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Jacqui Briggs

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Like her father, Jax, Specialist Jacqueline Sonya ("Jacqui") Briggs has dedicated her life to soldiering, and excels at it. Unlike Jax, Jacqui does not have her father's approval regarding her decision to join a secret Special Forces offshoot. After Jax's horrific experiences as a revenant in the service of Quan Chi, he wants to protect his daughter from a similar fate. Jacqui loves her father but yearns to help Earthrealm in its fight against hostile realms. A part of her wants revenge on those who hurt Jax.


After his incursion into Earthrealm, Kotal Kahn had become a prime target of Special Forces surveillance.
Jacqui Briggs was assigned to monitor his activity.
Jacqui followed Kotal Kahn to an equatorial jungle, where he entered a hidden pyramid.
Inside he retrieved a glowing crystal skull.
Jacqui attacked the emperor and raced away with the object.
Jacqui was praised for her work--but couldn't help thinking her interference was what Kotal Kahn had wanted all along...

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