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MKX Mobile Renders

Alternate Costumes

Unlock in The Krypt or beating the Klassic Tower with Jax
Get 15 Flawless Victories in a row in Kustom Kombat (tip: use the Danger modifier)
Complete the fourth bracket in Battle Mode in MKX Mobile
Carl Weathers
Prey Pack DLC (Included in the Kombat Pack)
Klassic Pack #2 DLC (Included in the Kombat Pack)


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Thirty years ago, Jax was the C.O. of a secret Special Forces unit that got caught up in the Mortal Kombat tournament and the subsequent invasion of Earthrealm by Shao Kahn and Outworld. Although Earthrealm was victorious, Jax died in the fighting. Jax's soul was confiscated by the Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi. Jax was recreated as a vengeful undead warrior and forced to fight against his home world when Netherrealm attacked Earthrealm. Soon after Netherrealm's defeat, Jax was freed of Quan Chi's influence and returned to life. He decided not to reactivate his military status, however, due to the trauma he suffered. Though he reluctantly serves as a consultant as a favor to his best friend, General Sonya Blade, Jax prefers the quiet life with his family. His stress has been increased in recent years due to his daughter Jacqui's enlistment in the Special Forces--and her membership in a secret team not unlike the one he himself led...


After Shinnok's fall, the hospitalized Johnny Cage asked Jax to fill in as leader of his squad. Jax agreed.
It was a chance to spend time with--and protect--Jacqui.
Boarding their transport after a routine mission, Jax's greatest fears were realized, as the mercenary Erron Black sprung from the cargo bay and fired on the young heroes.
Fortunately for Jacqui and company, Jax's quick reflexes and bulletproof arms deflected the assassin's rounds.
Jax quickly subdued Black. Then slipped into shock as a red stain engulfed his chest.

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