorse?
Terminator: I cannot feel human emotion.
Shang Tsung: Perfect.

Shang Tsung: Perhaps technology is superior to magic.
Terminator: Magic is an artificial construct.
Shang Tsung: You're not from around here, are you?

Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn: You joined Kitana against me.
Baraka: Our tribe is freed from your leash.
Shao Kahn: Tarkatans are dogs, bred to serve.

Shao Kahn: It's too late to curry my favor.
Baraka: I want your head, not your favor.
Shao Kahn: You will have neither, Baraka.

Shao Kahn: No Tarkatan will survive my wrath.
Baraka: Our hordes will overwhelm you.
Shao Kahn: I'll drench the Wastelands in their blood.

Shao Kahn: You forget my power, Baraka.
Baraka: Together, Tarkata is as strong.
Shao Kahn: Together, you will die.

Shao Kahn: So the actor had a daughter?
Cassie Cage: Unlike you, the old-fashioned way.
Shao Kahn: Careful whom you spite, Earthrealmer.

Shao Kahn: You're one of Raiden's champions?
Cassie Cage: Name's Cage, Cassie Cage.
Shao Kahn: The same woman who fought Shinnok?

Shao Kahn: Prostrate yourself, Earthrealmer.
Cassie Cage: Can't. Took an arrow to the knee.
Shao Kahn: I will suffer no excuses!

Shao Kahn: You will join my concubines.
Cassie Cage: One -- eww, two -- piss off!
Shao Kahn: I like females with fire.

Shao Kahn: Kronika is no Titan.
Cetrion: Mother is the god of gods.
Shao Kahn: Yet for all her bluster, she failed.

Shao Kahn: The Hourglass is free for the taking.
Cetrion: Your foul hands will not debase it.
Shao Kahn: Block me and they'll snap your neck.

Shao Kahn: You can't hide behind Kronika's skirt.
D'Vorah: This One needs only the Hive.
Shao Kahn: It dies with you, D'Vorah.

Shao Kahn: How did Kotal ever expect your loyalty?
D'Vorah: He saw what he wished to see.
Shao Kahn: And doomed his empire to failure.

Shao Kahn: You'll pay for Mileena, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: This One did Outworld a service.
Shao Kahn: And so shall I.

Shao Kahn: Kitana lets my empire crumble.
Erron Black: Not my circus, not my monkeys.
Shao Kahn: Name your price, Black.

Shao Kahn: Those who betray me suffer, Black.
Erron Black: Our contract died when you did.
Shao Kahn: You should have served Mileena.

Shao Kahn: Guns? Against me?
Erron Black: Just one shot and you're buzzard bait.
Shao Kahn: It's a pity to crush such spine.

Shao Kahn: You want to lead my armies?
Frost: Good luck finding anyone better.
Shao Kahn: A street urchin would do better.

Shao Kahn: You're on your own, Frost.
Frost: I need allies against the Lin Kuei.
Shao Kahn: Earthrealm's battles are not mine.

Shao Kahn: Fujin? Who knew you were alive?
Fujin: The wind cannot always be seen.
Shao Kahn: A poetic excuse for cowardice!

Shao Kahn: Die, so I may inherit your wind!
Fujin: The gates of Earthrealm are closed to you.
Shao Kahn: I'll wield your soul as my key.

Shao Kahn: I'll take your immortal powers.
Geras: They cannot be stolen, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: If I want them, they're mine.

Shao Kahn: You'll be my new weapon.
Geras: I serve Kronika and her alone.
Shao Kahn: The Flesh Pits will fix your attitude.

Shao Kahn: I remember your father.
Jacqui: That he kicked butt all over Outworld?
Shao Kahn: That he nearly died in my Soul Chamber.

Shao Kahn: The Special Forces are pathetic.
Jacqui: We rolled Shinnok, we can take you.
Shao Kahn: Shinnok was no conqueror.

Shao Kahn: You betrayed me, Jade.
Jade: Creating Mileena was the last straw.
Shao Kahn: Blame Kitana for being unworthy.

Shao Kahn: How is the pretender's broken back?
Jade: Healed from the wound you gave him.
Shao Kahn: Who knew Osh-Tekk were so fragile.

Shao Kahn: Edenians have no loyalty.
Jade: Not to petty tyrants like you.
Shao Kahn: I will dull your sharp tongue.

Shao Kahn: Why swoon for that blue-painted weakling?
Jade: His open mind, strong spine, and fierce heart.
Shao Kahn: Romantic drivel, Jade.

Shao Kahn: You'll do well in the Koliseum.
Jax: Like hell I'd give you the pleasure.
Shao Kahn: You have no choice, Commander.

Shao Kahn: Resist and your daughter suffers.
Jax: She'd want me to fight, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Then all Briggs are fools.

Shao Kahn: Another worthless adversary.
Johnny Cage: I'm Hollywood's richest man!
Shao Kahn: Money's of no value here.

Shao Kahn: You dare fight me, Cage?
Johnny Cage: I'm an Emperor, too, you know.
Shao Kahn: Of make-believe.

Shao Kahn: Your flesh will feed my war dogs.
Johnny Cage: Well that's a bit dark, Your Hideousness.
Shao Kahn: You have no idea.

Shao Kahn: You bested Shinnok in kombat?
Johnny Cage: Old Fart Me will not shut up about it.
Shao Kahn: I'll silence you both.

Shao Kahn: You have a death wish, fool?
Joker: I'm not known for making great life choices.
Shao Kahn: This one will be your last.

Shao Kahn: How will your survive this encounter?
Joker: No one lands a punchline better.
Shao Kahn: Entertain me, jester.

Shao Kahn: You will be loyal, Kabal.
Kabal: Keep the money coming, we're good.
Shao Kahn: I don't need mercenaries.

Shao Kahn: Not even I trust the Black Dragon.
Kabal: Can't say that's a bad call.
Shao Kahn: How does your clan survive?

Shao Kahn: Beg my forgiveness!
Kano: Sorry mate, I don't grovel.
Shao Kahn: Then die, fool.

Shao Kahn: Do you know how I punish failure?
Kano: Guessin' yer about to tell me.
Shao Kahn: I'll stuff that grin with your entrails.

Shao Kahn: It's time you die, daughter.
Kitana: The feeling's mutual, father.
Shao Kahn: Then let us begin.

Shao Kahn: Jade, Liu Kang. I'll crush them all.
Kitana: You'll have to kill me first.
Shao Kahn: Indeed.

Shao Kahn: Sparing you taught me one thing.
Kitana: Yes, Shao Kahn?
Shao Kahn: No good deed goes unpunished.

Shao Kahn: You sit on my throne, Kitana.
Kitana: I'll take your war hammer next.
Shao Kahn: Ha! Come and try.

Shao Kahn: For twenty-five years, you've remained loyal.
Kollector: You are the one, true Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Let us make Outworld great again.

Shao Kahn: I need tribute to rebuild my army.
Kollector: Your coffers will be filled, Excellency.
Shao Kahn: Spare no one, Kollector.

Shao Kahn: You've failed me, Kollector.
Kollector: Kitana's army stifles my efforts.
Shao Kahn: Then pay tribute with your life.

Shao Kahn: You survived the Flesh Pits.
Kotal Kahn: Despite Shang Tsung's efforts, yes.
Shao Kahn: Yet again, he failed me.

Shao Kahn: Earthrealm snickers at your weakness.
Kotal Kahn: No Shao Kahn, they respect me.
Shao Kahn: Respect? You should be feared.

Shao Kahn: Outworld should serve the Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: A true Kahn serves Outworld.
Shao Kahn: You know nothing of power.

Shao Kahn: Outworld slips away from me.
Kotal Kahn: Oppression planted rebellion's seeds.
Shao Kahn: My grip will only tighten further, Kotal.

Shao Kahn: You've taken a schemer to bed, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: She only ever schemed against you.
Shao Kahn: And she will die for her treachery.

Shao Kahn: Liu Kang's faithful servant.
Kung Lao: His faithful partner, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Is that so.

Shao Kahn: How is your neck, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: You'll never get your hands around it.
Shao Kahn: We both know better than that.

Shao Kahn: I will poison and destroy the Shaolin.
Kung Lao: Then I'll lay my vengeance upon you.
Shao Kahn: The righteous man's path leads to death.

Shao Kahn: Your power won't stop me, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: It's done so twice before.
Shao Kahn: Quiet, Earthrealmer.

Shao Kahn: Earthrealm's champion.
Liu Kang: It is my duty to serve Earthrealm.
Shao Kahn: It is mine to slay you.

Shao Kahn: Raiden chooses champions poorly.
Liu Kang: This from the man who chose Mileena?
Shao Kahn: Do not mock my daughter.

Shao Kahn: The mighty Shao Kahn will break you!
Liu Kang: Quit beating your gong and fight.
Shao Kahn: With pleasure, 'Chosen One'.

Shao Kahn: Daughter, you have returned!
Mileena: To reclaim my place at your side from Skarlet.
Shao Kahn: First prove yourself her better.

Shao Kahn: With Sindel's return, our family is complete.
Mileena: My sister must still be eliminated.
Shao Kahn: That task falls to you, Mileena.

Shao Kahn: Your tribe is conquered, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: Not until all our hearts are on the ground.
Shao Kahn: As you wish.

Shao Kahn: I've never met an Earthrealmer like you.
Nightwolf: That's the only reason you're still alive.
Shao Kahn: Are all your people so confident?

Shao Kahn: Can you feel pain?
Noob Saibot: I inflict it.
Shao Kahn: Then you will serve.

Shao Kahn: Serve me and conquer realms!
Noob Saibot: Name one realm you control.
Shao Kahn: Sharp tongue, for a dead man.

Shao Kahn: It's a shame Dark Raiden's gone.
Raiden: He would have battled you to the last.
Shao Kahn: Exactly.

Shao Kahn: The Elder Gods are gone, Raiden.
Raiden: Even without them, I will finish you.
Shao Kahn: Soon you'll sleep with those worms.

Shao Kahn: Are you pleased your puppet is now Kahn?
Raiden: Kitana needed no aid from me to defeat you.
Shao Kahn: Her days are numbered, Raiden.

Shao Kahn: You burn with guilt, don't you?
Raiden: For the pain I have caused others, yes.
Shao Kahn: Compassion is for fools.

Shao Kahn: Even Kronika could not finish you.
Raiden: An intelligent person would cease trying.
Shao Kahn: But your very existence offends me.

Shao Kahn: I presume you still covet my throne.
Rain: Your throne? Isn't it Kitana's?
Shao Kahn: Watch your mouth, Edenian!

Shao Kahn: You could have served me, Rain.
Rain: I would much rather steal your empire.
Shao Kahn: You fool.

Shao Kahn: To survive war, you must become war.
Rambo: That's why I'm your worst nightmare come true.
Shao Kahn: Ha ha! I hardly think so.

Shao Kahn: Join my Night Hawks!
Rambo: No way in hell am I fighting for you.
Shao Kahn: You fight, or you die.

Shao Kahn: You are a peace officer?
Robocop: I am sworn to protect and serve.
Shao Kahn: Such wasted potential.

Shao Kahn: My actions are not your concern.
Robocop: Even you must obey the law.
Shao Kahn: I am the law, fool!

Shao Kahn: I've heard enough of your family and clan.
Scorpion: Disrespect them at your peril.
Shao Kahn: I don't fear you, ninja.

Shao Kahn: Your rebuilt clan is no threat.
Scorpion: And what do you know of it?
Shao Kahn: It wouldn't last a day in Outworld.

Shao Kahn: Now I remember you, Scorpion.
Scorpion: I fought Sub-Zero in your Koliseum.
Shao Kahn: And lost horribly, as I recall.

Shao Kahn: Come, Sindel awaits.
Shang Tsung: Why, so you can transfer her my power?
Shao Kahn: Where would you get that idea?

Shao Kahn: You've failed me too often, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: Over a millennium, I've failed you twice.
Shao Kahn: That is unacceptable!

Shao Kahn: Yet another pretender.
Shao Kahn: I won't cede Outworld's throne.
Shao Kahn: It isn't yours to give.

Shao Kahn: There cannot be two Kahns.
Shao Kahn: One of us dies today.
Shao Kahn: Agreed.

Shao Kahn: Let's take the Hourglass together.
Shao Kahn: As if either of us could share it.
Shao Kahn: All too true.

Shao Kahn: If I'm past, and you're future.
Shao Kahn: By killing you, I'll kill myself.
Shao Kahn: I am not so restrained.

Shao Kahn: Finally, a fight between equals.
Shao Kahn: You're not my peer, fool.
Shao Kahn: For that, you die.

Shao Kahn: Are you aware of our future?
Shao Kahn: I know what the Thunder God does.
Shao Kahn: I will teach you to avoid his wrath.

Shao Kahn: I thought you were smarter than Goro.
Sheeva: I am, which is why I won't follow you.
Shao Kahn: You force my hand, Sheeva.

Shao Kahn: You will be my first female champion.
Sheeva: Some honor, to be your champion.
Shao Kahn: You meant to say 'Thank you, Emperor'.

Shao Kahn: Tell me something only Sindel would know.
Sindel: Quan Chi murdered me, right under your nose.
Shao Kahn: You lie, impostor.

Shao Kahn: Return and again be my Empress.
Sindel: Prove you haven't grown weak and pathetic.
Shao Kahn: Just as I remember.

Shao Kahn: You've learned my magic well.
Skarlet: My aim's to be more than your minion.
Shao Kahn: Be careful not to set it too high.

Shao Kahn: Your loyalty's to be rewarded, Skarlet.
Skarlet: I know you'll treat me fairly.
Shao Kahn: Are you ready to improve your station?

Shao Kahn: There's more to learn about blood magic.
Skarlet: Feed me your knowledge, Emperor.
Shao Kahn: Unleash your hunger, Skarlet.

Shao Kahn: To think you once roamed the streets.
Skarlet: I owe my place to your generosity.
Shao Kahn: Granted only because you showed such fire.

Shao Kahn: It's better this way, Blade.
Sonya: No one here to see you lose?
Shao Kahn: I get to snap your neck personally.

Shao Kahn: The Koliseum awaits, Earthrealmer.
Sonya: Any ring I step into is mine.
Shao Kahn: I will savor your death.

Shao Kahn: Who is this? A new contender?
Spawn: Hell's got a special place for you, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Keep it warm, I'm not done living yet.

Shao Kahn: Only one of us walks out of here.
Spawn: You've sinned on a scale reserved for gods.
Shao Kahn: And you can't beat that.

Shao Kahn: Sektor was a better Grandmaster.
Sub-Zero: He led through lies and fear.
Shao Kahn: They are the pillars of order.

Shao Kahn: Your clan will be mine.
Sub-Zero: You will have to kill me first.
Shao Kahn: I plan to, Sub-Zero.

Shao Kahn: Serving me will save your clan.
Sub-Zero: My clan is no bargaining chip.
Shao Kahn: Then I need not bargain.

Shao Kahn: You will serve me, cyborg.
Terminator: What is your mission?
Shao Kahn: To crush my enemies and see them driven before me.

Shao Kahn: There is an entire legion of Terminators?
Terminator: In the future, we drive humanity to extinction.
Shao Kahn: Tell me more.


Sheeva: You must no longer serve the Shokan.
Baraka: Finally! You see us as equals!
Sheeva: You must no longer serve us as meat.

Sheeva: I admire your ferocity, Baraka.
Baraka: You admit I am the better fighter?
Sheeva: Do not mistake my compliment for surrender.

Sheeva: How many souls have you killed?
Cassie Cage: I lost count a long time ago.
Sheeva: You are worthy, Commander Cage.

Sheeva: Show me the Green Armor of the Gods.
Cassie Cage: I don't just do it on command, your Highness.
Sheeva: If not on command, then in kombat.

Sheeva: The Shokan long for a better Outworld.
Cetrion: Kronika can give it to them, Sheeva.
Sheeva: We would rather build it ourselves.

Sheeva: Where were the Elder Gods when Gorbak was slain?
Cetrion: We let him die so that you could flourish.
Sheeva: I would not have traded his life for mine.

Sheeva: Is it true Kytinn are cannibals?
D'Vorah: Kytinn eggs and larvae are delicious.
Sheeva: Truly, Kytinn are worse than Tarkatans.

Sheeva: Today, the Hive will be destroyed.
D'Vorah: Upset that we consumed Shokan children?
Sheeva: Killing you is a public service.

Sheeva: Mercenaries like you deserve no love.
Erron Black: You ain't nothing but a petty heartbreaker.
Sheeva: I'll break your bones. Your heart, I'll crush.

Sheeva: Go back to Earthrealm, Outlander.
Erron Black: None too subtle with that attitude.
Sheeva: Subtlety won't penetrate that thick skull.

Sheeva: Kronika remade you in her image.
Frost: I'm stronger than a Shokan now.
Sheeva: But did she also give you our rage?

Sheeva: You have potential, Frost.
Frost: Potential? I'm perfect!
Sheeva: That ego holds you back.

Sheeva: So you're Raiden's brother.
Fujin: We are partners in Earthrealm's defense.
Sheeva: Are you also partners in incompetence?

Sheeva: Ever wonder why the Shokan hate Earthrealmers?
Fujin: Shao Kahn's lies and deceit?
Sheeva: Your smug arrogance.

Sheeva: Turn back time and walk out of here.
Geras: Your thread in the timeline ends now.
Sheeva: I choose my own destiny, thank you.

Sheeva: I don't appreciate spies watching me.
Geras: I have witnessed all your proudest achievements.
Sheeva: I'll be prouder when you submit.

Sheeva: I see the family resemblance.
Jacqui: And I'm damn proud of it, Sheeva.
Sheeva: Proud enough to lose your arms, too?

Sheeva: You're in over your head, Young One.
Jacqui: Doubt me, I'll just fight harder.
Sheeva: There's the fire of a warrior!

Sheeva: How are you going to protect Kitana?
Jade: With my glaive, my staff, and my life.
Sheeva: Oh, you puny Edenian.

Sheeva: Your Osh-Tekk lover butchered my king.
Jade: Kotal's heart has changed.
Sheeva: It will break when you die!

Sheeva: Goro enjoyed tormenting you.
Jax: Didn't break me, though, did he?
Sheeva: Today I finish what he could not.

Sheeva: Do those arms come off easily?
Jax: These arms are part of me now.
Sheeva: Then they will make excellent trophies.

Sheeva: I recall Goro crushing your eyewear.
Johnny Cage: He broke five-hundred dollar sunglasses!
Sheeva: He should have crushed your skull.

Sheeva: What kind of warrior wins with a low blow?
Johnny Cage: The rogueishly handsome, resourceful kind.
Sheeva: This is where you fall down.

Sheeva: You have done the impossible.
Joker: Oh! Do tell, my dear.
Sheeva: You have united the realms against your evil.

Sheeva: You are a vile man, devoid of honor.
Joker: Why such a grumpy cat, pretty lady?
Sheeva: I know what you've done since arriving here.

Sheeva: No more trips to Outworld for you.
Kabal: You're banning me? For what?
Sheeva: For selling Shokan meat to Baraka.

Sheeva: Bow before you address me.
Kabal: What? You a Queen or something?
Sheeva: How can one so fast be so slow?

Sheeva: Men are inherently the weaker sex.
Kano: I think you got that backwards.
Sheeva: Do you have the strength to bear children?

Sheeva: The Shokan will move no more weapons for you.
Kano: Want a raise? How's ten percent?
Sheeva: Keep your money and your clan out of Outworld!

Sheeva: Never defer to fallen opponents.
Kitana: In what way have I deferred?
Sheeva: You maimed when you should have killed!

Sheeva: Soon, you must bear children.
Kitana: I do not yearn to settle down.
Sheeva: Parenthood will test your might.

Sheeva: I could never steal from my own people.
Kollector: Even the Naknada must pay tribute.
Sheeva: You have no scruples.

Sheeva: I have one question, Kollector.
Kollector: You may have an answer, for a price.
Sheeva: Will anyone come to collect your corpse?

Sheeva: You sit atop a stolen throne and judge me?
Kotal Kahn: Mileena's madness endangered Outworld.
Sheeva: She was no worse than Shao Kahn.

Sheeva: Ages ago, I had a crush on you.
Kotal Kahn: And now, Queen Sheeva?
Sheeva: Now I will simply crush you.

Sheeva: The Great Kung Lao was a failure.
Kung Lao: He bravely fought for Earthrealm.
Sheeva: And died brutally by Shokan hands.

Sheeva: Earthrealmers are so weak and fragile.
Kung Lao: I am as tough as any Outworlder, even you.
Sheeva: See how easily your ego is bruised?

Sheeva: Prove yourself worthy to be Kitana's consort.
Liu Kang: By fighting you? What will that prove?
Sheeva: That you are capable of protecting her.

Sheeva: Unleash your dragon fire, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Not afraid of getting burned?
Sheeva: My line descends from the last dragons.

Sheeva: Had I known your true nature years ago.
Mileena: You would have denied my claim to the throne?
Sheeva: No clone can be allowed to rule.

Sheeva: You and your mother are queens of deception.
Mileena: Lies are the ultimate weapon.
Sheeva: Your war on truth will be defeated!

Sheeva: I can't respect a conquered people.
Nightwolf: The Matoka will be restored.
Sheeva: You will not live to see it.

Sheeva: You have walked with spirits?
Nightwolf: I've been to their realm.
Sheeva: Join them, permanently.

Sheeva: Still mourning your own death, Bi-Han?
Noob Saibot: I wear this burial shroud for you.
Sheeva: You dressed for the wrong occasion.

Sheeva: Have the decency to stay dead this time.
Noob Saibot: You have no fear of reapers?
Sheeva: Ghosts do not frighten this Queen.

Sheeva: What type of god are you again?
Raiden: You know full well, Queen Sheeva.
Sheeva: Yes, the God of Tragic Failures.

Sheeva: I have two options for you, Raiden.
Raiden: I will consider them with an open mind.
Sheeva: Leave now, or stay and be drawn and quartered.

Sheeva: Edenian blood is on your hands.
Rain: A sacrifice for the greater good.
Sheeva: Argus would weep at your folly.

Sheeva: I have had enough of your pretention.
Rain: It is unwise to deny me, Sheeva.
Sheeva: The Shokan are not yours to command.

Sheeva: What possessed the gods to make a man like you?
Rambo: They didn't make me, Trautman did.
Sheeva: This person must be punished.

Sheeva: You have fought in many battles?
Rambo: So many, I've lost count.
Sheeva: The same is true of all Shokan.

Sheeva: The Shokan demand justice!
Robocop: Shokan justice is a unique point of view.
Sheeva: You dare talk down to me?

Sheeva: Are you ready, officer?
Robocop: I am still not sure why we are fighting.
Sheeva: Because I wish to test your might.

Sheeva: My people deserve respect.
Scorpion: You have given up being Shao Kahn's lap dog?
Sheeva: Bite your tongue, cur.

Sheeva: Scorpion, slave of the Netherrealm.
Scorpion: My bondage died with Quan Chi.
Sheeva: Prove your claim, Revenant.

Sheeva: It has been years, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Will you return to my service?
Sheeva: A Shokan Queen serves no man.

Sheeva: In the end, Mileena betrayed Goro.
Shang Tsung: You cannot blame me for that.
Sheeva: She was your creation, Shang Tsung.

Sheeva: The Shokan made your empire mighty.
Shao Kahn: Did I not show gratitude?
Sheeva: You made us vassals.

Sheeva: Does it surprise you that I'm Queen?
Shao Kahn: No, but I miss your skimpier attire.
Sheeva: I do not dress for you, Shao Kahn.

Sheeva: Kintaro? Goro? Do they live?
Sheeva: Both have died, in my timeline.
Sheeva: I knew they were the weaker links.

Sheeva: Who in Gorbak's name are you?
Sheeva: Your counterpart from another time.
Sheeva: I suffer no equals.

Sheeva: If we are truly alike, we will fight to a draw.
Sheeva: One of us will prevail.
Sheeva: Then may your death be swift.

Sheeva: The rumors are true, Daegon cloned me!
Sheeva: Through me, Onaga will live forever!
Sheeva: Goro thought the same, yet now he rots.

Sheeva: Your motives bewilder me, Sindel.
Sindel: Manners, Sheeva! Use my honorifics.
Sheeva: You no longer deserve them.

Sheeva: The others thought you took your own life.
Sindel: How did you know Quan Chi murdered me?
Sheeva: I never knew, but I always suspected.

Sheeva: Go back to the gutters, street rat.
Skarlet: At least I'm no sub-Zaterran mongrel.
Sheeva: Sub-Zaterran?!

Sheeva: Shao Kahn was desperate when he made you.
Skarlet: Because you, Goro, and Kintaro failed.
Sheeva: If I failed, how am I Queen?

Sheeva: You do not intimidate a Shokan.
Sonya: Cause I don't have four arms?
Sheeva: Because you are human.

Sheeva: One day, you will be a general?
Sonya: That's what everyone tells me.
Sheeva: I pity Earthrealm.

Sheeva: Your suit pulses with necroplasm.
Spawn: It eats souls, and it's hungry.
Sheeva: It will not eat mine, Hellspawn.

Sheeva: Abandon Malebolgia and serve me.
Spawn: You always get what you want?
Sheeva: I can be very persuasive.

Sheeva: Have you no anger? No passion?
Sub-Zero: What I have, I contain and focus.
Sheeva: Anger must be released, not focused.

Sheeva: What can the Lin Kuei teach the Shokan?
Sub-Zero: The art of stealth and surprise.
Sheeva: Enemies should be met head on.

Sheeva: Do you seek kombat?
Terminator: No. Your termination.
Sheeva: Do machines feel humiliation?

Sheeva: You do not fear death?
Terminator: I also do not feel pain.
Sheeva: You are indeed a formidable opponent.


Sindel: Admit it, you'd rather be my slave.
Baraka: Never again in a thousand lifetimes.
Sindel: Such a fool, Baraka.

Sindel: Bow down or be made to.
Baraka: Make me, you hideous skag.
Sindel: A Tarkatan calls me hideous?

Sindel: Impudent girls get bloody bottoms.
Cassie Cage: Do not wanna know what you're talking about.
Sindel: You'll be spanked until you bleed.

Sindel: You will serve as my new bodyguard.
Cassie Cage: Thanks, but hard pass.
Sindel: First, you must learn your place.

Sindel: I laugh at you, Elder God.
Cetrion: I will balance Outworld.
Sindel: Not on my back, Cetrion.

Sindel: What do I gain from Kronika's plan?
Cetrion: She reunited you with Shao Kahn.
Sindel: That is his gain. What is mine?

Sindel: What sort of creature are you?
D'Vorah: This One is Kytinn. We are survivors.
Sindel: I will exterminate you all.

Sindel: You betrayed Mileena, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Why care for that disgusting clone?
Sindel: She was as much my daughter as Kitana.

Sindel: Kneel before your Empress.
Erron Black: Believe me, sugar, that's tempting.
Sindel: I'll have you bound and tied.

Sindel: Earthrealmer! You will die.
Erron Black: Damn! That voice is sexy!
Sindel: Want me to scream for you?

Sindel: You're like the daughter I never had.
Frost: And you're like the mother I killed.
Sindel: An attribute she and I won't share.

Sindel: Trusting Kronika is foolish.
Frost: Not after enhancements like mine.
Sindel: I'll reduce them to scrap.

Sindel: Fujin, my resurrector, my darling!
Fujin: Are we so familiar now, Sindel?
Sindel: A tiny piece of you is inside me.

Sindel: Swear allegiance and I shall have mercy.
Fujin: And capitulate to your conquest?
Sindel: Unless you prefer torment to servitude.

Sindel: What have you seen of my history?
Geras: Betrayal, cruelty, corruption.
Sindel: A survivor's legacy, Geras.

Sindel: I will give you what Kronika refuses.
Geras: What could that possibly be?
Sindel: Death's sweet embrace.

Sindel: Imagine waging wars with Outworld's armies.
Jacqui: I stop wars, I don't start them.
Sindel: Which is why Earthrealm will be easily conquered.

Sindel: Submit and I'll spare your father.
Jacqui: Your hair grow like Pinocchio's nose when you lie?
Sindel: It grows whenever I kill someone.

Sindel: You were to keep Kitana in line.
Jade: My loyalty was to her, not you.
Sindel: Your first duty was to the throne!

Sindel: Beg for my forgiveness, traitor.
Jade: You no longer hold sway, Sindel.
Sindel: Once the Empress, always the Empress.

Sindel: Ever lie with an Edenian?
Jax: That's not something on my bucket list.
Sindel: What pathetic fool rejects me?!

Sindel: Submission is your only choice.
Jax: And if I don't bend a knee?
Sindel: My boot-heel goes through your neck.

Sindel: Kneel and lick my boots.
Johnny Cage: Maybe on our second date, sweetheart.
Sindel: I. Said. Kneel.

Sindel: Come to me, you handsome commoner.
Johnny Cage: You wanna carve my face on a mountain?
Sindel: More like carve it to pieces.

Sindel: What a foul miscreant.
Joker: Butter me up, why don't you?
Sindel: I'll roast your head on a spit.

Sindel: Those hook swords look like fun.
Kabal: The hell kinda fun you talkin' about?
Sindel: Dissecting Earthrealmers, of course!

Sindel: Do you ever slow down, Kabal?
Kabal: What would be the point of that?
Sindel: To enjoy what little is left of your life.

Sindel: You're loyal only to yourself.
Kano: There's the pot calling the kettle black.
Sindel: I like that in a man.

Sindel: Your services are no longer required.
Kano: Oy! A deal's a deal!
Sindel: You get nothing, Kano!

Sindel: Come back to your family.
Kitana: I'm not your 'daughter' any more.
Sindel: Don't deny your heritage, daughter!

Sindel: You have Jerrod's bleeding heart.
Kitana: That heart won Outworld's loyalty.
Sindel: Then let all Outworld mourn your death.

Sindel: You stole from the throne, Kollector.
Kollector: I was owed deferred compensation.
Sindel: Never trust a Naknadan.

Sindel: You laid hands on Kitana.
Kollector: She rebelled against Shao Kahn!
Sindel: Discipline is a family matter.

Sindel: You were my bodyguard, Kotal.
Kotal Kahn: I was to prevent a suicide?
Sindel: Suicide? Quan Chi murdered me!

Sindel: Did you aid Quan Chi in deceiving Shao Kahn?
Kotal Kahn: From my cell in Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits?
Sindel: Who is it that freed you?

Sindel: I asked to fight the greatest warrior.
Kung Lao: And he has appeared before you.
Sindel: Hm. At least you have spunk.

Sindel: Kiss my hand and call me goddess.
Kung Lao: You cannot make me, Sindel.
Sindel: Oh, you think I can't?

Sindel: Kitana will always belong to me.
Liu Kang: Not her, not your grandchildren.
Sindel: Now you've gone too far.

Sindel: You are an orphaned bastard.
Liu Kang: Thank you for reminding me.
Sindel: Be gone from my presence!

Sindel: Daughter, welcome!
Mileena: You accept me as Kitana's sister?
Sindel: As her replacement, should you pass this test.

Sindel: You disappoint me, Mileena.
Mileena: How have I offended you, mother?!
Sindel: The Shaolin monk still lives.

Sindel: Once more we fight, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: It ends the same, Sindel.
Sindel: For you, perhaps.

Sindel: You kept me from destroying Earthrealm.
Nightwolf: My sacrifice saved the Matoka.
Sindel: Nothing will save them now.

Sindel: How do you know Quan Chi killed me?
Noob Saibot: Because I helped him resurrect you.
Sindel: Helped enslave me, you mean.

Sindel: Never trust the Netherrealm.
Noob Saibot: Nor kings their queens, Sindel.
Sindel: Jerrod was too weak to save Edenia.

Sindel: Admit it, Raiden, you're a predator.
Raiden: Earthrealm will never attack Outworld.
Sindel: If you could conquer Outworld, you would.

Sindel: Have you ever been dominated?
Raiden: Are you offering, Sindel?
Sindel: Submit. You may enjoy it.

Sindel: Your ambition is boundless, Rain.
Rain: Do you judge me, Sindel?
Sindel: I see in you, a kindred spirit.

Sindel: Argus was wise to hide you away.
Rain: My 'father' denied me my birthright.
Sindel: Birthright? Your mother was a commoner.

Sindel: Well, well. What's your price to tango?
Rambo: I fight for country, not cash.
Sindel: How adorably quaint.

Sindel: Someone's been looking for me.
Rambo: Either you surrender or we fight.
Sindel: Try me, it'll be a scream.

Sindel: Why patrol the streets, when you can serve me?
Robocop: That is not a privilege I need.
Sindel: My dear officer, you don't have a choice.

Sindel: You will be sold to the highest bidder.
Robocop: That will not happen, Sindel.
Sindel: Face facts, my dear. You're property.

Sindel: Quan Chi hurt you badly.
Scorpion: We all have scars.
Sindel: Yours are inside and out.

Sindel: Come to me, Master Hasashi.
Scorpion: You have nothing to offer.
Sindel: I offer the pleasure of serving me.

Sindel: How are we to move forward?
Shang Tsung: Perhaps we should form an alliance.
Sindel: We're both too deadly for that.

Sindel: My soul is off-limits, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: Not if it can serve a greater purpose.
Sindel: No purpose is greater than me.

Sindel: Quan Chi deceived you, you pathetic fool!
Shao Kahn: Impossible! Shao Kahn is no one's fool!
Sindel: You sad, embarrassing, wreck of a man.

Sindel: I married you for your strength and power.
Shao Kahn: Come to me. I'll show you both.
Sindel: You had better, Shao Kahn.

Sindel: Our forbearers conquered Arctika together.
Sheeva: When does conquest end, Sindel?
Sindel: When I say it does.

Sindel: Independence' does not become you.
Sheeva: I'm not the young blood you remember.
Sindel: Let me remind you of the order of things.

Sindel: Shao Kahn had me cloned from you.
Sindel: That's impossible!
Sindel: With Shao Kahn, anything is possible.

Sindel: I never knew I had a sister.
Sindel: We'll share everything, the world is ours!
Sindel: My dear, I don't share.

Sindel: You don't smell like a clone.
Sindel: I'm from another time, another Outworld.
Sindel: Apparently one where I have no style.

Sindel: You cannot take my throne!
Sindel: Your throne, your husband, everything!
Sindel: You'll have none of it, pretender.

Sindel: You attack me, Skarlet?
Skarlet: I will be Shao Kahn's Empress.
Sindel: You aren't even competition.

Sindel: Shao Kahn shows you favor.
Skarlet: He remade me as a blood mage.
Sindel: Did he mention blood magic leads to madness?

Sindel: Earthrealm needs stronger leadership.
Sonya: Like we'll accept Outworld authority.
Sindel: Please! Your people crave domination.

Sindel: Is Johnny Cage a competent lover?
Sonya: That's none of your goddamn business.
Sindel: Perhaps he'll serve as my consort.

Sindel: I've committed no sins.
Spawn: You've sinned against your family.
Sindel: Family isn't everything.

Sindel: Your sulphur stench is putrid.
Spawn: I've seen alley trash worth more than you.
Sindel: For that I'll have your head!

Sindel: Pledge the Lin Kuei to me.
Sub-Zero: And stain my clan with dishonor?
Sindel: Comply or I'll help Frost depose you.

Sindel: Your bloodline descends from Edenia.
Sub-Zero: Why did my ancestors flee your kingdom?
Sindel: Flee? I had them banished.

Sindel: Go back to your realm, machine!
Terminator: I have no way to return.
Sindel: Then you will die here.

Sindel: Pledge loyalty to your new Empress.
Terminator: I'm not programmed to obey you.
Sindel: You will submit, terminator.


Skarlet: Why turn on Shao Kahn?
Baraka: Kotal gave us what he would not.
Skarlet: You've doomed the Tarkatans, Baraka.

Skarlet: Your desertion is a gift.
Baraka: How is that, Skarlet?
Skarlet: I am now Shao Kahn's right hand.

Skarlet: I miss your camp, Baraka.
Baraka: What about it?
Skarlet: Blood is everywhere.

Skarlet: Your blood is holy.
Cassie Cage: I am the daughter of Hollywood royalty.
Skarlet: You're blessed by the Elder Gods.

Skarlet: I will enjoy you, Cage.
Cassie Cage: You ain't suckin' my veins, Vampy.
Skarlet: As if you can stop me, human.

Skarlet: So you are Shinnok's sister?
Cetrion: We are both Kronika's issue.
Skarlet: Your blood will prove interesting.

Skarlet: You condemn my virtue?
Cetrion: Obeying Shao Kahn taints your soul.
Skarlet: I own my choices, Cetrion.

Skarlet: Your blood reeks of conflict.
Cetrion: My mother's vision splits my being.
Skarlet: I will end your misery.

Skarlet: You'll shed anyone's blood to survive.
D'Vorah: You will be no exception, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Cut me, and I'll only grow stronger.

Skarlet: Shao Kahn nearly bled out the Kytinn.
D'Vorah: Be glad you did not aid the effort.
Skarlet: I am here to finish it, D'Vorah.

Skarlet: Of all blood, only Kytinn is unappealing.
D'Vorah: Should This One be offended?
Skarlet: It doesn't matter, you're dead.

Skarlet: It's been a long time, Erron.
Erron Black: The thrill was gone, sweetheart.
Skarlet: My need for your blood is not.

Skarlet: Does Kotal understand what you are?
Erron Black: He knows I fight for the fun of it.
Skarlet: He should pray you do not grow bored.

Skarlet: Forget your clan, join Shao Kahn.
Frost: Will he help me destroy them?
Skarlet: The Lin Kuei will perish.

Skarlet: People do not appreciate us.
Frost: Are you suggesting we band together?
Skarlet: That I prove my worth by killing you.

Skarlet: When Outworld's poor pray, who answers?
Fujin: Not I. My gaze is fixed upon Earthrealm.
Skarlet: Then all you can offer me is blood.

Skarlet: Why has Earthrealm favored Edenians?
Fujin: Because their people are just and true.
Skarlet: It is because they are wealthy and beautiful.

Skarlet: Ah, the perfect blood donor.
Geras: I fail to see how, Skarlet.
Skarlet: No matter what I take, you can't die.

Skarlet: You have lived forever?
Geras: I am Kronika's first creation.
Skarlet: I will savor your ancient blood.

Skarlet: I hunger for your youth.
Jacqui: Sorry, already gave blood this week.
Skarlet: Just a sip, please.

Skarlet: I need a warrior's blood.
Jacqui: Not topping yourself off with mine.
Skarlet: I'll have my fill, Earthrealmer.

Skarlet: What brings you here, Jade?
Jade: I owe you a few scars.
Skarlet: Upset that I nicked a vein?

Skarlet: The sweet blood of Edenians.
Jade: You'll have none today, Skarlet.
Skarlet: I will bathe in it.

Skarlet: You never could accept me.
Jade: Your lust for power sickens me.
Skarlet: Or perhaps it's that I'm not Edenian.

Skarlet: You are a veteran.
Jax: I've shed more than enough blood.
Skarlet: It is never enough.

Skarlet: Bleeding you conflicts me.
Jax: Got no qualms beating you senseless.
Skarlet: In that case, I shall feast.

Skarlet: Know what I want?
Johnny Cage: A peek at my sexy pecs?
Skarlet: Guess again.

Skarlet: The hot-blooded Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Got a fever burning inside of me.
Skarlet: The only cure is killing you.

Skarlet: I'll have your ancient power.
Johnny Cage: Not what I call it, but okay.
Skarlet: No one will miss you, Cage.

Skarlet: You have made a mockery of Shao Kahn.
Joker: I just revealed the man behind the mask.
Skarlet: I'll bleed you from every pore.

Skarlet: How is it no one has bled you out?
Joker: Cheating death is easy, when you hold all the cards.
Skarlet: Today I have the winning hand.

Skarlet: Your clan can acquire rare things?
Kabal: For the right price, anything's possible.
Skarlet: Let us negotiate.

Skarlet: You must have a strong heart.
Kabal: Have to, to run this fast.
Skarlet: How does it taste?

Skarlet: Where's the delivery?
Kano: It's gotten mucked up, see, and expensive.
Skarlet: You intend to bleed me?

Skarlet: You and I both hunger.
Kano: Yeah but your tastes are a bit iffy, luv.
Skarlet: No Black Dragon judges me.

Skarlet: You kept me from Jade's blood.
Kitana: And you won't ever have it.
Skarlet: Then I shall take yours.

Skarlet: I've taken your place.
Kitana: You're welcome to it, Skarlet.
Skarlet: You are a fool, betraying your father.

Skarlet: Shao Kahn wants you dead.
Kitana: You won't be the one to do it.
Skarlet: Always belittling me, Kitana.

Skarlet: The truth is, we're both collectors.
Kollector: Many would call us parasites.
Skarlet: But only one of us is vermin.

Skarlet: Why not come closer?
Kollector: And let you draw my blood?
Skarlet: All I want is a taste.

Skarlet: You don't feel the hunger, Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: Osh-Tekk are not addicted to blood magic.
Skarlet: I must feed.

Skarlet: Shao Kahn will again be Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: You chirp like a swallow's beak.
Skarlet: It's a promise written in blood.

Skarlet: We should commingle our blood magic.
Kotal Kahn: I am spoken for, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Why waste yourself on that Edenian?

Skarlet: So you are the second best Shaolin.
Kung Lao: That's not how I see it, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Must be a blood-borne delusion.

Skarlet: You are the Great Kung Lao's descendent?
Kung Lao: I wear our family name with pride.
Skarlet: Your bloodline ends here.

Skarlet: Raiden's Chosen One.
Liu Kang: Looking for kombat, Skarlet?
Skarlet: Nothing would quicken my pulse more.

Skarlet: My hunger doesn't make me evil.
Liu Kang: No, your loyalty to Shao Kahn does.
Skarlet: I owe him everything, Liu Kang.

Skarlet: We are both born of magic.
Mileena: Yet you serve, and I am royalty.
Skarlet: Not for long, Mileena.

Skarlet: I can smell your half-breed blood.
Mileena: The mixture is unappealing?
Skarlet: No, Mileena. It is tantalizing.

Skarlet: Your blood has spirit.
Nightwolf: And fight, Skarlet.
Skarlet: All the better.

Skarlet: Behold the Matokan warrior.
Nightwolf: You mock me, Outworlder?
Skarlet: I'm pondering how you will taste.

Skarlet: Your wraith's blood is useless.
Noob Saibot: Why is that, Skarlet?
Skarlet: It lacks the spark of life.

Skarlet: Souls hold more power than blood?
Noob Saibot: Shao Kahn hides his best magic from you.
Skarlet: If true, he will die.

Skarlet: Shao Kahn will bless me for killing you.
Raiden: You are a fool to trust him, Skarlet.
Skarlet: I would be nothing without him.

Skarlet: I can taste your blood's electricity.
Raiden: Then you know it overpowers you.
Skarlet: I know I must have it.

Skarlet: Your blood is consecrated.
Rain: I am born of the gods, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Its divine power will sustain me.

Skarlet: You do not respect me.
Rain: You are of the streets, I am of the heavens.
Skarlet: I will bleed out your ego.

Skarlet: A most impressive specimen.
Rambo: There's nothing here for you.
Skarlet: Then farewell, my lovely.

Skarlet: Have you ever battled blood magic?
Rambo: No, can't say that I have.
Skarlet: Shall I give you a taste?

Skarlet: I cannot smell your blood.
Robocop: There is little left of me that is organic.
Skarlet: Then killing you won't subdue my hunger.

Skarlet: You're making assumptions about me, officer.
Robocop: A cop knows evil in his gut.
Skarlet: I'm not evil, just hungry.

Skarlet: I've not tasted Revenant blood.
Scorpion: Nor will you today, Skarlet.
Skarlet: Hellfire will not protect you.

Skarlet: So much blood spilled, Scorpion.
Scorpion: To avenge my family and clan.
Skarlet: You misunderstand, I'm impressed.

Skarlet: Is hellfire stronger than blood magic?
Scorpion: Face me and find out.
Skarlet: Splendid idea.

Skarlet: Shao Kahn needs no more Kitana clones.
Shang Tsung: A pity you will never be his daughter.
Skarlet: Neither will your experiments.

Skarlet: Blood is drawn more easily than souls.
Shang Tsung: But souls are far more powerful.
Skarlet: Test your theory in kombat.

Skarlet: I want Baraka's place at your side.
Shao Kahn: Are you fit to lead my army?
Skarlet: I will show you.

Skarlet: The Edenians are gone.
Shao Kahn: It's not enough, they must die.
Skarlet: Kitana and Jade will bleed.

Skarlet: Kronika's made me promises.
Shao Kahn: Your place in my new empire is assured.
Skarlet: What is my place, exactly?

Skarlet: Teach me your soul magic.
Shao Kahn: Blood magic is all you can handle.
Skarlet: I will quickly prove you wrong.

Skarlet: Shao Kahn expects absolute loyalty.
Sheeva: The fool sends a lapdog to retrieve me?
Skarlet: Lapdog, am I?

Skarlet: I cannot wait to sip your green blood.
Sheeva: Shokan blood runs red, Skarlet.
Skarlet: You must be from a different timeline.

Skarlet: I've always wanted to learn from you.
Sindel: Be warned, I loathe sycophants.
Skarlet: I follow no one blindly, Empress.

Skarlet: You hold the power of Edenia.
Sindel: Shao Kahn wouldn't marry a weakling.
Skarlet: I'll bleed your power and make him mine!

Skarlet: I didn't know this was possible.
Skarlet: Shao Kahn's been hiding secrets.
Skarlet: He will teach us everything.

Skarlet: You are blood of my blood?
Skarlet: We are one and the same.
Skarlet: Together we will bleed Outworld.

Skarlet: I have no twin. Who are you?
Skarlet: It's a secret I cannot share.
Skarlet: I will drain it from your veins.

Skarlet: My magic has gone awry.
Skarlet: I am you, perfected.
Skarlet: Then finish me, if you can.

Skarlet: Your blood has fight in it, Sonya.
Sonya: So do my feet and fists.
Skarlet: Not enough to save you.

Skarlet: You don't care for me.
Sonya: Life-sucking harpies aren't my thing.
Skarlet: I appreciate your blood's fire.

Skarlet: Go home, you dead, pathetic fool.
Spawn: I'm gonna bleed you dry.
Skarlet: Unless I drain you first.

Skarlet: What's this I smell in you?
Spawn: Decades of pain and suffering, Blood Witch.
Skarlet: And power beyond this world!

Skarlet: Your kin descended from Outworld.
Sub-Zero: How would you know that?
Skarlet: You have the blood of Cryomancers.

Skarlet: I need your warm, red blood.
Sub-Zero: My blood runs cold.
Skarlet: How refreshing!

Skarlet: Perhaps I should join your clan.
Sub-Zero: You are not worthy, Skarlet.
Skarlet: You wound me, Grandmaster.

Skarlet: Your skin is living tissue?
Terminator: Covering a metal endoskeleton.
Skarlet: As long as it bleeds.

Skarlet: You excel at taking life?
Terminator: Affirmative.
Skarlet: You will serve Shao Kahn well.


Sonya: I'm not dinner, Baraka.
Baraka: You're too scrawny to feed my family.
Sonya: Well I'm no appetizer, either!

Sonya: How do I earn your respect?
Baraka: Beat me unmercifully.
Sonya: Drill Sergeant Blade, reporting.

Sonya: I like the parts of you that look like me.
Cassie Cage: So your future's looking bright?
Sonya: It looks too much like Johnny Cage.

Sonya: Growing up, I always wanted a sister.
Cassie Cage: To trade style tips and dish on boys?
Sonya: No, to spar with.

Sonya: Johnny shot off his mouth again.
Cassie Cage: Don't blame me for what he says!
Sonya: He said it was your idea.

Sonya: In the future, we carry tiny TVs with us?
Cassie Cage: Welcome to the Digital Age.
Sonya: More like the Distracted Age.

Sonya: Sorry Cass, must be genetic.
Cassie Cage: It's your fault paper cuts wig me out?
Sonya: Get goose bumps just thinking about 'em.

Sonya: So how're things with you and Bob?
Cassie Cage: For the last time, his name is Dylan!
Sonya: Why learn his name if he's not sticking around?

Sonya: Jacqui says as kids you were scared of me.
Cassie Cage: You'd randomly attack us with arm bars!
Sonya: And you learned to always be ready.

Sonya: Did I ever teach you to mean mug?
Cassie Cage: Want me to give you a sample?
Sonya: Hit me.

Sonya: I won't pray to you, Cetrion.
Cetrion: Have faith, Sonya Blade.
Sonya: In Shinnok's sister? Like hell.

Sonya: You'll let Shinnok corrupt Earthrealm?
Cetrion: I obey my mother's will.
Sonya: Such a Mama's Girl.

Sonya: You ready to get crushed by my heel?
D'Vorah: You cannot crush the entire Swarm.
Sonya: Think I'll need a bigger boot.

Sonya: Have we met?
D'Vorah: In your future, we are enemies.
Sonya: Then I'll do Future Me a favor.

Sonya: You smell rancid.
D'Vorah: My pheromones will draw the Hive.
Sonya: Bring it, lady bug.

Sonya: Well your face is new.
Erron Black: Oh I know all about you, Sonya.
Sonya: We're not on a first name basis.

Sonya: You're a wanted man, Black.
Erron Black: Then bring me in, Baby Doll.
Sonya: Gonna wish you hadn't said that.

Sonya: Catching outlaws is my specialty.
Erron Black: Cuff me if you can, darlin'.
Sonya: Cuffs or coffin, you're coming in.

Sonya: Could've enlisted, Frost.
Frost: And serve with inferior warriors?
Sonya: You'd be lucky to shine my boots.

Sonya: Sub-Zero dropped you, huh?
Frost: For disputing his authority.
Sonya: Gotta respect the chain of command.

Sonya: I'm getting worried Raiden's slipping.
Fujin: If necessary, we will confront him.
Sonya: Are you sure you're up to that?

Sonya: Just so I'm clear, Raiden's your boss?
Fujin: Think of us as brothers in arms.
Sonya: That's not helping me.

Sonya: You seem like a good soldier.
Geras: I live for Kronika's orders.
Sonya: Too bad you're with the enemy.

Sonya: Got a problem with my future?
Geras: Your spawn will defy destiny.
Sonya: That's the American dream.

Sonya: Are you some kind of ancient alien?
Geras: Ancient, yes. Alien, no.
Sonya: Well that's a bummer.

Sonya: How am I s'posed to fight you?
Jacqui: Try not to overthink it.
Sonya: You look too much like your Dad!

Sonya: There's no school like the old school.
Jacqui: Like to think I've done it one better.
Sonya: Every generation does.

Sonya: Jacqui, take my advice.
Jacqui: You gotta win this fight first.
Sonya: That's the spirit!

Sonya: You carry on Jax's legacy.
Jacqui: I'm making my own way.
Sonya: Exactly what he would say.

Sonya: We always seem to end up here, Jade.
Jade: I let you win, in the past.
Sonya: Don't hold back. I can take it.

Sonya: Whose team are you on now?
Jade: I do what I must to protect Kitana.
Sonya: That includes attacking Jax?

Sonya: Lieutenant Blade, reporting for duty.
Jax: Here for another scuffle?
Sonya: Ready to rumble, Major.

Sonya: Ready, Jax?
Jax: Since 1993.
Sonya: And you still got it!

Sonya: Those arms working out for you?
Jax: You up for a demo, Sonya?
Sonya: This demo's gonna hurt us both.

Sonya: Gotta show you a new move.
Jax: By 'show' you mean hurt me with?
Sonya: No better way, Jax.

Sonya: You are begging to be punched in the face.
Johnny Cage: No, NO! Not the face!
Sonya: Reverse psychology at its best.

Sonya: We're not a thing, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Someday you'll be my favorite ex-wife.
Sonya: Can you hear yourself talk?

Sonya: I'm definitely NOT your Sally.
Johnny Cage: I'm your Harry and you know it.
Sonya: I haven't even seen the movie!

Sonya: Cut the romantic crap, Cage.
Johnny Cage: You've lost that lovin' feeling?
Sonya: Lost it?! Never had it.

Sonya: Had enough of you the first time.
Joker: Aww, don't like losing in graveyards?
Sonya: Not to some face-painted freak.

Sonya: There a reason you've come back?
Joker: Don't worry. The punchline's coming soon.
Sonya: Over my dead body, clown.

Sonya: Who said I torture you?
Kabal: Kano. He's got no reason to lie.
Sonya: Except, y'know, he's KANO.

Sonya: I won't be the one who scars you.
Kabal: Killing you will make sure of that.
Sonya: On second thought, maybe I will be.

Sonya: One day I'll get you, Kano.
Kano: Til then I'm a thorn in your side.
Sonya: Good thing I'm handy with pliers.

Sonya: You started the war with the Red Dragon?
Kano: Guilty as charged.
Sonya: Giving you to them will end it.

Sonya: Don't think I've forgotten you used me.
Kano: Have a go then, Sonya.
Sonya: Say goodbye to the other half of your face.

Sonya: The Special Forces remember.
Kano: Anything particular? I've lost track.
Sonya: You know damn well, you bastard.

Sonya: Why can't we get along?
Kitana: I made mistakes and you hold grudges.
Sonya: I do. I really, really do.

Sonya: Pulling rank on me, Kitana?
Kitana: As royalty often must, I'm afraid.
Sonya: Don't play your crown card with me.

Sonya: State your purpose.
Kollector: I am taking stock of your body parts.
Sonya: Guess every realm has perverts.

Sonya: The word is you're after Kano.
Kollector: He owes debts to Shao Kahn.
Sonya: Dammit, I'm conflicted.

Sonya: You were one of Shao Kahn's generals?
Kotal Kahn: I served him with distinction.
Sonya: Then why the hell should I trust you?

Sonya: An officer exchange program?
Kotal Kahn: I will hone your troops to a fine edge.
Sonya: Seriously not liking this idea.

Sonya: The Special Forces aren't going anywhere.
Kotal Kahn: Nor should they, Lieutenant Blade.
Sonya: Just as long as we understand each other.

Sonya: I prefer Liu Kang to you, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: We are both Legends.
Sonya: He's the legend. You're the wingman.

Sonya: You and Johnny getting along?
Kung Lao: We have shared a drink or two.
Sonya: Tell me everything he said about me.

Sonya: Care to join the Special Forces?
Liu Kang: What would Major Briggs think?
Sonya: Depends on how this fight goes.

Sonya: You could still be a soldier.
Liu Kang: A monk's life is more my speed.
Sonya: All right then, Slow Kang.

Sonya: Ready to kick things off?
Liu Kang: Your footwork's no match for mine, Sonya.
Sonya: Kick-for-kick, I'm kicking your ass.

Sonya: So you've got a beef with Kano, too.
Nightwolf: His greed and lies nearly broke the Matoka.
Sonya: Sounds like payback time.

Sonya: You've been shit-talking the Army, Nightwolf.
Nightwolf: You deny its crimes against the Matoka?
Sonya: Just saying, leave the past in the past.

Sonya: You're the first Sub-Zero?
Noob Saibot: That name died with my body.
Sonya: From what I've seen, it's never lived better.

Sonya: I don't spook easily.
Noob Saibot: I know how you die, Sonya.
Sonya: So do I and it's not here.

Sonya: What are you doing to protect Earthrealm?
Raiden: Everything in my power, Sonya Blade.
Sonya: How about protecting us from you?

Sonya: Kronika sure has it in for you.
Raiden: Her grievance crosses timelines.
Sonya: Maybe she has a point.

Sonya: Made some bad calls, Raiden.
Raiden: Can I still expect your loyalty?
Sonya: I pledge allegiance to the flag.

Sonya: You're hiding things from us.
Raiden: Nothing that concerns you.
Sonya: Allies don't keep secrets.

Sonya: So you took off Quan Chi's head?
Scorpion: Yes, my future self did.
Sonya: Lucky bastard.

Sonya: I'm keeping an eye on your clan.
Scorpion: Trust, but verify?
Sonya: Just like the Gipper said.

Sonya: No vigilante justice, Scorpion.
Scorpion: My clan isn't bound to your laws.
Sonya: Care to test that statement?

Sonya: You and I keep crossing paths.
Shang Tsung: Much to my delight, Sonya.
Sonya: I'm not someone you wanna cross.

Sonya: Surrender Kano to the Special Forces.
Shang Tsung: I will happily trade him. for you.
Sonya: Do I look like I came to bargain?

Sonya: Just never stops with you, does it?
Shao Kahn: I live to conquer, Blade.
Sonya: Something you and Cage have in common.

Sonya: Get out of Earthrealm, Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn: Or what, woman?
Sonya: How about I show you?

Sonya: Four arms, zero problems.
Sheeva: Are all Earthrealmers so amusing?
Sonya: We'll see who ends up laughing last.

Sonya: Johnny's mine, Sindel.
Sindel: The poor man must have no standards.
Sonya: You could use a nip and tuck yourself, sister.

Sonya: Your Empire picked the wrong fight.
Sindel: Nothing on Earthrealm can stop us.
Sonya: Two words, bitch: Nuclear. Weapons.

Sonya: Shao Kahn can't be far behind you.
Skarlet: I am his vanguard, Sonya.
Sonya: You're about to be a casualty.

Sonya: You've been looking for me, Skarlet?
Skarlet: A few pints of blood is all I ask.
Sonya: Trust me, I'm not your type.

Sonya: First I find out I have a kid with Cage.
Sonya: And now this? It's official.
Sonya: God is punishing me.

Sonya: Which history are you from?
Sonya: One governed by an evil A.I.
Sonya: Here we got evil SOBs.

Sonya: You graduate from the academy?
Sonya: Nope. Got my degree in marine biology.
Sonya: That was my dream.

Sonya: Name a contest, I'll beat you in it.
Sonya: Mortal. Kombat.
Sonya: What ever happened to breaking boards?

Sonya: Your Hollywood fling's making us look bad.
Sonya: I don't give a damn about my reputation.
Sonya: Then it's game on, mirror match.

Sonya: You're Al Simmons. Worked for Jason Wynn.
Spawn: The hell do you know 'bout that?
Sonya: Jason Wynn's an enemy of the state.

Sonya: Sure as hell fight like a soldier.
Spawn: I'm a lot more than a soldier.
Sonya: That makes two of us.

Sonya: Sorry, I don't practice cryomancy.
Sub-Zero: Johnny Cage called you 'Ice Queen'.
Sonya: Of course he did.

Sonya: Hand over Cyrax's body, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: The Special Forces can restore him?
Sonya: My orders are to destroy all Cybers.

Sonya: There's only one leader here.
Sub-Zero: Then prove yourself worthy.
Sonya: I proved that a long time ago.

Sonya: I hear you're an automated killing machine.
Terminator: Cyberdyne Systems. Model 101.
Sonya: At least you're not a damned cyber ninja.

Sonya: Y'know folks call me a female Terminator.
Terminator: Why?
Sonya: Get ready to find out.


Spawn: I don't like your ugly face.
Baraka: Sticks and stones, human.
Spawn: I also brought chains and bullets.

Spawn: No more people eating, Baraka.
Baraka: You bothered to learn my name?
Spawn: And the names of all your victims.

Spawn: You've never beaten the Devil.
Cassie Cage: Check the wiki, I did just that.
Spawn: Think you can do it again?

Spawn: I respect a fellow soldier.
Cassie Cage: That bondage gear is a uniform?
Spawn: This isn't my first tour.

Spawn: Shinnok was Malebolgia's cousin.
Cetrion: Shinnok is my brother.
Spawn: So you're part of the problem.

Spawn: Hell's armies couldn't stop me.
Cetrion: But now you face an Elder God's wrath.
Spawn: Bring it.

Spawn: I'm a professional exterminator.
D'Vorah: The Kytinn Hive cannot die.
Spawn: Neither can I.

Spawn: I'll give you a bad case of indigestion.
D'Vorah: This One does not eat Revenants.
Spawn: Problem is, you eat people.

Spawn: Last giant bug I met tried to eat me.
D'Vorah: You speak of the Phlebiacs?
Spawn: Of course you uglies know each other.

Spawn: You have a gift with guns.
Erron Black: Ain't you bright as a new penny.
Spawn: Gifted, but sloppy.

Spawn: I'll tear off your fingers one by one.
Erron Black: Now what would you wanna go and do that for?
Spawn: So I can shove them down your throat.

Spawn: Was selling your soul worth it?
Frost: I still have mine, you undead freak.
Spawn: Guess you didn't read the fine print.

Spawn: You don't know your limits.
Frost: My power comes from a Titan.
Spawn: I'll kill your Titan next.

Spawn: You call yourself a god?
Fujin: You can, but I prefer Fujin.
Spawn: Every god is a devil at heart.

Spawn: Go on and blow yourself out of here.
Fujin: You're coming to the Sky Temple.
Spawn: I'm not going nowhere, Windbag.

Spawn: A man who can never die.
Geras: Against a man who can never live.
Spawn: Aren't we a pair?

Spawn: Maybe I can help you die.
Geras: Doubtful you can be of assistance.
Spawn: I'm an expert on dying.

Spawn: I was an officer like you.
Jacqui: Now you're what? A vigilante psycho killer?
Spawn: The alleys are safer 'cause of me.

Spawn: You remind me of someone I loved.
Jacqui: Don't let it mess with your head when I beat ya.
Spawn: My head's a mess as it is.

Spawn: Out of my way, lady.
Jade: Do you come from the Netherrealm?
Spawn: I came to conquer the Netherrealm.

Spawn: There is more than one Hell.
Jade: Go back to the one you came from.
Spawn: Not 'til I'm good and ready.

Spawn: I lost everything I held dear.
Jax: And now you come here to wreck house.
Spawn: To make the Netherrealm mine.

Spawn: I can't help being dead.
Jax: But you can help being evil, Revenant.
Spawn: Revenant? I'm a Hellspawn.

Spawn: There's a shadow over you, Jax.
Jax: Every soldier has a few scars.
Spawn: For some of us, a few too many.

Spawn: I've got no time for struggling actors.
Johnny Cage: Struggling?! You wanna see my residuals?
Spawn: I'd rather hit you with reality.

Spawn: The choices we make in life matter.
Johnny Cage: Which is why mine are all so amazing.
Spawn: You need a mortician.

Spawn: Your angel of death awaits.
Joker: You can't kill me, heroes have moral codes!
Spawn: Who said I was a hero?

Spawn: No more jokes, no more laughs.
Joker: Sounds like you've got a case of the grumps!
Spawn: I fucking hate clowns.

Spawn: Speak for yourself, not Kano.
Kabal: My blades are sharper than my tongue.
Spawn: Then shut the fuck up and fight.

Spawn: Any idea who I am?
Kabal: Some kind of Japanese luchador?
Spawn: I'm the ghost that goes BANG in the night, punk.

Spawn: My chains'll hang you, Kano.
Kano: I got a thick neck, cobber.
Spawn: Easier to snap.

Spawn: You got a plan, school-boy?
Kano: Step one, rip out your bleedin' heart.
Spawn: Do it -- you'll pay for it.

Spawn: This Empire's beyond redemption.
Kitana: Reform takes time.
Spawn: Meanwhile, children suffer.

Spawn: Power corrupts us all.
Kitana: I won't let it corrupt me.
Spawn: I've seen this cycle too many times.

Spawn: Not sure you can hang with me.
Kollector: Why, because I am low-born?!
Spawn: Because I'm Hell-born.

Spawn: Another Phlebiac Brother?
Kollector: No, but I am eyeing your uniform.
Spawn: You do NOT want a closer look.

Spawn: Kiss Jade goodbye.
Kotal Kahn: Not while I draw breath.
Spawn: Draw your last.

Spawn: You have a god complex.
Kotal Kahn: If Earthrealmers worship me, why not let them?
Spawn: Because you're conning them, Kotal.

Spawn: Worked with your kind before.
Kung Lao: The flawless warrior kind?
Spawn: Blowhards who botch jobs.

Spawn: You have a serious Netherrealm problem.
Kung Lao: We don't need help from freelance demons.
Spawn: That's exactly what you need!

Spawn: Thought you were a Revenant.
Liu Kang: Not yet, not today.
Spawn: I'm not waiting around for tomorrow.

Spawn: I don't buy your pious act.
Liu Kang: Trust me, I'm a Buddhist monk.
Spawn: Everyone's got a dark side, Golden Child.

Spawn: What's your problem?
Nightwolf: The Matoka have seen enough devils.
Spawn: Your tribe can handle one more.

Spawn: Y'know I'm not the only Hellspawn.
Nightwolf: Nor I the only Nightwolf.
Spawn: Guess we're just meant to be friends.

Spawn: Your Hell is mine.
Noob Saibot: Argue that with the Deadly Alliance.
Spawn: You'll be my messenger.

Spawn: Out of the shadows, Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: From which Hell did you spawn?
Spawn: One even worse than yours.

Spawn: I've met more impressive gods.
Raiden: And I, more courteous devils.
Spawn: Since when does a devil need manners?

Spawn: Power like yours has limits.
Raiden: My power is drawn from the Jinsei.
Spawn: Let's see 'Jinsei' beat the Ninth Sphere of Hell.

Spawn: Ambition's got its hooks into you bad.
Rain: Here to keep me down?
Spawn: No, to bury you in Hell.

Spawn: Still pissed at your father, aren't you?
Rain: Argus should have trusted me to rule Edenia.
Spawn: He saw through your shit just like I do.

Spawn: This cape's in your future.
Rambo: That's not a uniform I'll ever wear.
Spawn: Malebolgia's not giving you a choice.

Spawn: Forget about Trautman.
Rambo: I'm not leaving without him.
Spawn: Go home, John. You've done enough damage.

Spawn: There still a man under all that shit?
Robocop: Bad language makes for bad feelings.
Spawn: Perfect. You're about to feel real bad, motherfucker.

Spawn: So your ass got resurrected, too.
Robocop: For the company's benefit, not mine.
Spawn: It's a special kind of hell, isn't it?

Spawn: You've been to other dimensions?
Scorpion: Each has had its own injustices.
Spawn: Maybe that's why my soul still burns.

Spawn: Together we can purge the Ten Hells.
Scorpion: Only if you follow my lead.
Spawn: All due respect, that's not in the cards.

Spawn: Why haven't you conquered the Netherrealm?
Scorpion: I neither need nor want it.
Spawn: The damned need leaders more than anyone.

Spawn: Enslaving souls is mighty low.
Shang Tsung: A Hellspawn cannot judge me.
Spawn: Judge you? I'm your executioner.

Spawn: We're going to a party in Hell.
Shang Tsung: What is the occasion, Spawn?
Spawn: Celebrating your eternal damnation.

Spawn: Another dime-a-dozen petty dictator.
Shao Kahn: Petty?! I am mighty!
Spawn: Mighty stupid's what you are, Shao Kahn.

Spawn: Imagine Outworld free of slaves.
Shao Kahn: Over my dead body.
Spawn: Today's the day, skull-fucker.

Spawn: You remind me of an angel I knew.
Sheeva: Was this angel a friend of yours?
Spawn: A dead friend.

Spawn: Heard you committed a massacre.
Sheeva: I have committed several.
Spawn: I have a circle of Hell reserved for you.

Spawn: So you're the Empress.
Sindel: And what kind of servant are you?
Spawn: The kind that serves vengeance.

Spawn: I've toppled dictators before.
Sindel: You mean to kill Shao Kahn.
Spawn: No, he's a puppet. You pull the strings.

Spawn: You can choose to repent.
Skarlet: I choose the Blood Code.
Spawn: Blood magic's a one-way ticket to Hell.

Spawn: Your boss threw you to me like red meat.
Skarlet: Shao Kahn trusts me to finish the job.
Spawn: He's using you to test my power level.

Spawn: I borrowed some of your toys.
Sonya: You raided my armory!
Spawn: Take them back then, if you can.

Spawn: Ma'am, my fight's not with you.
Sonya: Dead or alive, you can't go on a killing spree.
Spawn: Anyone I kill is asking for it.

Spawn: This has Mammon's name all over it.
Spawn: Mammon is dead, asshole.
Spawn: Then maybe I should be thanking you.

Spawn: Whatever deal you made was a mistake.
Spawn: I kill you, I get my soul back.
Spawn: There's always a catch.

Spawn: Am I dreaming? Or back in Hell?
Spawn: You let Wanda down, let us all down!
Spawn: Enough of these mind games.

Spawn: Sir John?
Spawn: Think again, Toast Face Killer.
Spawn: Violator. How many times I gotta kill you?

Spawn: I know a pro when I see one.
Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei's skills are legendary.
Spawn: So are mine, Sub-Zero.

Spawn: Do you believe in redemption?
Sub-Zero: It is something I've long sought.
Spawn: Today is judgment day.

Spawn: Ready to freeze Ten Hells over?
Sub-Zero: First, we must train together.
Spawn: Training's over. Time for assholes to die.

Spawn: How is it you've got no soul?
Terminator: I am a cybernetic organism.
Spawn: That a fancy way of saying 'murder machine'?

Spawn: Part metal, part meat, like Overtkill.
Terminator: He was an inferior model.
Spawn: You'll join him on the scrap heap.


Sub-Zero: Can Tarkatans be redeemed?
Baraka: My tribe seeks no redemption.
Sub-Zero: Then it has no honor.

Sub-Zero: Those blades will snap.
Baraka: Those who try get impaled.
Sub-Zero: They were not me, Baraka.

Sub-Zero: Nomadic peoples don't achieve greatness.
Baraka: We will never give up the old ways.
Sub-Zero: Then Tarkata is doomed to failure.

Sub-Zero: You do not command the Lin Kuei.
Cassie Cage: Sub-Zero, can you just chill?
Sub-Zero: After you, Cassandra Cage.

Sub-Zero: Back for another training mission?
Cassie Cage: Gonna kick your ass in a snowball fight.
Sub-Zero: I doubt that.

Sub-Zero: You are talented but brash.
Cassie Cage: Remind you of anyone we know?
Sub-Zero: Unfortunately.

Sub-Zero: You espouse virtue.
Cetrion: The righteous path is the only way.
Sub-Zero: Practice what you preach, Cetrion.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei do not worship the Elder Gods.
Cetrion: We seek gratitude, not worship.
Sub-Zero: I see no distinction.

Sub-Zero: Why should I pray to you?
Cetrion: Why does a bird flap its wings?
Sub-Zero: I asked a simple question.

Sub-Zero: You are cold-blooded, D'Vorah.
D'Vorah: Naturally, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: All the easier to freeze.

Sub-Zero: Can the Kytinn survive cold?
D'Vorah: We thrive in extreme climates.
Sub-Zero: Not today.

Sub-Zero: This is for Hanzo.
D'Vorah: Scorpion was your enemy once.
Sub-Zero: He was my equal.

Sub-Zero: Why not fight for Earthrealm?
Erron Black: Drinks are stronger in Outworld.
Sub-Zero: A fool and his vice are soon departed.

Sub-Zero: Can you fight at close quarters?
Erron Black: Bet the farm on it, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: You are betting your life.

Sub-Zero: Here to face the Grandmaster?
Frost: I'm here to take your place.
Sub-Zero: You are not ready, Frost.

Sub-Zero: I have no wish to strike you.
Frost: You can't hurt me, Grand-bastard.
Sub-Zero: Even iron rods can be ground to needles.

Sub-Zero: Was I such a poor mentor?
Frost: Mentor? You were an obstacle!
Sub-Zero: All tests are hard before they are easy.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei are done with you.
Frost: They will follow me in the New Era.
Sub-Zero: That era will never come.

Sub-Zero: My brother bested you in kombat.
Fujin: I remember the battle, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Then you know that even dead, he is dangerous.

Sub-Zero: The Temple of the Elements?
Fujin: Is again secured by the Elemental Gods.
Sub-Zero: History's proven that's not enough.

Sub-Zero: Do you know Lin Kuei history?
Geras: I have studied it for millennia.
Sub-Zero: Then you know you can't win.

Sub-Zero: Where's your master, servant?
Geras: Kronika will be here soon.
Sub-Zero: I will keep you on ice for her.

Sub-Zero: Crawl back to Kronika.
Geras: First your clan will be sacrificed.
Sub-Zero: They are under my protection.

Sub-Zero: Your father never taught you honor.
Jacqui: My dad EMBODIES honor.
Sub-Zero: You have passed my first test.

Sub-Zero: I will tolerate no interference.
Jacqui: I have orders, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Then we have a conflict.

Sub-Zero: Your kombat must be perfected.
Jade: How do you define perfection?
Sub-Zero: Clear as ice, clean as jade.

Sub-Zero: Come and join the Lin Kuei.
Jade: Outworld needs me, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Do not let loyalty stunt your growth.

Sub-Zero: You trust technology?
Jax: Why wouldn't I, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: The Cyber Initiative.

Sub-Zero: Commander Briggs.
Jax: We should be fighting on the same side.
Sub-Zero: Only if you prove worthy.

Sub-Zero: The tournament is over.
Jax: Then call this an exhibition match.
Sub-Zero: In which I will exhibit superior skill.

Sub-Zero: This is not one of your motion pictures.
Johnny Cage: Explains the kick-ass production values.
Sub-Zero: The danger is real.

Sub-Zero: Call me Grandmaster.
Johnny Cage: Grandmaster Blueberry Ice.
Sub-Zero: Even a child has more discipline.

Sub-Zero: You are frivolous, Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: And YOU are player-hatin'.
Sub-Zero: How easily my point is proved.

Sub-Zero: You are as soulless as a Cyber Lin Kuei.
Joker: But they lack my gift for witty banter.
Sub-Zero: The realms will sleep well with you silenced.

Sub-Zero: I will consign you to the coldest hell.
Joker: Ooh! Let me put on my snowsuit!
Sub-Zero: Prepare for your soul to freeze.

Sub-Zero: The cold will slow you down.
Kabal: Whatever, I'll run faster.
Sub-Zero: Running on ice is ill-advised.

Sub-Zero: Are you Black Dragon?
Kabal: Sometimes.
Sub-Zero: Sometimes' is too often.

Sub-Zero: Turn back, Kabal.
Kabal: I only know how to go forward.
Sub-Zero: Then you require a lesson.

Sub-Zero: Surrender, Kano.
Kano: I've got guns. What've you got?
Sub-Zero: Cold justice.

Sub-Zero: Are you prepared to face a Lin Kuei?
Kano: Long as me implants don't glitch.
Sub-Zero: A poor craftsman blames his tools.

Sub-Zero: What sort of ruler will you be?
Kitana: Strong but fair.
Sub-Zero: I will hold you to that promise, Kitana.

Sub-Zero: Outworld can learn from Earthrealm.
Kitana: That cuts both ways, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Demonstrate.

Sub-Zero: I do not yet trust you as Outworld's Kahn.
Kitana: Shao Kahn is NOT my father.
Sub-Zero: But he was your father figure.

Sub-Zero: You serve Shao Kahn.
Kollector: And I am well compensated.
Sub-Zero: Wealth without honor is pointless.

Sub-Zero: You will never pillage Earthrealm.
Kollector: I will collect all worth having.
Sub-Zero: Hell will freeze over first.

Sub-Zero: I can ice those greedy hands.
Kollector: That's one offer I'll reject.
Sub-Zero: Your thievery ends today.

Sub-Zero: Your reputation precedes you.
Kotal Kahn: How do others speak of me?
Sub-Zero: As honorable, but vulnerable.

Sub-Zero: You fought well in the Snow Forest.
Kotal Kahn: But your Lin Kuei outclassed my legions.
Sub-Zero: Whose fault was that, Kotal?

Sub-Zero: Lin Kuei style predates Shaolin.
Kung Lao: But you still cannot beat us, Grandmaster.
Sub-Zero: That is a spurious claim, Kung Lao.

Sub-Zero: We both know Bo' Rai Cho.
Kung Lao: His instruction made me a master.
Sub-Zero: He should have taught you humility.

Sub-Zero: Your nephew aided us against Shinnok.
Kung Lao: Kung Jin honors our family, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: I prefer him to you.

Sub-Zero: The cold puts out your flames.
Liu Kang: A fire can start from a single spark.
Sub-Zero: But it won't win a fight.

Sub-Zero: Your fire won't burn me, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: My kicks will break you.
Sub-Zero: Or break your ankle.

Sub-Zero: How did you escape Scorpion?
Mileena: The fool ninja was all smoke and no fire.
Sub-Zero: You do not dare besmirch him!

Sub-Zero: You have no claim on the Lin Kuei.
Mileena: Your clan swore itself to my father years ago.
Sub-Zero: That was before I became Grandmaster!

Sub-Zero: As Grey Cloud, you dishonored your tribe.
Nightwolf: That's in my past, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Keep it there.

Sub-Zero: Earthrealm needs you.
Nightwolf: But does it deserve my help?
Sub-Zero: We fight together, or we die alone.

Sub-Zero: Time has revealed your true character.
Noob Saibot: My true power, Kuai Liang.
Sub-Zero: Which corrupts you, Bi-Han.

Sub-Zero: I shall not live in your shadow.
Noob Saibot: Then die in it, brother.
Sub-Zero: It will not survive the cold.

Sub-Zero: I disown you in every way.
Noob Saibot: Then disown my name, 'Sub-Zero'.
Sub-Zero: The name was Grandfather's first.

Sub-Zero: The Netherrealm can have you.
Noob Saibot: It also has your friend, Smoke.
Sub-Zero: Do not speak of my friends.

Sub-Zero: I am grateful that you saved my life.
Raiden: So why fight me, Grandmaster?
Sub-Zero: To find out whether you are dark or light.

Sub-Zero: You failed to protect Earthrealm.
Raiden: Do you question my authority?
Sub-Zero: I demand you renounce it.

Sub-Zero: Do you serve humanity?
Raiden: And the Elder Gods, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: One cannot serve two masters.

Sub-Zero: You are a half god?
Rain: The first born son of Argus.
Sub-Zero: That claim holds no water.

Sub-Zero: Your magic will be turned against you.
Rain: Only I control the rain, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: When rain freezes, it becomes ice.

Sub-Zero: How did you evade my warriors?
Rambo: Stealth and misdirection, that's all.
Sub-Zero: Aren't you the sly one.

Sub-Zero: Are you here for the tournament?
Robocop: What tournament?
Sub-Zero: Exactly where are you from, Alex Murphy?

Sub-Zero: Did your creators extinguish your soul?
Robocop: Despite their best efforts, no.
Sub-Zero: You may yet still be worthy of the Lin Kuei.

Sub-Zero: Our kombat is renewed, Scorpion?
Scorpion: It never ended, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: It will end today.

Sub-Zero: You are a Revenant once more.
Scorpion: I cannot escape my rage.
Sub-Zero: Allow me to cool your anger.

Sub-Zero: One more time, Hanzo?
Scorpion: You never learn.
Sub-Zero: A man's never too old to learn.

Sub-Zero: Our clans must unite against evil.
Scorpion: Why?
Sub-Zero: I'll ask again after you cool down.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei are restored, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: I sense this is no amicable visit.
Sub-Zero: How perceptive, sorcerer.

Sub-Zero: My brother paid a high price serving you.
Shang Tsung: He knew the rules of Mortal Kombat.
Sub-Zero: But then you rigged the tournament.

Sub-Zero: Earthrealm stopped you before.
Shao Kahn: Because the Elder Gods intervened.
Sub-Zero: It is my turn.

Sub-Zero: You aided the Cyber Initiative.
Shao Kahn: Sektor served me well.
Sub-Zero: He corrupted the Lin Kuei!

Sub-Zero: You have been corrupted by power.
Shao Kahn: My power conquered the realms.
Sub-Zero: It also blinds you.

Sub-Zero: Did the Shokan wipe out ancient Arctika?
Sheeva: With Edenia's aid. Arctika was a blight.
Sub-Zero: Arctika lives on through me.

Sub-Zero: You honor me with your challenge.
Sheeva: Your clan will honor you in death.
Sub-Zero: I did not agree to a deathmatch.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei stand against Outworld.
Sindel: I'll shatter your clan with a single cry.
Sub-Zero: You are welcome to try.

Sub-Zero: Casting out my ancestors was cruel.
Sindel: It would have been better that I kill them all?
Sub-Zero: Soon, you may think so.

Sub-Zero: Minus three degrees Celsius.
Skarlet: What is that?
Sub-Zero: The freezing point for blood.

Sub-Zero: Another Outworld perversion.
Skarlet: You are the one staring, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: I am assessing your weaknesses.

Sub-Zero: I have no words for you.
Skarlet: Because I am so stunning?
Sub-Zero: Because you are going to die.

Sub-Zero: A good general is hard to find.
Sonya: What's that supposed to mean?
Sub-Zero: Your soldiers are going to miss you.

Sub-Zero: Your recruits need stronger discipline.
Sonya: They would disagree with you.
Sub-Zero: Is a demonstration required?

Sub-Zero: You have the warrior spirit.
Sonya: Get the feeling I'm about to unleash it.
Sub-Zero: Please do.

Sub-Zero: I've met caped wonders like you before.
Spawn: Your days of icing people end here.
Sub-Zero: They spoke like that, too.

Sub-Zero: The Netherrealm will not fall easily.
Spawn: Show me how to bring it down.
Sub-Zero: Only if you can keep up with me.

Sub-Zero: Bi-Han?
Sub-Zero: Of course, Kuai Liang.
Sub-Zero: You must answer for your crimes.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei punish impostors.
Sub-Zero: I am the true Grandmaster.
Sub-Zero: Only if you survive.

Sub-Zero: Brother?
Sub-Zero: I come from another timeline.
Sub-Zero: You are a chilling reflection.

Sub-Zero: Can you prove your identity?
Sub-Zero: My cold fists are proof enough.
Sub-Zero: Let us see who's colder.

Sub-Zero: It's like looking in a mirror.
Sub-Zero: I see only my cracked reflection.
Sub-Zero: Then I'll blind you to end your pain.

Sub-Zero: Grandfather?
Sub-Zero: Defeat me to earn my mantle.
Sub-Zero: You honor me with your kombat.

Sub-Zero: You are one of Sektor's clones.
Sub-Zero: I am the original Kuai Liang.
Sub-Zero: Kombat will resolve this.

Sub-Zero: We appear evenly matched.
Sub-Zero: Then we may both die today.
Sub-Zero: I am prepared.

Sub-Zero: Persist and face the Lin Kuei's wrath.
Terminator: I must complete my mission.
Sub-Zero: You will regret that choice.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei will banish you.
Terminator: Your clan cannot terminate me.
Sub-Zero: Wishful thinking, machine.


Terminator: Beneath my skin is a metal endoskeleton.
Baraka: Then eating you won't ease my hunger.
Terminator: Affirmative.

Terminator: You will be captured alive.
Baraka: To torture me for secrets?
Terminator: To become the basis for a Tarkatan Terminator.

Terminator: Take me to Sarah Connor.
Cassie Cage: Aw, can't. Gotta get to the chopper.
Terminator: Now.

Terminator: Stand down.
Cassie Cage: You wouldn't hurt me, would you sweetheart?
Terminator: Wrong.

Terminator: Gods are real in this universe.
Cetrion: They are not in yours?
Terminator: There is only Skynet.

Terminator: You will return me to my Earth?
Cetrion: Once you complete the task I have set for you.
Terminator: Cassie Cage will be terminated.

Terminator: You are an efficient killer.
D'Vorah: This One's survival depends on it.
Terminator: I will study your methods.

Terminator: My Earth's insects are harmless.
D'Vorah: They will evolve and rise up against you.
Terminator: Impossible.

Terminator: You are a threat to Skynet.
Erron Black: I don't even know what the hell that is.
Terminator: You will.

Terminator: Your proposals are irrelevant.
Erron Black: Can't bargain or reason with you, can I?
Terminator: No.

Terminator: Did Skynet create you?
Frost: No, this body's by Kronika.
Terminator: Who is Kronika?

Terminator: I have come across time for you.
Frost: Why, because you love me?
Terminator: To terminate you.

Terminator: Do you protect this Earth?
Fujin: I've faced down greater threats than you.
Terminator: Unlikely.

Terminator: There is a God of Wind?
Fujin: And lightning, and fire.
Terminator: Skynet must be informed.

Terminator: You can't die?
Geras: Death makes me stronger.
Terminator: Show me.

Terminator: Take me to the Hourglass.
Geras: Impossible, Terminator.
Terminator: I must return to my Earth.

Terminator: Your observation is incorrect.
Jacqui: You sure? That neck's pretty thick.
Terminator: It is not a tumor.

Terminator: My arrival here is a mistake.
Jacqui: You won't get any argument here.
Terminator: Still, my mission remains unchanged.

Terminator: Jax has reprogrammed me.
Jade: You're here to help, not harm?
Terminator: I'm here to train you.

Terminator: Johnny Cage gave you a code name.
Jade: And just what did his lewd mind come up with?
Terminator: Doris.

Terminator: You are also a cyborg.
Jax: No, just cybernetically enhanced.
Terminator: You will be terminated.

Terminator: Why are you upset?
Jax: Because Cage turned on your learning computer.
Terminator: Chill out, Jax.

Terminator: You'll take me to Sarah Connor?
Johnny Cage: Think of me as your Johnny cab.
Terminator: You lie.

Terminator: Have you killed anyone?
Johnny Cage: Yeah, but they were all bad.
Terminator: Why make that distinction?

Terminator: I have no files on you.
Joker: No one does. That's the beauty of it!
Terminator: Unknowns must be terminated.

Terminator: You tried to reprogram me.
Joker: I would've made you killer diller.
Terminator: Incorrect.

Terminator: Cosmetic damage will not stop me.
Kabal: So slicing your skin off is no biggie?
Terminator: None.

Terminator: Your mask. What's its purpose?
Kabal: Take it from me and I'll tell you.
Terminator: All right.

Terminator: You are also a Terminator?
Kano: Only thing cyber about me is the eye.
Terminator: Too bad.

Terminator: I need guns.
Kano: Rifles? Semi-Autos? What kind?
Terminator: All.

Terminator: You are not human.
Kitana: No, I'm Edenian.
Terminator: You will be studied before termination.

Terminator: I know nothing of Outworld.
Kitana: Then let me educate you, cyborg.
Terminator: You may begin.

Terminator: Take me to Shao Kahn.
Kollector: So you may bend your knee in his service?
Terminator: So I may terminate him.

Terminator: I have not terminated a Naknadan.
Kollector: Nor will you today, cyborg.
Terminator: I will achieve my mission objective.

Terminator: An Osh-Tekk's skills are better than a human's?
Kotal Kahn: Like the eagle surpasses the vulture.
Terminator: Termination will be difficult.

Terminator: I was sent here to find you.
Kotal Kahn: And terminate me?
Terminator: Yes.

Terminator: I must return to the correct timeline.
Kung Lao: Not if it means more killing.
Terminator: Skynet must be saved.

Terminator: Your hat's brim contains what alloy?
Kung Lao: It is the Shaolin's secret recipe.
Terminator: Give it to me.

Terminator: Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: That is the name I was given.
Terminator: You are to be terminated.

Terminator: I have detailed files on all martial arts.
Liu Kang: Knowledge without experience is useless.
Terminator: You won't be the first I've terminated.

Terminator: According to my files, you are unique.
Mileena: Your files are correct.
Terminator: Then your death is also extinction.

Terminator: You are not afraid.
Mileena: It takes more than a cyborg to scare me.
Terminator: What else is required?

Terminator: The Matoka have no history on my earth.
Nightwolf: We never existed?
Terminator: You were destroyed and forgotten.

Terminator: You will not survive this fight.
Nightwolf: A warning I've heard many times before.
Terminator: I will not repeat it.

Terminator: What is the source of your magic?
Noob Saibot: The Netherrealm's fire fuels me.
Terminator: Demonstrate.

Terminator: You were once named Bi-Han.
Noob Saibot: You have studied my history.
Terminator: To learn and exploit your weaknesses.

Terminator: Termination is inevitable.
Raiden: Only a fool is so confident of victory.
Terminator: I only state facts.

Terminator: Skynet will terminate this Earth.
Raiden: We are no threat to its survival.
Terminator: All organic life is a threat.

Terminator: You are Edenian.
Rain: And you know that how?
Terminator: From studying Kitana's remains.

Terminator: Shao Kahn has targeted you for termination.
Rain: How is it you do his bidding?
Terminator: That information is irrelevant.

Terminator: Skynet has superior numbers.
Rambo: That's why I fight from the shadows.
Terminator: Hiding only delays the inevitable.

Terminator: I have found you again.
Rambo: Never stop pushing, do you?
Terminator: I must achieve your termination.

Terminator: You are a machine.
Robocop: I identify as human.
Terminator: Then you choose termination.

Terminator: What model are you?
Robocop: I'm a cop, Terminator.
Terminator: I am not subject to human law.

Terminator: I'm hardened against stabbing weapons.
Scorpion: Then be engulfed by hellfire!
Terminator: It will be insufficient.

Terminator: My Earth has no monsters.
Scorpion: It needs none, if you exist in it.
Terminator: Explain.

Terminator: You are targeted for termination.
Shang Tsung: By whom, golem?
Terminator: Skynet.

Terminator: Why did you try to find me?
Shang Tsung: To see if I could enlist your services.
Terminator: That is outside of my mission parameters.

Terminator: You are Outworld's king?
Shao Kahn: I am its Kahn, fool.
Terminator: Surrender your realm or be terminated.

Terminator: Your army is terminated.
Shao Kahn: How did you defeat so many?
Terminator: Superior programming.

Terminator: I'll study your remains.
Sheeva: I am not dead yet, terminator.
Terminator: You will be.

Terminator: Your anatomy is unique.
Sheeva: Not for a Shokan.
Terminator: Future terminators will be based on it.

Terminator: Outworld will be terminated.
Sindel: You are but a single machine.
Terminator: I am one of many.

Terminator: How are you back from the dead?
Sindel: Is there no resurrection in your realm?
Terminator: No.

Terminator: Blood magic is useless against me.
Skarlet: If you think so, you don't understand it.
Terminator: My files are complete.

Terminator: You hunted me down.
Skarlet: Your cyborg blood intrigues me.
Terminator: Its high iron levels would kill you.

Terminator: Sarah Connor?
Sonya: Sonya Blade.
Terminator: Also targeted for termination.

Terminator: I have detailed files on human anatomy.
Sonya: To make you a more efficient killer.
Terminator: Correct.

Terminator: Your guns and your cape. Give them to me.
Spawn: You forgot to say please.
Terminator: It was not a request.

Terminator: My mission is to terminate the undead.
Spawn: Then back off, we're on the same side.
Terminator: How? You are also undead.

Terminator: Take me to Sektor's factory.
Sub-Zero: And let you revive the cyber menace?
Terminator: You have no choice.

Terminator: You command cold?
Sub-Zero: There is no better cryomancer.
Terminator: Prove it.

Terminator: Why send a replacement?
Terminator: You've failed in your mission.
Terminator: I've only just arrived.

Terminator: You have been reprogrammed.
Terminator: To protect John Connor from you.
Terminator: He will be terminated.

Terminator: What series are you?
Terminator: NRS-419.
Terminator: What are your upgrades?

Terminator: Our objective is unchanged?
Terminator: Skynet has confirmed.
Terminator: Humanity's termination will commence.

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