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Alternate Costumes

Kuai Liang
Unlock in The Krypt or beating the Klassic Tower with Sub-Zero
Beat Test Your Might tower to unlock
Kold War DLC Pack
Free with update 1.02
Blue Steel


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Xbox One:
Bed of Ice (Close)
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Head Rip (Close)
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Xbox One:


Kuai Liang and his older brother Bi-Han, served the Lin Kuei assassin clan faithfully until the first Mortal Kombat Tournament. There Bi-Han, codename sub-Zero, was killed by the demon Scorpion. Kuai Liang assumed the Sub-Zero name and went to Outworld to find his brother's killer. Meanwhile, the leadership of the Lin Kuei embarked on the Cyber Initiative, converting its members to cybernetic ninjas to increase their efficiency and remove their human imperfections. Kuai Liang was captured and converted. Eventually, Raiden and the defenders of Earthrealm restored his soul, and he joined their cause. He was later killed in the Outworld invasion, his soul claimed by the Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi. Sub-Zero served the demon realm during its subsequent war with Earthrealm. Returned to humanity by Raiden in the aftermath, Sub-Zero rebuilt the Lin Kuei--this time as a benevolent organization dedicated to the protection of Earthrealm.


Grandmaster Sub-Zero knew his Lin Kuei clan would need more than martials arts to stave off future threats to Earthrealm.
In the frozen reaches of Outworld, he found the answer: a female frost dragon with a clutch of eggs.
With his ability to freeze, Sub-Zero hatched the dragon-lings.
They accepted their Lin Kuei masters and their training as kombat mounts.
With a force of dragon riders, the Lin Kuei's ferocity became legend.
None dared risk konflict with Earthrealm.

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