Mortal Kombat X

Pre-Fight Dialogue

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Kung Lao Jax Sonya Kenshi Kitana Scorpion
Shinnok Kano Johnny Cage Erron Black Liu Kang Ermac
Sub-Zero Mileena Takeda Cassie Cage Jacqueline Briggs Kung Jin
Reptile Ferra/Torr D'Vorah Raiden Quan Chi Goro
Kotal Kahn Jason Predator Tanya Tremor

Important Notes:

This section has all the dialogue between characters before each fight ripped directly from the game files.
Each character's section has a list of dialogue where that character speaks first.
Some of the dialogue listed here doesn't seem to have made the cut, I don't think I can't identify all of those lines but some are pretty obvious (for example some characters calling other characters by their not-final name).
There was a lot of cleanup and formatting involved into getting all these from the games files so there may be mistakes or lines missing.
There's a separate section that includes dialogue involving the yet to be released DLC characters, go here for that (obvious spoiler warning)
If you find any mistakes or have any feedback or questions, drop me a tweet

Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage: Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: I will extract your beating heart.
Cassie Cage: You want your what punched?

Cassie Cage: Nice mini-skirt.
Kotal Kahn: A joke. At my expense?
Cassie Cage: Naw, it's yours for free.

Cassie Cage: Seen a lot in your day?
Kotal Kahn: I've survived many battles.
Cassie Cage: Then you know of The Bitch-Slap.

Cassie Cage: What's goin' on?
Cassie Cage: Who are you?
Cassie Cage: I'll ask the questions!

Cassie Cage: Real funny...
Cassie Cage: Know what's funny? Your face.
Cassie Cage: Dude, y'just insulted yourself.

Cassie Cage: Cute outfit...
Cassie Cage: Looks better on me...
Cassie Cage: Even with your blood on it?

Cassie Cage: We don't wanna be seen together.
Cassie Cage: Alright alright...
Cassie Cage: They can't find out we're twins.

Cassie Cage: Ermac?
Ermac: Our power dwarfs yours.
Cassie Cage: Is that a crack about my height?

Cassie Cage: Oh hi.
Ermac: Tremble before Ermac!
Cassie Cage: Let's teach you some Er-manners.

Cassie Cage: Not cool, Dad...
Johnny Cage: Think you need a time out.
Cassie Cage: I'll put you in the corner first.

Cassie Cage: Let's go, Dad.
Johnny Cage: Breakin' your old man's heart...
Cassie Cage: And maybe your face!

Cassie Cage: Cage match...
Johnny Cage: You didn't just say that...
Cassie Cage: I am your daughter...

Cassie Cage: You ready?
Jacqui: Don't hold back.
Cassie Cage: Wouldn't think of it.

Cassie Cage: Don't speak to me ever.
Jacqui: I just said your dad's kinda hot--
Cassie Cage: Stop it!

Cassie Cage: You wanted something?
Jacqui: Permission to strike a superior officer...
Cassie Cage: Dee-nied.

Cassie Cage: This is where you run away.
Jason: ...

Cassie Cage: Shall we do this?
Jax: I don't pull punches, Cass.
Cassie Cage: Bring it on.

Cassie Cage: Love ya, Uncle Jax.
Jax: Y'tryin' to soften me up?
Cassie Cage: That's what my fists are for...

Cassie Cage: Kano...
Kano: Gonna cut you ear to ear.
Cassie Cage: C'mon and try it, old man.

Cassie Cage: Scum...
Kano: Baby Girl! First swing's on me.
Cassie Cage: They're all gonna be on you...

Cassie Cage: You have no idea what I got for you.
Takeda: I can read minds, remember?
Cassie Cage: Well here's a thought for ya...

Cassie Cage: Speak up, soldier.
Takeda: Permission to kick your ass ma'am.
Cassie Cage: Not on your best day...

Cassie Cage: Finally, a fair fight.
Takeda: How do you know?
Cassie Cage: Otherwise yer gettin one in the noots.

Cassie Cage: Is something funny?
Kung Lao: Your team are in over your heads.
Cassie Cage: Thanks for the tip.

Cassie Cage: Move it or lose it.
Kung Lao: Move what or lose what?
Cassie Cage: I'll show you.

Cassie Cage: Move it or lose it.
Kung Lao: Move what or lose what?
Cassie Cage: Your ass, or your ass.

Cassie Cage: You're up, Keanu.
Kenshi: ""Keanu" means "cool breeze.""
Cassie Cage: Yeah, that's why I said that.

Cassie Cage: I can't believe you'd hit a girl.
Kenshi: We're merely... training...
Cassie Cage: And I thought your son was gullible.

Cassie Cage: Edenians are long-lived?
Kitana: I am over ten-thousand years old.
Cassie Cage: You've lived long enough.

Cassie Cage: Princess.
Kitana: Your very presence mocks me.
Cassie Cage: Sorry, did you just say "kick my ass"?

Cassie Cage: You come alone, Dvorah?
DVorah: The Hive contains thousands.
Cassie Cage: Thousands of asses kicked at once...

Cassie Cage: Wasn't expecting you, Dvorah.
DVorah: What do you expect now...?
Cassie Cage: An easy win and a vigorous shower.

Cassie Cage: Don't take this further, Jin...
Kung Jin: How far you willing to go?
Cassie Cage: All the way...

Cassie Cage: Shaolin Punk.
Kung Jin: Military grunt.
Cassie Cage: I feel a fight comin' on...

Cassie Cage: Whaddya say, Jin?
Kung Jin: This is goin one round.
Cassie Cage: Don't book that Vegas flight yet...

Cassie Cage: Liu Kang...
Liu Kang: You enter the dragon's lair.
Cassie Cage: Wow. Dork Alert.

Cassie Cage: You're not yourself, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Pathetic child of idiot parents...
Cassie Cage: Now you're just being a dick.

Cassie Cage: Ferra. Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Crush you, Skinny!
Cassie Cage: Flattery will get you nowhere...

Cassie Cage: Jumbo. Fun size.
Ferra/Torr: Stomp and smash, Torr!
Cassie Cage: Guess the fun's over...

Cassie Cage: How much you want for 'im?
Ferra/Torr: No sale... We paired forever!
Cassie Cage: Rather have a moped anyway...

Cassie Cage: How much you want for 'im?
Ferra/Torr: No sale... We paired forever!
Cassie Cage: Bet the chafing's a bitch.

Cassie Cage: Wow, you're scary...
Mileena: I'm pretty, like you!
Cassie Cage: Your face could use a bootprint...

Cassie Cage: Speaking of dental issues...
Mileena: I eat little girls like you.
Cassie Cage: That explains the alluring breath...

Cassie Cage: Salazar.
Erron Black: I'll win this easy.
Cassie Cage: You are goin' down hard.

Cassie Cage: Move along...
Erron Black: I'll move when I'm ready.
Cassie Cage: You best get ready.

Cassie Cage: Eggwhite.
Quan Chi: Unspeakable horror awaits you.
Cassie Cage: Y'ever scared anyone saying that?

Cassie Cage: Hey, Humpty Dumpty...
Quan Chi: Only a fool would speak to me thusly.
Cassie Cage: Only a dork would say "thusly."

Cassie Cage: What are we doing here?
Raiden: I shall assess your skills.
Cassie Cage: Whatever you say, Raiden...

Cassie Cage: What are we doing here?
Raiden: I shall assess your skills.
Cassie Cage: Again? You're worse than my mother...

Cassie Cage: Help me conjure green energy, okay?
Raiden: You have not your father's gift.
Cassie Cage: You kinda suck as a mentor.

Cassie Cage: Reptile.
Reptile: Sweet young flesh...
Cassie Cage: There'll be no tasting, got it?

Cassie Cage: I feel sorry for you.
Reptile: My race will return in time.
Cassie Cage: I meant cuz o' your face.

Cassie Cage: So I finally meet Scorpion.
Scorpion: You will not enjoy the encounter.
Cassie Cage: More than you will...

Cassie Cage: Your wife mind you wearin' her clothes?
Shinnok: I do not suffer fools gladly.
Cassie Cage: There's lots o' ways to make you suffer...

Cassie Cage: Your wife mind you wearin' her clothes?
Shinnok: I do not suffer fools gladly.
Cassie Cage: Y'don't have to be glad about it.

Cassie Cage: Is that what Elder Gods are wearing?
Shinnok: Elder Gods are my enemies.
Cassie Cage: They booted yer ass...

Cassie Cage: Well this is awkward...
Sonya: Fighting your mother?
Cassie Cage: Well, beating my mother...

Cassie Cage: Can't you see this is wrong?
Sonya: Let's call it enhanced training.
Cassie Cage: If it makes you feel better...

Cassie Cage: Sub-Zero, let's talk.
Sub-Zero: You need weapons to talk?
Cassie Cage: Eh, good point.

Cassie Cage: Sub-Zero, let's talk.
Sub-Zero: You need weapons to talk?
Cassie Cage: They go with the outfit...


DVorah: Kotal Kahn...
Kotal Kahn: You would attack your emperor?
DVorah: The Hive requires sustenance...

DVorah: Osh-Tekk gull...
Kotal Kahn: I will not be fooled again.
DVorah: The dead do lack that capacity...

DVorah: Ko'atal...
Kotal Kahn: With which face do you see me?
DVorah: We seek greater power than yours.

DVorah: A test of strength?
Kotal Kahn: My allies. Must be skilled.
DVorah: We shall not disappoint.

DVorah: Sergeant Cage...
Cassie Cage: Ladybug.
DVorah: We are Kytinn. We bring death.

DVorah: Filthy human.
Cassie Cage: Look who's talkin', Maggot Mouth.
DVorah: The Hive will eat your tongue first.

DVorah: You are... a Hive...
Ermac: Many souls fighting as one.
DVorah: Dying as one.

DVorah: You trespass in the emperor's courtyard.
Ermac: It is our right to be here.
DVorah: This One disagrees.

DVorah: You will obey, Ermac.
Ermac: We answer to the emperor.
DVorah: We are his eyes and ears.

DVorah: The impertinent Earthrealmer...
Johnny Cage: Haven't bugged you, have I?
DVorah: Impertinent and unamusing.

DVorah: Explain yourself...
Johnny Cage: I'm just a guy who hates bugs...
DVorah: This One will enjoy your death.

DVorah: Your weapons amuse This One.
Jacqui: They haven't been upside your head yet.
DVorah: As you try, you will fail.

DVorah: You will feed The Hive!
Jacqui: Got hives? Go get some ointment.
DVorah: Your gibberish will not dissuade us.

DVorah: My children grow restless.
Jason: ...

DVorah: Jackson Briggs...
Jax: Any last words?
DVorah: Nothing you would understand...

DVorah: You disturb the Hive.
Jax: Kids need iron in their diet.
DVorah: They will take it from your blood.

DVorah: You are a wanted man, Kano.
Kano: Tell me somethin' I don't know...
DVorah: No one wants you alive.

DVorah: Kano...
Kano: Hello, my lovely.
DVorah: You repulse us, hideous one.

DVorah: You are Scorpion?
Takeda: Trained by Scorpion.
DVorah: This One is unimpressed.

DVorah: This One will take your powers.
Takeda: How, may I ask?
DVorah: By devouring you.

DVorah: Which Shaolin are you?
Kung Lao: The one who ends you.
DVorah: Ah. The foolish one.

DVorah: The mysterious Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Come and know me better.
DVorah: You will remain a mystery forever.

DVorah: Takahashi Kenshi...
Kenshi: Your mind is a chorus of evil.
DVorah: The Hive sings for you...

DVorah: The Kytinn prefer solitude.
Kenshi: Yet you grace the Kahn's court...
DVorah: We serve a higher purpose.

DVorah: This One welcomes you.
Kitana: Keep your distance, Dvorah.
DVorah: We can kill you from here.

DVorah: Another Hive...
DVorah: This is our territory.
DVorah: This One defends it unto death.

DVorah: When two queens arise...
DVorah: ... only one can rule.
DVorah: Prepare to die.

DVorah: A Hive so far from Arnyek?
DVorah: We left the island long ago.
DVorah: This One will send you back.

DVorah: Who are you?
DVorah: This One shares your name.
DVorah: But not our skill.

DVorah: Another Earthrealmer?
Kung Jin: Toughest one o' the bunch.
DVorah: You are merely a distraction.

DVorah: The Hive will consume you.
Kung Jin: Not gonna let that happen.
DVorah: Struggle all you wish...

DVorah: Liu Kang...
Liu Kang: You would confront me...
DVorah: My children hunger for you.

DVorah: Ferra. Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Torr make bug paste.
DVorah: He will feed The Hive.

DVorah: You offend This One, Ferra.
Ferra/Torr: What Ladybug do about it?
DVorah: Exterminate.

DVorah: You know not when to quit.
Mileena: I will never give up my fight!
DVorah: Your lack of judgment led you here.

DVorah: The forgotten empress...
Mileena: You will remember me, insect!
DVorah: Every time we pass your grave.

DVorah: Salazar...
Erron Black: I'm on to you, Dvorah.
DVorah: More reason to kill you.

DVorah: You belong in Earthrealm.
Erron Black: I prefer Outworld.
DVorah: You have no choice...

DVorah: We are here, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: Quite... Unexpectedly.
DVorah: Good. We can surprise you...

DVorah: We have business, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: It appears so.
DVorah: Then let us not delay.

DVorah: Lord Raiden...
Raiden: Have a care, mortal.
DVorah: The Hive will taste godflesh.

DVorah: You waste time with mortals.
Raiden: Their protection is my purpose.
DVorah: Protection breeds weakness.

DVorah: You will be brought to heel.
Reptile: I am no dog.
DVorah: A dog has more wit.

DVorah: The Hive greets you.
Scorpion: Indeed...
DVorah: We greet... then eat.

DVorah: Your flame beckons us.
Scorpion: It will engulf you.
DVorah: It will warm us as we feed.

DVorah: Lord Shinnok...
Shinnok: Prepare to be humbled.
DVorah: The Hive is a dangerous enemy.

DVorah: Netherrealm's master...
Shinnok: Yours as well, Dvorah.
DVorah: That remains to be seen.

DVorah: The Hive protects its children.
Sonya: So do pissed-off moms...
DVorah: You are brave despite the odds.

DVorah: We attempt diplomacy, General...
Sonya: Until my guard's down?
DVorah: Do we make you uncomfortable?

DVorah: Fresh prey!
Sub-Zero: Your young shall freeze.
DVorah: There is warm blood within you...

DVorah: You are known on Arnyek.
Sub-Zero: I will freeze your entire island.
DVorah: They will receive you warmly...


Ermac: We serve Empress Mileena.
Kotal Kahn: I am emperor now.
Ermac: Then earn our fealty...

Ermac: Our service ends now.
Kotal Kahn: You desert me?
Ermac: We kill you.

Ermac: Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: Anyone in there heard o' soap?
Ermac: We will break you, insolent one.

Ermac: Curious...
Ermac: We are many...
Ermac: As are we...

Ermac: Shao Kahn created us as well.
Ermac: For what purpose?
Ermac: To destroy you.

Ermac: We are Ermac.
Ermac: As are we...
Ermac: There can be only one.

Ermac: We are many...
Ermac: We are many more...
Ermac: We are manymoreplusinfinitytimesinfinitynopaybacks...

Ermac: You serve the Kahn?
Ermac: We serve no one.
Ermac: Then we must destroy you.

Ermac: You serve the Kahn?
Ermac: I have found my own path, Ermac.
Ermac: Then we must destroy you.

Ermac: Goro.
Goro: Do you harbor Shokan souls?
Ermac: Not yet.

Ermac: The actor...
Johnny Cage: But I'm gonna direct your death scene.
Ermac: You cannot kill what is already dead.

Ermac: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Oh goodie.
Ermac: We understand your fear.

Ermac: Metal arms like your father...
Jacqui: To honor him. And beat you down.
Ermac: You will fail at both.

Ermac: Well...?
Jason: ...

Ermac: The metal-armed man...
Jax: Yeah, thanks to you.
Ermac: You are already broken.

Ermac: Jackson Briggs.
Jax: Whaddyu want, freak?
Ermac: Your death.

Ermac: Kano.
Kano: Ermac...
Ermac: Our wrath is upon you.

Ermac: You betrayed the emperor.
Kano: Perhaps. A bit.
Ermac: Now face his justice.

Ermac: You have much psychic energy...
Takeda: I like to think so.
Ermac: It wll not save you.

Ermac: We sense your telepathy.
Takeda: I knew you were gonna say that.
Ermac: It will not avail you.

Ermac: Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Face me, Ermac.
Ermac: We accept your challenge.

Ermac: You are Kung Lao reborn.
Kung Lao: You should remember that.
Ermac: It is of no consequence.

Ermac: Beware, sightless one.
Kenshi: I don't need sight to destroy you.
Ermac: You will need more skill.

Ermac: We sense the dead within your sword.
Kenshi: My warrior ancestors.
Ermac: We will have them.

Ermac: We hunger for new souls.
Kenshi: Thousands of souls, but none your own.
Ermac: We are the thousands.

Ermac: Kitana.
Kitana: Your souls will soon be free.
Ermac: We will claim yours, Princess.

Ermac: We know you...
Kitana: We have fought before, construct.
Ermac: The memory is gone.

Ermac: You test our loyalties...
DVorah: You must serve the true emperor.
Ermac: And whom do you serve?

Ermac: You are not a singular being.
DVorah: The Hive is many.
Ermac: All will die.

Ermac: Kung Jin.
Kung Jin: This won't be a challenge.
Ermac: You underestimate our power.

Ermac: You are Shaolin.
Kung Jin: Just like Kung Lao and Liu Kang.
Ermac: Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn.

Ermac: Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Ermac. Your time is over.
Ermac: Not while a Kahn lives.

Ermac: Outworld's bane.
Liu Kang: I will be glad to win again.
Ermac: Today a champion dies.

Ermac: The dual being...
Ferra/Torr: We duel Mac-Mac.
Ermac: We will eradicate you.

Ermac: The being of two souls.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra-Torr fight as one.
Ermac: We fight as many.

Ermac: Your betray your realm.
Mileena: I was born to rule Outworld!
Ermac: All traitors must die.

Ermac: The former empress.
Mileena: The Being of Ten-Thousand Traitors.
Ermac: You disgraced your father's name.

Ermac: Our magic will consume you.
Erron Black: I have some of my own...
Ermac: A pittance compared to ours.

Ermac: You face ten-thousand souls.
Erron Black: Got a bullet for every last one.
Ermac: They do not harm the dead.

Ermac: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: I will scatter you to the winds.
Ermac: In the winds your screams will die.

Ermac: Identify yourself...
Quan Chi: Destroyer of ten-thousand souls.
Ermac: Die, boastful one.

Ermac: Raiden.
Raiden: I can un-make you, Ermac...
Ermac: You know not of what you speak.

Ermac: You think yourself a god?
Raiden: And what are you but a plague?
Ermac: We are your end.

Ermac: Curious creature.
Reptile: You would call me that?
Ermac: We are evolved beyond you.

Ermac: Challenge us at your peril.
Reptile: Not challenge. Kill.
Ermac: You have been warned.

Ermac: Scorpion.
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): My kunai will release your souls.
Ermac: Death will release yours.

Ermac: We too were born of sorcery.
Scorpion (revenant): Do not compare yourself to me.
Ermac: Very well, doomed one.

Ermac: Shinnok.
Shinnok: One of Shao Kahn's creations...
Ermac: We eliminate his enemies.

Ermac: Sonya Blade.
Sonya: You'll pay for what you did to Jax.
Ermac: Die avenging him.

Ermac: You will leave Outworld.
Sonya: After I blow up your Soul Chamber.
Ermac: We will defend our power source.

Ermac: Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Shao Kahn's death did not end you?
Ermac: Alas for you.

Erron Black

Erron Black: You die now, Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Threats will not go well for you.
Erron Black: It's only a threat if I lose.

Erron Black: You went to Earth long ago...
Kotal Kahn: How do you know this?
Erron Black: I'm older than I look.

Erron Black: Sergeant Cage.
Cassie Cage: I'm here, Fugly. Now what?
Erron Black: Let's teach you some manners.

Erron Black: You're in over your head.
Cassie Cage: Thanks for the tip.
Erron Black: Don't say I didn't warn you...

Erron Black: Ermac.
Ermac: Your soul will join our collective.
Erron Black: I'm not much of a "joiner."

Erron Black: Think I've seen a ghost...
Ermac: We are a collection of spirits.
Erron Black: A trash bin for dead things.

Erron Black: Shall we, Goro?
Goro: Away with you, pest.
Erron Black: Gonna beat some respect into you.

Erron Black: They're loaded, Cage.
Johnny Cage: Guns don't impress me.
Erron Black: Not even aimed at your head...?

Erron Black: What ill wind blew you here...?
Johnny Cage: Same one that knocked you outta the ugly tree...
Erron Black: Bad idea to insult me...

Erron Black: Researching a new role?
Johnny Cage: I've played gunslingers before.
Erron Black: I'm the real deal.

Erron Black: Hello, beautiful.
Jacqui: Messin' with the wrong girl.
Erron Black: But it feels so right...

Erron Black: I have a problem...
Jacqui: Looks aren't everything...
Erron Black: Now you have a problem...

Erron Black: I have a problem...
Jacqui: Your pee-pee hurts?
Erron Black: Now you have a problem...

Erron Black: What do we have here?
Jason: ...

Erron Black: State your business.
Jax: Y'better be smilin' when you say that...
Erron Black: I'll be smiling in a minute...

Erron Black: You a good shot, Briggs?
Jax: You don't wanna know...
Erron Black: Sure I do.

Erron Black: You're bad for business, Kano.
Kano: Y'could join the Black Dragon...
Erron Black: I can barely stand one of you.

Erron Black: Kano.
Kano: Looking for some action?
Erron Black: The kind that leaves you dead.

Erron Black: Mr. Takahashi.
Takeda: Gimme your best shot, Salazar.
Erron Black: One shot's all I need.

Erron Black: Guess who got paid to kill you...
Takeda: Hope they didn't pay in advance...
Erron Black: No complaints so far...

Erron Black: Mr. Kung.
Kung Lao: Prepared for defeat?
Erron Black: Haven't had to be yet...

Erron Black: Enjoying Outworld?
Kung Lao: Feels as if everything wants to kill me.
Erron Black: I'd go with that feeling.

Erron Black: Enjoying Outworld?
Kung Lao: Feels as if everything wants to kill me.
Erron Black: Well I definitely do.

Erron Black: I like the hat.
Kung Lao: It is also a projectile.
Erron Black: Let me show you real projectiles...

Erron Black: Gonna take me on, blind man?
Kenshi: No downside occurs to me...
Erron Black: The last mistake you'll ever make.

Erron Black: Hoping to visit the Kahn?
Kitana: I would not be caught dead...
Erron Black: That's exactly what you'd be.

Erron Black: Hoping to visit the Kahn?
Kitana: I would not be caught dead...
Erron Black: You'd be one, then the other.

Erron Black: The fallen princess...
Kitana: The wandering fool...
Erron Black: Introductions complete. Let's go.

Erron Black: What's goin' on, Dvorah?
DVorah: The Hive requires sustenance...
Erron Black: They won't be hungry for long...

Erron Black: You overthrew a head of state.
DVorah: We did, yes.
Erron Black: Who's to say you won't do it again?

Erron Black: You're far from home.
Kung Jin: Just doin' my job.
Erron Black: Outworld will swallow you whole.

Erron Black: Take a seat, Junior.
Kung Jin: I'll put an arrow where you sit...
Erron Black: My bullets'll get to you first.

Erron Black: Ready to eat lead?
Kung Jin: Tryin' to cut down.
Erron Black: Well here comes a double helping.

Erron Black: You have something to say?
Liu Kang: You are risking your life.
Erron Black: Nothing here can hurt me.

Erron Black: Got no chance, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: You have a high opinion of yourself...
Erron Black: I've earned it...

Erron Black: Just walk away, Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Torr walk on your head.
Erron Black: Further proof of a godless universe...

Erron Black: What's your hurry, Ferra?
Ferra/Torr: Torr wants jump to the good part!
Erron Black: Let's get to it then.

Erron Black: Mileena...
Mileena: Your blood must taste so sweet...
Erron Black: You won't get close enough to find out.

Erron Black: The crownless queen...
Mileena: I'll fashion one from your bones!
Erron Black: You'll drop in one shot.

Erron Black: The crownless queen...
Mileena: I'll fashion one from your bones!
Erron Black: You'll die trying.

Erron Black: Are you kidding me?
Erron Black: You're my next target.
Erron Black: Guess that makes you mine.

Erron Black: Mind games don't work on me.
Erron Black: There's an obvious insult there...
Erron Black: You'd best shut up and draw.

Erron Black: What is this?
Erron Black: There's more than one Salazar.
Erron Black: Not when I'm done with you.

Erron Black: I'm flattered.
Erron Black: I'm you, idiot.
Erron Black: I'm no longer amused.

Erron Black: I'm here, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: As I predicted...
Erron Black: Couple o' bullets oughta deflate that ego.

Erron Black: We don't want any.
Quan Chi: Any of what...?
Erron Black: Whatever bullshit you're peddling.

Erron Black: Raiden.
Raiden: You would oppose a god?
Erron Black: If the money were good enough...

Erron Black: I used to hunt toads as a kid.
Reptile: I am no toad.
Erron Black: No, you're a toady.

Erron Black: Reptile.
Reptile: I do not trust you, Salazar.
Erron Black: Then get out of the way.

Erron Black: Mr. Hasashi.
Scorpion: Mere firearms cannot stop me.
Erron Black: Nothing "mere" about 'em.

Erron Black: I'm not happy, Scorpion...
Scorpion: Your anger pales before mine...
Erron Black: That doesn't calm me down...

Erron Black: Shinnok.
Shinnok: You may prove useful...
Erron Black: I'm worth the money. Watch.

Erron Black: The Fallen One.
Shinnok: The nomadic fool.
Erron Black: Got some bullets just for you...

Erron Black: General Blade...
Sonya: You should be fighting for Earthrealm.
Erron Black: Outworld's my home now.

Erron Black: Hey, Lady...
Sonya: Someone walk in behind me?
Erron Black: Shame I have to put you down.

Erron Black: Girls with guns? Always hot.
Sonya: I'll shove 'em up your ass and fire.
Erron Black: Almost always hot.

Erron Black: No longer a cyborg?
Sub-Zero: I chose my revenant form.
Erron Black: And you went with this...

Erron Black: You're an easy target.
Sub-Zero: As are you.
Erron Black: Bullets beat snowballs any day.


Ferra/Torr: Boo Kahn!
Kotal Kahn: You no longer serve your emperor?
Ferra/Torr: We Big Boss now!

Ferra/Torr: We kill Kahn!
Kotal Kahn: I gave you a home. A purpose.
Ferra/Torr: You made we slave!

Ferra/Torr: Your eyes. Such pretty.
Cassie Cage: Got a thing for eyes, do ya?
Ferra/Torr: We collect. Each get one.

Ferra/Torr: Ghost man...
Ermac: We are the Kahn's enforcer.
Ferra/Torr: No, We are.

Ferra/Torr: Mac-Mac.
Ermac: Your lives are forfeit.
Ferra/Torr: You forfeit, Ghost Man!

Ferra/Torr: Bigmouth.
Johnny Cage: It's the all-new Pocket Psycho!
Ferra/Torr: Torr close mouth for good.

Ferra/Torr: Torr am upset.
Johnny Cage: S'got a monkey on his back.
Ferra/Torr: Monkey's claws cut deep...

Ferra/Torr: Pretty girl...
Jacqui: You are gonna haunt my dreams.
Ferra/Torr: You lay down, sleep.

Ferra/Torr: Pretty little doll...
Jacqui: I'm bigger'n you, Shrimpkin.
Ferra/Torr: Torr biggest of all...

Ferra/Torr: Bring it on!
Jax: Everybody gotta be stealin' my lines...
Ferra/Torr: And arms... And eyes!

Ferra/Torr: We take fancy arms...
Jax: No way you're touchin' my arms.
Ferra/Torr: Torr am the way.

Ferra/Torr: You no scare we.
Kano: Then yer both fools.
Ferra/Torr: Redeye' deadeye...

Ferra/Torr: Big Boss want talk.
Kano: Well I don't "want talk."
Ferra/Torr: Then we stomp.

Ferra/Torr: Pretty boy!
Takeda: Sorry... I have a girlfriend.
Ferra/Torr: She no' like you dead!

Ferra/Torr: You mama am Kenshi?
Takeda: Kenshi's my father.
Ferra/Torr: No "she" is father!

Ferra/Torr: Hatman!
Kung Lao: Shall I knock you off your perch?
Ferra/Torr: We keep hat. And shiny teeth.

Ferra/Torr: Can't See Man!
Kenshi: I am formidable regardless.
Ferra/Torr: We formable regargles too!

Ferra/Torr: No eyes?
Kenshi: I just don't see with them.
Ferra/Torr: You no need... We take 'em.

Ferra/Torr: Two beat' one, Girly Girl.
Kitana: Skill matters. Not numbers.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra-Torr matter most!

Ferra/Torr: Bug Lady not friend.
DVorah: Your death is necessary.
Ferra/Torr: No nec'sary to Ferra!

Ferra/Torr: We take Bug Lady's place.
DVorah: Never.
Ferra/Torr: Never am now!

Ferra/Torr: You like big pain, Bow'n?
Kung Jin: Sir, please muzzle your pet.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra not pet!

Ferra/Torr: You no hurt we.
Kung Jin: I don't want to, but I can.
Ferra/Torr: No can! Smash, Torr!

Ferra/Torr: Cham-peen.
Liu Kang: Do not mock me, child.
Ferra/Torr: WE champeen now.

Ferra/Torr: Squeeze and rip you!
Liu Kang: Why do you fight, creature?
Ferra/Torr: Hear bones go crunch-crunch!

Ferra/Torr: Who it is!
Ferra/Torr: Another we?
Ferra/Torr: Squeeze, squeeze, Torr!

Ferra/Torr: We Ferra-Torr. You no.
Ferra/Torr: Ha ha so funny.
Ferra/Torr: We not think so!

Ferra/Torr: What's big idea?!
Ferra/Torr: You rider--like me?
Ferra/Torr: We fighters! Go, Torr!

Ferra/Torr: Why you look like we?
Ferra/Torr: Why you look like we?
Ferra/Torr: This no funny!

Ferra/Torr: Bigteeth! Nasty...
Mileena: I will sharpen them on your bones.
Ferra/Torr: She wants 'play, Torr!

Ferra/Torr: No-Kahn!
Mileena: The appetizer, and main course...
Ferra/Torr: We eat Tarkatans before...

Ferra/Torr: Ready go shoot-shoot?
Erron Black: Yeah, something like that...
Ferra/Torr: Then Torr stomp guts out!

Ferra/Torr: Bang Bang.
Erron Black: Call me Salazar, Ferra.
Ferra/Torr: We call you Deady Dead.

Ferra/Torr: Egg Man.
Quan Chi: Be silent like your friend.
Ferra/Torr: Egg Man go crack crack...

Ferra/Torr: You know other riders?
Quan Chi: There were once many like you.
Ferra/Torr: Never one like Ferra-Torr!

Ferra/Torr: We remember Lightning Hand.
Raiden: Then you know I can help you.
Ferra/Torr: Pretty talk, then zap zap.

Ferra/Torr: You want hurt we.
Raiden: I want to restore you.
Ferra/Torr: You no take Torr from me!

Ferra/Torr: Froggy!
Reptile: The child and the beast.
Ferra/Torr: Chomp chomp, yum yum!

Ferra/Torr: Ick-froggy.
Reptile: You are insane, child.
Ferra/Torr: Stomp and smash, Torr!

Ferra/Torr: Spear Man afraid?
Scorpion: I fear nothing.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra-Torr fix that.

Ferra/Torr: Big Hat.
Shinnok: I will not tolerate disrespect.
Ferra/Torr: Big Hat learn 'respect Ferra!

Ferra/Torr: You no hurt Big Bossy.
Shinnok: You will not keep me from him.
Ferra/Torr: Bash! Break bone and tear!

Ferra/Torr: So-nee-uh...
Sonya: General Blade.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra blade girl too...

Ferra/Torr: We no stand aside!
Sonya: So much for diplomacy...
Ferra/Torr: Pretty head go pop!

Ferra/Torr: Snowman want fight?
Sub-Zero: Only if I must.
Ferra/Torr: Ooh... He must!

Ferra/Torr: You no listen' Torr, Freezy.
Sub-Zero: The beast said nothing.
Ferra/Torr: We take eyes. You learn use ears.


Goro: Ermac.
Ermac: Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn.
Goro: I am ready.

Goro: You challenge me?
Goro: For your throne.
Goro: Then let us begin.

Goro: A rival?
Goro: One who will best you.
Goro: Prepare for kombat.

Goro: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Don't you owe me some sunglasses?
Goro: Here is what you are "owed."

Goro: Another Earthrealmer...
Jacqui: You're a tall drink o' water...
Goro: In which you will drown.

Goro: I am here, fool.
Jax: Was wonderin' if you'd show up.
Goro: I have indeed "shown up."

Goro: Kano.
Kano: Your Highness...
Goro: I'll not abide your mockery.

Goro: You exude psychic energy.
Takeda: I do, Goro Half-Dragon.
Goro: It matters not...

Goro: Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Shall I defeat you again, Goro?
Goro: I will wring your Shaolin neck!

Goro: Swordsman...
Kenshi: An honor, Prince Goro.
Goro: You face death like a warrior.

Goro: Kitana.
Kitana: Go back into hiding.
Goro: I hide from no one.

Goro: Kung Jin.
Kung Jin: That's me, Loincloth.
Goro: There is no honor in you.

Goro: I nearly bested you.
Liu Kang: With the aid of Shang Tsung's magic.
Goro: That is a lie!

Goro: Ferra-Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Four-arms!
Goro: You are a worthy opponent.

Goro: Mileena.
Mileena: The Shokan coward shows his face.
Goro: Your words seal your fate.

Goro: Prepare yourself.
Erron Black: That's it? No stirring speech?
Goro: I fight. That is all.

Goro: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: You seek my aid, Goro?
Goro: Never, deceiver!

Goro: Raiden.
Raiden: You have little hope of victory.
Goro: Arrogant Earthrealmer...

Goro: Scorpion.
Scorpion: You...
Goro: I will tear you apart!

Goro: Shinnok.
Shinnok: Come to pledge your service?
Goro: The Shokan serve no one.

Goro: Sonya Blade.
Sonya: Goro, help us against Shinnok.
Goro: I'll never aid Earthrealm.

Goro: Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Defend yourself.
Goro: That I will, cryomancer.


Jacqui: We should be allies, Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: I will not ally with Earthrealm.
Jacqui: Gonna be sorry you said that.

Jacqui: Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: Speak when you are spoken to.
Jacqui: You did not just say that.

Jacqui: Sure you're ready for this?
Cassie Cage: Sure as your name's "bitchface."
Jacqui: See now I gotta hurt ya.

Jacqui: Sure you're ready for this?
Cassie Cage: Since the second I saw that outfit.
Jacqui: See now I gotta hurt ya.

Jacqui: We gonna throw down?
Cassie Cage: We could do each other's hair...
Jacqui: Not as much fun.

Jacqui: My dad's biggern' yours...
Cassie Cage: My dad beat up Shinnok.
Jacqui: Well played.

Jacqui: Hey, girlfriend.
Cassie Cage: Ooh, we havin' a catfight now?
Jacqui: The boys are gonna love this...

Jacqui: Why not be your own man, Ermac?
Ermac: We fight for Outworld.
Jacqui: Then I'll kick your ass for Earthrealm.

Jacqui: You son of a bitch...
Ermac: Our creator was Shao Kahn.
Jacqui: Evil and stupid...

Jacqui: Join us, Goro.
Goro: Earthrealm is my enemy.
Jacqui: It is now...

Jacqui: No jokes. Let's do it.
Johnny Cage: That's what she said.
Jacqui: It never stops...

Jacqui: C'mon, Mr. Cage.
Johnny Cage: Sure. I pound you, Jax pounds me...
Jacqui: I'll save him the trouble.

Jacqui: Ok, what's the joke...
Jacqui: This is all kinds o' serious.
Jacqui: All right, we'll do it that way.

Jacqui: Uh uh... I was here first.
Jacqui: Doesn't mean you can jack my style.
Jacqui: Your...? Oh, it's on!

Jacqui: I don't like this...
Jacqui: You don't have to like it.
Jacqui: Well let's get to it.

Jacqui: Uh huh...
Jacqui: As if...
Jacqui: Be real...

Jacqui: Not now.
Jason: ...

Jacqui: Dad, go home.
Jax: You know I can't do that.
Jacqui: Pigheaded old man...

Jacqui: Does this have to happen?
Jax: Life's about hard choices.
Jacqui: This one just got easier.

Jacqui: I don't wanna hurt you, Dad.
Jax: You're the least of my worries...
Jacqui: Yeah, Mom'd kill us both if she knew...

Jacqui: Dad, what's going on?
Jax: Wanna be an adult? Fine.
Jacqui: Sorry I have to do this...

Jacqui: Kano.
Kano: Your mouth says Kay-NO, your eyes say Kayn-YES.
Jacqui: Puns are a crime against humanity.

Jacqui: Gonna give you to General Blade.
Kano: S'fine with me...
Jacqui: Not in one piece, of course.

Jacqui: Let's hit it, boy.
Takeda: Just an exercise, remember?
Jacqui: Yeah, I'll remember.

Jacqui: Not the date I had in mind.
Takeda: Rather do dinner and a movie?
Jacqui: No. This is just fine.

Jacqui: Don't expect any mercy.
Takeda: Playing hard to get?
Jacqui: Very hard.

Jacqui: I'm not afraid of you.
Kung Lao: How might I change your mind?
Jacqui: Change your name to Liu Kang.

Jacqui: Mr. Inferiority Complex.
Kung Lao: I resent your implication.
Jacqui: Which proves my point.

Jacqui: Ready, Mr. Takahashi?
Kenshi: Please. Call me "dad."
Jacqui: Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Jacqui: I like sparring with you.
Kenshi: I'm just as formidable as Mr. Cage.
Jacqui: And with less fart jokes.

Jacqui: A princess should look happier.
Kitana: There is a problem I must solve.
Jacqui: Prune juice. Look into it.

Jacqui: Time for some fun...
Kitana: This is a game to you?
Jacqui: I call it "Punt the Princess."

Jacqui: Leave my teammates alone.
DVorah: You need their help...?
Jacqui: Or a really big fly swatter...

Jacqui: Dvorah.
DVorah: The Swarm will feast on your corpse.
Jacqui: Know what you can do with your threats.

Jacqui: Been looking for you, Jin.
Kung Jin: And here I am...
Jacqui: Let's catch up.

Jacqui: Poor Jin...
Kung Jin: What is it now?
Jacqui: You're gonna get beat up.

Jacqui: From champ to chump.
Liu Kang: You will respect me!
Jacqui: Were you champion of the whiners?

Jacqui: What is it, Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: A simple exercise, Miss Briggs.
Jacqui: It always starts that way...

Jacqui: Don't think you're ready for this.
Ferra/Torr: We ready for anything!
Jacqui: Then let's go.

Jacqui: Aren't you a big boy...
Ferra/Torr: He all mine!
Jacqui: You need some new friends.

Jacqui: Mileena.
Mileena: My blades will drink your blood.
Jacqui: Settle down, Crazy Woman.

Jacqui: S'up, Crazytown?
Mileena: I wish to admire your gloves...
Jacqui: You're either crazy or stupid.

Jacqui: I'm at the top o' my game, Salazar.
Erron Black: Good thing I brought a little extra...
Jacqui: Extra blood? You'll need it.

Jacqui: I really don't like you.
Erron Black: I really don't care.
Jacqui: As long as we're straight on that...

Jacqui: Scumbag...
Quan Chi: Your anger ensures your defeat.
Jacqui: You go right on thinkin' that.

Jacqui: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: I will end your sad existence.
Jacqui: This'll cheer me up...

Jacqui: Raiden, you surprised me.
Raiden: As will your enemies.
Jacqui: Then they'll get somma this...

Jacqui: I don't get you, Reptile...
Reptile: Explain, child...
Jacqui: Always fodder for other peoples' wars...

Jacqui: Eh, y'ain't all that.
Scorpion: Allow me to prove you wrong.
Jacqui: Prove away.

Jacqui: Scorpion.
Scorpion (revenant): Quan Chi has need of your soul.
Jacqui: Sorry, I'm using it right now.

Jacqui: Been waitin' a while for this...
Shinnok: I'm sure you have, young Briggs.
Jacqui: I'm wipin' that smirk off your face.

Jacqui: Ready to get schooled?
Shinnok: What have you to teach me?
Jacqui: How to be hit in the face.

Jacqui: Ready to get schooled?
Shinnok: What have you to teach me?
Jacqui: Pummelling 101.

Jacqui: Aunt Sonya.
Sonya: Right now I'm General Blade.
Jacqui: Court Martial it is...

Jacqui: Aunt Sonya.
Sonya: Right now I'm General Blade.
Jacqui: Can't spell "Briggs" without B-R-I-G...

Jacqui: Leave Dad in peace.
Sonya: There's things only Jax can do.
Jacqui: His kid's not half-bad y'know...

Jacqui: Do you know me, Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: You are daughter of Jackson Briggs.
Jacqui: I'm a lot more than that.

Jacqui: The Lin Kuei are good guys?
Sub-Zero: The thin blue line obstructing Earth's foes.
Jacqui: Think you borrowed that line...

Jacqui: Dad says you helped him...
Sub-Zero: After we escaped Quan Chi.
Jacqui: Now you attack his daughter?


Jason: ...
Kotal Kahn: You do not impress.

Jason: ...
Cassie Cage: Don't get any blood on me.

Jason: ...
Johnny Cage: Ohhh... freak.

Jason: ...
Jacqui: Gonna be that kinda day, huh...

Jason: ...
Jax: We gonna fight now?

Jason: ...
Takeda: This should be interesting...

Jason: ...
Kung Lao: I will defeat you easily enough.

Jason: ...
Kenshi: An appalling lack of manners.

Jason: ...
Kitana: Enough of this.

Jason: ...
DVorah: You are merely another victim.

Jason: ...
Kung Jin: I owe you money or something?

Jason: ...
Liu Kang: I am ready.

Jason: ...
Mileena: Give it up, scum.

Jason: ...
Erron Black: Get ready.

Jason: ...
Quan Chi: You will serve me well.

Jason: ...
Reptile: You will die now.

Jason: ...
Scorpion: Your soul is weak.

Jason: ...
Shinnok: You amuse me.

Jason: ...
Sonya: You know how to use those?

Jason: ...
Sub-Zero: You do not impress.


Jax: Kotal Kahn...
Kotal Kahn: You have a... score to settle?
Jax: You disrespected my daughter.

Jax: Another damn Kahn...
Kotal Kahn: You will respect my title.
Jax: You n' your title stay outta Earthrealm.

Jax: Sure 'bout this, Cassie?
Cassie Cage: I'm a big girl. I can take it.
Jax: That's what they always think...

Jax: I got bigger things to do than this.
Cassie Cage: Guess cows don't milk themselves...
Jax: Y'don't have to be like your dad y'know...

Jax: The walkin' First Aid kit...
Ermac: The soldier speaks nonsense.
Jax: Well here's somethin' you'll understand...

Jax: You took my arms.
Ermac: And now you seek revenge...
Jax: Let's call it my "pound of flesh."

Jax: Great...
Johnny Cage: Look a little rusty, Metal Man.
Jax: Well let's knock some o' that rust off...

Jax: Waddyu want, Cage...
Johnny Cage: Thought you could use a workout.
Jax: Aren't you busy makin' another shitty movie?

Jax: Ya ready for it?
Johnny Cage: You're not gonna like this.
Jax: If it involves whoopin' you I will.

Jax: I told you not to come.
Jacqui: Doesn't mean I have to listen.
Jax: Then you're gonna learn...

Jax: You enlisted behind my back...
Jacqui: My decision. I'm ready.
Jax: Prove it.

Jax: You're here.
Jacqui: Wouldn't miss a "father-daughter dance."
Jax: Wish you wouldn't call it that...

Jax: I can't protect you forever.
Jacqui: I can protect myself.
Jax: Well I guess we'll see 'bout that.

Jax: This is a waste o' my time.
Jason: ...

Jax: Who're you s'posed to be...
Jax: I'm Jackson Briggs, chump.
Jax: World ain' big enough for two of us...

Jax: There's two of us?!
Jax: Only gonna be one in a minute.
Jax: I'm too old for this shit...

Jax: Well look at this...
Jax: You from another dimension or somethin'?
Jax: S'far as you know...

Jax: How is this possible...
Jax: Quan Chi, that's how.
Jax: He's getting a visit after this.

Jax: Always so smug...
Kano: I'm a Black Dragon.
Jax: Gonna turn you black and blue.

Jax: Kano...
Kano: S'how's the family, Briggs?
Jax: About to celebrate.

Jax: Takeda...
Takeda: Can we avoid this for Jacqui's sake?
Jax: Fraid she won't like your busted face?

Jax: Heard you're a tech geek.
Takeda: I've got some toys you'll like...
Jax: Who do you think designed 'em...?

Jax: Kung Lao...
Kung Lao: I'm afraid I must hurt you.
Jax: I'll take it under advisement.

Jax: Ready for this, Lao?
Kung Lao: Posturing will not help.
Jax: I can back it up.

Jax: A sword?
Kenshi: Sento will serve me well.
Jax: Kinda cute how you named it 'n all...

Jax: A sword?
Kenshi: Sento will serve me well.
Jax: Real men? Don't name their weapons.

Jax: Need help findin' the ladies' room?
Kenshi: You need an attitude adjustment.
Jax: Bring it on.

Jax: I've escaped Quan Chi's control.
Kitana: You will die and rejoin him.
Jax: Oh, you think so?

Jax: No Edenians allowed.
Kitana: I am no threat to Earthrealm.
Jax: I'll make sure o' that.

Jax: You're the one 'throws bees at people?
DVorah: Our young can be expelled and retrieved.
Jax: And mashed into paste...

Jax: You're the one 'throws bees at people?
DVorah: Our young can be expelled and retrieved.
Jax: Can't wait for that...

Jax: Let's go, Queen Bee.
DVorah: My children will feast on your guts.
Jax: I'll squash all 'y'all.

Jax: Kung Jin...
Kung Jin: Stocked up on painkillers?
Jax: My fists are all I need.

Jax: Kung Jin...
Kung Jin: Stocked up on painkillers?
Jax: I'm about to kill a pain in my ass...

Jax: How shall we spend our time today?
Kung Jin: Gimme all you got, Has-Been.
Jax: Day at the hospital it is.

Jax: Outta my way, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: You must earn your right to pass.
Jax: I've earned way more'n that, punk.

Jax: Don' mess with me, Liu...
Liu Kang: I will do more than "mess with you."
Jax: That? Is messin' with me.

Jax: The hell's goin' on here?
Ferra/Torr: Ferra-Torr want you' eyes.
Jax: You'll get my foot in your ass.

Jax: Your friend doesn't say much.
Ferra/Torr: Me hear Torr fine.
Jax: Telepathy? Or just crazy...?

Jax: This won't take long.
Mileena: Boastful cretin.
Jax: Ain't boastin'. Just fact.

Jax: Mileena...
Mileena: Surprised to see me?
Jax: More like "disgusted."

Jax: Mileena...
Mileena: Surprised to see me?
Jax: Most freak shows charge admission.

Jax: Salazar...
Erron Black: Guess old soldiers never die...
Jax: ... they just whoop your ass.

Jax: The Outworld cowboy...
Erron Black: You've stepped in it now.
Jax: I'll wipe it on your face.

Jax: You son-of-a-bitch--
Quan Chi: You may address me as "Master."
Jax: Never again Quan Chi...

Jax: You don't wanna be here...
Quan Chi: You will bow to me.
Jax: Correction: I'm gonna bury you.

Jax: You'll pay for what you did.
Quan Chi: I returned you to life.
Jax: There are things worse than death...

Jax: Step off, Raiden...
Raiden: Ever the model of restraint...
Jax: Comments like that don't help...

Jax: Why would I to listen to you?
Raiden: I am Protector of Earthrealm.
Jax: It's better off without you.

Jax: I'm locked and loaded.
Reptile: Only cowards use firearms.
Jax: But spitting on people's okay...

Jax: Thought I smelled somethin'...
Reptile: Have a care, Jackson Briggs.
Jax: I do care--you stink.

Jax: You're free of Quan Chi!
Scorpion: I choose this battle freely.
Jax: You choose poorly.

Jax: I was a revenant too, y'know.
Scorpion: We fought side by side.
Jax: Not anymore...

Jax: Y'got no fire, Hanzo...
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Fire is mine to command.
Jax: S'not what I meant...

Jax: Scorpion...
Scorpion (revenant): Your soul will burn.
Jax: Only thing gettin' lit's my cigar.

Jax: You'll break 'same as anyone...
Shinnok: Such a tiny imagination...
Jax: I've dreamed up lots o' ways to hurt you.

Jax: Folks are gonna be pissed...
Shinnok: At your impending failure...
Jax: That there's nothin' left o' you to whoop...

Jax: What are you doin'...
Sonya: You ready, old man?
Jax: Don't break a hip, gramma.

Jax: I'm not rejoining Special Forces.
Sonya: Not even to protect Jaqui?
Jax: Leave her out of this!

Jax: Sub-Zero...
Sub-Zero: You toy with death.
Jax: Then let's play.

Jax: Stand down, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Do you not trust me?
Jax: Trust is earned.

Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage: Sure you wanna do this?
Kotal Kahn: The sky foretold your demise.
Johnny Cage: Whatever you say, Nostradamus.

Johnny Cage: Sup, Montezuma?
Kotal Kahn: Your heart will burn in my hands.
Johnny Cage: Are you mad at me?

Johnny Cage: Have you been working out?
Kotal Kahn: Never have I heard such insolence.
Johnny Cage: You don't know me very well...

Johnny Cage: Any o' these shops yours?
Kotal Kahn: This entire Marketplace is mine.
Johnny Cage: Then maybe they'll give you some pants.

Johnny Cage: Any o' these shops yours?
Kotal Kahn: This entire Marketplace is mine.
Johnny Cage: Yet you can't afford pants...

Johnny Cage: My own daughter...
Cassie Cage: Gotta let me grow up sometime.
Johnny Cage: Not like this...

Johnny Cage: Think you can take your old man?
Cassie Cage: Not a problem...
Johnny Cage: Then show me.

Johnny Cage: Think you can take your old man?
Cassie Cage: Not a problem...
Johnny Cage: Your mother wears army boots...

Johnny Cage: We're training extra hard today.
Cassie Cage: The mission didn't go that bad...
Johnny Cage: I may vomit with pride...

Johnny Cage: You're a good lookin' kid.
Cassie Cage: Cause I take after Mom.
Johnny Cage: Well I'll try to avoid your face.

Johnny Cage: The mummy returns...
Ermac: You annoy us, Earthrealm fool.
Johnny Cage: That s'posed to make me feel bad?

Johnny Cage: Hey, Mac.
Ermac: We will end you.
Johnny Cage: "We"? Is your mother joining us?

Johnny Cage: Headed for a fall, Goro.
Goro: How, exactly?
Johnny Cage: Shokan have yam sacks, right?

Johnny Cage: Headed for a fall, Goro.
Goro: How, exactly?
Johnny Cage: Cuz I'm gonna punch you in your fuckin' balls.

Johnny Cage: Is this for real?
Johnny Cage: How many of us are there?
Johnny Cage: There can be only one...

Johnny Cage: You gotta be kidding me.
Johnny Cage: Nope. I'm you.
Johnny Cage: Then who am I?

Johnny Cage: What're you, my good-lookin' stunt double?
Johnny Cage: I was about to ask you the same thing.
Johnny Cage: Well let's see who's who.

Johnny Cage: There's a good lookin' guy...
Johnny Cage: You're perceptive.
Johnny Cage: Let's get this party started.

Johnny Cage: Just steer clear of the face.
Johnny Cage: And don't mess up the hair.
Johnny Cage: Deal.

Johnny Cage: This is embarrassing...
Johnny Cage: Don't beat yourself up over it.
Johnny Cage: Wow, I am annoying.

Johnny Cage: Jacqui.
Jacqui: Specialist Briggs reporting.
Johnny Cage: Let's see what's "special" about you.

Johnny Cage: Think your dad's jealous of me?
Jacqui: No. Not at all.
Johnny Cage: Didn't have to answer that fast...

Johnny Cage: Here ya go, Lucky Boy.
Jason: ...

Johnny Cage: Mister Briggs I presume.
Jax: You always gotta be a fool?
Johnny Cage: Alright. Let's get serious.

Johnny Cage: Why're you pissed at me?
Jax: I don't want Jacqui on your team.
Johnny Cage: Guess what? S'not up to you.

Johnny Cage: What's hap'nin', Tin Man?
Jax: God I hate your movie references...
Johnny Cage: And ACTION!

Johnny Cage: Didn't you throw me off a bridge?
Kano: Guilty as charged.
Johnny Cage: It's payback time.

Johnny Cage: Scumbag.
Kano: Tosser...
Johnny Cage: Yer gettin' a punch "down under."

Johnny Cage: What the hell, Tak?
Takeda: Call it a career move.
Johnny Cage: A really bad one...

Johnny Cage: You ready for this?
Takeda: Wearing your extra-strength denture cream?
Johnny Cage: Witty repartee? Check.

Johnny Cage: Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: This will not be painless.
Johnny Cage: Not as painless as you don't think it won't be...

Johnny Cage: You doin' here, Lao?
Kung Lao: I wish to test your stamina.
Johnny Cage: Well ring the bell, son...

Johnny Cage: Kenshi.
Kenshi: Preparing for a comeback?
Johnny Cage: I never left.

Johnny Cage: Kenshi, is it true?
Kenshi: Is what true?
Johnny Cage: Are your nuts truly numb?

Johnny Cage: Kitana.
Kitana: I have bested you before, Cage.
Johnny Cage: I was being nice... those ten times...

Johnny Cage: Hellooo, Nurse.
Kitana: You're gonna need... a nurse...
Johnny Cage: Hot. But can't trash-talk.

Johnny Cage: Dvorah.
DVorah: The bag of meat will spring a leak.

Johnny Cage: Dvorah.
DVorah: The bag of meat will spring a leak.
Johnny Cage: I try to be friendly...

Johnny Cage: Dvorah.
DVorah: The bag of meat will spring a leak.
Johnny Cage: Hey--I'm a person. Not an object.

Johnny Cage: Creepy Lady...
DVorah: The Hive wish to taste you.
Johnny Cage: Well, 'hope they like eatin' through a straw.

Johnny Cage: You showed!
Kung Jin: You're late.
Johnny Cage: Executive privilege, Grasshopper.

Johnny Cage: Gonna test ya, Jin.
Kung Jin: Gonna get me an A-plus-plus.
Johnny Cage: Or be flat on your A-S-S.

Johnny Cage: An actor and a Shaolin walk into a bar...
Liu Kang: I have no patience for your humor.
Johnny Cage: Then I'll get to the punchline...

Johnny Cage: How ya doin', Lu-Lu?
Liu Kang: Consider to whom you speak.
Johnny Cage: Sorry... Mister Lu-Lu...

Johnny Cage: What circus you escape from?
Ferra/Torr: Jokey man go squish...
Johnny Cage: Direct your attention to the center ring...

Johnny Cage: What circus you escape from?
Ferra/Torr: Jokey man go squish...
Johnny Cage: Temperamental performers...

Johnny Cage: Master Blaster.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra make the rhymes!
Johnny Cage: Y'got a rhyme for "duck ploo"?

Johnny Cage: No autographs today.
Mileena: I will rend your hide.
Johnny Cage: Always nice to meet a fan.

Johnny Cage: How ya doin', Butterface?
Mileena: That had better be a compliment.
Johnny Cage: Best I can do.

Johnny Cage: Stay focused, cowboy.
Erron Black: I'm always focused.
Johnny Cage: So it doesn't bother you that your shoe's untied...?

Johnny Cage: So whaddya think?
Erron Black: This is gonna get ugly.
Johnny Cage: You're gonna get even uglier.

Johnny Cage: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: My sorcery is insurmountable.
Johnny Cage: Your fly's open.

Johnny Cage: Hey, Chuckles!
Quan Chi: You will pay for your insolence.
Johnny Cage: Cue ball, corner pocket.

Johnny Cage: Hey, Chuckles!
Quan Chi: You will pay for your insolence.
Johnny Cage: Celebrities get it for free.

Johnny Cage: Your Holiness...
Raiden: This is not a time for levity...
Johnny Cage: Good. Cuz I can't fly.

Johnny Cage: Fifty bucks? Says I win.
Raiden: I do not wager money.
Johnny Cage: Then I get to wear your hat.

Johnny Cage: Reptile.
Reptile: You wish for agonizing pain...?
Johnny Cage: Sure, why not...

Johnny Cage: And how are we today?
Reptile: Be forewarned: My anger is great.
Johnny Cage: Nothin' worse than a cranky frog...

Johnny Cage: Are you Revenant Scorpy?
Scorpion: I am what I've always been.
Johnny Cage: Sure didn't answer my question...

Johnny Cage: Listen to me, Hanzo--
Scorpion: You talk too much.
Johnny Cage: Who're you--everyone I ever met?

Johnny Cage: Grampa...
Shinnok: I will rip your insolent tongue from--
Johnny Cage: Yeah, yeah, shut up.

Johnny Cage: You shouldn't be here.
Shinnok: You question me?
Johnny Cage: Okay... Why an ass for a face?

Johnny Cage: Hey, baby.
Sonya: You're such an ass.
Johnny Cage: And you love it.

Johnny Cage: We could get back together, y'know...
Sonya: Once was punishment enough.
Johnny Cage: Ah... such a bitch.

Johnny Cage: We could get back together, y'know...
Sonya: Once was punishment enough.
Johnny Cage: Fighting it is...

Johnny Cage: Been lookin' for ya...
Sonya: And here I am...
Johnny Cage: Nice to see you too, honey.

Johnny Cage: Talk to me...
Sonya: That would mean you'd have to keep quiet...
Johnny Cage: You're right. Never mind.

Johnny Cage: Ice to see ya.
Sub-Zero: Must everything be a joke?
Johnny Cage: Yeah. It does.

Johnny Cage: You lost, Cold-ilocks?
Sub-Zero: I've found what I sought.
Johnny Cage: Well I hope you brought snacks.

Johnny Cage: You lost, Cold-ilocks?
Sub-Zero: I've found what I sought.
Johnny Cage: Thought you'd be lookin' for the Three Brrrs.

atulations on winning the lottery.


Kano: Kotal...
Kotal Kahn: You betrayed me, Kano.
Kano: Wasn't personal. But this is.

Kano: Your Highness...
Kotal Kahn: You are lower than the jackal.
Kano: Prob'ly richer than 'im, too.

Kano: Blondie Junior...
Cassie Cage: Mom's told me all about you...
Kano: Then we can skip the foreplay...

Kano: Past your bedtime, ain'it?
Cassie Cage: You'll be the one taking a nap.
Kano: Come tuck me in then.

Kano: Looks so much like her momma...
Cassie Cage: Screw you, creep.
Kano: Wager you scream like her, too.

Kano: Over here, sweet girl...
Cassie Cage: Grandma, what big teeth you have.
Kano: Here's how the story ends...

Kano: Well, Ermac. Shall we?
Ermac: You are one against many.
Kano: I like my chances...

Kano: Shao Kahn's old pet...
Ermac: We serve Outworld's ruler.
Kano: And who might that be these days?

Kano: S'how's Sonya?
Johnny Cage: You stay away from her.

Kano: What're you eyein' me for...
Johnny Cage: So there's ice cream in Outworld, Chubby?
Kano: That's your last go at me.

Kano: Shall we dance, pretty girl?
Jacqui: I'll lead.
Kano: I'll follow.

Kano: Jax's little girl...
Jacqui: ... is gonna beat your wrinkly ass.
Kano: Give it a whirl...

Kano: Who're you?
Jason: ...

Kano: Aren't you dead?
Jax: I was. Then I was cured.
Kano: Get set for a relapse.

Kano: Just a second-rate Sonya...
Jax: Just a second-rate Jarek...
Kano: Rack off...

Kano: Look who's here...
Kano: What's your game...
Kano: Lemme show you...

Kano: Hello, Sport.
Kano: Who're you, then?
Kano: Black Dragon's new leader.

Kano: Believe it, mate.
Kano: Shang Tsung did this?
Kano: He made plenty of us...

Kano: Little Kenshi...
Takeda: Nasty case o' pinkeye you got there...
Kano: Y'don't know the half of it...

Kano: Liu Kang...?
Kung Lao: Scum! You face Kung Lao!
Kano: Whatever.

Kano: The fella with the hat...
Kung Lao: Do not provoke a Shaolin.
Kano: Y'toss your shoes as well?

Kano: I love a good hat...
Kung Lao: Do not provoke a Shaolin.
Kano: Y'toss your shoes as well?

Kano: Kenshi...
Kenshi: You risk much approaching me.
Kano: I get a new sword out of it...

Kano: Picked the wrong day, Sport.
Kenshi: I'll take my chances.
Kano: S'your funeral...

Kano: Kitana...
Kitana: I don't recall kombating you...
Kano: Let's make some memories...

Kano: Sorry luv. Nuthin' personal.
Kitana: What you will not do for money.
Kano: I'd do you for free...

Kano: Dvorah...
DVorah: Point your eye weapon elsewhere.
Kano: I call it my bug zapper...

Kano: Still angry with me?
DVorah: Your life... is forfeit.
Kano: Guess that's a yes.

Kano: The Littlest Shaolin...
Kung Jin: Get outta my face, loser.
Kano: I'll carve your face off.

Kano: Look sharp, little man.
Kung Jin: I'm a Shaolin monk, dirtbag.
Kano: They'll let anyone in, eh?

Kano: Where you off to, then?
Liu Kang: Through you, it seems.
Kano: Goin' home in a box. Or two.

Kano: G'home, Ferra.
Ferra/Torr: What home?
Kano: Whatever rubbish tip you crawled from.

Kano: You talk too much, Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Me Ferra. Him Torr.

Kano: Yer done, Mileena.
Mileena: You betray me, too?
Kano: I prefer the winnin' side...

Kano: Mileena...
Mileena: I want my gold back, Kano.
Kano: Sorry. No refunds.

Kano: Why don't we work together...
Erron Black: I'd rather kill you.
Kano: Yeah, same 'ere.

Kano: You know the Black Dragon...
Erron Black: Killed one. Kobra, I think.
Kano: Another reason to gut you.

Kano: Quan Chi...
Quan Chi: Kano... Business or pleasure?
Kano: I'm here ta kill ya, so... both.

Kano: Time for pain, baldy.
Quan Chi: Does the worm turn?
Kano: Maybe he got a better offer.

Kano: The Big Cheese...
Raiden: This will not end well for you.
Kano: Get your crystal ball fixed.

Kano: Quite the sour look...
Raiden: My dour look conveys contempt.
Kano: I said sour. As in puss.

Kano: The Kahn's lackey.
Reptile: I've more honor than a mercenary.
Kano: And what's honor buy you?

Kano: The lizard man...
Reptile: I will tear your flesh!
Kano: So it's a goer...

Kano: I'll have that rope spear...
Scorpion: It is not for sale.
Kano: Who said I wanna buy it...

Kano: Scorpion...
Scorpion: Mercenary dog...
Kano: No team-up then, eh?

Kano: Shinnok...
Shinnok: LORD Shinnok to you...
Kano: I don't like your attitude.

Kano: I admire your work, Shinnok.
Shinnok: And you are...?
Kano: Your stalker, I suppose...

Kano: I admire your work, Shinnok.
Shinnok: And you are...?
Kano: Someone ya shouldn't piss off.

Kano: Hello, my lovely.
Sonya: You're coming with me--in chains.
Kano: Tempting, but I'll pass.

Kano: You shouldn'ta followed me...
Sonya: You shouldn't have run.
Kano: Who's running...?

Kano: So wassit take ta join your club?
Sub-Zero: You are not worthy.
Kano: Wasn't askin', don't like your tone.


Kenshi: Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Mr. Takahashi.
Kenshi: This audience must take an uncivil turn.

Kenshi: I've come to talk.
Kotal Kahn: I grow tired of talk.
Kenshi: As you wish...

Kenshi: Cassie...
Cassie Cage: Ready, Kenshi sir.
Kenshi: We'll find out, won't we...

Kenshi: A word of advice?
Cassie Cage: Okay, but you never listen...
Kenshi: I meant... Never mind.

Kenshi: A fellow telekinetic...
Ermac: It is a spirit energy.
Kenshi: Show me.

Kenshi: One of your souls fights for dominance...
Ermac: He will fail, as will you.
Kenshi: I only wish to help.

Kenshi: My ancestors convey their respect...
Goro: As well they should.
Kenshi: And will welcome you in the Hereafter.

Kenshi: A showdown? As in your films?
Johnny Cage: Did you like 'em?
Kenshi: Blindness has its benefits...

Kenshi: Johnny...
Johnny Cage: What's up?
Kenshi: Just wanna help you keep in shape.

Kenshi: Jacqui...
Jacqui: We goin' again, Kenshi-san?
Kenshi: Jax insisted I exhaust you.

Kenshi: Your final test, Jacqui.
Jacqui: Didn't think it would be you...
Kenshi: Element of surprise...

Kenshi: Major Briggs.
Jax: You sure there ain' a hole in that bandana?
Kenshi: I do enjoy our sparring matches...

Kenshi: My ancestors aid me.
Jax: Your spooky hokum don't scare me.
Kenshi: It should.

Kenshi: Shall we begin?
Kano: This ain't no game.
Kenshi: It'll be just as fun.

Kenshi: You're a scoundrel.
Kano: Says the deadbeat dad.
Kenshi: Even for you that was low.

Kenshi: Greetings, my son.
Takeda: What're you doin' here--
Kenshi: When the student is ready the master appears.

Kenshi: Think your skills surpass mine?
Takeda: I know so, Dad.
Kenshi: Prove it.

Kenshi: Is this how our paths cross?
Takeda: You brought us here, Dad.
Kenshi: Very well.

Kenshi: Kung Lao...
Kung Lao: You seek my death?
Kenshi: Just your humiliation.

Kenshi: I'm sorry for your loss.
Kung Lao: What loss?
Kenshi: This one.

Kenshi: Interesting...
Kenshi: I can't read you, either.
Kenshi: There are other ways to assess you...

Kenshi: Greetings.
Kenshi: Are you lost?
Kenshi: You're the one out of place.

Kenshi: Will you yield?
Kenshi: You know I can't.
Kenshi: What a senseless standoff.

Kenshi: Where is Suchin?
Kenshi: I don't know whom you mean.
Kenshi: I think you murdered her!

Kenshi: Kitana...
Kitana: You're outmatched.
Kenshi: Am I indeed...

Kenshi: Is there a problem, Kitana?
Kitana: You stand in my way.
Kenshi: For that there's but one solution...

Kenshi: Dvorah...
DVorah: You cannot win, sightless one.
Kenshi: Your eyes will betray you.

Kenshi: A group... of one...
DVorah: We will not allow you to proceed.
Kenshi: I didn't ask permission.

Kenshi: I know you're there...
Kung Jin: Guess I won't be quiet, then.
Kenshi: Are you ever?

Kenshi: Your pride is your weakness.
Kung Jin: I don't need a lecture.
Kenshi: You won't get one.

Kenshi: Liu Kang...
Liu Kang: Our paths cross again, Kenshi...
Kenshi: A sword must remain sharp.

Kenshi: Sento greets you, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I do not fear its wielder.
Kenshi: Both were forged in kombat.

Kenshi: Ferra-Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Ready set?
Kenshi: And. Go.

Kenshi: Your voice is somewhat annoying.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra bite ears off.
Kenshi: Well that's... considerate...

Kenshi: Mileena...
Mileena: Do you see into my head?
Kenshi: All will once I cut it off.

Kenshi: You will feel Sento's bite.
Mileena: The anticipation is killing me...
Kenshi: No, that would be me.

Kenshi: Salazar...
Erron Black: Never bring a sword to a gunfight.
Kenshi: I bring much more...

Kenshi: The friendless wanderer.
Erron Black: Least I don't take orders from a woman.
Kenshi: Which century are you from?

Kenshi: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: You've found me. And now?
Kenshi: I will cast you into darkness.

Kenshi: Same old tricks, conjurer?
Quan Chi: Is your sword 'sharp as your tongue?
Kenshi: Even moreso.

Kenshi: Lord Raiden...
Raiden: You overreach in challenging me.
Kenshi: I merely hope to learn from you...

Kenshi: Why do you confront me?
Raiden: You risk much by wielding Sento.
Kenshi: A weak ploy, Raiden.

Kenshi: Reptile...
Reptile: You will not read my thoughts!
Kenshi: There is very little to read.

Kenshi: May I help you?
Reptile: You will share your blood.
Kenshi: Not with you, I'm afraid...

Kenshi: You're out of control.
Scorpion: I do what I must.
Kenshi: As do I.

Kenshi: Hanzo...
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Stand aside, my friend.
Kenshi: As your friend, I cannot.

Kenshi: Ancestors guide me...
Scorpion (revenant): The Netherrealm claims them.
Kenshi: You'll have none, or me as well!

Kenshi: Shinnok...
Shinnok: The blind swordsman...
Kenshi: There are other ways to see...

Kenshi: Prepare yourself...
Shinnok: Who would fear a blind mortal...?
Kenshi: One who has never faced him.

Kenshi: General...
Sonya: Not now, Kenshi.
Kenshi: I'm afraid this won't wait.

Kenshi: You bar my way?
Sonya: Authorized personnel only...
Kenshi: Consider this my authorization.

Kenshi: Care to test me?
Sub-Zero: I too wield a sword.
Kenshi: Yes... Made of ice...


Kitana: Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: A harbinger of invasion?
Kitana: Merely your assassin.

Kitana: Emperor Ko'atal...
Kotal Kahn: Surprised I rose above my station?
Kitana: Above your abilities.

Kitana: Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: Shall we do this?
Kitana: Yes, child. We shall.

Kitana: You have something to say?
Cassie Cage: You're down in one hit.
Kitana: A prediction that will prove false.

Kitana: Shao Kahn's creation.
Ermac: His incorrigible daughter.
Kitana: He taught me how to kill...

Kitana: Why do you linger, Ermac?
Ermac: Our directive is ongoing.
Kitana: I will redirect you.

Kitana: This must be Kintaro...
Goro: Kintaro is a striped commoner.
Kitana: There's a yellow stripe down your back...

Kitana: Ugh... Cage...
Johnny Cage: Want somma this?
Kitana: I'm fairly certain no one does.

Kitana: Is your name still on your chest?
Johnny Cage: Tattooed. Why?
Kitana: Your ego knows no bounds.

Kitana: Jacqueline Briggs.
Jacqui: You were looking for me?
Kitana: For a challenge, but you will have to do...

Kitana: On your guard, Miss Briggs.
Jacqui: Wow, you really are beautiful.
Kitana: ... but deadly.

Kitana: Who are you?
Jason: ...

Kitana: I will attack you, Jax.
Jax: And I'll knock you on your butt.
Kitana: And I will make you regret it.

Kitana: Return with me, Jackson Briggs.
Jax: I'm not goin' anywhere with you.
Kitana: You have no choice.

Kitana: You are repulsive...
Kano: Don't let me catch you sneakin' a peek.
Kitana: I accept your challenge.

Kitana: You will leave this place.
Kano: I'd rather stay n' chat.
Kitana: You have spoken your last.

Kitana: Takahashi Takeda.
Takeda: Why are you here, Kitana?
Kitana: To ensure you are not.

Kitana: Foolish boy.
Takeda: Good enough to beat you.
Kitana: Not on your fastest day.

Kitana: Looking for Liu Kang?
Kung Lao: Why do you assume that?
Kitana: You cannot last a minute without him.

Kitana: Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: You seek a challenge, Kitana?
Kitana: Yes, but you will do.

Kitana: What do you want, swordsman?
Kenshi: Sento has a lesson for you...
Kitana: It is you who shall learn...

Kitana: Who dares...?
Kitana: Kitana, Princess of Edenia!
Kitana: You and your realm are both dead.

Kitana: You have my visage.
Kitana: And your strength.
Kitana: That remains to be seen.

Kitana: Impersonating me again, Mileena?
Kitana: Fool! I am Kitana!
Kitana: Your charade ends now.

Kitana: Save the future--avoid Liu Kang!
Kitana: Why? He's just a... friend...
Kitana: You totally slept with him, didn't ya...

Kitana: Dvorah.
DVorah: You think Edenians superior.
Kitana: I know this.

Kitana: Step aside, Dvorah.
DVorah: The princess is... restless?
Kitana: I do not tolerate distractions.

Kitana: Fear my weapons, child.
Kung Jin: I'm not scared of fans.
Kitana: You will learn...

Kitana: Lowly neophyte...
Kung Jin: Neo maybe... Fight, definitely.
Kitana: Very well.

Kitana: What is the meaning of this?
Liu Kang: You act as if you do not know me!
Kitana: Liu Kang would not dare attack me.

Kitana: You betray me, Liu Kang?
Liu Kang: You misunderstand.
Kitana: The price of betrayal is death!

Kitana: Ferra-Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Tani want Torr squeeze?
Kitana: Tempting but no.

Kitana: The imp and her pet...
Ferra/Torr: Torr bite head off pretty doll.
Kitana: I will have his first.

Kitana: I should have killed you long ago.
Mileena: You care too much for me...
Kitana: I did not wish to soil my hands...

Kitana: You are unfit to live.
Mileena: Shao Kahn disagreed.
Kitana: His realm thinks as I do.

Kitana: Salazar.
Erron Black: Sent to kill me, assassin?
Kitana: This is for sport.

Kitana: Stop.
Erron Black: We've barely begun, my lovely.
Kitana: It will end quickly.

Kitana: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: Finally find a way to kill me?
Kitana: I know of many...

Kitana: Your life ends now.
Quan Chi: You amuse me.
Kitana: No. I kill you.

Kitana: Halt, Raiden.
Raiden: This is the courtesy of Edenian royalty?
Kitana: Of an Outworld assassin.

Kitana: Thunder God.
Raiden: I grow tired of your insolence.
Kitana: You should lie down...

Kitana: Reptile.
Reptile: You will fall before this day ends.
Kitana: Not to you.

Kitana: Shao Kahn's lackeys must die.
Reptile: I served you well.
Kitana: You served me his lies!

Kitana: Scorpion.
Scorpion: Out of my way, Edenian.
Kitana: My blades will soften your tone.

Kitana: You stray from Quan Chi's side?
Scorpion: I am no longer bound to him.
Kitana: And you are weaker as a result...

Kitana: Shinnok.
Shinnok: Greetings, my lady.
Kitana: Avuncular charm will not save you.

Kitana: Your evil is palpable.
Shinnok: Such a primitive morality...
Kitana: I need no futher sophistication.

Kitana: Sonya Blade.
Sonya: Got questions for you, Kitana.
Kitana: No doubt I have answers...

Kitana: Raiden's princess...
Sonya: I wasn't even prom queen.
Kitana: You shall be crowned nevertheless.

Kitana: Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: You cannot win, Kitana.
Kitana: My blades say otherwise.

Kitana: You would strike me down?
Sub-Zero: I do not wish to kill you.
Kitana: Then you will perish!

Kotal Kahn

Kotal Kahn: Do you mock me?
Kotal Kahn: Impersonation is treason.
Kotal Kahn: Trial by kombat.

Kotal Kahn: This is an illusion?
Kotal Kahn: Only way to expose the mirage...
Kotal Kahn: ... shatter the mirror.

Kotal Kahn: You will pay, Buluc.
Kotal Kahn: The name Earthrealm gave me...
Kotal Kahn: My name. The true War God.

Kotal Kahn: Myself I see.
Kotal Kahn: There is but one true Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: The deceiver will meet his end.

Kotal Kahn: One of Raiden's new lambs.
Cassie Cage: He sent me to kick your ass.
Kotal Kahn: A lamb to the slaughter.

Kotal Kahn: You are most worthy.
Cassie Cage: To fight at your side?
Kotal Kahn: To die by my hand.

Kotal Kahn: You will serve me, construct!
Ermac: We do not acknowledge your authority.
Kotal Kahn: Then die.

Kotal Kahn: I thought us allies, Ermac.
Ermac: We would depose the emperor.
Kotal Kahn: Now you will perish.

Kotal Kahn: Goro...
Goro: You...
Kotal Kahn: You cannot hide from your doom.

Kotal Kahn: You are Cassie's father...
Johnny Cage: That's me, Kotalicious.
Kotal Kahn: How did I surmise it...

Kotal Kahn: You are Cassie's father...
Johnny Cage: That's me, Kotalingus.
Kotal Kahn: How did I surmise it...

Kotal Kahn: My fury will be brought to bear.
Johnny Cage: Well bring it soon, I got dinner plans.

Kotal Kahn: You dare?
Jacqui: Kinda looks that way...
Kotal Kahn: The view will be different from your knees.

Kotal Kahn: Who are you?
Jason: ...

Kotal Kahn: Mr. Briggs.
Jax: I can take you, Big Man.
Kotal Kahn: I'll consider myself forewarned.

Kotal Kahn: As skilled as your daughter?
Jax: I'd be proud if I were.
Kotal Kahn: An Earthrealmer would...

Kotal Kahn: Vermin.
Kano: Rats are quite clever...
Kotal Kahn: You'll join them among the refuse.

Kotal Kahn: What is the meaning of this...?
Kano: Time to die, Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: You strike no fear in me.

Kotal Kahn: Bow to the emperor.
Takeda: I'd rather go a couple rounds...
Kotal Kahn: As you wish.

Kotal Kahn: Another challenger.
Kung Lao: Not just any challenger.
Kotal Kahn: Then come at me, little dove.

Kotal Kahn: They say your skill is unsurpassed.
Kenshi: They say correctly.
Kotal Kahn: Then I welcome this opportunity.

Kotal Kahn: What is the secret of your powers?
Kenshi: My secrets are my own.
Kotal Kahn: Share them with me.

Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn's orphaned child...
Kitana: And his greatest assassin.

Kotal Kahn: Join my court, Kitana.
Kitana: I trust no Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Then you will be destroyed.

Kotal Kahn: Who are you, Kytinn?
DVorah: Your faithful servant, Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: Then my heart cannot be trusted.

Kotal Kahn: Death is the warrior's way.
DVorah: Then you shall die, Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: Not this day, Dvorah.

Kotal Kahn: Betrayer...
DVorah: This One is true to you, Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: This will reveal the truth.

Kotal Kahn: Kytinn are weak.
DVorah: Osh-Tekk are arrogant.
Kotal Kahn: One population will decrease.

Kotal Kahn: The diplomat...
Kung Jin: One who honors his agreements.
Kotal Kahn: A leader adjusts with the circumstances.

Kotal Kahn: The scholarly Earthrealmer...
Kung Jin: Knowledge is power.
Kotal Kahn: Not power enough.

Kotal Kahn: Earthrealm's Champion...
Liu Kang: Correct as always, emperor.
Kotal Kahn: Had we fought? A different result.

Kotal Kahn: Your approach lacks deference.
Liu Kang: As battle approaches, decorum departs.
Kotal Kahn: As should have you.

Kotal Kahn: You vex me, Ferra.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra vex, Torr wrecks.
Kotal Kahn: I release you from my service.

Kotal Kahn: Ferra-Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Big Bossy fight we?
Kotal Kahn: Consider it an evaluation.

Kotal Kahn: Mileena.
Mileena: I will take back what is mine!
Kotal Kahn: Not so long as I live.

Kotal Kahn: Horrid creature.
Mileena: I am Outworld's true leader!
Kotal Kahn: You're merely a failed experiment.

Kotal Kahn: You challenge me?
Erron Black: That seems to be the case.

Kotal Kahn: Salazar.
Erron Black: Something wrong, Emperor?
Kotal Kahn: I renegotiate our agreement.

Kotal Kahn: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: Who dares disturb me...
Kotal Kahn: He who will unmake you.

Kotal Kahn: You will keep your distance.
Quan Chi: I counseled your predecessor.
Kotal Kahn: You will not bewitch me.

Kotal Kahn: You have no chance, Thunder God.
Raiden: Thunder blots out the sun.
Kotal Kahn: Temporarily...

Kotal Kahn: I insist you support my rule.
Raiden: Mileena's claim is legitimate.
Kotal Kahn: Let us agree to disagree.

Kotal Kahn: Little lizard.
Reptile: Even emperors bleed.
Kotal Kahn: Crawl back under your rock.

Kotal Kahn: Speak, fool.
Reptile: Watch your tongue or I'll have it.
Kotal Kahn: Tomachizoa...

Kotal Kahn: We must unite against Earthrealm.
Shinnok: Your trust flatters me...
Kotal Kahn: I made no mention of trust.

Kotal Kahn: I offered Outworld's friendship.
Shinnok: I will take your realm when it suits me.
Kotal Kahn: You spit at me no longer.

Kotal Kahn: I shall defend Outworld.
Sonya: By invading Earthrealm?
Kotal Kahn: Your shortsightedness dooms you.

Kotal Kahn: You would do well to desist.
Sonya: I'll do even better than that.
Kotal Kahn: You have chosen death.

Kotal Kahn: I will crush the Lin Kuei.
Sub-Zero: You will have to kill me first.

Kotal Kahn: You now protect Earthrealm?
Sub-Zero: A more noble way to live.
Kotal Kahn: A sure way to die.

Kung Jin

Kung Jin: How ya doin', Kotal?
Kotal Kahn: I could not be angrier.
Kung Jin: I'll bet you could...

Kung Jin: Why fight us, Kotal Kahn?
Kotal Kahn: Earthrealmers cannot be trusted.
Kung Jin: You double-crossed us, remember?

Kung Jin: Get ready, Cassie.
Cassie Cage: No sweat. I got this.
Kung Jin: What you've got isn't enough.

Kung Jin: Cage, we need to talk.
Cassie Cage: I'd rather just fight it out.
Kung Jin: Either way.

Kung Jin: Cassie.
Cassie Cage: Going somewhere?
Kung Jin: Right over your ass if I have to.

Kung Jin: Ermac.
Ermac: You face ten-thousand souls.
Kung Jin: That s'posed to scare me?

Kung Jin: Goro...
Goro: The House of Kung will fall.
Kung Jin: ... right on your friggin' head.

Kung Jin: Mr. Cage.
Johnny Cage: What's the good word, Jin?
Kung Jin: "Beatdown"'s a good word...

Kung Jin: Another test? Really?
Johnny Cage: Don't gimme an attitude...
Kung Jin: How 'bout a concussion?

Kung Jin: The zombie's daughter.
Jacqui: Watch your mouth, Jin.
Kung Jin: Thought that'd get your attention...

Kung Jin: Let's do it, Briggs.
Jacqui: You better bring it...
Kung Jin: Consider it "brought."

Kung Jin: You better bring it...
Jason: ...

Kung Jin: Major Briggs.
Jax: Whatchu got, punk?
Kung Jin: An old man with a bad attitude.

Kung Jin: You make me sick.
Kano: Watch your tongue or I'll have it.
Kung Jin: Thanks for the bright red target.

Kung Jin: What did Scorpion teach you?
Takeda: For starters, he prefers "Hanzo."
Kung Jin: I meant fighting-wise, but whatever...

Kung Jin: S'up.
Takeda: Ready for some exercise?
Kung Jin: Right after I beat your ass...

Kung Jin: What am I thinking?
Takeda: You were thinking?
Kung Jin: Funny... real funny.

Kung Jin: This loser's playing on Christmas?
Takeda: Alone, controller in each hand.
Kung Jin: Then how ya s'posed to masturbate?

Kung Jin: What time is it...?
Takeda: Almost midnight.
Kung Jin: Time to kick your ass...

Kung Jin: Kung Lao. You showed.
Kung Lao: Why would I not?
Kung Jin: Thought you'd rather run and hide.

Kung Jin: You were my hero.
Kung Lao: And now...?
Kung Jin: Just another thing in my way.

Kung Jin: Let's do it.
Kenshi: You would be wise to reconsider.
Kung Jin: Done. Now let's go.

Kung Jin: This is a waste of time.
Kenshi: You find much joy in disobedience.
Kung Jin: It's just confidence.

Kung Jin: Comin' through...
Kitana: Through me?
Kung Jin: That's the plan.

Kung Jin: Kitana.
Kitana: I do not know you.
Kung Jin: Do you know the term "stuck pig"?

Kung Jin: The Bug Woman...
DVorah: We are Kytinn.
Kung Jin: You'll still crunch when I hit ya.

Kung Jin: Dvorah.
DVorah: As you suffer, we enjoy.
Kung Jin: As you talk, we punch your face.

Kung Jin: What's with you?
Kung Jin: I might ask you the same thing.
Kung Jin: Save all questions for after the beatdown.

Kung Jin: You made it.
Kung Jin: Nice hair.
Kung Jin: Nice head. Think I'll keep it.

Kung Jin: A doppelganger?
Kung Jin: I know you are, but what am I?
Kung Jin: Twelve years old, apparently.

Kung Jin: Alright then.
Kung Jin: We gonna fight or what?
Kung Jin: Seven years' bad luck, but okay...

Kung Jin: You mistreat my cousin...
Liu Kang: Kung Lao is a younger brother to me--
Kung Jin: A slave and a punching bag.

Kung Jin: You never could accept me.
Liu Kang: I am aware of your "proclivities."
Kung Jin: Wow, thanks for the reassurance.

Kung Jin: The symbiote.
Ferra/Torr: Fancy talk no scare we.
Kung Jin: So I brought my thesaurus for nothing...

Kung Jin: Not you again...
Ferra/Torr: Time make dead, Torr!
Kung Jin: Y'couldn't "make dead" last time...

Kung Jin: Mileena.
Mileena: Bow to Outworld's true ruler.
Kung Jin: Get over yourself.

Kung Jin: Yikes...
Mileena: Afraid, Earthrealmer?
Kung Jin: Not if you've had your rabies shots...

Kung Jin: You look like an Outworlder.
Erron Black: I've lived in Outworld for a while now.
Kung Jin: In a pool of toxic waste?

Kung Jin: You tryin' to kill me?
Erron Black: It's just money. Nothing personal.
Kung Jin: It's about to get very personal.

Kung Jin: You're gonna free my friends' souls.
Quan Chi: But they're most useful with me.
Kung Jin: Let's fix that hearing problem.

Kung Jin: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: Let us test your skills.
Kung Jin: Demo ends with you on your ass.

Kung Jin: Are you actually a god?
Raiden: What do you think...
Kung Jin: Sounds like a "no" to me...

Kung Jin: Wrong place wrong time Raiden.
Raiden: I am exactly where I should be.
Kung Jin: On your butt's where you're gonna be.

Kung Jin: You're not on Mileena's side?
Reptile: Her promises are lies.
Kung Jin: You're smarter than you look!

Kung Jin: Back in your hole, snake.
Reptile: Your fear is pungent.
Kung Jin: All I'm afraid of is salmonella.

Kung Jin: What happens if I beat you?
Scorpion: An impossibility.
Kung Jin: I'll take that challenge...

Kung Jin: You taught Takeda...
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): My greatest pupil.
Kung Jin: Now let me teach you.

Kung Jin: Ready for some action?
Scorpion (revenant): I am ready to destroy you.
Kung Jin: THAT's the undead spirit!

Kung Jin: So you're here.
Shinnok: You challenge me?

Kung Jin: Good evening, Bishop.
Shinnok: Humor won't mask your weakness.
Kung Jin: Like a silly hat... over a bald spot?

Kung Jin: General.
Sonya: Stand at attention.
Kung Jin: I'm not military, ma'am.

Kung Jin: Care to dance, Ma'am?
Sonya: Stop. Before you get hurt.
Kung Jin: I'll lift with my knees.

Kung Jin: Grandmaster.
Sub-Zero: It comes to this...
Kung Jin: It didn't have to, but yeah.

Kung Jin: They say Sub-Zero's tough.
Sub-Zero: They say correctly.
Kung Jin: I say talk is cheap.

Kung Lao

Kung Lao: Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Is this how you greet an emperor?
Kung Lao: No. This is.

Kung Lao: I was expecting you.
Kotal Kahn: You are quite self-assured.
Kung Lao: I have no reason not to be.

Kung Lao: Cassie Cage.
Cassie Cage: I feel a fight comin' on...
Kung Lao: Amazing powers of perception...

Kung Lao: The lesser Cage...
Cassie Cage: Liu Kang Lite.
Kung Lao: A mouth in search of a fist...

Kung Lao: Ermac lives...
Ermac: Magic binds me still.
Kung Lao: For a few more moments...

Kung Lao: Does your mind remember?
Ermac: All since our creation.
Kung Lao: Then you will remember this...

Kung Lao: You killed my ancestor...
Goro: The Great Kung Lao...
Kung Lao: I am even greater.

Kung Lao: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Have I got a surprise for you...
Kung Lao: You'll be silent from here on?

Kung Lao: Why are you here, Cage?
Johnny Cage: To tell you Zorro's mom wants her hat back.
Kung Lao: Any hope for mercy is lost.

Kung Lao: Jacqui Briggs.
Jacqui: Hey, Lao! Need a foot in your ass?
Kung Lao: Definitely Jax's daughter.

Kung Lao: I will kombat you, Miss Briggs.
Jacqui: I'm not worthy of such an honor.
Kung Lao: I'll rain honor upon your head.

Kung Lao: What are we waiting for?
Jax: You to change your mind.
Kung Lao: That won't be happening.

Kung Lao: What are we waiting for?
Jax: You to run screaming like a toddler.
Kung Lao: That won't be happening.

Kung Lao: Have I angered you, Major?
Jax: Not yet. Just bein' proactive.
Kung Lao: I see...

Kung Lao: The White Lotus watches you.
Kano: I'm not scared of a flower.
Kung Lao: This one is deadly.

Kung Lao: Kira...
Kano: Kano, ya bloody prig!
Kung Lao: You thugs all look alike.

Kung Lao: Kira...
Kano: Kano, ya bloody prig!
Kung Lao: Whatever.

Kung Lao: Takahashi Takeda.
Takeda: How are you blocking me?
Kung Lao: A simple matter for a Shaolin.

Kung Lao: You have found me, Takeda.
Takeda: Guess you know what comes next...
Kung Lao: I am not sure you do...

Kung Lao: A reflection?
Kung Lao: I am you. Perfected.
Kung Lao: Your humility remains intact.

Kung Lao: A trick?
Kung Lao: The future requires your death.
Kung Lao: It shall not be!

Kung Lao: Who are you?
Kung Lao: You don't recognize this face?
Kung Lao: It belongs on me.

Kung Lao: Should I trust you?
Kung Lao: Probably not.
Kung Lao: A trustworthy response.

Kung Lao: We must talk, Kenshi.
Kenshi: I am in no mood to talk.
Kung Lao: I will alter your mood.

Kung Lao: You have been accused of hubris.
Kenshi: As have you.
Kung Lao: One of us will be validated.

Kung Lao: Hold, Princess.
Kitana: Your manners are lacking, Shaolin.
Kung Lao: But not my skill.

Kung Lao: I've always admired you, Princess.
Kitana: Your jealousy of Liu Kang shows.
Kung Lao: That is not what I meant.

Kung Lao: Dvorah.
DVorah: Surrender, fool. And live.
Kung Lao: Surrender is out of the question.

Kung Lao: A challenger...
DVorah: ... unlike any you've faced.
Kung Lao: So you actually have skill...

Kung Lao: Cousin...
Kung Jin: Want some exercise?
Kung Lao: Yes. Exercise...

Kung Lao: You provoke me?
Kung Jin: Just wanna test myself against you.
Kung Lao: You are not ready.

Kung Lao: Step aside, brother.
Liu Kang: I will not let you pass.
Kung Lao: It is not up to you.

Kung Lao: You think yourself superior.
Liu Kang: The Shaolin chose me.
Kung Lao: Time for a new champion.

Kung Lao: Ferra-Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Throw-hat smile too much.
Kung Lao: You will see why shortly.

Kung Lao: What are you?
Ferra/Torr: Look too long, hurt eyes.
Kung Lao: I will win with them closed.

Kung Lao: Mileena.
Mileena: Let us have some fun...
Kung Lao: We differ on what is "fun."

Kung Lao: You face a Shaolin warrior.
Mileena: Speak your last, "warrior."
Kung Lao: My skills will speak for me.

Kung Lao: Salazar.
Erron Black: You won't win this.
Kung Lao: And you know this how?

Kung Lao: Mercenary and a traitor.
Erron Black: I'll survive longer than you.
Kung Lao: Without honor or dignity.

Kung Lao: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: Enjoy your last breaths.
Kung Lao: I have prevailed before, demon.

Kung Lao: You will not toy with me again.
Quan Chi: Are you certain of that?
Kung Lao: Let me show you how certain...

Kung Lao: My mentor...
Raiden: I will kombat you.
Kung Lao: And widen the gulf between us.

Kung Lao: Stop this now, Raiden.
Raiden: I can no sooner stop the sun's rising.
Kung Lao: Very well then.

Kung Lao: Face me, Zaterran.
Reptile: You challenge me?
Kung Lao: I know you're challenged as is...

Kung Lao: Scorpion.
Scorpion: Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Let us see whose weapon flies truer.

Kung Lao: You eliminated me from the tournament.
Scorpion (revenant): Be grateful I did not kill you.
Kung Lao: Yes. I can now kill you.

Kung Lao: You seek me, Scorpion?
Scorpion (revenant): I seek my next prey.
Kung Lao: You have found your demise.

Kung Lao: On your guard, Shinnok.
Shinnok: A primitive way to resolve conflict.
Kung Lao: But effective.

Kung Lao: The dark Elder God.
Shinnok: You recognize your superior...
Kung Lao: I see power with blind purpose.

Kung Lao: Sonya Blade.
Sonya: Remember we're friends, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: This is just friendly sparring.

Kung Lao: I'd rather not fight you, Sonya.
Sonya: You're a lover, not a fighter?
Kung Lao: I'm a vanquisher.

Kung Lao: A dead man walks.
Sub-Zero: I live again, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Not for long.

Kung Lao: Seen your brother lately?
Sub-Zero: Noob Saibot's whereabouts are unknown.
Kung Lao: He calls to you from the other side.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang: Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: You will fail against Outworld's best.
Liu Kang: Goro, Shang Tsung or Shao Kahn?

Liu Kang: Your face looks like your mother's.
Cassie Cage: Thanks. Yours looks like a butt.
Liu Kang: And you have your father's mouth.

Liu Kang: Sonya? Is that you?
Cassie Cage: I'm her daughter, Professor Eyesight.
Liu Kang: You most definitely are.

Liu Kang: Ermac.
Ermac: Retreat or be destroyed.
Liu Kang: There is a third option: Your demise.

Liu Kang: Ask my forbearance.
Ermac: We do not grovel.
Liu Kang: Then you will end.

Liu Kang: Goro...
Goro: Liu Kang!
Liu Kang: This time you shall die.

Liu Kang: You are an annoying buffoon.
Johnny Cage: Ooh... That hurts.
Liu Kang: No... This will hurt.

Liu Kang: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: I got somethin' for ya...
Liu Kang: Whatever it is, I am returning it.

Liu Kang: Jacqui Briggs.
Jacqui: I don't wanna fight you, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I do not blame you.

Liu Kang: Do you know me?
Jacqui: Like Liu Kang, but with an ego.
Liu Kang: I will show you why.

Liu Kang: You!
Jason: ...

Liu Kang: Prepare yourself, Jackson Briggs.
Jax: What, we're not friends anymore?
Liu Kang: Not for the next few minutes.

Liu Kang: Consider your actions carefully.
Jax: I have, and I wanna whoop your ass.
Liu Kang: You will regret this decision.

Liu Kang: Kano.
Kano: I'll make this quick.
Liu Kang: A bold prediction indeed.

Liu Kang: I will end your miserable life.
Kano: Like hell you will.
Liu Kang: I will show you hell.

Liu Kang: Ready, Takeda?
Takeda: Ready and waiting.
Liu Kang: This will end quickly.

Liu Kang: Step aside.
Takeda: This isn't the way, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: Your are as foolish as your father.

Liu Kang: Do we fight, brother?
Kung Lao: Brothers do fight.
Liu Kang: Often with regret...

Liu Kang: Here we are again.
Kung Lao: Why must we fight?
Liu Kang: Fate demands it.

Liu Kang: Shaolin Wu Shu has no equal.
Kung Lao: Kunlun Chuan is far superior!
Liu Kang: Your arrogance is matched only by your ignorance.

Liu Kang: Shaolin Wu Shu has no equal.
Kung Lao: Kunlun Chuan is far superior!
Liu Kang: Asshole...

Liu Kang: You are as headstrong as Kung Lao.
Kenshi: I'm merely confident.
Liu Kang: Yes. Overly so.

Liu Kang: You begrudge me my role as champion.
Kenshi: I merely think others were as qualified.
Liu Kang: This will change your thinking.

Liu Kang: I do not wish to fight you...
Kitana: Concerned that I will win?
Liu Kang: No... Concerned that I will...

Liu Kang: Shall we test your skills?
Kitana: Perhaps it is yours that need scrutiny.
Liu Kang: Let us both become stronger.

Liu Kang: The hive queen...
DVorah: This One is called Dvorah.
Liu Kang: Let us get to know each other...

Liu Kang: What foul crag birthed you?
DVorah: Do we make you uncomfortable?
Liu Kang: You make me retch.

Liu Kang: You are a pauper and a thief.
Kung Jin: I'm a Shaolin warrior.
Liu Kang: Prove it.

Liu Kang: The time has come.
Kung Jin: To face you? In Mortal Kombat?
Liu Kang: To teach you respect.

Liu Kang: Explain yourself.
Liu Kang: You will demand nothing, imposter.
Liu Kang: We will see who is false...

Liu Kang: Shang Tsung?!
Liu Kang: The pitiful sorcerer? No.
Liu Kang: You will reveal yourself.

Liu Kang: Illusions are petty magic.
Liu Kang: This is no illusion.
Liu Kang: Death will reveal the truth.

Liu Kang: The Creator mocks me with duplicates?
Liu Kang: The Creator cares not a whit for you.
Liu Kang: I will send you to him.

Liu Kang: Ferra-Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Play with us!
Liu Kang: This is not play.

Liu Kang: I admire your strength.
Ferra/Torr: Ferra-Torr am strong!
Liu Kang: But I will test your cunning.

Liu Kang: Mileena.
Mileena: Sister's boyfriend!
Liu Kang: Insane as always...

Liu Kang: Please close your mouth.
Mileena: I'll not be silenced!
Liu Kang: That is not what I meant.

Liu Kang: Salazar.
Erron Black: You know my name.
Liu Kang: No one can stop you from telling them.

Liu Kang: Are you loyal to anyone?
Erron Black: I'm... adaptable.
Liu Kang: Those you betray see it differently.

Liu Kang: Lord Deceiver...
Quan Chi: Correct on both counts...
Liu Kang: Then allow me to pay homage...

Liu Kang: You have mocked my abilities.
Quan Chi: I have indeed.
Liu Kang: I will use them to end you!

Liu Kang: Your time has passed, Raiden.
Raiden: And so you confront me?
Liu Kang: Earthrealm needs a new Protector.

Liu Kang: You fail Earthrealm.
Raiden: Your anger dishonors you.
Liu Kang: You know nothing of honor!

Liu Kang: This could take an ugly turn...
Raiden: It could, Liu Kang. But should it?
Liu Kang: Most definitely.

Liu Kang: Reptile.
Reptile: I thought you were dead.
Liu Kang: Incorrect, as always.

Liu Kang: Looking for something?
Reptile: I am looking for Earthrealm blood.
Liu Kang: And so you have found it...

Liu Kang: Scorpion.
Scorpion: You are not whom I seek.
Liu Kang: And yet you have found me...

Liu Kang: You are accursed.
Scorpion: You know nothing, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I know curses must be broken.

Liu Kang: Again you betray the Elder Gods?
Shinnok: As they abandoned me.
Liu Kang: They merely punished your treason.

Liu Kang: Face me, Shinnok.
Shinnok: You dare command me, mortal?
Liu Kang: I am far more than mortal.

Liu Kang: Sonya Blade.
Sonya: Not the way to get on my good side...
Liu Kang: I did not know you had one.

Liu Kang: So it begins...
Sonya: Looks that way...
Liu Kang: It will end soon enough.

Liu Kang: Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: The former champion...
Liu Kang: My skills remain sharp, Frozen One.

Liu Kang: I felt your chill.
Sub-Zero: Pray it is the end of our encounter.
Liu Kang: It no longer can be.


Mileena: Traitor.
Kotal Kahn: My rule outshines yours.
Mileena: Your head will decorate my throne.

Mileena: Elder Gods damn you!
Kotal Kahn: The Elder Gods reward strength.
Mileena: Then I will have my due.

Mileena: Cassie Cage...
Cassie Cage: Cute outfit...
Mileena: Soon to be drenched in your blood.

Mileena: You don't impress me for a minute.
Cassie Cage: I'll have you carpet bombed in five.
Mileena: You will be dead by then.

Mileena: Mindless fool.
Ermac: You no longer serve the emperor's will.
Mileena: I serve my own.

Mileena: You served Shao Kahn well.
Ermac: Our loyalty to him is--
Mileena: No longer required.

Mileena: You swore loyalty to my father.
Goro: But not to you.
Mileena: For that you will die!

Mileena: Repulsive human...
Johnny Cage: Sleeping with Baraka's repulsive.
Mileena: Who told you this?!

Mileena: The failed actor...
Johnny Cage: I'm'a get my awards and shove 'em through your skull.
Mileena: Touchy, aren't we...

Mileena: Lost, little girl?
Jacqui: I found what I came for.
Mileena: A new dance partner?

Mileena: Who disturbs the Empress?
Jason: ...

Mileena: Earthrealm is in danger...
Jax: For you, danger's right here.
Mileena: Is it indeed...

Mileena: Earthrealm should have aided me!
Jax: That's a bit of a stretch...
Mileena: Those not with me are against me.

Mileena: Earthrealm should have aided me!
Jax: Why, exactly?
Mileena: Those not with me are against me.

Mileena: You failed me, Kano.
Kano: Why don'cha hear me out.
Mileena: I'd rather hear your screams!

Mileena: Any final words?
Kano: How 'bout "reconstructive dentistry"?
Mileena: Obnoxious to the end...

Mileena: Chujin...
Takeda: Crime Against Nature...
Mileena: Sharp tongue, dull mind.

Mileena: Come closer...
Takeda: Y'can look but you can't touch.
Mileena: I will show you what I can do...

Mileena: Junior Shaolin...
Kung Lao: The sight of you sickens me.
Mileena: Get used to it...

Mileena: So... you and I--?
Kung Lao: Do not even think it.
Mileena: You're right, you're unworthy.

Mileena: A toy... How adorable.
Kenshi: Sento is anything but.
Mileena: With it I'll butcher your carcass.

Mileena: Telepathy and swordsmanship.
Kenshi: Two ways to die. Take your pick.
Mileena: I'll pick your flesh from my teeth!

Mileena: Let us play, my sister.
Kitana: Kombat is not play.
Mileena: Not if you lose...

Mileena: Sweet sister...
Kitana: My blood made you. That is all.
Mileena: Perhaps you will share a bit more...

Mileena: Beloved sister.
Kitana: You are a perversion.
Mileena: I am Empress of Outworld!

Mileena: You stole Outworld from me!
DVorah: And gave it to your superior...
Mileena: I will rip out your throat!

Mileena: My servant!
DVorah: The Hive will consume you.
Mileena: Let us see, buzzing gnat.

Mileena: The criminal...
Kung Jin: ... versus the rebel.
Mileena: I reclaim what is mine!

Mileena: Let's see you...
Kung Jin: Fraid you're not my type.
Mileena: I see no reason to spare you...

Mileena: Liu Kang...
Liu Kang: You will stay away from Kitana.
Mileena: Yes, let's keep this between us...

Mileena: Liu Kang...
Liu Kang: You will stay away from Kitana.
Mileena: I'll make you forget all about her...

Mileena: Darling...
Liu Kang: Keep away, loathsome beast.
Mileena: You will remember your love for me!

Mileena: Another of my betrayers...
Ferra/Torr: Don't hurt Torr's feelers...
Mileena: I was speaking to you.

Mileena: The Usurper's dog.
Ferra/Torr: Play nice, 'Leena...
Mileena: I will show you how I play.

Mileena: Sister?
Mileena: I am Mileena.
Mileena: Not while I live!

Mileena: How is this possible?
Mileena: Shang Tsung created many of us.
Mileena: And I will kill all others!

Mileena: What do you want.
Mileena: I've come to replace you.
Mileena: Never!

Mileena: My sister...
Mileena: You will help me regain my throne.
Mileena: I have other plans...

Mileena: You aided the usurper.
Erron Black: He offered more koins.
Mileena: And no protection...

Mileena: Salazar.
Erron Black: You seem upset, Mileena.
Mileena: Betrayal has that effect on me.

Mileena: You ignored me at my father's court.
Quan Chi: You were but a crazed child.
Mileena: I've evolved since then.

Mileena: You caused my father's death!
Quan Chi: It was his thirst for revenge.
Mileena: Now mine will kill you.

Mileena: Raiden...
Raiden: Your rebellion cannot continue.
Mileena: Do what you must...

Mileena: You will help me regain my throne.
Raiden: I will not be embroiled in Outworld matters.
Mileena: Then we are enemies.

Mileena: The lone Zaterran.
Reptile: Soon we will flourish.
Mileena: Soon you will be extinct.

Mileena: Filthy traitorous beast...
Reptile: Your fall was your own.
Mileena: And your head will be mine.

Mileena: Scorpion...
Scorpion: Your father's throne eludes you.
Mileena: Nothing eludes me for long...

Mileena: Fight for me, fire demon.
Scorpion: You do not command me.
Mileena: I will compel you nevertheless...

Mileena: Shinnok...
Shinnok: I offered my hand in friendship.
Mileena: Your hand guided Shao Kahn's death!

Mileena: You will not have Outworld...
Shinnok: Apparently neither will you...
Mileena: Die now, false god!

Mileena: Earthrealm witch.
Sonya: I wish. I'd make you vanish.
Mileena: Exactly what I will do to you.

Mileena: You turned Sister against me!
Sonya: Kitana's not your sister!
Mileena: I will give her your head!

Mileena: Lin Kuei...
Sub-Zero: You incite violence, on a whim?
Mileena: Yes. Now amuse me.


Quan Chi

Quan Chi: The great Kotal Kahn...
Kotal Kahn: Your reverence tastes sour.
Quan Chi: Perhaps your palette needs cleansing...

Quan Chi: Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: Move it or lose it.
Quan Chi: I never lose.

Quan Chi: Young Miss Cage.
Cassie Cage: You're a lot balder than I imagined.
Quan Chi: Are you as fragile as you appear?

Quan Chi: A fascinating creation.
Ermac: Born of Shao Kahn's magic.
Quan Chi: I'll know more once you're disjoined.

Quan Chi: Have you no ambition, Ermac?
Ermac: We exist to serve the emperor.
Quan Chi: Then die serving him.

Quan Chi: The Shokan Prince.
Goro: You brought ruin to Outworld!
Quan Chi: And now to you.

Quan Chi: I have found you, Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Didya bring cupcakes?
Quan Chi: No. Death.

Quan Chi: Jacqueline Briggs.
Jacqui: Gonna break your pasty face.
Quan Chi: You are welcome to try.

Quan Chi: Pleased to see me, "Jax"?
Jax: Only friends call me that.
Quan Chi: After all I've done for you...

Quan Chi: Why have we never done business?
Kano: Didn't wanna end up a zombie.
Quan Chi: It might increase your intelligence...

Quan Chi: Fool.
Kano: Huh. That your worst, sorcerer?
Quan Chi: You shall see my "worst."

Quan Chi: Son of Kenshi.
Takeda: You're not gettin' in my head.
Quan Chi: We could have been friends...

Quan Chi: On your guard, boy.
Takeda: You don't scare me, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: I think I do...

Quan Chi: A Shaolin approaches...
Kung Lao: One who will exorcise a demon.
Quan Chi: I am so much more than that.

Quan Chi: Liu Kang's shadow...
Kung Lao: In skill I equal him.
Quan Chi: In my service you will surpass him.

Quan Chi: I pity you, sightless one.
Kenshi: And I you, hairless rat.
Quan Chi: Spend time with Mr. Cage recently?

Quan Chi: I will put you down, dog.
Kenshi: Shinnok let you off-leash?
Quan Chi: Indeed. Now feel my bite.

Quan Chi: Poor lost princess...
Kitana: You'll learn to guard your tongue.
Quan Chi: We will see...

Quan Chi: Are you angry with me?
Kitana: I don't need anger to kill.
Quan Chi: I admire your professionalism.

Quan Chi: Dvorah.
DVorah: This One will demonstrate her abilities.
Quan Chi: Or die trying...

Quan Chi: You look like Kung Lao.
Kung Jin: I'll beat you like he did.
Quan Chi: And you're just as headstrong.

Quan Chi: Raiden's servant...
Liu Kang: He is no longer my master.
Quan Chi: No... I am.

Quan Chi: Can you overcome my sorcery?
Liu Kang: I have bested Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi: I am no Shang Tsung...

Quan Chi: Ferra. And Torr.
Ferra/Torr: Torr say you bad man.

Quan Chi: Where are you from, creature?
Ferra/Torr: We no remember...
Quan Chi: Give me your soul and you will.

Quan Chi: So much like Kitana...
Mileena: Where is my sister?
Quan Chi: Dead. As you shall be.

Quan Chi: Who dares disturb me...
Mileena: What of my proposed alliance?
Quan Chi: Here is my answer...

Quan Chi: Salazar.
Erron Black: Treachery incarnate.
Quan Chi: Rather dramatic, don't you think...?

Quan Chi: I wish to hire you, Salazar.
Erron Black: I already have a job.
Quan Chi: You will join me after your death.

Quan Chi: Imposter.
Quan Chi: I was created by Shinnok.
Quan Chi: Imposter and a liar.

Quan Chi: What magic spawned you...
Quan Chi: I think you know...
Quan Chi: Then I know what to do.

Quan Chi: We must combine our powers.
Quan Chi: And share glory? Never.
Quan Chi: So be it.

Quan Chi: We mustn't fight.
Quan Chi: I'm afraid we must.
Quan Chi: You were my only friend...

Quan Chi: Ah, Lord Raiden...
Raiden: Your evil ends now, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: But there is so much left to do...

Quan Chi: You have no hope, Thunder God.
Raiden: I always have hope.
Quan Chi: That is why you will fall.

Quan Chi: You enter my stronghold uninvited.
Raiden: ... to end your evil forever.
Quan Chi: Your death will strengthen my realm.

Quan Chi: Reptile.
Reptile: Recreate my race--or die.
Quan Chi: I'll eliminate it instead.

Quan Chi: What do you want, creature?
Reptile: I would test your skill.
Quan Chi: You would fail that test.

Quan Chi: Heed me, Scorpion...
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): I fight for Earthrealm now.
Quan Chi: And you will die with it.

Quan Chi: Speak, puppet.
Scorpion (revenant): You will answer for your deceptions!

Quan Chi: My lord.
Shinnok: Shall we test your might, Quan Chi?
Quan Chi: I will not disappoint.

Quan Chi: Master of souls...
Shinnok: Master of yours as well...
Quan Chi: If you defeat me.

Quan Chi: Sonya Blade.
Sonya: Been waitin' for this a long time.
Quan Chi: Yes, I'm sure you have.

Quan Chi: Well, Sonya Blade?
Sonya: You and me. Right now.
Quan Chi: I can think of nothing better.

Quan Chi: Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: You'll feel death's cold hand.
Quan Chi: Death is my ally.


Raiden: You stole Outworld's throne.
Kotal Kahn: You prefer Mileena?
Raiden: I prefer justice.

Raiden: You feigned godhood in the past.
Kotal Kahn: Your people believed what they wished.
Raiden: They'll learn "Buluc" was no god.

Raiden: Tread lightly, Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: Why, you blow phegm or somethin'?
Raiden: Have a care, young one.

Raiden: Tread lightly, Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: Wouldn't wanna step in your bullshit...
Raiden: Have a care, young one.

Raiden: Hold, Cassandra Cage.
Cassie Cage: Don't get your smock in a bunch.
Raiden: You have your father's charm...

Raiden: Your souls cry out to me.
Ermac: They call for your death.
Raiden: I will give them salvation.

Raiden: You wield great power...
Ermac: Bestowed by Shao Kahn.
Raiden: My power is greater still.

Raiden: I will kombat you.
Goro: I had hoped so.

Raiden: You followed me...
Johnny Cage: You need me here.
Raiden: It wouldn't be Hell without Johnny Cage.

Raiden: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Raid-dude.
Raiden: You weary me...

Raiden: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Rai-donkulous.
Raiden: You weary me...

Raiden: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Rai-diddy.
Raiden: You weary me...

Raiden: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Rai-den-tal floss...
Raiden: You weary me...

Raiden: You have little hope of victory.
Jacqui: My two friends say otherwise.
Raiden: They will not cope with lightning.

Raiden: Jacqueline Briggs...
Jacqui: I won't hold back, Raiden.
Raiden: I would hope not.

Raiden: I require your aid, Jackson Briggs.
Jax: You got a funny way of asking...
Raiden: I anticipated your reluctance.

Raiden: Quan Chi's magiks linger in you...
Jax: You blind? I'm back to normal.
Raiden: I must be sure.

Raiden: You are not welcome here.
Kano: I'll just kill you an' be off then.
Raiden: Perhaps pain will improve your manners.

Raiden: Kano.
Kano: C'mon then...
Raiden: I should have killed you years ago.

Raiden: Your training is complete?
Takeda: I've mastered it all.
Raiden: Then this shall be your final test.

Raiden: I sensed your arrival.
Takeda: Because I wanted you to.
Raiden: I'm clearly in the presence of greatness...

Raiden: Kung Lao...
Kung Lao: Forgive me, Lord Raiden.
Raiden: I forgive your impending failure.

Raiden: Where have you been, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: Training. In seclusion.
Raiden: Show me what you have learned.

Raiden: Kenshi.
Kenshi: I must pass, Raiden.
Raiden: All you will find here is trouble.

Raiden: I will study Sento.
Kenshi: You cannot have it.
Raiden: I will take it if necessary.

Raiden: Princess Kitana...
Kitana: Please stand aside.
Raiden: Sadly, I cannot.

Raiden: Misguided one...
Kitana: Do you purport to guide me?
Raiden: In a matter of speaking...

Raiden: Dvorah...
DVorah: This One seeks a worthy opponent.
Raiden: Then face the might of a god.

Raiden: Stand aside, Kytinn.
DVorah: You trespass in the emperor's courtyard.
Raiden: I will deal with him shortly.

Raiden: You shame your ancestors.
Kung Jin: You're a broken record...
Raiden: Yet what I say remains true.

Raiden: Are you certain of this, Kung Jin?
Kung Jin: Let's do it.
Raiden: You will receive no mercy.

Raiden: You need training, young one.
Kung Jin: The streets were my classroom.
Raiden: They were insufficient...

Raiden: No, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I give you no choice, Raiden.

Raiden: Lui Kang...
Liu Kang: You are Earthrealm's worst enemy.
Raiden: I'm sorry it has come to this.

Raiden: You are a son to me.
Liu Kang: A son must choose his own path.
Raiden: So be it.

Raiden: What are you, Ferra?
Ferra/Torr: Torr carry Ferra. Ferra ride Torr.
Raiden: You are too far gone, it seems...

Raiden: Leave now, Ferra.
Ferra/Torr: Rip out his glowy parts.
Raiden: I foresee a different result...

Raiden: End this rebellion.
Mileena: I don't think so.
Raiden: Your arrogance blinds you.

Raiden: Why this aggression, Mileena?
Mileena: You aided Ko'atal's ascension!
Raiden: Your accusations win you no friends.

Raiden: As I suspected...
Erron Black: Nice to see you too, Raiden.
Raiden: I've no patience for mercenaries.

Raiden: Have a care, Outworlder.
Erron Black: I'm an Earthrealmer, remember?
Raiden: Not in my eyes.

Raiden: Crawl back to the Netherrealm.
Quan Chi: I will give your friends your regards.
Raiden: Do not mock me, Quan Chi!

Raiden: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: My dark magicks will overwhelm you.
Raiden: Lightning cuts through the dark.

Raiden: Your presence befouls this place.
Quan Chi: I convey Shinnok's regards...
Raiden: Return to him while you can.

Raiden: Explain yourself.
Raiden: I've travelled time to kombat you.
Raiden: You endanger all of reality!

Raiden: You!
Raiden: We meet again.
Raiden: This time with a different outcome.

Raiden: Who are you?
Raiden: I have many names...
Raiden: And, I'll wager, many faces...

Raiden: Step aside, Syzoth...
Reptile: You know my true name...
Raiden: And the path to your defeat.

Raiden: Reptile...
Reptile: You do not frighten me.
Raiden: You lack the necessary intelligence.

Raiden: It is time...
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): You test my abilities?
Raiden: No. Your commitment.

Raiden: Such promise. Wasted.
Scorpion (revenant): My life ended through treachery!
Raiden: With fortitude you could begin anew.

Raiden: You escaped the Netherrealm...
Shinnok: No chains can hold an Elder God...
Raiden: More extreme measures are required...

Raiden: We have been here before, Shinnok.
Shinnok: This outcome will be different.
Raiden: Not unless you are different.

Raiden: You will stand before the Elder Gods.
Shinnok: Worms to crush in my hands.
Raiden: Your insolence will be punished.

Raiden: Your freedom will be short-lived.
Shinnok: Have you not tired of failing?
Raiden: I will not fail in your destruction.

Raiden: Sonya Blade.
Sonya: You've gone too far, Raiden.
Raiden: Impossible if Earthrealm is in danger.

Raiden: I sense your confusion.
Sonya: Gonna sense my boot in your ass--
Raiden: I will not tolerate hostilty.

Raiden: Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei owe you a debt.
Raiden: You will pay dearly.


Reptile: You do not command me.
Kotal Kahn: I am the god of serpents!
Reptile: Not in my eyes.

Reptile: We must work together!
Kotal Kahn: First I test your strength.
Reptile: I know your weaknesses.

Reptile: Cage...
Cassie Cage: C'mere, I need to punch somethin' ugly.
Reptile: Loathsome as your father...

Reptile: Delicate one...
Cassie Cage: Say g'bye to your teeth.
Reptile: I prefer feisty prey.

Reptile: I do not fear your power.
Ermac: Then you are a fool.
Reptile: Let us begin.

Reptile: The actor...
Johnny Cage: Just like you: Workin' for scale.
Reptile: Killing you will be a pleasure.

Reptile: You dare approach me?
Johnny Cage: Despite the smell.
Reptile: You will be my latest victim.

Reptile: Briggs...
Jacqui: Didn't I dissect you in high school?
Reptile: A wrung neck yields sweeter words...

Reptile: You are spawn of Briggs.
Jacqui: Spawn? I'm not a fish.
Reptile: I will gut you as one.

Reptile: Speak, stranger.
Jason: ...

Reptile: You serve Quan Chi?
Jax: I used to.
Reptile: Disloyalty is despicable.

Reptile: Huh... The Black Dragon...
Kano: I'll have your forked tongue...
Reptile: Come and get it.

Reptile: What do you want?
Kano: A pair o' lizard-skin boots.

Reptile: Takeda...
Takeda: This area's off-limits...
Reptile: Not to me, boy.

Reptile: Another weakling...
Takeda: Try me.
Reptile: I welcome the challenge.

Reptile: Kung Lao...
Kung Lao: You can still walk away...
Reptile: I will walk on your grave.

Reptile: I have found you...
Kung Lao: I was not hiding.
Reptile: You will wish you had.

Reptile: Your mind powers...
Kenshi: What of them?
Reptile: Exactly.

Reptile: You've met Raptors in your travels?
Kenshi: If I did, they're dead.
Reptile: Die, arrogant human!

Reptile: Kitana...
Kitana: The Kahn's pet escaped his cage...
Reptile: I am no one's pet!

Reptile: Return to court.
Kitana: Outworld was never my home.
Reptile: The Kahn demands it.

Reptile: Dvorah...
DVorah: Do reptiles know fear?
Reptile: Just as insects feel pain.

Reptile: Our allegiances align...
DVorah: They do no longer.

Reptile: Kung Jin...
Kung Jin: Stay back, Gator Boy.
Reptile: Rest assured I will not...

Reptile: Vile human...
Kung Jin: We can't all be handsome as you...
Reptile: Make your peace, fool.

Reptile: Little dragon...
Liu Kang: More dragon than you.
Reptile: Let us see, mighty one.

Reptile: You've one chance to depart.
Liu Kang: And if I do not?
Reptile: You'll have my teeth at your throat.

Reptile: Ferra.
Ferra/Torr: Snake Face.

Reptile: Shall we begin, Ferra?
Ferra/Torr: Em'pror say no spit at we.
Reptile: He's not here to protect you...

Reptile: I am your death.
Mileena: You're just a snake to step on.
Reptile: You will feel my bite.

Reptile: Mileena...
Mileena: This jungle is mine.
Reptile: Not for long.

Reptile: Return to your jungle.
Mileena: Its lizards are too small to eat.
Reptile: This one will eat you.

Reptile: Mercenary...
Erron Black: At least I'm paid to serve.
Reptile: You mock me at your peril.

Reptile: Salazar.
Erron Black: To what do I owe the pleasure?
Reptile: The Kahn is ending your service.

Reptile: Does loyalty mean nothing?
Quan Chi: Your mind is as weak as your body.
Reptile: I will rip out your throat!

Reptile: Die, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: The last of a forgotten race...
Reptile: Your last memory will be of teeth.

Reptile: Kotal Kahn demands your death.
Raiden: The last Zaterran, a mere lackey.
Reptile: Not after I deliver your head.

Reptile: Long have you plagued Outworld.
Raiden: Outworld is the plague.
Reptile: Then may you die from it.

Reptile: Another Zaterran...
Reptile: I am the only one.
Reptile: A pity you must die.

Reptile: Chameleon?
Reptile: It is I, Shang Tsung.
Reptile: Show yourself, coward!

Reptile: What is this...
Reptile: I bring warning, fool.
Reptile: Your tone belies your words.

Reptile: I am the last Zaterran.
Reptile: You are but a reflection.
Reptile: Let us find out...

Reptile: Are you afraid, Hasashi?
Scorpion: What have I to fear?
Reptile: Reptiles eat Scorpions.

Reptile: You smell of roasted meat.
Scorpion: Do not mock me, Reptile.
Reptile: I will gnaw your bones!

Reptile: Keeper of the dead.
Shinnok: Ready to join my collection?
Reptile: I do not fear your power.

Reptile: Old fool...
Shinnok: Respect an Elder God!
Reptile: Pain befits a fallen Elder God...

Reptile: Blade...
Sonya: Don't have time for this, Reptile...
Reptile: I smell your fear.

Reptile: Disgusting Earthrealmer.
Sonya: Special Forces business. Move.
Reptile: Come and move me.

Reptile: Sub-Zero...
Sub-Zero: Begone, shadow lizard.
Reptile: Cold does not slow me.


Scorpion: Your rule is over.
Kotal Kahn: You expect me to surrender?
Scorpion: I expect you to die.

Scorpion: Your lineage is impressive...
Cassie Cage: That your idea of a pickup line?
Scorpion: Impudent child...

Scorpion: Your lineage is impressive...
Cassie Cage: What am I, a showdog?
Scorpion: Impudent child...

Scorpion: Ermac.
Ermac: We sense your warrior's rage.
Scorpion: Soon you will feel it.

Scorpion: I sense Shao Kahn in you.
Ermac: Our creator is part of us.
Scorpion: I will remove him.

Scorpion: We meet again...
Goro: And I will crush you again!

Scorpion: My kunai will be unleashed.
Johnny Cage: Your lil' harpoon? So cute.
Scorpion: Your mockery is at an end.

Scorpion: My kunai will be unleashed.
Johnny Cage: And shoved up yer ass sideways.
Scorpion: Your mockery is at an end.

Scorpion: Are you equal to this task?
Jacqui: I'm Special Forces.
Scorpion: They did not prepare you for me.

Scorpion: Are you equal to this task?
Jacqui: I'm Special Forces, bitch.
Scorpion: They did not prepare you for me.

Scorpion: You are nothing like your father.
Jacqui: I'm the new and improved model.
Scorpion: Too new. And unproven.

Scorpion: You have the soul of a dragon.
Kano: Black Dragon, actually.
Scorpion: It will burn red with hellfire.

Scorpion: Takahashi Takeda.
Takeda: Hanzo Hasashi.
Scorpion: Itami wokanjiru daro u.

Scorpion: You have a warrior's name, Takeda.
Takeda: I knew that...
Scorpion: But do you deserve it?

Scorpion: Witless one...
Kung Lao: My skill equals yours!
Scorpion: As I said. Witless.

Scorpion: My kunai...
Kenshi: ... versus my sword.
Scorpion: Let us begin.

Scorpion: You will accompany me.
Kitana: You may continue to wait.
Scorpion: I assure you I will not.

Scorpion: Such bitterness and hate.
Kitana: I infringe on your territory?

Scorpion: You are nothing but a thief.
Kung Jin: Least I have a family.

Scorpion: Two versus one...
Ferra/Torr: Together, Ferra-Torr unbeat!
Scorpion: Then I will divide and conquer.

Scorpion: False child of Shao Kahn...
Mileena: Spawn of Quan Chi.

Scorpion: Begone, Outworlder.
Erron Black: I'm from Earthrealm, like you.
Scorpion: And there our similarities end.

Scorpion: You betrayed me, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: Your rage betrayed you.
Scorpion: Enough!

Scorpion: You no longer hold sway over me.
Quan Chi: You will bathe in hellfire!
Scorpion: I was forged in it.

Scorpion: You must restore my family.
Raiden: That ship has sailed.
Scorpion: Damn you, Thunder God!

Scorpion: Out of my way, lizard.
Reptile: Come and move me, Scorpion.
Scorpion: I'll move your heart outside your chest.

Scorpion: Hold, Scorpion.
Scorpion: The sight of you offends me.
Scorpion: Your death will be swift.

Scorpion: You do not beguile me.
Scorpion: My reflection speaks...
Scorpion: And kombats you as well.

Scorpion: Who are you.
Scorpion: I am the Elder Gods' champion.
Scorpion: You are delusional.

Scorpion: Your death will be swift.
Sonya: Think I'll try anyway.
Scorpion: Prepare yourself...

Scorpion: I challenge you, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Will there be no peace between us?
Scorpion: Not in this or any lifetime.

Scorpion: Murderer.
Sub-Zero: I tire of maintaining our innocence.
Scorpion: I will relieve you of your burden.

Scorpion: Come to pay your debt?
Sub-Zero: You have eyes but will not see.
Scorpion: I will see you die!

Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): You think you can best me?
Cassie Cage: S'not like I'm learning from you...
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Now I will teach you respect.

Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Why do you follow me?
Kung Lao: It's true. You are Scorpion no longer.
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Yet still formidable.

Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): You test our friendship...
Kenshi: I can't abide your behavior.
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Then you leave me no choice.

Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): You will obey me.
Kung Jin: Piss off. I'm not your student.
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Your brash tongue seals your fate.

Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Shao Kahn's legacy...
Mileena: I restore Outworld's glory!
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): But you will leave Earthrealm alone.

Scorpion (revenant): You face your death.
Jax: I've faced it before.
Scorpion (revenant): And lost.

Scorpion (revenant): Burn, Takahashi.
Kenshi: In the name of my family, begone!
Scorpion (revenant): Your family ends now.

Scorpion (revenant): Leave. Now.
Liu Kang: I will not bargain with you, demon.
Scorpion (revenant): You bargain with your blood.

Scorpion (revenant): Hanzo Hasashi.
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Who are you.
Scorpion (revenant): Your successor in Netherrealm's service.


Shinnok: Kotal Kahn.
Kotal Kahn: Trespassers die here.
Shinnok: Then I will make this place mine.

Shinnok: I will have Outworld.
Kotal Kahn: Not so long as I live.
Shinnok: Challenge accepted...

Shinnok: All too easy.
Cassie Cage: Show me what you've got, old man.
Shinnok: Your life ends now, child.

Shinnok: Do you fear death?
Cassie Cage: Can't say that I do.
Shinnok: You will be welcome in my service.

Shinnok: Come to pledge your service?
Ermac: We serve Outworld.
Shinnok: For now...

Shinnok: Pleased to see you, my prince.
Goro: I'll not ally with you, Dark Lord.
Shinnok: Then your race is doomed.

Shinnok: Another mortal to crush.
Johnny Cage: If you can catch me.
Shinnok: Your soul will burn!

Shinnok: You can defeat an Elder God?
Johnny Cage: Former Elder God. And yes.
Shinnok: Proceed...

Shinnok: Jacqueline Briggs.
Jacqui: Ready to be impressed?
Shinnok: Absolutely...

Shinnok: Mortal fool...
Jacqui: You do know what's gonna happen...
Shinnok: You will die.

Shinnok: Jason Voorhees.
Jason: ...

Shinnok: You are human again.
Jax: Well waddya know 'bout that...
Shinnok: Pity those who discard my gifts.

Shinnok: You risk much, Briggs...
Jax: Got a daughter to protect.
Shinnok: She will soon be mine.

Shinnok: You risk much, Briggs...
Jax: Got a daughter to protect.
Shinnok: But who protects you?

Shinnok: You will serve me.
Kano: No money, no service.
Shinnok: No deal.

Shinnok: Son of Kenshi...
Takeda: Father of all evil.
Shinnok: You flatter me.

Shinnok: Run along, child.
Takeda: I'll be staying right here.
Shinnok: Then playtime has ended.

Shinnok: On your knees, Shaolin.
Kung Lao: Grovelling is unknown to me.
Shinnok: Your lesson begins...

Shinnok: Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: I am ready, Lord Cockatrice.
Shinnok: Nothing can prepare you for me.

Shinnok: Another of Raiden's pets...
Kenshi: He has not tamed me yet.
Shinnok: Then perhaps I will...

Shinnok: Your sword is a talisman.
Kenshi: Powerful enough to slay an Elder God.
Shinnok: Nothing can do that.

Shinnok: Mine is the hand of death.
Kitana: It hasn't the strength to waive goodbye.
Shinnok: That is exactly what it shall do.

Shinnok: Shall we, Kitana?
Kitana: I do not kombat the elderly.
Shinnok: Thank you for making an exception.

Shinnok: You've served your master well.
DVorah: The Hive serves him even now.
Shinnok: I will deal with him next.

Shinnok: Dvorah.
DVorah: We will taste victory.
Shinnok: Insect.

Shinnok: To what do I owe this intrusion?
Kung Jin: The fact that you're evil?
Shinnok: Very well, "hero."

Shinnok: Protect yourself, child.
Kung Jin: Thanks, but I'm good.
Shinnok: Optimism is a thin shield.

Shinnok: You wish to kombat me?
Liu Kang: A battle for the ages.
Shinnok: For you, child...

Shinnok: Deliver your message, boy.
Liu Kang: I bring tidings of death.
Shinnok: Yours, I assume...

Shinnok: Ferra and pet.
Ferra/Torr: No pet. Bound to each other.
Shinnok: You shall serve me together.

Shinnok: You offend me, creature.
Ferra/Torr: We offend. Then rend.
Shinnok: The Kahn will thank me for this.

Shinnok: Step aside, Mileena.
Mileena: I rule here!
Shinnok: All realms will soon be mine.

Shinnok: The brave Outworld empress...
Mileena: What would you know of bravery?
Shinnok: I am here, am I not...?

Shinnok: Serve my glorious cause.
Erron Black: I serve one person. Me.
Shinnok: Then know the glory of death.

Shinnok: Weapons will prove ineffective.
Erron Black: They work on Netherrealmers too...
Shinnok: I am not of the Netherrealm...

Shinnok: My servant...
Quan Chi: Must I prove my worth?
Shinnok: Always...

Shinnok: Your lesson begins...
Quan Chi: I endeavor to learn...
Shinnok: You will learn, or die.

Shinnok: You have lost, Raiden.
Raiden: The Elder Gods condemn you!
Shinnok: They will worship me!

Shinnok: What say you, Raiden?
Raiden: The Fallen Elder God falls further.
Shinnok: Arrogant till the end...

Shinnok: Raiden...
Raiden: Back to hell with you.
Shinnok: I'll create hell on Earth.

Shinnok: A less than warm welcome, Raiden.
Raiden: Your presence befouls this place.
Shinnok: It, and you, are now mine.

Shinnok: What do you want, creature?
Reptile: I am a Raptor warrior.
Shinnok: You are but a relic of the past.

Shinnok: Prove your worth.
Reptile: You will remember my sting.
Shinnok: I've already forgotten your name...

Shinnok: The firefly...
Scorpion: Surrender, or taste my flames.
Shinnok: Serve me or be extinguished.

Shinnok: The vengeful shade.
Scorpion (revenant): You'll fail, Fallen One.
Shinnok: Failure is for lesser beings.

Shinnok: Who dares?
Shinnok: You do not know me?
Shinnok: The damned are nameless.

Shinnok: You...
Shinnok: You did not kill me at the pyramid...
Shinnok: This time I will.

Shinnok: Greetings.
Shinnok: Such blatant mockery...
Shinnok: You assume I am not you.

Shinnok: What in all the realms...
Shinnok: I'm of no realm you know.
Shinnok: I know all, pretender.

Shinnok: Raiden's light blinds you.
Sonya: I see you clearly enough.
Shinnok: I will smother you in darkness.

Shinnok: Humans will soon be extinct.
Sonya: We'll fight you to the end.
Shinnok: And be erased from history.

Shinnok: Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Your reign ends, demon king.
Shinnok: Enough pleasantries...

Shinnok: Your skills wither in Earthrealm.
Sub-Zero: I am stronger than ever.
Shinnok: Then why do I sense fear?



Sonya: Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: You would test a god?
Sonya: I don't see any around...

Sonya: You don't mess with my daughter.
Kotal Kahn: Next time fight your own battles.
Sonya: That's why I'm here.

Sonya: Sergeant.
Cassie Cage: Dammit, Mom. I'm Cassie!
Sonya: Right now you're just a disrespectful soldier.

Sonya: You want that promotion?
Cassie Cage: Yes, General. I do.
Sonya: Then earn it!

Sonya: You're just like your father.
Cassie Cage: I'll take that as a compliment.
Sonya: Just proved my point.

Sonya: Ermac...
Ermac: You will serve the emperor.
Sonya: I don't see that happening.

Sonya: Here's a pain in the ass...
Ermac: You will fall like the rest.
Sonya: I'm better than the rest.

Sonya: Any last words, Ermac?
Ermac: We will destroy you.
Sonya: All those souls and that's the best y'got?

Sonya: This is a mistake, Goro...
Goro: For you, yes.
Sonya: Always gotta be the hard way...

Sonya: Waddyu want, Cage...
Johnny Cage: My hands on you, baby.
Sonya: What did I say about calling me "baby"?

Sonya: Let's get this overwith.
Johnny Cage: What's your hurry?
Sonya: Do you have to ask?

Sonya: Jacqui...
Jacqui: General.
Sonya: Time to advance your training.

Sonya: At ease, Briggs.
Jacqui: I can't do that, General.
Sonya: You can and you will.

Sonya: Hold it right there.
Jason: ...

Sonya: Jax, it's me.
Jax: Gonna take you out, Sonya.
Sonya: I'm Sonya, but you're not you.

Sonya: Mr. Briggs...
Jax: Mrs. Cage...
Sonya: You'll pay for that one.

Sonya: You...
Kano: Hello, baby. Miss me?
Sonya: Miss putting my fist in your face...

Sonya: You won't escape this time.
Kano: Escape? And miss all the fun?
Sonya: This won't be fun.

Sonya: Takeda...
Takeda: Can I help you, ma'am?
Sonya: You sure can...

Sonya: Learn to fight yet, Takeda?
Takeda: I'm improving... General.
Sonya: Blossoming like a lil' flower, huh?

Sonya: Y'don't have to prove yourself...
Kung Lao: I am not attempting to...
Sonya: Chip on your shoulder says otherwise.

Sonya: Move it Lao. Official business.
Kung Lao: Your business is now delayed.
Sonya: Only for a minute.

Sonya: I can see why you scare people.
Kenshi: Sento is intimidating...
Sonya: I meant your face.

Sonya: Why are you here, Kenshi?
Kenshi: Sonya. Can I trust you?
Sonya: Apparently not.

Sonya: Ready to get knocked for a loop?
Kitana: What does that mean exactly?
Sonya: You'll know in a minute.

Sonya: That's far enough.
Kitana: That is for me to decide.
Sonya: Fraid not, Princess.

Sonya: Dvorah.
DVorah: You have walked into a trap.
Sonya: Gonna shut your trap for ya...

Sonya: You lost, Kung Jin?
Kung Jin: No ma'am, I'm not.
Sonya: You better get that way, quick.

Sonya: Front and center, Jin.
Kung Jin: You got it, Mama.
Sonya: Another charming Cage protégé...

Sonya: Time to pay the piper, Kang.
Liu Kang: I owe you nothing, Sonya Blade.
Sonya: You're writin' checks your ass can't cash.

Sonya: You wanted something?
Liu Kang: I've a bone to pick with you.
Sonya: And I've an ass to kick with you.

Sonya: This should be interesting...
Ferra/Torr: Torr says you stink good.
Sonya: He's a real charmer...

Sonya: Who do you work for?
Ferra/Torr: We guard Big Bossy.
Sonya: That the emperor? Or his cow?

Sonya: Mileena...
Mileena: Face the might of Outworld.
Sonya: You're quite a step down from Shao Kahn...

Sonya: They were wrong to depose you.
Mileena: You wish to be friends?
Sonya: Wouldn't go that far...

Sonya: The Gunslinger.
Erron Black: And you carry no weapons...
Sonya: I doubt I'll need 'em.

Sonya: Salazar...
Erron Black: I could take you away from all this...
Sonya: I must be a jerk magnet...

Sonya: This is for Jax...
Quan Chi: Tell me: How are his nightmares?
Sonya: About to end. Permanently.

Sonya: I'm gonna beat. Your. Ass.
Quan Chi: It will change nothing.
Sonya: But it'll feel great.

Sonya: We don't need you here.
Raiden: I am here to protect Earthrealm.
Sonya: Special Forces is more than capable.

Sonya: Are you following me?
Raiden: Our meeting is coincidental.
Sonya: It's about to get violent.

Sonya: My favorite green slimy thing...
Reptile: I will slice that pretty face.
Sonya: You say the sweetest things...

Sonya: Beat it, Reptile.
Reptile: It is unwise to threaten me.
Sonya: Beat it or I beat you.

Sonya: Taking you down, Scorpion...
Scorpion: Your training will not best me.
Sonya: Not my training--my skill.

Sonya: Gotcha, Shinnok.
Shinnok: You purport to "bring me in"?
Sonya: Dead or alive. Take your pick.

Sonya: Today your plans end.
Shinnok: You cannot comprehend my plans.
Sonya: I only have to stop you.

Sonya: Impersonating an officer?
Sonya: Works for you, right?
Sonya: You stepped in it now...

Sonya: Who are you?
Sonya: Lieutenant Sonya Blade. O-I-A...
Sonya: I don't think so...

Sonya: You look like shit.
Sonya: I'd watch it if I were you.
Sonya: I am you.

Sonya: You're a general?
Sonya: And I'll bet you're not.
Sonya: But I am the real Sonya Blade.

Sonya: Why no female Lin Kuei?
Sub-Zero: There are. Frost, chief among them.
Sonya: I'll kick her ass next.


Sub-Zero: Where are your companions?
Cassie Cage: Don't need 'em. I got this.
Sub-Zero: A serious error in judgement.

Sub-Zero: How many souls do your harbor?
Ermac: We wield the might of thousands.
Sub-Zero: Yet you have no heart.

Sub-Zero: We do not have to be enemies.
Goro: Kombat me, or admit your cowardice!
Sub-Zero: Only if I must.

Sub-Zero: You approach me as a foe?
Johnny Cage: Naw, I'm just outta ice cubes.
Sub-Zero: At times I regret our alliance...

Sub-Zero: Do you not recognize me?
Johnny Cage: How'd you get un-cyberized?
Sub-Zero: The one benefit of Quan Chi's process...

Sub-Zero: Your enhancements are unnatural.
Jacqui: And what's your "ability to freeze"?
Sub-Zero: Deadly.

Sub-Zero: Kombat me, fool.
Jason: ...

Sub-Zero: We will settle this.
Jax: Not now, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Yes. Now.

Sub-Zero: We meet again, Kano.
Kano: Last time, ya froze me.
Sub-Zero: Pity you chose to thaw out.

Sub-Zero: Son of Kenshi...
Takeda: And trained by Scorpion.
Sub-Zero: Impress me.

Sub-Zero: Step aside, Kenshi.
Kenshi: Whom do your pursue?
Sub-Zero: My business is my own.

Sub-Zero: We once fought together.
Kitana: Much has changed since then.
Sub-Zero: Yes. A pity.

Sub-Zero: You're a formidable warrior...
Kitana: Well spotted, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: ... but you lack conviction.

Sub-Zero: Your race is new to me.
DVorah: Your first and last encounter.
Sub-Zero: My thoughts exactly...

Sub-Zero: You have my respect, Shaolin.
Liu Kang: It is not enough, Lin Kuei.
Sub-Zero: Then you must take the rest.

Sub-Zero: Desist, unstable one.
Mileena: How dare you? I'm an empress!
Sub-Zero: Former empress.

Sub-Zero: Enough, Mileena.
Mileena: You've become quite the bore...
Sub-Zero: Allow me to entertain you.

Sub-Zero: You are called Salazar?
Erron Black: Depends on who's asking.
Sub-Zero: Allow me to introduce myself...

Sub-Zero: You betray your realm.
Erron Black: I follow the money.
Sub-Zero: You have followed it to your doom.

Sub-Zero: Do not seek to beguile me.
Quan Chi: Your brother succumbed easily...
Sub-Zero: I am not my brother.

Sub-Zero: You reject my aid?
Raiden: I am Protector. Not you.
Sub-Zero: Earthrealm needs better protection.

Sub-Zero: Shirai-Ryu dog.
Scorpion: Lin Kuei scum.
Sub-Zero: Death is more honor than you deserve.

Sub-Zero: Defend yourself.
Scorpion: So soon you violate our accord?
Sub-Zero: I will never ally with you.

Sub-Zero: For the Lin Kuei!
Scorpion: For the Shirai-Ryu...
Sub-Zero: To the death.

Sub-Zero: Again we meet.
Scorpion: Again and always.
Sub-Zero: Again you will suffer.

Sub-Zero: So you are Scorpion no longer...
Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): I maintain his skill.
Sub-Zero: I will be the judge of that.

Sub-Zero: You enslaved me.
Shinnok: Who now holds your leash?
Sub-Zero: I destroy whom I please.

Sub-Zero: You think me a revenant still?
Sonya: You sure seem untraumatized...
Sub-Zero: You know not my pain.

Sub-Zero: You...
Sub-Zero: You are not worthy of the name Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Who are you to judge?

Sub-Zero: Who are you?
Sub-Zero: Perhaps your ice clone?
Sub-Zero: Prepare to be shattered.

Sub-Zero: You've arrived.
Sub-Zero: You will know the chill of death.
Sub-Zero: I disagree with that assessment.


Takeda: Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: You cannot hide from your doom.
Takeda: Who's hiding...?

Takeda: You stay out of Earthrealm!
Kotal Kahn: You strike no fear in me.
Takeda: That's about to change.

Takeda: Think you can beat me, Cass?
Cassie Cage: Y'mean without breaking a nail?
Takeda: Oh, it's on now...

Takeda: Time for school, Cassie.
Cassie Cage: And you're the teacher?
Takeda: More like the whipping stick.

Takeda: We here to discuss business?
Cassie Cage: You just did. Anything else?
Takeda: Enough business, let's play.

Takeda: Error Macro...
Ermac: We are Ermac.
Takeda: We're not impressed.

Takeda: There's conflict among your souls.
Ermac: You are in error, human.
Takeda: Let's stir the pot a bit...

Takeda: Prince Goro.
Goro: I do not know you.
Takeda: Let's get better acquainted.

Takeda: S'been an honor training with you.
Johnny Cage: Still got a few things to teach you.
Takeda: We'll see.

Takeda: Out with the old...
Johnny Cage: Take it easy, whippersnapper.
Takeda: Easy as I can...

Takeda: Let's not do this.
Jacqui: Don't wanna wrestle me to the ground?
Takeda: Okay, let's do this...

Takeda: You'd make a good Shirai-Ryu.
Jacqui: I'll stick with the military.
Takeda: Your mistake...

Takeda: What's up.
Jacqui: Thought I'd slap you around a bit.
Takeda: Alright then...

Takeda: This might hurt a bit.
Jason: ...

Takeda: Is this cuz I'm dating Jacqui?
Jax: You're dating Jacqui?!
Takeda: Real smooth, Takeda...

Takeda: You smoke too many cigars.
Jax: I win a lot.
Takeda: I'll help you kick the habit.

Takeda: You're goin' down, Kano.
Kano: You think so, eh...
Takeda: About six feet down.

Takeda: Gonna stab you with my knife.
Kano: That's not a knife...
Takeda: I got you to say it...!

Takeda: What's goin' on...
Takeda: You're talking to yourself.
Takeda: Bugshit crazy. Got it.

Takeda: Is this another test?
Takeda: Either way, Takeda wins.
Takeda: Good point.

Takeda: Figured you for a friendly.
Takeda: Can't predict the tides of war...
Takeda: Didn't peg you for a punk, though...

Takeda: A familiar face...
Takeda: We look alike. We don't fight alike.
Takeda: So you know I'm better...

Takeda: I knew you were coming...
Kung Lao: Yes, you read my mind.
Takeda: I saw the stink lines rising off you.

Takeda: I'm no pushover, Lao.
Kung Lao: Hanzo taught you well?
Takeda: More than well.

Takeda: You're in my way.
Kenshi: Let us see what you have learned.
Takeda: More than you know, Dad.

Takeda: Stop, Dad.
Kenshi: I'm glad your mother isn't here to see this.
Takeda: Don't you talk about my mother!

Takeda: Papa-san.
Kenshi: I hear you've trained well.
Takeda: Allow me to demonstrate...

Takeda: Kitana.
Kitana: Down on your knees!
Takeda: Yeah, I don't think so.

Takeda: Kitana.
Kitana: Down on your knees!
Takeda: I just washed these pants, so...

Takeda: I never considered you an enemy.
Kitana: I never considered you at all.
Takeda: Now that's just hurtful.

Takeda: Dvorah.
DVorah: Your race disgusts This One.
Takeda: Hi, pot--I'm the kettle!

Takeda: Dvorah! How're the kids?
DVorah: My children hunger for you.
Takeda: They can't have everything.

Takeda: Let's go over the ground rules.
Kung Jin: Rule One. There are no rules.
Takeda: That about covers it.

Takeda: Let's go a coupla rounds.
Kung Jin: You read my mind.
Takeda: That's what I do...

Takeda: Saturday night! Time to rock!
Kung Jin: It is all right for fighting...
Takeda: Okay, Elton...

Takeda: Here to see Raiden?
Liu Kang: Yes. Fetch him for me.
Takeda: He's out, but here's a message...

Takeda: What's the problem, Liu Kang...
Liu Kang: You and your friends think you're warriors.
Takeda: See for yourself...

Takeda: I'm Shirai-Ryu now.
Liu Kang: That does not make you Scorpion.
Takeda: Does make me a tough out.

Takeda: A chance to fight the Idiot Twins...
Ferra/Torr: We not twins!
Takeda: Exactly.

Takeda: A chance to fight the Idiot Twins...
Ferra/Torr: We not twins!
Takeda: And there ya go.

Takeda: I can read your thoughts.
Mileena: I am not of Earthrealm. You cannot.
Takeda: I knew you were gonna say that.

Takeda: Mileena.
Mileena: Fresh meat...
Takeda: It's just not sexy when you say it...

Takeda: Salazar.
Erron Black: You haven't got a prayer.
Takeda: If you've got one, say it now.

Takeda: Walk away while you can.
Erron Black: I can talk as tough as you...
Takeda: Can you back it up, Tough Guy?

Takeda: Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: You will serve me.
Takeda: Today's special: blade whips.

Takeda: Get ready, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: I'm bristling with anticipation.
Takeda: Oh, you're nervous, I can tell...

Takeda: I can't read you.
Raiden: You expected to?
Takeda: I'll try when you're unconscious.

Takeda: Let's go, Raiden.
Raiden: Kenshi was an impetuous youth...
Takeda: He had skill. So do I.

Takeda: Reptile.
Reptile: I will rip out your throat!
Takeda: Settle down...

Takeda: Ugh... You been rollin' in trash?
Reptile: Respect me, human.
Takeda: I'm serious, you smell awful...

Takeda: What's goin' on?
Scorpion: Prepare yourself, Son of Kenshi.
Takeda: Didn't really answer my question...

Takeda: What have you become?
Scorpion (revenant): I have returned to Quan Chi's service.
Takeda: Then the Shirai-Ryu are your enemies.

Takeda: Shinnok.
Shinnok: Grovel and I might spare you.
Takeda: Eh, it's not really my thing...

Takeda: I sensed you easily.
Shinnok: You're becoming more powerful.
Takeda: Let's see how much...

Takeda: General Blade.
Sonya: Ready to try your hand?
Takeda: Think I'll use both, ma'am.

Takeda: Excuse me, General.
Sonya: Why are you bothering me...
Takeda: This'll only take a second...

Takeda: Scorpion talked about you on Day One.
Sub-Zero: He should have taught you how to defeat me.
Takeda: That was Day Two.

Takeda: Grandmaster.
Sub-Zero: Let us see what Scorpion taught you.
Takeda: Enough to beat a Lin Kuei...



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