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Fatality 1: Team Work (Mid)
Fatality 2: Death Machine (Far)
Stage Fatality (Close)


Years ago, the Lin Kuei Grandmaster determined that his assassin clan would be more effective by eliminating their human weaknesses. They would adopt cybernetic bodies and technologically enhanced minds. In preparation, the Grandmaster ordered all members to submit to tests, during which their physical and mental data was secretly recorded and stored in an offsite database. After Sub-Zero eliminated all cyber-Lin Kuei, Special Forces discovered their hidden data storage site. They brought the drives to a secret S-F weapons lab, then downloaded several files into a test body. The consciousness of Sektor, Cyrax and Smoke somehow intermingled and brought the body to life. The "Triborg" wiped the lab clean of human occupants -- and now seeks to eliminate all organic life.


After destroying Shinnok, Triborg turned his attention to the Special Forces. General Blade and the others fought valiantly, but their human weaknesses led to their inevitable defeat. Now with access to the S-F computer network, Triborg used it to interface with the Lin Kuei storage drives from which he was spawned. He saved the brainwave data of dozens of his Lin Kuei brothers and sisters to the S-F servers. The S-F laboratories provided the materials necessary for Triborg to create cybernetic bodies for each one. Soon the downloads were complete. The cyber Lin Kuei has been re-formed. But because Sub-Zero had forever sullied the clan's name, Triborg decided to begin anew. He would henceforth be known as the leader of the deadliest clan in all the realms -- the Tekunin.

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