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Yeah, it’s finally up:

Credits goes to Maggo and WeaponX!
More stuff coming soon, hopefully.

35 responses to “Scorpion spritesheet”

  1. sub-zero738 says:

    yay for murdionk! for scorpion sprite sheet! boo! for timothy for being a dumb ass.

  2. Tetra_Vega says:


  3. kill_the_wookie says:

    when you guys gonna have a page for MKT?

  4. Kid Thunder says:

    where do you guys get your sprites from because i could assist you

  5. Timoty says:

    Shang Tsung MK 2 and Stryker MK 3 Coming Soon!!!

  6. -A-nubis says:

    -A-nubitch must either be that fag ”kill_the_rookie” or Timothy, both dumbasses, I feel sorry for their parents.

  7. sub-zero738 says:

    -A-nubis Says:
    April 9th, 2006 at 8:59 am
    -A-nubitch must either be that fag ‘’kill_the_rookie’’ or Timothy, both dumbasses, I feel sorry for their parents

    I agree but i think that timothy is the bigger retard

  8. Nightmaric says:

    You seem to have to erased a previous Scorpion skull sprite.

  9. somedude says:

    Rip Classic Sub-Zero Sprites i need them BAD!!!! >:( :-/

  10. -A-nubis says:

    Somedude rip them yourself dude, serieusly it’s easier said then done. It takes some time to rip a sheet. And asking unpatiently for it won’t get u anywhere.

  11. AMB says:

    FINALLY¡¡¡¡¡¡ Many people were asking for those sprites, maybe I could use them too.

  12. somedude says:

    -A-nubis posted:Somedude rip them yourself dude,serieusly it’s easier said then done.

    i post: one problem: i dunno how to rip sprites! i dont have MAME,roms,crap!

  13. I-like-cookies says:

    Any chance there will be MK2 Sub-Zero or MK3 sektor sprites coming soon? Also a good thing to finally have UMK3 scorpion sprites. I needed them bad. This site is cool.

  14. Murdoink says:

    Please people just post once.

  15. sub-zero738 says:

    does any one here make any flash movies on the kombat paviloin

  16. Kid Thunder says:

    Do you guys know where you get sounds. ps.this site is uber cool

  17. Loncho says:

    i am very happy for all the sprites of mortal kombat i love mortal kombat but only one thing where i can get michael jackson sprites or other games !?
    plz tell me i am doing alot of flash movies know i need your help!!

  18. metal says:

    can anyone pls make the complete spritesheet of subzero from UMK3

  19. WeaponX says:

    OMFG, Finally they got on! HAHAHAHAHA
    please, please, hold your applause. You’re too kind. XD

  20. jay jay says:

    thanx murdoink 4 da sprites

  21. WeaponX says:

    Nightmaric Says:
    April 9th, 2006 at 12:15 pm
    You seem to have to erased a previous Scorpion skull sprite.

    If you mean the fatality, thats how it is, I checked 3 different rom versions of it and they all went the same way, besides the mask rip off is so quick, you barely notice unless you frame by frame it.

    BTW Murdoink, In the “Ducking and Jumping” section.
    2 sprites are missing of Scorpion ducking but when the enemy jumps over him.
    I gave you that, but the feet are cut off.
    I dont have contact with AceKombat but I remember he said he has a cheat to control the camera.
    So yea, ask him or Maggo to rip that.

  22. sub-zero738 says:

    Were do you guys get these flash players all i have is this windows movie maker.

  23. somedude says:

    U know the hand fur scorps? maybe when u get the ninjas sprite sheet add a pallete swaped hand!
    subbys would be blue…..etc.

    what do u think?

  24. AMB says:

    Murdoink Says:
    April 9th, 2006 at 6:18 pm

    Please people just post ONCE

    They really seem to respect that.

  25. somedude says:

    i noticed there arent any animated sprites in sheets…anyone know why?

  26. KT says:

    MK is excellent and so I created a picture at to show FATALITY against KITANA. Let’s FINISH HER!

  27. Kid Thunder says:

    can you make the link for 1up link to Another friggin spoof 3 i liked the other 2 and im having trouble finding 3

  28. Vash_15 says:

    Cool finally, when will Ermac and Reptile spritesheets be completed?

  29. JediTommy8 says:

    Good job Murdoink,glad to see more UMK3 Scorpion sprites.Maybe you should get some more Sindel sprites,we don’t have many here.

  30. AceKombat says:

    I hear you weapon X , let me check it , then Ill send it to him .

  31. AceKombat says:

    I know what your saying now WeaponX , it isn’t there , I’ll post it at the end of this message , however there is 1 missing sprite of the fatality section , its the part where he throws flames , here are the sprites I ripped not found here for Murdoink and to everyone

  32. WeaponX says:

    I did gave him those, I even had it with the flame shooting out the mouth and the explosion. :( Dont know why he didn’t put em in. And to make matters worse, I have the sprite sheets in a winzip file, and it wont let me open it >:O
    I hope its not too late to send my Stryker sprites in. :'(
    Cause someone already mention about it.

  33. fire33 says:

    when are the rest of the mortal kombat II scopion sprite sheets going to be finished??

  34. Dakata says:

    I cant seem to get these sprites into my pictures. Here’s what im trying to do: save each one as a picture so I can use it in Pivot 3. Here’s what I’m doing: Right-clicking on a single sprite of Scorpion and clicking ‘Save Picture As’. Then it says save as ‘blank’ for default name. I rename it, and save it. then when I pull it up in my pictures, its a blank space. Here’s what I’m doing wrong or not doing: -please fill in blank- ______________________________________________
    Can someone please tell me what im supposed to do

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