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Kytinn Queen
Unlock in The Krypt or beating the Klassic Tower with D'Vorah.


Bug Me (Mid)
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Xbox One:
Heart Broken (Close)
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D'Vorah is of a sentient colonial race called the Kytinn, which populates the island realm of Arnyek. The solitary nature of the Kytinn meant a common defense of their realm was nonexistent; thus it was conquered and merged with Outworld by Shao Kahn. D'Vorah's loyalty and insightfulness, unusual traits for a Kytinn, led to her quick political rise. Soon she found herself among the emperor's Closest advisors. She serves the current ruler of Outworld, Kotal Kahn, as our story opens.


D'Vorah's ultimate plan was not to destroy Shinnok, but to enslave him.
She implanted larvae--her young--in his body to gestate.
Having consumed the godlike power of their immortal host, D'Vorah's offspring were unlike any Kytinn ever born.
As they matured, they spread like locusts throughout the realms.
Her army of Kytinn super-drones brought glory to D'Vorah, their beloved queen--and destruction to all.

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