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Bo' Rai Cho

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Bo' Rai Cho, Master of Kombat, is Outworld-born but sympathetic to Earthrealm. Thus he has spent his long life training Earthrealm warriors for their tournaments with Outworld. Bo's past students include the Shaolin monks Kung Lao and Liu Kang, the eventual champion of Mortal Kombat, and savior of Earthrealm. Recently, as the Outworld Civil War raged and a dangerous new weapon was revealed, Bo' Rai Cho sought to consult Lord Raiden to discuss strategy. So far his attempts to find his old friend have been unsuccesful.


Having learned that Outworld was now protected by the Mortal Kombat tournament, Bo’ Rai Cho returned to defend his homeworld. He was no friend of Kotal Kahn, but no realm deserved subjugation. Bo’ Rai Cho began training Outworld warriors for the fight to come. With Bo’ Rai Cho’s fighting skills and leadership, Outworld repelled the Earthrealm aggresors. His former friend, Raiden, had been denied.

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