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Today Midway posted the lastest renders for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, which is right around the corner, with the release date of November 16th for the US and November 21th for Europe, the final renders are of the two boss characters, Shao Kahn of MK and Darkseid of DCU:

Shao Kahn Darkseid

And last week the concept art of some of the arenas were released, as we are aware that the game will have more arenas than these:

And as we did with Armageddon and Deception, as soon as MK vs DC hits the stores we’ll have all the info, movelists, arenas, bios, endings and finishers available here!

Update: Just added two props to the MK vs DC page, you can see them here. Huge thanks to interloko for these!

24 responses to “Final MK vs DCU renders”

  1. the renders of Shao Kahn and darkseid are finally here wee it’s about time.

  2. momo missouri says:

    that`s great it`s ny f game

  3. gariann says:

    i like the arenas and the people mk vs dc please hurry up on the game

  4. FreeF@ll says:

    I think Darkseid is great, but I can’t say the same about Shao Kahn… I don’t know why – maybe in the game he will look better.

  5. Dawa says:

    I dunno, I always thought Shao Kahn looked like He-Man wearing a Shredder helmet anyway

    …I want this game

  6. interloko says:

    hi murdoink. maybe tomorrow i’ll send you a few of missing mk1 sprites, i haven’t too much time in last weeks ¿?
    in the meantime i post the first prop (i think) of mk vs dc and plus a screen capture of the favourite (again, i think :P) of the new game: joker

    more kombat to kome

  7. SnakeStorm says:

    Can you get the MKA versus screen pics of Sindel and Frost please? I’ve asked like 3 times and no response yet.

    Thank you.

  8. interloko says:

    maybe that helps you, it was rushed and is incomplete, but better than nothing. tomorrow i’ll make frost’s.. gtg :P

  9. interloko says:

    and the last one for today. another mk vs dc prop (heroic brutality)

  10. Murdoink says:

    Awesome, just added those props, thanks!

  11. interloko says:

    i sent you some more mk vs dc props and some mk1 missing sprites ;)
    even more kombat to kome :P

  12. Pablo says:

    There’s a little mistake with Lexcorp arena.In Midway boards you can get the missing MKA versus poses (but they’re small)

  13. Aaron Saeteurn says:

    hey mkwarehouse, ummm. I looked at the MKDA and MKD movelist legend and I was wondering if you can add the move buttons for the GameCube. because, i think deadly alliance and deception have it for gamecube so, if you can that’ll be great

  14. Brezzy says:

    I may be against the whole MK vs. DC idea, but I’m still gonna get it. Quite frankly, I don’t really care anymore. IT’S STILL MORTAL KOMBAT DAMIT!

    besides, I’m really looking forward to see what “Dark Kahn” looks like =P

  15. scott says:

    who is “dark kahn” is it the final boss or somethin

  16. Murdoink says:

    Yeah, it’s the final boss

  17. Jax says:

    good job
    the best website (in my opinion)

  18. Great site..I enjoyed it a lot..BTW Its the first time I’m posting my comments on a public place.

  19. Paula says:

    Your blog very entertaining! Keep up the good idea!

  20. Ella Walker says:

    i love to play all day on my gamecube. “*,

  21. i love to play on gamecubes and on psp machines, so addicting”

  22. i love both the gamecube and the nintendo DS, two of the best stuff you can get-;”

  23. Towel Rails says:

    i am addicted to computer games that is why i bought a gamecube for me and my brother .”;

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