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Woke up in the late afternoon…

Sprites + Props = Crazy Delicious

Thanks to Maggo for the sprites, AceKombat for the Test Your Might props, and Anubis for all the arenas props.
In the next update: MKT endings, UMK3 Scorpion sprites and more!

25 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. TOASTY says:

    hey murdoink can i send you the test your might table i ripped?

  2. Arctic says:

    Very delicious sprites indeed.

  3. Jegsta_man says:

    Nice job with the Smoke sprites, now I can make a movie/slash comic about how much of a scorpion tryhard he is.

  4. -A-nubis says:

    Yay my prop sprites made it :D More coming soon hopefully :P

  5. WeaponX says:

    Wow! I remember when Reptile was unorganized as hell!
    AHHHH!!! The famous Subway Train! wooot!
    about the test your might, I never knew there were more than woods to breaks. O_o

  6. Talksick says:

    Yes! Thanks Murdoink for the the update and all the people that ripped the sprites, there awesome.


  7. AMB says:

    Even if the update doesn´t have many sprites as many people were asking, the props are cool.

  8. massacre says:

    Can i ask a question. I saw an mk Pavilion Animation where Kano Kicks Johny in the nuts and said “My Friend, Just got kicked In The Nuts, your Goanna Be On TV”. Well I saw the exact same thing at a Family Guy Episode. Was This kick in the balls thing a show? Just Curious!

  9. WeaponX says:

    I think “Kick in the nuts” was actually a show till shortly canceled.
    Some of the nuts shots were planned. Then the internet videos got so popular, just like “Peanut Butter and Jelly Time” Family Guy used the idea and put it as a scene in thier episode.
    Btw, I made the “MK Kicked In The Nuts” you saw :D

  10. sub-zero738 says:

    THESE NEW PROPS KICK ASS!But dont you need the test your might progress bar?

  11. sub-zero738 says:

    that kick in the nuts thing was really funny

  12. TOASTY says:

    i’ll take care of the bar sub-zero738.I already ripped it =)

  13. jj says:

    ya thanx all who ripped and/or helped rip

  14. AceKombat says:

    Yay’s ! The table is a good idea Toasty . Btw the sprites for Smoke I sent it to Maggo .

  15. TOASTY says:

    i have a Question.How can i send props i ripped to murdoink?

  16. sub-zero738 says:

    Does anyone know were to get any mortal kombat blood sound effects ive looked everywhere do get some?

  17. Murdoink says:

    Toasty, click on the link on the bottom that says Submit Kontent to do so

  18. TOASTY says:

    thanks murdoink i’ll attach a file with loads of props =)!!!!!

  19. Scorpion_Ruler_of_All says:

    i just sent in some of the MK4 seperated graphic maps. i’ll send more soon.

  20. Vash_15 says:

    Say Murdoink, can I send you some MKII Noob sprites I made

  21. On vash_15 comment: ROFLMAO!

  22. Timoty says:

    Is MK II else alone hidden arena THE BLUE PORTAL!!!

  23. massacre says:

    The Blue Portal?

  24. Where’s MK3 Smoke Videos?

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